US Weekly: Kat Von D ‘modeled’ for Jesse, hung around when he was married

I had the chance to read US Weekly’s cover story on Sandra Bullock’s reaction to the Jesse James Kat Von D mess, and it’s epic. This is the same outlet that breathlessly carried the intimate details of Sandra publicist-arranged post breakup trip to the Caribbean last October. I think it’s safe to assume that the version in this week’s US was at least reviewed by her publicist, and that Sandra suspects that James cheated on her with Kat while they were married. That’s never stated outright in the article, but is heavily implied and would absolutely be James’ M.O. Not only did Kat “model” for James’ magazine in 2007 (He was married to Sandra from 2005-2010), James openly admitted to Sandra that he had a crush on Kat. (Kat was also married at the time, but she separated from her then-husband in August of ’07, and he’s stated that she cheated on him.) To add insult to repeated injury, James never told Sandra that he was engaged to Kat, and Sandra found out through the press like everyone else. US’ version of events is in contrast to earlier stories that claim that James gave her a heads up.

Note that the bolded headers below are from me, except for the last one “Sandra & Ryan: Cooling Down.” The word “cheating” isn’t used in the article, but it’s obvious that’s what they’re talking about.


How Sandra found out about the engagement
According to a source, Bullock wasn’t even given a heads-up by James. Amazingly, she got the news the same way everybody else did…

“Jesse’s statement [on 2010 being the best year of his life] is just so malicious,” says a James ex-worker, noting that he had entered sex rehab last April in hopes of a second chance with Bullock. “He was pleading with her to take him back!”

On Jesse and Kat probably cheating in 2007
“Jesse has been obsessed with Kat for years,” says a Bullock source. “It was an open secret, even to Sandra.” In 2007, the then-Miami Ink star… was chosen as the Garage Gal of the year for Garage magazine, which James owned….

To celebrate, James threw Von D a party in Austin, which Bullock and Von D’s then-husband, Oliver Peck, attended…

Soon, Von D started hanging around the bike shop. James shortly named her a spokeswoman for the WCC clothing line and she posed for ads, and ex-employees say she was a regular visitor….

Jesse told Sandra that Kat was his dream woman
“Jesse always considered Kat his dream woman, and he even talked about it in front of Sandra!” says a Bullock source. “But Sandra never worried. Kat was the girl Jesse was allowed to have a jokey crush on. Sandra thought Jesse was in love with her, his wife, and never figured Jesse would do anything about Kat.

One friend speculates Von D may have been James’ “back-burner” girl during the marriage.

On how Sandra is doing
“Nothing shocks her anymore,” says a source, “but she’s still processing it. It’s messed up because it’s been nearly a year since the news of the affairs began, so it’s not like he’s continuing to try to hurt her…

“James like to rub things in people’s faces. He needs a new feather in his cap and probably feels like he’s winning now.”

[However] “Sandy is a no-BS kind of woman. She’s not caught up in his relationship with that tattooed woman.”

Sandra & Ryan – Cooling Down
After they rang in the new year together, dancing into the wee hours, Bullock and Reynolds had fans of their 2009 romantic comedy, The Proposal, hoping for an offscreen happy ending for the unlucky-in-love paid. But Bullock and Reynolds… seem to be back in “just friends” territory… “Friends would love to see them together,” a pal says of the pair. “But they really are just friends.”

[From US Weekly, print edition, February 7, 2011]

The whole article was worded so carefully it points directly to Sandra’s people, and I don’t blame them. Jesse is predictably continuing to try and hurt her, and never seems to have emotionally matured beyond puberty. People say that she’s not as innocent and classy as she’s coming across, but I would disagree. She’s handled this whole thing expertly. Now cheater Kat will be able to experience firsthand what Sandra went though, except she can’t say she wasn’t forewarned.

Doesn’t it sound like Sandra is half admitting she had a little fling with Ryan and that it didn’t go anywhere? They’re “cooling down” and are “back” to just friends, as if they were hot and heavy for a little while. Fans of romantic comedies know that this is a typical plot scenario for the middle of the film. I’m just saying.

Garage Magazine cover via Iowa Hawk. US Weekly cover via Cover Awards. Other photos credit: WENN and Fame






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  1. saintdevil says:

    Kat looks like a bloated grey maggot in that dress.
    Still better than without it, I guess.

  2. renee says:

    Seriously – is Kat Von D’s hair a wig? I want to know…

  3. Vanessa says:

    He is such a jerk. Why would he continue to try and hurt Sandra? What does that say about him? I just don’t get how/why someone would be so cruel, but I bet it is juvenile, like Sandra wouldn’t take one of his phone calls so then he was like, “wah, why call her to tell her, she wont answer my calls..” He strikes me like a big, whiny, juvenile douche with the emotional maturity if a gnat.

  4. Dorothy#1 says:

    @renee – Yes! She always wears wigs. They are gross doll hair wigs…

  5. tracking says:

    The timing of this story is interesting. Sandy’s revenge? Well played (and deserved, of course).

  6. Praise St. Angie! says:

    wow, Kat VD really looks different these days, huh?

    (and she looked better before.)

    renee, sure looks like a wig (or at least an “enhancing hairpiece”) to me.

  7. Diane says:

    I wonder what she looks like right out of the shower, without all that fake crap.

  8. candy says:

    The guy sounds like he’s still in puberty. High-pitched, whiney, Beavis & Butthead freak.

  9. April says:

    So Jesse gets his dream girl in the end. What an ass. Karma is a bitch, buddy.

  10. Rita says:


    “I wonder what she looks like right out of the shower, without all that fake crap.”

    She’s invisible.

  11. Sally says:

    Kat was actually cute in 2007, what the hell? She’s only in her 20′s and already screwing with her face?

  12. launicaangelina says:

    Jesse does realize Kat is part Mexican, right? Doesn’t that go against his whole Nazi, racist ideals?! Just sayin…

  13. Jacq says:

    From Sandra to a tattooed-faced trash bag. Definite downgrade, but also definitely on his level. Sleaze. I think I need penicillin from looking at the pictures too long…

  14. Lukie says:

    He clearly has a fetish for collecting women of German descent. Kat Von D’s dad is Argentinian, but with two non jewish, German parents.

    Oh, and she is more that d*uche bag’s type then anyone realizes:

  15. someone says:

    I wouldn’t doubt this story at all, he was cheating on her, so who knows how many women he cheated with?

  16. Motor35 says:

    yup-for sure a wig. and not even a good one, at that. c’mon, Kat! can’t even get a real wig?!
    and my gawd! wtf has she been doing to her face?! she used to be cute.

  17. Hakura says:

    Isn’t 2007 the year Kat was accused of sending her ex-boss that ‘signed picture’ with an antisemitic message?

    I thought most people had decided it was a forgery, but I’d found it interesting that Kat ended up involved with someone who was antisemitic, after having been accused of it herself.

    It really sounds like they did have something going on back then… I don’t believe everything I hear, but she was in his magazine, it’s a direct connection, if nothing else.

    I can’t believe this: “Jesse always considered Kat his dream woman, and he even talked about it in front of Sandra!” That’s… just horrible. You don’t talk about someone else being your ‘dream woman‘ to your wife, it’s so hurtful.

    Sounds like there’s a reason Jesse ended up with McGee…Perhaps she was just his 2nd choice when Kat wasn’t available. (Though it sort of seems like she’s always available.) What I’m not understanding now is how the hell he ended up with Sandra in the first place. She seems to be the exact opposite of his ‘type’.

  18. happygirl says:

    LOL, Rita!! Hahahaha! Love it.

  19. alicia says:

    jesse is ALLOWED to get remarried. he’s not trying to hurt Sandra, he’s trying to get on with his life.

  20. pam says:

    Her face seriously scares me. It’s just strange looking!

  21. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Hakura, I had posted a story yesterday about that picture. It’s likely NOT a forgery.

    KVD claimed that someone else wrote that. The guy who received it, Ami Whoever, brought it to TLC’s attention, and they didn’t do anything. he then hired a lawyer, who enlisted the help of a handwriting analyst. The analyst determined that it was 99% probability that KVD had written those words. TLC’s official response was that there was “insufficient evidence” for THEM to conclude it was her handwriting.

    We all know that networks (CBS/Charlie Sheen) will ignore and, in some cases, cover up their stars’ indiscretions. So, it’s not so far-fetched that TLC would ignore a fairly legitimate assessment of the situation to protect their ad dollars.

    EDIT: that link that Lukie posted has the story.

  22. renee says:

    @Dorothy#1 and Praise St. Angie!: Thanks for the confirmation! I thought that her hair was janky but wasn’t sure if it was just me…surely she can afford to get better hair than buying it at a dollar store.

    To my fellow Canadians; doesn’t she remind you of Leah Miller, former MuchMusic VJ and current host of So You Think You Can Dance Canada??? She is her doppelganger.

  23. Jaana says:

    Can’t Kat afford human hair? Seriously now. Plus whats up with her FACE????

  24. malachais says:

    Agree with alot of the commentaters, Kat has definitely done something with her face, contrary to her tweets, specifically a nose job and eyebrow lift. Very obvious if you compare photos…

    I think Kat eand Jesse will be together for a bit, she doesn’t stay in relationships for long so we’ll see how this one goes. I say a year, tops,.

    This article is really hurtful to Sandra and I wish Jesse and Kat would stop with the PDA show, too much too soon. What’s funny is that Mcgee and Sandra will be chuckling once Jesse does Kat wrong.

  25. Bella Luna says:

    Everytime you post this pic of KVD in this silver grey dress all I can think is EWWWW. I actually think shes an attractive woman for the “edgy” type and has a decent figure and that dress is sooo unflattering. She looks huge.

  26. guesty says:

    Maybe Sandy’s handling of the sitch is a deflection. They were married for 5 years so she had to know of his antisemitism. And if she did know…what does that really say about her? Nothing good imo. And to take it a step further is that why she adopted…to say…see I’m not a racist like my ex. Hope that adoption was not a pr move.

  27. DiMi says:

    This seems like a revenge marriage to me. In his photos with Kat Von D, she looks like the cat who ate the canary, and he looks angry and miserable. When he was with Sandra, at least he looked calm and happy and in love. I’m betting that he still sees Sandra as the love of his life. He looks so desperate and drained all of the time now.

  28. MarenGermany says:

    Oh god, she really messed up her face.
    she seriously starts looking like a female michael jackson

  29. Lemon Drops says:

    Garage Gal? More like Garbage Gal.

  30. Leticia says:

    He is such a loser. A real sad-sack. I know that his behavior is not SB’s fault, but I am skeptical of how she could have ever fallen for this loser.

  31. anti says:

    she only comes in two shades – pale and orange.

  32. Hakura says:

    @Praise St. Angie! (21)- “he then hired a lawyer, who enlisted the help of a handwriting analyst. The analyst determined that it was 99% probability that KVD had written those words.

    Oh wow, thanks for clearing that up for me. I did see the story linked to, but I wasn’t sure if it was a rumor, or if it had been confirmed.

    I used to respect her as an artist when she first became popular on Miami Ink… but it didn’t last long when it became apparent what a pretentious arrogant raging bitch she really was. Which of course only became worse when she got her own show. (Which I know is the reason TLC refused to admit that picture was her handwriting, they had too much money riding on her show.)

    But even then, I had no idea she was this disgusting. Not that anyone ever believed Jesse’s ‘I’m just a history buff who slept with an openly racist skank-bag & likes wearing Nazi clothes in pictures while I salute Hitler as a jokeBullshit

    But he must have completely given up on trying to make people believe he’s not antisemitic…Or he wouldn’t be involved with (let along engaged to) someone that is.

  33. original kate says:

    that wig is cracking me up.

  34. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    @renee: Holy Crapshit, that’s going to replace the whale in my nightmares. Maybe Dallas Green will finally run away from her, now.

  35. e says:

    Kat looks like a reptile. And he looks like Chester the Molestor. Never really saw what Sandra saw in that guy. He’s a Creeper

  36. craigc says:

    We should all give our blessings to Jesse and Kat…
    They deserve each other.
    Karma will be coming soon

  37. Hakura says:

    How the hell did he & Sandra end up together in the first place? They don’t appear to have ever had anything in common…

  38. Hmmm says:


    “When he was with Sandra, at least he looked calm and happy and in love.”

    I beg to differ. He bagged a trophy. Love had nothing to do with it.

    I betya he continues to be furious. His type hold grudges for life. I imagine he will try to make Sandra’s life miserable for as long as there are media, not to mention the emotional hold he has over her with his kids.

  39. Camille says:

    Nothing would surprise me with these two.

  40. Bill Hicks is God says:

    How does this walking kaleidoscope “contribute to gearhead culture”? She build cars or bikes? Fix them? Race them? Collect and/or show them?

    Contributes to dickhead culture is more like it.

  41. Cherry Rose says:

    Kat actually used to look pretty. Now she looks like a sideshow circus freak.

    Even though Jesse will undoubtedly cheat on Kat, she won’t have the strength like Sandra did to leave him. After all, he’s her meal ticket to getting into the spotlight, however meager that will be.

    So, to say these two deserve each other is an understatement. I hope they never get divorced, no matter who does the cheating, no matter how many times.

    Trash deserves trash.

  42. beebeedoom says:

    She is certainly NOT Mexican. Idk where you got your piece of information but she’s German, Italian, and Spanish. Sorry, we’re not claiming her, she’s white.

  43. TC says:

    Kat might claim herself Latina but we definitely do not claim her! Her father is Argentinian of German descend and we all know why the Germans flew to Argentina. So I’m sure she doesnt mind Jesse loving the whole Nazi culture thing since she also likes it. They’re made for each other, he is the one for her lol. Sandra must be thanking her lucky star shes out of this guy’s life. Even if she is hurt a bit now, in the long run she’ll be the winner of this whole dilemma.

  44. launicaangelina says:

    My bad…she was born in Mexico. I’m Mexican American so I understand the refusal to claim her! Lol

  45. OfficialB*tch says:


  46. Hakura says:

    @HmmmI betya he continues to be furious. His type hold grudges for life. I imagine he will try to make Sandra’s life miserable for as long as there are media, not to mention the emotional hold he has over her with his kids.

    But why the hell would he be holding a grudge against Sandra? He’s the one who fucked up royally & destroyed the marriage. (God only knows how many STD’s he exposed Sandra to before she found out about his cheating.) She could have been so vindictive & gone openly public about things, but she didn’t. He should be grateful… He didn’t deserve her classy decision to keep it private.

    @Bill Hicks Is GodHow does this walking kaleidoscope “contribute to gearhead culture”? She build cars or bikes? Fix them? Race them? Collect and/or show them? Contributes to dickhead culture is more like it.

    This is actually similar to an issue I have with tattoo magazines. I love to see all the awesome styles, read the stories, learn about the artists. But something they all have in common is women who are pretty much 90% naked.

    Yes, I realize tattoos are on skin, so of course a lot of people are going to be exposed,(that’s not my issue). BUT. A lot of the girls they choose may have *1* (not necessarily impressive or large) tattoo, on a very visible part of their body that does NOT require being naked, or even half naked, to show. If guys want to see naked women, they can pick up the Playboy or Hustler on the shelf. If they want to look at tattoos, they look in a tattoo magazine.

    This irritates me quite a bit. What also irritates me is that all the tattoo magazines are on the ‘Men’s Interests’ shelves. It iused to be purely a man thing, but it hasn’t been for a long time now, so they need to catch up. -_-

  47. LuckyLilGem says:

    If Kat was cheating with Jesse, then how does she feel about him hitting it with all those other tatted women too? Good luck to the happy couple!

  48. LuckyLilGem says:

    P.S. Sandra you can do soooo much better! Jesse is not even good looking.

  49. Helen says:

    Holy crap, it totally makes sense! If you look back on pictures taken on Sept. 13, which is the date when James & Von D made their first “official” red carpet appearance, you will see she’s wearing the engagement ring. Do I buy the story they were bumpin’ uglies from back in 2007? Of COURSE! They were also engaged WAY earlier than they said…
    Do I believe I’m onto some serious s**t here? Hell yeah. *pats herself on back*
    So thanks, just wanted to put this out there.

  50. Mtn Girl says:

    @ #36 e, lol at the creeper part. Jesse’s facial expressions always have a look of discomfort, the side eye, the pursed lips, maybe he’s only happy when he has a cootch latched onto his gorilla part. And Kat, can she mix a foundation to match her skintone? She always looks so pancakey, why is that?

  51. Lily says:

    Well… I just went through all this comments, and I agree with most of them… =.=

    But one thing that really annoys me, is that Kat is always claiming for being mexican, which she’s not. Her parents are from Argentina, and her grandma is actually German. She was just born in Mexico. But I was born in Slovenia too, and that for looong doesn’t make me a Slovenian girl.

    And this whole Jesse/Kat stuff is just simply boring. I used to respect her as an artist, but now, I simply cannot admire her work that much because of her behavior and the ways she’s running her life. I loved her more when she was with Nikki, because he did some GOOD to her. This man (well, he is an idiot, and actually cannot be called a man) is simply destroying everything about her, but she is not better either. Like somebody here said, trash deserves trash, although this relationship/marriage/whatever won’t last long.

  52. truthzbetta says:


    She’s a descendant of “German” Argentinians? Those are primarily Nazis.

    Wow, Jesse’s spots don’t change.

    But I’d put her on my “Garbage” magazine too. That’s how it’s pronounced with her Trill Symbiont head in the way.

  53. Dana M says:

    @44,45 &46- her parents from Agentina moved to Mexico where she was born according to Wikipedia. So ethnically, she is not of Mexican decent thank god. I too have Mexican blood in me and sure as hell don’t want to claim her!!! She’s trashy. Sucia.

  54. skjalsd says:

    for all you people claiming kat was only born in mexico and isn’t mexican at all, her mother is mexican. her father is german. her mother speaks spanish fluently and kat herself is bilingual.

  55. Dana M says:


    Just because you speak Spanish, doesn’t mean you are Mexican.

    And also, both her Mother and Father were born in Argentina. Father: German decent. Mother: Italian and Spanish (Spain) decent. They moved to Mexico where she was born. So ya, technically, she is a Mexican citizen, but not Mexican by ethnicity. (source: Kay Von D website)