Nsync band members want to reunite; Justin Timberlake suspiciously quiet

Band reunions are fun. You get to take a bunch of people who used to be popular and are now utterly forgotten, used to have money and are now generally broke, and used to be hot and are now generally sagging – put them on stage together, and see what the hell happens. There are a few exceptions of course.

The Spice Girls were still famous when they got back for their reunion tour. The New Kids on the Block were considerably hotter when they reunited. There was a little talk about the Backstreet Boys reunion, which I assumed hadn’t actually happened because I never heard about it again. Turns out they’re broke, sagging, and still not famous – because their CD did come out, but that was about it.

Considering the success of the Spice Girls and New Kids on the Block reunions (and I use the term “success” loosely, depending on your own definition), a few of the guys from ‘Nsync think it’d be a good idea to get their group back together. Not surprisingly, it’s mostly the guy you’ve heard the least about since they broke up – the one who used to have the spider hair.

First the Backstreet Boys came back with a new album, then New Kids on the Block thrilled devoted fans with their return. Now ‘Nsync’s Chris Kirkpatrick is the one singing the reunion tune.

“Someday, there’ll be an ’Nsync reunion, but I don’t think the time is right now,” Chris, 36, who’s currently appearing on CMT’s Gone Country 2, tells OK!.

Even if the band’s return isn’t definite yet, Kirkpatrick seems hopeful that the guys can get together again somewhere along the road.

“We get along like brothers,” he says. “We all love each other — we all care about each other. I’m sure we’ll come back.”

We can just hear the new single now: “Hello Hello Hello.”

[From OK! Magazine]

Reading articles from OK always makes me think of that overly positive/hyper/clueless teacher you had in elementary school who would say all sorts of cheesy things completely oblivious to the fact that all the kids were laughing at her. That last line especially.

Justin Timberlake has been surprisingly quiet on the whole affair. Wonder why. Why in the world wouldn’t he want to be associated with a cheesy pop band now that he’s got a legitimate career? The other guys have all pretty much faded into the D-list/oblivion. It’s a sliding scale. But I’m pretty sure Chris Kirkpatrick is a few steps away from actually falling off the face of the planet. I’m guessing Justin Timberlake doesn’t even return his phone calls. He’s just like, “Chris who?” and then rolls around naked in a pile of money while singing “I Want You Back.”

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  1. Megan says:

    Yeah, it’s only the bands that haven’t had careers since the band that want to get back together. It’s because they’ve got nothing else to do. Take That reformed, but Robbie Williams wasn’t interested. Justin won’t be either.

  2. notprfect says:

    Yeah, why would JT want to step BACKWARDS in his career? Any involvement with nsynch could only be a step down, in my opinon.

    Solo Justin = cool
    Justin + other boyband members = lame

    Then again, I thought that the nkotb reunion was going to be a huge bust, but there actually ARE people who are excited that they are reuniting. :| :?:

  3. Aud says:

    I can only think of one thing to say at the idea of them getting back together.

    “Bye bye bye!”

    But hell, NKOTB just did it, so why not jump on the wagon? Its called a bandwagon for a reason!

  4. I hate Judas Timberf*ck and your bastards fans.

    *NSYNC is and will always be the best boyband with or without Judas Timberf**k.

    I just want see what Justin said in Justified album: (Look in Special Thanks)


    I’ll move from here(Brazil) and show that big noise that *NSYNC was the life of him. Without *Nsync I’d ask:
    “Who’s Justin Timberlake?”

    With love (for Nsync lovers like me)
    Jonathan Hudson

  5. Whitey Fisk says:

    Am I dreaming or is Justin Timberlake proudly displaying a soft, snuggly bounty of kittens and puppies in that top picture?

    Even Lance Bass looks a little uncomfortable with the level of gayness in that shot.

  6. Christina X says:

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

    I hated nsync, but Justin Timberlake has grown exponentially more arrogant since he’s gone solo.

  7. melissa says:

    i think chris is rite!!!! i think they do need to get back together!! lance chris joey jc and justin all made a gret team and i think they should runite and bring us back the hottiest band of the 90s and 2000s!!!!

    they may all be a little iffy on Lance but that shouldnt even matter!! :mrgreen: :roll:

  8. susan hicks says:

    i love Nsync, I think they was the hottest boyband in the world. I think they would be even hotter if the reunite because they are older and more mature in age that they would have more better songs. I will always be a fan of Nsync, anyways who wouldn”t want to see those guys back together. Justin Timberlake is so sexy that he would make alot of girls very happy, especially me. :P

  9. jenny says:

    Out of all the bands from the 90′s and early 00′s Nsync were the BEST. They should definitely get back together but with out Timberlake. Justin is a piece of sh*t, he doesnt deserve to be in that band. When the four of them make a huge comeback, he’s gonna be kissing their a**!!!!!!

  10. shady says:

    i think they were very good together and i think they must go back togther

  11. inde says:

    i think justin should do it i want them back together. i have loved nsync when they first came out and i am now 17 and i still love them

  12. dan says:

    NSYNC what do i have to say its one of the top band in the world in the 90′s and early 00′s now if justn would justin sayed yes it’ll be the biggest come back since the new kids on the block

  13. dennis says:

    i agree wit Dan if nsync will get back together it will be big but they should add new blood like another singer but that later n see how it goes first if there big then leave it the way it is if not let them go back to what they were doing or add anther singer probably if it isn’t big justin since he’s a big thing solo will go back to his solo thing then u add another singer

  14. Steph says:

    i think nsync should reunite but they should reunite without justin because he’s too full of himself now.

  15. JUSTINE says:

    Nsync wow wat a blast from the past now they were the genious boy band my favorite was JC. he was hott. the Jonas brothers could never compete with Nsync there music was to full of energy the Jonas brother’s music was not quite the best ive seen cows sing better. and if Nsync does reunite im going to be really happy. go JC I LOVE YA STILL.

  16. Dorothy says:

    I LOVED Nsync and totaly think that they were and are the hottest boyband EVER and nrrd to get to gether for , if nothing else, old times sake and JT can go F*** himself

  17. shasta smith says:

    i loved nsync and i dont give a crap what people say i will always be a fan weather they are together or not they will be forever in my heart

  18. marissa says:

    I LOVE NSYNC! i want them to get back together soon. nkotb came back and so did the backstreet boys. so i think its time for nsync to come back too.

  19. Katharina says:

    NSYNC are the best Boyband of the World
    Its time for Comeback,who is Mr.Timberlake???????????????????????????
    I waiting of a new NSYNC ALBUM!!!!!!!!!

  20. Powers says:

    I agree with the folks who say any gift is a good gift if it comes from the heart most up-to-date Coupons

  21. rebeca says:

    first: as you can see he never says that he want a reunion when people ask him about one he always says that cause he dosnt wanna hurt the fans not because he is asking for. second: not returning his calls? are you kidding me? they play golf together get your facts right first and btw they do have money and chris was really poor as a kid so he wasnt that much stupid to spend all in like one year or something -sorry if i mispelled im not from the US-