Mary-Kate Olsen cheats on boyfriend with Jonah Hill

Yesterday I mentioned that there are some couplings that are just so beyond the realm of psychological comprehension that our brains actually block them out. Then we were talking about Michael Jackson and Pamela Anderson. Today it’s a slightly less famous – though equally creepy – hookup.

According to the National Enquirer, Mary-Kate Olsen cheated on her boyfriend Nate Lowman by going on a date with “Superbad” actor Jonah Hill. They give an interesting account of the evening which I guess could be interpreted either way, depending on how you wanted to see it.

Mary-Kate Olsen is two-timing her boyfriend with a surprising new guy – chubby “Knocked Up” star Jonah Hill, the Enquirer has learned exclusively. The unlikely couple cozied up to one another at Los Angeles’ Chatuea Marmont hotel on Aug. 26 – just one night after the stick-thing actress stepped out to a rock concert with steady beau Nate Lowman.

“It was a shock to see Mary-Kate together with, of all people, geeky Jonah,” an eyewitness told The Enquirer. “They were on a double date with another couple, dining at the hotel around 10 p.m. Mary-Kate and Jonah sat close together and seemed totally into each other. They were both wearing plaid shirts that almost matched. It was the cutest thing.”

“From what I saw at the Chateau Marmont,” said another source, “Mary-Kate had forgotten about Nate and seemed totally enamored of Jonah. And he couldn’t keep his eyes off her, either.”

[From the National Enquirer, Sept. 15 2008, print ed.]

The magazine goes on to say how it appears that they were both genuinely into each other even though Mary-Kate went to a Radiohead concert with her boyfriend the night before. The Enquirer also repeatedly refers to Jonah’s size as “chubby,” “tubby,” etc, while referring to Mary-Kate’s diminutive size a lot too. While it does conjure quite the mental image – and leave a lot of questions about the physics of the thing, it sounds like the date could have been harmless or could have been a real date.

At one point in the evening Jonah saw friend Jason Segal and went over to talk to him. Supposedly Segal was genuinely surprised to see the two together and asked Hill how he got Olsen to agree to go on a date. Hill responded that all he did was ask her. Assuming the story is correct, it sounds like it could have been a date, but that doesn’t mean Mary-Kate was cheating on her boyfriend. They could have an open relationship, they could have quietly broken up, or it could have just been a friendly evening.

Here’s Mary-Kate Olsen leaving the Radiohead concert the night before her date with Jonah – wearing what I hope to God is her only plaid shirt. Header of Jonah Hill at Crown Lounge on August 27. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Syko says:

    Could be friends. Not necessarily bumping uglies.

  2. Diva says:


    I wish this were so true. I would loooove to see some “hot” lil starlet hook up with Hill so all the incredulous, and obviously stunningly gorgeous, commentors can go on about how he doesn’t deserve love cos he’s not good looking enough.

  3. Celebitchy says:

    I really like this guy after seeing Superbad. I would love to see him as Mary-Kate’s boyfriend, that would be awesome!

  4. Shannon says:

    Obviously just friends, if all they could dredge up was that MK and Jonah were looking at each other :P

  5. ff says:

    Even if this were true, it’s one of those things that NOBODY wants to think about (or accept) for very long. The novelty will wear off and then people will pretend they never heard about it.

    Nice pic idea teaming up their shared love of plaid shirts, though.

  6. geronimo says:

    So they were looking at each other AND wearing almost matching plaid shirts? Sounds serious.

  7. cassie says:

    Physically speaking, she’s not really a great catch. The article seems to refer to her as the better looking one in this odd duo, which I disagree with. Completely.

    Remember when the twins were turning 18 and everyone was like, “YEAH! THE HOT OLSEN TWINS ARE NOW LEGAL!”

    No more.

  8. Diva says:

    LMAO… wait till they hit THREE MONTHS, geronimo!!!


  9. MSat says:

    Just had to add that when this page comes up, there are ads for anorexia/bulemia treatment. LOL!

  10. Syko says:

    Y’know, I don’t see those shirts actually matching. Both plaid, yes, but nowhere near the same plaid.

    I thought this guy was bumbling and sweet in Knocked Up. I too would like to see him hook up with some hot babe and just show the world that looks really don’t matter. Has Kate Hudson called him yet?

  11. geronimo says:

    Diva, it must be love love love….!

    Syko, that’s not the shirt, that’s from a different night. The ‘love’ shirt presumably was at least the same colour, one would hope, if this relationship is going to be long-term (aka 3 months.) 8)

  12. Anna says:

    I think it’s discriminating both to very thin people and heavier set people that the Enquirer keeps commenting on their weights/sizes.

    Mary-Kate has somewhat successfully battled anorexia, hasn’t she? I think a little credit is due. And as to Jonah Hill, he may indeed be chubby, but it’s a super handsome and cute chubby. I love that he looks like a bit of a geek (though truthfully, we don’t even know if he is). I have no idea who that Nate something is, but I think if this story is true, it’s cool for them.

    As for the physics of it, it’s entirely possible. I realise you guys are meant to be a bit bitchy and usually I find it funny, but I found that comment a bit disparaging. Just saying.

  13. elisha says:

    Alright, Jonah! Get some!

    Anna, as someone who works in th media, I can say the articl makes a point about their sizes because that’s what makes them such an odd coupling. They look like the number ten standing next to each other. Just like when, say, Demi and Ashton got together, all articles focused on the age difference.

  14. RAN says:

    Like Celebitchy, I never noticed this guy before Superbad — which was so hilarious I had to buy the dvd :lol:

    Anyway, I think he’s cool and couldn’t care less about his size – or hers for that matter. Live and let live..whatever floats their boat.

  15. Alexis says:


  16. Jeanne says:

    Maybe he’s hooked up with her to lose weight. You know little Twiggy junior can’t have anything good stocked in her cupboards, and she probably eats very little when dining out.

  17. Amy says:

    Yeah, why the hell do they need to describe him as the “chubby” star of Superbad? WTF? :roll:

  18. Anna says:

    Elisha, I work in the media as well and I get your point. Still, I maintain that the way these adjectives were phrased were a bit discriminating. Condescending and uninformed to say the least.

  19. CC says:

    Thats gross. Why is Jonah Hill slumming with the likes of her.

  20. K says:

    I agree with Anna. And, as a thin girl dating a very handsome guy who happens to be overweight, I can say I’m sick of the comments I get regarding that fact. No one seems to notice that we get along very well and adore each other, just the weight difference. If Mary-Kate and Jonah get along and it works for them, I say leave their physical appearances out of it.

  21. xiaoecho says:

    ‘Hope 4 eating disorders’ ads along side ‘lose your belly fat’ ads…!

    The anorexics can lose their percieved belly fat and then get help

    AWW…..where did they GO!!

  22. Jaclyn says:

    MK Olsen should be on “What Not to Wear”…
    They should make a celebrity version of the show.

  23. knoxx says:

    sorry haters….but Mary-Kate is beautiful, and I absolutely love her style. bye now. your all just jealous ur not 85 lbs like us ;]

  24. Just because a guy is overweight, he is sloppy and creepy? That is unfair and just plain WRONG! The fatties in this world (namely ME!) can date thin people, and we’re not GOOD enough for them? That’s crap! Just because we don’t stick our fingers down our throats after we eat, doesn’t make us sloppy and creepy! If you ask me, the Olsen twins are sloppy, creepy and too freakin THIN! –

  25. Diva says:

    Ya kinda lose your point when you turn it on the other guys, there, Cellulite Queen.

  26. stopobamanow says:

    Olson is too skinny and her boyfriend is overweight. You just cannot win with these Drive Bye News Media Jornalists can we?

  27. Love Is For Suckers says:

    Well, he reminds me of my ex: chubby yet kinda cute. He has a cute smile. He can get it…..TWICE! lol

  28. Barbara says:

    Exactly why is that “creepy”? Becuase the talented and funny Jonah Hill would stoop to dating an Olsen? Or because she finds someone funny and real in this phony town interesting?

  29. mary says:

    i don’t think she is ugly at all

  30. Mandy says:

    this is so fake! they dont even have pictures of them together! what the paparazzi will do for money.. its kinda sad if you think about it

  31. mmuffin1983 says:

    why doesnt everyone just leave the girls alone and let them live their lives in peace for gosh sakes!!!! what have they ever done to anyone except give us some great movies and 3 wonderful tv sitcoms.

  32. Riptorn says:

    He’s extremely full of himself now. I gurantee you’ll start to hear stories about it soon. You’ve been warned.

  33. Reynaldo says:

    You know, he’s actually not that bad looking, if only he lost the weight. Certainly he’s much less ugly than Seth Rogaine.