Has Megan Fox lost too much weight, or gotten too much plastic surgery?


These are some new photos of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green exiting a sushi joint yesterday. As you can see, Megan Fox is still looking very small. Apparently, many people were commenting on her slender frame at the Golden Globes. Not just her body, either – Megan looked especially “worked on” at the Globes. Her face was all kinds of jacked. It’s funny, the first Transformers movie was on a few days ago, and I watched it for a minute. I caught a scene where Megan and Shia LeBeouf are just talking to each other, and I was stunned for a moment. She has radically altered her face in just a few years. It’s ridiculous, especially considering that she was very pretty to start with.

Anyway, Megan, eating, etc. I think she’s always been really small. Does she starve herself? Eh. I have no idea. But I do think that she’s naturally so petite that when she loses five pounds, you can really tell.

I’m also wondering if we got these paparazzi shots because Megan was reacting to something, some news that maybe hurt her in some way. A few years ago, many would have considered Megan the front-runner in any race to cast Catwoman, a role that just went to Anne Hathaway. That doesn’t mean that Megan would have had a shot in hell, even in a perfect world, even if she hadn’t spent the last three years giving moronic, unprofessional interviews. I think Christopher Nolan would have always wanted to cast an “actress” rather than a glorified model/music video girl.

Speaking of, here’s one of Megan’s latest shots for her Armani ad campaign.




Photos courtesy of Fame, ad courtesy of My Fashion Life.

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  1. Marjalane says:

    This cracks me up- she takes a book to read when she’s having lunch with her husband?!

  2. Oi says:

    RE the headline: are those rhetorical questions?

  3. Rita says:

    I think it would be cost effective if she just had a bra and panty tatoo.

  4. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I don’t think she’s really lost weight but she’s defintiely a starver, not an exerciser. So in a few years she’s going to have droopy ass-flaps like Paris Hilton. Love D-BAG’s googly coke eyes.

  5. lem says:

    she has a kelly ripa belly button– which to me means she’s too thin.

  6. lisa says:

    I think people forget how tiny she is anyway.

    Every thin woman does not have weight issues.

    BAR is the one that looks funny in the face.

  7. December says:

    Never liked the twit and happy that Hollywood is so over this talentless moron.

    It just goes to show how expendable actresses are in Hollywood, and that Hollywood does listen to what their actors and actresses say, especially saying insulting things about the very industry that gives them work.

  8. sickofit says:

    do i see scars on her face or is it just the paparazzi pics? she did a lot of work to her face and it looks plain ugly.
    she is so not going to get work with that face of hers.

  9. Maud says:

    Beautiful woman! I should tape a pic of her on my fridge!!

  10. Laurie says:

    Her face definitely looks “different”.

  11. latam2012 says:

    shes too thin. that ad photo is horrible, she looked so much better when she first got big,

  12. serena says:

    She lost weight, not a lot, but as you said, she’s petite so we notice it clearly.

  13. Praise St. Angie! says:

    kaiser, funny you should mention the first Transformers movie.

    It’s being shown a lot right now on TNT, or one of those channels, so the bf and I watched a bit. (he watched, I suffered…) and I also noticed how much different she looks now as opposed to in that movie…and, as you pointed out, it was only a few years ago.

    she must have REALLY low self esteem to keep f-ing with her face so dramatically.

    oh, and one more thing. Megan, buy some pants that fit you, length-wise. I HATE it when people wear pants that are too long and you can’t see their foot/shoe. it looks RIDICULOUS. either buy your clothes in the petite section or GET THEM ALTERED!

  14. alma says:

    sooo sad! she was stunning, beautiful! now, eh too skinny and her face is totally jacked up! :(

  15. Stef says:

    Sorry, she might be a terrible actress and an egotistical beeotch, but too thin? no way. I hate people who say women like Megan Fox (or mila kunis, for a better example) are too thin. I don’t think she looks unhealthy at all. She has a bangin’ body, simple as that.

    Look, I’m 5’5″ and I weight 105 lbs. It’s not because I starve myself – I work at a restaurant and I eat Checkers like it’s going out of style. I do pilates but I don’t go to the gym. I was super blessed and I have a fab metabolism. I don’t look sickly or unhealthy at all. Just tiny.

    You wanna rag on her for her acting or her shitty interviews or self righteous whateverness, I’m all for it…but you can’t say this girl doesn’t have an amazing body. She looks like a victoria secret model.

    Sorry, hate going on rants but I’m very against the “normal women” idea that you have to be 5’4″ and a 1345 pounds to be “normal”. I am very, VERY happy with my weight and body, just like anyone else should be. And when I see people knocking her for being too thin, the first thing I think is jealousy, or that they want to try to believe that everyone would rather be 5’2″ 140lbs. I know a lot of women are that size, and beautiful, but I have never, ever wanted to change my body. A lot of women around there or bigger try to.

  16. brin says:

    @Marjalane…lol, conversation-challenged.

  17. Roxanne75 says:

    I think she looks good…don’t really care too much for her but she looks good.

  18. daisydoodle says:

    she’s definitely using fillers on her face, which I don’t get, how old is she, like 20? Save that until you need it, she doesn’t right now…someone sold her a bill of goods, although, I don’t think she’s the sharpest tool in the shed. She might be feeling the effects of black-balling, she has opened her mouth one too many times. She’s not playing the game and there’s many other beautiful “wanna be’s” that would. Although I would equate her to Katherine Heigel and she’s doing ok….

  19. Stef says:

    oops, should be 135 not 1345 ha

  20. bros says:

    Brian’s plastic surgery eyes creep me out.

  21. Obvious says:

    @Stef, she was forced to gain 10 lbs before filming transformers 1 and 2 i believe. when the industry you work in is saying you’re unhealthy skinny, and they generally only like twigs, i think they might be on to something. you may be right, but the rest of us might be too.

    so how about instead of knocking all us “fat girls”(-remember we’re not normal according to you) remember that everyone has an opinion and were entitled to express our the same way you are. p, most people are knocking he plastic surgery far more than anything else. k thanks bye.

  22. caramia says:

    Now she is Megan Ferret
    No one is too thin in Hollyweird

  23. N.D. says:

    @she’s defintiely a starver, not an exerciser.

    What?! Look at her upper arm in the last photo. That’s not excessive fat bulging up there. She’s definitelly muscular.

  24. KJ says:

    She’s a little too thin for MY personal taste – I like my women with boobs (real ones, not shitty, poorly spaced implants), booty and hips. Megan has none of the above really, which is why I think she’s lost much of her appeal. She’s replaceable – and replaceable people have to do what they’re told (stop being such a moron in interviews, stop fucking with your face, keep your weight up) or risk being replaced. She’s a product in the Hollywood hot-chick producing factory, and people aren’t going to put up with bullshit when there is someone right behind you who will shut up and look pretty.

    Michael Bay told her to put on weight for Transformers so she could be more of a bombshell. She’s naturally a lot smaller than she was when she was “introduced” to the world. I don’t think she tries to be that thin. She has a very, very small frame, and a few pounds up or down make a big difference on her. That said, I think she would look better with a little more fullness.

    As far as plastic surgery, hell yes. Watch Transformers and look at her Golden Globe pics. She fucked her face up, which is sad, because it was way prettier before.

  25. Motor35 says:

    lolol at taking a book out to eat with her hubby! hahaha

  26. Arianna says:

    michael bay was the one that ordered it because he despises skinny women– it’s mentioned a lot in interviews. Whether that’s true i’m not sure. but it doesnt mean she’s too skinny for the industry.

    there are a LOT more skinnier, grotesque looking women in the industry (tori spelling? keira knightley?)
    i love her body it’s divine in my opinion (minus the sternum) but she has to stop with her face she is too gorgeous to keep screwing with it ugh!

  27. Dannnii says:

    Yes & Yes. She lost far too much weight and did not want to appear gaunt in the face so then got Restylane. A bit too much. She doesn’t need it….noone in their twenties do.

  28. Leticia says:

    @Rita, your posts are always witty.

  29. Lemuria says:

    That is sad to see. Megan was SO beautiful before shooting up her face. I don’t get why she would do that..

  30. WhiteNoise says:

    I don’t rate her much as an actress but no, she’s not at all thin, just lean and gym-fit (it was apparent in her recent bikini pics and is evident in her arms here.) I don’t pay enough attention to her to know if she’s done anything new to her face so can’t comment on that one.

    I really don’t understand how anyone can look at the above pics and see ‘too thin’. This is normal weight for someone of her height and frame.

  31. Crash2GO2 says:

    She’s not too thin – yet. But she has had a lot done to her face, which is a shame. Perhaps it was done to make up for her lack of acting skills?

  32. gabs says:

    I think shes just naturally thin and her face is AWFUL. Why did she mess with it so much at such a young age? She was gorgeous. Also, she makes Armani look trashy. What are they thinking?

  33. spinner says:

    She looks totally busted. She looks skeletal & has really ruined her face. What a shame. She is not very smart.

  34. Courtney says:

    Uh she’s a thin and Muscular body type 5’4″ and will be 25 May 16th. I’d guess she’s 115lbs soaking wet which if she’s a small frame is perfectly healthy for her height. there’s always been the thin is beautiful mentality in hollywood why do you think in the old days pretty much everyone smoked particularly leading ladies for appetite suscession for example Joanne Woodward who was her height smoked nearly her entire film career not to mention through four pregnancies in about 7 years from late 1957-mid 1965 granted the first one ended in a miscarriage in early 1958

  35. Heather says:

    Little bit of column a…little bit of column b.

  36. Solveig says:

    “But I do think that she’s naturally so petite that when she loses five pounds, you can really tell.”

    That’s what I think, too.
    Her current face seems more natural, like the one she was born with, it’s not as swollen and fake and botoxed as it was few months ago.

  37. the original bellaluna says:

    If anyone would qualify solely on looks to play Catwoman, it would be Kim Kartrashian or Megan Fox – HELLOOOOOO, catface!

    And if dude’s not wired, someone just scared the bejeebers out of him! “Deer caught in the headlights” comes to mind.

  38. Someone Else says:

    He looks geeked. She looks like every woman in Calabasas.

  39. Yeah, she probably just lost five pounds. I’m really small and if I lose five lbs. it looks like I’ve been starving myself… Thanks flu!

  40. mln76 says:

    Her face is f–ed up big time. Does anyone think she got a chin implant? She’s definitely very thin on the borderline of scary thin. I think the filler in her face is fooling people.

  41. Cyui says:

    Her interviews have been good in the last year. She has done anything to her face. I do think she had a boob job. Also she is a little too thin. I thought she looked great when she started out.

  42. Runs with Scissors says:

    those don’t look like muscles to me, I think she’s pushing her skinny arm up against her fake boob :)

    Not too skinny, but very near it. My litmus test is always, if you get the stomach flu and couldn’t eat for a few days, would your health be in danger? I’m thinking in her case, yes.

    Her face is a darn shame, she was pretty before.

  43. The_Porscha says:

    I think she has a tendency to overdo things in general, and exercise, dieting, and plastic surgery may be what’s in the forefront for her right now. I forget which awards show she was on (she was in a red dress) a couple of years ago, but when asked about her diet/exercise routine, she came right out and said she does Pilates “for like five hours at a time.” She was partially joking, but I think it’s telling. Aside from that, she’s been a small girl for as long as she’s been famous, she’s just even smaller now, and given that her face is jacked, people are looking elsewhere and noticing it.

  44. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    She’s definitely messed with her face and it’s a shame because she’s really pretty. She needs to stop with that nonsense because she’s heading toward CatFace.

    Her body is fine-she’s very lean and muscular, not skinny. She looks like she’s got a teensy, tiny frame naturally.

    And her belly button grosses me out. It looks like fish lips.

  45. sapphire says:

    Both and she has the belly bloat that suggests malnutrition.

    There’s a wide range of what is “normal” in terms of weight and frame. When you have to vacumn, starve and live in the gym to look like a third world citizen, somethings wrong. The sternum should not be visible or the xiphoid process.

    @Dannii, I think you’re right.
    @Rita-but what about color coordination?

  46. Theuth says:

    Wow, what a change! Yes, she’s always been thin (except TF), but this is TOO thin, even for her: in that awful horror movie of some time ago she was heavier, and didn’t she lose some weight? No, this is the body of a slim young woman who’s starving herself.
    And her face is SO jacked because of this. Weight loss just make her plastic surgery more obvious.
    I just don’t understand if her fake cheeks are implants or fillers (they aren’t natural, it shows).

  47. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Sapphire-tell me where this belly bloat is? Her tummy looks pretty flat to me.

  48. ra says:

    @Dannnii: Exactly. If you lose weight your face appears saggy, that’s why she uses botox.
    She is not naturally thin, she starves herself and exercises to get this body. She’s much fatter than that naturally, now she’s 25-30 lbs less comparing to her older pictures. Her face is another story, looks like a science experiment gone wrong.

  49. original kate says:

    i wonder what the book is? i’m guessing “LA candy” by lauren conrad.

  50. DrM says:

    What gets up my nose is when women use issues like this to bash other women i.e…’she’s not too thin you’re all just FAT!”

    Megan Fox looks terrible. She admitted a while back that she drinks vinegar to control her weight rather than diet or exercise which indicates a disordered approach to eating to begin with. In older pictures of her her hair looks thick and shiny, in these it looks thinned out and dry, which is also an indication of inadequate nutrition. As someone who has worked in public health and women’s health I can comment with some authority that the way Ms Fox looks at the moment is not indicative of good general health and that judging by these pictures her weight is too low. I have a friend in the entertainment industry in Canada and she always says that pictures add about ten pounds to a person, and that if someone looks tiny in pictures they look much smaller in person. That is really concerning in this instance…

  51. irishserra says:

    I don’t think she looks too thin; she’s just built that way; but her face looks unnaturally tight.

  52. observer says:

    She might have that distorted body image disorder, body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). She needs to stop having elective cosmetic surgery. She’s going to wind up looking like a freak, or more so than she already does.

  53. Isa says:

    Fashion houses every where:
    Please stop asking these fake beautiful women for your add campaigns.
    A horse can see that this is not what a natural woman looks like, so why do you keep insulting us by using them to get us to buy your stuff?

    We were on the right track a couple of years ago when add campaigns were showing “ordinary” women, but it seems like it’s worse than before.

    I’m fed up with this industry that makes women feel like they aren’t beautiful if they don’t look like botox barbies. Shame on those who participate by doing all this sh*t to themselves in order to get work!

    Thanks Celebitchy for always posting these items, so at least we have a chance to see for ourselves and question whether what they are feeding us is the real deal.

  54. Anon says:

    I watched Transformers last week, and I had the same reaction.

    If you want to know what the actual Megan Fox looks like though, Google ‘Megan Fox David Callagher’. It is astounding how different she looks.

  55. MYMY says:

    She is one of those that looks better with her cloths on.

  56. skibunny says:

    She’s absolutely beautiful!!! I think most would love to look like her.
    I’m 5’6″ and 117lbs. I dont consider myself too thin All my life I’ve had ppl tell me I’m too thin and the majority of them were overweight. I would never have said to them they need to lose weight. Judgemental,jealous bitches!!!

  57. Mshuffleupagus says:


    Holy sh*t, they dated? I took my SATs with that dude. He totally banged this bitchy ginger girl in my econ class. I bet she felt like asssss after he moved on to Megan Fox.

    *Also, he wore a bedazzled jean jacket to the SATs. With RHINESTONES. I remember wondering if he heard me ask my friend if he knows his lucky jacket makes him look like Blossom’s Joey Lawrence in drag.

  58. Mia says:

    I don’t think she’s too thin. Her body is very muscular. Her face, though, is a mess. She did something to her cheeks. Might be implants or something, but they are so sharp angled it’s scary.

  59. viper says:

    The stupid tart couldnt even get walking to the bloody mic at the Globes right. She was sooo confused as if she couldnt remeber which was right and left. She’s such a joke to [eople now. As for her face yes she has gotten a good load of work done on it and all it did was age her ( she looks older than Brians ex) and now her eyebrows and eyelashes are almost nonexsistant.

    This girl is anorexic. She does eat but she also works out more than she actually takes in. She has sagging breasts and terrible stretch marks from her rapid weight loss. Even her eyes are showing the signs of anorexia.

    The girl is constantly being used in my friends classes ( hes going into plastic surgery ) and we have enlarged images of her whole progression. The girl is SICK.

    To top it off she has ZERO talent of acting ability. She is now taken in like a charity case; people dont feel sorry for her but pity her in hollywood. She had a good thing going for her when she was 20 and now she’s 26 and she looks older than M.Phifer,

  60. flourpot says:

    She is looking kinda funky. I’ll agree with too much working out and not enough pasta to counterbalance. Plus, ew on her man. He just looks icky.

  61. Isa says:

    She’s 5’4 and a size zero? I would guess her weight to be 105.
    I don’t think she’s too skinny. But her claiming she does pilates to get her waist that small and then saying that she drinks vinegar because she doesn’t diet or exercise throws up a red flag to me.
    Anyway, her face does look really jacked. It looked like she got cheek implants and the rest of her face looked sunken in. Weird.

  62. jover says:

    Agree december not only hollywood but the public at large is over this no talent no charisma twit. Issa, what is wrong with armani? Is there a shortage of naturally beautiful italian actresses/models that he turns to this plastic bimbo for his ad campaign. I’d like to know how she actually got this gig – I heard her “team” spent a year courting armani. Is that true? No wonder the world of fashion is ignored; when someone like armani chooses megafarse, that speaks volumes. Say what you want about the supermodels of the 80s and 90s’; they repped the fashion world way better than this vacant twit.

  63. sapphire says:

    @HIMDM-check out her bikini pictures, particularly in profile.

    A shame because before the surgeries and body mods, she was pretty and had a killer body.

  64. pitd says:

    When I saw her at the Golden Globes, I thought she looked really skinny. And then I saw her legs through the slit in her dress! They were so scary looking. They were like twigs, with giant balls for knees. Her knees were sticking out so badly because her legs were so skinny. It was kind of like a baby giraffe’s legs. It just didn’t look right. i have friends who are naturally super skinny but their legs look like they have a bit of meat on them. That just looked wrong to me.

  65. caroline says:

    @Rita– i’ve never read a post of yours i haven’t thought was hilarious. get your own blog, girlfriend; you deserve it. hysterical!

  66. Laura says:

    I think she’s had some cutlets placed in her cheeks ala madonna, or some injections or something. She should have left her face alone! Now she looks like a gross characiture of herself.

  67. Stef says:

    Oy, I never said other weights weren’t “normal”. Please read my post. I said I was very sick of people trying to say ONLY those women are normal because they get pissed about Victoria Secret models and skinny ladies. They claim THOSE women are not normal (because they are skinny). I am skinny. I am as normal as a woman who is heavier. That’s all I’m saying.

    I was saying Megan Fox doesn’t look too skinny. Or unhealthy. Tori Spelling? Yes, some serious health issues there. But MF? She’s gorgeous, come on. This is just as normal as other women. I like my body, which is similar to megans (sans the boobs, I’m pretty flat ha). I don’t think I’m too skinny or “hideously skinny”.

    All I was saying was skinny chicks are normal too. Sheesh, don’t be so defensive.

  68. Laura says:

    After looking at those old pictures with David Gallagher I don’t think she has breast implants any more. Her boobs were actually bigger back then, probably because she wasn’t as thin.

  69. Ashley says:

    She’s got such a tiny frame.

    But, DAMN, I like her jeans.

  70. ra says:

    I’m naturally skinny too.There is a big difference between being naturally skinny and starving yourself to become skinny.
    MF isn’t naturally skinny, she doesn’t eat much to stay like this because she’s much heavier naturally, that’s why everybody says she looks unhealthy probably. Just like @66 said her skinny friends don’t have bony legs like Megan’s. Everybody looks good at his natural weight, skinny or not. Tori Spelling is much older, had 2 kids and doesn’t have botox on her face. When you are older, after 30, you look more unhealthy if you are underweight, Megan is still young and botoxed.

  71. nanster says:

    I hadn’t seen Megan for a while prior to her appearance at the Golden Globes. I was shocked…she looked to me to have had more plastic surgery on her face and she also looked very, very thin. By reading the posts on here, I see that I was not the only one who felt that way. I just don’t understand why such a naturally pretty girl would destroy her face the way that she has. Sad!

  72. alexandra says:

    She has not done anything to her face, but plumper lips. She is just older. Everyone’s face changes when we get older.

  73. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Whatever she did to her face, I hope it’s temporary because if she does gain a few lbs (like most women do as they age) her face will start to look bloated (which is what I happen to think is going on with Aguillera’s face).

  74. Leona says:

    i guess she wears butt pads on red carpets and in movies because her ass is as flat as a pancake. i’m surprised she hasn’t gotten butt implants along with the 2 nose jobs, the lip fillers, the facial fillers and botox, the mini face lift (which caused the swollen veins on her temples) and the boob job. so yeah to answer your question, she has definitely gone too far with the plastic surgery. she’s 24 and looks like a 40 year old real housewife.

    she has been messing with her face and losing weight allot since she got married. i think she has a fucked up relationship with BAG. a 24 year old marrying a 40 year old is rarely a good idea. and she was 18 when they started dating, so he was 34?? RED FLAG. there’s a reason he’s not with a woman his own age…and its not because you’re super special~.

  75. viper says:

    @ alexandria

    Youre very wrong, the skull structure of a person STOPS growing and changing by 21. Megan Fox had a nose job, injected her lips, then had then surgically fixed ot her gums ( it is preformed by denists and costs 5000$ in some areas ), has had cosmetic surgery done to her teeth, and brows are tattooed; and at one point dyed her hair jet black ( she claimed that was ner natural hair colour- till her school photos poped up ) and she changed her story.

    So not only did she have work done but she flat out lies about it even though the proof is right there in TF1 and Teenage drama queen. Thats one of the major reasons why people dispise her, shes a borderline liar.

  76. matt says:

    neither, she is a lovely girl, and I’m sure those stories about her on the transformers set are all false

  77. Camille says:

    Lost too much weight (for her) AND too much plastic surgery.

    She lost ‘the hot/it’ several surgeries ago. Stupid girl.

  78. Marianne says:

    I think she has had more work done. She looked even more plastic-y at the Globes.

  79. NicoleAM says:

    I think her body looks great. I don’t think she looks too thin, she’s bigger than me! Some ppl are just tiny.

  80. JennJenn says:

    She appears to have the same facial dismorphic disorder as Kim Kardashian. Tragic to see naturally beautiful women turn plastic in the pursuit of elusive perfection.

  81. Aspie says:

    Way too skinny…her obvious starvation reeks of desperation to get back in the spotlight.

  82. Mouse says:

    Jesus, look at Brian in that picture. I don’t know which of them looks more washed up, coked out and cut up. He’s creepy looking with all that surgery around his eyes. I think she does a hell of a lot of diet pills and coke. Look at her upper arms, if she was anorexic as opposed to a lipo addict, wouldn’t they be thinner? Kate Bosworth definitely has an eating disorder, I think this person has more of a plastic surgery & self obsession.

  83. CB says:

    Her face is the same as the last pics we looked at and so is her bod. She’s not “too thin.” If anything, this pic makes her look heavier. The girl’s bra & shirt are too small, cutting into her back a little making her look like she’s got back fat.

  84. omondieu says:

    Christ, how are her legs even possible?

  85. marisa says:

    i don’t know…but one thing I do know is that in the first pic, Brian Green looks like he just shat himself.

  86. jen says:

    She’s obviously thinner but her cheeks are mysteriously more rounded- at the top, that is. I think when Madonna had her chicken cutlets removed, she handed them down to her. Hand-me-down-cutlets! Yikes!

  87. Ginny says:

    People just have to accept that some women are just naturally thin and stop being so sour about it!

    I am naturally thin, I have a 24″ waist and my wrist is so small that you can wrap your index and thumb around it. But guess what, it’s something called BONE STRUCTURE. I have SMALL BONES. I eat SO MUCH, I’m from a culture that eats SO MUCH. If I ever put on weight, it NEVER goes to my body, but rather my face! I do exercise moderately… 3 times a week for 20 mins? But that’s just looking after your own health.

    Also, if you think I sound thin already, come over to Asia. There are lots of THIN girls here (in your opinion). But guess what, we eat so much. It’s in our genes to have high metabolism. I’m not even THAT thin compared to my cousins. Best of all, we are proportionate, so we have curves even if our stature is quite small.

    It pisses me off that people that are of average size go around commenting on thin people, calling them anorexic, bulimic, whatever disease there may be out there. We don’t ever comment on how fat you are (because you’re not, but if we were being relative like you have been this whole time…). We don’t ever go around complaining about how you always steal our clothes because it fits tightly. Get over it, you’re average sized, it looks good. Don’t go around bashing thin people. Try to minimise the criticisms.

  88. Kelly says:

    In the fourth photo she looks a lot like Evnangeline Lilly.

  89. Butch says:

    @dweeb I’d smoke her up too. I think I like Megan just to stand out from the amount of haters. Seriously though, Megan you use to have an ass. Bring whole milk back to your coffee.

  90. LBeees says:

    I like how all the “skinny girls” feel entitled to brag about their weight and height on here, all the while kevitching about mean fat-fats who bug on them for being thin. I mean, why post your weight unless you’re trying to one-up someone? It just seems so transparent.

    Go post your bikini pics on facebook so all your friends can see. Sheesh. This board is about celebrities; public personas. Megan Fox is not your best friend. No one is attacking you for being thin. Some people on here are just commenting that some things she has said make it seem like she’s unhealthy in certain ways. Personally I think she’s pretty thin to begin with, and probably does what she can to keep any extra weight off.

    Just want everyone to relax!

  91. LBeees says:

    @ Ginny, rant face much? RELAX. Nobody called you bulimic.

  92. Lady says:

    TOO skinny and TOO much plastic surgery. Scary! Mark my words, it won’t take too long before she starts disappearing in front of us.

  93. Isa says:

    LBeees- Co sign.

    No one is saying it’s not possible for someone to be naturally skinny. People need to calm down!

  94. Sally says:

    Sheesh Ginny, calm down. I’m asian too, and I’m HUGE for an asian girl – and I’m smaller than most from other backgrounds. We’re not hating on naturally skinny chicks, just those who go to extreme lengths to be so skinny when their natural body type is not so. Sure, Megan is supposed to be fairly small – but definitely not that small! Check out her earlier pics.

    (PS you don’t sound that thin to me :P )

  95. Megatrona says:

    I think she looks fabulous, not too skinny at all
    I started a diet today and my goal is to be around that size at the end

  96. Jag says:

    I hope she leaves her face alone. She was such a naturally beautiful girl, and she needs to stop with the “work” now, before she crosses a line from which she can’t recover. (E.g. Meg Ryan.) She’s extremely thin, but my guess is that she’s doing it for the ad campaign. I like her with a bit more shape, like she was in the first Transformers.