Jessica Simpson told Tony Romo’s family she’s pregnant

28 year-old country singer Jessica Simpson is said to be desperate to have a baby with her quarterback boyfriend, Tony Romo, 28. Jessica’s younger sister Ashlee is expecting a baby with her new husband around Halloween, and Jessica is anxious to join the motherhood club. According to the National Enquirer, the blond country singer took a home pregnancy test and thought it was positive, so she made an announcement to Tony’s family that they were expecting. The only problem is that she wasn’t really pregnant and Tony’s family was floored at the prospect:

Jessica Simpson wants Tony Romo’s baby!

With her little sister Ashlee married and expecting, Jess has decided she wants to start her own family with the Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

But Romo’s family is none too pleased, say sources.

“There was a huge fight on July 18 at the Romo home,” a source close to the family told The Enquirer. “Jessica and Tony thought she was pregnant and happily announced it to the family.

“The news resulted in dead silence. Then Tony’s dad Ramiro said, ‘You’re not married. this is crazy!’ Tony’s mom Joan joined in, demanding, ‘How can you do this to us?’”

Jessica, 28, said her home pregnancy test showed a positive result and that she was heading for a doctor to find out for her.

A spokesperson for Jessica says she is not pregnant, but pals say it’s not for lack of trying.

“Her friends know she’s feverishly trying to conceive,” confided an insider.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, August 18, 2008[

I love that quote “feverishly trying to conceive.” The National Enquirer is more accurate than a lot of the other tabloids and I don’t doubt this story. If anyone could get confused between one or two lines on a stick, it’s Jessica Simpson. I had a false positive pregnancy test in college once, and it happens. The tests were more complicated back then and involved eyedroppers and little cups.

Do you think Romo is ready to be a dad? This article makes it sound like he’s happily on board but that his family is dead set against it. These two broke up temporarily right before Ashlee’s wedding amid rumors that Jessica was too open about their relationship in an interview and that Romo was sick of her dad’s controlling ways. It’s not going to get any easier for him if he marries into that family and/or has a baby with Jessica. He seems like a pretty easy going guy, but one who is willing to put his foot down as needed.

Jessica first met Tony’s family on June 27 at a dinner at the Olive Garden. She’s said to have impressed them at the time, but if she went and announced a non-pregnancy just three weeks later she’s got to be on their shit list now. Maybe she’ll rethink her baby urge and wait until she’s won over his family and sealed the deal with a wedding first.

Jessica and Tony are shown at the airport on 6/16/08. Credit: DAVE/JASON M/ZFI/

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  1. Rhianna says:

    Wow, so this is what she was taught to do as a Southern Baptist preacher’s daughter. Go screw every guy you can find out of wedlock and lie about being pregnant. This family has got to be one of the most messed up in the world. They make the Spears family look tame by comparison.

  2. lady garden says:

    fastest way to lose her bloke methinks

  3. Jen in Dallas says:

    I *bet* his parents are freaking out. He needs a kid right now like he needs another belly-button. This stupid bitch — she just can’t stand that her sister is pregnant and might upstage her. She’s got serious co-dependency issues. I hope Tony realizes what she’s up to, and that he can find a girl to be with who’s NOT trying to get pregnant. Her stupidity amazes me. :roll:

  4. ri23 says:

    I think the key word here is “desperate.”

  5. elisha says:

    Oh no. I thought it was pathetic when I first read the headline; the whole jealous of the younger sis getting pregnant before her thing. But now that I’ve read it I feel terrible and embarassed for her. She really is that ditzy that she freakin’ MISREAD a pregnancy test! And then instead of going to a doctor first, she was so excited she spilled the beans. That’s so sad and mortifying. I feel terrible for her.

    I have had a faint line show up on a pregnancy test waaay after the test was taken. That’s not a positive. That’s why they tell you to read it within a certain time frame.

  6. drm says:

    The National Enquirer? Reliable? They’ve had Jess Simpson pregnant so many times she’d have more kids than Brangelina…yup I’m sure she’s desperate, in fact she’s crying into her bank account as we speak…

  7. Exiled says:

    This may be tacky (sue me, it’s Friday), but I guess she’s not just ‘eating the meat’


  8. AE says:

    LOL…and the big shock came because naturally the parents assumed Tony and Jessica travel and vacation together but stay in separate rooms. Sounds like the source of this story has a bone to pick with Romo.

  9. Lana says:

    I love how everyone assumes its true. After two false covers of the tabloids this week alone, you think you’d be more skeptical. Did SHE say she thought she was pregnant? Did either of them say she was pushing for marriage? No. Just sources. A person who hates you can very easily make up some really awful things. Think about who would do that to you and cut her a break.

  10. CrazyMary says:

    She met the family at the OLIVE GARDEN? Really? Aren’t these people billionares? Can’t they go somewhere a little nicer than the OLIVE GARDEN?

  11. Andrea says:

    Leave it up to Jessica to “WOW” a family during a nice 3 course meal of breadsticks, unlimited salad, and unlimited soup.

  12. Mr. T says:

    This girl is desperately seeking her meal ticket. Tony is not the brightest boy on the block is he? If he weren’t a professional athlete, he’d be digging ditches in Dallas.

  13. Kaiser says:

    The weird thing is that I think Romo really loves her – but she seems hellbent on forcing him to commit before he’s ready. Too sad, Jess.

  14. daisy424 says:

    Romo was a business major at Eastern Illinois University, why would he be digging ditches?

  15. Please says:

    Are you people really that stupid to believe this story????

  16. neelyo says:

    Why do I have a vision of Papa Joe Simpson sneaking into Tony Romo’s bedroom and poking holes in all of his condoms?

  17. VAFLChick says:

    Am I do only one who sees psycho tendencies coming from this chick??

  18. Amy says:

    I had a false reading in my OB’s office!! When my son was six weeks old, I went in for my postpartum checkup and my doc told me I was preggers. I literally blacked out for a second out of shock — lol, like some posh chick in the movies passing out at shocking news.

    Anyway, they took blood and called the next day to tell me it was a false positive. So, I will never doubt another person who claims to have a false positive. If it can happen in an OB’s office, those crappy home tests can’t be that reliable.

  19. dovesgate says:

    Once,a friend of mine had 4 false negatives from those home tests. And if you forget about your test and come back to it after the time frame it says to read it in, it says its positive. Perfectly understandable mistake IMO.

  20. anon69 says:

    So, she misread a pregnancy test. I think her biggest issue is that she has the emotional maturity level of a 15 year old.

  21. bored says:

    The only thing that really strikes me about this story is that they were eating at the olive garden. Everything esle is probably total bullshit.

  22. Tracey says:

    When my daughter told me Ashlee is pregnant I knew Jessica would want a baby too, and the story is a little sad if you would ask me, nothing to laugh about….if it is true.

    Two cousins growing up together would be nice.

  23. hello says:

    @ neelyo

    That’s exactly what I thought!!!! I just cannot imagine Papa Joe trying to secure some more money through the BF of his daughter.

    Remember the whole no pre-nup with Lachey because at the time they got married he was worth more?? They lucked out when Nick settled and didn’t take Jess for the 1/2 of the marital income he was entitled to. Having a baby though…there is no way around that. There is a formula that the courts use that decides child support based on your income, and with Romo’s contact, that’s A LOT more than Jessica is probably going to make with her country career.

    I used to really like her, but as time has gone by she seems really needy and in constant competition with her sister, which is really sad. I’m not sure that I believe the telling the family part, but I don’t really doubt the want to be married and babied, because she’s older and the favored daughter and Ashlee is kinda stealing her thunder.

  24. Because I say So says:

    Jessica’s home pregnancy test: $15 dollars.
    Treating a family of four to dinner at Olive Garden: $55.
    Confirming your everlasting stupidity to the rest of the world by not being able to distinguish one blue line from two: PRICELESS

  25. Jean says:

    I call bullshit. Tony’s mother, Joan, gave Jessica the infamous pink jersey last December. So, they didn’t just meet at the Olive Garden in June. Also, Jessica used a home pregnancy test on a Newlyweds episode. She’s familiar with the product. The Enquirer should demand a refund for this bogus info.

  26. DallasFinest says:

    OMG! I CANT BELIEVE SOME OF YOU WOMEN ON HERe!!!! She is not a whore – she married her first stupid bitchs!! Furthermore, have any of you assholes talked to Jessica or Tony’s family to confirm this gossip bullshit? i doubt it! Woman from Dallas you should be representing for Jessica not bashing her. She cant too much of a stupid whore – she’s with a quarterback – what does you shitface boyfriend do for a living?

  27. Because I say So says:

    @ DallasFinest:
    How much did Papa Joe pay you for your badly worded rant?

  28. Codzilla says:

    Damn, did DallasFinest get her panties in a nasty old wad, or what? Maybe next time she’ll take it up a notch by learning how to spell/punctuate correctly.

  29. hello says:

    I said I cannot not imagine Joe doing that…I meant to say that I totally could. It adds to his aura of creepiness

  30. daisy424 says:

    “You can’t cover those suckers up!”
    This is a quote from her Father, not her lover……or maybe I’m wrong. :mrgreen:

  31. Jenna says:

    Wow. If you are going to insult people on a gossip site DallasFinest, maybe you should go on Word Perfect or something and use spell check… or a dictionary.

    Just saying. You’re entitled to your opinion but there is no need to use words that lower your intelligence…

    Perhaps you are Jessica Simpson… Your comment sounds like something she would say what with the poor grammer. :roll:

  32. AsiaA says:

    LMBAO (laughing my black a*s off)

    i HOPE this isn’t true. I’m not a jessica simpson fan, but i really hope she’s not that thirsty to take a home test then tell everyone like that sh*t is cute.

    she’s not even married. and although everyone in hollywood is poppin’ kids out of wedlock, i would be very surprised if jessica popped a kid w/o marriage.

    if it is true, i think it’s bad business when your potential in-laws are livid about you being preggers. It means they don’t see you as an entertainer who can carry her own weight and loves their son, but a thirsty gold-digger set to ruin their son’s hard earned career.

  33. WTF?!?! says:

    CrazyMary, don’t knock Olive Garden’s endless soup and salad bowl. Food enough to feed the Romo clan and all Simpsons hangers-on. Eat enough at one sitting and the paps may snap a baby/big lunch bulge on their way to the limo.

    Oh, and EVERY hpt insert says to double check positive results with a Gyn first. JS is mental.

  34. Enough says:

    First Jessica has more money than Tony. Then I think if it were true his family would be jumping off the rafters. They are getting on age. They are not as young as Jessica’s family. I think Tony and Jessica are grown people, who know that if you play with fire you can get burn. The whole human race was conceived this way. Last, if you believe that Tony or Jessica went and announced to these tabs something like this. I have a bridge I like to sell to you. Jessica does not look pregnant in her latest pics. I know that there is a group that takes bets that is spreading this rumor. If you can’t figure out why, Then maybe I can sell you that bridge.

  35. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Hey DallasFinest, I’m from Dallas. And I’m not ever going to defend this POS Jessica Simpson. She EMBARRASSES me. I don’t want her to even tell people or remind people she’s from the Dallas area.

    She just gives strength to the stupid blond Dallas bimbo stereotype. And who cares if she married her first sex partner? She sure isn’t marrying all these others! She’s pathetic, ignorant, untalented and a stupid little child.

    So shove it.

  36. Gemini Dolly says:

    I think Tony is super cute. You can tell he really loves Jessica. He doesnt say much about their relationship but his actions speak for him. He has put up with so much media crap about his love life and he could have left along time ago but the fact that he stays tells me he is committed to her. Jessica seems so comfortable around Tony. Its the happiest she has looked in awhile.

    I dont know if you guys are aware but USweekly wrote a letter to Tony Romo’s family talking smack on the Simpsons and warning them(Romo family) to stay away(from the Simpsons). It was about 2 months ago. Tony’s parents then informed Jessica of the letter and reassured her they did not believe a mess of it and were supporting her. If USweekly could go that far into making such crap, Enquirer can too. I know you women are smart enough to not believe this bull. But it makes for a good topic to vent and thats why we come here, right? To waste time and vent. 3 weeks ago, Tony’s father was quoted by the Dallas News saying his son had made a good choice with Jessica.

    I dont know why so many people hate on Jessica and dont want her happy. I am Tony’s fan, but I think Jessica is not as bad. She has no sex tape, or rehab stints, and she makes Tony happy. Im all for a happy ending with these two.

  37. kj says:

    Wow she went from virgin to mergin with a guy she is not married to. Who said that money can’t change your morals…

  38. mollination says:

    Daisy124- I think it’s the fact that he refers to them as “suckers” which makes that quote so damn creepy! Freudian slip much?

  39. daisy424 says:

    mollination, yeah I know, huh? Super creepy 8O

  40. Victoria says:

    To ANDREA LOL>>> LOL>>> I heard that the Romo’s never got over Carrie Underwood, and have never cared for Jessica to begin with. In every report I have ever read, they never seem happy with her, and the pictures show the same thing in their faces. She always wanted to be the first to produce a grandchild, and since that can’t be, she wants to be close behind. How pitiful for her, to just choose anyone who is with her. I don’t think Tony loves her enough to have a child, so if this story is true, he better keep his pants zipped. I bet mama Romo gave him an ear full.

  41. Get it right says:

    Tony’s father is going to speak to NBC on Aug 29, he has already defended Jessica once before. These two family have had a two year relationship. Tony and Jessica have been seeing each other for more time than you think. Jessica was also at more games not just the ones shown on TV. Tony met her grandparents around thanksgiving and Jessica met his some time before. Tony himself said that no one is going to stop him or come between his girl and him. He prove that when he took her out for her birthday. the photogs only got the shots he allowed them to get as shown on TMZ. Marriage is on his mind if you look at the interview he gave to People way back, They are not answering when.
    Over twenty five family members were at Jessica Wisc. concert. His sisters have been seen with her in California. He goes home to the two homes in California. She goes home to the apartment in Texas. They go home to the apartments they have in Las vegas. These two families have bonded. It just a matter of time before they get married if they are not already. Either way they are a couple living together just like have the world. If they make it if they don’t it up to them. So people time to get a life and wish these two the best because you don’t get to decide.

  42. Judy says:

    I don’t believe one word of this story.
    It is just another RagMAg story.
    Trying to make her look bad.
    It is all BS.

  43. Jenni says:

    I think that she should just be happy for her sister and have one when the time is right – i.e. when she is properly settled with Tony – or whoever.

  44. Laddy says:

    “You can tell he really loves her” – God you people are so niave it’s pathetic. And Jessica’s a bouncy virgin who will come over and hang out with you on your sleeping bag!

    Tony thinks Jessica is a joke, and Jessica is ruining Tony’s image and career because she’s so pathetic.

    Her fans are also a little pathetic too. She can’t sing or act. What are you buying, her bad fashion or her fake hair?

  45. elcgarrard says:

    Tony—it’s getting close to football season. Girls are a major DISTRACTION let alone a baby…. ditch her and FOCUS! You aren’t being paid all this money to blow it for the ‘boys! GO COWBOYS!!!!

  46. lb says:

    I think it is a just a matter of time before these two announce their engagement. Tony really seems to care for her. I think she cares for him. She is probably a little more desperate to marry and have kids but you cannot mistake their love for each other. The Christian groups love disecting the morals of that family….it would be a wise choice for her to marry first and get pregnant later.

  47. Soozy says:

    Makes one wonder – do you think the baby will be …

  48. Madison says:

    I can’t believe all of the negative things being said about Jessica on here. It’s ridiculous that anyone would believe that this story is actually true. WTF is wrong with you people? If you all had half the heart that Jessica has, you would be lucky.

  49. Ashley says:

    i love how they call her a country singer. BULLSHIT!

  50. threeour says:

    If Romo is stupid enough to be used by white trash that attaches herself to anybody who will ensure her celebitchy status, he deserves all the pitfalls she brings.

  51. Rebecca says:

    As a Dallasite I am TOTALLY embarrassed for Tony Romo because he obviously doesn’t have enough sense to be embarrassed for himself. Jessica Simpson is a huge albatross. Please Tony, wake up before you get caught in the trap.

  52. babygirl says:

    that stupid bitch will not have his baby, she sleeps around with so much men, im a cowbys fan, and none of the fans like her, she’s a stupid blonde, she might get pregnant but not with his kid, she’s so jealous of her sister that she will lie to tony’s family saying that she is pregnant, she even lied to him

  53. Karlee says:

    I think people make Jessica sound stupied. Her and Ashlee were both thrown in to the Hollywood scean at young ages and never got the chance to learn basic things.

    As for the false postive it happens. And the fact that his parents freaked is stupied. Their 28! Not 16

  54. geronimo says:

    I think Jessica makes Jessica sound stupid. 8O

  55. alan davis says:

    tony is hitting that ass :lol:

  56. Gabi says:

    Come on people, they’re human. I love Jessica Simpson, and I’m sure she is just trying to find the life that every girl dreams of, growing up, falling in love, getting married and raising a family. There’s millions of people out there just like her. Everyone just thinks different because she’s famous and should be living the “perfect” life. Grow up people and take a look at your own lives before you criticize her.

  57. joe says:

    her shirt says real girls eat meat well real girls eat lol

  58. pj says:

    jessica simpson is on the Rachel Ray show right now and she sure looks pregnant in the blouse she is wearing. and, i notice a weight gain. she seems to have come thru a tough personal time and doing well. i like her current country hit. i wish her well if she is expecting a baby.

  59. Misty says:

    What did Tony Romo family do when they found out that Jessica Simpson was not pregnant that she lide to his family.
    Tony Romo don’t need Jessica Simpson because she can get him in big trouble.

  60. whatev says:

    thanks there has been argument after another because we really thought she was, well i guess you guys can keep trying to have one together unless carrie underwood stops u which i dont think she will jess. :lol:

  61. speakyourmind says:

    jealousy is an ugly old woman. maybe when America wakes up and starts prizing people on how good they are to each other instead of their virginity status, it’ll be a better place. I’m so sick of these sheltered “virgins” driving around in flashy cars with daddy’s credit cards acting like their so very holy when they wouldn’t do without a mani/pedi to feed starving kids. puke. leave these two alone .

  62. Sammi says:

    i think jessica is way to desperate on having a baby with tony and i think she needs to give it time. it may not work out with her and tony. tony has a major job to think about right now not having a baby.

    #1 Dallas Fan
    p.s I think Jess needs to give up on the country music!!!!!

  63. alabamabarbie says:


  64. Jennifer says:

    I think Jessica and Tony are Great people! They will make their future for whatever THEY choose I wish them the Best!

  65. david says:

    you people are so stupid to believe all this crap. you all need lives of your own. you must be living every breath for a crumb about jessica simpson. she is sweet beautiful and smart and hopes she dumps romo the homo he is a ugly inside and out jethro bubba type. Please jess dump his ugly immature arse.

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