Guy Ritchie hits the pub with sons Rocco & David while Madonna is away

Guy Ritchie out with David on 7/5/08. The pub photos are on The Daily Mail. Credit: MLM/Fame Pictures

I guess Madonna allowed her husband, Guy Ritchie, to re-attach his testicles to his body while she is away on her tour. Guy was spotted leaving a pub at 10 p.m., smiling. The couple’s sons Rocco and David were with him along with their nanny. But before you go jumping to conclusions- keep in mind that Madonna and Guy co-own the pub, and it’s a short distance from their home.

While Madonna’s away, it appears that Guy Ritchie is keen to make the most of his free time.

But does his famous pop star wife know that he’s taking the children with him, as he relaxes down the pub?

Guy was seen leaving the Punchbowl pub in London’s Mayfair with sons Rocco, and David, who was carried by a nanny as they left at around 10pm.

While wife Madonna has been bumping and grinding onstage in Berlin, Ritchie has been popping into the pub on a nightly basis, with one or more of the children in tow.

But as Ritchie and Madonna actually co-own the pub, it’s hardly cause for concern.

However, she may be a little perturbed at the late hour her sons have been keeping, as just the day before, Guy was seen leaving the pub with Rocco at after 11pm on Wednesday night.

But with Ritchie in the driving seat it’s more likely that the film director decided to pop in and see how things were going at the Mayfair pub and restaurant.

The Ritchies bought the 18th century pub in February from their friend Greg Foreman, the son of gangster Freddie Foreman.

It is a stone’s throw from the couple’s home in Mayfair and is frequented by stars such as Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Barbra Streisand.

Ritchie and Madonna are said to be regulars at the pub in which Ritchie is understood to have a 20 per cent stake.

Meanwhile Guy denied that he and Madonna, who is currently playing to packed houses on her ‘Sweet and Sticky’ tour, are planning to renew their wedding vows.

He told The Mirror: ‘We won’t be renewing our vows. I think once was enough. And I’ve just paid out on a big party for her birthday.’

The director whose new film RocknRolla will soon be released admitted that being married to a world famous pop star can be an issue in his professional life.

[From The Daily Mail]

In Europe, bringing your kids with you to a bar or pub isn’t a big deal the way it is here in the U.S. And as long as Guy wasn’t getting plastered in front of the kids, it’s probably not a big deal. I just find it interesting that Guy is a lot more friendly and happy-looking when he’s out alone. Don’t you?

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  1. Lara says:

    “I just find it interesting that Guy is a lot more friendly and happy-looking when he’s out alone” Yes, this is more than obvious in the second picture :wink: .
    As you said it, here in Europe it’s not a big deal, so let him be.

  2. Lola says:

    I find David Banda such a lovable cute kid. I have a huge soft spot for him. His pictures always make me smile. I can understand why Madonna fell in love with him.

  3. princess says:

    Maybe he needs Madonna to lay his clothes out on their bed before she leaves for touring. What is with the all white jumpsuit? Ugh.

  4. Diva says:

    Uhhh… I like the way he’s dressed.


    This and liking Katie’s pant-roll thing is making me think I have questionable fashion sense, lol.

  5. Kaiser says:

    Yes, he doesn’t look like he’s blinking out an SOS anymore. Very relaxed.

    Off-topic: In case anyone doesn’t know, McCain has annouced Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his Veep. I’m initiating a countdown for the day he refers to her as either a “c*nt” or a “trollop” – or both. *COUNTDOWN INITIATED*

  6. cara says:

    God, forgive me… I really am not ever into promoting affairs BUT…I sure do hope he’s sleeping with the nanny. I’ve seen her picture and she looks soft and sweet. ( no pun intended )

  7. texasmom says:

    Puba aren’t like American bars at all. When I was a kid we lived in England and the local pub had a garden for kids to run about in. AND a BEAR in a cage! Man, that seems weird now!

  8. DogRunner says:

    Re: White track suit.

    I think he is leaving a Kabbalah meeting. Men are required to wear all white.

  9. Syko says:

    When I was a kid, you could go in an American bar at any age, so long as you didn’t drink. I used to go to bars a lot as a teen for the dancing, but could not drink until I was 21.

    We didn’t have bears, though. I’m jealous. Those Brits really know how to run pubs!

  10. Kaiser says:

    @Cara – I, too, hope he’s nailin’ the nanny.

    @Syko, TXMom – Bars? Bears?

    Acually, when I was a kid (I’m in my late 20s now), bars let me in with my dad. The bartenders would let me sit up on a little stool and they would make me a Shirley Temple, on the house. :P

  11. duda says:

    I remember my dad taking me as a youngster to the bar with him to play video games and then hand me cash to go to the local mall (it was like 2blcks away) he was supposed to be taking me shopping…

  12. princess says:

    I wish that was his excuse but according to an interview he gave last week… he is not a follower of Kabbala. His own words.

  13. princess says:

    After a second look though both he and the child are wearing white. Maybe is filling in like a good dad and taking the kids in her absence.

  14. Leandra says:

    Relax! I’m sure the children will do just fine. It seems every move these celebrities make is cause for criticism. This is not even worth mentioning.

  15. czarina says:

    I thought the comment about just having paid out for her birthday party was a little crass.
    As for the all white look: only someone with enough money not to worry about either dry cleaning or replacing their clothes would put themselves and their child in all white–when my kids were that young, there would have been jam somewhere on both of us within an hour!!LOL

  16. hello says:

    Pubs are very family oriented…they’re sort of like little locally owned mom and pop restaurants, that happen to serve beer. We went to them all the time when I was little. They’re good places for local fare.

    I am so happy to see that David is still with us and that his youth has not been sucked away by Madge. Phew!

  17. Di says:

    I never liked Guy until they adopted David. He just seems so kind and gentle with them. Those Black and White photos of him with David were the first time I’ve ever seen Guy smile. I also think the matching outfits are really cute.

    David always looks happier than little Zahara. Maybe Zahara can leave the Jolie-Pitts and go live with the Ritchie’s where she can get some kindness and affection.

  18. nina says:

    He looks so cute with this little kid….Looks like a good parent. In fact, I think both of them are….

  19. Best of British says:

    Maybe, just maybe, he looks more relaxed without Madonna is because there are a lot less paparazzi there.. Sure its much nicer going out and about being just Guy Ritchie than Mr Madonna. Lot less attention, can act more normal. BUT doesnt mean he’s not happy to be with his wife – just not happy in the eye of the camera. Just a thought but then guess you’ll all go and bitch about how much of a monster Madonna is regardless. Personally I think she’s as cool as beans and I have loved her ever since I saw her at the Live Aid concert in 1985.