Michael Fassbender (my lover) is dating his young ‘X-Men’ costar Zoe Kravitz


These are new photos of my beautiful lover, Irish actor Michael Fassbender. He’s interviewed in the February issue of Vogue UK – the one with Victoria Beckham on the cover. All of the scans are courtesy of ONTD, and if you want to read the full article – wonderfully written by a full-on Fassbender-loonie – go to ONTD for the scans. I’ll just be pulling some select quotes.

Anyway, the biggest news out of this piece – besides the little fact that Agent Bedhead and I would both give up our dignity, self-respect and life-savings for one night with him – is that Michael Fassbender has a new girlfriend. I hadn’t heard about him dating anyone since the sexy (?) biting incident with his girlfriend at the time, back in Spring of 2010. So my lover might have been lonely, just having an endless string of one night stands with the many, many women who want to climb onto The Fassdong. So he got himself a girlfriend – Zoe Kravitz, his young costar in X-Men: First Class, in which Fassbender plays the young Magneto, and Zoe plays Angel Salvadore. Michael is 33, Zoe is 22 years old. Well… okay. I will accept this, because I have to. But he better dump her as soon as he meets me.

Below are some highlights from the interview, “The Charmer” – and just for some background, the interview took place a few months ago in London, when Fassbender was filming X-Men. And he’s a smoker, and yes, he’s a charmer and a talker. Bless him.

On “the wilderness years” – the decade it took him to get recognition as an actor: “The wilderness years…well, I was working. I mean, God, there are people in the wilderness who are really in the wilderness. [My life] was very sporadic; you know – a guest spot on Holby City. Six episodes on something here or there. Working behind a bar. A lot of thinking should I go home. And I made a balls of soooo many auditions.”

Playing Bobby Sands in 2008’s Hunger: “It was everything. The film industry was going to go through a breakdown and there were less jobs for less people… Hunger changed my life…”

On his breakthrough: “Talent is a very small percent of success – there are massively talented people out there who will never be seen on screen or on stage. People always go on about talent, but you’ve got to have the chance; meet the person who will work with you, and with the script that just suits you. Timing is massive.”

On his acting process: “I read an interview with [Ireland’s former football captain] Roy Keane and he said: ‘I may not be able to dribble like Giggs, or pass the ball like Beckham. So I just have to work harder than anybody else.’ That might be him giving a humble description of himself, bit it’s a pretty good work ethic to apply to everything. I bring a very pragmatic, practical process to acting. The boring stuff. It’s about graft. It’s as simple as that. When I get a script I’ll just read it, read it, read it – 200 times – over and over until I’m sick of it. And then you can have your fun with it.”

He’ll do anything with horses: [Fassbender talks about signing on to films that he thinks will be “fun”.] “I was working with Dominic West in South Africa. Both of us love riding horses, and we used to go off on these trails around the vineyards; it was amazing. I said to my agent after that: ‘I’ll do anything with horses!’ It’s fun doing the things that you do when you’re 10, to something that’s a bit more physically involved, and flush out your brain.”

How a Porsche is like a Van Gogh: “It’s a horrible weakness – a materialistic failing of mine. I used to go to the cinema all the time. Now I go go-karting, and test-drive motorbikes. I love cars. I would love to have a collection. I’d love a 1956 Porsche 550 Spider. To me that’s like a Van Gogh. Whenever you’re talking to the female population about a Ferrari, they’re like: ‘That’s just like the extension of a dick.’ And you’re like: ‘No, it’s a beautiful piece of art.’”

[From Vogue UK, print edition]

And then the rest of the piece is about Zoe Kravitz meeting up with Fassbender and the Fass-loonie journo and the journo being a little bit heartbroken. That’s the effect Fassbender has on ladies – we are putty in his magnificent hands, for better or for worse. Sigh…



Scans courtesy of Vogue UK. Kravitz photo courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Eleonor says:

    What does dad Lenny think about this?

  2. neelyo says:

    Geez, I feel old I remember when she was born.

  3. scotchy says:

    i just read the vogue this morning and i was wondering when you would bring this up. i too am a little heartbroken, it just seems a wee little bit, hmm off putting/sleezy, however i too, would surrender everything i own and all self worth for a night with him.

  4. brin says:

    Don’t worry, Kaiser, I doubt he will be settling down any time soon.

  5. jzhz says:

    Ew, that’s kind of a gross age difference. She’s a lovely kid, though.

  6. happygirl says:

    Kaiser, thank you for introducing me to this man (your lover). He’s gorgeous.

    @Crash – (hope you’ll be on this thread!) Sorry, I’m not usually online over the weekends, and I was just trying to catch up (haven’t gotten through ALL the LR thread comments yet-I DO have to get some work done today LOL)- just wanted to say I really hope your week goes much better for you than the last, and Rita’s right – if you don’t belong here, none of us do! I always enjoy your posts.

  7. CandyKay says:

    She’s a very pretty girl. Of course, both of her parents are gorgeous, particularly her mom in her prime.

  8. I Choose Me says:

    Here’s an interesting tidbit (to me anyway) Zoe Kravitz used to date Ben Foster who played Angel in X-Men:The Last Stand.

    Oh and Kaiser, watch your back. Fassbender is MINE!

  9. Zvonk says:

    Kaiser, I just want to say how much I enjoy your writing. The Faz would be lucky to have you.

  10. Kaiser says:

    I Choose Me – *unsheathing the slut shank*

    Zvonk – Thanks!

  11. Athena says:

    Told you Kaiser. ;)

    *sigh* After having a massive heartbreak over this, I am totally fine…for now. She has some videos on Vimeo and I find her so damn annoying in them, in one she dresses like a dinosaur.
    I really find this an odd match.

  12. Roma says:

    Notice that the age difference is pretty much the same as Jake G and Taylor Swift, yet this doesn’t seem nearly as creepy?

  13. Kaiser says:

    Roma – Yes! I mean, I’m still a little skeeved that he’s dating someone so young, but Zoe is a little hipster, and she acts her age or older.

    Swifty is 21 going on 12. That’s creepy as hell.

  14. KLO says:

    I’m just so jealous right now that i don’t even have anything to say :D

  15. Hakura says:

    Oh my, he is lovely isn’t he? Never heard of this guy before. That is a pretty big age difference. I don’t know much about Zoe, perhaps she’s mature for her age, or he’s immature for his?

    Or maybe he’s suffering from John-Mayer-predatory-douche-itus. Symptoms may include (but are not limited to):

    - A lack of attraction to anyone not at least a decade younger than them.
    - Being an ass with performance/confidence issues.
    - Exhibiting extreme narcissism beyond the realm of Kate Gosselin or Leann Rimes.
    - The compulsion to tell anyone who’ll listen the crude intimate details of your various sexual relationships.
    — Feeling the need to tell the world you compare a partner to an incendiary device (until they realize the burning sensation has nothing to do with ‘nepalm’)
    - Being unable to stop oneself from regaling the public on the racial preferences of their dong.

    *Condition currently being researched by the Center For Disease Control.

    We can only hope that this devastating disease is not contagious.

  16. samab says:

    I don’t think it’s such a huge difference.and yes he’s hot.And do you really think lenny kravitz would say something after everything he did?I bet he rightly doesn’t care.at 22 you’re not a kid or a teen any more ,and usually man at 33 are just starting to get a bit mature (well,not everyone).

  17. Bee says:

    Oh my god, just the idea of Michael Fassbender and Lenny Kravitz’s genes (via his daughter) mingling together is making me tingle all over. MF and Zoe Kravitz must make babies together. Lots of beautiful Fassbender/Kravitz babies. Also, the age difference doesn’t bother me. She’s over 21 after all.

  18. comment says:

    There’s a typo in the title – Kravtiz.

  19. Kevin says:

    I see a boob job in this girl’s future.

  20. Karen says:

    I see tattoo removal in this girl’s future. What on earth does the arrow and circle represent? I hope to God she used a Sharpie so that her mother can lick her finger and wipe it off as mom’s are want to do.

    My opinion about Kravitz/Fassbender – ride him like it’s hot, Zoe!

  21. Crash says:

    I’m sorry but considering this girl’s gene pool…she is a bit disappointing. Nothing more than ordinary. And if it wasn’t for her gene pool.. it’s more likely than not she wouldn’t see the inside of a movie studio.

  22. He’s ALL MINE, Kaiser!!!

    On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, that is. You can have him on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. On Sunday, we’ll make him dance for us.

  23. Hakura says:

    @Karen (#20)- I was curious about the tattoos also… I found this interview on ‘StyleList.com’ where she talks about a couple of them.

    I have a lot. I’m kind of addicted. And my mom is like ‘Stop!’ I can’t get a big one because its intense and the film stuff. I have an anchor which is in the campaign. I have ‘Moma,’ ‘R&A’ for both of my grandmothers, Roxie [Roker] and Arlene [Litman]. I have this heart which was my first tattoo I got when I was 18. You know in my name how I have the umlauts over the ‘ë’? Well, I have them over the heart and that’s to remind me to love myself. I have arrows, birds on my back. I’m going to look like a piece of paper soon. I have like 18 or 19 but they’re really small. I have my brother’s name. His name is Nakoa-Wolf…I have ‘Wolf’ and my sister’s name Lola. I have a feather.

    This is just a personal opinion, I know everyone has different thoughts on self expression through tattoos. But I wanted one ever since I was 13. I didn’t know *what*, and spent *years* deciding. I waited until I was absolutely sure… designed (& drew it all) myself…Then started to get it worked at 24. I have a phoenix I’m proud of, that represents a major occurrence in my life.

    Having many small tattoos all over… makes them seem very impulsive. Something they’re going to regret later in life, & spend years trying to get rid of.

  24. Kaiser says:

    *stabs Agent Bedhead with the slut dagger*

  25. Emily says:

    @Hakura, I totally get what you mean. I’ve wanted a tattoo for ages, and have had the the design picked out for about 5 years now, so I’m pretty certain I’m not going to regret it later. Now I just have to actually get around to getting it.

  26. Hakura says:

    @Emily (#26)- It’s become an unfortunate trend during the last few years to get tattoos without giving any thought to it. I didn’t want to jump into a right of passage tattoo at 18, didn’t want to get one just for the sake of getting one.

    For Zoe to be 22 & already have around 20 tattoos, is just insane. There’s no way she’s not going to be tired of them in a few years. I’m admittedly a bit of snob about tattoos needing to mean something. But an important meaning/memory attached will also raise the odds that someone won’t regret it later. One meaningful well designed/placed tattoo is worth more than 20 impulsive little tattoos all over the place.

    It’s like with Kat Von D. She’s covered in tattoos, all different styles/sizes/subject matter, no unity. It’s a jumbled mess, like a high-school bathroom wall, & can make her skin appear ‘dirty’ because of the black & gray. (But the woman dated Jesse James, that says enough about her ability to make rational decisions.) Plus the more you have, the less emphasis they each receive as a result. It’s distracting.

    I couldn’t be happier with mine, it’s quite large (upper back, ended up half my back in size) for a first tattoo, but so much consideration & effort went into it. What do you plan on your tattoo being of, if you don’t mind my asking? =)

  27. Meanchick says:

    Calm down peeps, she’s 22, not 12!

  28. sol says:

    Eu acho que ela e muito nova pra ele!!!!!!!

  29. donna says:

    I agree with Tiffany Michael Fassbender is using Zoe Kravitz to make himself look good he doesn’t care about you he need to be publicly connected to you clean his reputation. P.S if you wanted to keep you relationship private you should have a talk with him. because he is out there dropping obvious hints that he is seeing you. he will dump you (nicely) once he is finish using you. Only person he truly cares about is himself and becoming famous.

  30. In LA says:

    I agree with Tiffany. Yuck – he is an old man. Zoe, there are plenty of young, hot men your age from which you could easily have your way. Fassbender is clearly not man enough to even be responsible for his unborn child with Jan Jones. Loser. Drop the old d*bag, this one is worthless.

  31. Debasree says:

    Give up my dignity, self-respect and life-savings for one night with him ???? Aw Hell Yeah!! He’s gorgeous and Totally EDIBLE!! And i dnt know y he shud make babies with anybody ELSE!! lolzz, wish i cud hav him in my arms for real, no matter for how small a fraction of time.

  32. Karla says:

    Why is everyone like “eww the age difference is gross”? Brad Pitt is like 12 years older than Angelina and no one thinks that’s gross….Sheez people are so narrow minded.

  33. Pinar Tarhan says:

    Is he still dating Zoe? Funny,I thought he was dating the girl who played Raven. Oh, well. It doesn’t really matter since he is not dating me. Although I might have a shot- being 7 years his junior and all. :P

    Well, what can I say? I’ve been in total lust with this dude since I saw X-Men First Class. I know, I know. I was late – so to make up for it, I watched Jane Eyre (which added other emotions to the lust) and Fish Tank and I am about to watch Eden Lake and Hunger.

    It is so horrible, isn’t it? How often do you meet guys in real life who look/sound like him? And in a world where guys scorn you for loving chicklit, this dude happily plays Rochester just because his mom and his sister are fans! :) :):)

  34. zoe'saluckybeetch says:

    I’m gonna go fangirl apesheet and just profess my lust for Michael, omg he is a dreamboat, you all need to watch Fish tank if you haven’t already. Those shirtless scenes in the beginning were sizzling hot, he’s also an amazing actor don’t get me wrong, but definitely easy on the eyes. I want his babies /rant

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  36. Sol says:

    Dioooos, como lo amo. No puedo Creer que salga con esta chica, el se merece algo mas lindo.

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