Did John Mayer break it off with Jennifer Aniston?

Aniston and Mayer on 5/10/08. Credit: Splash News
Actress Jennifer Aniston, 39, and pop singer John Mayer, 30, have the tabloids working overtime to speculate on the state of their relationship. Are they fighting? Is Jen pressuring John for kids? Is Jen too clingy because she’s actually been seen hugging him in public? The latest report is from UK’s Mirror, which claims they’ve broken up. The Mirror is just about as reliable as Star Magazine, which means there’s like a 50/50 chance that the story is completely made up. The stories that aren’t made up are not necessarily true, they’re just based on more than a journalist’s imagination.

If you read between the lines on this story, it seems to be based on the fact that John is in Mexico with friends while Aniston stayed in LA. Maybe she couldn’t find anyone to watch her dogs for her or something. These two were just seen staying at a suite at the Four Seasons in LA over the weekend. Were they trying to get in some sex before their little break, or where they breaking up? (OK!’s article claiming they were at the Four Seasons together has been deleted, though, and there is no google cache of the story. Maybe there’s some truth to this rumor.)

Unlucky-in-love Jennifer Aniston has been dumped by her latest boyfriend, rock singer John Mayer.

The pair initially decided to spend some time apart… before making the break official earlier this week.

It is yet more heartache for the gorgeous Friends star, who has been unable to find love again since her divorce from Brad Pitt four years ago.

News of her splitting up with Gravity singer John comes just weeks after the couple were rumoured to be considering marriage.

“There’s been a bit of tension for some time,” says a source close to 30-year-old John. “They initially opted for a break, hoping a trial split might make them stronger. Sadly it doesn’t seem to have worked.

“John took the decision to end things as he felt he just wasn’t ready for the level of commitment that Jennifer deserved.

“Contrary to reports, Jen didn’t want to have kids or marry this year, but she did want to set a timetable for their future together.

“She also wanted him to assure her he would cut down his tours in the future when they did eventually have children.

“Initially, Jennifer was furious when he told her of his decision but now she’s simply sad – not to mention a little heartbroken.

“They have spoken on the phone since the split and are trying to remain on good terms.

“But unless John has a dramatic change of heart, it’s unlikely they’ll rekindle their romance.”

While he holidays with pals in Mexico, Jennifer, 38, remains in LA, working.

[From Mirror.co.uk, thanks toCandyKay for the tip]

The NY Daily News adds a pinch of credence to this story. They say that Aniston “is already dating someone else in LA” and that Mayer had to use some special eye cream to reduce puffiness before a performance, perhaps because he was crying. My eyes get puffed up when I’m hung over, so maybe that was his problem. Preparation H really fixes that. There’s nothing gross about it if you reserve a tube just for your face.

It seems inevitable that these two would break it off before the end of the summer, but I was really hoping they would last. Maybe there can be a “happily ever after” for them – or at least a “happily into next year” and these stories are just rumors. I wanted to see them together for a while. Neither of them make my short list of favorite celebrities, but they kind of make sense as a couple to me. We’ll have to see what tomorrow brings and if this rumor is true.

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  1. pebbles says:

    come on, now! John Mayer crying to the point of puffiness about this?

  2. CiCi says:

    I never thought of these two as particularly compatible anyway, so IMO if it isn’t true, it’s a matter of time. I think she should stick with Vince Vaughan – an average guy who will probably adore her for life and make her laugh.

  3. Kaiser says:

    Always the dumpee, huh Pity Party? At some point, The Eternal Victim be damned, you’ve got to say maybe it’s HER, not the men she’s with.

  4. KERRI says:

    Kaiser, you and I think very much alike. Perhaps she doesn’t need John as a security blanket anymore now that Brad & Angelina had their twins. She’s a user and a loser. :twisted:

  5. Mr. T says:

    The problem with the Hollywood idiots is that they need to marry someone rich and famous (in the entertainment industry) for their ego gratification, which is a recipe for failure. FAIL!

  6. Larissa says:

    So I´ll suggest that we should launch a campaign to elect “the most elegible single man to date Jen”; I mean how well we know this ppl to say they are compatible or not?

  7. Kaiser says:

    Agreed, Kerri. I always thought the relationship was just two-fold: to get some media attention and to be seen as “sexy” because she was with a younger man. Her publicist is working overtime with this one – gotta change the subject from the twins!

  8. RAN says:

    Hmm… now we have Jen hater trolls… I’d say a poster or two above my name fits that description to a “T”. Stay close to the Brangelina threads… your wisdom is much more needed there. :roll:

  9. RAN says:

    On this subject, I’d say I hope they’re done. He (John Mayer) is so not worthy of a decent relationship right now. He’s too much of a player.

  10. Bodhi says:

    I totally agree, CB. I’m not really fond of either of them (actually, I loathe John Mayer), but they seemed like a good fit.

  11. xiaoecho says:

    1 post
    2 post
    3 post
    4 Brangelina post

  12. Joe says:

    That skank gets dumped by everybody.

    What a cum dumpster.

  13. geronimo says:

    Never thought they looked like a couple, just seemed unlikely from the off. Oh well. Still intrigued/mystified at the amount of bile she’s generating here. Surely she’d need to be much more interesting to attract this amount of hate?

  14. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Is her love life boring anyone else? I know women like this–serial monogamists. One long-term boyfriend after another, one breakup after another. Zzzzz. I’m going to play Sudoku, anyone wanna join me?

  15. Lola says:

    Good for her. I thought she could have done better. Paul Sculfor was super hot (yum :-) ), she should try him again. Mirror is a sleezy paper, I am hoping this story is true though.

    Brangeloonies just never want to let the love triangle thing end. Get over it… wait… keeping it alive and popping babies is the only way to get their saint some attention. After all no one cared much if she had siamese triplets till she hooked with Brad. Now she is just milking that relationship for all its worth. Lets not forget, lately it is her major source of income.

  16. Rose says:

    He’s too young and idiotic for her anyway. I’m a Jolie fan all the way but I’ve NEVER got the animosity for Jennifer Anniston. She seems like a pretty nice person.

  17. daisy424 says:

    Lola hon, don’t you ever get tired? :roll:

  18. Lola says:

    Daisy, I toss that question right back at ya!

    Isn’t Lainey gossip on eof the loonies who trolls here? Seems like a paid loonie with its saccharine sappy Brangelina tales and not so subtle attacks on Aniston.

  19. czarina says:

    What’s funny is that, ever since her divorce, the media has been so focused on her finding someone “to replace Brad”–what’s annoying is the implication that a) a woman is nothing if she isn’t on some man’s arm, and b) that she needs to prove to the world she can “get” a guy.
    I think a lot of this is engineered by the media. What Aniston SHOULD have done is, right after the divorce, said in an interview that she was taking time to be by herself and enjoying her single-hood. That might have kept the media from implying that she is desperate to find someone else.
    I don’t know if the breakup with Meyer is true, but if not now, it will be sometime soon.
    Meyer is, basically, a serial dater. He does not strike me as having the emotional warewithal to make a true committment to someone.

  20. Sunnyjyl says:

    She was just using him for sex. That’s what she told me when I bumped into her at Whole Foods.

  21. Samantha says:

    Noooooo! You two have to pull through, or else my whole world will come crashing down.

  22. daisy424 says:

    Lola, I’m sorry, but I can’t decipher your last post. I don’t go on Lainey.

    I was referring to this;

    “Brangeloonies just never want to let the love triangle thing end. Get over it… wait… keeping it alive and popping babies is the only way to get their saint some attention. After all no one cared much if she had siamese triplets till she hooked with Brad. Now she is just milking that relationship for all its worth. Lets not forget, lately it is her major source of income.”

    You bring this up on the threads, whether they are about AJ or not.
    I am starting to pity you, you try soooo hard. I just picture you like the little engine that could…….

  23. CelebitchyFAN says:

    I don’t think she’s trying to find a husband, I think she’s just happily dating and getting her single woman screw on…good for her

  24. Michele says:

    told you guys. the second his relationships become too public, he bails. he did this to chestica remember??? she needs to retire and move to Iowa already. She’s was boring at 25 and now at nearly 40 she’s even more of a bore…..

  25. Samantha says:

    I am curious, why does everyone seem to hate Jennifer Aniston? I like her…=/ She isn’t a fame whore, isn’t a boozer, isn’t a drug addict, doesn’t dress like a slut…Granted I guess that makes her a ‘bore’, but that is what I like about her. I hear she a pot head…but at least she isn’t flaunting that around either or being caught in ridiculous situations.

  26. Linda says:

    I doubt very seriously the Jennifer is heartbroken – much like I doubt that Kate is heartbroken. Come on people, it’s not like they have years invested into this relationship.

    For all the Aniston haters out there, it is the media that continues to throw the pity party for Jen and this story is a prime example. As an outsider looking in – I think she has looked extremely happy over the past couple of years.

  27. Aniston PR 101 says:

    They were a fake PR relationship set up by Jen & her PR agent so she wouldn’t be single when Brangelina’s twins were born.

    This insecure woman is a fraud & continues to try and manipulate public opinion in her favor.

  28. javagirl1 says:

    I’m probably the only one who thinks this, but I couldn’t figure out how Brad got Jennifer in the first place. Then when he hooked up with the other prettiest girl in the world, Angelina, I couldn’t figure out how he got her either. Try as I might, I just fail to see the hotness Brad Pitt is supposed to have. He does absolutely nothing for me and I think he looks like a bumbling fool next to these beautiful women. Oh well, I’m off the subject of the thread…

  29. hello says:

    He creeps me out. I don’t care who the hell is dating him, they deserve better.

    He looks like that guy who sat outside the Student Union Building at Univeristy of X with a circle of stupid girls drooling at him because the night before he had called each one of them and said I love singing, but I do it for you, or something else that is equally lame.

    CB- I don’t think the Prep H order was something new. He probably knows that he needs to hide his similarities to a basset hound, and does it before he’s seen in public.

  30. Guest says:

    Whether they are together or not really doesn’t matter. What does matter is the way the media talks about women. For example notice how the woman is always dumped. Jessica and John, Kate and Lance the lists go on and on. Every hear the press say George Clooney was dumped? And if we are honest George is gay what 50 years old man parties solo on a boat with other young toned men? Imagine if Tom Cruise did that what the media would say! Really the press protects George. These women he dates are just fronts who get what they want out of the relationship. The tabloids really made women in general look like sad clingly people. It is just wrong. Who knows that Jen isn’t the one who did the dumping. Finally realized that John was just not all that? And the whole brangelina and Jen thing. Please, please, please Angie/Brad fans quit bringing them into Jen posts. Really they have been apart over 3 years now and both have moved on it is time to let it go.

  31. Tina says:

    It was never a real relationship. Most people called this faux hook up from the beginning. They became public during Cannes when Angelina was heavily featured and broke up as soon as the twins pictures were out, I actually thought they might hang together till after 40th birthday because you know we cannot have the insecure, self obsessed Jen single on that milestone.

    Given that Brad and Angelina are about to start heavy promotions for their movies, Huvane is either going to find her another hookup or you will see the bikini shots where she is almost exposng her coochies.

    She has extended her divorce into a career because for a woman that has not had a movie out in two years, and the ones she has in the pipeline either has no distributor or is being pushed back repeatedly but people remember her as a friend or the woman that Brad dumped.
    She said she believes in karma, I wonder what she thinks of her miserable life right now, I wonder if knowingly throwing another woman under the bus to absorb the failure of her marriage while she claimed only 2% responsibility is catching up with her.

  32. Syko says:

    I think a lot of women like that boyish thing he has going on. Personally I prefer men to boys and have never found him attractive, except maybe in “Troy” where he was 1/2 to 3/4 naked most of the time – guy does have a nice bod – got to agree with you there, javagirl1

  33. Mairead says:

    Daisy, there’s really no point in trying to reason with Lola on this. She tore absolute strips off me before screeching something like I want Jennifer to be destroyed, so by saying that I preferred Vince – he had to be the worst choice for Jennifer ever. Much worse than a man with a poor reputation who’s allowed to be, ’cause he’s “yum” :|

    I hope they’ve not broken up – if only not to listen to more doom-and-bleedin’-gloom headlines about her.

    As for Brad – ah now Syko, how could you prefer him to the delectable Eric Bana in that film, or even the fresh-facedness of Orlando? Hell for “real manliness” it even had Brendan Gleeson!!

    Troy was enjoyable enough, but I have to say I had to cringed everytime Brad came on the screen and kept chanting “Don’t embarrass yourself in front of Peter O’Toole!” At least most of his dialogue in those scenes was kept to frowning or grunting :twisted:

  34. daisy424 says:

    javagirl1, I think Brad is now what Robert Redford was of my age group. When Redford was younger, damn :!:
    For me it is the blue eyes and the dynamic smile.

    Mairead, maybe we need to come up with a perfect mate for Jen to hook up with. We could put our matchmaking skills to work. Suggestions anyone?

    geronimo, you made me choke on my coffee!

  35. geronimo says:

    David Schwimmer. That seemed to work.

  36. Cinderella says:

    She took a gamble with that man-hussie and lost. No surprise there.

  37. javagirl1 says:

    You might be right Syko, I definetely prefer older men…give me George Clooney or Christopher Noth. But even as Brad is getting older, he still does nothing for me. I don’t think he’s aging very well either. It’s just my opinion, don’t hate me BADettes! What does that term stand for anyways?

  38. daisy424 says:

    Brad & Angie Defenders

    Okay, I agree, love Mr. Big!

  39. javagirl1 says:

    BADettes…gotcha. Mr. Big is smoking hot!

  40. Linda says:

    javagirl1 –

    You are not alone – I’ve never ever understood why so many think Brad is “it”. He does nothing for me either, I just do not find him appealing. I also don’t find David Beckham appealing either…to each their own.

    Give me someone like Jason Statham, Johnny Depp or Ed Norton – Ed Norton is just yummy…

  41. ll says:

    Jennifer Anison seems ‘self absorbed and needy.’ I was never a Brad Pitt fan when he was married to her. They were so full of themselves. Now, I think Brad is a better person without her, and she’s miserable about it.
    What I don’t get is…What’s OPRAH’S obsession with her? Have you all noticed that when any of OPRAH’S guests mention Angelina’s name she has no reaction, looks uncomfortable and moves on with the conversation? (ex.the recent celebrity hair stylists show) I wonder if she’ll do her usual Oscar Specials if Angelina wins an Oscar? Will she cancel her Oscar coverage that year? Just a thought.

  42. javagirl1 says:

    Linda, you took the words right out of my mouth about David Beckham!

  43. RAN says:

    I’m beginning to think at least one person uses this site as a promotion for Lainey gossip. If so, that’s very poor behavior – something that slob Perez Hilton would do.

  44. Guest says:

    Seriously Brad/Angie fans please leave the Jen site and post on Brad/Angie blogs. Really sad that after three years Brad and Jen are still connected. Let them rest in peace. Why are Brad/Angie fans so concerned over Jennifer? I just don’t get it. Really weird. And by the way Management is coming to Toronto International Film Festival. GOOD FOR JEN! Can’t wait for her red carpet.

  45. daisy424 says:

    Don’t care for Oprah myself. She does too much name-dropping. Have not watched her in years. She is, no pun intended, big in Chicago.
    Been to a couple of her shows. High security, do’s & don’ts when the cameras are on, what colors to wear, no nose picking, etc.
    At the end of the show, she does shake hands with everyone in her audience as you file out, but you are told not to ask Ms. Winfrey any questions. 8O

  46. boobaloob says:

    Joe, I’m by no means a fan of Aniston (zzzzzzzzzzzzz), but a cum dumpster? I find that term extremely offensive and a tad misogynistic to boot.

  47. Bodhi says:

    Guest~ Excuse me? I’m an Angie/Brad fan (duh) and my comment on this post had absolutely nothing to with either of them.

    Does that mean that the Jen fans can’t comment on Angie/Brad posts?

    And about Lainey Gossip… the site is linked to this one by CB

  48. javagirl1 says:

    I find “cum dumpster” a bit offensive too. Only because I used to work in an adult store, and there was a series of low grade porn called “cum dumpsters.” I always thought, how sad, what could have happened to these poor girls where they grew up to star in a movie called “cum dumpsters.”
    Okay, now I’m completely off the subject of this thread ;)

  49. Kaiser says:

    @RAN & Lola – I put up the Lainey Gossip link because I thought she had a funny take on this story, and that some people might like it. *shrug* Don’t like it, don’t read it.

    But, truly, I always enjoy the Aniston lovers’ Pity Party. You’re the same people always whining about “karma” with regards to The Brange – while at the same time refusing to acknowledge Pity Party’s karma. Your girl’s films are going to be dumped in No Man’s Land distrubutorship, she’s picking fights with Kimerbly Stewart over a guy, and she just got dumped by Dark Dick Rot. Sucks for you.

  50. Michele says:

    You Brad haters needs glasses. Have you not seen FightClub or Troy? Get contacts if you must. Anniston was lucky to ever be at the same table as Brad Pitt. She has a horse face. Maybe she should move to Englad since you all love her so much. Just please take the skank Sienna back too will ya :)

  51. Syko says:

    It’s odd to me that the B&A defenders are being told to get off the post, when half of every B&A post is the Jenlovers. Hmmm.

    I’m not a Brad hater at all – I’m one of the original BADettes, Michele! But I’ve never found him attractive. He looked good in Troy, I agree, but more like something you want to admire, not like something you want to take home and snuggle.

  52. Kaiser says:

    @Syko – I’m a big fan of Brad in the Oceans movies. Love him when he wears Armani.

  53. javagirl1 says:

    Michele – I don’t think not finding someone attractive constitutes you as a “hater.” I personally could never “hate” someone who I’ve never met. That’s why I find Lola somewhat perplexing…she’s still funny though – love her!

  54. someone says:

    So What….they had some fun and now its over..whats the big deal..John is only out to put another notch on his bedpost anyway….Jen will find the right guy for her..shes a beautiful woman with lots of money….

  55. Trace says:

    Aniston has made a career out of her love life post divorce. Seriously, have we heard any other news about the other “Friends” cast? She is not an obvious famewhore, but she craves being in the limelight because without it she would not be getting any movie roles. I don’t feel sorry for her. She brings on her own misery by the type of men she chooses to date.

  56. Michele says:

    whatever, brad is gorgeous and jennifer is not. we’ll agree to disagree…and the word hater is a euphanism girls….don’t be so literal.

  57. PJ says:

    I think Jennifer got sick of being referred to as the “40-year-old” girlfriend of John Mayer.

    The media is constantly harping on the fact that he is a younger man. If she stayed with him, she would forever be typecast as his “older woman”–a label she no doubt detests considering that she is still young and gorgeous and probably works hard to stay that way.

    Also, Jennifer in the past has been a real homebody, and John is a traveling man who lives in hotels. That’s kind of a mismatch.

  58. Maritza says:

    Jennifer should give John Stamos a call, it seems to me they would make a really nice couple, plus I’ve heard he really wants to have a family.

  59. Lorna says:

    I will never understand why any one would hate on Aniston, like Brad Pitt who seems like he smells and has no brains in that box head of his, always licking his lips.

    If I were Jen, I would have gotten pregnant and not announce till the baby was born and was Brad’s. That should ruin him especially since he run off to Africa to adopt a child with his lover. I tell you Jen is a really nice girl.

    Whatever she saw in Meyer, he is such a douche. Anyone who dates Jessica Simpson is a super loser in my books.

    Angelina’s fans hate Jen because Brad said she was the love of his life yet Angelina can only say their love for kids is what they have in common. Brad used to gush over Jen and look where that ended. If Angelina had not trapped him with all those kids he would have done a runner by now.

  60. MISSY says:

    Im sure Jessica Simpson is sitting by the phone.

  61. OK says:

    Why is it no one hardly ever puts any responsibility for relationships on Ms. Anniston. It is always the man’s fault, and never hers. When she is with someone they are frequently portrayed as the best thing since sliced bread. “Jen has finally found the one”. Then when it ends, they are all dogs and she has been wronged. It was that way with Vaughn, the other guy who is now dating Diaz and now Mayer. Maybe she is commitment phobic herself just like the guys she has been seeing lately.

    This time People magazine did not do a glowing cover story with this relationship like with the others. I guess they learned their lesson the hard way.

  62. Lorna says:

    whatever, brad is gorgeous and jennifer is not. we’ll agree to disagree…and the word hater is a euphanism girls….don’t be so literal

    She is intelligent he is a PUSSY WHIPPED nicopoomp. He married her and said she was the love of his love. What does that make him? a big FART!

  63. Blackalicious says:

    LOL @ Michele’s bit… agreed.

  64. KERRI says:

    Yeah Keiser: I found the Lainey gossip link amusing. Where is everybody’s sense of humor? Chinnifer fans: this hag has totally fooled you all with her humble (gag) image. DUH??:

  65. daisy424 says:

    Yeah Lorna or whoever you are today, Angie is the love of his life now, it obviously makes your brains boil :-) If Jennie was so smart, why is she always alone 8O

  66. Larissa says:

    wait up a minute Daisy…theres A LOT of smart slash single women searching out there!
    real relationships turn out to be way more difficult than fairy tales!

  67. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Hey, Jennifer Aniston is here again! (Guest) CB should be flattered she takes time out of her busy and exciting life spent tanning, walking her dogs on the beach and smoking pot to post here!

  68. Nan says:

    Ecellent recommendation. John Stamos would be perfect being that they are both Greek. Is he shallow too? If he is then this match would be heaven. She will never get tired of looking at him. He seems to be a really nice guy.Probably would make a great family man.

  69. I choose me says:

    “Give me someone like Jason Statham, Johnny Depp or Ed Norton – Ed Norton is just yummy…”

    eMarry me Linda. I got serious love for Ed Norton ever since Primal Fear and that love was cemented in Fight Club. Everyone went on about how ripped Brad looked in Fight Club but the sexy is not just about muscles. As for Statham rowr! And Depp is just sexy because.

  70. hello says:

    Gahh…why is it so hard for people to understand the whole Brad and Angelina thing will ALWAYS come up when Jennifer Aniston is mentioned because that’s what she’s best known for…NOT her [lack of] acting ability.

    What’s more, some rabid Jen fan is going to bite my head off, and I don’t really like Angelina Jolie either, and there is evidence in my previous posts…

  71. Snowblood says:

    Steph, why did you change your name to Javagirl1? Also, I find it somehow incredibly creepy that you’re pretending you don’t know what the acronym BADette stands for. Very, very weird.


  72. Nan says:

    Snowy, you are one of my fav posters on here. Never dull, never boring. Less filling.

  73. Bodhi says:

    hello~ I know, I know, some folks just can’t let it go. How sad!

  74. Snowblood says:

    Oh! Thank you, Nan, what a lovely compliment! Thanks for that, bella – I love your posts and thoughts here, too, always have.

  75. RAN says:

    @ Kaiser – Um…let me fill you in on a little secret… Nothing in Jennifer Aniston’s life sucks for me. See.. the difference here is that I do not worship a miscellaneous celebrity who wouldn’t give me the time of day – unlike yourself and your pitiful worship of A Jolie. I don’t whine about a ‘pity party’ nor do I hate on Angelina Jolie – I just don’t care for her.. .there is a difference.

    But why do I bother with you? Most of the time I don’t and just shake my head at your rabid behavior. However, I’m sure you’ll disappear as soon as your mommy takes away your computer priviledges. Grow up – stay in school – you might learn something before you turn 18. Silly little hater troll — do you kiss your mom with that mouth?

  76. javagirl1 says:

    Snowblood, I changed my name because I was trying to put a picture up, and I needed a name not already used apparently. Didn’t get the picture up anyways yet, but Javagirls is the name of my business. I’m not sure how to respond to you thinking I faked not knowing what BADettes mean except with question marks.
    You might have a picture in your head of who I am, but this is a celebrity gossip site on the internet, you don’t know anything about anybody with anonymous names. Why you have chosen me to constantly call out, I do not know, but this is the last time I will respond to you. I like this site because the people are intelligent, and I love to write. I am not going to keep fighting with someone I’ve never met. Just let it go, or pick on someone else.
    Peace baby

  77. javagirl1 says:

    Oops, my comment’s awaiting moderation…not sure why, I didn’t use hate words!

  78. Kris says:

    Dam the people on here are cunt$.. :[

  79. javagirl1 says:

    A lot of people on here are pretty cool and intelligent. The problem is when someone doesn’t like your opinion and immediately considers you their internet enemy or something…those people are hard to shake.

  80. javagirl1 says:

    I was moderated, but to clear things up with everybody, I changed my name from Steph to javagirl1 because I was trying to put a picture up and the gravitar site said I needed an original name. Javagirls is the name of my new business that I am very excited about. Go to javagirls.net for an exciting new way to sell coffee!

  81. Snowblood says:

    Steph, whatever. ” when someone doesn’t like your opinion ,” you say – the interesting thing with you is that I have never insulted or had problems with your opinion. YOU, on the other hand, outright mock me or talk sh*t about me to other commenters here when I’m offline. You’re really, really creepy. Steph, your confusing, insulting ass has been dogging me without provocation, arbitrarily and at random, since I first began posting commentary here at Celebitchy. I don’t forget things like this, not when faceless unknowns online keep switching their little game up and insulting/slandering me on a daily basis, I don’t. And if you changed your name (AGAIN!) with the excuse this time being that you want a new Gravatar avvie, well then where’s the avvie?

  82. Snowblood says:

    and RAN, what’s YOUR excuse for being such a rude bitch to Kaiser? Good christ, you’re a rude nastiella.

  83. Judy says:

    Well apparently Jen doesn’t feel like someone unless she is hanging all over some guy. She goes from one to another, she is needy and clingy and the guys can’t stand it..I felt sorry for her for a while now I see why she keeps getting dumped.

  84. Lola says:

    Snowblood, that is rich coming from you nasty brangeloonies.

  85. RAN says:

    I agree Lola, Snowblood has really begun to display classic psychotic tendencies – loves to hide behind the computer screen and call people names because she’s too frightened to do something like that in her “real” life. Although I DO tend to believe that this website has become both Kaiser and Snowblood’s reality.

    What’s the matter Snowblood? You and Kaiser et al feel more than free to call people names with your juvenile attempts at ridicule and logic, but it’s not ok for me to pick on Kaiser? Poor thing… you may need a dose of the ‘grow up’ logic too. I’ll direct the same question to you – do you kiss your mommy with that mouth? Quit posting as Kaiser and vice versa. Your juvenile behavior is more amusing than insulting. If Kaiser (and you) can’t take it… it’s easy – treat others as you expect to be treated. Consider that and then step away from the keyboard when you feel like calling people silly little names.

    Oh, and one more thing Snowblood. Read your comments to Steph while looking in the mirror – that’s you baby.

  86. Kaiser says:

    Thank you for defending me, Snowblood (sweetheart!!).

    RAN – You have a real hard-on for me, don’t you? I bet in your fantasies about my mouth, I am underage. F–king pervert HaterTroll. I hope you get stung by Dateline Predator.

  87. RAN says:

    Nope Kaiser, I just consider you a wannabe

  88. Kaiser says:

    As in, those underage girls “wanted it”? Change your screen name to “Dateline Predator” and be done with it, RAN. And while you’re at, get a f–king grip.

  89. RAN says:

    :lol: Ahh… Kaiser… you’re too much – what..? Change my screen name like you do? Please… I’ve got better things to do than have silly little spats with children on the internet. I’ve said it before but it may have been too much reading for you so I’ll separate it and say it slowly…

    Grow up – pathetic little hater troll.

  90. Kaiser says:


    God, sometimes the psychotics really freak me out.

  91. daisy424 says:

    Excuse me, don’t mean to butt in.

    RAN,clover,lola,mangy,thats right, lori, carla,Kelly,che,countrybabe, etc.

    Why don’t you sign up for Gravatar?
    It’s a simple question.

    “I’ve got better things to do than have silly little spats with children on the internet.”
    Yet you continue to do it, look in the mirror indeed.

  92. RAN says:

    I do Daisy – on occasion I do – you’re right. Honestly, this morning I actually found it quite fun. Can’t fault a person for having a blast… you certainly don’t hesitate to do so at whomever’s expense.

    Not arguing with you… just randomly having a few laughs and pointing out a few idiosyncracies. Enjoy your day.

  93. daisy424 says:

    I do agree with you RAN about it being enjoyable. I have been visiting CB for a long time, but only started commenting several months ago. I signed up for Gravatar on a lark, but I now see how it “keeps you honest”, and makes you responsible for your comments.
    BTW,you dodged my question about Gravatar. Why not be honest?

  94. RAN says:

    Really? You think a Gravatar has something to do with honesty? I don’t see that anyone’s gravatar actually gives me insight into who they are.. their words do.

    I didn’t dodge the question, just overlooked it but I will answer your question. A gravatar doesn’t define who I am so… let me be completely honest… I’ve never even thought about it. I think I may have gone down the path once and then realized that it was taking too much time (at that time) and haven’t bothered since. If it makes you feel better about my ‘honesty’ then I’ll be sure to look one up in the near future.

  95. daisy424 says:

    Yes RAN, when you/anyone cannot continually change monikers, it makes you responsible for your comments.

    You learn other’s writing styles and it is obvious they are agreeing with themselves, which I find childish and frustrating. I have never done this.

    I have seen you and others on other threads and have agreed with some of the comments they have posted. I don’t have anything against them personally.
    So please stand behind your comments, and no, I am not singling you out, this goes for the others also, sign up for Gravatar. :wink:

  96. Kaiser says:

    You’ve inspired me, Daisy. I’m signing up for a Gravatar today!

    Oof. How the hell does this crap work?

  97. Lola says:

    Kaiser *shiver*

    God, sometimes the psychotics really freak me out.

    Then try to keep away from the mirror!

  98. daisy424 says:

    Kaiser, download your icon picture first.
    Lola, follow suit and then people might start taking you seriously.

  99. RAN says:

    Hmm… interesting perspective Daisy. Yes, you’re pretty fair minded – I’ll give you that. You can be pretty ‘sharp’ toned, but I attribute that to the written form and don’t consider your posts to be personal. In fact, I have (on more than one occasion) agreed with your perspectives as well.

    I tend to enjoy the devil’s advocate role, especially on the Brangelina threads, but alas, have been labeled a hater for it. So much for my entertainment. :( However, let it be known.. I do not sign in as another poster – not interested.

    I have noticed that some people tend to sign on with other names also – the writing style is key, as is the way they “speak”. I agree, it’s silly and childish to sign in with different names and agree with oneself – another one of the things I find amusing about some of these posters. Far too much effort and passion about a celebrity.

    Let me ask you this… is a gravatar an icon that stays with your email address? If so, where are these icons? I’ll look one up.

  100. RAN says:

    Side note – crap that was a long post!

  101. kaiser79 says:

    Is mine working?

    Edit: Crap. I had a really cool image, too. That took way too much time, and now I can’t use my “classic” Kaiser name. Bloody hell.

  102. daisy424 says:

    LOL RAN!
    I am a computer idiot, if I can do it anyone can.
    Yes, you’re right, it does stay with your email address, but it was different for me on Perez, I think they are two different companies.
    Gravatar will walk you through it, step by step, it’s pretty easy. But you can change your picture icon anytime, but not your name. Download a picture first and save it somewhere to access it.
    I changed my photo icon a few weeks ago because the old one was color and was easier to spot. I found that I was a target for people to follow me around (clover) and harrass me.
    My new icon is black & white. It is actually my favorite actress;Elizabeth Mongomery. Bewitched is my favorite show. :wink: Daisy is my black Lab’s name and 4/24 is my birthday.

    Yeah Kaiser!! You can change your icon everyday if you want, but clean out your cache, it works faster.

  103. RAN says:

    Say it isn’t so! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED Elizabeth Montomery! I wondered why I felt so “comfortable” with your pic. I liked the old one though… it was cute. I’ll see what I can do about the gravatar thing this afternoon, but ONLY because you’ve convinced me :P

    Looks like Kaiser ran into the same thing I did when I tried to fool with the gravatar thing a while back… took too long and I couldn’t make it work. I’ll see what I can pull off later.

  104. Javagirl1 says:

    I thought that was you daisy! Its funny I would have guessed you to be about my age (30) but then you said something about being a grandma. It just goes to show, a mental image you have of someone in your head is probably never correct.

  105. Javagirl1 says:

    I had the same problem with the gravatar…and now I have someone stalking me through threads calling me creepy! I’m going to try again today.

  106. daisy424 says:

    Javagirl1,LOL. I got married at 18 (too young) and had 3 kids in 3 years, two more in my late 20′s. One divorce, two marriages. My present husband is younger than I am.

    I,like Syko are the “Grandma’s”, but I don’t feel old. We flew to Paris in 2001 to see AC/DC in concert, for cryin out loud.

    My husband and I have a great time with our kids (age 30 – 18), younger neighbors and can more than keep up with them. I still physically feel like I’m in my 20′s, but have changed my opinions and way of thinking as I have aged.

  107. javagirl1 says:

    Right on Daisy…testing gravatar..

  108. javagirl1 says:

    damn I thought I had it…maybe it takes a few minutes

  109. Mairead says:

    Now that was an informative thread – I was wondering what you meant by Gravatar and honesty daisy as I hadn’t realised that you couldn’t change your name with Gravatar :lol:

    Kaiser – perhaps if you resized the image you’re using a little smaller? Mind you – the black square is very easy to spot 8)

  110. daisy424 says:

    Mairead, did you understand why I sent you that email with the tree carvings? It matched your icon!

  111. Mairead says:

    LOL!!! I actually didn’t cop onto why -but it is a great image. Thanks a million – I really enjoyed it :mrgreen:

  112. javagirl1 says:

    Kaiser, you are still a black box. You got farther than me though. The gravatar site said it was working, but it still won’t show up.

  113. geronimo says:

    javagirl, when I originally did mine, had to log off/reboot for my gravatar to show. Try that, if you haven’t already done it.

  114. daisy424 says:

    It takes a while to activate, clean your cache out also.
    Geronimo, where is your icon?

  115. javagirl1 says:

    success…I’m not a complete moron! thanks everybody

  116. Mairead says:

    Yay for Javagirl and geronimo. 8)

    Geronimo – is yours meant to be the Children of Lir or just a funky graphic with a swan?

  117. Snowblood says:

    Now if we can just get that army of insane mouth-breathing Jolie-Pitt HaterTrolls to get Gravatarred. :lol: Think they’ll do it?

  118. Snowblood says:

    Good! Now I can see you’re only one person, Steph! Now, Javagirl/Steph, may I ask you, with all politeness and extreme earnesty, please, to STOP TALKING ABOUT ME and SLANDERING my NAME on these Celebitchy threads EVERY DAY that I post, please. Please! PLEASE! !

    What the hell have I ever done to you, Steph/Javagirl? EVER? You have been mocking me and bitchily talking sh*t about me since the first day I began posting here. Any chance you could please KNOCK IT the F**K OFF, now? And cease and desist any furthur snide reference to me in these threads?

  119. geronimo says:

    Since changed, Mairead, from swan on lake to fish in aquarium. Only temp until I get around to uploading the pic I want from my camera!

  120. Snowblood says:

    I would LOVE a freakin’ cease fire! I also would love to not have to worry about being talked about or mocked whenever I post my thoughts. Think you can handle all that, Steph? Seriously, what HAVE I ever, EVER done to you? Nothing. You’ve been laughing at me and talking sh*te about me behind your hand since day 1, just like a mean girl in high school.

  121. Snowblood says:

    Geronimo, your new avvie is striking in colour, I love that. Mine (which prompted Steph to call me a cotton-candy haired something-or-other, thinking my avvie was a pic of me, :lol: ) is actually a paps shot of Marilyn Monroe when she went overseas to sing for and visit troops, I think in Korea.

  122. geronimo says:

    I love the colours too, snowblood, pic from hol in Bar Harbor, Maine last year. I actually thought yours was of Helena Bonham Carter! Really looks like her but just at that size probably.

  123. RAN says:

    Where’s Daisy? Testing and unveiling the new gravatar… although I’m not thrilled with it, and may change it later. It was one of those ‘already on the hard drive’ pictures and actually not difficult to create. Kind of fun in fact :wink:

  124. RAN says:

    Might like this one better.. it sure is better to look at (imo)

  125. RAN says:

    Didn’t work, let me try this again

    Edit: STILL not working! I’m bored with it now, may try again later.

  126. Bodhi says:

    Woot woot! Love it Geronimo!

  127. dumdee says:

    jen deserves happiness. stop dragging angelina “i spread my legs for all my costars” jolie and brad pitt into this.

  128. daisy424 says:

    dumdee; it’s obvious who you are, please stop trying to bait other posters, it’s childish.
    Have a great day :-)

  129. devilsadvocate says:

    :twisted: Another celebrity duo bites the dust…….Hmmmmm

  130. william bronx says:

    jennifer will have a new d—k in her before the week is over,she is the real slut of hollywood in a very quite way,pure scum and i,am suprised that she dont have aids or at least herpes

  131. Yana8294 says:

    Why do stars continue to date and get married? It won’t work. Get someone broke or not as rich and it might just work out for ya’. It’s not rocket science.