Cedric, the sociopath freeloader on RHOBH, is Brandi Glanville’s manny

You can’t make up these weird connections between random fauxlebrities. Yesterday Kaiser ran some photos of Brandi Glanville, Eddie Cibrian’s very publicly wronged ex, hanging all over Cedric, the freeloader from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kaiser doesn’t watch RHOBH so while she mentioned that Cedric was on that show she was more concerned with the romance that the photo agency was trying to make happen. I just checked and these photos are carried by more than one agency, so obviously someone tipped off the paps that Brandi and Cedric would be hanging out the day after the big RHOBH reunion special aired.

Brandi has responded to requests to comment and she said that she and Cedric go way back to when they were both modeling in Europe or something, that he’s indeed gay, and that she’s thinking of hiring him to watch her boys twice a week. Given all we learned about this creep on RHOBH, and the way he handled the break with his benefactor Lisa, I think it’s safe to say that’s a pretty dumb move on Brandi’s part:

“He’s my gay best friend! I’ve known him for 16 years. We modeled together back in Milan and Paris and London back in the day,” she tells E! News.

And while you may see Cedric at Brandi’s place in the future, it’s not because they’re hooking up or he’s moving in with her like he did with Lisa.

Brandi has hired him to babysit for her sons occasionally.

“They boys love him,” she tells E! News. “He’s going to be my manny for two days a week. He’s a great guy.”

A source says Glanville is actually currently dating an actor from a cable TV series. Just not Cedric.

[From E! Online]

Maybe that’s not a dumb move for Brandi, though. Maybe she knows that where Cedric goes, the Bravo TV cameras could follow, like vultures circling roadkill. Cedric is a scam artist, but he gets attention and Brandi might be hoping for some kind of guest spot on Real Housewives. She would make a great addition to the cast. She likes her cocktails, she bears a resemblance to the existing women thanks to the miracles of modern injectables, and she’s involved in a messy custody battle with a deadbeat ex who has taken up with an oversharing harpy who is trying to turn herself into Brandi’s clone. Bring her on!

Meanwhile US Weekly has more on the threats that Cedric made to Lisa and her husband when he left his posh life at their mansion. Lisa’s husband Ken Todd says that Cedric threatened him with violence. He claims that Cedric told him “The last time I was this angry, I stabbed my father.” Only according to the Les Miserables story that Cedric told Lisa and Kyle on the show, his mom was a homeless prostitute in Paris and he never knew his father. It turns out that he has some kind of family, including sisters. This is not someone I would trust to watch my kids.




Photo credit: WENN.com

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  1. meadowmuffin says:

    Not all friends are babysitting material! If Brandi is wise she will steer clear of the possible drama Cedric could bring. I think she could be supportive of her “gay best friend” without having to hire him as a nanny.

  2. Jayna says:

    He’s my gay best friend. LOL Brandi is becoming a fame w…re herself. Any guy who makes up his bizarre past would never babysit my children, ever.

  3. Rita says:

    This is really getting weird but here’s my take. Cedric probably isn’t this ugly creep he’s making a living portraying in the unreality of a reality show. Eddie dumps the kids when he and LeAnn are done using them for photo-ops and Brandi is sick of it so she puts out the story that Cedric will be watching them because their deadbeat dad won’t pay child support or look after his own kids on his custody days.

    For general consumption, not a good PR move on Brandi’s part considering Cedric’s “perceived” character.

  4. skilo says:

    I hope this is not true. I really hope she does not hire Cedric to watch her boys. If she wants to be friends with him fine, but if really nasty things surface about him, and I think they might she does not want to give that kind of ammo to EC and LR.

  5. cici says:

    1.) this is the best i’ve seen brandi look.

    2.) cedric the nanny – LMFAO.

    let me add: she’s known him for 16 yrs — big deal, so did Lisa and Ken and look how vindictive and spiteful he’s being to them. watch out, brandi – he will spill all the dirt on how you raise those children to everyone when you have a falling out…

  6. brin says:

    Co-sign with meadowmuffin & skilo.

  7. Happymom says:

    Wow-Eddie Cibrian knows how to pick them.

  8. Rita says:

    Fast forward one year:

    Deane Sheremet is a famous chef with his own cooking show while Brandi is the star of her own TV reality series and Eddie files with the court for spousal support. Meanwhile the newlyweds are bickering every day because Eddie refuses to look for work. One morning LeAnn hits him in the forehead with a little silicon rubber ducky saying, “Here, chew on this for a change. I have to go to work.” Eddie watches from the living room window as she drives away in the Prius to her gig at the refurbished bowl-a-rama and cast his sweets the sound of love in “Squeak, squeak.”

  9. Tess says:

    Child Protective Services ought to investigate.

  10. Roma says:

    Yes, Brandi is clearly trying to stay out of the spotlight while this all blows over. I have a gay BFF and we don’t walk down the street that way.

    Seriously, both Brandi and LeAnn are such attention seekers and I bet both are pleased with the tabloid attention they’ve been receiving.

  11. devilgirl says:

    Uh Rita, weren’t you the one who said in yesterday’s post that she wasn’t bringing him around her kids?!

    Guess you won’t have to kill me now! ; P

  12. bros says:

    wow, what a grifter! this man is so creepy! He is essentially using the same MO to weasel his way into another wealthy (by comparison) household and sink his manicured claws into another naive female. Look at him grinning like a Cheshire cat for the paps. Kyle’s words about him desperate for his 15 minutes ring very true. He is even wearing the same low cut black shirt and necklace as he was in his video for the reunion. this must be his idea of a carefully constructed rebranding campaign. Introducing the new and improved, slightly less griftier and 50% less sociopathic Oliver Twist Cedric!

  13. Rita says:


    Lol but don’t worry. This is all Hollywood show. Brandi’s sick of Eddie dumping the kids so he can go on vacation twice a month and this is just her way of shanking him. Brandi, has a lot of experience with douchy men and she won’t let another one near her kids.

  14. macey says:

    I think Brandi looks great. I dont watch the RHOBH to know anything about this guy but I wouldnt judge him based on his character on that show alone. Everybody knows “Reality Shows” are more staged and fake than regular sitcoms. They build those characters up into either victims or villains just so ppl will either love them or hate them…all for ratings and character attachments.
    I hope she does get a chance to be on that show. I think it would not only boost their ratings but drive LR even more batsh*t crazy than she already is.
    Ill bet anything LR & EC are now going to try to launch their own reality show of some sort just to keep up.

    GO BRANDI!!!!

  15. Jacq says:

    Cedric is still more sane than LeAnn & they both like boys. Cedric is still less of a freeloader than Eddie. You know? This could work!

  16. Jayna says:

    Roma, let’s face it. The paps didn’t just happen to be there. They set it up. This guy is sick and he’s her kids’ babysitter. Just wow. I knew when I was watching the show and he brought up his past yet again at a luncheon to Kyle and said I really want to tell you my story that he was trying to get more airtime. I figured then it was weird and his past probably wasn’t true.

  17. brin says:

    I hope Brandi does get the gig on RHOBH, I’d watch. She needs the $$ so she doesn’t have to deal with her deadbeat ex.

  18. LT says:

    I highly doubt that Cedric is just playing up some sort of perceived image…I don’t think there’s anything fake about it. He’s a liar, a manipulator, a freeloader and a famewhore.

    From what’s been said it seems that he was trying to extort money from Ken & Lisa in return for not selling his “story”…I’d love to know the details of that police report.

  19. Jezi says:

    I agree with Macey and of course Rita. I believe the characters portrayed on reality TV are not the way most are. They want drama and excitement and the ones that get the most attention aren’t the nice and sweet ones. I do believe Brandi knows her friends and would never bring anyone unfit around her boys. She’s helping a friend while getting help as well. She needs to make her own money so she’s doing what she has to do for her and the kids. Eddie’s left her no choice. I an proud of her and she deserves happiness after all she’s been put through.

  20. Eileen says:

    We have everyone and their dog requesting Brandi as the new BH Housewife! So get over there and request her. For anyone who wants to get snarky about it can either pay her childsupport she just got cut in half or let the girl get a good job and open some doors for her. Something good should come out of this for her.
    I personally love Lisa-she’s my favorite housewife, but I have to go with Rita and say these shows are extremely scripted and who knows who this guy really is. Is Brandi going to go with what she saw on a show or trust that she knows her friend for 16 years?

  21. Eileen says:

    @Jezi LOL you and I’s comments are almost the same! Great minds think alike! =)

  22. Jayna says:

    Brandi isn’t wealthy. About right now she’s middleclass. She couldn’t get a gig as a Beverly Hills housewife if she paid them. She’s not in their league moneywise or socially. She could get the Orange County Housewives gig. Most of them have no money either and just have the appearance of a high-living lifestyle. At least, she was married to an actor and would be better than some of them on there.

  23. Vanessa says:

    The craziest thing about this article is that she “needs” a manny.

    Why? She doesn’t have a job.

  24. LT says:

    @Eileen – Ken & Lisa knew Cedric for 15 years and we all know the end to that story. The guy is a documented liar, having said that he was an orphan and the rest of his tragic story, only to have it discovered that he does in fact have family and was taking K&L for a ride.

  25. brin says:

    Bravo needs to do this…Brandi would be ratings gold for that show, everyone would tune in because of the real drama in Brandi’s life. Girlfriend needs to be paid!

  26. Jezi says:

    @Jayna With all due respect you do not know Brandi and do not know her friends. She knows a lot of people and is in a social circle with big names. She is very capable of making it on that show. Her ex is Michael Meldman, he knows a-list actors.

  27. Eileen says:

    @LT-I don’t know the whole story on all of this, but I do know that when my friend Teri who was a Playmate was married to the drummer of Sevendust they lived around the corner from me and VH1 approached them to do a “reality show” Rock Star Wives. They did a little trial run show and it went great so they signed up for an official show. They had to submit a script to VH1 before filming and it was the same platform as these Housewives shows. So all I’m saying is these reality shows are planned and scripted from the get-go. There is no telling how they put the show together.

    @Vanessa-Brandi is going to real estate school so I’m sure that’s why she needs help.AND since she’s not getting her full childsupport payments she’s probably going with someone who can help her out as a friend.

    I swear she’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. LOL Guess you can’t please everyone!

  28. deb says:

    Awwwww lookie lookie some of Brandi Bssher sheep from twitter got let out to graze. ROCK IT BRANDI!!!!

  29. Cary says:

    With all this talk about her getting a show why can’t she get a real job and why is it ok for her to be a fame whore? I think their all crazy and need to go away.

  30. deb says:

    @cary define “real job” like one you would pick out perhaps? Eddie have a “real job” yet?

  31. macey says:

    @ Cary

    why should she get a ‘real job’, as you put it, when she could make far more money doing this? I think any type of work that delivers a paycheck would be considered a ‘real job’.

  32. Jezi says:

    @Cary what’s a real job? Isn’t anything where you make money a job?

  33. smith says:

    At the risk of sounding a bit suck-uppy, this paragraph made my morning:

    She likes her cocktails, she bears a resemblance to the existing women thanks to the miracles of modern injectables, and she’s involved in a messy custody battle with a deadbeat ex who has taken up with an oversharing harpy who is trying to turn herself into Brandi’s clone. Bring her on!

    I’d watch.

  34. Jezi says:

    Totally Macey…lol. Along with Deb.

  35. icantbelievethis says:

    I am hoping she was joking when she said this b/c she has 50/50 custody and 1 of her kids is in school. And this is quickest way for her to lose more time. Maybe I’m overprotective but I have never/would never allow something like Cedric to be alone with my children. Kids should be kept SAFE!

  36. NancyMan says:

    @ Deb @ Jezi

    I think Cary’s point was that she should find what good people once called a ‘career’. That would be a ‘job’ that offered advancement so one could, with hard work and effort, eventually retire later in life at the top of your chosen field with some sort of nest egg. That’s what parents with two young children used to do.

    Technically, prostitution brings in a paycheck.

    And, whatever happen to gossip about ‘real celebrities’? Ever since Reality TV came along, most of gossip generating whores and deadbeats are from the D-list and below…

  37. LT says:

    @Eileen – that would only be supported by VH1 reality shows though, which are owned by the same MTV crowd and all scripted. I think Bravo is different, although they still work magic in using different takes at different times. Still doesn’t change the fact that Cedric is just a straight up liar and has been long before RHOBH.

  38. Eileen says:

    @smith-hilarious and SO true! When I saw that pic of Leann in Aspen right after she got her new hairdo I almost spit my coffee all over my keyboard! Leann got the EXACT hair color and style of Brandi-there is absolutely no way anyone can argue with that! Can you imagine someone trying to look like you…oh and she happens to be your ex’s new piece? I’m telling you, you can’t make this sh!t up! LOL That along with everything else would make for some good tv!

  39. hiiiii says:

    it is a pity that brandi choose eddie over a modelling career. she is so pretty, in my opinion more than heidi or giselle by far.I hope she achieve some success in her life whatever form it may come in, and forget about eddie and leann who put her through hell. all the best brandi :)

    oh! i look forward to rita comments also, so funny!!!

  40. irena NL says:

    Never saw a modeling picture YET!!! Another of her tall tales?

    This woman needs HELP!!! NOW!!!!!!!

    Needs a “manny”? WHY??? Once she gets her rear-in-gear but until then – WHY???

  41. moxy says:

    i bet brandi asked her friend for help- he obliged with a candid “photo shoot” while in his reality show character and now she can get on the show and make some money because eddie sucks. end of story.

  42. Eileen says:

    @irena-wow you really bust it when Brandi gets any kind of story. Your posts are turning manic. Just take some deep breaths and hit the spa with your Leann money.

    @LT -if you think they get these ladies and just follow them around with a camera hoping something good will happen, you’re sorely mistaken. Kim & Camille just happen to have it out on their trip, Taylor just decided right in the middle of her birthday party she’s going to confront Kim (knowing how she responds to conflict), and Camille’s dinner party-well that was insane and you know completely planned. Then they go back and add more after the main filming. These shows are made because people want to see drama-and if the ladies want another season they have to deliver.
    Maybe Cedric is a complete ass-or maybe he agreed to let Lisa & Ken throw him under the bus for some tv time. Maybe what started out as a funny script got out of hand who knows?? All I’m saying is you can’t trust everything you see on these shows-people will do or say anything to get some cash and notoriety.
    I totally agree with you though, if Cedric is a blackmailing ass in real life-Brandi should rethink her choice in a manny. BUT I have to say, knowing what Brandi’s been through for the last year trying to help and protect her boys, its unlikely she would ever put them in a questionable situation. So I have to say, knowing what I know second hand about reality shows and knowing the way Brandi is-its likely he’s not as bad as he and the show is making him out to be.

  43. Jezi says:

    @Nancyman she is doing what she needs to do cause her ex is a deadbeat. Maybe he should become a prostitute. Oh wait he already is.

    @irena based on your comments you seem to be hanging by a thin thread perhaps you should contact someone for help.

  44. LT says:

    @Eillen – trust me, I’m not completely blind. I know the producers want good tv and can push for stuff (e.g. how it seemed they might have pushed Lisa to talk to Taylor), but not EVERYTHING is scripted. But I think the majority of RHOBH viewers can agree that the show isn’t making Cedric out to be a bad guy, he did that on his own.

  45. irena NL says:

    The truth is getting to the BB’s. Excellente!

    It was a mistake to think an appearance with a guy, currently under a dark cloud, would give her the exposure she so badly craves. Face it

  46. WYIJM says:

    Wow, the comments on these Brandi/Leann items are just extreme.

    I don’t really care about any of these people either way, but some of these comments – not sure whether to laugh or be scared.

  47. bluhare says:

    My IRL experience tells me that people telling others they need help should look in the mirror. Just sayin.

  48. Jezi says:

    @Eileen where’s that cuckoo clock sound effect when you need it. Lol. Someone is floating toward the deep end. Haha!

  49. Eileen says:

    IrenaNL-the only thing you prove when you post on here is just how whackadoodle Leann & her cronies are. No one who isn’t directly involved in this mess would feel as strongly as you do about Brandi. That lady hasn’t done anything to deserve such nastiness.

    Jezi-she’s getting on the Angelina/Aniston crazy scale! lol

  50. Rita says:

    @Irena #47

    That’s why LeAnn never carries an umbrella ella ella (Rihanna anna anna). You’ll have to excuse me, I’m in the loo.

  51. deb says:

    @Irena….wrong…but the “truth” must be grating on someone or you wouldn’t be here
    now would you?

  52. Boat says:

    This makes Brandi look bad. As for being on RHOBH, that won’t happen. Cedric won’t be on the show anymore either because Lisa kicked him out. I love how Brandi makes it sound like she was some type of high fashion model. What a joke.

  53. icantbelievethis says:

    @WYIJM Just laugh:)

    @NancyMan I agree. I don’t understand the want to be some type of reality figure. Whatever happened to just getting a regular job?

  54. Boat says:

    FYI, I think Brandi looks too much like Taylor to be put on RHOBH. They seem to pick ladies who look slightly different from each other.

  55. Jezi says:

    So in your people’s description of “job” its only if there is growth potential? So those people who flip burgers aren’t working? Or the ones bagging groceries? Not a real job? I recall Brandi being told to work at McDonald’s to take care of her boys. Now when she has potential to bring in money its not the right kind of work. And where is Eddie’s job?

  56. Rita says:

    Guess somethings just need splainin’.

    Reality Figure: $5,000/wk

    Store Clerk: $400/wk

  57. brin says:

    I really don’t get the hate for Brandi (jealousy maybe?) but because she is getting all these posts, she will definitely be a ratings plus for RHOBH.

  58. Sami says:

    I like and sympathise with Brandi; but I would be sorely disappointed if she went into ‘reality’ tv. RT is TRASH. It is RUBBISH! Its full of losers and no-hopers appealing to lowest of the masses. Same as Big Brother. Its the worst tv invention there is. No matter HOW desperately she needs the money, surely one should have some dignity and self-respect. As someone said, prostitution (which to me, RT is) is a career. That doesn’t mean is a valid and honest one. Only sleazy trash like Lohan and Hilton go for RT. I could picture it would be right up LeAnn’s alley. But never, not for one moment, thought Brandi would be into it. I would be completely turned off of her and lose all respect for her as a mother and as a person if she did. No matter how bad things are, no decent person would resort to RT. She is far too classy for that.

  59. icantbelievethis says:

    @Jezi I think BG has more than enough skills to do more than ‘flip burgers’. And I am the last to say working at fast food isn’t a job, my almost 10 years in the fast food industry supported myself, my son and paid my way through college. I actually enjoyed that job and learned alot of things that help me in the job I have now.

    As for reality tv, it isn’t a dependable way to earn an income. My issue with it is that the majority of people are going to tune in to see conflict between those 3 adults and maybe how BG deals with it. I don’t see that as being healthy for her boys (or her really). To keep ratings up there would have to be some type of conflict. No one watches the RHOBH for rainbows and butterflies.

  60. devilgirl says:

    Why would she be on RHOBH? Because she is friends with Cedric? She doesn’t even live in Beverly Hills.

  61. Jezi says:

    Brandi is not getting supported by her ex, in my opinion she needs to make money. Whatever she can do is a-ok for me. I will not lose respect for her because I know her and all her friends who know her most likely feel the same way. If she is on a tv show, she will become a character like all the other reality tv show actors and actresses. She only has two people that are really what matters to her and need her and that’s her boys. I’m sure they know who their mother is aside from what she will be doing on tv. All her boys will know is that mommy had to do this for them and that their dad sat on his ass and went on vacations while the woman he is with paid for it all, not to mention was the cause of their parents splitting up. So I cheer her on. She’s been through hell of a lot in her life and she needs to be able to provide for her boys and not rely on their father who isn’t doing anything for them. I’m sure all the people critisizing her would do it no matter what career path she chose.

  62. deb says:

    @brin….I agree… HOT TOPIC!!!

  63. dahlia1947 says:

    Why didn’t they ever hang out before the HOusewives show! I never, ever saw him before it aired! I don’t like him and I don’t think that he should be trusted. I guess he’s living with her now! LOL

  64. KCT says:

    Way to take the high road – acting just as stupid as Eddie and LeAnn. They all deserve each other. I just feel bad for the kids.

  65. Heaven Bound says:

    Right from the horses mouth!
    Brandi, has a lot of experience with douchy men and she won’t let another one near her kids.

    @ Rita it seems that YOU are the one being hired to do BG’s PR.

  66. NancyMan says:


    Good hard work, whether it be digging a ditch, flipping burgers or waiting table is nothing of which to be ashamed. In the old days, that along with the mailroom was considered to be a ‘starter position’ leading to bigger and better things. I’ve always tried to make the most of my opportunities partially because my mother cleaned houses and ironed for people so that I could have an education. I don’t see Brandi having that much resolve or gumption.

  67. Jezi says:

    @NancyMan you just made my point. It won’t matter what she does, someone will always have something to say. I wish her the best. I think she’s a very strong and kind woman. She’s extremely loyal and got crapped on over and over.

  68. deb says:

    This certainly is a HOT TOPIC!!! On a side note is Eddie working? Is he trying?

  69. Roma says:

    I’m sorry but this really does annoy me. I get it, you guys support Brandi and that’s awesome. But you guys have said over and over again that she’s not trying to be in the spotlight, she just wants to raise her kids, etc etc.

    And now suddenly she’s hanging out with the douche from RHOBH and calling him her “manny” in interviews. What grown man gets hired as a nanny? And suddenly she’s getting papped?

    If she wants to go on RHOBH and make a money grab then she should just own it. Many, many people choose that route. But then y’all need to stop making her into a martyr.

    And… if it really is all about her boys then do you really think her going on a show like that would be positive exposure for her and her boys?

    @icantbelievethis: I find it funny that on the BG/LR posts we both keep trying to be rational, and it really keeps getting us nowhere.

  70. NancyMan says:

    @ Jezi

    I wish I thought you were right about BG. But, I suspect the truth is she thought she married a hot looking meal ticket. She’s found out she was wrong and now she has to pick up the pieces. I can’t believe her best possible long term strategy is to appear on a ‘Reality Show” that is characterized by everything that is wrong with the world today.

    I also have a hard time thinking much of a mother with a stripper pole in her bedroom and the need to wear a f*%k-me skirt that short in public.
    As I don’t her, I hope I am wrong.

    PS If you work hard and end up owning the company, you can tell your executive assistant to hold your calls while you blog on a site about celebrity gossip. LOL

  71. Heaven Bound says:

    @ Roma and Icantbelivethis

    Hi Roma ( I have enjoyed your posts for a few years now). When this whole mess started I gave some very objective opinions to this matter, and I stated pretty clearly that I was on nobodies side. And then all of the sudden just like you guys get “ganged up” when you comment by Rita et al., They start getting pretty vicious with there comments if you don’t side with BG.

    I have been accused of being a LR supporter and that I am on her payroll etc.. Just because of my opinion. (which is totally false). These women are so invested in these peoples lives its unreal, they go to twitter and Facebook you would think that LR personally slept with their husbands. How do you invest so much of your time to investigate on a matter to that extent is beyond me.

    Anyway, the backlash will soon be coming…

  72. Jezi says:

    @NancyMan well sorry to disappoint you but I’m actually off from work today so that I can make comments on this site. Why are you concerned with how I spend my time? And fortunately I know Brandi and what she’s all about. I’m not worried about how she comes across because I know what type of person she really is.

  73. Eileen says:

    @Roma I believe I said she didn’t ASK to be put in the spotlight or this situation. As a model in the 90′s for Wonderbra and other brands, its obvious she was interested in being in the industry, but she gave it up to raise a family.
    You’re going to think what you’re going to think and no matter what anyone says on here will change that.
    None of what you guys is saying really adds up to me. She’s been out of the spotlight for over ten years and was happy just raising a family. Then her husband publicly betrayed her and their kids and she was thrown into this mess. I just don’t see a reason to be so hard on her for doing everything she can to make up for Eddie’s lack of financial support for the kids. And I certainly don’t see why anyone should BLAME her for trusting him to be the best father he can be to the boys…how could she know she was going to completely dump his responsibilities as a father to shack up and live off someone else?
    I am a stay at home mom and I would be completely blown away if my husband pulled an Eddie. Leave our family then screw me and my kids after I took care of everything while he goes and becomes an actor. He didn’t do all that on his own-she was there every step of the way.

  74. icantbelievethis says:

    @heavenbound @Roma
    Quick DUCK!

    I’m always happy to see your posts b/c its nice to have more members on “Team No one”.

    Funny thing is that not long ago there were people ripping LR/EC apart b/c they thought they were ramping up for a reality show. But BG does it and it is okay. I’m against any of them doing a reality show b/c their main conflict would be those 2 boys and that isn’t healthy.

    I’m sure RHOBH is scripted but it is apparent that Cedric got sympathy ith his sad story and if that was a lie then shame on him. And if Lisa filed a police report as she hinted then I wouldn’t want him around anyone’s kids.

    Making comments on a BG blog doesn’t make you a fan of anyone, just means your making comments on a BG blog.

  75. Eileen says:

    Wow Heavenbound-for someone who said you’re just like Leann Rimes if you judge her, you certainly are doing a lot of judging on here.
    That was my only beef with you-was when you were writing on a gossip blog that’s is wrong to judge a celebrity. I find that hypocritical. what you think of these parties involved is fine with me-but again, writing what you think on here is judging people.

  76. Jezi says:

    @Eileen maybe the problem is we make too much sense. I recall Brandi getting that pole cause Eddie wanted it. In fact everything she did was for Eddie. If I had legs like her I would be wearing a f*ck me skirt myself.

  77. irena NL says:

    Could be that Brandi isn’t so classy, after all. Maybe that’s just a lot of noise by Rita’s PR machine. So far Brandi’s tweets and choices are anything but “classy.” Rita might believe in the ole propaganda thingy that if something is repeated enough times others will begin to ape it. I’m not seeing her take the “high ground” or displaying respectable mother behavior. Reality Show might be her level.

  78. betty says:

    It appears the Brandi bashers are not concerned about Eddie finding a job. Although he seems to have one as a PIMP!! I noticed no one is bashing Eddie how he makes his living, especially the Team No One. The fact is Eddie&Leann were never offered a reality show they were and still are not a popular couple.If Brandi can make it on a reality show more power to her.Sounds like a lot jealousy because Brandi is an attractive woman. For you bashers who cares what you think you are not supporting her and Eddie is barely supporting the kids However she feels she can make a living that is what she will do.Now tell Eddie to stop pimping and get a job!!!

  79. NancyMan says:

    @ Jezi,

    Sorry for the confusing reply. I’m not really interested in anybody else.

    I was commenting on the ridiculousness of MY asking Sharon my assistant to hold MY calls while I waste MY time going on about people I don’t really care about. This is my secret guilty pleasure.

    If you really know Brandi, am I not correct that she and Eddie had a stripper pole in the bedroom of their last house? It was at the foot of the bed…

  80. Rita says:

    Yep, straight from LeAnn’s camp. Passive-aggressive with the “we’re just trying to be rational”. How much of that crap have we heard from LeAnn over the past 2 years. Anyway, God Bless and I’ll pray for you.

  81. deb says:

    Oh that Irena is a funny funny sheep…. Eddie have a job yet? Is he looking? You seem to have no problem with him being what seems to be a sponge?
    Why would you begrudge B IF she was trying for a spot on a show? It would be a job, wouldn’t it? Something you and the other sheep have been screaming about for quite some time here and other places. Could it be you actually don’t want her to succeed at all? It’s sure looks that way.

  82. betty says:

    @Irene NL I’m curious tell me what is respectable mother behavior and also respectable father behavior?

  83. skilo says:

    I just really hope that Brandi watches her back. Just because you know someone for 16 years does not mean you know what they are capable of. I grew up with a guy I thought was really sweet and harmless, and kind. He shot and killed a kid and stole his truck. Point is you don’t know what someone is capable of doing until they have done it, then it might be to late to protect yourself. LR will use anything she can against Brandi at any time so she needs to look out for herself.

  84. Jezi says:

    @NancyMan oh whoops sorry. That is kind of funny.

    Eddie asked a lot of things from Brandi and she would do things to make him happy. She was a devoted wife.

  85. irena NL says:

    I think it’s LeAnn who needs security. After all, it wasn’t LeAnn slashing tires. LeAnn has music and two films she’s working on. No “idle hands…” on Le’s part.

  86. Jezi says:

    @irena you’re mighty talkative on today’s post. I think its hilarious how bent out of shape you’re getting cause Brandi is taking some sunshine away from your best friend.

  87. Rita says:

    LeAnn Inc. is a pretty funny bunch. I love the fact that they are not at all interested in Brandi and know nothing about her while they stop bussiness in an office to comment about the details they know of Brandi’s bedroom.

    I (Rita) want you all to know that I too am neutral and support neither Brandi nor LeAnn. I’m just trying to keep peace by making reasonable statements. This has been my position for the last 2 years and will continue my neutrality in this situation.

  88. Louise says:

    I get the feeling that Cedric idea of baby-sitting is spiking the kids’ food with sleeping pills and strapping them to the bed.

  89. JenJen says:

    Haha, she is allowed to be friends with whoever she wants! I hope this is driving Shitty-on insane and Miss Margarine has been reduced to no sleep at all now.

    I thought before Brandi would be great on RHOBH and if they will give her a nice house, more power to her!

    Maybe on some of the past modeling shoots there was a rivalry between Eddie and Cedric, much like Zoolander ;)

  90. why? says:


    Was that a joke? Leann has musicmyet she STILL can’t get her single to chart.

    Leann has two films, yet how is she going to get people to watch those films when she can’t even get her own fans to download her music?

    Yes we know that Leann has idle hands, which is why she uses them to tweet about another woman’s kids and then tip off the paps.

    PS-Where did all of these LR “fans” and “I hate BG” posters come from? Just odd how these people have a habit of showing up out of the blue.

    What do you know about classy when you are opening up several different twitter accounts just to stalk BG?

    When you say highground, you mean you want BG to take EVERYTHING that you and EC dish out?

    BTW, nancyman and irena are the same person.

  91. why? says:

    irena, nancyman, jayna, roma, heavenbound, and all of these “different” posters who just showed up out the blue to comment

    So it’s safe to say that EC and LR must be getting some very major backlash because here you are once again trying to whitewash EC and LR image by trashing BG.

    According to People mag didn’t LR dance on a pole for EC? So then does nancyman=irena have a problem with that?

  92. icantbelievethis says:

    I finally got to watch the RHOBH Reunion part 2 tonight. Cedric is absolutely disgusting. Poor Lisa and Ken, I felt so bad for them. Especially Lisa.

    The “oh the supporters for this person/that person are coming out b/c of this/that” are always amusing.

    Missed you why?!!!!

  93. Roma says:

    This has gone from amusing to realizing that some people may have actual issues that come out strong in these BG posts.

    First, no comment on Eddie because this is a post about Brandi.

    Second, if you are her friends all I’ve ever said is tell her to tone down the attention seeking and she’ll have all the sympathy in the world. Because yes, LeAnn is pretty batty.

    And finally, please stop trying to call me new. I have posted here long before this scandal and I will post long after. I work in a male dominated field and after meetings where I’m the only girl I like to come back to my office and read gossip.

    This has now reached the level of Angelina Jolie posts and like them, I probably won’t post on BG stories anymore. I need to stop feeding the bear.

  94. Lemuria says:

    Brandi’s looking great. Stuff it Leann you troll. HA!

  95. why? says:


    Amusing is watching these “I hate BG” or “I am neutral and I am not a LR supporter, you are just misreading my posts” posters pop out of the woodwork.

    What I also find amusing is that LR reputation is so bad that even her own fans are ashamed to admit that they are fans.

    So does the presence of these “I hate BG” posters mean that we are going to see STAGED photos of LR and EC? Well that is what these so called “LR fans” have established.

    Instead of missing me, perhaps you should learn to stop misrepresenting yourself.

  96. JenJen says:

    Sparks are flying around here! Come on, if you are insulting someone’s character because of what they wear, that seems like jealousy. I don’t think anyone (with good vision) is arguing who is more attractive of the two women, so maybe that is beyond Leann and personal.

    Brandi is seen in one picture with someone and they are living together and he is raising her kids? Gimme a break.

    @Boat, The hope would be for me (and I think many) that Brandi would replace Taylor’s famous-for-nothing face.

    I think Brandi-Bashers say “oops” whenever they type the word “respect” in any form on these threads. Even they know it is not appropriate and would have a hard time defending using it in this situation.

  97. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘Instead of missing me, perhaps you should learn to stop misrepresenting yourself.’

    huh? do you realize how strange it seems to attack/criticize posters who aren’t attacking BG and are plainly stating an opinion?

    Just want to make sure we’re on the same page b/c I am sure I never insulted BG’s looks, physical anything or said I hate her.

    Man and I thought the Brangelina and Twilight posts got odd.

  98. Meerza says:

    It is LAUGHABLE watching LR “fan”atics behave as if their idol’s entire existence is threatened merely because Brandi got papped! Now I’m starting to believe that BG might be rating’s gold for RHOBH (or any other similar reality show). One can picture these “rabid” LR fans on twitter as well as “neutral” posters on gossip sites with their eyes glued to the tv-set, finger poised on their phones, waiting with bated breaths to send a tweet to their GODDESS about her nemesis’ on-goings on the show. Accompanying it will be the request for prayers and blessings from LR to get them through this difficult time!

    And, according to the information provided by Brandi’s advisers on morality – She erected a stripper pole in her and Eddie’s bedroom, at the insistence/approval of her husband,to indulge in creative sex, within the confines/legitimacy of marriage. Oooooh scandal and sin! ROFLMAO

    And to all those neutral posters who have made multiple posts on this thread alone but are questioning/chiding others over posting their opinions. Hypocritical much! At least, Brandi Supporters are upfront in their defense of the said woman. But these unbiased posters need to re-read their comments and, subsequently, come down from the pedestal of honesty and rationality upon which they have placed themselves.

    Moreover, these neutral posters need to count the number of their posts in this thread and then re-evaluate their understanding of the phrase “not invested in this issue.” Also, even I don’t like being grouped under labels of “Brandi Bunch” and “Team LR.” But I am honest enough to say that as a compassionate human being my sympathies lie with Brandi. She has been left in a lurch and is trying to cope with it anyway she can. Unlike LR who committed adultery and proclaimed that she did it for selfish reasons and has no regrets about it.

    BTW I am totally expecting further arguments from LeAnn Rimes PR camp to be like – “But we are not humans. We are basically ‘holy spirits’ invoked by LeAnn Rimes and her Pastor to smite all that is evil in her world! Let us do God’s work!” ;)

  99. Jezi says:

    @Meerza I always love when you come out and play…lol. I agree, they come back to post about how they are not going to come back and post. Hmmmm!!! I always wonder about people’s morality when they feel it is ok to bash a woman who has been thrown into this situation and been beaten down repeatedly. When she starts doing what she needs to do for her and the kids, let’s bash her some more. Doesn’t make sense to me but to each his/her own I guess. And for the record, I have never bashed Leann’s looks. I feel like her behavior alone is enough to pick apart and shows her true colors.

  100. irena NL says:

    @why? or gwen/AnnieB.

    Such long diatribes=dead giveaway

    Slashed tires
    questionable “friends”
    zero modeling proof

    Definitely makes a sound mind question the authenticity of the claims

  101. NancyMan says:

    Wow, that was exciting. Time for a cocktail….

  102. Hakura says:

    @NancyMan“Wow, that was exciting. Time for a cocktail….”

    Got one to spare? Things always get rowdy when a story includes even one of this triangle. Fun stuff.

  103. JoJo says:

    LeAnn supporters are sooo hypocritical, bash a recently divorced stay at home mom for not having as well of paying job as the deadbeat dad,(well she does at the moment LOL), and begrudge her potential to get a Reality TV gig that would provide her substantial needed income because ‘it’s beneath her’, even though Brandi would be out-earning her ex-douche-bag! Translation, LeAnn/Eddie don’t want Brandi on a reality show at any cost. Brandi would have a platform to say her peace in each episode, and the fellow caste would always be bringing up LeAnn (well known celeb) and Eddie (side kick) and bash their atrocious deeds and behavior. LeAnn and d-bag extraordinaire would either have to remain silent, stewing in their self-made hell; or lash back and respond, thereby keeping their despicable story in the news and further deterring their careers and putting it as a distant memory. Either way, Brandi has recorded media for the boys to enlighten themselves with as they come of age to recognize how mean,nasty and conniving LeAnn and Eddie and were to their mother and how they ruthlessly yielded their “power of wealth” to stress, abuse, torment and compel Brandi to agree to unreasonable divorce settlement terms. I’ve never watched ANY reality TV shows, however, I absolutely would if Brandi was in the show and LeAnn and Eddie were frequently being exposed for the scum they are. The “story” is a classic emotional struggle of right vs wrong, good vs evil, societies values, caretaker rights, civil treatment, and dysfunction of court system where wealthy people rule etc etc. Brandi’s Cedric link is perhaps just convenient for Cedric to introduce Brandi as a character in the show to the rest of the caste, I do hope so!

  104. Jezi says:

    @irena AnnieBowl is not Gwen…but you certainly are three_horses. Moving on!

  105. icantbelievethis says:

    @Hakura Can you slide a cocktail my way?? and popcorn . . .

  106. brin says:

    TMZ is reporting that Brandi & Jennifer Stallone have been contacted by Bravo about joining RHOBH cast….this could happen if it’s true!!!!

  107. betty says:

    @irenaNL Just who are you that someone has to explain or justify anothers actions too.Brandi admitted and offered no excuses for the first two and as the rest goes you are not entitled to one. Who cares what you believe just a lot of petty jealousy with your nit-picking.

  108. Eileen says:

    Well TMZ reports that Brandi is up for RHoBH-looks like its not as far as a possibility as some thought.

  109. Rita says:

    @Eileen & #110

    Do I dare hope my #8 comment really comes true? I do believe in Karma, I do believe in Karma. *Clicks heals three times* Where’s Jemshoes when I need her??!!!

  110. deb says:

    @ Rita So do I Rita So do I….big ass grin on my face…fingers crossed and toes too!!!!!

  111. irena NL says:

    No mistaking that why? is gwen/Annie/excuses/abc etc.

    Uncomfortable truths can’t be wiped away.

  112. betty says:

    Let’s hope it comes true . Brandi needs a good break!!!

  113. JenJen says:

    Even better about the TMZ post, is all the men (and women) begging for them to pick Brandi because then they would be love to watch the show!

  114. hatekyle says:

    i remember mentioning in my comments in another blog (THG) that brandi would make a nice addition to the TRBH cast just before they started the initial promo for that show.
    i hope this pushes thru. she’s 100x prettier than that horse-face has-been country star.

  115. why? says:

    Leann’s “fans” are SO loyal.

    Leann finally made it into the top 100s on Itunes for country songs(96/100). The problem. It wasn’t for her Crazy Women. Her song, I need you has managed to rank better than her Crazy Women Single.

    I guess we know what song Leann is going to be playing at her wedding to Eddie.

    In case you haven’t heard, Chase has been canceled.

  116. why? says:

    Ican’tbelieve this,

    In addition to misrepresenting yourself, are you trying to rewrite history? It can’t possibly be strange or odd, since just about every poster questions your true intentions.

    Are you arguing that your posts about BG are not insults because you didn’t trash her appearence? An insult is an insult, and that is the impression one gets everytime you post those “neutral” posts of yours where you deflect from EC and LR bad behavior by arguing that BG is in the wrong.

    It’s not about you having a different opinion, it’s about you being dishonest.

    Odd is how you continue to act like you are the victim or as if we are misreading your posts.

    So I take it you pull the same behavior in the Twilight and Brangelina threads, where you act like you are not a fan and make snide remarks to justify AJ and BP behavior?

  117. why? says:


    There is one problem, you are not a sound mind.

    Like the uncomfortable truth that Leann’s fanbase is so low that she has to pose as her own fans on these sites?

    Posts complaining about how long people posts are despite the fact that she continues to read those posts.

    Making a list of the names of the posters she is stalking.

    Always making it a habit to boo hoo over how BG slashed EC tires.

    Trying to deflect by bringing up BG DUI despite the fact that EC and LR drink and drive and have even provided documented evidence of this.

    questionable “fans” who show up and disappear at the same time.

    Zero proof of credibility.

    irena is RACY/ 3 horses on twitter.

    Evidently I was right about you, seeing as how your immediate reaction was to attack anniebowl. What a “great plan”, we won’t ever connect that you are posting under all these different names if you argue that anniebowl is gwen.

    Strange how nancyman “just” showed up within min after irena posted.

  118. brin says:

    I emailed Bravo and said Brandi would bring their ratings through the roof. They already contacted her, so they must be interested….let’s hope she gets on RHOBH.

  119. icantbelievethis says:

    @why I don’t usually post in the Brangelina posts unless it is to agree with another poster that the comments get heated. I don’t care for JA, AJ or BP (one way or another).

    My question for you is why take all this so serious? As another poster said none of us know these people. I comment here as I would a post about Kanye or Katie Holmes. It is just a blog about a ‘celebrity’, I have no strong feelings either way. My biggest amusement is that comments are taken so seriously.

  120. irena NL says:

    why? aka gwen

    Always repeating the same script. Used the identical scripts for Getty/Miller. Just pull it out of the word pad files but change the names

    Can’t re-write history gwen!

    No modeling pics, slashed tires, DUI, poor choice of babysitter, etc. Hard to digest but true

  121. JoJo says:

    @post 104 irena NL:

    I just read a post from JJ from a poster “RimesWOreason”, here’s an excerpt:

    ‘E! rooting for Brandi to get the gig, GO Brandi!


    I notice in the part @ Brandi, E! says; Brandi “recently learned that she won’t be facing DUI charges for a 2010 arrest”. I hadn’t known that, great news for her and will relieve her from stress which God knows she deserves after being forced to deal with that she-devil LeAnn!’

    irena etal: apparently you can no longer accuse Brandi of having a DUI conviction, the courts not ruling that way baby!

    Go Brandi, definitely will love to see you get the gig! Talk about a sympathetic character tossed aside like trash because someone with money wanted what she had. A great representative of Hollywood marriages and how the narcissistic bread winners treat their spouses and children!

  122. JenJen says:

    @JoJo, that is good news for Brandi, I hope things are starting to turn around for her, she deserves it! I saw an interesting comment that Lionel Ritchie paid his ex to NOT do RHOBH, and my guess is if Miss Margarine offered to pay off Brandi, she would laugh in her face even if the show paid less.

  123. why? says:


    Rewriting history yet again. So NOW you don’t post in the AJ and BP threads? I guess the next time you post, you will be telling me that YOU do not post in the Katie H and Kanye threads even though you just stated that was what you were doing?

    How are people taking things seriously just because they ask you to stop being dishonest? YOU do have STRONG feelings for one side, and that is strongly reflected in your posts.

    Your biggest amusement is misrepresenting yourself and then acting like people are misreading your posts.

  124. why? says:

    These LR “fans” are ALWAYS repeating the same script. That is why we can conclude that it was IRENA who was making all those posts in 221J name.

    From STALKING and HARASSING the posters from Popsugar to opening up several twitter accounts to harass BG, it is apparent that ELLEN/GUNGHO/STACY/CBME/RACY/TAMMY1 is pulling it out of the word pad files but changes the names.

    It is hard for Leann to digest the truth, which is that her fanbase is so low that she has to pose as her own fans.

    Speaking of DUI’s, is RACY, opps I mean irena saying that it’s okay to drink and drive as long as you don’t get caught?

    Why is RACY, opps I mean irena, so obsessed with those modeling photos of BG? Because she wants to SWF Brandi?

  125. why? says:

    Do you want to know why the “I hate BG” posters and the “I am neutral” poster have been posting in the last two threads with so much force?

    No, EC and LR didn’t stage a photo-op.
    But they did make an appearance at the KYGO Concert on the 3rd. Check the dates on these last two threads. And now it all makes sense. Leann has a concert, and what better way to fix Leann’s rep before and during that concert, than to depict BG as the villian.

    There is a video of Leann singing and giving an interview (talking about her LOVE and STILL I rise tattoos) at a radio station, and guess who Leann dragged along with her to that “concert” because EC loves nothing more than to gloat about how he scammed the court systems and his kids out of child support and well Leann just can’t trust that he will be faithful to her. She even mentioned that trip in Aspen, bad thing to do since we all know that EC “can’t” afford to pay child support.Chase has been cancelled, why is EC going to LR concerts(because LR thinks that she can make people believe that he is in love with her by paying him to say that she sounded amazing, it looks like LR had her chair positioned so that she could keep an eye on EC, who was sitting in another room)when he should be looking for a job? CMT is producing her movie, so we were right it was a favor from her friend.

    She still doesn’t know when her album is coming out, those “fans” just are not being loyal. They downloaded her I need you song, but they just won’t download the Crazy Women single. How does a song that LR made in early 2000s(?) do better on Itunes, than the song her fans are claiming is getting a lot of airplay?

    See I told you, these “I Hate BG”/”I’m neutral” posters don’t show up for nothing. So all of this was to clean up LR and EC image because LR had yet another interview/concert to promote on the 3rd.

  126. why? says:

    I thought LR “fans” said that she doesn’t care what we are saying on these sites? So how come the moment we question why EC is tagging along with LR on her concert tours instead of looking for a job, Leann then tweets that EC is reading a script?

    Leann’s career is toast. Get this, Leann’s song, I Need You is ranked 66/100 on the top country songs on Itunes(that means that on the regular Itunes list it’s really in the 600s). So where is Crazy Women on Itunes? LR fans are claiming that Crazy Women is getting a lot of radio airplay and that it’s ranked in the 40s, yet when you check Itunes, it is no where to be found. This is so sad, Crazy Women and Swingin STILL haven’t made into to top 100s on Itunes, they are being beat out by song that LR made a long time ago.

    Now the question is why is I Need You being downloaded? And who is downloading it because why would her fans go through the trouble to download that song when it’s the ones that are going to be on her album for 2011 that need the attention?

    What does that say about LR career and upcoming album/movie career with CMT when her own fans still insist on not downloading Crazy Women and Swingin, but will download a song that she made a long time ago?

  127. CB Rawks says:

    @irena “Uncomfortable truths can’t be wiped away.”

    LOL OMG!!
    You made me do that, irena. And I hate text speak. But DAMN that’s some jaw-dropping hypocrisy!

  128. why? says:

    Have any of you seen this? This is Grammy predictions for 2011 from the HitFix blog(written by MN). This is what they had to say about Leann/Jewel/Wilson being nominated.

    Best Female Country Vocal Performance

    “Satisfied,” Jewel
    “The House That Built Me,” Miranda Lambert
    “Swingin’,” LeAnn Rimes
    “Temporary Home,” Carrie Underwood
    “I’d Love To Be Your Last,” Gretchen Wilson

    The Grammys are notoriously out of step when it comes to the country field. Occasionally they get it right, but that seems almost more by accident than by knowledge. For example, let’s compare the singers nominated here with those nominated for the upcoming Academy of Country Music Awards: Lambert and Underwood are up for both, but the ACMs then picked the much more appropriate Reba McEntire, Lee Ann Womack and Taylor Swift. October’s Country Music Assn. Awards nominated the same females as the ACMs, but swapped out Womack for Martina McBride. So how the hell did Rimes, Wilson and Jewel get in here for most prestigious music award there is? Who the hell knows, but it might be time for the Grammys to rethink who gets to vote in the country categories and make it a little more restrictive. I’m not saying that the Grammys have to be in lockstep with these other shows (that are voted on by the country music industry) or that they aren’t all fine singers, but Rimes, Wilson and Jewel are nominated for performing songs that were in no way hits (remember that country is still a very radio-dominated format). What year do the Grammy voters think it is? Venting my spleen is pointless here, thank goodness, because there’s no way Rimes, Wilson or Jewel are winning (again, ladies, this is no commentary on your singing abilities) unless the voters in the know split their votes between Underwood and Lambert. If we go totally on vocal prowess, former best new artist recipient/”American Idol” winner Underwood wins, but Lambert’s delivery on “The House That Built Me,” which also had the bigger buzz since it is up for both song and record of the year, is so heartfelt and touching that a win may be undeniable.

    Winner: “The House That Built Me,” Miranda Lambert

  129. why? says:

    Leann tweeted that her song was charting well on the radio, yet when you go to Itunes, Crazy Women is no where to be found. In fact, a song (I Need You, which is 51/100 on Top country Itunes chart) that she sung a long time ago is charting better than Crazy Women and Swingin. Am I missing something here? What good is charting on the radio, when her fans STILL are not downloading her song? Does LR not understand that if her song was doing well on the radio, then the next result would be for it to be ranked in the top 100s on Itunes? It makes it look like her fans only want to support her when they don’t have to make much of an effort to do it. What type of “fans” do that?

    Leann tweeted that she has been dress fitting for the Grammy’s and Barbara S tribute, that must mean that photos of her and EC will appear in 3, 2, 1.

    BTW, E was right about LR selling her engagement story. We all assumed that it was going to be People mag, but it turns out that the deal was with the Cabo Social mag.

  130. why? says:

    Did you hear about Lady Gaga’s single, it just came out and it is already # 1 on Itunes and is breaking records? It’s things like this that makes one question why the radio airplay of Crazy Women(according to LR and her fans it is charting well on radio stations and the CMT list) still hasn’t launched it into the top 100s on Itunes?

    What do Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Bruno Mars have in common?

    Radio airplay of their singles TRANSLATES into downloads on Itunes and thus results in their singles being in the top 100 list(mainly in the top 20s or top 50s) within the same week that it was released and continues on into the top 50 list for weeks.

    So why doesn’t this happen to Leann Rimes? With all the media blitz from her engagement and trip to Cabo, radio interviews, and trip to Aspen, her song should be ranked much higher. What does it say about LR when it takes her single 6-8 weeks to get successful results(started off ranked in 60s and now is ranked at 40s on some CMT list), while it takes other artists just a week or day to make it into the top 100s list on Billboards or Itunes?