Charlie Sheen on an epic bender in Vegas with three porn stars

I know this is wrong, because I should be outraged, but this latest story about Charlie Sheen just cracked me the hell up at first. Then I remembered that he’s an abusive S.O.B. and took a different view of the situation. Still, Sheen plays the drunk, drugged-up devil-may-care guy so well that he’s like a stock character in a predictable men’s comedy. He’s the partying best friend of the guy who is going to get married and is super loyal to his fiance. The Sheen character keeps bringing sleazy women around to tempt his buddy, who turns them down and manages to gets to the altar just in time to get slugged out by his bride-to-be. Getting back to reality, Sheen wasn’t in Vegas as part of some outrageous bachelor party. He was hanging alone with three porn stars he met at an adult video convention. He remains the highest paid star on television despite the fact that he’s known to have abused a handful of women, including two of his ex wives, and spends his free time coked up with hookers. Sheen is sure working hard to turn his life into a cliche.

Forget “Two and a Half Men” — TMZ has learned Charlie Sheen has hooked up with three whole porn stars in Las Vegas — all at the same time … during what we’re being told is an epic bender.

We’ve learned Charlie hooked up with the three women — who are in Vegas for a porn convention.

The foursome is holed up at The Palms Hotel and Casino.

As TMZ first reported, Sheen was seen today hammering down Grey Goose Vodka in the hotel bar.

Charlie is due back on the set tomorrow, and everyone around him — from studio execs to members of his team — is deeply concerned for his welfare and wants him to go to rehab.

As far as we know … Sheen hasn’t checked in with anyone today.

[From TMZ]

Both TMZ and Radar have photos of one of Sheen’s porn star hookups and she looks incredibly young at 23. It’s clear the girl talked to Radar because they go on about how into her Sheen is. The hooker, Bree Olson, has a NSFW twitter account that shows just how into her job she really is, and I’ll leave it at that.

Sheen spent his Christmas with hookers and blow, and he’s spending his free time that way too. Here’s what I think will happen – Sheen will show up on set looking worse for wear but ready for work. He’ll shrug and act like everything is fine and it was a huge exaggeration, which is basically what he did when he locked that hooker in the bathroom and trashed a hotel room. Maybe he’ll go on like this for a few more months, but it’s got to catch up with him soon. The womanizing best friend character either learns from his mistakes and sobers up or faces the consequences. In real life, it can turn out much worse in the end.

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  1. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    WOW what a surprise!! (NOT)

    And look how similar this woman is to his two ex wives.

    I cant even muster up enough energy to care three sh!ts about Charlie Sheen anymore.

  2. Overit says:

    It would be best if he OD’d and took himself out of the gene pool.

  3. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @overit… lol! That was funny!

  4. Gwen says:

    I know he’s a douche, an ass and so on, but he is obviously also an addict who needs help – why isn’t he getting any?

  5. happygirl says:

    Wait…let me find my surprised face…it’s in here somewhere…oh…there it is. O_O

  6. Isabel says:

    This man is such a waste of flesh!! And how stupid do you have to be to tag along with him on a bender…knowing full well what happened to the last hooker that did so? Oh he’s so gross. I need to take a brillo pad to my brain to scrub those thoughts out. Sick.

  7. guesty says:

    she IS soooo young!!!…exactly.

  8. Jazz says:

    He’s entering creeper territory with that face.

  9. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Gwen, the simplest answer to your question…

    He doesn’t want any.

  10. Gwen says:

    Yeah, that does seem obvious but I wonder why his loved one (there must be some!) don’t do anything. He’s probably always a douche but when he’s on drugs he seems to turn into a really horrible person. His kids deserve more.

  11. PrettyTarheel says:

    I have to confess, I have always been a Charlie Sheen Apologist. You know, he needs rehab, he’s an addict, he’s blah blah blah…He will never hit rock bottom, because they keep paying his ass to play himself on TV. ODing doesn’t stop him, hookers calling the cops doesn’t stop him-he’s pretty much going to have to die to quit.

  12. Stronzilla says:

    Ya know, was a time when trade conventions would attract prostitutes into a city because they knew there would lots of chances for business. This has to be the first time a convention of prostitutes, excuse me, porn industry marketing professionals (PIMPs), attracted a client! But the joke is on America, as this man is the highest paid actor on television and the only one who doesn’t even have to act!

  13. Crash2GO2 says:

    Gwen: They’ve been trying to help him for years. At some point you finally have to realize that the addict may just die and there is NOTHING you can do about it and you need to let them go. He is an adult. What would you suggest they do? Do you honestly think he is going to listen to anyone? His own father had him thrown in jail as a desperate measure several years ago. Obviously even that didn’t work. I think they are resigned at this point. And I honestly think that CS might just want to die. What self respecting person really wants to live like this?

  14. Marie says:

    There is no way hell I would let Charlie Sheen poke me for any amount of money. Just looking at his pictures makes me think a disease may jump off the page and get me.

  15. bizzy says:

    The Sheen character keeps bringing sleazy women around to tempt his buddy, who turns them down and manages to gets to the altar just in time to get slugged out by his bride-to-be.

    nono, the buddy falls for the girl who’s not really a hooker, she’s a brain surgeon but charlie dragged her into the situation in a hilarious tequila-fueled misunderstanding. and she just wants to make sure the buddy gets to his wedding on time, but she totally falls for him and the bride-to-be is a complete biatch anyway. i suggest sandra bullock for the brain surgeon and goopy paltrow for the fiancee. we have a pitch-meeting with warner at 10am.

  16. Amanda says:

    I heard Bree Olson on the Howard Stern show a little while back. If she is to be believed, she screws dudes left and right. She will put on her twitter that she is looking to have sex with anyone who comes down to whatever hotel she is staying at- and supposedly she will have sex with multiple men in the same night, usually her fans. She was staying in a hotel in Vegas once and did it with the janitor because she couldn’t find anyone else. Supposedly, she never uses condoms- even when having sex with random, strange “fans”. Her twitter is really foul.

  17. Gwen says:

    @Crash2GO2: Thanks. I didn’t know they’ve been trying for years.

    I don’t mean to defend him btw. I just think it’s bizarre that he can act this way and still be working and shown on tv. I mean seriously? He’s hooks up with pornstars, beat up both his ex-wives and is obviously on drugs (facts). Meanwhile a movie (fiction) was made NC-17 because it implied a woman getting a blowjob. America, what is wrong with you?!

    (I don’t mean to offend Americans, but this makes very little sense to me as a non-American)

  18. Roma says:

    Charlie Sheen will only stop with the hookers and blow when he runs out of cash, and CBS is protecting their little money maker.

    I would be shocked if Charlie wasn’t HIV positive by now.

  19. becky says:

    HAHAHAHA Charlie went to the AVNs! Thats awesome.

  20. Xx says:

    He has got to feel like shit every day with all that partying. He aint no spring chicken anymore.

  21. hellen says:

    Douche Hat is back! Get the Lysol!

  22. susanne says:

    Addiction is serious shit. It’s amazing what people will throw away only to kill themselves with drugs or alcohol. I feel for addicts, and especially their families.

    Still no excuse for being violent. That just makes him a sadistic asshole. I musta took my mean pill this morning because I watch his downfall with glee.

  23. bagladey says:

    I’ve always liked Charlie Sheen but his obsession with such a debased lifestyle is disgusting and just gross. Ugh, nasty. Charlie’s vices, reputation and lifestyle are really filthy for a father, and he has at least five children. Yuk.

  24. the original bellaluna says:

    @ bagladey – And 3 of his 5 KNOWN children are FEMALE! How much nastier does that make it? Instead of just teaching his boys that his behaviour is acceptable, he’s teaching his girls to expect how to be treated! DISGUSTING!

  25. Justaposter says:

    Roma exactly. In a sick way, it is a win/win for CBS. He brings in the money, the show is prolly world wide now, and I bet he is now worth more dead than alive.

  26. original kate says:

    “I don’t mean to offend Americans, but this makes very little sense to me as a non-American”

    @ gwen: it makes little sense to me as well, and i am an american.

    as for charlie, he is beyond repulsive.

  27. Kim says:

    Stronzilla – exactly! He brings attention with his antics to the show so as long as he shows up to tape and is semi coherent the producers etc could care less if he gets sober or they would put a “forced” sobriety in his contract!

  28. LolaBella says:

    Charlie is the celebrity ‘most likely to OD on coke while participating in an orgy of pornstars’.

    I can totally see that as a headline this year on CNN.

    CBS is Charlie Sheen’s biggest enabler; but what else can they do – he’s their cash cow and he has them by the balls.

    However, no-one can force an addict to get help; as we’ve seen with Lilo, unless their physical freedom/livelihood is challenged they will continue to use.

  29. lucy2 says:

    Sad that many talented people have lost their lives to Rx or illegal drugs, and this disgusting cockroach has been doing this crap nonstop for decades is still kicking.

    I feel sorry for his family, as I’m sure they’ve done all they can do and now can only wait.
    I feel very sorry for his children, but I don’t think he’s in their lives much anyway, which is probably a good thing.

    On a lighter noted, Craig Ferguson’s “put the hooker in the closet” Sheen imitation is the only good thing to come of this disaster.

  30. Matt says:

    @Gwen it makes no sense to anyone. If any female star would have done half of the effed up stuff that Charlie has done, their career would be over.

  31. Michelle says:

    How come every newspaper and media outlet runs this story regarding the drug fuelled bender and there are no police banging on the door to catch him in the act. Isn’t it an embarrassement to the justice system that these indulged celeb’s can get away with this behaviour with no legal consequences, where is the court appearance, property seized for drug possession and use and intent to supply to others (used when partying and truth be known probably only way to get “little charlie” to function). No wonder the next generation believe they are above the law as well.Too bad, if it was a tax dodge different story.

  32. Trashaddict says:

    Boycott CBS until they fire this dirtbag.

  33. Dee Green says:

    Heh, I have lived his lifestyle for about a decade and it rocked. You have to know when to slow down. And from I hear he only gets blowjobs from hookers he doesn’t f*ck’em.

    Back in the 80′s actors behaved like this all the time and no one gave the time if day and now an industry is built on it.

  34. Abby says:

    Bree was also on the Bubba the Love Sponge show a year or two ago and completely freaked out on it!

  35. kpcher says:

    I haven’t had the chance to read all the comments yet. However, in response to comment#12 PrettyTarheel…I agree.

    And I gotta confess; until not long ago (maybe a yr.ago), I watched 2 1/2men & laughed. Now, I can’t get through 5 minutes of the show without feeling nothing but disgust towards him. Even more so towards the show’s people for paying him to portray the ‘real’ Charlie Sheen & all his vices & nasty behaviors that, in the end, leaves nothing but scars on yet another woman. What’s it gonna take for him to get some serious jail time, get forced into rehab or get fired? What will CS’s rock bottom be? Manslaughter? Worse, why do we have to wait until someone’s dead?

    His attitude really gets me. He truly doesn’t give a shite. Like he’s God’s gift to the world. (btw, i’m done watching the show)

    Get rid of him already, CBS. You might save ’2′ lives; Sheens & his next one-night-stand. (when I say ’1 night stand’ I do so with no disrespect to the gal)