Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globes: green Versace, bad hair & conspiracies


Since we cannot NOT talk about them, let’s devote an entire post to Brangelina at the Globes, and all of the conspiracy theories around them. First off, the red carpet fashion. Angelina is wearing this rather gorgeous-but-matronly green sparkly Versace. It’s not one of her beloved sack dresses, at least it’s not full-on sack. It has some sack-y angles, though. Brad is wearing… who cares? It’s probably Tom Ford. Brad wears a lot of Ford. Back to Angelina – she was finally wearing a jewel tone! I’m so glad that Angelina’s stylist Jennifer Rabe finally read my rants. Angelina belongs in jewel tones. Also, was anyone else impressed with the hourglass figure the dress gave her? Angelina does not have an hourglass figure – she has boobs, yes, but she lacks a defined waist. I’m kind of thinking the Versace might have had some built-in padding on the hips to give the illusion of a waist. CONSPIRACY #1.

Conspiracy #2: One of Ricky Gervais’s first jokes was to make fun of both Angelina and Johnny Depp for The Tourist, something about everything being three-dimensional these days, except for the characters of The Tourist. Then he quipped: “I haven’t even seen The Tourist…Who has?” So here’s the conspiracy: did Angelina just get a nomination so that she and Brad would show up? And what does it mean that Ricky was openly mocking her (and Depp)? Is it a signal that her career is DOOMED? Or that Ricky was simply joking and everyone needs to settle down?

Conspiracy #3: Angelina fixing Brad’s bow-tie in a cut-away before a commercial break. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Conspiracy #4: It takes about an hour into the show, but finally the constant cutaways to Brad and Angelina begin. During one cutaway, Angelina has pretty much draped herself onto Brad, nestling herself in his shoulder. In another cutaway, in the middle of a joke, Angelina looks vacant and like she can’t really see. Perhaps she needs glasses? Or perhaps she’s snorting heroin, of course. In another cutaway, as Matt Damon’s speech honoring Robert DeNiro begins, you could see Brad and Angelina both sneaking back to their seats. A quickie in the bathroom…? Another cutaway: Angelina reapplying her lip gloss. Another cutaway: Johnny Depp and Angelina engaged in conversation, Johnny doing most of the talking and smiling. I have no idea what any of this means.

Conspiracy #5: Angelina loses Best Comedic Actress. Johnny Depp loses Best Comedic Actor. The Tourist loses Best Comedy. To make matters worse, Megan “The Poor Man’s Angelina” Fox presents The Tourist’s best Picture clips. WTF?

Conspiracy #6: Angelina’s hair looks progressively worse as the night goes on, and it did not start in a great way. At one point, it looked like Brad had really done irreparable damage to her hair, probably when he grabbed a handful as he was nailing her in one of the bathrooms during a commercial break.

That’s all I’ve got.




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  1. hairball says:

    Ok, I fear the backlash from posting any negative comment on Angelina. I NEVER comment on her – I don’t think – because I simply do not care about her.

    But, while the color of her dress was very pretty (and thank god not wash out nude or black), it was SO boring. Like, why are you wearing a could be polyster dress from the 70′s?

    Her hair too was very boring.

  2. di butler says:

    She needed some padding in the dress, and I think the lost length is due to all the pics I’ve seen in this last week such as these:

    DListed or Gawker had one up and her knees didn’t even look like real knees. Girl needs some biscuit and gravy IV-STAT.

  3. Richi says:

    I so agree with you on the jewel tone for Angeline Kaiser! her dress is hideous!!

  4. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL I liked the dress. It wasn’t a style I would have worn and I do wish Angie would just jazz it up but I guess Angie just likes very uhhhh whats the word…classic more vintage type things. I can appreciate that.

    Ricky Gervis has a hard on for certain celebs and he has an interest in the world of being famous in general, he has mentioned Brad and Angie in stand up before but when he hosted last time they were there at the Globes he didn’t mention them at all but I knew he would this time. I knew it. All in all he didn’t mean any harm and it was no big deal…however I think most people don’t think The Tourist and its actors deserved the nominations it got and I think he just addressed what everybody was saying anyway. It wasn’t a personal attack. I am sure Ricky likes Angie and Johnny. I mean I am sure as an actor it has to hurt when someone insults your hard work but it comes with the territory and Angie and Johnny are used to it.

    I can’t really speak to the cutaways because I changed the channel after Ricky made his joke about The Tourist, because I have this weird thing where I get nervous for people and IDK. I felt bad Angie and Johnny had to sit there. Whatever. I saw a pic of Angie fixing Brad’s tie and that was sweet. As far as the cutaways go and the sheer volume there seemed to be I am just pissed I missed them. I love Angie, sounds like Angie porn for me…that I missed. Great. Angie applied lipgloss?!?!? Damn. I missed it *pouts*

    Who knows why the heck Megan Fox did The Tourist clip presentation. I have no clue what that means its weird…but whatever at least it wasn’t Brad’s ex.

    I like your conspiracy #6 of Brad just doing Angie and thats how her hair got messed up but if Angie was leaning on him thats more than likely how her hair got messed up. Maybe they did have sex who knows. I personally wish they hadn’t gone to the show at all because EVERYONE didn’t think Angie, Johnny, or The Tourist should have been nominated. LOL I wouldn’t have went if it were me but I guess Angie and Johnny wanted to be gracious and let the Golden Globe people know they were thankful for the award nomination. They had to know it wouldn’t win.

  5. MissBabylon says:

    my god she is soooo beautiful!!! and i love the dress!! it really did give her an hour glass figure!

  6. How silly says:

    Angelina is always openly mocked.

  7. How silly says:

    A better conspiracy is why he’s wearing sunglasses. Could it be an eye job or is he just insecure about his old man wrinkles?

  8. Katherine Mac says:

    He’s wearing sunglasses because it’s still daytime in sunny California. Did you really need someone to tell you that?

    Not my favorite dress but she does look absolutely gorgeous and damn Brad is still such a beautiful man. This is one man who is not going to lose his body as he ages.

    I thought Johnny Depp looked very handsome. Sometimes it’s hard to see it through his costumes on and off the screen but tonight you could see how good looking he is. He’s obviously very fond of Angelina.

    Conspiracies? Really? Why?

  9. gobo says:

    Am I imagining it or is he starting to look like a young jeff bridges?

  10. Lauren says:

    Wonder if Angie is preggers again? She is glowing. Brad is sexy, I don’t care if he has wrinkles…he is a great father..a rarity in Hollywood.

  11. Solveig says:

    Not loving that dress on her, as you said it makes her look matronly. Dresses like this are a good choice on younger and more androgynous women, like Milla or that blonde model, Agyness Deyn.

  12. Nibbi says:

    god, that dress might be worse than the off-the-shoulder gloved affair- well, no, let’s say second-worst, that was pretty awful. it’s snakey-looking but not in a good way- the material seems like cheap lamé. seriously, it’s like she’s rubbing it in our faces- “see? since i’m the most beautiful woman alive, i can wear god-awful dresses and still look amazing”

  13. Why so serious says:

    She is not the most beautiful woman in the world, not even with all the plastic surgery she had.

  14. Athena says:

    LMAO. I feel for them and all the craziness they get. They both seemed to be going for the 80′s disco vibe.

  15. Canuck says:

    That dress is hideous. Alexis Carrington from Dynasty hideous. Is Joan Collins working as a design consultant for Versace these days?

    Sneaking back to seats: Pitt smokes, probably out for a cig.

    Hourglass: she often wears very structured undergarments (aka corsets) to give her that shape in her red carpet dresses. Probably gets them custom made at Coco de Mer. Nothing ruins a good dress faster than bad underwear.

  16. serena says:

    It’s a mermaid dress.. I don’t like it at all. It doesn’t compliment her figure. And for God’s sake, she needs some serious hairstyling!!!!

    I don’t care for these conspiracy, we all know Brad & Angelina are not the type of people for public celebrations.. so maybe they got tired and all.

    It’s a pity neither her or Johnny got anything :( I like them both.

  17. N.D. says:

    Nothing wrong with her dress except it being matronly. But she’s been into this style for quite awhile now so I can’t get myself worked up to be upset about it anymore.

    Gervais jokes were mean. I don’t know how people can find bullying funny. Not just about J-Ps, pretty much all of his jokes were personal insults, pure and simple. Bitching about someone does not equal being funny.

  18. sakyiwaa says:

    aww! they showed up! i kinda didn’t want them to. i was thinking of all kinds of reasons why they shouldn’t.
    i love the color of the dress. i like Angie’s style cos she goes with whatever she’s comfortable with. i dunno why people think she’s dying fit into this mold that people have cast for her.

  19. candy says:

    Brad is such a peacock. He would not even be there if it wasn’t for Angelina. I loved all the various shades of green that the ladies wore, even the piece on Angie. The high waist on the dress was perfect for her because she doesn’t really have much of a waist. Versace is really good at creating illusions. Brad was probably high on pot which is why he was wearing sunglasses. Exciting couple.

  20. kiko says:

    do they live in las vegas or something??i mean look at them!!!

  21. ZooniQ says:

    Brad and Angelina always show up when either of them is nominated. Scorn over The Tourist aside, it would have been rude not to. I think it was gracious of them AND Johnny to attend, despite all the ridicule. The movie, by the way isn’t the greatest you’ll ever see but it was not half as bad as it’s made out to be. I thought it was decent entertainment.

    Angie looked regal, loved the colour on her. Brad really cleans up wellM they are obviously still hot for one another and I think it’s lovely.

  22. lisa says:

    OH please there were tons of couples at the event yet all the talk is about them, but what is new. I like the dress, I wished the back was cut lower actually. Angie was not expecting to win, and for the record she was never campaigning for the nomination either. They showed up and supported the film, and as she said the came too to support friend David Fincher. It is the same week after week.. lets attack Angie and Brad. But I don’t see threads on the other celebrities week after week. To me they are just great, mainly because no other couple gets the eagle eye treatment every time they step out the door. They must be really solid because I think a couple in trouble could not withstand 6 years of stupid and constant focus.

    She wears what she wants and that is the problem. But the truly wonderful thing to me is no matter what she wears or does it will be talked about. Where are the threads on the winners and the people that have been killing themselves for this award. She doesn’t care. And that is yet another reason I like her so much.

  23. brin says:

    Not her best look by a long shot. Her hair was awful and the dress was nothing special but all the red carpet hosts were sucking up like crazy.

  24. sami says:

    i like the color and the dress need better fiting also why does brad look like he needs a bath and to was his hair???

  25. olivia says:

    Didn’t you hear? The kids didn’t pick out the dress they made it! It was a group effort. Viv, the feminine one sketched the designed. Maddox the smart one taught Shi and Pax how to sew. Knox, the little dude gave the seal of approval when they were finished…

  26. Michelle says:

    the show was too boring to sit through. Love the colour, needed to be a bit shorter, like she is walking on the hem. Style kinda okay. No fan of AJ but do like that she always appears to be comfortable in her own skin and you have the feeling, she really doesn’t give a rat’s about public opinion.
    Think Johnny & her can take a joke. JD has previously being commented on for his understanding of British humour.

  27. sakyiwaa says:

    @olivia: awww…and you were the hand maiden watching it all go down.

  28. Brittney says:

    For some reason the cutaway to her applying the lip gloss excited me the most. And them rushing back from the bathroom, of course. I love little glimpses into their routines at events like these… simply because I feel like they’d rather be anywhere else, but take advantage of the “date night out” anyway.

  29. sakyiwaa says:

    @lisa; if you can name me a MORE interesting couple at this point than Brangelina, i’ll be pleased to switch camps…waiting… le sigh…
    umm… didn’t think so.

  30. me says:

    I don’t get it. If I were her, I’d pick a really good stylist and hair/ makeup artist and let them pamper me for a few hours before each event. That’s all this is about, innit? It must be hard to try to look ugly each time she hits the red carpet…

  31. December says:

    One question: Why the f–k was Megan Fox at the Golden Globes?

    She’s no longer relevant as an actress, so why? She hasn’t put out a movie in a year.

  32. french girl says:

    Angelina’s stylist is Jennifer rade. It’s
    not Jennifer rabe !!!!

  33. DD says:

    I thought the dress looked really nice on her, she looked really beautiful. But I wish she didn’t have those shoulder pads on, it ruined the look a little. I’m not sure I like the photo of the back of her dress.
    Brad looked okay, not too smarmy.
    Anyway if those points are seen as conspiratorial behaviour than we live in a dull world.

  34. mln76 says:

    I love the color of the dress. I liked the hair and yeah WTF was Meagan Fox doing presenting that award. It was disrespectful she is the poor man’s Angelina.

  35. Reality says:

    Not a big fan of the cut, but I do like the colour and it’s the best she’s looked in a while. At least it covers her emaciated limbs and she looks vibrant for a change.

    Brad Pitt looks like Brad Pitt. I guess I just never understood the attraction. I think he looks like a idiot who tries way too hard to be cool. The gelled (lacquered?) hair makes him look so sleazy, and the sunglasses belong on some lounge lizard in a seedy Vegas bar.

    At least he’s not wearing baggy leather pants or fingerless gloves….

  36. someone says:

    the color is nice..thats about doesn’t fit her very well, and her hair looks bad….

  37. sakyiwaa says:

    Conspiracy 1: could be true but who really cares? Angie?
    Conspiracy 2; again…who cares? it was a joke. is Angie’s CAREER doomed by it? i think not. cos after all, GG nominated her for a supposedly bad movies. She and Brad should charging for their appearances for all the excitement and screaming fans thay had there. (jez kiddin’ i know they not Kardashians!)
    Conspiracy 3; HAHAHAHA! jez… lol! it was a clip-on tie…Kais. and they’re together. i think Brad can say; “Hon, you check if my tie is still clipped on straight” without calling “Houston” with the “problem”
    conspiracy 4; all of that just means they found a cure for AIDS. didncha know!
    conspiracy 5; means Megan Fox wants to “homewreck” Brangelina
    conspiracy 6; means Brangelina is showing up at the OSCARS!

    ah! i feel the moon vibes very strongly today.

  38. Louise says:

    I like that color but not the dress. I don’t know why people think Angelina’s career is over. It’s one movie. Also Salt was a huge hit the past sum and doing very well on dvd. I don’t get all of the attacks on Angelina while Johnny gets a free pass. He was in the movie too and most of the reviews were harsher on him. Claiming The Tourist was nominated only to get Brad and Angelina to come is ridiculous. There’s no guarantee they would attend and the movie wasn’t expected to win anyway.

  39. susanne says:

    About conspiracy #1- hourglass figure.

    I’m pretty sure that Angelina wears heavy duty old school foundation garments- it’s part of her style, that silhouette. Seems to work for her, but I’d love to see her in something less matronly.

  40. Juu says:

    I think the dress is wrapped so tightly around her waist to make it look like she actually has one. Or maybe she really is using a corset… And the hair, I’m pretty sure she’s got anemia, she’s too thin.

    But she’s beautiful in anyway. Green makes her eyes sparkle.

    As for Megan Fox, maybe they thought Megan’s lack of intelligence would be a good match for The Tourist.

  41. sakyiwaa says:

    @someone; thank you for saying something halfway nice. i personally appreciate it cos i know i don’t go nasty over JA whom i know you like. :)

  42. Majosha says:

    Ugh, that dress is hideous. The pointy shoulder pads are the worst.

  43. mln76 says:

    Her career is so not over. First off SALT did well even if most on this board didn’t like it almost 300 mill worldwide , she is the only woman who can pull those numbers on a action flick with no co-star, comic book/video game tie-in etc. And even if the Tourist is an embarrasement it’s doing alright internationally. Also the woman has proved she can act and directors like her. She should have taken Gravity but if she does this new Ridley Scott movie I’ll forgive her.

  44. guesty says:

    Theories #4 & 6 are my absolute favorites. That dress looks itchy & is a no.

  45. LindaR says:

    Who cares about Brangelina? Look at the cop in the boots. That is so hot!

  46. gloriaad says:

    Ricky Garvais was obnoxious and rude you don’t get hundreds of guest captive in a room and pepper them with insults his career should be over. He didn’t just do it to Brad and Angelina he did it to almost everyone even stars that wasn’t there. Angie was one of the best dressed there the color of the dress matched her eyes., a mother of six, UN ambassador what do people expect her to show up as a stripper, so many other stars were there and they continued to put the camera on Brad & Angie. Don’t understand that.

  47. No Sensei says:

    “Bitching about someone does not equal being funny.”

    Have you seen the name of this site?!?

  48. shatz says:

    That dress looks like an 80s reject. I will never understand why she doesn’t dress flatteringly more often.

  49. Mrs.Rut says:

    I hate to make a comparison after all these years, but JA wouldn’t be caught dead in something so dated and fugly! Say what you want about her, but at least she knows how to dress and looks hot. Angelina needs a new stylist ASAP! It’s beyond ridiculous at this point.

  50. Lola7 says:

    Love her dress, hate her hair color. She needs to go dark brown.

  51. alex says:

    Her career is over, really. Maybe someone should tell directors, producers and studios. So because the Tourist did not do well that mean her career is over give me a break.

    JD was in the Tourist as well. Does that mean is career is over as well?

  52. janie says:

    i think she is just sooo skinny that the dress wears her. i just saw salt, she looks like she will snap in half. and it does not look like it is her body type…but she is so pretty.

  53. anti says:

    at least he didn’t wear baggy leather pants!

  54. Kbomb says:

    Loved seeing someone take the piss out of Angelina. She’s such an ice queen and always swans around like she taker herself way too seriously. Good for Ricky. LOVE him. Brad and Angelina did look hot though even though it looked like they were trying too hard. Everything feels like that W magazine shoot – contrived.

  55. normades says:

    She knows her movie was crap but she and Brad are very gracious and good to the fans. Bravo for acting like real “movie stars”

  56. Cheyenne says:

    Like the color but not the cut of that dress. But she could put on a Pillsbury flour sack with three X’s on it and she’d still look drop-dead gorgeous in it.

    I get a feeling she simply doesn’t care about fashion that much.

  57. irena NL says:

    Gracious and lovely!!! Gervais is ignorant about pumping out the negative energy. It will eventually return full circle to the sender.

  58. dovesgate says:

    Wait – Angie actually has a stylist? Then why has she been showing up to premieres and events looking like all sorts of hell?

  59. KJ says:

    I honestly don’t think Angelina or Johnny Depp gave a shit about the Tourist being nominated. Both seemed borderline shocked when it was announce, and I highly highly doubt they can’t take a joke about it bombing at the box office. They CAN read and do know what critics say about their films, and I don’t think either of them intended it to be some cinematic masterpiece. Let’s call it what it is – a big fat paycheck. If either of them were even mildly butt hurt by the jokes, I would be blown away. They’re both extremely wealthy and well regarded (with the exception of Jennifer Aniston, haha) and both have great acting resumes. If one film doesn’t get an OMG IT WAS AMAZING review, I don’t think their world is gonna crumble.

    EDIT: As far as the dress, I LOVE the green. Love it. It’s beautiful color for her skin and her hair color. So glad it’s not goddamn black. As for the actual construction of the dress, I think it ages her. I feel like if the top was better fitted and has a little less fabric this dress couldve been much better. But, I’m not gonna bitch too much. I’m just glad she’s not wearing black velvet or some boring sack.

  60. Cheyenne says:

    @normades: That crap movie isn’t doing too badly. As of last week it was at $165 mil and counting.

  61. olivia says:

    I’m surprised she can stand straight and walk with all those Brangelooonies up her ass…

  62. Zzzzzzzzzz says:

    So if someone likes her and thinks she looked really nice and isn’t a bad actress and also doesn’t think she’s a heroin-adled, homewrecking bitch of a mother, that makes the person a “Brangeloonie”? What kind of nonsense logic is that? The haters are free to hate but try a little sane hating. Or is that an oxymoron?

  63. skibunny says:

    This is the first time I’ve watched the Golden Globes and I have to say Angelina is very pretty but there are much prettier actresses than her. Overall,imho, she is beginning to lose it in the looks department. The dress(pretty colour) and her hair were awful and she is too skinny. Thumbs down for me. “Contrived” also came to mind.

  64. TeeTee says:

    blah and boring..

    she always seems like she can never hold herself up or she is weak or something..

  65. Samson says:

    Look at the cut away during the De Niro speech after he mentions Little Fockers. What the hell was that!!!

  66. Glee says:

    She look perfect in everyway…Makeup effortless, hair style just right for the dress and the dress glamerous. The best accessory, her man…I actually saw her fixing his tie once when they were coming back from a commercial break, how cute is that….You rock Angie & Brad..

  67. Jennifer says:

    Love Angelina! Was just remembering the days when she would always wear black. Times have changed!

    I actually saw The Tourist (ok I know I am in the minority!) and thought it was a so-so movie. Beautiful scenery.

    I especially like Angelina when she plays kick-ass woman characters like she did in Salt and Lara Craft.

    As for Gervais, everyone needs to lighten up. It’s comedy! Stop taking yourselves so serious!

  68. stephanie says:

    I love the color of her dress. Its very emerald city. I wonder if she and brad rode a hot air balloon home?

  69. Wresa says:

    The dress looks like it ripped from a billiards table.

  70. mln76 says:

    I honestly think Angie was happy she didn’t win. I think that would have been mortifying. And I don’t think RG, the audience, the media, or she would have handled it well.

  71. Lady D says:

    “Bitching about someone does not equal being funny,” …unless your name is Kaiser.

  72. alex says:

    LOL at Angie’s haters and I was wondering how long someone would mentioned JA. People need to let it go already. She is either too skinny, losing her look(yeah right) etc. Grow up people

  73. Mairead says:

    Love the silhouette, but not the style.
    Love the colour (an actual colour!!!) but not the fabric.
    But whilst it doesn’t really fit all that well, it does wonders for her shape. And as someone whose hair regularly gives Kate Bush a run for her money, I kind like the fact that hers is quite relaxed.

    As for the Tourist. We all know it’s not high art and was probably a pay-off film by the studios to get more “challenging” films they really want to do out there.

  74. Josephina says:

    I was not a big fan of her hair because she has lovely locks. Loved the color on her — it brings out the true green in her eyes. She is obviously not big on fashion. She looks best in dresses that are simple with simple lines. Traditional dresses with strong color allows us to focus and feast on her beauty.

    She looks beautiful in just about everything she wears. The style of the dress and her hair are only accessories. I have seen much worse dresses and she STILL LOOKS beautiful. She still remains to be the most photographed woman at any event anytime she presents in a public setting. Go to YOUTUBE and you will see the crowd go nuts and lose their mind when Brad and Angie arrive and start walking the carpet.

    BTW, The Tourist has now made 186 million worldwide after being opened December 9, 2010. I am not sure that when all the numbers come in, this movie will be classified as a bomb.

  75. april says:

    She looked very sophisticated, as usual.

  76. Isa says:

    Even though I do appreciate her trying harder and actually wearing some color (Thank you!!) I do not like the dress. It did give her a nice figure but the shoulder pads…Yuk!
    It does look like something that would’ve been on the show Dynasty.

  77. anneesezz says:

    Her dress looks like something worn by Crystal from Dynasty circa 1984. Not flattering at all.

  78. Miriam says:

    I think she looks ravishing. There’s no pleasing some of you. The style of her dress is actually pretty popular, today, 2011, at least the sleeves.

  79. Camille says:

    Kaiser you are a naughty, naughty girl, way to generate drama LOL.

    @Zzzzzzzzzz: Agree 100%.

    @Miriam: I agree. People will hate on this woman no matter what outfit she is wearing.

    Personally I think AJ looked very sexy and as gorgeous as ever. One of her best looks in a while I think. Only AJ could have gotten away with that dress IMO. Loved the colour on her.

    AJ and BP make an utterly gorgeous and sexy couple and they looked to me to be very happy and relaxed with each other. Good for them.

    I also saw Kyra Sedgewick lying all over Kevin Bacon at the awards show- does that mean anything? No, I highly doubt it. But that awards show seemed to go on forever and no doubt it was making people sleepy. :lol:

  80. Kim says:

    Her hair started out looking good i thought but went wacky as the night went on? I just think it means she didnt have alot of gel or spray in it to keep it in place. I personally like Angelina in neutral colors and not the jewel tones as much – sorry Kaiser =) This color is pretty on her but since so many other women wore similar color she got lost in shuffle and the dress is very matronlly. Brad looks like a overfilled, overbotoxed, over coiffedman. She looks way better than him i think- exactly what she is going for im sure.

  81. Cheyenne says:

    olivia: I’m surprised she can stand straight and walk with all those Brangelooonies up her ass…

    Awww, poor Olivia… and where was your idol last night? Couldn’t get a date? Probably sitting home by her lonesome muttering chants and curses while sticking pins in a Jolie doll.

  82. wonderful says:

    WHY does she do herself so much injustice with that HAIR! The dress…I just can’t.

  83. JenJen says:

    @Renee, I second that. Now that is a joke.

  84. mrsodie2 says:

    It’s nice that the guy who styled James Kahn’s son from Hawaii 5 O also had time to give Brad that bouffant helmet. And does Nancy Reagan know Angelina Jolie raids her wardrobe?

  85. Solveig says:

    January 17th, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    I’m surprised she can stand straight and walk with all those Brangelooonies up her ass…


    That was mean but made me laugh hard, LOL.
    Eh, sometimes I think that the thing I dislike the most about them is the way people in the showbiz (hence not talking about fans) lick their a**es.
    Especially Brad Pitt’s.

  86. Camille says:

    Hm: LOL! Now that would have been a hot couple :lol: .

  87. blah says:

    there was also a point in the show where angelina looked very pissed off… and i was like, “oh snap, did someone make another tourist joke?” she seriously looked like she was going 2 cry and beat someone!!!

  88. CeeCee says:

    the dress is a sequinned jewel tone sack but nice to see her break away from black and other meh tones that she usually wears.

    Jennifer Aniston almost always wears black and just like Jennifer Anniston Angie never does anything with her hair. Their stylists need to earn their keep!

  89. Dhavy says:


    This post is hysterical LOL

    The dress makes her look too old, maybe it would look better on someome like Helen Mirren? or maybe if the back was really low

  90. cprincess says:

    #24-Amen to all you say about Jolie Pitts…
    She doesnt even have a publicist for christ sake…
    she clearly doesnt spend much time thinking about what she wears-in fact Ive heard her say that she just wants to be comfortable….
    The constant BS with this couple is ridiculous-they showed up,she didnt expect to win and in my opinion they just seem more interested in other things and wether their charity work is for their ego or not-at least they raise the issue of the worlds refugees,displaced people etc….

    Also-re Ricky Gervais-its about time someone blew some smoke up the stars asses…
    Trust me he’ll be back next year-its all about ratings folks and if he comes back the ratings will be even better-the viewing public are bored to death with these tedious kiss ass award shows…he was great!

  91. Crash2GO2 says:

    @MrsOdie2:”And does Nancy Reagan know Angelina Jolie raids her wardrobe?” ROTFL!!! You nailed it!

    Naw – actually I think it looks pretty enough, and the color is OK. But while the nipped in waist IS a good look for her, I think everything else worn loose and baggy only accentuates her thinness. She looks her best when she wears skin tight leather and something that shoes off her actually pretty well filled out chest and upper arms. When she is swathed in sheets with only bony wrists and veins showing, it looks alarming.

  92. Tomas says:

    angelina is so incredibly overrated, there were at least a dozen women who looked better than her last night and a dozen who were better actresses too.

  93. LittleOat says:

    “I’m surprised she can stand straight and walk with all those Brangelooonies up her ass…”


  94. Kim says:

    I loved the color pefer a tighter dress. I can’t believe Joan Rivers loved the dress she hates Angie.She was voted best dressed on Extra by the fashion expert @ Elle, bext dressed on AH by Lloyd Boston and Lawrence on TV Guide fashion show says she didn’t use a stylist this time. Her usual stylist Jen Rade said Angie selected the dress. As for Gervais, Jimmy Fallon said Angie and Brad were laughing at the jokes, “they loved It” Tomas, of course there are better looking and more talented actresses in Hollywood. That applied to Liz Taylor in her era too. There is a difference in being a great actress and a “Movie Star”.Melissa Leo is a better actress but the crowd doesn’t go crazy when she arrives. There are not 14 shots of her during the telecast. She is not featured on every entertainment show. BTW the Tourist has made $187 Million Worlwide so far and will cross $200M by the end of the week so a few people saw it.Lastly I rather be a Brangeloonie than a Brangie hater. Hating causes stress and wrinkles.(smile)

  95. Meanchick says:

    Okay let’s get started, the review was funny as hell, the dress was from the ‘Alexis Carrington Dynasty Collection.’ BP looked like hell. Were they both high? Oh yes, NOMINATED? Are you even kidding me right now?! Everyone does not have to like Brangelina and to consider it ‘hating’ is just childish and ridiculous and a sign that you spend too much time adoring celebs.

  96. Kim says:

    If you don’t “hate” them than the comment wasn’t referring to you.

  97. Freya says:

    I like Angelina’s sparkly, well-cut dress very much, and it wasn’t black! I would have liked it more if the back was cut lower but not as low as Anne Hathaway’s.

    Hair tumbling down, makeup pale, plus handsome handbag (Brad)……. they ARE a very good-looking and interesting pair. No wonder the cameras were on them many times.

  98. lisa says:

    Love Angie’s whole look.

    So did everyone else because She is the one most talked about.

    Casual elegance. She never has to try and she does great. That dress makes her cat eyes just pop.. She was not trying to be the best anything. Just relaxed and beautiful as always.

  99. Salem says:

    Not keen on the style of the dress, but the colour was GORGEOUS!!!

    Not surprised at the knockers and loonifers. Heaven forbid they should leave a good woman who has never harmed anyone alone and attack someone who actually DESERVES it!

  100. sirsly says:

    who’s anyone kidding, that dress was straight up FUGLY. Actually a little embarrassed for her even to be seen in it. Now Claire Danes’ dress..THAT WAS GORGEOUS.

  101. Hypocrite Catcher says:

    Angelina should dye her hair nice and DARK again. It brings out her pretty eyes more!

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