Jennifer Aniston – living well is the best revenge & what’s with her new ring?

OK! Magazine has a new cover story that features a hot-looking Jennifer Aniston with the bright yellow all-caps serif font the tabloids love that screams “JEN GETS REVENGE.” They don’t mean that she slashed the tires on Mayer’s SUV or anything -they’re saying she’s getting revenge by jetting off to NY City, going shopping, and generally looking fabulous.

While [Mayer] arrogantly told OK! that it was he who broke off their four-month romance, Jen has kept her characteristic stiff upper lip. Now she’s letting her actions do all the talking, and rather than stay holed up at home, she pranced around the Big Apple like she didn’t have a care in the world, making sure everyone sees her smiling and looking sexy.

“It’s like Jen is on nothing less than a revenge tour,” an eyewitness tells OK!.

“While in the past, Jen shunned publicity and shrank from photographers’ lenses, now she’s openly encouraging the attention, smiling, showing off her body, and creating photo ops!”

On Aug. 18 Jen flew from her Beverly Hills home to NYC and checked into the Ritz-Carlton for three-night stay. And what a three night stay it was!

Jen started her trip off by catching up with The Object of My Affection co-star and friend, Paul Rudd, meeting him for dinner at John’s favorite restaurant, Nobu.

“Jen was glowing, smiling and being very friendly as she ate tuna tartare, rock shrimp and spinach salad with a glass of wine. It was hard to believe this was a woman who just broke up with her boyfriend,” a restaurant insider tells OK!.

Indeed, Jen spent the next few days showing just how happy she was to be single, wearing flattering outfits and going shopping. She also spent time soaking in some culture, walking the halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art on, where she spent over an hour admiring one exhibit.

[From OK!]

When a woman wants to enjoy herself after a breakup it must be all about revenge – right OK!? Aniston does look great, but it’s not like that’s anything new for her. She also might be courting the attention just a little bit, although photographers usually will follow her and take her picture without much encouragement.

There is one move Aniston made that makes me question how much she’s trying to get press. She was seen out wearing a jade and gold ring on her left ring finger. Surely she knows that if she does that people are going to talk. Maybe it didn’t fit on her other hand, though. It is a pretty ring.

You know, if there’s anyone who should be advertising shampoo and haircare products it’s Aniston. Her style might always look the same and she needs to mix it up a little, but her hair is also incredibly healthy looking, like she never has a bad hair day. If she would just curl it or something she would get a lot more attention than wearing a ring on her left hand.

Jennifer Aniston is shown out at Madeo restaurant in Beverly Hills for lunch with Woody Allen yesterday. I bet OK! thinks that was about revenge too.

Credit: PRJ/Fame Pictures

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  1. daisy424 says:

    Her outfit is cute, sans the Shauna shoes. I agree about her hair. It is shiny, but boring…maybe some layers.

  2. Mr. T says:

    This woman is strange. In a way, I feel sorry for people who seem to only be able to have relationships with other entertainers. It must suck to have that narcisistic ego.

  3. KERRI says:

    Of course she’s out in public smiling and showing off her Yoga body. That’s what she does every day of her self-centered life. Did anyone expect her to walk around NYC with a hankie pressed to her eyes?

    Could her next step be a private nude photo shoot (like the one post Brad break-up) that somehow, gasp, leaked out onto the Internet?

  4. Enonymous says:

    I have to say that I am jealous of her jean collection and how well they fit on her. It is so hard finding the right pair of jeans and I have a nice body too. :cry:

  5. SeVen says:

    So Women cant wear rings on their left hand now unless their committed to a guy? :roll: :roll:

  6. Larissa says:

    what a shocker….
    the ring is just A RING

  7. czarina says:

    Another case of Jennifer Aniston can’t win for losing.
    If she stays at home–she’s being pitiful and crying her heart out.
    If she goes out–she’s getting revenge and trying to LOOK like she’s not sad.
    What should the woman do??
    Join the army?
    Hunt big game in Africa? (camera only, of course!)
    Take up skydiving?
    What can she do that is only about her and not about anyone else.
    You know, I have never liked JA, but lately I feel more and more sympathetic about this media gordian knot she lives with.

  8. Cowbell says:

    I love her hair. Curly looks a bit unkempt on her. Her color is great and you’re right it looks so healthy. Still, I think her style is one of the more popular requests to stylist. Thankfully she doesn’t wear those extensions she did about 6 years ago.

  9. Lola says:

    Kerri Tsk tsk, she was not the one taking photos with her lover(and selling them to magazines) of perfect families in Africa after her break up. Why call her centred? Brad always called her a good and giving person who was quote ‘….like a light to which they all gravitated’. Angelina called her Brad’s best friend. That doesn’t sound like a self centred person to me. She has a right to have kids with a man she wants, fortunately for her she did not have a loser like Pitt. Who would have left even if they had four kids. It never stopped Getty now did it?

    Most of Angelina’s life (till the age of 28) she was a self centred slut who thought of no one else but herself. She is still one now. Give Jen a break. Plenty of time for her to start pretending to do charity when she needs the PR.

    I agree she looks good. She does most of the time. You could think Angelina is her wicked old step mother not the ‘other woman’. Good for her.

    That said, OK magazine is giving her lots of positive publicity as revenge for being outbid for the twin photos. JA covers always have good sales. And they don’t come with a $14mln price tag.

  10. KERRI says:

    Lola: Didn’t catch what you meant by “taking photo-shoots of perfect families in Africa”. I know for a fact JA has never been to nor will every step into a third-world country, so I’m a bit confused about your comment. She did indeed have a nude photo shoot (a very thin black veil covering her body) after the break-up and the photos did leak onto the internet.

  11. bros says:

    id be all for it if jen took up big game hunting or sky diving. then at least she could maybe take a break from incessant shopping, yoga, tanning, and fretting about which facial feature to operate on next.

  12. Lola says:

    Sorry Kerri, I am being sarcastic. Jen doesn’t need to go to Africa and announce her every $2 donation whenever her movies are coming out to for PR. People are different.

    I have also edited my post. I hope it is clearer.

  13. neelyo says:

    I don’t have an ounce of pity for her. She’s made more money than most of us will see in our lives for basically having good hair. When she was married to Brad she was smug as can be and I think it’s hilarious that she lost him. If this was Greek mythology, you could say it was hubris. Whatever it is, I wish she’d take it and retire instead of inflicing more films on the undeserving public.

  14. geronimo says:

    I’m sure she did shampoo ads for L’Oreal at some point. Or did I imagine it? I don’t care enough to even look it up…

    I don’t pity her, I just can’t summon up any interest in her. She just seems to be one of those people who are living off past glories and a reputation she never quite deserved.

    See, even my comments about her are dull and uninspiring.

  15. Maritza says:

    She’s been playing the field, enjoying her millions and looking fabulous, so what’s to pity about her. If she were to really want to have a baby she doesn’t need to get married, she could always adopt or get artificially inseminated. I believe she enjoys being single.

  16. Meow! says:

    I saw her having dinner at the BHH Polo Lounge and her hair looked pretty scraggy… you could see where the real hair ended and the extensions started (they were all matted).

    She’s quite cute, not amazing though. Most girls with that kind of cash, chef, trainer and stylist look about the same.

    I also met her surgeon…

    Good luck to her meeting a decent guy.

  17. KERRI says:

    Okay, Lola, I gotcha. Haven’t had my fourth cup of coffee yet. Still sluggish in the brain.

  18. Jennifer Aniston doesn’t need to get any form of “revenge” on Brad Pitt anymore. That ship has sailed. She needs to move on with her life. Brad is with Angelina now and they have six kids together.

  19. Randy says:

    I personally love that she is wearing this ring. It is kind of an in your face here I am going to wear this ring and watch you all go crazy. Good for her. I really think that she is coming into herself and messing with the press – about time.

  20. Kaiser says:

    I so badly want to play Copyeditor on OK! Let’s give it a try…

    “While in the past, Jen shunned publicity [unless it was a publicist-vetted Pity Party] and shrank from photographers’ lenses [like all of those times she papped herself sunbathing doggy-style], now she’s openly encouraging the attention ["now" meaning "always"], smiling [her bitter, thin-lipped Harpie-smile], showing off her body [that costs $100,000 a month to maintain], and creating photo ops [like always]!”

  21. Oh Duhh says:

    Could this boring famewhore just disappear forever? She already got millions of dollars just spend it ANUSton buy one of those boytoy and live in timbuktu or where ever your money will take you. Just stop with your never ending pity party it’s soooo tiresome already. Ughhh you’re like a roadkill you don’t want to see but you don’t have a choice but to look.

  22. daisy424 says:

    Lola, this is a Anitson thread, why do you insist on dragging Jolie into every frigging thread? It’s boring.
    Get the fukc over it already.

  23. KERRI says:

    I noticed that in every shot, Jen is making sure that her left hand is exposed to the cameras, even when she’s leaving the restaurant and fixing her hair. The last ring she wore on her left hand was a wedding band. Why wear a ring now? Just nit-picking and over-observing.

    By the way, she was having lunch with Woody Allen. Looks like another romantic comedy in the works. I hope she doesn’t hit on an older man since a younger man didn’t work out.

  24. Trace says:

    The OK! article pretty much calls out what some of us have been saying all along:

    “It’s like Jen is on nothing less than a revenge tour,” an eyewitness tells OK!.

    “While in the past, Jen shunned publicity and shrank from photographers’ lenses, now she’s openly encouraging the attention, smiling, showing off her body, and creating photo ops!”

    She has been on a revenge tour since her divorce. She seeks the publicity and attention. Her entire identity as a celebrity is based on her usage of the papz, tabloids and media manipulation especially pertaining to her love life. Let’s just be honest about who she is instead of this classy, private, sweetheart image she keeps trying to sell to the public. For her fans, if that’s the kind of celebrity you like to support, that’s fine. Just know the type of person you are supporting.

    Kaiser – lol – your copyediting is hilarious and spot on!

  25. princess says:

    What is up with Lola?
    Did some guy leave her for another woman? Seems like a little to much anger and bitterness toward people you really don’t know.
    How did this become about Brad and AJ?

  26. nina says:

    Why is she self-centered? 40 is the new 30. She is enjoying her life and expresses her feelings through her actions, without trying to look like something that she is not. I would not have made the choices that she made, and I also do not particularly like her, but she looks genuine. Like someone you can hang out with….I don’t understand why some people hate her so much, to me she seems like the most inoffensive, low key individual. Like a regular well-off single 39 year old.

  27. Kaiser says:

    Thank you Trace, and amen to your post.

    Kerri – like your posts as well. Who is your Gravitar? It looks like Whinehouse, maybe?

  28. Oh Duhh says:

    “I agree she looks good. She does most of the time. You could think Angelina is her wicked old step mother not the ‘other woman’. Good for her.”

    ANUSton looks good? that TRANNY could spend all her millions ON PLASTIC SURGERY but still look well HOMELY ok she’ll be prettier than UGLY BETTY ..bwahahaha!!

  29. javagirl1 says:

    Jennifer and John looked like they were just having fun. I doubt it was serious. I don’t think anybody, including Jennifer expected it to last.

  30. cali angel says:

    Maybe it doesn’t fit on the other hand. I received an heirloom ring for my birthday and it kind of looks like an engagement ring but alas, it didn’t fit on my right hand.

  31. PJ says:

    You can dislike her movies, her hair, whatever, but the degree of nastiness towards Jennifer doesn’t make sense.

    Maybe the haters are Brangelina fans who see her as someone who makes the J-Ps look bad? After all, it’s hard to see the J-Ps as a “perfect” family when there is an abandoned ex-wife in the picture, who is having trouble getting her life back together after the pain they caused her.

  32. Lizzy says:

    Okay, these Brad/Angelina/Jennifer posts are getting ridiculous… I don’t feel partial to any of them, but how did this thread become about Jen’s revenge on Brad – it’s supposed to be about making John Mayer jealous, no?

    And for all the flak that many of you posters give anti-Angelina/Brad people, there seems to be no shortage of people willing to slam Jennifer, who, let’s be honest, none of your know personally and will never fully know the truth about (likewise with Brad and Angelina).

    I like gossip as much as the next person, but (for the most part) that’s all it is–gossip. Many of you state things on here like they’re facts, like you know these people personally, and since you don’t, you reek of jealously and immaturity and you bring down the quality of the content on a site like this, which (in my OPINION) tries to sort through the gossip and remain unbiased and as factual as celebrity news can be.

  33. ... says:

    Does anyone remember that pathetic pity party Vanity Fair article?

    With that article she made herself look like a victim. That article’s purpose was to make people feel sorry for herself.

    And because of that and people who take that divorce four years ago too personally we have vile Jennifer fans like LOLA and on femalefirst.

    There are Jen fans who wish for Angelina to miscarry, die in childbirth, get cancer and other horrible things. Those Jen fans are scarily obsessed with hating Angelina!

  34. duda says:

    “Maybe the haters are Brangelina fans who see her as someone who makes the J-Ps look bad? After all, it’s hard to see the J-Ps as a “perfect” family when there is an abandoned ex-wife in the picture, who is having trouble getting her life back together after the pain they caused her.”

    thats a joke right???

  35. 123 says:

    Uh PJ, do realize that there are Jen fans that are just as nasty, if not more, towards Angelina?

    Go to Femalefirst where Jen fans wish for Angelina to have children with disabilities, to die in a plane crash, have a miscarriage, a stillbirth, to die in childbirth. These Jen fans are vile all because they are mad about a divorce that happened between people they don’t even know.

  36. ----- says:

    Maybe people will believe Jen has moved on once some of her fans do the same!

    I can’t believe how personally people took a divorce that happened four years ago.

  37. KERRI says:

    I totally agree with Trace and Kaiser. You’re right on target.

    To answer you’re question Kaiser, my gravitar is Queen Mab.

  38. daisy424 says:

    Kerri, is that the fairy queen? She looks beautiful, love it :-)

  39. someone says:

    I am a jen fan, and if you go to JustJared when theres a post about Jennifer, its absolutely terrible, the things the Brangaloonies say about Jen..I don’t like Angelina, have never liked her, even before Brad..I thought she was a freak, and a slut, who didn’t care about anyone but herself…but I have never wished death or miscarriage or any thing like that on her…I just think shes a media ho, along with Brad..and altho a lot of people get seperated and divorced, I didn’t have a problem with him leaving Jen, it was the way he and AJ, threw thier relationship in Jens face almost immediately after they seperated..and AJ getting pregnant before the divorce was even final..I thought he owed her a little more respect than that..after all..they were together for 7 years..I don’t think Jen is sad at all over John was a summer fling and now its over…no big deal.

  40. bros says:

    amen daisy. abandoned ex wife? please. pitt dumped her ass. its different. think about it. pitt is now, what, 44? and he an aniston divorced 4 or 5 years ago? his biological clock was ticking man. I can understand why he would be like, peace out you self-obsessed selfish chin-face. im getting old and i dont want to be running after little kids as a 60 year old, so im bouncing and starting a family. jen, who couldnt probably tear herself away from her mirror or pilates or her delusions of being a useful actor long enough to hear him, missed the boat. i dont blame him one bit for getting rid of ms. frigid rigid and moving on to greener pastures to get a move on with life.

    i love that jen’s best response to getting dumped or breaking up or whatever, is more shopping and self-obsessing-EXACTLY the same shit that gets her dumped in the first place.

  41. KERRI says:

    Yes it is daisy424. You have a keen eye. If anyone would like the website where I got this gravitar, here you go:

  42. Linda says:

    It never ceases to amaze me why people are so crazy over any Jennifer Aniston PR. You people snipe at her like she’s risen from hell and is after your soul.

    I guess PR is only good for Angelina and Brad – right??? I mean if you are not selling your kids pictures to publications and showing how blissfully happy you are as a family – HOW dare you go out in public shopping or have lunch with Woody Allen!! Who the hell does she think she is – only Brad and Angelina are supposed to gather PR.

    Get a grip people.

  43. czarina says:

    And yet another Jennifer Aniston thread desends into a rehash of the former marraige and divorce.
    Poor Jen.
    Even her fans can’t help themselves.
    Maybe she should change her name? Seriously…to, say, Lily.
    Lily Aniston is pretty, and it would keep people totally focused on HER (at least for a while).
    One thing I DO like about her…despite all this pressure, she has resisted jumping into a second marriage just to show the world she can do it. She is smart enough to have saved herself from that move, which I think a lot of famous women might have done, and which usually ends up a big mistake.

  44. nina says:

    bros, just suggesting you to consider the possibility that if a woman does not want to breed at a certain age (or at all), it does not make her selfish. And if a woman got pregnant and decided to keep it – it does not make her selfless. Having kids can be a very selfish act. Also – (a) you don’t know whether they indeed split over kids and (b) why she did not want to have kids, if it is indeed true. You are calling someone selfish and self obsessed over your own imagination rather than facts. Hope you are aware of that…

  45. daisy424 says:

    Kerri, you give me too much credit, my knowledge of Mab comes from sunday crossword puzzles, a weakness of mine.

    I did click on the link, they have Dorothys ruby slippers!! Great site, good prices, thanks :wink:

  46. Label says:

    I like gossip as much as the next person, but (for the most part) that’s all it is–gossip. Many of you state things on here like they’re facts, like you know these people personally, and since you don’t, you reek of jealously and immaturity and you bring down the quality of the content on a site like this, which (in my OPINION) tries to sort through the gossip and remain unbiased and as factual as celebrity news can be.

    Um, you don’t really have to know these people personally to form a base opinion–hell they hold press conferences every time they pee and if it’s not that then it’s hanging out in places that you know the paps are at.

    If you look beyond the obvious, it then BECOMES obvious that JA courts the press on the DL, i.e., “a source” says blah blah, or “a friend” said yada yada. The point is she puts herself out there to a certain extent, subtle though she may want it to seem. So all these people staunchly defending someone THEY don’t even know is just as ridic as the loonies. It’s not like you’re getting paid to defend these celebs right?

    It’s called celebrity escapism; and I think these posters can root for whoever they want without being jumped on.

  47. KERRI says:

    You’re welcome daisy424. Great store, purchased lots. :-)

  48. Starla says:

    Yeah, what a bitch.Heavy sarcasm. Jen’s wearing a ring & not hiding out at home so we can’t see she might actually be happy. I’m not crazy about Brad & Ange (although I loved her in Girl, Interrupted),but enough of Jen/Brad/Angelina. They’ve all moved on & maybe we should too.

  49. bros says:

    oh yes nina, thank you for pointing out that i am self-obsessed about my imagination, whatever that convoluted accusation means. my main point there was that all the people who are sad for jen dont seem sad for pitt that he was clearly ready to be a father and start a family and she wasnt. fine if she doesnt want kids. I dont either. I dont thinks its the mark of a successful fulfilling life. however, all the people who love Jen so much only want to point the finger at pitt for leaving her, when he had a reason to. whats he supposed to do? stay with her forever even if she doesnt want them and he is ready? this is a classic problem that breaks up so many marriages and theirs is no different.

  50. nina says:

    bros, sorry – I am reading an article in one language and writing a paper in another (neither of them is english) and procrastinating on this site, all three at the same time, so my grammatical structure in english is a bit odd as a result.
    I agree about your last post. It is a common problem. What I disagree with is you calling JA self obsessed and selfish over (maybe) not wanting to have kids. That’s not right.
    P.S. I did not say that you were self obsessed. I said that you were not judging her based on facts.

  51. KERRI says:

    I’m stepping off the beaten path here a tad, but I just wanted some of you to know that my husband’s cousin divorced his wife because she did not want children and he did. They were very much in love, but they couldn’t agree on this one issue. They’re both happily remarried now, and they both got what they want. :?

  52. PJ says:

    I just re-read the “pathetic pity party” Vanity Fair article from 2005( ).

    Read it closely and you’ll see it was actually the writer who conducted the pity party, not Jennifer.

    “Despite her tanned skin and megawatt smile, Jen looks fragile and wan,” declares the author, Leslie Bennetts. She calls Brad & Jen “the most fortunate couple imaginable,” living a “picture perfect existence.” She declared Jennifer “heartbroken,” and asks “is there a part of Brad that’s diabolical?” She said photos of Brad and Angie were like “pouring molten lava into the hole where somebody ripped your heart out.”

    Jennifer, in contrast, did acknowledge her pain, but she also said she would get over it and get on with her life, and that’s exactly what she has done. Where is the pity party?

    This article was all about Vanity Fair looking for a juicy story–golden girl turned victim.

  53. Magic Peachz says:

    I have always liked both Jen and Angelina. I can’t say I’ve ever jumped on the Brad Pitt bandwagon. I just don’t get it. He’s just not manly. I think both of these women are too strong for him. Sure he has a great bod but he seems like play dough to me. If Jen is seeking revenge I think she hit John Mayer right where he lives. He’s an attention whore and Jen is just showing him that the paps still love her and couldn’t care less about him. If he was using her to advance his own image it backfired miserably. I kind of liked him for a minute. I find that difficult now.

  54. I choose me says:

    @PJ. The tabs do the same thing with Brad and Angie and any other high-profile celeb. A few half-truths and innuendos, incomplete quotes, quotes taken out of contest or quotes from chatty inside ‘sources’ and viola! You have a story. Or they just rehash old shit. That is not to say that celebs do not try and manipulate the press to their advantage, but it makes sense to be media savvy. Just remember to take it all with a grain of salt until the gossip is proven to be fact.

  55. stellapurdy says:

    wait, didn’t Brad cheat on Jennifer when he hooked up with Angie? Am I missing some gossip somewhere because how could anyone support cheating, regardless of whether Jen wanted kids or not? :?

  56. nina says:

    this Vanity Fair article is depressing…..Any girl’s (and guy’s) worst nightmare. My guess is that he was totally cheating, and with a serial homewrecker…These are like the worst divorce circumstances. Not a fan of Aniston, but she handled it like a champion.

  57. ----- says:

    But Jennifer or her publicist must of read the vanity fair article before it went to print!

    If not then they should have because it made Jen look bitter and look like she was asking for pity.

    Why would they allow this article to be published if they did not agree with the pity party and did not want the
    public to feel sorry for Jen.

    And some Jen are simply vile, wishing for Angelina to miscarry and die in child birth!

  58. ----- says:

    In the Vanity Fair article Jen and all her friends claim Brad DID NOT cheat!

    They also lied saying Brad never ever wanted children, when in fact there are many interviews before Vanity Fair where Brad says he can’t wait to have seven kids someday.

  59. Em says:

    Yes Jennifer fans are so nice. NOT Don’t say Angelina fans are mean towards Jen when Jen fans take their hatred overboard.

    Jen fans on Just Jared and FF say Angelina was faking her pregnancy and Jen fans were just waiting for a stillbirth announcement or to hear that Angelina died during childbirth.

    Or the Jen fans who call Angelina’s children racist names and say her children are mentally disabled or that they wish them to be.

    The Jen fans who were ecstatic when Angelina’s mother died and hope for Angelina to get cancer too.

  60. Sarah says:

    If Jen did not want a pity party or for people to feel sorry for her, then she should not have allowed that vanity fair article to be published.

    It made her look like a victim and made Brad and Angelina out to look like murderers or something.

    I find it hard to believe that she and her publicist (who worked for Paris Hilton as well) did not have a final look at it before it went to print.

  61. duda says:

    bottom line is.. it happens every day… every damn day someone cheats on someone somewhere… or someone breaks up with someone… or blah blah blah… its life. and life goes on… should i sit in wallow because my husband of 9yrs decided he wanted to be with the young chippy at work? nope, no matter how bad it hurts.. life goes on.. seriously

  62. KERRI says:

    Their issues were not just about having children, though, that was a large factor for the divorce. When Brad met Angie, his life was a complete duplicate of what Jen’s life is now. Brad wanted to change and make a difference in the world like Angelina. Jen wasn’t having any of it. She donates money (tax-deductible), attends charitable events (fine dining comes with the event), and occasionally, does a commercial for whatever cause she supports. Brad had bigger plans. We all know how much time he and Angie put into their causes. In fact, Brad himself said “Jen is a pedestrian”. Meaning she won’t go anywhere if there’s a chance a fly might land on her.

    Remember that Thanksgiving when Brad and Angie went to Africa to help with supplies and aid?? JEN SPENT THANKSGIVING WITH HER EX-HUSBAND’S FAMILY!!! This is the Jen you all LOVE?? I don’t get it. :|

  63. stellapurdy says:

    duda says: bottom line is.. it happens every day… every damn day someone cheats on someone somewhere… or someone breaks up with someone… or blah blah blah… its life. and life goes on… should i sit in wallow because my husband of 9yrs decided he wanted to be with the young chippy at work? nope, no matter how bad it hurts.. life goes on.. seriously

    Well of course it does but that doesn’t mean a cheater shouldn’t be chastised. Once a cheater, always a cheater!Sorry to hear about your nine years with the lout but you can be sure he’ll cheat on the “young chippy” if he isn’t already.

  64. stellapurdy says:

    And by the way, I think all three of them are fame whores. I mean come on, their resume is built on publicity and fame before they get too old in Hollywood’s mind to not matter anymore. Jesus, the fame is what they have worked for their entire career. You can’t convince me that anything they do isn’t first given the “how much publicity can I get from this” test.

  65. nina says:

    Kerri – What’s wrong about spending thanksgiving with your former in-laws? Why can’t they still be friends? She knew them for seven years…Pity party or not, but IMO out of all parties involved JA acted with the most dignity…
    Edit: Kerri – I disagree. According to what I remember reading – she got along with them very well. Very likely they were not thrilled about the turn of events, and felt empathy and wanted to show her that they still care. It is kind and human on their behalf, and I am sure she could use all the love she could get. These are just human beings being nice to each other, that’s all. Besides, maybe they thought that the divorce was not final – there could be 1000 reasons….It is friendship between adults – you don’t throw away 7 years.
    Sarah – no, it does not make BP and AJ look like murderers or something. Just like immoral adulterers as in Balthazar (sp.) Getty and Sienna Miller (only that Sienna is actually charming and cute, IMO, and looks her age)

  66. KERRI says:

    Nina: Spending a Holiday with an ex-husband’s family is a very imtimate affair. Why couldn’t she have spent Thanksgiving with her own family or Courtney. What she did was a slap in the face to both Brad and Angie. Malicious act and she knew it! :evil:

  67. hello says:

    She looks nice. Good outfit.

    I don’t get why WOMEN in general are supposed to be torn up whenever we break up with someone. It was four months. I think we’ve all had break up with a man of four months, and it sort of sucks for…I don’t know…five days, then the weekend comes and you have a great single time with your girlfriends!

  68. stellapurdy says:

    KERRI – Have you ever been in a long term relationship that has broken up? Cause I can tell you that if you had you would understand why she spent Thanksgiving with Pitt’s family. You don’t just toss away 7 years of your life with the flip of a hand.

  69. Trace says:

    Kerri – like you, I don’t get why Jen’s fans so rabidly defend her. I guess they really do admire a woman who is superficial and self-absorbed. I also don’t get why her fans constantly bring up all the accusations of cheating and this and that from her divorce almost FOUR years ago. The only explanation I can think of is that these fans have personalized her divorce as if it was their own. My goodness, give it a rest already!

    You know, if Woody Allen does end up putting Jen in a movie, and by some miraculous stroke of luck, it is a success, then maybe Jen will finally have that movie star career she’s been pining for. At least once she’s achieved this, maybe she can finally have some sort of contentment in her life and she won’t have to resort to these constant, pathetic, annoying publicity-garnering tactics.

  70. bros says:

    also, brad didnt cheat. find one article where anyone says he did unequivocally. it is all just speculation

  71. nina says:

    Trace – why do you call her superficial and self obsessed? BTW – I am not a fan of JA, I just got on this site a few days ago and am curious re: all the hatred against her – she’s so normal, just like many people I know, but a little bit richer…..
    bros – true, just like with Sienna M. and Getty it is a speculation, because nobody actually saw the actual formal act of consummation happen…So what? Still not a very elegant exit, with the photoshoots and all….
    KERRI – that’s your family’s way of dealing with divorces. Other people have other ways. Personally, if I thought that my in-laws are the type of people that would not talk to me after a split, I would probably not set my foot in their house at all…Maybe it is a mentality issue? Which country/state do you live in? (You do not have to answer, of course, I am just curious)

  72. KERRI says:

    Stellapurdy: My sister was divorced after 11 years of marriage. My brother was divorced after 9 years of marriage, my older sister divorced after 26 YEARS OF MARRIAGE. Not one of them ever contacted their ex-s families or has any of the families contacted them. When you end your marriage, you move on. My family did. Jen obviously has not.

  73. Lola says:

    Brangeloonies never cease to maze me. Their selfish streak and sensitivity chip is just like that of their role models. What did you want Jen to do? Smooth the way for the people who were humiliating her? Make it easy for the woman who run off with her husband and for her idiotic ex? She never hurt any body. She never looked for Angelina and set out to attack her. She was just being a human being with feelings.

    Even if she did not do that VH interview, people would still hate Brangelina. Look at Sienna, has Getty’s wife done any interviews for her to get this backlash? The majority of the human race does not like a slut/home wrecker/whore.

    You think the VF interview was wrong and yet you find nothing wrong with Brad and Angelina doing magazine spreads together before the ink was dry on the divorce papers. How typical of self-centred b*stards. Always think about one side.

    Jen was doing what any other human being would have done. Brad and Angelina did what typical callous Bastards do. That is why their relationship is still shunned by a large section of the public to this day.

    Angelina will never live down her image as home wrecker no matter what she does and how many children she adopts. Brad will never live down his image as a pussy whipped cad with no balls. Hopefully Jen will meet someone better and she will erase the image of the woman whose husband run off with a prostitute.

    Their PR machine has been in overdrive for the last four years. But it doesn’t matter what they do, the public is waiting with abated breath for their day of reckoning. On that day, their PR machine will be helpless.

  74. Lola says:

    Goodness, I am being moderated again.

    Kerri, good for you. I am sure they are all not in the public eye and their exes did not set about to humiliate them at every turn. Also every one who has met Jen says she is a warm nice person who they love including Brad’s parents. Maybe that was different in your family. Like Nina says we are all different, you know.


    You think that the Rabid Brangeloonies who are quick to come to Jen’s threads and attack her have no problem? Why should no one defend her? After all, Angelina has a whole army of defenders, no?

    Brad didn’t cheat? Where have you been for the last four years? What then is he doing with the woman who was alleged to be his lover at the time?

    Angelina will never live down her image as home wrecker no matter what she does and how many children she adopts. Brad will never live down his image as a pussy whipped cad with no balls. Hopefully Jen will meet someone better and she will erase the image of the woman whose husband run off with a prostitute.

  75. Linda says:


    Jen did get involved in many of Brad’s projects and one that comes to mind is the Growing Up Grizzly series that was done on Animal Planet. Brad got involved with trying to save the bear habitat after he did that one movie with the bear and met the animal’s trainer.

  76. beans says:

    “Stellapurdy: My sister was divorced after 11 years of marriage. My brother was divorced after 9 years of marriage, my older sister divorced after 26 YEARS OF MARRIAGE. Not one of them ever contacted their ex-s families or has any of the families contacted them. When you end your marriage, you move on. My family did. Jen obviously has not.”

    that’s your family. she had every right to spend time with them, they were obviously very close and his family loved her as one of their own. that says a lot about her character, she must be very warm and likeable. also, their marriage didn’t end with a nasty drawn out divorce, why would his family shun her away? not all relationships work out and every family is different. my family is very close to my boyfriend and i’d like to think that if we split up they wouldn’t choose sides and banish him, especially if i was the one that so publicly moved on. they’ve told me before that he’s like a son to them and they love him for the person that he is, not because he’s with their daughter. EVERY FAMILY IS DIFFERENT, to pass judgement on someone you don’t even know based on YOUR siblings relations with THEIR in-laws really chaps my ass.

  77. Shane says:

    No doubt she’s positioning that left hand for the cameras. Wonder why?

  78. pamela says:

    That story of Aniston spending Thanksgiving with the Pitts was a tabloid story. Personally, i dont think the Pitts were very happy with her after that VF article. Even if they were sad to see the marriage ended, blood is thicker than water, and she basically, in her passive-aggressive way, called Brad a liar. I dont care how much they may have liked her, that had to annoy them. And that was just the beginning. In every interview she did up until one year later, she made snide and snarky comments about him.

    And to her many defenders, please dont mention that sneak-attack she did on Brad’s mom last year, when she went to visit JA. How often are pictures taken of Jen at her home? Hardly ever, unless she wants it. The woman is a joke, and the media and the blogosphere are beginning to recognise her antics, and are calling her on it.

  79. pamela says:


    You know what is sad? If Jen was the one who wanted kids and Brad wasn’t complying, he would have been the bad guy, and everbody would have applauded the divorce.

  80. KERRI says:

    Thank you Pamela. I was waiting for an intelligent poster to come along. As I always say, these JA fans cannot see the forest for the trees. Very sad. JA could be a very good actress when she’s not in a movie. :wink:

  81. nina says:

    I am not a JA fan (I just cannot stand AJ)…But have you seen “The Good Girl” a 2002 indie film with JA in lead role acting alongside Jake Gylenhaal (spelling)? She was really good and her acting was praised by critics…..
    Of course, she is not perfect, but it depends of course who you compare her to.
    and Pamela – I understand that you get all your info re:JA not from tabloids, but first hand? If not, your comment does not make much sense…

  82. RAN says:

    Have to comment on what I think is sad – a bunch of adults kvetching about a young woman living her life who chose to keep people she loved (and who loved her) in her life. So what if she stays close to the Pitts? I LOVE my in-laws and would always want them in my life no matter what. I give her credit for opening her heart and loving those people the way she did/does – especially considering the way she felt about her own family and the subsequent betrayal of her own husband. It was widely reported that the Pitts were upset with their son over the divorce, not his wife, and they were unhappy about his seeing Angelina. They’ve come around but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t still care about Jennifer.

    This is all silly. I’m reminded of the high school movie ‘Mean Girls’ when I read the hate spewing from some of you.

  83. beans says:

    kerri-just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they are any less intelligent than the people that do. it’s got nothing to do with being for or against aniston.

  84. KERRI says:

    Ran: There’s a world of difference between “hate spewing” and facts. What I’m trying to convey here is the “FACT” that JA is a manipulator and a user…whether it be using her “sources” to spew out little tidbits of her love life; posing for paps (I think I’ve seen enough of her ass in the air, thank you very much); her phony pretence…

    “OH OPRAH, People were coming up to me and congratulating me and I asked what for? I had NO idea I was chosen #1 most powerful celebrity in Hollywood” 8O

    PLEEAASSEE!! Do you people really buy this load of crap she’s selling?

    I can go on and on but my fingers are tired, I’m tired, and I give up.

    As Ed Norton once said “YOU’RE ON THE AIR”!


  85. pamela says:

    RAN, no one is spewing hate, just stating the facts that anyone with a modicum of common sense would see. Why everytime someone calls out Aniston on her s**t, its called spewing hate? This woman set herself up for this. Other people in Hollywood experience break-ups all the time, and you dont hear nada from them. Aniston was trying to destroy Brad and Angie with that VF article, but thank God she didn’t succeed, and it possibly back-fired, because she is now known as the “eternal victim”, and i am sure that wasn’t what she was hoping for.

    You know, i would have admired her if she had handled her divorce better. And please, dont come with the ” she was hurt” crap. When Tom separated from Nicole, it was said he announced it before telling her, and he was seen immediately with Penelope in intimate situations. Brad never did that. Yet Nicole never said anything publicly, except on Dvid Letterman when she said she could now wear heels. Hell, not even Paris Hilton behaves so ridiculous.

    Kerri, I live in hope that one day they will see the light. LOL.

  86. pamela says:

    RAN, I hope to see you admonishing the posters when they verbally “attack” the even younger Angelina.

    Of course I can understand Brad’s family not being happy to see his marriage fail, but i am sure his happiness is more important to them, and they did want him to remain in an unhappy situation. Probably if JA fans could learn to accept that she is not perfect, they would be able to let go of this divorce. I have been a fan of Angie for a long time, warts and all. There were times I wondered what in heaven’s name she was thinking, but i admired her spirit, and honesty above all. You all should try seeing Jen as she really is, it might be very liberating. She is probably deserving of your admiration, but you need to take her off the pedestal you have put her on.


  87. RAN says:

    Pamela, I agree with your last post, but not necessarily the one above it. But hey… it’s ok to disagree. I’m a live and let live kind of gal. The main difference is that I don’t see Jennifer Aniston as part of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie… They are 3 separate individuals. So what if JA tried to destroy them with the Vanity Fair article (which I don’t believe she did)? Can you honestly say you’ve never felt vengeance, bitterness or regret over any situation in your life? Have you never done something you regret? If not, it’s YOU who should be sainted… not us mere mortals.

    Tom and Nicole were completely different people in a completely different situation, there’s no comparison.

    You will find me defend anyone who is treated unfairly – even Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I am not a big fan of either of them, but I do love this site and try to be impartial to everyone else’s perspective.

  88. pamela says:

    RAN, I was just about to leave when I saw your reply to me. I am not a saint, far from it, but I am sure I will not try to sabotage someone else’s livelihood, and their good name. Before that infamous VF article, she said they had parted as friends, there was sadness but no anger. That all changed when that picture of Brad with Angie and Maddox in Kenya came out. There was no intimacy portrayed in the picture, but that is when she went on all out war, and allowed Angie and her children to be put in the line of fire. You bet she wanted Brad and Angie to suffer, although there had been numerous reports that the marriage was on life support long before Angie.

    And dont lets forget that she was getting it on with Vince, very publicly too. But you see in Jen’s mind, it was ok for her to do that, and show Brad that she had a new man in her life, and was moving on, but Brad should not be able to do the same. Talk about gall.

    And yes, Tom and Nicole was a different situation… they had children.

    I am REALLY saying goodnight now.

  89. Oh Duhh says:

    What the HELL!! ANUSton been dumped by Vince, Paul, and Mayer (the more known men) and it’s STILL BRAD PITT’S FAULT??????????? WHY can’t the ANUSton fans hate the person who recently dumped her.. it’s been 4 years since they divorced and yet her fans always go back to PITT dumping ANUSton whenever that braindead chicks got dumped by her last EX-BF.

  90. vdantev says:

    If you consider hopping from one asshole relationship to another ‘living well’ you are in a world of hurt.

  91. Kaiser says:

    Christ on a cracker. How many times are the Haters going to relive the same old fights?

    It reminds me of “Memento” – as if all of the Haters are the Guy Pierce character, stuck in the same cycle of confusion (ie, brain damage).

    And BTW, I actually think Pity Party would be good in a Woody Allen movie – she’s so neurotic and self-absorbed -er, I mean “acting”… 8)

  92. daisy424 says:

    Kaiser, love your ‘Christ on a cracker’ comment. :-)
    I think this repeated bashing is like the movie, Groundhog Day.
    Over and over and over………….

  93. Kaiser says:

    I give you Groundhog Day, Daisy. :lol:

    But will you give me credit for *some* of the Haters having Memento-esque brain damage? 8)

  94. daisy424 says:

    Kaiser, agree. Uh oh, CB just started another BP thread……..
    When I see the repeated dried up ‘facts’, it’s forehead banging on the keyboard again. I have been blessed with low blood pressure, but sometimes….. Good thing I don’t own a firearm, I’d be doing the perp walk.

    BTW, these people vote, kind of scares me 8O

  95. Kaiser says:

    Chin up, Dais. Seven of the HaterTrolls are the same person – she may have seven hateful voices in her head, but she only gets one vote. :D

  96. geronimo says:

    “..she may have seven hateful voices in her head, but she only gets one vote.”

    Nice, K. 8)

  97. vdantev says:

    If you think jumping from one asshole relationship to the next is ‘living well’, you’re in a world of hurt.

  98. Skank Basher says:

    Dear Celebitchy: That’s “bright yellow all-caps” SANS SERIF font. This from a graphic designer who knows the difference. An example of a “serif” font would be Times Roman. Just my two cents… :wink:

  99. bros says:


    did you see the story on imnotobsessed dot com (up there today) about jennifer calling Brad after her breakup with john M. and angelina being ok with it and hoping brad can help jennifer get over it and heal? she clearly has attachement issues. why the hell would you call up your ex husband 4 years later to whine about another breakup? what’s the matter jen? taking up too much of courtney’s time and getting in the way in her life with her husband that you need to call Brad now? no boundaries for this woman.

  100. KERRI says:

    Yes, bros, I have. I didn’t mention it because the JA fans would be all over me on that one. They have a reasoning for all of Jen’s actions. Bros, as I have said over and over again, how can these fans of Jen buy this crap she’s selling. Oh, how I wish I had a Bridge to sell. I’d make a fortune off these people. :|

  101. RAN says:

    Seriously you two — Bros and Kerri… how is it you actually BELIEVE that article? Who spread the news to the tabloids? If you want to believe it was Jennifer, then you’d be crazy.. if you want to believe it was Angelina or Brad, then they’d be the exact same type of person you complain that JA is – attention seeking a@@holes who are setting out to destroy someone they have nothing to do with. Let’s try a little reality please.

  102. Kaiser says:

    Kerri, Bros – I actually thought the Jen-calling-Brad’s-mom story was a plant by Pity’s publicity team. Anything to remind the Mini-Van Majority that she still talks to Brad’s mom (but…shhh…not her own mother).

    But I’m like you guys/girls. I tend to believe all of the bad stories about Pity Party – but honestly, if she really was as pathetic as some of the tabloids make her out to be, how could she even function?

    So I’ve tried to believe in moderation… it doesn’t always work.

  103. nina says:

    RAN, people who praise AJ for her honesty (which honesty?) have a warped sense of reality, imo….
    I totally agree with ALL your posts, btw.

  104. RAN says:

    Why thank you Nina! That’s a really nice thing to say and I appreciate it, thanks :wink:

  105. bros says:

    some other pap mag (Us i think?) has the story but claims AJ is completely pissed about it. interesting how 2 totally different angles are reporting on it. but its definitely getting reported by at least two magazines, so I dont know….both of them probably didnt make it up. wouldnt surprise me though that she did, and since I am more than ready and primed to believe the stories printed about jen and the depths of her neurosis and boundary issues, I can see this happening.

  106. Kaiser says:

    @Bros- Yeah… a bunch of different sources reported that Pity & Mayer were getting married, too. Look how *that* turned out.

    I think these stories are just some fluff to change the subject from the disasterous break-up, and bring home The Eternal Pity Party that envelopes Aniston like a warm blanket.

  107. nina says:

    It’s her party and she’ll cry if she wants to – so to speak.
    Also – she appears to be bad at picking dates….Not the first and not the last to have the problem. What’s the big deal? I am sure that you have friends who make just as bad of judgements. And then usually they find the right guy :) (or girl)

  108. Trace says:

    Kaiser – ITA. Jen’s PR team is trying to divert attention from her being dumped by John Mayer. They know they can’t keep slamming Mayer, because Mayer won’t take it lying down. He’ll come back with another “impromptu” interview with the papz about how pathetic Aniston is. Whether or not she called Pitt’s mom, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters to Jen’s PR is that she is once again associated with her ex-husband and capitalizing on his A-list status. Same with the Woody Allen PR stunt – another diversion from the JM dumping. At least this one shows her doing something worthwhile for a change like concentrating on whatever career she has left instead of meaninglessly sunbathing in another itty-bitty bikini.

  109. Kaiser says:

    Agreed, Trace. Like minds, etc. BTW, what is “ITA” again?

  110. Trace says:

    Kaiser – ITA stands for “I totally agree”.

  111. Kaiser says:

    @Trace – Cool. ITA with you, Pamela, Bros, Daisy, Geronimo, Syko, Bodhi, Snowy and Kerri. *proud* I learned a new acronym! Yea!

  112. tj says:

    I tink the day when brad n angelina ends their relationship.. it is gg to be really interesting.

    Not tt i am wishing them to break up.. cos based on the well-known hollywood couple statistic.. almost 90% break-ups, the rest.. says 2% remains couple without marriage (mostly gays) and 8% moves on with marriage.

    For those who are couple without marriage, the rate of staying together for more than 10 is almost less than 5%, and for those who married, the rate of staying together for more than 10 yrs is just as low. So, there is just a super high chance they break-up at some point.

    The mag sale covering their break-up will definitely worth more than the babies.. so if they are going to donate these money.. their break-up actually seems like a pretty good cause. :idea:

  113. tj says:

    oh yah i m quite curious abt this PR thingy… it seems like only in articles covering Brad/Angelina’s n Jen’s.. readers somehow will raise issue about their PR teams. Seems like Brad/Angelina n Jen really know how to employ a bunch of pretty hardworking PRs to help them. I guess these PRs are the most highly recognized for their effort in hollywood.. :lol:

  114. Kaiser says:

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I LOVE IT when HaterTrolls make up “Hater Data” to prove their case, and then use phrases like “I tink”…

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  115. daisy424 says:

    Kaiser, too deliberate, huh?

    I’m bored, think I’ll have a bubble bath, later

  116. KERRI says:

    ITA with right back to you, Kaiser, Pamela, Bros, Daisy, Geronimo, Syko, Bodhi, Snowy and Kerri (me).

    I’m moving on from this thread, I want to hear what David Spade has to say about the Mayer/Aniston breakup. I heard it’s not pretty and that he’s opening up fresh wounds.

    See you later on another thread. :-)

  117. vdantev says:

    *Tiny violin for all the Jennifer Aniston fans*

  118. Jeanne says:

    Jennifer Aniston=YAWN! And the men she hooks up with post Pitt are boring too. C’mon the best Vince Vaughan ever looked was in Swingers. Does John Mayer really look like he would be fun? The dude hardly cracks a smile. Say what you want about Ange, Brad Pitt really came into his own when those two joined forces. Pitt has grown, matured and is still drop dead gorgeous. He’s a Renaissance man now, actor, director, daddy, political activist. When he was with Jennifer he was just a good-looking accesory.

  119. nina says:

    Jeanne, Good looking accessory is great. Give it to me any day, especially if there are millions coming with the good-looking accessory.

  120. daisy424 says:

    Agree about Vince. Lordy, what happened to him? 8O
    I still think his sense of humor is intact. :lol:
    Nina, On another thread a couple weeks ago, some of us were speculating on who would be the perfect man for Jen.
    Maybe someone not in the biz. Any ideas?

  121. RAN says:

    Nina, thanks for making me laugh this morning :lol: That’s a good way to look at it 8)

  122. nina says:

    Daisy, I do not like speculating, but from my impression, it takes a lot of maturity and self confidence for someone in this business to date someone who is not (like Julia Roberts did, only that it would be better if she did not pick a married man)- and Jennifer Aniston is not there yet, I am afraid. I think a low profile, non show-biz relationship would be best for her…
    RAN – any time :)

  123. nina says:

    CB- why are my comments in moderation????????????????????????????????

  124. What can you say? Not every person has the same views but it’s good to see a varied range of ways of thinking about things, to put it crudely. Forces you to settle back and question your own habits and preconceived ideas at times.