Gwyneth Paltrow is going to Goop up the Grammys with Cee Lo Green


As I’m sure you’ve already seen, Gwyneth Paltrow has been announced as a performer at this year’s Grammys. No joke. She’s going to perform “F-ck You” (which will likely be the radio-friendly version, “Forget You”) with Cee Lo Green. Gwyneth sang (via auto-tune) the same song when she first appeared on Glee, and this Grammy appearance comes on the heels of her CMA performance, where she got up on stage and twanged out a song from “Country Strong”. Gwyneth is really serious about convincing us that she’s musically awesome. It’s like Duets never happened, in her mind.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Cee Lo Green are planning to make beautiful music together – at the Grammys. The actress and the singer, who performed together on Saturday Night Live last month, will also be calling on some famous friends for help: the Jim Henson Company Puppets, PEOPLE has learned.

It’s not yet known what song they’ll perform, but what’s clear is the bond that Paltrow and Cee Lo formed when recording a new version of his Grammy-nominated hit “F— You.”

Cee Lo says Paltrow expressed “really feeling and appreciating what I had done artistically. That was awesome to come from her and feel her energy.”

Paltrow first performed a toned down version of the song on Glee. The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards will air on Feb. 13 at 8 p.m ET/PT on CBS.

[From People]

Can I just say something horrible? I never realized that Cee Lo Green was this big of a damn sellout. It’s one thing to change your song to more radio-friendly lyrics, and it’s one thing to be okay with some Goopy disaster performing your song on Glee. But to actually stand up on the Grammy stage with Goop and front like she’s a legitimate DUET partner?!? You suck, Cee Lo.

By the way, there were some additional quotes from Goopy’s interview in Harper’s Bazaar that I didn’t get to. In addition to whining about all of the lamers who hate on Goop, Gwyneth also talked about how she understands addiction: “I understand how you can do something bad for you because I smoked forever. I smoked even when my dad had throat cancer. I was like ‘I know this is probably going to kill me, but I’m going to smoke it anyway’. But I didn’t understand wrecking other people’s lives, and then kind of just waking up and tying your shoes. So Robert Downey Jr. helped me figure that out.” Eh. I’m not judging her for that one, I’m really not. I have a No Judgment Policy on smokers and reformed smokers.



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  1. flutters says:

    The Grammys also have Jaden Smith performing. And Katy Perry’s nominated for Album Of The Year. The show may very well be a worse trainwreck than last year’s when Swifty mauled Stevie Nicks and ‘Rhiannon’.

    But based on the way Gnarls Barkley successfully reinvented ‘Crazy’ for the Grammys a few years ago, I have a feeling that Cee Lo’s going to come up with something that makes this awesome for reasons that have nothing to do with Goopy Gwyneth. Then she’ll say something that makes it seem like she’s taking credit for it ;) .

  2. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I LOVE GOOPY!!!!

    LoL–I can already feel all the hate coming, so I thought I would get that out there. ;-)

  3. lucy2 says:

    That was my first though too – what a sell out!
    She’s STILL pushing that RDJ story? Good grief. He’s probably regretting ever discussing it with her, I’m sure he just loves her repeating over and over that he taught her about destroying lives.

  4. julbug says:

    My 16 year old son and I love to watch the Grammy’s together every year. I’m going to change it when she comes on.

  5. nellie says:

    I think Gwyneth can carry a tune and i will admit she doesn’t sound bad. When you compare Gwyneth to today’s current crop of female singers such as as Britney, Katy Perry and Rihanna than i would damn near say Gwyneth is great, but the way everyone in the press has gone on and on about her singing you would think she was the reincarnation of a young Aretha Franklin. I personally thought that Leighton Meester sounded way better than her in Country Strong but she didn’t get nearly the accolades or recognition that Gwyneth got.

  6. QUEST says:

    Ugh! did i have to see that last nightmaresh pic again. Come on Kaiser, please spare us from that pic.

  7. OtherChris says:

    It’s good to see that the panty flash isn’t a good look even on someone as skinny as old Gwennie.

  8. Embee says:

    I could’ve used a heads-up on the crotch shot. Did NOT want to view that.

  9. Rita says:

    G-Pal’s panty clad G-Spot shot prior to Cee Lo’s Green Goopy Grammy gig.

    Say that three times fast.

  10. flutters says:

    I personally thought that Leighton Meester sounded way better than her in Country Strong but she didn’t get nearly the accolades or recognition that Gwyneth got.

    @nellie, Leighton was autotuned within an inch of her life. Live she’s a weaker singer than Gwyneth. The biggest difference is phrasing: Gwyneth knows how to make a song work for her voice. That’s something Leighton still has to learn.

    You’re right that Gwyneth is far from a great singer herself of course. But compared against the very low bar of today’s pop tarts (not including Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, and P!nk of course!) she’d be considered good.

  11. guesty says:

    Cee-Lo reminds me of Mr. Mucus in the Mucinex commercials because he’s so round, blobbish, & animated. Oh & his last name is Green. Bwhaaa.

  12. Diane says:

    @guesty – that was hilarious!

  13. Rasputina says:

    Damn you, Cee Lo! I LOVED YOU!

  14. Cat Burrito says:

    Oh go away already. What is the F-ing phenomena? I mean She must have some really amazing spin doctors.

  15. annaloo says:


    Can I just remind everyone that the other definition that pops up on the internet when googling “GOOP” is that it mean SLIME?

    So to continue Guesty’s brilliant observation —you got Miss Slime dueting with Mr. Mucus! No matter how you look at it, it’s going to be gross!

  16. kiki says:

    Just when I thought the grammys could not get any more lame. Why do people insist on encouraging her? Now she will never go away.

  17. garvels says:

    Needless to say I will not watch the Grammy’s in silent protest of what the music industry has become an Auto Tuned PR Hyped Manufacturer of Noise Pollution. I instead will be rocking out on my treadmill to the tunes of Linkin Park,Black Keys, Mumford and Sons, Kings of Leon and Avett Brothers. Ha Ha.( I wonder if any of these bands will be recognized???)

  18. Matt says:

    Goopy has a good voice, but it is very thin and reedy. Cee Lo will sing her off the stage.

  19. poppy says:

    “really feeling and appreciating what I had done artistically. That was awesome to come from her and feel her energy.”
    who’da thunk it? cee lo green, the ultimate tactician.

    paltry, you’re goop is showing. never gets old to me.

  20. Melanie says:

    OK, she’s really starting to look weird like she’s had work done.

  21. motheroftheyear says:

    cee-lo is such a sell out.

    also, did GOOP have a face transplant over christmas break? she looks different…

  22. original kate says:

    “I have a No Judgment Policy on smokers and reformed smokers.”

    i agree, no judgmement on my part, either. but i have no problem being judgy-wudgy with a pretentious lifestyle guru who snots her way through life and spends most of her time cleaning out her colon.

  23. HonestSally says:

    I find it a little annoying that Gwyneth has probably (if I remember correctly) made statements against actresses that put out records/CDs, like J.Lo, but is sort of performing quite a bit herself and in just away to keep her “credibility” as an actress. It’s smart or lucky but she is obvious. I believe she loves music like anyone else but she has ALWAYs tried very hard to be “the modern Grace Kelly” (that wasn’t just put on her, she embraces) and this uppercrust actress but is trying to live vicariously through her musical friends (like Beyonce and Madonna) rather than go all out in what would otherwise turn her into the Madonna or J.Lo of Hollywood.

    She isn’t any better than anyone else, and is a phony. In her own way she may be very likeable as a friend and to her friends but as a person she just isn’t authentic to herself and maybe that is why people find her so insufferable.

  24. My Darling Pinkett says:

    Actually, it sounds like a cool idea. I don’t hate Gwyneth, so I guess most of you disagree with me. But I liked her cover of Forget Me, autotuned or not, and it’ll be interesting to see how they pull it off on the Grammys. She can sing, she just has a lighter voice. Cee Lo, while I adore his music, didn’t exactly impress me on SNL a few weeks back, although I saw another live performance and he was great. And I don’t agree that he’s a sell-out. What’s wrong with making it so that more people can hear his music? Heck, when I hear him come on on the radio, I turn it up and say “F*ck” in place of forget. All he did was make it possible for people like me to be able to hear him on the radio. There’s nothing wrong with that. Good for him for not being a snob.

  25. Boat says:

    I think she is a good singer.

  26. jover says:

    Agree garvels – I would add janelle moneau (sic) and Tame Impala; how many people actually watch this dreck from start to finish. ANd KP has the album of the year. You’re kidding. She must have lock jaw from servicing all the industry execs to get that sop to her delusional ego.