Jennie Garth says working with Shannen Doherty not the worst thing ever

I find the idea of Shannon Doherty utterly terrifying. I mean just looking at her face makes me feel a little ill. Considerably more so when she smiles. The woman was never much of a looker, and being a legendary bitch didn’t exactly help her cause much. Doherty was fired from the first version of 90210 after her diva behavior became intolerable – she was consistently late to work, hung over, etc. Basically she was the Lindsay Lohan of her day.

She and Jennie Garth supposedly butted heads more than any other cast mates, which once resulted in a fistfight. So the idea of the two pairing up again had Garth understandably nervous. And while she didn’t exactly sing Shannon’s praises, she did say that it wasn’t as terrible as it could have been. It wasn’t as bad as war, death, or terminal illness. So when compared to those things, it was alright.

Jennie Garth admits she was initially uneasy about working with Shannen Doherty again… But when she reunited with Doherty to shoot CW’s 90210 spin-off, she tells TV Guide, “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

“I’m not much of a small talker, and I don’t think she is either. I was a little nervous because I hadn’t seen or talked to her in 14 years,” she goes on. “Everyone was making it out to be such a big deal that I think we both fell prey to having that affect us.” With their squabbles behind them, Garth says, “I think it will be OK. We’re both grown women, both professionals. Once we were working, it felt like a good fit.”

Co-star Ryan Eggold, who plays Kelly’s new beau on the series, admits “everybody was on pins and needles and sort of waiting to see how they’d react. They started off kind of tentative, but by the time we were five takes in, they were giggling and seemed to be reconnecting,” he says.

Garth says she wishes she could reconnect with Tori Spelling, who recently quit the show over salary disputes. Fighting back tears, Garth tells TV Guide, “I know Shannen probably doesn’t share the feelings that I have for Tori, but I love Tori like my sister.” She says she is encouraging fans to launch a “Bring Back Donna Martin” campaign.

[From Us Weekly]

Tears? Really? Okay to be fair it’s not all that cheesy – I often find myself tearing up at the mention of Tori Spelling. Although that’s mostly because I’ve seen some recent pictures of Tori over-sharing her boobs and I have nightmares about what years of silicone implants combined with pregnancy can do to an otherwise lovely body part.

In other 90210 news, rumors are that the new show sucks. This is based wholly on the news that the CW network won’t be sending out any screeners of the show, thus leading everyone to believe it must be because it absolutely blows. Though there’s an equal likelihood it’s just because they don’t want the show all over the internet before it even airs. Because it’ll probably suck.

Here’s Jennie Garth at the 2008 CW Network Upfronts on May 13th. Images thanks to PR Photos.

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  1. Snowblood says:

    Oh, it’ll suck, all right. We can definitely be assured of THAT. This show was about teenagers in high school; now all the teenagers are thirty-something moms, it doesn’t – it just isn’t the same thing.

    But I do have to say, the best thing about the original TV show was crazy-beautiful-Irish-bitch Shannon Dougherty. That show WAS good only when Brenda Walsh was on it. She was the queen of Beverly Hills High. She really was.
    So, move over, Tori. The bitch is BACK! (no wonder Tori found an excuse to avoid doing this remake with her old arch-nemesis!)

  2. Kaiser says:

    @Snowblood – Amen. I remember the dead, hallow pit in my soul when during the summer break, Dylan and Kelly had gotten together.

    And that horrible scene in the pool… *sob*

    Brenda should have kicked Kelly’s ass. Made her get another nose job.

  3. czarina says:

    And she can’t just pick up a phone and call her “sister” Tori Spelling because…..??
    I find it hard to believe her getting choked up over someone she could be meeting for lunch tomorrow if she wanted to.

  4. cc says:

    Yeah, this does seem like a properly placed PR article…lol

    Tori Spelling makes me cry, too. Poor remakes, it makes me sad.

  5. All Adither says:

    Why are they remaking it? Why mess with perfection????

  6. Victoria says:

    AGREE SNOWBLOOD…. And, ALL Adither.. I think they may be remaking the show because the cast members are broke?? I mean Tori has had a garage sale on her little mini-mansion… she even sold her roller blades and her hot rollers.. Mother Candy-pants Spelling I guess is not dishing out any money from daddy-o’s savings account… Remember he not leave Tori much… What was it? A few hundred thousand? Everyone else has not done THAT much… I guess a remake means more money..

  7. vdantev says:

    I’m sure that honor is reserved for that annoying brat Amanda Bynes.

  8. sol says:

    Love Jennie Garth !!! and loved the Kelly Dylan hook up!!! Let´s not forget that Brenda was fooling around in france with Superman lol!!!
    The only bad thing about this remake is the fact that it blows away the thought of kelly and dylan ending together,because when 90210 finished it was sort of implied that they were a match.Ahh old days hahaha.

  9. kate says:

    i loved brenda – so moody and bitchy. remember her depressed “menswear inspired” outfits? also, i loved it when kelly became a drug addict bcause her daddy cancelled a couple of visists with her. yes!

  10. Ann says:

    If this show takes off then don’t you think all the old-timers will want to make their way back to this zip code in at one time or another even if it is for less money than jennie or shannon???

    Shannon we did miss you and are now counting on you to play nice!!!

    Rob Thomas: feel free to have an episode with Veronica Mars undercover at West Beverly for us VM fans too!!!

    I think this show would really succeed if it convinced all the kelly/dylan (jennie)fans and the brenda/dylan (Shannon)fans to stop fighting over who should have ended up with dylan and just accept that dylan was a jerk and let the women leave their fighting in the past and move on! LOL!!

  11. ormon says:

    Shannen is great a and i love everything she did.I would like Brenda whit Dylan.She need to remind kelly that she was a slut who stole her best friends boyfriend.And they make her look so good,they call her sweetheart.what type of sweetheart can stole boyfriend of her best friend.Please.They put her to sleep whit everyone on the show.I don’t think that is sweetheart,that i call a slut.I don’t know much about Jannie’s personal life,she was not all that goody,goody.She is sneaky bitch.She new if Shannen stays on the show she would be invisible.Shannen rules…Shannen is the one who make 90210,people was hoping that she will return,that is way show keep going on.even producer gave a hopes for people,when they said that she leaving whit Dylan in London.

  12. I like to watch Veronica Mars episodes as well Lost. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.