Halle Berry plants stories of Gabriel Aubry’s alleged racism, abuse & neglect


Of course there are more Halle Berry/Gabriel Aubry baby drama stories this morning. Of course. Yesterday, we heard about Kim Kardashian being the tipping point in Halle and Gabe’s tenuous custodial arrangement, with Halle freaking out about the idea that Nahla could be around a cat-faced famewhore. We also heard the back and forth about Gabe’s alleged racism, Halle’s verbal and written abuse (including Halle emailing Gabe “Thanks for the donation”) and how Gabe thinks Halle is just obsessed with playing the victim. This morning, we have a special treat: three pro-Halle pieces being shoved down our throats. First, TMZ has yet another story about Gabe’s alleged racism. According to sources, Gab “went nuts” whenever anyone referred to Nahla as “black”: “Sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ … whenever Gabriel would read a story about Nahla that referred to her as ‘Black,’ he would go off, insisting his baby was white. We’re told Gabriel would tell Halle and others they should demand a “retraction” when such references were made regarding his daughter.”

In addition to that piece leaked by Team Berry, People Magazine ran a more detailed story about how Halle fears for Nahla’s safety because Nahla freaked out a few times:

The custody war between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry publicly ignited this week – but several sources close to Berry tell PEOPLE that the real trouble began brewing around Christmas.

Berry became alarmed, say the sources, when the couple’s 2½-year-old daughter Nahla became hysterical after Aubry came to pick her up for a visit a few days before the holiday.

“She was crying and kicking and screaming,” claims one source. “She was hanging onto her mother’s legs so she didn’t have to go.”

According to the source, when Berry tried to calm down her daughter, Aubry grew impatient. “He got Nahla and forced her into the car,” adds the source, who says that Berry was extremely upset by the incident and that things between the exes – who had at one point been on friendly terms – immediately disintegrated.

Other sources close to Berry, 44, say a similar episode played out several subsequent times, including one incident in which Nahla appeared “traumatized,” according to a Berry source, after a visit with her father. They claim such episodes led Berry to fear for Nahla’s well-being.

A rep for Berry had no comment on the claims.

Public Fight
In subsequent days, Aubry, 35, has rebutted his ex’s claims, saying that he was “disappointed in Halle’s decision to falsely malign him publicly.”

Adds a source close to Aubry: “Those who know Gabriel well fortunately don’t believe a thing about what is being said.”

The drama appears far from over. On Wednesday, Berry – who earlier in the day was spotted with her boyfriend Olivier Martinez and Nahla – paid a visit to her family law attorney Neal Raymond Hersh in Beverly Hills.

“This is a very difficult time for Gabriel,” says the Aubry source. “He doesn’t need this right now.”

[From People]

Then, if that wasn’t enough, People Magazine ran another pro-Halle piece, all about why Halle pulled out of the production of New Year’s Eve:

According to a source close to Berry, [Halle’s] movie contract included compensation for Aubry to accompany her and Nahla to New York City for about two weeks of filming. But when Aubry decided not to go, says the source, Berry was forced to abruptly pull out of the film. She has since been replaced by Katherine Heigl.

Berry, 44, who has a nanny, currently shares custody of Nahla with Aubry. She pulled out of the New Line production not because she wouldn’t have childcare help but because she was concerned about leaving Nahla in L.A. while she filmed in N.Y.C., claims the source.

“When Gabriel refused to go, that became a factor in her decision to pull out of the film because she didn’t feel right leaving Nahla,” says the source. “No job is that important to Halle. Nahla comes first.”

The bitter custody battle is a far cry from the exes’ arrangement of only last summer, when Aubry accompanied Berry and Nahla to South Africa while the Oscar winner filmed her upcoming thriller, Dark Tide.

On Monday, Berry’s rep issued a statement to PEOPLE, stating that the actress had dropped out of New Year’s Eve to focus on her “serious concerns” about Nahla’s well-being while in Aubry’s care.

The next day, Aubry, 35, countered with his own statement, in which he alluded to her withdrawal from New Year’s Eve. “While Gabriel is disappointed in Halle’s decision to falsely malign him publicly and for her own purposes, he refuses to be pulled into her dispute over a canceled film production,” a rep for the model stated.

[From People]

All of it reeks of Halle’s spin, but the last one is really interesting to me. It sounds like Gabriel put his foot down and said that he wasn’t going to fly all over God’s green earth just to make everything more convenient for Halle and her schedule, and it sounds like THAT more than anything else was the tipping point. Halle didn’t get what she wanted, and like a child, she’s throwing a huge temper tantrum. Actually, a childish “temper tantrum” explains quite a bit of what’s happening in this on-going saga, and if I read many more of this planted Team Halle reports, I’m going to be fully on Team Gabe. I know I said I wasn’t going to pick sides, but it’s getting to the point where I might have to follow my golden rule of gossip: If someone is trying this hard to convince you of something, you know the opposite is true. When Halle and her team continue to plant this anti-Gabe stories day after day after day, it all ricochets back onto her.



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  1. brin says:

    ITA, Kaiser, this just makes Halle look worse. I saw her perfume commercial (her perfume is called Reveal) on tv…it takes on a whole new light with all this going on.

  2. lilibet1 says:

    Maybe it’s people categorizing his daughter into either ‘Black’ or ‘White’ that is his issue rather than him being offended that someone implied that his daughter was black. Why would he have been with Halle Berry if he was racist? Don’t get that one!

    I’ve chosen my side and it’s Team Gabe!

  3. someone says:

    Im sorry to her fans, but I don’t believe one word that she is saying…she always said that Aubrey was a wonderful dad..now hes not all of a sudden??? Sounds like shes pissed about something…but to back handedly accuse him of child abuse is too much!!!

  4. Marjalane says:

    We never heard one word about this couple- except how in love they were, until they broke up. I will never believe that Gabriel Aubrey would “go nuts” if someone called his daughter black. That’s not the kind of thing anyone would overhear and not talk about. Halle Berry obviously has rage issues and she’s now at the point where she can’t stop. All this racism stuff seems to be designed to keep her cast as the perpetual victim- her neverending life story. I wonder if she’s too crazy to realize that she won’t come back from this; Her reputation is taking a huge beating from all these lies.

  5. mimi says:

    This whole thing isn’t about Gabriel dating Kim K for 2.5 seconds, it’s about the fact that Halle expected to dump Gabriel and that be the end of his daily involvement with Nahla save for a couple of visits. What’s pissing her off is that Gabriel wants to be an ACTIVE father and that just doesn’t fit into her life plan. As soon as he tried to work out a daily visiting schedule that’s when Berry flipped her lid and decided to leak all of this vicious crap to the tabloids.

    I feel badly for Gabriel, she’s got the press painting him as a racist abusive asshole who maybe? molests his child. The poor man is outmatched and I just hope that the court can see through all the media bullsh*t…

  6. It sounds like to me that having this interracial baby together, brought out the bigotry in Gabrielle. Once again, no one wants to believe that racism exists. Well, it does; and having this child together just made their differences in that area show.

  7. tiki says:

    i believe berry is a very troubled woman. the depth of her problems has probably been masked by her beauty and fame. at this point, it appears her psychological self-control is unraveling. i truly hope there is someone close to her who is keeping tabs on the situation and on both berry’s and her daughter’s well-being.

  8. QUEST says:

    I am hearing all the buzz on the media about “Oh Halle is so concern for Nahla’s safety and welfare she has taken time off shooting to ensure that Nahla is protected”….this is Bu*lls**t.

    If Halle is so concerned why not settle this matter quietly. She is using her popularity and looks to her advantage to the tabliods.

    I think she is a b*tch and is just dragging things through the mud as a vendetta against Aubry. Someone (Aubry) finally had more balls than she did and she did not like it.

    If she was seriously concerned about her daughter – this would never have to happen. I wish Nahla the best in the end.

  9. Lizzy says:

    I agree with lilibet1 : if he was racist , he wouldn’t have been with Halle in the first place.
    I always thought Halle was a discrete person, trying to protect her private life but apparently I was wrong, this whole drama is ridiculous to be honest.
    They just need to grow up and realize that their daughter’s needs should be put first.

  10. Jackson says:

    Your Golden Rule of Gossip is too true. Also a good rule to remember in life in general. I agree with you, too, lilibet1, regarding categorizing his daughter. IDK, maybe he also felt that it negated him as being Nahla’s father, to simply call her ‘black.’

    Halle needs to dial it back about 10 notches and shut up already. She looks worse and worse in this whole thing….which makes me wonder if there is validity to *anything* she is claiming.

  11. krissy_kitty says:

    This makes me feel sad for that little girl. I’m somewhere in the middle on this, haven’t formed an opinion for either side. But I agree with you on this Kaiser: “If someone is trying this hard to convince you of something, you know the opposite is true.”
    Both sides have got to shut down all this public bickering. Can you imagine what they are like when they are face to face or speaking to each other over the phone??

  12. Roma says:

    I know that celeb gossip is a lot what the publicists plant but come on. Be jealous of Kim Kardashian if you like but I’m feeling sick that one day Nahla is going to read this crap.

    And like everyone said yesterday; it’s perfectly normal that kids have freakouts when being bounced from house to house, parent to parent. When my boyfriend’s parents split up the kids lived in one house and each parent would come and stay in the kid’s house for 2 weeks at a time as to disrupt them as little as possible.

    Halle doesn’t seem to be protecting Nahla and looks like a narcissist who cares about her own press.

  13. Plenty of people experiment with interracial dating, I know I have, but a person can date outside their race and still have prejudices about the other’s race. I know this from experience. Dating is not marrying; dating is for fun. When real life issues come up, for some of those unions a division is drawn out.

    So yes, he dated a black woman of mixed races because she has white features. This is what some white guys do, they prefer lighter skinned black women as opposed to darker ones with kinky hair.

    It doesn’t change their core beliefs about race.

  14. blinkblue says:

    I hope someone explains to Halle that she needs to accept the fact that Nahla has a father who has every right to participate in the child’s life – regardless of who he dates – and that to manipulate the situation to keep him away from her is the biggest display of disrespect and disregard for the daughter she professes to love.

  15. Nanea says:

    Poor Nahla!

    One day she will find out everything that went on with her parents. I only hope she’ll have a good therapist at her side then and relatives she can trust.

    That said, ITA with your golden rule of gossip, Kaiser. Not only where these two are concerned, but also when e.g. Stan Rosenfield tries to convince the world his client Charlie Sheen is doing OK or when a cracked out LiLo says she didn’t do anything…

  16. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Why would you publicly tear apart the father of your baby!!!

    These celebs are so selfish and never think of the children involved, absolutely disgusting

  17. Alex says:

    I was initially maybe 55% Aubry, but now I’m like 60% Aubry. I’m not fully Team Aubry yet, but Halle’s done some very diva things in this. And I suppose quite a bit of my sympathy automatically lies with Aubry, as men tend to draw the short end of the stick when it comes to custody battles.

  18. Canuck says:

    How unbelievable is it that Berry, who has a nanny according to this article, couldn’t have arranged to take her daughter and nanny to NYC with her, rather than supposedly backing out of the role so as not to leave her daughter “alone” in LA? I call total BS on this one and have to say that Aubry’s explanation on this point sounds a lot more plausible.

  19. CarinC4 says:

    @ notpretentious (13)

    I understand your point but please don’t refer to black women’s natural hair as “kinky”. If you have to, say tightly curled or the like.

    That’s a horrid word even if it isn’t a swear. thanks.

  20. devilgirl says:

    Already I am tired of this mess.

    Berry is a vindictive nut case, who maligns every man she has ever been with. I find it curious that all the men are the problem, and she is the innocent, victim.

    As MK says, “Something in the milk ain’t clean” and with this woman, that is an understatemnt.

    ITA w/Kaiser, the more someone tries to convince me that something is the truth, the less inclined I am to believe them.

  21. CarinC4 says:

    @ Ruby Red lips

    Apparently in Halle’s eyes, Aubry isn’t the father….he’s simply a sperm donor.

  22. k says:

    @notpretentious: OR, you know, they met while doing some sort of photo shoot and hit it off. Watch it with the racism accusations. You don’t know them.

  23. QUEST says:

    @Kaiser “Other sources close to Berry, 44, say a similar episode played out several subsequent times, including one incident in which Nahla appeared “traumatized,” according to a Berry source, after a visit with her father. They claim such episodes led Berry to fear for Nahla’s well-being.”

    She isn’t looking traumatized here:


    or here:


    or even here:


    WTF is Halle’s camp speaking about?????

  24. Whatever says:

    Halle didn’t get what she wanted, and like a child, she’s throwing a huge temper tantrum.

    Yep. I’ve thought since this story started that Halle was fine with Gabriel, as long as he kisses her ass, dates who she says and drops everything to arrange his life around her schedule. He got tired of being at her beck and call and started to assert his rights and that is when the smear campaign started. It’s a nice try, but she is making herself look like the ass. I feel sorry for her daughter.

  25. DianaPrince says:

    All this drama is pathetic in it’s transparency. Halle wants to be in control of her daughter at all times. Which isn’t feasible when the child’s father is no longer willing to “cooperate”. This lady has no problem going for the jugular. She doesn’t seem to think of the overall and long ranging problems this will eventually cause. She thinks about herself and what she wants in the here and now and that is all.

  26. CarinC4 says:

    Ok, fine i’ll take into consideration that Halle berry is VERY protective of her child. But there are TWO parents for Nahla where or not they are still together or not.

    The nature of these articles hints that Gabriel Aubry BARELY spends long periods with his daughter in general. She’s always with her mother, despite her mother’s work schedules.

    And can someone tell me WHY he had to be legally named the father, wasn’t it on the birth certificate??

  27. mimi says:

    @ notpretentious

    I agree with you that some people can go on a date or two with someone of another race and still be prejudice- but IMO that doesn’t apply to this situation. Gabriel was with Halle in a committed relationship for 5 YEARS and then fathered a beautiful mixed child with her and is still raising her. I find it funny how all of a sudden these racist allegations have come out? Wouldn’t we have heard about this when they were together way before Nahla was conceived?

  28. mymy says:

    Kids have problems with transitions from one house to the other. If halle was so concerned she should have spoken to an expert and they would have told her tears were common. My children would come back from their fathers and be so sullen and mad at me. It is common. My kids were older. This is how two year olds act. I suspect Halle expected him to leave without his daughter when this happened and also fed into it.My guess is if the press had called her a white child Halle would have called the press racist but that’s OK. If Aubrey said she is not just black then it becomes racist.He was correct if he even said it. I assume he was speaking factually and not racist. But today you can’t even say anything about the race of your own child. Lets say a child is Italian and Irish and the press kept saying the child was Italian the parent who was Irish said but she is Irish also. It would be fine. This over sensitivity is so ridicules.
    It is a crime to make things like this racist. It waters down real racism.

  29. tapioca says:

    Surely SOMEONE on her PR team must know that all this does is make her look so much crazier and more like an A-grade b*tch? And as an aside: it did have Halle Berry attached to it; now it’s got La Heigl in it – is it just me, or does New Year’s Eve sound like it’s going to be really sh*tty?!!

  30. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I agree with Jackson. But where is his daughter being called black? Where would that even come up? Did someone write an article saying, “Halle and her daughter Nahla, 2, who is black”? As far as Nahla crying when Gabe comes to pick her up, I recall my younger siblings also crying hysterically anytime they were separated from my mom. Toddlers are like that.

  31. Crash2GO2 says:

    @CarinC4: Regarding ‘kinky’ vs ‘curly’ – I have curly hair, and frequent a website for curly haired women of every ethnicity. One of the most favored products on there is called Kinky Curly Knot Today. The name doesn’t seem offensive to anyone that I’ve ever noticed. Not trying to pick a fight, I just thought it was interesting, and I never considered that such terminology might be offensive.

    I think Halle is simply throwing everything she can at Aubrey hoping that something will stick in order to paint Aubrey in the worst possible light. It’s only going to back fire on her, because it makes her look like a lunatic. Which apparently, she is.

  32. L says:

    I’m still Team Nahla, but I’m amazed that Halle doesn’t seem to realize that most of us know at least one divorced person with kids. Who cry and freak out about when going from one place to another. And if Nahla was throwing a temper tantrum, what was he supposed to do? Stand there and coddle her? (which I’m sure is what Halle would have done) No, he picked her up and put her in the car. That’s not abuse-that’s parenting.

  33. Jezi says:

    Halle needs to stfu at this point. She’s looking worse and worse the more she leaks garbage. He always looked like a doting dad and seemed very active in Nahla’s life. It’s disgusting how people try to manipulate the court system. I have a real problem with women who do this. A father is a very important role in any child’s life and especially girls. A positive male role model will determine how she handles her future relationships. Ms. Berry of all people should know that. She was lucky to find Gabriel after all her bad relationships and look how she’s treating him. I’m disgusted with her.

  34. e says:

    “whenever Gabriel would read a story about Nahla that referred to her as ‘Black,’ he would go off”.

    Um what stories? I think the only time I have read anything that referred to the child’s ethnicity or race it was some tabloid story about an adopted child (Angelina, Sandy, Madonna, etc).

    This is such a load of crap. I am really starting to dislike this woman.

  35. K:

    …so, none of us here knows them; so why comment at all? Is that your rationale? Most of the posters say that Halle is crazy and they don’t know that for sure.

  36. R says:

    Team Aubry all the way. Halle’s antics have done nothing but convince me she’s a vindictive controlling bitch. Bashing your kid’s dad is NOT COOL (speaking to you Mom!!!) and to do it publicly??? Lowest of the low.

  37. mia girl says:

    I just don’t understand why she is playing this out so publicly? Even if most of what she is saying is true (which I doubt), she has come out so full-force-mega-psycho that there is no way she ends up looking good… so again whats the point? Take it to court, but why the court of public opinion?

    Worst of all, as many others have pointed out, her daughter will one day read all of this stuff. For that reason alone, what they both are doing, but much more so Berry, is unforgivable and disgusting.

  38. Laurie says:

    I don’t believe Halle…at all! And the more these stories come out, she will lose support from the public. Nahla has a father that wants to spend time with her and wants custody of her – isn’t that a good thing, Halle?!

  39. Lway says:

    Any child would be traumitized by divorce or seperation – it’s normal for little children, especially little girls to cling to their moms – Halle should stop slating Garbiel. She shacked up with a new guy, Garbiel should have the same freedom to carry on with his life.

  40. annaloo. says:

    @mimi: I absolutely agree.

    And kinky is not offensive ..nappy is…I describe my hair as both, depending on the day and my hair’s mood.

  41. Eve says:

    I don’t believe what she says anymore…ever since those hit and run episodes I think she behaves like a spoiled, reckless brat most of the time. Also, she’s constantly blaming someone else for her own failed relationships, it’s never her fault.

    I think she has really serious unresolved issues and, when confronted, lashes out on anyone who disagrees with her.

  42. Delta Juliet says:

    What’s sad is that this is a father who wants to be in his child’s life and he’s being punished for it by a controlling bitch.

    Body language speaks volumes. Look at him when he’s holding his daughter. There’s no disdain for her, race or otherwise. Gimme a freakin’ break.

  43. grace says:

    Everybody who has little kids know that one day a kid feels super attached to someone and refuse to leave them, and another, they cry to stay with the other person. It happens all the time, that does not necessarily mean someone is mistreating them.
    If he is such a racist, why was he in a relationship with a black woman and had a baby with her? Bs, I don’t believe the racism claims.
    And besides, what kind of mother makes public statements that her daughter’s father has a problem with the kid’s race? This girl will learn about what was going on one day…

  44. jackie says:

    People, please stop getting worked up over this racism thing – because it is exactly what she wants, to associate his name with it to make him look bad.

    None of this appears true to me, and she is a really ugly person for doing this.

    So far, the father of her daughter, whom she was with for 5 years, and whom was seen with her even months after the breakup is now a:

    1. Racist
    2. Child toucher
    3. Abusive
    4. Freeloader

    I wonder when she realized all of this, 2 weeks ago?

  45. Fuzzy Cat says:

    Halle better simmer down with this custody war if she wants to continue her career – if she keeps up with this behaviour she will end up like Lohan – overexposed and no one will want to see her in a movie because of seeing her too much in the tabloids.
    I used to be a huge Halle fan – I’m team Aubry on this one.

  46. Oh yeah! says:

    If you don’t have a biracial child I would suggest you not to further comment about how could he be racist if he had a child with her. A white father of a biracial child I know is the most racist son of a bi@ch that had a kid by a black women. He is so damn ashamed to admit his kid! Don’t you all know you live in the capital racist country of U.S.A??? Wake up and smell the racism, it’s all around you.

    White guys wont even talk to white women with a biracial child. This is a black and white issue, and this is why most of you are even commenting so heavily on this topic!

  47. jen says:

    I know 2 people that have worked with her & they both say she’s nutty butters!

  48. mln76 says:

    @Oh yeah look at how he treats his child. He isn’t ashamed to be seen with her or to be with her. Just because you know some
    A-holes that are racist that doesn’t mean he is.

  49. Tif says:

    Picking sides is not cool! Just going with what everyone elsa says huh kaiser.

  50. devilgirl says:

    @Oh Yeah- ARE YOU KIDDING ME, with the “White guys won’t talk to a woman with a biracial child”?

    Is that statement serious or are you just trying to stir the pot here? One of my better male friends not only talks to a woman with a biracial child, he married her.

    That statement of yours is so wrong, it is sad.

  51. mia girl says:

    Yes, IMO she realized this two weeks ago at the same time she realized she would not be getting an Oscar nomination. She was trying HARD for that.
    I think she was only holding back the “crazy” for the purpose of getting an award nomination and not because she was trying to amicably solve this with him. The timing is just too suspect.

  52. CarinC4 says:


    No i wasn’t directly offended or mad, no arguement. In some cases (like the name of the hair product), i don’t see it as offensive either but recently (I think it was Method Man….or one of those rappers) there was an article about a person hating black women’s natural hair and they said that it was peasy? or some other name and i was like- Wow…….are people still on that kind of slander concerning hair??

    To tell you the truth, i personally don’t favour the word. It reminds me of the sterotype of natural hair being “nappy”, “unkempt”.

    I wasn’t trying to come off angry or insulted. I just simply didnt want to see hair referenced like that.

  53. R. Harris says:


  54. Po says:

    I’m curious about what the end game here is. Do these people really want to end up like Kim Bassinger and Alec Baldwin fighting over visition a decade after a divorce? They have both went so far in their public argument that there is no turning back now. Halle’s people are essentially saying that Nahla’s father is a racist abuser. The only way they can backpeddle now is by coming out in a couple of weeks and saying that the tabloids were all making up lies and since Halle has alreay had her stories leaked in people magazine her side can’t do it. She’d have to cross the one magazine that is sure to always paint her in a good light. These two people screwed up big time.
    Oh and one sidenote about the Halle is just a victim raitonale. She’s over 40 years old and if she is to be believed she had dated some of the biggest a**holes around for over a decade. If she’d keeping company with men like this for so long maybe it’s because she’s a bit racist and abusive herself.

  55. mimi says:

    @ Oh Yeah !

    Okay I see your point but that is ONE man…and as you stated that man is ashamed to admit the child is even his. It doesn’t pertain to Aubry who proudly is fighting to have his name on the Nahla’s birth certificate as her father AND is fighting to see Nahla on the regular?

    Also, you can’t simply single out the US as a racist county. Racism exists in every country sadly…

  56. Dea says:

    @Kaiser: “If someone is trying this hard to convince you of something, you know the opposite is true”. That is so true Kaiser – I have proven that with my co-workers, friends and like and espcially with celebrities. I alwyas take as example the celebrities who deny plastic surgeries and say that from time to time when in fact the opposite is true just by googling their pictures (i.e. Kidman) Or when something is wrong in their relationship/marriage they keep saying “our relationship couldn’t be better” and then in days you hear the split.
    The other day I was thinking that Halle could not make up things for Gabe but I doubt a little bit now by reading more in the press. Not that I am taking any side still but Gabriel does not seem to be that kind of guy unless we have another Jessy James type here. You never know what is hidden behind people unless you know them well. I am in shock by the escalation of this relationship. I really feel sad for Nahla. She never is going to hear great things from each parent for one another. That will reflect a lot on her well-being when she grows up. I have had family members who went through that and it is very painful for the child to see parents hating each-other.

  57. Tammy says:

    This fight is all about power and control. Halle wants to be in control of the situation. All the accusations are just a smoke screen.

  58. Salina says:

    Bossip calls Nahla “swirl baby” I just saw when they were covering this story but even they were coming to the same conclusion as CB on this story. Nahla deserves better than this at 3

  59. mymy says:

    Let me see if I heard you correctly. We cannot comment on a bi racial child if we don’t have one?I suggest you come down off your high horse. For you information this country is far from the most racist country. Read your history

    The USA fostered free criticism of the phenomenon: no such criticism was allowed in the Muslim and Christian nations that started trading goods for slaves, and no such criticism was allowed in the African nations that started selling their own people (and, even today, no such criticism is allowed within the Arab world).
    Today it is politically correct to blame some European empires and the USA for slavery (forgetting that it was practiced by everybody since prehistoric times). But I rarely read the other side of the story: that the nations who were the first to develop a repulsion for slavery and eventually abolish slavery were precisely those countries (especially Britain and the USA). As Dinesh D’Souza wrote, “What is uniquely Western is not slavery but the movement to abolish slavery”.

  60. Tif says:

    Yeah, the white folks with the he was with a black chick bit….is annoying as hell. Please use the word racist properly. Racist means you’re trying to stop someone from gaining employment, housing, and a quality education. Bigotry and being prejudice has to do with trying to be better than someone elsa. Go get a dictionary.

  61. mymy says:

    And here are the figures so that you may understand how wrong you are saying we were the most racists nation. I am sick of the mis information. Was it wrong yes. Nothing will change that fact. But get your facts straight before you post.

    European slave trade by destination

    Brazil: 4,000,000 35.4%
    Spanish Empire: 2,500,000 22.1%
    British West Indies: 2,000,000 17.7%
    French West Indies: 1,600,00 14.1%
    British North America: 500,000 4.4%
    Dutch West Indies: 500,000 4.4%
    Danish West Indies: 28,000 0.2%
    Europe: 200,000 1.8%
    Total 1500-1900: 11,328,000 100.0%

    Source: “The Slave Trade”, Hugh Thomas, 1997

  62. whitedaisy says:

    I see that there are many new commenters today- all in support of Halle’s accusations.

    Looks like her PR team is on the move.

  63. Redheadwriter says:

    Didn’t Halle “adopt” Eric Benet’s daughter? Where’s she in all of this? I guess parenting is only parenting when it’s convenient!

  64. Stephanie says:

    Berry could really lose big if she keeps this up, especially if she gets a judge who does not look kindly upon one parent lambasting the other in a VERY public manner.

    I really feel bad for that baby.

  65. Jezi says:

    @Oh Yeah You really shouldn’t generalize about people. I am bi-racial, not black and white but white and Puerto Rican, so does that give me a right to voice my opinion? The person you are writing about has issues and let’s leave it at that person. There is no evidence that Gabe is racist.

  66. Shay says:

    Teams? Please. She is an egotistical actress and he is a love-me-do model. I feel sorry for their daughter.

  67. OXA says:

    I have never seen an article where they mentioned the race of Halle’s baby …what magazine is this supposedly from – KKK Today! This is another fabricated story by Halle and her team who are doing Nahla such a disservice.

  68. annaloo says:


    I have to agree with you… WTF IS racism anymore bc by any standard we are throwing around, EVERYONE IS RACIST.

    I don’t think at any point either one of these two looked at their child and thought “hmmm, I’m going to love her less bc of her skin color.” What is awful is that they are creating her legacy and future as the little girl with the beautiful BUT INSANE parents who slung all sorts of toxic mud before she even learned to ride a bike.


    And with all due respect, Black people do not have a monopoly over the word racism.. yes, it exists EVERYWHERE, and there’s plenty of it within their own communities.. I should know, and I think it IS victim thinking when the race card becomes the default go-to card played when things get acrimonious.

    This is coming from someone biracial (me- black/asian) who has been ostracized, made fun of, yelled at and tut-tutted on numerous occasions bc I don’t fit a black stereotype. EVeryone judges on everything: height, shapes, sex, color, status, education, etc….Until you are in someone’s head, you don’t know why they are motivated to do the things they do…

    So until we become mind readers…

  69. Bellatrix says:

    You know what would be really rich? If it turns out that Gabriel was planting all these stories about himself just to get revenge on Halle, knowing how the golden rule about propaganda and communication would eventually turn out in his favour.

    The pretty boy gone super gossip-savvy. Hah!

    Alas, this is not some secret evil mastermind remake… There goes my funky imaginary scenario. Shoot! :-(

  70. devilgirl says:

    @R.Harris- I guess it’s our business because crazy Halle made it our business by running to People magazine with her usual “Woe is Me: The terrible Travails of Halle Berry” tales.

  71. Obvious says:

    my friend’ daughter throws tantrums when he dad picks her up for visitations. but you know what? she throws a fit as well hen she goes back to her mom. she gets comfortable and doesn’t want to leave where she is. kids do it all the time, specially little one. i don’t believe anything happened, and t he more i read from camp berry the more firmly i become planted on team aubry.

  72. OXA says:

    @ Readheadwriter
    Halle lied about that in interviews, she never adopted her as she claimed. She discarded India( her supposed adopted daughter) along with her father Eric Benet, who said she never intended to adopt her and who Halle publicily accused of being a sez addict.
    Eric Benet claimed she was the one that went outside of the marriage.
    Halle has a history of going to the press to publicly defame her men when she is done with them.

  73. SweetiePie says:

    I think if a parent ever accuses the other parent of any type of abuse on their children, that is proven to be untrue. They should immediately lose custody, and be charged with a crime. They need to take a lesson from Sandra Bullock on how to act with some class during a split.

  74. Bailey says:

    this is Halle been Halle.
    she always seem to get vindictive when things don’t go her way when it comes to a break up. she is totally planting crazy stories and slandering exes. How low can she go?

    Team Aubry

  75. SEM says:

    Oh Halle, no one is buying your bullsh*t and the one who is going to lose here is YOU. Millions of people who may have been fans are now DISGUSTED by you, congratulations.

  76. Cheyenne says:

    notpretentious: he dated a black woman of mixed races because she has white features. This is what some white guys do, they prefer lighter skinned black women as opposed to darker ones with kinky hair.

    That doesn’t prove he’s a racist, since plenty of black guys share the same preference.

    @Crash: Ever try Ouidad products for kinky/curly hair? I have two cousins who swear by them. http://www.ouidad.com

  77. Mia135 says:

    @MyMy, I’m sick of the misinformation too. However, the movement to abolish slavery was not uniquely Western, it had to do with a whole host of factors, many of which started in Africa and with African peoples themselves.

    African nations (many of which never actually practiced slavery in the first place), and coastal villages were actively rising up and rebelling against the slave trade WAY before Westerner abolitionists came on the scene. But largely they were out-gunned, out-resourced and overpowered by the might of the Europeans.
    But more towards the end there were some successes- this is why it started to become too dangerous for people to try and capture slaves.

    I just mention this because I notice that many people like to paint this picture of African nations as being these disgusting places where people sat around happily selling off their own into slavery, while only pious Westerners had the moral depth to fight against it.
    Let’s also not forget the dynamic and complex nature of the slave trade at this time: For example, there were groups in Ghana who were defeated and captured by the British. One of the conditions which the British set for these groups to remain free and live peacefully was that they had to provide slaves and gold in order to live peacefully.
    They had no option than to raid less-powerful towns to come up with the slaves and gold.

    Also the fact that The Industrial Revolution started to kick in, making it cheaper to produce cotton, etc. It simply became a matter of simple economics for the West to do away with slavery. It became too costly and ineffective for the West to use slaves for this type of labour, so the West started to reject slavery.

    Yes, there were white Western abolitionists who fought actively against slavery, but please do not white-wash history by suggesting that it was them alone.

    See, who needs a “race card” when you have knowledge of history on your side!

  78. Relli says:

    @ devilgirl…….. exactly!

    this woman plays the victim card more than the little boy who cried wolf and with the mighty Opes on her side to tell her story every time she put down, its always a good sell to America. Halles always there with eyes brimming full of tears to tell the story of how yet again the man is trying to keep down a black woman……. and the people buy it hook, line and sinker.

    ITA with Kaiser, this reeks of someone who cannot control their situation and is throwing tantrum about it. I think she really expected Gabriel to wait around for the next 18 years while she dated other men and focused on her career all while he is also available to cater to her every move and make her feel wanted when there is no other man. The thing is this guy seems driven to work and do things all on his own and there is one thing Ms. Berry does not like is independence.

    She can make all the remarks she wants and paint this guy (who i am sure is no angel either) as a racist and/ or possibly a child molester. But someday this little girl is going to grow up and form her own opinions and i think that is when Halle Mommy Dearest is going to rear her ugly head. Believe in Karma or not, but it always comes back for you. And at this rate Halle has a lot to pay for.

    BTW: all the discussion about race and ethnicity had me thinking about my own child. Although his father and i are technically the same race (thank you US Census for letting us know that) we are different nationalities. OFTEN times we joke with each other about our child showing more tendencies of one than the other, becuase we both take pride in our own mother lands. But its all in jest, because at the end of the day we love him, period. Sometimes people say things and they are taken of context. ESPECIALLY to a person who is trying to get rid of you.

  79. Bopa says:

    Dating a black woman doesn’t negate racist tendencies. Remember Strom Thurmond. Even though I can see it being possible it always irks me when people wait to fight for custody to start airing out their dirty laundry.

  80. mimi says:

    Cheyenne I LOVE Ouidad!!!! If I had the money I would get her to use her ‘cut carve and slice’ method on my hair into the perfect haircut for curly hair!

  81. Roma says:

    @Mia135: Exceptionally well articulated.

  82. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ Oh Yeah
    I’m biracial and I’m married to a white guy. Our first two kids are very white and our youngest is brown like me. I have a lot of fun teasing with my man about “our little bean boy”. When ur mixed race like me, and obviously ethnic like me, race is what u make it. I grew up very intouch with both my white and hispanic families and was raised very colorblind in terms of negative prejudice. What affected me far more was my parents nasty divorce. But as nasty as it got, they NEVER once got racist with eachother. Shame on Halle for such disrespect to her own child, because that’s what it boils down to. And she is the one who has brought race into her relationship issues before. I think she is insecure about her own mixedness. Why does there have to be an identification with one race over the other anyways. I’ve always just considered myself an American.

  83. Javagirl1 says:

    Eh you all beat me to it. I too was wondering what a story referring to Nahla as “black” would sound like. “Halle and her black daughter…” or “Nahla (who is black)…”

  84. Lem says:

    I am glad (maybe not the right word) that she is heaping it on thick as you please. One offhanded comment is very hard to defend yourself against. The more outlandishish her accusations the easier for him to blow out from underneath them
    I agree Berry PR seems to be infiltrating comment sections. lol@them no one seems to be paying them any credence. Dear Team Berry: you overplayed your hand

  85. John Wayne Lives says:

    And whil I’m commenting I personally have noticed more prejudice with minorities against other minorities. Just my experience.

  86. Lem says:

    good grief, can you imagine how hard it would be to be GA right now, wanting to scream from rooftops to defend himself.
    He’s doing a very nice job of keeping a lid on it, IMHO, that must be hard!

    WTF is she thinking? What is her train of thought here? What does she want us to believe? This man is fighting for joint custody so he can? what? yell slur words at his daughter whilst molesting, neglecting and abusing said child?
    makes me sick to my stomach!

  87. Cheyenne says:

    @mimi: I’ve never tried Ouidad although everyone I know of who has used their products has been very, very satisfied, so they must be doing something right.

  88. DGO says:

    She’s sounding crazier and crazier. I hope she doesn’t try to gas herself in the car like she did after her last break up.

  89. Cheyenne says:

    DGO: I hope she doens’t try to gas herself in the car like she did after her last break up.

    At this point I’m so disgusted with her I couldn’t care less. I just hope she doesn’t harm the kid.

  90. Chrissy says:

    Halle is losing my respect fast!!! She is the partner with power in the relationship … she has more money, more fame … so, to me, there is absolutely NO REASON for her to go after Gabriel like this. Even though I would still dislike the airing for dirty laundry, I could understand it if she was the one who wasn’t a star and had to battle a big name in court. As it is, if all of this is true, let it be handled privately … in court. This is making her look so bad.

  91. lrm says:

    no, the USA is NOT the capital racist country of the world, by far…
    go virtually anywhere else [oh, except the holy northern europe, which we all know and are told constantly, it absolutely perfect and ranks so highly on every damn survey,,,,but anyway...]
    go anywhere else, and you will see bloody, sometimes literally, racism on a daily basis. and while we are at it, china, korea and japan are perhaps the most racist countries…but why have a scale? lets just say there’s alot of racism in the world. and it’s not just perpetrated by whites-much as people would like that to be true-b/c it’s so much easier, isn’t it? you white skinned, you bad.
    anyway….i agree that of course someone can date or mary or parent interracially, and still be racist.
    but, i also agree that PC nation has gone into overdrive.

  92. Alina says:

    This is disgusting and I’m surprised that halle began this horrific drama.The things made public even if true ( but I really, really doubt it) will affect nahla so much when she’s older.To me she sounds like she lost her mind.At first everybody said that she was with that guy only for his sperm and it seems more and more plausible but she din’t fu*k a sperm box, that’s a real man and he has the right to see his daughter.

  93. ElleD says:

    And whil I’m commenting I personally have noticed more prejudice with minorities against other minorities. Just my experience.

    YOU MEAN HOW SOME “LIGHTER” HISPANICS ARE PREDJUDICED AGAINST DARKER ONES? RIGHT? I brought up Hispanics because that is apart of your heritage… Predjudice within race groups has been existing far before your time. So I ask.. where the heck have you been? Are you just now noticing that? Or were you trying to throw in a “slick” comment…?

  94. Eileen says:

    @DGO I have an inlaw who has tried to commit suicide and doctors say there is a 85% probability they will try it again, which this person did try again.
    I hope that Halle isn’t in that 85% and I certainly hope she doesn’t bring her daughter in the car with her if she does!

  95. Hakura says:

    Kaiser, you’re absolutely right about the ‘rule to gossip’.

    Halle is beautiful (in appearance), but her actions are ugly. These accusations are too conveniently timed.

    She set about on this mission when he filed to set up an enforcible custody arrangement, which means the control she has over Nahla (When Gabriel can spend time with his daughter, & under what circumstances) is no longer her decision. She can no longer use Nahla against him as a punishment when she’s unhappy with him, & the law will enforce that. (As her mother, I’m sure Halle believes Nahla is her child, period. No one has the right to tell her what she can & can’t do.)

    I don’t believe Halle would have continued sharing custody,& allowing her daughter to spend time alone… with a man she believed to be a misogynistic bigot who might harm her. I believe those terms are merely ‘buzz words’ being used to draw very negative attention to Gabriel for the sake of associating those things with him, for the purpose of convincing him to back off on pursuing a *set* custody arrangement.

    Stop with this, or I’ll make sure you don’t get to see her at all. I’ll do whatever I have to.’ It’s truly a shame, because so many children don’t have fathers who want so badly to be part of their lives, to support & spend time with them as a parent.

  96. K says:

    Note to Halle’s PR Team: You are doing an injustice to Halle as you are showing the world her true colors (for those who did not know about her past, i.e. drunk driving,etc..).

    Team Aubrey.

  97. Disbelieving says:

    Team Sandra. Can’t help but contrast her behavior with this mess. Child first. Drama second.

  98. original kate says:

    whoa, nelly. this is gonna get ugly.

  99. Zoe says:

    I will believe this guy is a jerk before I’d believe he was a racist. He did have a kid with Halle Barry and date Kim Kardashian after all. They probably got into an ugly fight and she decided to power trip. Who knows, but his actions and choices don’t dictate that he’s racist in the least.

  100. Cali says:

    I don’t believe a single word. Halle is certifiable. I think this is going to blow up in her face.

  101. Lisa says:

    I’ve always thought Halle while pretty came across as high maintenance….And like the others above, she is quick to place the blame at their feet when the common link with all of them is her. Maybe she should look in the mirror. I’m not saying they both don’t have issues, but, how come she’s allowed to play be different rules? She can date whomever she likes while he has to get an approval from her. I’m far from impressed with her and funnily enough I haven’t heard anything about the “daughter” she had with Eric Benet. Seems to me that Kaiser is onto something…The best the Gabriel Aubry can do is let her continue to make allegations and say nothing, sometimes with a loose cannon, you just pass the rope along and they’ll hang themselves…Poor Nahla, she’s the real victim.

  102. bluhare says:

    What I don’t get is why didn’t he insist on his name on the birth certificate in the first place?

    That being said, I think Halle has definitely hit the “she doth protest too much” stage.

  103. skilo says:


    a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
    a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
    hatred or intolerance of another race or other races
    yea we know how to use the word thanks

  104. newtsgal says:

    I’m sooo over Halle and her crying wolf everytime she breaks up with a dude.
    She needs to read the break up handbook by Sandra Bullock

  105. Ari says:

    I am tri-racial but have always been viewed as an “oreo” I am pretty annoyed with Berry’s ass making us look crazy and “mixed up” its what people have been saying for years about non-homogeneous offspring and to be honest, I thought we were over this racist crap.

  106. hildine says:

    I hope this nasty witch never works again. I will never watch another film of hers.

  107. Danni says:

    These allegations of a man being a racist even though he has a child with a bi-racial woman and loves his child would be just a stupid joke if, yes, they didn’t have a child. Poor thing. I hope the family judge orders Halle to anger management. This tantrum has crossed the line and then some.
    I hope he realizes no one is going to buy this.

  108. Eileen says:

    @bluehare I would want my name on my child’s birth certificate-I think they real question is why Halle DOESN’T want his name on there.
    This story is really hitting close to home for me-my mom seems s lot like Halle. I grew up my whole life being poisoned against my dad and when I still wanted a relationship with him I would get called the Devil Spawn. I’m really starting to feel for Nahla-and the father who will be fighting a constant battle to prove to his daughter that what mom says isn’t true. I hope he doesn’t give up!

  109. Kasey says:

    After reading this article things have started to smell pretty raunchy but make a little more sense to me. This whole ‘Halle being concerned about Nahla freaking out when its time to change hands and her not liking how Gabe dealt with it’ makes sense, considering it looks like Halle is keeping her tethered to her apron strings. However, the reality is Nahla is TWO. Two year-olds throw tantrums (40 yr olds apparently do too). She doesn’t know anything other than she’s comfy w Mommy and now that Daddy’s here she has to switch it up again. Further, Gabe did what any sensible parent should have done with a TWO year-old who wanted their own way which wasn’t really the best for them-he firmly resisted giving in. Is she trying to say Nahla doesn’t throw similar tantrums with her? Actually, maybe not b/c she gives in to every 2-year old whim, maybe another reason Gabe wants to have some balance in parenting.

    I have LONG cringed about how I foresee Halle raising Nahla ever since some interview where she talked about how Nahla recognized her on a mag in the store and the lady behind her didn’t recognize Halle/Nahla and told her that wasn’t her Mummy. The way Halle relayed how she whipped off her shades and responded made me think, “OH NO! She’s gonna be one of those mothers!” Gabe already played the baby-sitter in South Africa and he was done with that. He’s her father and was done following Queen Berry’s orders as if he were her manny. He wasn’t smart enough to ensure that his name was on the birth certificate (that’s telling right there) but he caught sense and has realized that he isn’t dealing with sweet, amicable or reasonable Sexy Halle anymore. Crazy Berry was here! He chose to file for his parental rights AND joint custody. Not unreasonable, somewhat commendable. THAT’s what makes sense.

    What DOESN’T make sense????
    1-”Someone” blabbing that Halle doesn’t feel safe about leaving Gabe with her child AND that her baby’s Daddy made racist remarks to the public. BADLY done! She should have locked that information up and socked it to him in court.
    2-IF she was so concerned for Nahla’s safety with Gabe and if she had a babysitter a)why couldn’t the babysitter watch Nahla in NY while she was filming? b)why the dickens would she be leaving Nahla with Gabe on-set of filming or even while she was gone if she was concerned about the child’s safety! NO SENSE! Sounds crazy, smells fishy! I hope a judge sees through/calls her out on this. I sure do-she wanted evidence of her self-sacrificial parenting.
    3-The yet-to-be-seen/read articles Gabe got upset over about Nahla being black. IF there is any truth to that, I’d be mad too if I had a child who was bi-racial that the WHOLE world knew about and they were categorizing that child by the other race. I’d point out too, “No she’s not black, she’s black AND white or mixed.” I have a feeling that was taken and reported out of context and maybe incorrectly.

    Gabe finally wised up to the fact that he was doing all the hard work and sacrifice in parenting but not even having his legal rights as a parent and needed to right that. Halle never intended for any long-term deal with Gabe. She has flipped her switch and just wants to enjoy life and have it all at the expense of men. When Gabe decided he wasn’t content with the role of baby-sitter that she assigned him, her crazy claws came out. Someone posted recently about Crazy Berry taking her dogs with her during her suicide attempt. I am HONESTLY concerned about the outcome of this. I think the judge should grant joint custody, Gabe should be recognized as the father and some serious counseling needs to be mandated. But that’s obviously not what Crazy wants. Even though that’s the best for her child that she claims to love and want the best for, it’s not what she wants. She is not acting rationally. She’s either spinning tales or being vindictive. Berry is oozing crazy and she may actually believe some of this. What’s she gonna do if these claims aren’t true? I REALLY shudder to think of what she might do if she doesn’t get her way (sole custody and authority on Gabe’s interactions with Nahla)!

    Good grief! Gabe must be SOOOO thankful right now that he only had ONE child with this loon! I really DO hope he refuses to say another word and just lets Berry’s crazy juices flow.

  110. Runs with Scissors says:

    Isn’t it pretty well known that she bleaches her skin and got surgery to change her nose? (Not to mention straightening her hair and lightening it.)

    IF these things are true, then couldn’t it be possible that she’s the one with the race issues?


  111. sunseeker says:

    In Vogue she said,

    We are still friends, we love each other very much and we both share the love of our lives. He was absolutely the right person to have this child with because he is going to be an amazing father.

    She is one stupid woman and I have lost all respect for her. He is not perfect none of us are, neither is she. Keep whatever problems you have for your day in court.
    And when my husband and I separated two of my children went with no problems with my husband when he took them out but my youngest always cried, after a couple of weeks she was fine. Grow up

  112. Jezi says:

    @Eileen I have to call you later. We are going through this exact thing with my fiance’s daughter’s mother. It’s really sad. When a father wants to be there for his child and the mother does everything in her power to not allow that relationship to happen for her own selfish reasons.

  113. hottathanholywatta says:

    She is crazy!!! – She knows that calling him a racist will get everyone to side with her. If he really is a racist NEVER in a million years would he have EVER dated, let alone had a child with her. A true racist wouldn’t so much as talk to or befriend anyone from another race. She is a very ugly person who happens to have a beautiful shell

  114. mymy says:

    I bet she hopes he doesn’t want to spend all his money fighting for his parental rights. It can cost a small fortune. Set up to make money off parents. Court appointed this court appointed that. It is a nightmare.Halle is used to getting her way
    And I assume she believes in the end she will prevail. She gives mother’s a bad name. She so USED Aubrey for his donation. And was hoping to control him or better yet have him be like her father and leave the picture. She thinks that is normal. And she certainly doesn’t need child support.
    I hope they make her get therapy. She has classic personality disordered behavior.
    It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with personality problems.
    He better bank some bucks. Because i fear this is the tip of the iceburg.
    Halle is begging Oliver for a child now. And if you look at old pictures of him > I can see why this narcissistic mother would choose him for her next victim. It is all about her child’s looks. And It isn’t a dark black man she is picking. She ought to be ashamed of herself. This next victim looks like he would disappear into the woodwork. Just what she has in mind. Superior looks and money. halle is about as evil and conniving as they come.Bet these actions have put Oliver on high alert and messed up her plans for a perfect looking child.

  115. Ron says:

    Halle is an ACTRESS!! An Actress!! Of course she’s insecure, it goes with the territory. Even though, I haven’t done anything in years, yesterday someone criticized my weight and I bit their head off very publicly. I should have let it go, but that actor rears it’s head and I am off to the bitchrace. 99% of actors are insecure and it doesn’t matter how pretty/successful you are. So I am speaking from experience here. These stories read as insincere and if he was a big ole racist, how did he hide it so well until after they had a baby? The stories say two things either “I am an insecure lying bitch” or “I am so stupid I didn’t realize I was with a racist until after we had a kid” either way, Halle’s issues and both of them make her look bad, not him.

  116. Mel says:

    @Runs with Scissors, she definitely got a nose job. Not sure about bleaching her skin… I’m African American and yes we tan too and lose it in the winter so that may be the case with Halle. Her complexion is not that dark… I relax my hair but alot of black women are opting out of putting chemicals in their hair these days. I’m sure Halle has to maintain her hollywood image so I dont see her going natural. Bottom line Halle’s wacko.

  117. Isa says:

    I don’t believe the crap that Halle is spewing against Gabe. Not because a racist can’t date someone they’re prejudiced against but because just a few months ago she was talking like this:

    “And while it was not a love connection for us, he was absolutely the right person to have this child with because she is going to have an amazing father. And that was really important to me. We’ll make sure we always do what is right for her and put her first. And she will see as she grows that we have a lot of love for each other.”

    It’s odd how she comes up with all the accusations after Gabe is tring to establish a custody agreement through the courts.

    As for the jailbait accusations, wtf? (These may have been made by his “ex-girlfriend” I can’t remember) but his last three women he has been linked with have been 45, 30, and a 20 something model? Not jailbait.

    Also, I don’t understand how her name can be Nahla Aubry but his name is not on the birth certificate? Can you just give your kid whatever last name you want? I assumed since his name was not on the certificate her name would be Nahla Berry. I don’t understand why she would keep him off of it anyway. I know some women leave the father’s name off sometimes if he’s not around, but they were in a happy relationship. Seems odd.

  118. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ElleD, yeah. That’s exactly what I mean. Of course prejudice within race groups has always existed. I wasn’t trying to be “slick” lol. Its when its black vs white everyone is all up in arms. Someone on here said black people don’t have a monopoly on racism. Someone else said they were black and asian and suffered cruel bullying. I’m guessing some of the bullies would include some black and asian people. Someone else commented (off another comment) that it wasn’t just white men that preferred lighter skinned black women, but black men did as well (I’m not sure that’s true in any case). My “dark” cousin (half hisp and black) married a “light” cuban, and his mother refused to go to the wedding as he was marrying “beneath himself”. I didn’t meet my own grandfather till I was 13 because he was furious my mother had a nonwhite baby, so its not like I don’t understand the hurt and affects racism has on family relationships. But he was the one who missed out on me, and that’s sad. Halle Berry was disrespectful to all black men when she announced she was done with “brothers”. Now she’s turned her racism into a white and black thing. And everyones going off on it. And like I said, these are MY experiences.
    I think she is guilty of being the one who is perpetuating the racism in her own life

  119. Jeri says:

    This is sick. Halle is a real B-TCH.

  120. renai(jrt) says:

    someone. is that a picture of yourself that you have there…

  121. Buckley says:

    You know what will traumatize that kid?
    When she grows up and watches Monster’s Ball

  122. Jane says:

    She is trying to make normal behavior for a toddler into something sinister. Anyone who has had small children knows about separation anxiety, even when the parents are together. It doesn’t mean she is traumatized and I would bet good money she is fine once they are on their way to his place. Normal behavior for a any kid that age and it will probably go on for a while.

    Harvey Levin at TMZ has insinuated there is more to come about this and it will turn the tide toward Halle. I don’t know what he means or where he is getting his info, but I would bet it will be just more of the same slander coming from Halle’s camp. She is movie star who is used to getting her way and has a PR team to spin any story in favor of her.

    Right now all I see is a dad trying to establish legal rights to his child and not be at the beck and call of his ex. He wants some say in when he can see her and not have to jump through Halle’s hoops.

  123. Kasey says:

    You know what? I have to ask/say this. What confuses me is WHY oh WHY, did she have to publicly malign the father of her daughter about his racial slurs (they may be true, people say nasty stuff when they’re mad), demeaning comments and misogynistic behavior when all she had to do was say she pulled out of filming because she had gotten compensation for him to accompany them but that he backed out and leave it THERE?

    Many may have thought he wasn’t serious or committed to this parenting thing and she would have probably garnered more sympathy for that move and not getting publicly vicious.

    The additional information of his abusive comments and alarming interactions with Nahla AND that she has a nanny so its not about childcare, make her seem like a-loon-who’s-trying for letting him spend some time with his child on her terms even though she finds him questionable AND just loony for having a nanny who could care for Nahla, providing in her contract for his questionable presence yet instead of being happy and relieved that he is no longer coming considering leaving Nahla in his questionable care in LA while she was in NYC.

    The whole thing just sounds questionable and Berry Crazy!

  124. Gaby says:

    Note to Olivier Martínez: RUN!!!!!!!!! or WEAR TWO CONDOMS!!!!!!!

  125. Mouse says:

    The more I hear about this story, the more I think Halle Berry needs a good ass kicking and some psychiatric help.

  126. mymy says:

    Harvey Levin is vile scum. He knows who butters his bread. And it isn’t the baby daddy of an actress. He always takes the actors side. He first reports it as if he is neutral and then he takes payouts and it starts looking real bad for the lesser. The only way to deny him this opportunity is to boycott his site. And if he start a smear campaign on Aubrey I suggest no one visit his site.Money is his god.

  127. mdf says:

    Halle really needs to get a clue. The man deserves a chance to be a father. God knows enough kids in this country aren’t so lucky to have one that cares enough to stick around.

    “Your children have come into this world because of the two of you. Perhaps you two made lousy choices as to whom you decided to be the other parent. If so, that is YOUR problem and YOUR fault.

    “No matter what you think of the other party — or what your family thinks of the other party — these children are one-half of each of you. Remember that, because every time you tell your child what an ‘idiot’ his father is, or what a ‘fool’ his mother is, or how bad the absent parent is, or what terrible things that person has done, you are telling the child half of HIM is bad.

    “That is an unforgivable thing to do to a child. That is not love! That is possession. If you do that to your children, you will destroy them as surely as if you had cut them into pieces, because that is what you are doing to their emotions.

    “I sincerely hope that you do not do that to your children. Think more about your children and less about yourselves, and make yours a selfless kind of love, not foolish or selfish, or your children will suffer.”

    -Judge Michael Haas

  128. l says:

    @ mdf


    Thank you for taking the time to find and post that. Now “I” need to make a phone call and set up a lunch date with my step-son. I’ve been meaning to do it for quite some time, but haven’t. I need to apologize for all the times I said what a rotten idiot his mother was (she is- but he found that out on his own. I should have just let it run its course.) So anyways….Thank you.

    also-for what its worth, Gabriel was tossed from foster home to foster home for all of his childhood/teen years. I think he TRULY wants to be a “present” and good father. Halle is being so selfish.

  129. Rosanna says:

    If it is true that he is dating Kim Kardashian, he just happens to like women with darker skin (Kim too isn’t “entirely white”). So I tend not to believe the accusations Halle moves.

    On top of it, Halle isn’t black – technically – but “half black”. That makes Nahla “3/4 white and 1/4 black”, so I can see him insisting she is not black. Finally Nahla’s skin is light.

    This is to say, can we define a child “black” when she doesn’t look black?

    As a mixed person myself, I define my race by the real color of my skin, NOT my parents’ wish (or delusions, like in Halle’s case).

  130. Bebe says:


    Umm, you do know that there is no look to being “black!!!” That is like saying someone does not “look white” if they are not pale with blond hair.

  131. Bebe says:

    Also, “race” is NOT defined by skin color!!! “Race” is defined by the orgin of one’s ancestors and parents. That is why labels like Asian-American, French-Canadian, African-Brazilian, and the list goes on.

  132. mimi says:

    @ Rosanna

    Well in my case if i define “my race by the real color of my skin” I’d be white but I’m 50/50 puerto rican and black so therefore I say I’m biracial or mixed. The skin color rule doesn’t really work for me and alot of other people…

    Just like Cameron Diaz looks like a white woman with the blonde hair and blue eyes but she herself has said her father is Cuban and her mother is white. Rebecca Hall’s father she has publicly said is half black and half native american (She does ascribe to the same philosophy as you though and considers herself white based on her skin). Wentworth Miller is another example his father is black and his mother is white- he identifies as both. Going by a person’s looks doesn’t really work…. To each his own I guess.

  133. 123isme says:

    “…with Halle freaking out about the idea that Nahla could be around a cat-faced famewhore.”

    LMAOLMAOLMAO That is priceless!

    “We also heard the back and forth about Gabe’s alleged racism, Halle’s verbal and written abuse (including Halle emailing Gabe “Thanks for the donation”)”

    There’s no proof beyond hearsay and he-said she-said, that either of these happened, so why is GA’s racism alleged while Halle’s verbal and written abuse not?

    @notpretentious: I agree. Some people are too simplistic in their thinking. Dating, marrying, and having kids with someone does not mean you’re not racist or hold racist views of that person’s group. Society is more complex than some people would like to think.

    @Rosanna: 1) Kim K *is* White. She’s of [ethnic] Armenian, Scottish, and Dutch ancestry. Not all whites are pale skinned with light hair and eyes (e.g. Italians). 2) Societally, Halle *is* “Black”. Her non-Black heritage doesn’t preclude her from that label, if it did the estimated number of “blacks” in the US would have to be drastically reduced given that most Black Americans have a large percentage of non-Black ancestry.

  134. Kim says:

    Just cant see a man who was dating & sleeping with a part black woman and who fathered a child who is part black being that racist??

    As far as his ex saying he was racist- you have to take what any EX says with a big grain of salt. If several exes come out saying this then when we know something may be up.

    As far as the daughter crying because she didnt want to go with dad there could be hundreds of valid reasons fo rthis, She could have been tired, was prepped by her mother to throw the fit/her mother told her bad things about her dad so now she is scared of him OR because he really has abused or neglected her which we all pray is not the case.

    I do find it VERY odd he isnt listed on the birth certificate? Did she pay him off to not be listed? very odd. I would like to hear his response as to why he isnt listed on birth cert.

  135. Eve says:

    @ Gaby (# 124):

    Wearing two condoms is less effective than just one (the friction between them may cause both to break).

  136. Shy says:

    That fact that Halle brings racism to this custody fight makes me hate her. This is the lowest that she could fall. And the most funny thing that basically NO ONE BELIEVES HER. At first many people thought that it’s not their business and didn’t want to take anyones side. But as Halle gives and gives those racism accusations – the more people take Gabriel’s side…

    And Halle is hitting herself. He doesn’t have a celebrity career. He will not be affected much by this scandal. She has. And the more she washes her dirty laundry on public – the more joke she’s becoming.

  137. Shy says:

    And did you noticed how two of those famous sites become Good vs. Evil? :)

    – Radar is pro Oksana – TMZ solds out to devil and publishes pro-Mel stories every day

    – Radar publishes Lindsay Lohan’s crazy actions – TMZ publishes all of her lame and ridiculous excuses.

    – Radar is posting Gabriel’s defense speeches – TMZ posts Halle’s idiotic accusations.

    It’s amazing how low TMZ has fall. I believe every word that Radar Online prints and they always prove to be right later. While TMZ stories are so bizarre and just scream: “We publish this crap because we got payed from that celebrity”.

  138. P.M. says:

    If this is what she’s saying in public it makes me wonder what vile she’s spewing when in the privacy of her own home.

  139. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘I do find it VERY odd he isnt listed on the birth certificate? Did she pay him off to not be listed? very odd. I would like to hear his response as to why he isnt listed on birth cert.’

    I believe if you are unmarried it is up to the mom to supply info. The father can petitioned to be put on there (i think they’d have to do a DNA test). If you are married when you have a baby then in most states your DH is automatically the legal father.

    I know women who didn’t put the father on the certificate b/c it gave them leeway to deny rights if he pissed them off. (and I know men who begged not to be put on the certificate).

  140. cn tower says:

    Living proof that beauty is only skin deep.

  141. amanda says:

    My main problem with this whole thing is that Halle is accusing the father of her child of all these things PUBLICLY. If she cares so much about her daughter, why on earth would she do such a thing? These matters are meant to be kept private, particularly when a child is involved. I would never run blabbing to everyone about how horrible my child’s father is. That shouldn’t be public knowledge, even in a non-celebrity sphere. She’s telling the entire world all this stuff- where is the alleged concern for her child? I don’t see it. As Michael K always says, “something in the milk ain’t clean”. I’m going Team Gabe, because bitch is crazy for sure, bringing all this stuff out for the whole world to see and judge out of “concern” for her kid. Major bullsh*t.

  142. Annabelle says:

    Rosanna – yes, for instance, Mariah Carey, is considered black. She certainly doesn’t look it. It’s not about skin color.

    Halle is vile. We can see through u Halle!

  143. bubs says:

    After a five-year relationship with this man, having a child with him and speaking highly of him, she now pretty much claims Aubry’s an abusive racist and a danger to their child. When did she realize this — when she was informed he filed for joint custody? And, of course, the only logical option for a mother concerned for the safety of her child is to instruct her PR folk to launch a public smear campaign against the child’s father instead of, oh, maybe going to the police with all that soon-to-be revealed info that has Harvey Levin wetting his panties.

    If there is one thing that is coming through loud and clear from this mess, it’s that Berry is a pathological narcissist and really, truly stupid to boot.

  144. Cheyenne says:

    John Wayne Lives: Someone else commented (off another comment) that it wasn’t just white men that preferred lighter skinned black women, but black men did as well (I’m not sure that’s true in any case).

    If you re-read my comment, you will note that I said some black men prefer light-skinned black women, not all black men. And believe me, it is true. I have heard some black guys openly stating their preference for a “yellow” woman over a dark-skinned one.

    I am a light-skinned multi-racial black woman and it bums me out when I hear a black man putting down dark-skinned women. When they disrespect my dark sisters they disrespect me as well.

  145. W.O.M. says:

    “…it’s getting to the point where I might have to follow my golden rule of gossip: If someone is trying this hard to convince you of something, you know the opposite is true.”

    This passage pretty much sums up why I love this site. Critical thinking! Common sense! Humour! Pithy analysis of celebrity lives! Thanks, Kaiser.

    At this point I think Berry’s not stable enough to parent this child in any capacity. Certainly I’m never going to watch one of her movies without thinking, “So this is what crazy looks like? Huh.”

  146. d says:

    Why wasn’t he on the birth certificate to begin with anyway? that was always weird. And this public vilification of Aubry is BAD. Halle is totally playing the wrong card on this one.

  147. John Wayne Lives says:

    Thank you for the correction Cheyenne, I did not mean to misquote anyone. And my “not sure its true” statement was against the assumption that it is the preference of all black men. And I definitly feel ur disappointment in women being put down for such a superficial prejudice. Its demeaning to all of us. Its hard sometimes to make myself clear on a blog comment.

  148. lachica says:

    Halle is a crazy bitch and always has been.

  149. crtb says:

    I understand your point but please don’t refer to black women’s natural hair as “kinky”.

    Well girlfriend, my hair is corse, tight, kinky, nappy and happy. And I’m sorry that you are offended by any of those terms but my hair isn’t curly, wavy, or any of those politically correct terms. I have worn it locked, breaded, in a fro, pressed, permed, under a wig and sewn in a weave and I looked fine with them all!

  150. crtb says:

    I am tri-racial

    Girl, pleeeeeez!!
    That doesn’t even make sense. Almost all people are mixed. So what are your children? Quad- racial? Quin-racial? When do you stop counting and just call yourself black? or white? or latina?

    My great grandmother was Native American and Irish (bi-racial)

    My Grandmother was Native American, Irish and Black (Tri-racial)

    My mother was Native American, Irish, Black , and her father is bi-racial (Black and white) What does that makes her?

    My fahter is Black and Naive American. So I am Native American on both sides of the family, Irish, Black, White. So that makes me: African American

  151. Hakura says:

    @Bebe (130)- “Umm, you do know that there is no look to being “black!!!” That is like saying someone does not “look white” if they are not pale with blond hair.”

    I’m sure what the posters were referring to were traits commonly associated with one ‘ethnicity’ over another. This doesn’t mean that *all* people of that race share the same traits, or that people of other races don’t have them.

    An example being the shape of the nose (width of the nostrils, which is something Halle herself had altered with a nose job), & the bone structure of the face.
    It really is unfortunate that Halle is choosing to rash this all out in public. IF her allegations aren’t true, she’s despicable for taking advantage of being a black woman in order to cry ‘Bigot’.

    Not only is it a serious allegation to raise against someone, but lying about something like that can cast doubt on cases where such accusations are true. If these allegations aren’t true, as I suspect they aren’t, she’s also doing her daughter a huge disservice putting this out there. I only hope she’s not putting these idea of Nahla’s head & ruining a chance of a good relationship with her father.

  152. P.M. says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong; but I remember reading that Gabriel had been in 5 differant foster homes from the age of 3 till he was 18. With that background it could be very important for him to be involved with his daughter.

  153. Dana M says:

    Sad that Halle needs to stoop that low. Halle should take notes from Sandy Bullock. She handled her break up with class to an alleged racist. No smear PR campaign from her people.
    At least SB is thinking about the children and the negative impact on sh!ting all over their father.

    Halle seems like a control freak. Of course her daughter is going to cry when she leaves her with her father. She is so confused about the separation and because she is a child she is retaliating. People shouldn’t expect for children to behave like adults or to be able to cope like adults. They don’t have the maturity yet to comprehend Divorce — or in this case, parents breaking up. Halle seems so self-centered. It’s all about Halle and her feelings.

    Team Nahla!

  154. lisa says:

    I actually think this is more about Olivier. None of this back and forth happened until Halle started dating him. Maybe she wants him to be the baby daddy. that happens sometimes with women. I remember when she and Gabe first broke the rumors started then they seemed to have made some kind of agreement. He traveled with her and was seen with she and Nahla. They were at the zoo and airports.. looking content and like they were getting along fine. then Halle started seeing Olivier and she and he were traveling all over to see each other. So maybe that is the real problem. IF she is taking the baby with her and going everywhere to be with the new boyfriend I guess Gabe was not happy because that meant he could not see the baby when he wanted. Plus after she and Olivier started dating there were no more “family” shots of them with the baby..

    I may be off, but I think her having a new man and wanting a new “family” thing may be the real cause of all the problems. The Kim thing is silly.. especially considering they were not really a couple. And Kim is with someone else. so why would Halle get to approve his new relationships and he not have a say in hers. Olivier has a bit of a reputation too. He is not exactly clean cut.

    THIS whole thing has gotten beyond nasty. And both of them need to wake up and realize that their daughter will read about this one day. How will they explain it all to her.

    sad.. very sad.

  155. Pattern says:

    Janet Charlton has a great piece on her website about how Halle has played the victim with every man she’s been with. She’s accused both husbands of sexual and/or physical abuse, and her ex-boyfriend of beating her. In the meantime, I recall her adopting Eric Benet’s daughter and saying she was like her own flesh and blood- after the divorce, she never saw the child again. She is struggling to get control over a situation in which she is not the only parent. This bitch makes all women look like harridans.

  156. mymy says:

    This is her style read this. And this has plenty to do with Oliver. I saw pictures of them posing on the beach yesterday. Halle maniacally laughing.
    I assume she wants this man to be the new daddy. And Gabriel had some respect and wasn’t about to go to NY and be her patsy But read this is is a person who likes to destroy her exes reputation. Oh and another thing is she doesn’t want to pay Gabriel a dime.

    According to the Baltimore Sun, HALLE BERRY is quoted in last week’s In Touch Magazine, saying she “finds it difficult to pay money to a man who cheated on me, like, 27 times.” Berry was referring to her divorce settlement with R&B singer ERIC BENET, and the reason why she says they did divorce.

    Eric Benet begs to differ with his ex. He says he has not received any money, nor had he asked for money. Eric added, “If she said that, that I cheated on her 27 times, then she is simply lying. Straight out, that’s a lie and a gross, gross exaggeration of what happened in our marriage. I’ve admitted my indiscretion and apologized and took responsibility. I think maybe it’s time for Halle to take some responsibility, instead of constantly casting herself in this victim mode and implying her commitment to our marriage was without flaw. I have refrained from ongoing attacks on her and she needs to do the same. She should leave me and my daughter, India, in peace.

    “Halle used to insist she loved India, though she hasn’t seen her and has barely communicated with her in years, and not because I’ve stopped her. If she really had any feeling toward my little girl, she’d realize how hurtful such statements are. Especially when they are untrue.” Benet, who was very emotional, added, “I so don’t want to go down this road and say things about Halle in anger and frustration. But I can’t just keep letting these snipes and lies continue in the media without commenting.

    Halle Berry he is currently dating model Gabriel Aubry. In the same interview that contained her remark about Benet, Berry indicated she was serious about becoming a mother. In lieu of that, and for the time being, the beautiful couple have adopted a kitten.

  157. mymy says:

    Now here is a interview with David Justice from Ebony Man. First some rumors about a limo driver that use to drive David. He said she would call him all the time on the phone and just scream and yell. And was so abusive. So here goes

    ” David Berry is giving this first and only interview as to why he is divorcing Halle Berry.to set the record straight”to let people know I am a regular guy who didn’t get along with a woman”He says of Halle”every time you look up she is giving interviews on our relationship trying to make me look like the bad guy”While she is constantly trying to make herself look like this fallen angel.People have got to understand that this woman is an actress.She can cry at the drop of a dime.She knows that the public will rally around her.If I am so bad why didn’t she leave me? Why does she still want to be with me. If she is such a great person why does everybody walk out of her life?”

  158. Nimrod says:

    I guess Aubry is the primary caregiver and now Halle can’t work because she feels the need to slime him. Didn’t bother her prior to the divorce. In fact, Aubry said Halle completely disappeared when they were in Europe recently and he was completely responsible for the baby’s care. Is Halle suggesting she’s going to retire now? I think not.

  159. Kim says:

    Halle NEVER adopted India according to Eric. As for Halle the reason I’m reluctant to believe her is because all these stuff came out 2 weeks after he files papers for joint custody.Did he use racist slurs during their relationship or during the 9 months they were broken up.On another matter I just read on a gay gossip site that next her pals will be alleging is gay or bisexual. I’m just wondering Did she call him the F word(gay slur) provoking him to use the N word.

  160. Lukie says:


    Maybe somebody answered this already, I don’t know.

    Please do not be so disrespectful as to call Halle Berry not “technically black”. Are you American? Do you know the history of African Americans? do you realize that many, maybe even most or all have a certain percentage of white, native or both in them? So, does that not really make them Black or do they qualify based on percentages, and if so, how much of a percentage qualifies you to be Black?

    I am just dying to know because while I am multi-racial, I proudly self identify as Black. So am I not technically Black either in your eyes? Are my mother and sister White because they can pass in the eyes of White people or are they just a little Gold?

    Curious minds and all…

    Who are you to say who is and who is not what and who they feel they are? If she racially identifies as Black, you have no right to say she is “technically” not. If YOU choose to identify your “race” based on your complexion, feel free. Plenty of people been passin’ as other sh– for years, but some of us prefer to identify ourselves by what we FEEL so you can take your technicalities and .. …. ……….!

    Have a nice day.

  161. JenJen says:

    I think she manipulated that whole Eric Benet break up to the public. Like her big head said, yeah he cheated, but it’s because he is sick, no man would do that to me if he wasn’t!

    I would like to know if he really did go to “rehab” and if he did, he was a sucker for thinking she was actually going to take him back. I doubt he did, he was probably getting laid the night she kicked him out, lol.

  162. Dana M says:

    @ pattern:
    Thanks for the Janet Charlton post recap. Good points.

    @ Amanda:
    Totally agree with you. Halle needs to keep her
    Private life Private.

    I’m beginning to realize how unstable Halle Berry is.

    Sad situation. Poor Nahla, in the end, she is the one that really suffers emotionally.

  163. N.D. says:

    You know, I’ve never cared much about her before but during these past days I’ve done some research and this woman really is a witch. Her lies are endless! She trashed every man she ever broke up with, throwing the craziest, the wildest accusations she could come up with, always playing an innocent victim and crying crocodile tears to Oprah or whoever listened. She really is a nutjob. It’s scary.

    I hope she won’t get away with it this time because Nahla deserves to have a father in her life who may at least try to bring some normality into her life, with a mother like that she would need that.

  164. Jack says:

    Halle Berry´s stories show that this woman has NO class, who would plant those stories in the freaking media, if they are true or not true, stuff like that needs to be kept in the private lives. this only harms Nahla!! Gabriel seemed kind of classy since now, but he was accused of racism AND abuse in one week!! i wouldntt be surprised if he would fire back.. he shouldnt, but it is understandable.
    I see Halle in a WHOLE new light!

  165. mimi says:

    WOW I was already on Team Gabe but I just read Janet Charlton’s blog about Halle’ history with trashing men and it goes beyond Justice, Benet, and Aubry….but also a man who sued her for the 80,000 he gave her when she was starting out as an actress to get a boob job and other surgeries and stated an actor boyfriend (thought to be Wesley Snipes) was abusive and broke her eardrum when they were dating.

    Her history with men shows that she’s got a couple screws loose and is a control freak. Each of these men have made separate comments over the years in regards to her having issues so they can’t all be lying. (These men are by no means perfect but there is a pattern here that can’t be denied.) I know Benet admitted publicly to cheating on Berry but were the accusations of Justice beating her ever actually proven? What about the accusations concerning Snipes or whoever busting her eardrum? I know sometimes these things can’t be proven and I’m in no way saying that she wasn’t abused BUT it certainly calls he accusations to question.

  166. Cheyenne says:

    @mymy: You can’t believe anything that comes from In Touch magazine. They make up bullshit out of air. Just saying.

    I’m not defending Halle; far from it. But anything about her or anyone that comes from In Touch mag, I’d take it with several bushels of salt, never mind a grain. When it comes to outright lies, they’re right down there in the mud with Grazia. They even have Star mag beat.

  167. ugh says:

    Folks, arguing about race here is pointless. Black, white, yellow, Fake Bake, whatever — CRAZY knows no color or ethnicity.

    HB is a nutter butter. Every one of her relationships has ended with Berry inciting some sort of publicity shitstorm about this or that ex. Now she’s using her daughter and playing the race card to publicly malign the father of her child, the man whom she’s had nothing but praise for until he decided to assert his parental rights in court. Now he’s an abusive racist and possible child molester. I wonder who’ll be the lucky fella in Berry’s life to have the rape charge launched at him…

  168. JC126 says:

    You have to admit, there’s no better cover for a racist than to date and have a child with a woman who is half black. It’s the PERFECT ruse!!!! Lol.

  169. rheba says:

    HALLE BERRY is proof money does NOT buy you CLASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. ViktoryGin says:

    @ Rosanna

    A couple of posters have already adressed this, but I just wanted to add…that this supposed racial categorization of her daughter as black (if indeed, this is true) has a lot to do with how the US has historically defined race, which differs from South Africa or Brazil, for example.

    Have you ever heard of the “One Drop Rule”? The US Government, read: GOVERNMENT (and naturally the historical White Establishment) considered any person with “one drop” of African blood to be black. (This was in the 19th century.) So, it didn’t matter what you looked like or if you were for all virtual purposes culturally “white”. If it became public knowledge, you were then deemed “black”. And with it, usually came social ostricization. Because of this, blacks have a history of “absorbing” people who are technically of black mixed race, whereas whites typically disowned them. So, there is a reason that underscores this. Now, I think that we have reached a point in race relations in America where directly multiracial people should be able to define themselves how they choose….but even then it’s problematic. Halle Berry’s mother, who is white, raised her to think of herself as black, specifically because that’s how others would see her, especially back in the day when she looked more prototypically “black” (wider nose bridge).

    On a different note: it disappoints me that Halle would sling racism around like that. Because when people do that it becomes much like the boy who cried wolf. After a while, no one takes it seriously and people just become reactionary because they’re tired of people misappropriating it. It’s such an injustice to issues that actually do have legitimate racist undertones.

  171. Bebe says:


    The “one drop rule” is not soley used amongst African Americans. Europeans raped the Native Americans, and Native Americans still are considered Native American, and the same applies to the other ethnic groups that Europeans raped.

  172. Meanchick says:

    Team Halle. She doesn’t need to plant stories. She’s the mother and a good mother, hence his statement right after they broke up. If there was some “concern” on the pretty boy’s part, then why did he wait all of this time to say something? He wants to be in Halle’s life, period, and the child is his leverage. Get a job gigolo. Also, when people get angry, they will say ANYTHING! The burden of proof is on Gabe, who like many other Federline-ish dudes, want’s an extended 15 minutes of fame and a paycheck to go along with it. What a jerk.

  173. Emily says:

    @VictoryGin, the Aborgines in Australia consider someone Aboriginal if they’ve got any Aboriginal blood in them, too.

  174. kim says:

    I think you should stop writing about this story and making speculations until we are really certain what is going on. As for above posters saying Aubrey can’t be racist cause he was with Halle for 5 years, that’s not true. The issue of race is far more complicated than that, and racism is something that is a result of socialization. I don’t think there is anyone (black, white, Latino etc.) who did not grow up hearing some sort of racial statement and did not internalize it. And as the black mother of a biracial baby I can tell you that my child is loved by his father and grandparents, but they still have hangups about race. And my child’s father also get’s offended when my child is referred to as black, because he does not fully understand or chose to accept the realities of react relations in the US and the fact that (unfortunately) the One Drop rule still applies, and determines the way people are viewed and treated.

  175. fwozbo says:

    When people do things like this (and I have seen the race card pulled at work) they are really trying to hide their own in-adequateness and hoping nobody finds out about the real-them. I had a co-worker who faked her way through the job and as soon as someone caught her, she pulled the race-card. Definitely trying to deflect something she doesn’t want us to know.

  176. Ari says:

    @crtb – if you are referring to me when I stated tri-racial – it means I am white/black/native american -three obviously varying ethnicities according to the world, IE tri = three. My last name is Threepersons on top of that so making it even more odd.

  177. Anon says:

    When have you ever seen an article referring to Nahla as “black”? Halle, you are full of caca. Your daughter is going to hate you for what you are doing to her father and her, when she is older.

  178. Boat says:

    Technically speaking, Nahla would be classified as “Two or More”. However, it will be up to her what box or boxes she checks when she grows up. And, if she wants to she can pick “Not Disclosed”.