“Shiloh vs. Suri – it’s on” links

- Cutest tabloid cover ever – Shiloh vs. Suri [Popbytes]
- Tyra Banks crimps her hair. As if we needed another reason to hate her [Dlisted]
- We’re really wondering when Katie Holmes is going to stop with the gay midget jeans [Lainey Gossip]
- Speaking of which, Katie Holmes is Pretty in that Plaid kind of way [Fafarazzi]
- NBA’s MVP Kobe Bryant is featured on the cover of DT [Bossip]
- Jonas Brothers, You Are Not the Beatles [AOL's PopEater]
- “Hell Ride” review [Pajiba]
- Scarlett Johansson’s Website Offers One Free Threesome With the Starlet, While Supplies Last [Defamer]
- Barron Trump Enjoys A Day At Central Park. He’s already starting to get his dad’s hair. Sad. [I'm Not Obsessed]
- Mariah and Her Bikinis Head on Honeymoon No. 2 With Nick [PopSugar]
- Sharon Stone being sued for a billion dollars. This makes me happy [Celebslam]
- Jena Malone’s buzz cut is a major downgrade [Websters is my Bitch]
- Rihanna Bikini Pics From Barbados (w/ Chris Brown) [The Bastardly]
- Mariah Carey is in Snoop Dogg’s forthcoming video and if her huge breasts are any indication, it’ll be amazing [The Blemish]
- Avril Lavigne says “Someday I’ll Be A Mom.” Scary thought [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
- Jenny McCarthy in a Bikini – and Jim Carrey sporting a buzz cut (site NSFW) [Drunken Stepfather]
- Jennifer Aniston Gets New Lips [Yeeeah!]
- Oksana Baiul Is Gunning for the Gold Medal in Botox [Evil Beet]
- Play Kim Kardashian Ass Detective! Can you tell Kim Kardashian’s real ass from a fake one? Take a guess, then click the pic to find out! [CityRag]
- Taylor Swift has a rebellious side [In Case You Didn't Know]
- Angelina Jolie and Porn Star Tera Patrick are Friends. Weird [Hollywood Rag]
- Brooke Shields walks Project Runway tonight [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
- Billy Bob Thornton will star as Freddy Krueger in a new Nightmare On Elm Street movie [Agent Bedhead]
- Ashlee Simpson Is A Role Model For All Canadian Youth [Crazy Days and Nights]
- The first stills are being released showing Marisa Tomei as a stripper in the movie “The Wrestler”, directed by Darren Aronofsky. She looks amazing for a 43 year old. Scratch that – she’d look amazing for a 23 year old [WWTDD]
- Rebecca Romijn: “I’m Not Model Thin” [The Skinny]
- Eliza Dushku has one more reason for men to want to see her naked: she kills animals. Her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live had her admitting to the public that while she enjoys girlie things like shopping and exchanging lip gloss, she also has a carnal side that involves slaughtering innocent, yet beefy, animals [Derek Hail]
- The 10 Best “To Catch a Predator” Moments [Best Week Ever]
- Michael Phelps: Still The Same Ol’ G [Mollygood]
- A teeny tiny little endangered Chinese box turtle just hatched at Bristol Zoo. And I’m keeping it [Jezebel]
- Video – Aubrey O’Day on The Wendy Williams Show [ShowHype]

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  1. Kaiser says:

    Damn, that is a cute cover. They’re both such pretty little girls. Why all the drama, Star?

  2. lilah012 says:

    AWWWWW. Suri especially looks cute with that stern body language and the polka dot dress.

    And Angelina is friends with Tera Patrick? That is too much sexy in one room.

  3. Enonymous says:

    I have to say that Shiloh is a very pretty little girl but Suri is very striking and she looks even prettier with her hair pulled back from her face.

  4. Msfortune says:

    Aww. Shiloh seems like you can toss her a bag of Cheetos and she will sit down and behave!
    That is my sort of kid! LOL!

  5. MSat says:

    Suri is cute, but she looks like she’s a preschooler, not a toddler! Are they really the same age? The barley water must give her super aging powers or something.

    Shiloh is my favorite celeb kid. She reminds me so much of my daughter when she was that age. Such a sweet little face- she looks like a lot of fun.

  6. someone says:

    Suri for sure..shes a beautiful little girl….Shiloh is cute..but I just recently saw her smile for the very first time….I think that Suri has more personality…

  7. Kaiser says:

    @MSat – I’ve always thought Suri was older, ever since the Vanity Fair cover. My guess? She’s nearly three.

  8. ER says:

    They’re both adorable, but of course they have different lifestyles. Suri if for all intents and purposes an only child, while Shiloh has several siblings!

    Besides, Angelina might not have as much time to shop for designer clothes because she’s been busy making films and having more babies!

    All Katie’s been doing is morphing into Tom! Darling girls though!!!

  9. what says:



  10. Peggy says:

    Lordy lordy, that Suri girl has got to be the cutest firecracker ever. She has so much personality that those scientologist had better watch out. They will have a hard time reigning her in. She is all fire, but boy is she goner be a looker.

    Shiloh doesn’t seem like a free spirit from here. I hate picking on babies but she hardly has any personality. I have never seen her gay or happy with a wide smile. Most of her expressions are a bit surprised or half smiles. Her mouth too is always open. Maybe she has a personality, but none that I see in her pictures.

  11. Peggy says:

    Angelina Jolie and Porn Star Tera Patrick are friends….
    8O 8O 8O :?: :?: :!: :!:

  12. Syko says:

    Both adorable, except one is a child and one is a robot.

    I’ve always thought Suri looked older than her supposed age too. And just from reading the comparison lists on the cover, it sounds like Shiloh has the healthiest lifestyle for a child.

    I pick Shiloh – she’s going to be a knockout, just watch.

  13. Javagirl1 says:

    Tough call…both gorgeous, I just always end up feeling sorry for Suri though.

  14. V says:

    shiloh = cute and cuddly
    suri = creepy
    i can’t get past the demon stare that suri has. totally brings back that same feeling i had when i saw the original omen for the first time. she’s a total damien clone.

  15. CB Rawks says:

    Yeah it’s not really a fair competition. Can we compare Suri to a toaster oven instead?
    She doesn’t have a chance at a happy, normal life. I’m feeling sad for her, like I did when that robot kid in AI was abandoned by the side of the road.

  16. Nikki G. says:

    in all of the comments i have read about suri no one has ever mentioned that shelooks just like BJORK! am i alone? anyone?
    they are both such beautiful little girls :) .

  17. A.J. says:

    Sorry, but Suri kinda creeps me out.

  18. Bodhi says:

    Toddlers should not be “calling the shots”, period. Children need structure.

    They are both cute as buttons!

  19. Maritza says:

    They are both beautiful but I wish I could see a picture of Shiloh smiling, she always has her mouth open. I saw a picture of Suri smiling and she is adorable.

  20. Abby says:

    Is anyone else having a total Serena vs. Blair moment?
    The looks, the personalities….
    a little erie, right?

  21. Grettm says:

    Suri IS older than what they have reported. She was adopted to “prove” that Cruise is straight and not GAY. Suri’s birth certificate was not granted until over a month after her “birth” and was issued by a nurse (not a doctor as required) and signed for by someone who is neither Tom or Katie. This would explain the fake belly seen on Katie that seemed to disappear at times.

    Suri is probably 3-4 months older than what the Cruise Propaganda Machine has been reporting.

  22. Javagirl1 says:

    Bodhi, as a mother of a four year old, I completely agree with your comment.

  23. CiCi says:

    sorry but

    NO ONE tops Violet Affleck!

    That adorable girl exudes HAPPINESS.

    you never see either of these girls in a naturally happy state. sigh.

  24. Jacqueline says:

    shiloh is the cutest- she seems still little more than a baby. she always looks half dressed, so I guess she gets to play a lot rather than worry about what to wear and how she looks. I think she’s growing up slowly and adorably. If you want a smile of hers, see the pic of her with Viv – you will not be disappointed. O boy!!
    I hope Suri gets some siblings soon, or at least lots of playmates, preferably not scientologists (unlikely?)

  25. Peggy says:

    Cici, Suri has about 30-50 paparazzi trailing her. Violet has only one paparazzi or two at a time. Adults are unnerved by paparazzi what about a child. I have seen her smile merrily though. Can’t speak for Shiloh.

  26. TIna says:

    Suri is a Doll! She has the best outfits. Shilo looks like a wet cat. Looks like she always need a bath.

  27. daisy424 says:

    They are both cuties!
    But Shiloh looks exactly like my Grandaughter. Team Shiloh :-)

  28. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Why does it have to be a competition?

    Anyway, I just feel sorry for Suri, given her life and her…..”father.”

    If I had to bet on which will be a huge brat as a teenager, I’d say Suri.

  29. Snowblood says:

    They’re both super-adorable, and I flatly refuse to be made to pick one over the other! I mean, they’re tiny little girls; I’ll play team-games with them when they’re teenagers. And you KNOW we’ll all be seeing these children grow up. It is suri who breaks my heart for the future she has, born to a cult, no parenting whatsoever, all the “designer duds” on planet Earth cannot replace a destroyed childhood. Shiloh’s got it MADE, made in the shade with lemonade, she’s the fortunate one.

  30. jennifer says:

    I like snarky gossip as much as the next person, but pitting two babies against each other…that’s just not cool. :(

  31. Kathy says:

    I think that they are both just as cute as can be.

  32. Leandra says:

    What do you mean Shiloh doesn’t smile? Haven’t you seen the magazine cover with Shiloh holding one of the twins? She has a wide big happy smile that could melt your heart. Inside she’s pointing at one of the twins and looks cute as anything. I’d say she’s got lots of personality.

  33. Elizabeth says:

    Why is this even being discussed ? How pathetic.

  34. me says:

    yeah this is offensive, why perpetuate this crap?

  35. Kris says:

    Wow, you guys stoop so low and insult baby/toddler. How pathetic.

  36. cmoody says:

    You know, they are both adorable little girls. Let them just be kids. They will have to deal with feeling bad about their looks and worrying about whether people think they are pretty soon enough. Why make it worse by playing it out in the tabloids before either one of them is old enough to go school?

  37. RAN says:

    They’re both adorable… no comparison between the two.. just different and cute as the dickens!

  38. Blondediva says:

    They ARE both adorable little girls, and isn’t it interesting how Shiloh looks SO much like Brad and Suri looks SO much like Chris Klein-2 gorgeous daddys’ girls.

  39. Sol says:

    Suri reminds me of Demian from the first The Prophecy movie !!!!

    Shiloh is really really a doll sooo cute!!!and im not from angelina team lol.

  40. jaundicemachine says:

    They are buttons! The both of ‘em!

  41. Victoria says:

    Gosh, SOL, that was mean.. Damien??? Where did that come from? Suri is a precious child, and Shiloh is a precious child. Where did comments like ” creepy ” come in. We should NEVER be made to choose ” IT’s ON ” between children, who have totally different lifestyles and parents, BUT parents who love those little girls. They BOTH get my vote!!!!

  42. czarina says:

    Am I the only one who sees both Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise in Suri? I think she looks like both of them, actually.
    Shiloh, though, is all Brad (except for the lips!)
    And I absolutely agree that a ‘baby contest’ is pathetic–and unnecessary. It must be a slow scandal day at Star magazine for them to have to sink this low.

  43. nl says:

    poor little kids…this is an extraordinary thread – we can not perpetuate this crap.
    These girls are going to grow up with enough issues.
    It’s hard enough being an adult with comparisons of this nature; without putting this amount of pressure on two year olds shoulders.

  44. Patricia says:

    Angelina Jolie and Tera Patrick are not friends. I bet Page Six made that crap up. If she’s friends with Marianne Pearl and Gwen Stefani, it doesn’t make sense that she would be friends with a porn star.

  45. James says:

    Suri looks like a mini version of the new French first lady Carla Bruni in this photo.

    Maybe she will end up being the first lady of America. I like it. Cooooooool.

  46. mamamia says:

    Goodness, I love SURI CRUISE. She is the only reason I follow show business. To see pictures of her. She is gorgeous and my bet is that she is going to be a mega star. As a Suri fan, I tell you there are websites dedicated to her as a person sans her parents. She seems to have a lot of personality. Look at her and her cute folded arms. I can’t wait to see how she turns out. I hope she remains in showbiz.

    Shiloh is Ok I guess. Never caught my fancy. I agree comparing kids is just too pathetic.

  47. Nan says:

    One looks like the Gerber baby, one looks like a lil Eskimo hybrid. Someone said she looks like Bjork. True. Both of these kids are beautiful. No matter how screwed up the parents are, the fact remains: They are both in loving homes.

  48. Lauri says:

    Who can compare? They are both absolutely adorable little girls.

  49. fee says:

    They are both beautiful little girls….. But as a mum I totally agree that all children need boundaries and rules – letting a 2 year old run your house/life is not doing the kid any favours for later in life, they’ll never cope with ever being told “no”…….that being said I imagine Suri growing up to be “Veruca Salt” if the rumours are true.

  50. geronimo says:

    Both gorgeous adorable little things but Shiloh, for some reason, makes my heart melt a little bit. She reminds me of pics of me and my sibs (4 of us, very close in age) when we were little, all scuffed knees, ruffled hair and slightly ill-fitting hand-me-downs.

  51. ff says:

    They’re both cute in different ways. Team Zahara, though.

  52. vdantev says:

    The purpose of pop culture is to numb the audience to the pain of their daily lives. Leave it to the tabs to come up with this mind-rotting drivel. What’s worse, the bottom-feeding scum who write this nonsense or the mouth-breathers who feel theirs a legitimate side to be taken- even if it’s just a lark? Today another 120+ of our fighting men with be wounded or killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and it’s a f*cking shame we can’t get the same sort of response behind that issue as we can about the lifestyles of two little brats who will know more luxury and wealth than any adult can ever dream.

  53. pebbles says:

    shudder……call me mean, but that picture of Suri is creepy alright…..like from one of those “bad seed” movies…….she looks evil.

  54. czarina says:

    vdantev; Personally, I think people get bombarded with dreadful, depressing news so much that it makes it easy to turn to mindless nonesense that, ultimately, is not tragic (most of the time) and has little or no direct effect on their lives.
    My husband is in the military, so I can understand the frustration of feeling as if people don’t care about such a serious issue, but let’s face it, it’s easier to talk about two adorable children than about the tragic deaths of young men you are helpless to prevent.
    People will give their response at the election polls-that’s the best thing they can do.

  55. journey says:

    thanks fang-dante-fang, good call.

  56. poopie says:

    TEAM SHILOH ! She seems like any normal kid who gets to play and eat dirt and drink from the garden hose ! Suri – well, not so much…she’s been lobotimized along with her mama

  57. Carla says:

    I disagree, Shiloh doesn’t look like a normal kid. If she was Tom Cruise’s child I bet the same people who say they love her would be calling her a Zombie. Her mouth is open in an unhealthy way. How many flies has she swallowed by now, especially since that family looks dirty and must have so many flies at home.

    They should check out that open mouth. It is not normal at all for any one to having a gaping hole for a mouth. And virtually no expressions. At least Suri laughs, frowns gets angy etc.

  58. Snowblood says:

    What?? Oh my god, Carla, you are horrifically cruel! To say such nasty, intensely cruel things about a toddler is just – mind-blowing, people like you fill the world with meaningless hatred. Why?? Why are you like that!?

  59. Reality Check says:

    Carla when do you ever see a fly in a mansion in a middle of a vineyard? Puleaseee don’t compare your trailer park home with the jolie-pitts house you’re a big fat liar. Just because you saw a few pics of Shiloh taken with mouth open (maybe she was surprised that paparazis were calling her name)you assumed her mouth was always open do you live with the jp’s 24/7?

    Shiloh is a normal child no need to dress her up in designer clothes when she’s running around with her siblings.

  60. sharon what? says:

    I guess.. if we dont factor in the fact on who are their parents (Team SavetheWorld vs Team WebelieveinScience)

    Suri is definitely the pretty one, and Shiloh is the cute one. Just that.

  61. Carla says:

    Snowblood, what do you say about those who have called Suri creepy and many other names? Just asking.

    Reality check, I may come from a trailer but it is not me walking around with holes in my trousers. We all know the Jolie-Pitts are trash, no amount of money can buy class. They certainly haven’t bought Brad Pitt any trousers. Have you checked out the pictures? He actually looks like he smells. Zahara looks clean but Her hair may have lice though. This whole family looks dirty to me. Did you see Angelina’s hospital room after they left? And the baby pictures recently? I can imagine what their home looks and smells like. :(

  62. daisy424 says:

    The more perfect it appears to be, the less it really is.

  63. geronimo says:

    I reckon snowblood would respond in exactly the same way she did to your earlier comments about Shiloh. Why? Because, surprise, most of us draw the line at nasty, vicious comments about toddlers.

    Getting your kicks at the expense of babies is vile and beyond sick. Get help.

  64. Carla says:

    Geronimo, you reckon she would, but she hasn’t has she? I will tell you why, she is only complaining because she is a Brangelina fan and cannot bear to see anything bad said about them. Attacking those who abuse Shiloh is an excuse otherwise she would have attacked those who abused Suri too.

    Daisy, it is not about looking perfect, it is about looking dirty all the time. The kids don’t look that they bathe. Someone once said Brad Pitt stinks, but Angelina seemed like a clean person, gross but cleaner than Pitt. I guess I was wrong. To me they just look dirty all around, most of the time anyway.

  65. daisy424 says:

    The kid looks healthy & happy to me, skinned knees, etc.
    Obviously, playing with her siblings, she will get dirty, playing in the yard, didn’t you ever get dirty as a kid? Keeping kids in a sterile environment isn’t healthy.
    B & A seem like loving parents to me. :wink:

  66. sj says:

    both children are beautiful, but i agree shiloh seems more normal and special in that her personality shines through without saying a word, she seems humble, quiet, even girly and that family have more money than they know what to do with, brad pants split and him not making a big deal out of it, make me adore him all the more, he seems down to earth, manly, the entire family just seems normal, not flashy, clean but average,not dirty, i like that, they are more relateable, there are more important things in the world besides designer clothes. this couple is not shallow, that will help these children as they grow older.

  67. Deidre Lee says:

    What a photo of a Jolie kid smiling. Where is it??? I must see it. I have never seen a photo of any of them smiling.

    The look is Suri’s eye is one of defiance….already programmed in I guess. Sad

    Little Shiloh appears bewildered all the time. Three other kids and now twins to cope with. Her hair need combing.

  68. daisy424 says:

    CB; my last comment was sent to spam, did I write something that was wrong?

  69. lilly says:

    i think suri is pretty,but i like shiloh best, she is so beautiful, i cant imagine how shes gona look like, when she grow up,she is just so gorgeus!!!

  70. Hilary says:

    shiloh is sooo cute! And suri is sooo pretty! They’re both gonna be stunning when they’re older,no doubt about that.