Dog The Bounty Hunter’s wife calls Linda Hogan a slut and a drunk

40 year-old Beth Smith is the fifth wife of A&E reality star Duane Chapman, 55, aka “Dog The Bounty Hunter.” She runs Da Kine Bail Bonds in Hawaii with her husband, and appears with him on his reality show. “Dog The Bounty Hunter” has been renewed for a fifth season despite the controversy over Dog being caught on tape using the “n” word frequently in reference to his son’s new girlfriend, an African American. Duane repeatedly told his son over the phone that he didn’t want him to date a black woman because the cameras might catch him using the “n” word, as if he has no control over the hateful things that spew forth from his mullet-framed head once someone who isn’t white is in his vicinity.

Chapman’s classy wife has chimed in with her opinions of another wife of a reality star. Smith was seen in an official Dog The Bounty Hunter chatroom spouting off about Linda, calling her a “slut” and a “drinker.” It sounds like Smith has a unique login on the chatroom and that it is not easy to impersonate her. Smith was responding to Linda’s romance with a 19 year-old friend of her incarcerated son, Nick:

“I know she [Linda] told Terry she was gonna fix his ass,” Beth wrote in the “Dog” chat room, “but it looks to me like he looks like an angel and she looks like a slut.”

Beth also explained that her husband Duane “Dog” Chapman, and the Hulk are close pals who talk on the phone three times a week – and the two couples were once close.

“I used to really like Linda, but then we started to get to know her and she is a real drink,” Beth… wrote on the web site.

Access to the site, is free, but fans can pay to enter a chat room visited by Chapman family members.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, August 25, 2008]

If Dog is friends with Hulk Hogan, you can see why his wife would take Hulk’s side since he’s going through a divorce with Linda.

I haven’t seen more than a few clips of this show and can’t really judge if Beth is as trashy as she looks. She definitely looks like a low-rent version of Linda, though, and somehow it doesn’t surprise me that she knows her.

Beth and Duane Chapman are shown at CVS in Malibu on 04/27/08. Credit: Fame Pictures. Linda Hogan is shown at Palm Place with her 19 year-old boy toy on 5/31/08. Credit:GARRY/

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  1. Shannon says:

    Oooh trust me, Beth is WAY trashier than Linda. She wears these ridiculous outfits to go bounty hunting in that wouldn’t look good on someone who’s even half her size. Plus they’re not appropriate for her age.

  2. xiaoecho says:

    She should talk, she’s married to a dog.

    When she wants him does she call “Here boy”


  3. geronimo says:

    Jeebus. That main pic. *Gulp* So very wrong. 8O

  4. Lauri says:

    So she spoke an obvious truth. Where’s the news in that?

    News flash: water is wet. Ice is cold. Fire is hot. Linda Hogan is a drunken slut.

    Tell us something we don’t already know.

  5. crazy canuck girl says:

    As if, she is way classier than Linda. She has a heart of gold and actually cares about people. She wears those clothes because Dog likes his women to look “a little bit less than trashy”. That’s what he said! So she is doing what she wants for her HUSBAND, not one of her children’s friends.

  6. Alexis says:

    They are shnazzy dressers!
    Where are they coming from, Thunder Dome?

  7. NHchicky says:

    I adore Beth! On screen and in interviews she comes across as a caring, empathetic person. Not to mention a decent parent and someone who respects her husband and family.

    Linda has clearly never been a good parent, is a drunken whore, sleeps with damn near children.. Humiliates her own children with her out of control behavior.

    I’m with crazy canuck.

  8. xiaoecho says:

    geronimo! you got an avatar…..yay :D

  9. NicoleB. says:

    Isnt it amazing that you can always spot an ex-stripper, lol.

  10. JB says:

    Looking trashy and being trashy are totally different things! Linda is a trashy ho!!

  11. Sam says:

    O I love Beth! I think Linda is way trashier..something about her. Yes, Beth’s attire is not appealing but I feel she’s way more mature than Linda!!!
    Support your local blogger!

  12. daisy424 says:

    Dog and his wife look in need of a good scrubbing. :roll:

  13. HS says:

  14. lauren says:

    she may be “slut” and a “drunk”, but i would rather be called that any day then a “racist”!

  15. Syko says:

    I was just wondering if Dog has gotten breast implants.

  16. Jenna says:

    I’ve seen the show like once or twice and I like Beth more than Linda. To me it’s like Beth is Selena Gomez and Linda is Miley Cyrus.

    One isn’t as slutty and the other one is a cunt. Pardon my language.

  17. notprfect says:

    To add another cliche:

    It takes one to know one. :wink:

    I’d think the two of them should be friends. They DO have a lot in common, looks-wise & in their taste for “tough guys” with long crispy locks of bleach blonde hair.

    Maybe they’re TOO alike and they butt heads. I know people like that. They see the qualities that they don’t like in themselves, coming out of someone else, so they start hating that person. But a psychiatrist, I’m not, so this is just my nosey speculation on what’s going on here. :mrgreen:

  18. Ron says:

    First off, that woman is 40!!?? Those have been 40 HARD years on her. YIKES!
    Secondly, if this woman is calling you a slut and drunk…you ARE a slut and drunk. Hardcore.

  19. Kay says:

    Alexis, LOL THUNDER DOME! I don’t care much for Linda, but then again this is coming from a fan of big breasted women who have flashy nails, like myself.

  20. Mairead says:

    I have to say I love Beth too – she is a gloriously trashy dresser, (in fact she’s looking positively demure there) but she comes across as a very straightforward person. And well able to put manners on Mulletman there :twisted:

  21. Casey says:

    Dog and Beth are two fakers. It’s funny that people actually like them based on their on-screen persona. They are putting on an act, people..

    Read the stories about what goes on behind the scenes and you might not “adore” them too much anymore. You’re buying into their marketing scheme…… they’re both big fake, racist, trashy scumbags.

    And I love how they act like they are heroes for nabbing bail jumpers. They are only hereos to criminals..b/c they are the ones who post the bail for them to get out of jail.. they only care about public safety when they risk losing money. They never care about public safety..they care about MONEY!

    :roll: :roll:

  22. Beanut Putter Telly Jime says:

    They are both the result of being fed white bread and left out in the sun too long. :oops:

  23. Allie says:

    A low rent version of a Hogan. That’s the harshest insult I’ve ever heard! I love it.

  24. Aud says:

    I freakin love Beth. Yeah she can do a little better on the dressing, but hey, her husband likes it, and I havent seen any pantyless crotch shots from her, so its ok. There’s no denying she tries to actually help these people they arrest, not just throw em behind bars n say screw em

    Linda is just nasty. I would be to embarassed to show my face if I was Nick. I hope Terry nails her ass to the wall in divorce court. I’ve not been following it.

  25. Deidre Lee says:

    Hey Casey – you are 100% correct – this is a set up show. My husband, one son, and my daughter are all police officers and laugh at that show. They are not permitted to do more that police officers….who cannot just knock down fences, rushing into a person home, unless they have a warrant. They all laugh at the attire they wear and the supposedly fearsome large canister of peppar spray. The stuff my cops use for the spay cannot be purchased in a sporting goods store – they must show their shield and ID before they can purchase it.
    As far as being a racist – this is still (I hope) a free country and a person has the right to express themselves in any way he chooses. I don’t believe there is a law against racism as well. Although a lot of rights are being gradually being taken of the American public.
    As far as Beth is concerned – she must really love this guy….However, I do like her.

  26. Jinxy says:

    Hmmm, trashy you say… what is a woman who goes through with the wedding ceremony after being told that the grooms oldest daughter just died in a car accident? What does that say about the man you married that neither of you had the sense of donkies by going through with the happy occasion? Trashy indeed. Using the N word is a step up for these two.

  27. jaundicemachine says:

    HA! Four little peas in a pod!

    You know how sometimes they film show in Colorado Springs/Denver? They don’t do it for the ratings (though a lot of folks in the Spgs cream themselves when he swaggers into town), they do it because “holier-than-thou” Dog has a girlie on the side. That’s why Beth is never in town when the boys are on the Front Range. Everybody knows about it, but for some reason no one has busted his leather-chapped ass yet. I guess folks are still reeling from Haggard, and they need a real Christian hero to look up to. Talks out of two sides of his mouth, he does.

  28. Whitey Fisk says:

    Alexis, you killed me with the Thunder Dome reference.

  29. olly says:

    It takes one to know one, that racist cow.

  30. Codzilla says:

    jaundice: Please tell me you’re not trying to compare dog to the great Merle Haggard. You were referring to someone totally different, right? I hope.

  31. jaundicemachine says:

    Codzilla: Certainly not! I’m refering to the one, the only; Ted Haggard. The man who built an empire of Hate disguised as Christianity, only to have his life’s work come crashing down on his bigoted little head.

    It seems the good pastor was particularly fond of preaching the evils of sin and homosexuality at the New Life Church in North Colorado Springs. Only to find himself . . . ahem, “balls deep” in a scandal so salacious, only a heathen would rejoice in it’s sheer hypocrisy.

    This particular Evangelical preacher, so beloved by his pulpit for spreading the Word of Christ (amongst those words; “that all homosexuals and their cohorts shall blister in Eternal Flame”) was actually caught with his pants down with a male prostitute. Doing crystal meth, no less. Goodness, gracious me . . . .

    Of course, that was years ago, and since then, he has been “cured” of his vile “homosexuality”.

    But still, Dog and his brethren are true Christian Crusaders. Fighting the Good Fight for Truth, Justice, and so on, and so forth . . .

  32. Chasha says:

    Beth is pretty much a slut. She probably goes to the bars w/o dog looking for something better than that constipated looking ol’ fart she’s married to. Dog reminds me of the guy at school who was a non-confirmed druggie control freak that tried to charm his way into your pants– only to hit and run.

  33. b24 says:

    More than anything else I’ve noticed here is how no one wants to observe the site requests to use courteous and respectful language, lol. At any rate, the story looks pretty soap opera-ish, so good luck to all

  34. Codzilla says:

    jaundice: I’m with you now. Sorry about that!

  35. SunnyD says:

    Ya, its all over that he has a girlie, he got caught back in april with her and production on the show shut down, thats why they have so few new epsiodes out yet. people like Beth? this is a control freak who beats on her husband in public and whacked her husband on the head after he was released from federal jail then attacked a reporter. The pics were on, maybe still are that show her doing it. she has no business calling linda anything even if she is right. she is gonna destroy her husbands show and life. he almost did, shell finish the job. these people are idots, all of em. :evil:

  36. EarthWindFire82 says:

    I would have to agree with Beth…Linda is trashy and such. Any woman who parades with a teenager and is old as Methuselah is trashy.

    I have no problem with younger men and older women, but Linda has gone too far…

  37. Victoria says:

    Well now, I’m so confused my head is spinning. I came in here voting for Beth, and despising Linda Hogan. Having a friend that lives in Hawaii ( her whole life ), she works not far from the Bounty Hunter’s office. She does NOT see them often or see the camera crew filming, but says everyone on the island respects them and loves them. They have removed scum and criminals off the street that the police have not been able to find or have time for. They also have a great ” turn-around ” record in saving young men and women for being repeat offenders. AND started several programs to help them. They are very loved, and no-one cares about what they wear and how they style their hair…… That is what makes them unique, and, The Dog…. Linda Hogan is out for Linda Hogan as far as I can tell. Hulk just won his first round, in the condo battle. I read the judge even made fun of her, wanting Hulk jailed in the same detention facility as his son. She is pathetic…. So, I think I will have to vote, if there is a vote, BETH CHAPMAN… At least she does SOME good… I could care less how she dresses or what she says about Linda Hogan….

  38. vdantev says:

    White trash of a feather…..

  39. Tammy Courtney says:

    I like both beth and linda! But i do have to say they both do need to dress down a little. I wish both of them the best.

  40. Keese my cakes says:

    Beth seems like a tough old broad and I do like that but I think she should wear stuff that fits her especially since she is blinding us all on national television. As for Linda…I can say I have no opinion for her. I juss don’t care. If she is happy with her young little boy, than more power to her. But Beth…pa-lease…look in a mirror before you open your yap.

  41. Roxanne says:

    Why’s she going with her son’s friend – talking about feeling around inside the nest !!

  42. Charly says:

    Beth has no room to talk. The trailer park called they want the trashy outfits back! They don’t want you back just the outfits. Your too low class even for the trailer park. Get a reduction. PLEASE!

  43. No....just NO says:

    Holy Crap. I can’t stop looking at that photo of The Dog and Mrs. The Dog. There’s so much going on there…all of it wrong, mind you….his blue suede shoes, her shoes and the way her foot is so much wider than the bottom, his hair, her frames, THEIR belts…just….just….ALL OF IT. I’m dumbfounded.

  44. Lori says:

    Why is it that they always seem to be in the same clothes, now either everyone is mistaken about this dating thing or this one night they took abunch of pictures and make it look like a huge deal, you’d think there would be more pictures with different clothes and I am quite sure they have more than one outfit

  45. ang says:

    People truely are intertained by white trash from the trailer park. I do not know how they do it. I mean really, you pitch a show……don’t have money to give the “actors” some guidence on how to dress or act.

    So many words come to mind. Pathedic is the best that describes the dog mess. It makes you want to buy a scoop and get rid of the poop.

    As far as Linda, It is well known by people if you choose to cheat it says something about you charator. Linda, your not Demi. You are not going to be able to pull this off long. I take that back, you might if you continue to throw Hulks(you know, your HUSBANDS MONEY) dollars at him. Buy your boy toy a couple of motercycles or something. You might get him to stay.

  46. CC says:


  47. Liz says:

    Wow I stumbled upon this site searching for stories about dogs saving people, and this is so not that!

    Because I am only faintly aware of both sets of couples (Dog & Hogan) and many times confuse them with eachother when one of them is in the news for some ridiculous thing they or their family has done, it occurred to me that it would be really funny to see a face off between Dog and Hogan.

    Then I realized that perhaps someone else had thought of the same thing and I googled and found that no, no one else had seemed to muse over the two of them in a wrestling match, but their women were damn near close to an actual face off. And why not? How cool would it be to see Linda and Beth in the Beyond Thunder Dome dome? I mean, as someone has very humorously indicated above, Beth is already dressed for the occassion.

    I read all your comments with great amusement. So funny to think that anyone feels so strongly about any of the white trash four to pick a side. Then to find that the majority are siding with the fat, ugly and old-beyond-her-years-at-40-year-old when she is married to a racist “Dog.”

    Anyway, don’t know anything about any of them, but since their tv shows are fake reality and it’s all shallow crap anyway, why not side with the under “dog” Linda who looks gorgeous to the point that I get her confused with her daughter? And why the hell can’t she date a 19-year-old? It’s not illegal and hell, men have been dating younger women, even under aged women, for years without any repercussions!

    Does it stem from America’s Puritanical roots that so many of you pick the fat racist who stays with her cheating man over the beautiful, svelt woman who does not wait for her man to cheat and finds a younger lover? She drinks, oh my! She’s a “drinker” well, then she must be a bitch! A whore! She’s drinking coz she’s trying to drown out all the BS from the white trash surrounding her.

    As for the woman who posted and said that her husband, daughter and son are all cops…it really bothers me about your comments about racism. It comes across as if you’re complaining about American’s rights eroding in relation to their rights to be racist. Coming from a Police Family you might want to rethink that comment.

    Sorry, and one more thing: Dog the Bounty Hunter makes his living being a television personality. He has invited the cameras and all of you into his personal life, to expose it all for money. When he makes a racist comment in a phone call to his son, and his son who is part of the reality show chooses to tape and air those comments, they are not private. He sold his rights to privacy. His racist comments are not protected as such and they are the most real part of his entire show.

  48. lola says:

    Beth is way classier than linda beth is not dating somone as old as her children!!! and dog wants Beth to wear the clothes that she does when they go on bountys so that he has somthing to look and and something to keep him going and really who cares what she wears…and beth by the way you look great this year keep it up!!! YOU ROCK BETH!

  49. Denise says:

    Actually if you read the article she called her a “Drink” look at the spelling. Beth Rules…..You go girl.

  50. kathy says:

    I think that no one can critisizr Beth, yes, she dresses a little too much for her age,but I am not the one spending money on her.It’s her decision is she wants to dress like that in order to please her husband. Linda, has become a little weird now. They show her in a video the other day, drunk on a beach.Now she is going out with a guy half her age.I think that someone should make sure that is she is Ok. Sometimes u act weird when u are going through a divorce.

  51. chrisgoat says:

    I am a 50 year old man and never in my life ever broken the law, but I personally think the whole Chapman family is a joke.
    Duane “Dog whatever his name is if you only would show-up in a real city like LA or NY and pulled the S… you do on that show you would have a bullet in your head so fast.
    Praying before each hunt then turning around and using praises like the N….. word and others.

    As for your family using the N word I know your wife Beth AKA:Alice Elizabeth Smith; I went to school with her and let me tell you she had her far share of Black men so you should be asking yourself whats that taste like.
    What losers.

  52. JackieSA says:

    OMG! Linda’s boyfriend is gorgeous! Good for her, nothing like a young guy to keep you young.

  53. Elaine says:

    Beth I think you have a good thing going. Dog sounds like a good man. hHe has made his mistakes.I don’t think a person should have to pay of them all there life. now they are trying to make a different trying to get ice off the streets. Thats alot more then most you people would do. They have a great show and they watch out for there family. And look beth knows linda alot better then we do. if beth says she is a slut and a drunk then that must be true because I and all that writes here only know linda from tv. Beth you guy’s keep up the good work and tell dog thank you.

  54. KATE says:

    I think Beth is really cool,she’s really sensitive.funny & caring as a person & a parent!

  55. black metal mikey says:

    we about dog and beth chapman they are family so you know no bad people good

  56. Bonnie says:

    Who gives a shit about any of it?? really? We all have problems,make mistakes and bless the person who can TRUTHFULLY say thet NEVER said anything they wish they wouldn’t have!But… If i have to make a comment..I must agree,I love BETH! She does however dress a little young,and inappropriate for a Bounty Hunt(Heck,i can’t run in heels to the car,let alone chasing down a fugitive)But,more power to her.She rules with an iron fist! As for Linda 19 IS TO YOUNG.She should be smart enough to realize if there was no money-no honey.I live on less than 40,000.00 a year and she can’t manage on it for 1 month.Lifes tuff!!!

  57. Charlotte says:

    dont get me wrong i love watching dog and the team but some of the outfits beth wears i have to cringe about. her bras never fit her and i dont know how she can run in some of them shoes.

  58. linda says:

    what do you snotty people have against trailers and trailer parks?do you realize that are nicer than some of your homes,and hell yes i love dog,beth and the boys,any decent woman trailer park or no would not dream of being with a 19 yr.old,kinda like doin your son ya know.i like how beth treats his kids just like her own.have you ever noticed how most people DONT like people that speak their minds?i say get em dog and turn beth loose on em!keep up the good work and if you ever need a stand in for beth let me know,i love to speak my mind.and i think beth dresses way cool you go girl!and as for the n….word why can they call each other that, but we cant!and they call us crackers,honkey,etc…thats not racist?talk about equal rights,i think we are the minority now.GO DOG,GOD’S SPEED

  59. marie says:

    Linda never seemed to have any respect for her husband,i never once remember seeing her stringy head in the ring. Atleast Beth carries herself very well and always has her mans back!

  60. Joe says:

    Beth is hella fat and a slut… she is the perfect match for a DOG. Her attitute is nasty and they all need a good shower. And by the way I think Dog is a coward wana be cop that only goes after women.

  61. catherine says:

    Trash. Are you kidding me!!??
    Beth Dog is just repulsive. Not about her xxx large size…she presents as trash. eewww. Many plus size women have the finesse to carry themselves with style and class. She’s a hardcore female. Difficult to take that seriously. Afterall the show is a joke, right? It’s ‘offputting’.

  62. lucy says:

    I like the show and i like Beth. But it does bother me to see the prayer circle before they go out on a mission and then hear the terrible language they sometimes use. This should be stopped and they need to add to their prayer request for Jesus to forgive them of past cursing. How can someone who truly loves Jesus turn right around and call HIS name in vain? The bible says not to do that. Also, I think Beth is wrong to put Linda down. If she feels that way about her she shoud be praying for her and not using her mouth to put her down. Linda will have to make her own peace with God. Beth can’t do that for anyone but Beth. As for the show,,i love it and I don’t care if it is a lot of put on. No one has to watch if they don’t like them or the show. Turn off the TV.

  63. rls321321 says:

    Beth adds nothing to the program other than trashiness. You can tell none of the sons like her, they just tolerate her. And half the people they are chasing half simply not paid attention to their court dates. They are not even dangerous. They jump on these people who
    don’t even know what’s going on. I knopw they have to spice it up some, but it sometimes look fake. I don’t watch anymore due to Beth’s mouthiness.

  64. CHEEKYBOB says:


  65. localboy says:

    hate the way they try to use a hawian accent beth is white trash and they r
    assholes off camara hate beths attitude
    no linda hogan fan tho but at least she aint just bein a bitch for the sake of it would love 2 c beth get wots coming 2 her like sum junkie spittin in her mouth while she singin that stupid loly loly ice head song BITCH get her

  66. Johan Rhys says:

    This can be a I adore examples of the articles which were written, and especially the comments posted! I am going to come back!

  67. Donna Lee says:

    I have read most of the comments here, and all I have to say is this: This is America with the right to say and dress how one wants! How people act at home is always different than they act in public, or on a TV show for that matter. It is really no one elses business how Dog and Beth act or what they say in their private lives. As to their show, it is their show and what they say is all them, you watch the show so you must not really mind what they say or do. It is a show and just that, it intertains you. Yes they are providing a service, and a good one, getting bail jumpers off the street.

    So a person dresses trashy, and spouts nasty lanuage out of their mouths, if you don’t like it change the channel. I will say they do bleep out the nasty words, so you don’t actualy here them, and that is good because the little ones do watch the show.

    As for Linda Hogan, who really cares how she dresses, who she see’s, most of it is for publisity any way, a way of getting the attention she now lacks since she and the Hogan are not a couple any longer.

    These people all are ones we love to hate, and in private we truly do like them, or we would not watch or read about them to start out with! So for all the haters, and the ones who love them, see these people for who they truly are, normal people who love attention. They make good money offf who they are, so how bad could it be??? I like the show Dog The Bounty Hunter, but I view it for what it is and have no trouble seeing what it real and what is not. As far as I am concerned their private lives are just that private, and who’s to say what they do in the privacy of their home is not any ones business other than their own! Besides, you don’t live with them so how do you really know how they act, or say things. Their children seem well adjusted and you never read about them getting into trouble, or using drugs. At least that is true about Dog and Beths children.

    The son of Hogan has messed up, and paid the price of his mistake and will keep paying for the rest of his life. He is no more guilty than other people who have made the same mistake! I live in Florida, and he received the same punishment as anyone else who lives in our state, famous or not Florida does not play where drunk driving and speed comes into play.

    As to Dog’s so called other woman…You are wrong, Beth is on location, you may not see her but she is there. All this about the other woman is nothing but Hype for ratings! Prove there was another woman, don’t think for one moment Beth would not have divorced him over his being with another woman! Also family members most likely would not have kept their mouths shut about an affair. Also add in the factor that Dog would not have had much time to see another woman without others knowing about said affair! It is not like the ordaniary person who can get away with an affair with out someone knowing, we are talking about a reality star who don’t have much private time by himself other than to maybe go to the bathroom or take a shower without someone knowing it. Also throw in the fact he is famous, and people would recognise him instantly, so where would people of said affair get to go other than one of their homes, the people living around said woman would know he was around, and talk is cheep, and run their mouths they would! So as far as an affair is concerned…that is a huge load of crap, never happened, just someone’s way of getting attention by spouting out a lie about someone famous.

    Remember they have been together for 21 years, and people who are together that long would divorce if cought cheating on one another…use your common sense people! Beth would be a force to be reconed with if this was actualy true! I know women like her and they have no problem expressing just how they feel, and if cheated on, they will seek divorce and come out on top! So speculate all you want as to what is going on in the private lives of these people, and know this, you will never know anything else other than what they want you to know!

    • rmartin says:

      Donna Lee:

      Are you kidding??? Dog has one son in jail right now for parole violation after serving four years for armed robbery. Tucker is an icehead and heroin addict. His daughter died in a car accident while high on meth and a couple of the other sons are strung out. They haven’t been together for 21 years. It was an on and off again relationship with both of them reproducing like rabbits and marrying other people the first few years they knew one another. They are white trash who were dumb enough to open up their lives and their children’s lives for a couple of million dollars after taxes that is probably dwindled down to nothing. I don’t see any discussions of their children graduating college, but there is a lot of talk of drugs, parole, drunken episodes (Lyssa), out of wed children, and multiple divorces. Real role models, ha, ha, ha.

  68. Rayna says:

    Beth rocks she is a good person Really underneath those clothes she wears but she means well Now for Linda she needs to grow up and find a man her age she is tasteless and disgusting so i say U GO BETH WOMEN I GOT YOUR BACK

  69. Rhonda says:

    well i think beth was way out of line. no body is perfect and isn’t their show about changing people’s lives. and who is beth to judge anyone. she has a pretty colorfull past herself and hey people change. i love beth and dog the bounty hunter but as for judging people,that is not right! so what good for linda, if she can find a man half her age and still look as good as she does, all the power to her!!

  70. dave says:

    you must be crazy believing nick hogan is paying a price.him or terry dont care about that guy he was in the wreck with.they blame they the other guy.all nick wanted was a reality show when he got out.listen to the phone jail call

  71. LeeLee says:

    Well, here we go again –
    Beth is Always going to be outspoken, and her opinion is still (just) her opinion…..who cares?
    Beth dresses in clothing always showing off her pair, like her signature “trademark”. Maybe it is…always exaggerates the nails, hair, shoes. Well, OK – it’s Their show!
    OVERALL, Dog has turned His life around & IS HAVING a positive impact in peoples’ lives. Beth is his life partner – they have a large extended Family to love, care about & keep together. And they’re doing a commendable job, thank you! Keep up the good work.
    And General (apathetic) Public: Leave them alone.

  72. Daisy Long says:

    hello im a big fan of urs i love watching ur show when my dad is watching it with out me i yell at him cuz he no i love the show n i heard on the show that you got 13 kids thatz a lot of kids but my dad has 6 kids n 9 grandkids bout to be 10 grandkids cuz im having a baby in may n my 2 brothers n their family is here n my sister is here with her kid n my other 2 sisters are in the south somewhere n tiffany is down in south carolina getting beat by her husband. he had hit her in front of my dad my dad hit him n told him to leave the house n we didnt see her for like 10 years. n my mom is not in the picture so it my dad raising me,my sister toni n jazmin (my niece) ,(my brother) timmy (my nephue) lil tim n (my sister in law) witchy,thn (my brother) robert the 3 (my sister in law) sara(my niece) rebecca n (my nephue) skyler,and now my step mom is moving in and theres my aunt here too so we are gonna have like 13 people in a 4 bedroom house so yea….. i cum from a large family too….. n i think ur son leland is cute…. by the way im 17….

  73. Agenda says:

    Hoping that Dog, is not racist…I have never seen it in his shows at all. I hate to know that he feels this way. Wonder which son is dating a black woman. Good luck to them. I have ben in same situation…parents never liked who I dated. That isn’t a fun experience.

  74. yolie says:

    In response to all who commented on Beth and Dogs attire and lifestyle, look in the mirror before judging others. They are good people and it doesnt matter how they act outside the camera all of us act a certain way when in public and a different way at home so do not judge. Dog and Beth have true love for each other and he is not being unfaithful in Colorado. Beth is always around. They have never made it a secret of their past but they have changed because they chose too. And her step children dont just tolerate her they love her because who in the hell would have taken on so many kids and grandkids for the love of a man so u see all of you who have nothing good to say she is more woman than many and she must love him so much to have accepted all his kids and their kids along with their problems and given them a home.

    Keep up the good work, I love you Dog and Beth and your entourage..These ignorant people who talk crap arent better than you. Dont watch if u dont like them u dont put food on their table JEALOUS is all you are. I respect the law but hey some lawmen cant even find fugitives and dont have the time at least Dog has found thousands.

    As for Mrs Hogan I loved their show and I feel sorry for Hulk he had everything for her and its ok if she no longer wants to be married to him but hey a little respect wait till u are totally divorced then hook up with whomever u wish but remember Linda ur not stupid that guy sticks around only for the money and Hulks home and cars u get him. Why if he is a man cant he get u a home he ought to be ashamed of himself living under another mans roof. When he drops you like a hot potato (I bet u he sees younger girls than u behind ur back.) you will need an extra set of eyes to cry. U know Hulk bounced back you seemed to have loved him when he gave u everything then u took his everything and gave it to a punk who is using YOU!

  75. Darcy says:

    I am not the one to judge anyone. People are people and they will do or act as they want. Dog and the Crew do their thing. It is not easy what they do and it looks really tiring also. ALL I KNOW IS THIS: They did a show The Comeback Kid. I have been having dreams about that man for over 2 years, have no damn idea WHY? But let me tell you when i see on Dog the Bounty Hunter the man i have been dreaming about for a really really long time It came as quite a damn shock! James Turner for some reason your in my dreams and let me tell you some/most of them are really good. Thanks for that.

  76. Big Ern says:

    Beth and Dog are freaking awesome. I have heard the controversy about they both being “racist” but I’ve personally, never heard anything racist come out of their mouths and until I do, as far as I’m concerned, its all speculation. Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see..

    Second..Beth is one beautiful painfully hot woman. I love the way she dresses, her bleach blond hair, her ripped t shirts and above the knee skirts that she wears once in a while, yeah, she may dress a little trashy but Doggy likes it, and not that it matters but so do I.

    Third..Dog is the effin man, hes been down some hard roads and came back from it a better person. He seems to be a caring husband, loving father and a professional bounty hunter, what more do you want from the man. what he does in his personal life isn’t any of my or anyone Else’s concern anymore than what goes on in mine or yours is any of his.

    common…stop being so harsh on people, seriously..are you a perfect person?

  77. Big Ern says:

    ha ha ha,
    my wife has dreams about Dog too, that’s awesome!Come on Beth, when are you going to settle the score for me?!?!

  78. Big Ern says:

    oh, and as for Linda Hogan, it wouldn’t be a party without her!I have one in my family too! lol

  79. I love the show.Dog,Beth,baby Llysa,the Boys.I used to do Armed security on ships that come into New Orleans.The most fun i ever had was runner for a Bounty Hunter.Linda Hogan 19.She’s too old for that.As for the Chapmans come open a place in New Orleans I’ll work for them.I’ve been married 24 years as of x-mas Eve 2011 Dog and Beth love each other it’s obvious.Who gives a s— about Linda’s perverted self.I love the show all the Chapmans come to Marrero,La.We need people who are’nt scared to put people in jail who have warrents out against them.More power to the Chapmans What ever yaw do don’t let haters stop yaw.Stay Kool

  80. Tammy Cook says:

    Has everyone forgotten that Beth literally stalked Dog? Beth has absolutely no taste whatsoever in clothing and it is highly inappropriate for her to wear such clothing. Beth you are not 21 and need to tone it down.

  81. tammy says:

    Beth should know about drunk sluts since she was one which is why the state took her first kid away

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  83. You could definitely see your enthusiasm in the paintings you write. The arena hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. Always follow your heart.

  84. o says:

    Doug the Bounty Hunter is the best reality show in the history of TV. Hands down. This is the most real thing I’ve seen in reality show. The family has issues, just like all of us, which is so appealing. I love how they pray, even though I’m an atheist, this somehow inspires me. It’s so real. And that’s my point, they show a side that is both close to their god and at the same time, they have troubles just like we all do. This is what is so remarkable about this show. It’s not phony. Please, please, please, keep this show on, it’s so amazing. Love all the characters because they can be any one of us which so refreshing. I can’t relate to people like Kim K or snookie, or the other stupid reality show folks. The bounty hunter family is what makes us love them so much. They are so compassionate. Humble, Real and raw. Nothing they say, even the “n” word should be misinterpreted. They are good people. They speak the language that they grew up with. THey aren’t acting. As it ever occured to people that the most trustworthy real and loyal folks are those who are real truthful humble and vulnerable? I LOVE this family.

  85. lindsay says:

    beth is just mad that linda isn’t a big ol’ hog like her and actually looks good for her age and CAN still pull a hot young guy! look at linda-she looks DAMN GOOD, while beth just looks like a fat chick that stuffed her tree trunks- i mean legs, in a mini-skirt.

  86. dalene says:

    Got to love love beth and dog…u guys rock.

  87. DON says:


  88. Lisa says:

    You people are haters. Everyone has a past. They help a lot of people. It’s one thing to be disappointed in them, but it’s another thing to ruin their name. EVERYBODY has problems.

  89. Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I in finding It really useful & it helped me out much. I am hoping to offer something again and help others like you aided me.