Jordin Sparks defends purity rings, says not everyone wants to be sluts

After MTV VMA host Russell Brand poked fun at the Jonas Brothers for their purity rings, American Idol winner and VMA nominee Jordin Sparks, who apparently also wears one of these rings, defended them. Brand pointed out that the three brothers could probably have sex with any woman they wanted right now, but choose not to. He also joked that his goal was to have sex with all three of them by the end of the night. Jordin didn’t think that was funny.

Before presenting an award with John Legend, she said: “I just have one thing to say about promise rings. It’s not bad to wear a promise ring. Because not everybody – guy or girl – wants to be a slut.”

[From D-listed]

I didn’t think anything Russell Brand said was funny – but he wasn’t offensive, either. I think it’s silly that so many of these young stars tout their virginity in the first place. It’s not really anyone’s business, and half the time it turns out to be a joke anyway. Remember Britney’s virginity pledge? And does anyone really believe that Miley Cyrus is a virgin? Please. Still, it’s cool that young people like Jordin are choosing not to sleep around and act like total hobags, like Paris and Lindsay have done. But when you go on record claiming that you’re a virgin and wear special rings, you’d better be willing to walk the talk or you look like a joke. Right, Bristol Palin?

Picture note by Celebitchy: Here are Jordin Sparks and The Jonas Brothers at the VMAs last night. Credit: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures. I also included a screenshot from, which I just found by a search, because I was interested in seeing what the rings look like.

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  1. Trillion says:

    Snap MSat! I think it’s fine for young people to make a conscious choice of abstinence but I also believe that the extremism of the issue is what can set it up to fail. You don’t need to be a sexual bulimic or a sexual anorexic. You can have a healthy, enjoyable, reasonable sex life. (Like Russell Brand said). That way you get laid without being a slut and you don’t need to be a self-righteous tool like Jordin Sparks.

  2. Scarlett says:

    ugh. can’t stand squeaky geeky jordin sparks. she just annoys me.
    good for her to stand up for virginity but she could have said it in a slicker way, it was really uncomfortable to watch her get so riled up – like ohmigosh!!
    just own it girl, cause you want to, don’t be out to prove yourself, like OK?!

    i did feel for the jonas bros. and taylor swift (epitome of cool class, hint hint jordin). they kept panning the camera to them. at their age, they may not understand the history of mtv’s ‘anything for ratings’ personality. and that poor guy was just trying to get some laughs, which seemed impossible from that audience. me thinks he went a bit overboard myself.

  3. manda says:

    I find it insulting that she’s insinuating that a) the people that don’t wear those rings are sluts, and b) the people that do wear those rings think that the people that don’t wear those rings are sluts. Just because I opted not to save it for marriage doesn’t mean I’m out sleeping with whatever random dude happens to walk by. I don’t understand why the disney kids need to comment one way or the other about their virginity anyway, unless it really is a way to sexualize them while ostensibly taking sex out of the equation. Because, as Brand showed at the VMAs, when you go out of your way to talk about how you’re not doing it, people just start talking about it. It’s annoying.

  4. aleach says:

    she is such an idiot. great if they wear “purity rings” however, i dont really care about their sex lives one way or the other. i agree that they should just keep it to themselves…why would you make that such a public thing in the first place?
    i kinda felt bad for russell brand, i think hes a pretty funny guy but the genre in that audience just wasnt “getting it”. all in all id say the show sucked. except for the fact that brit brit won 3 awards!! (fixed!) :)

  5. geronimo says:

    Not a clue who Jordin Sparks is but she needs to get a sense of humour and possibly a boyfriend. And Brand’s remark about sleeping with all three Jonas bros IS funny.

    All this po-faced feast-or-famine business is such rubbish (I like your sexual bulimic/anorexic comment, trillion). Keep your virginity, lose it, decorate it with f*king diamonds but shut up about it. 8O

  6. Bodhi says:

    :lol: Right on MSat!

    Heres another whippersnapper I don’t know anything about. But boy is she obnoxious!

    Its all well & good that she wears a promise ring, but she doesn’t need to go around insulting people who DON’T wear one.

    I can’t stand all the preachy holier than thou crap that comes out of alot of these kids mouths. Seriously, STFU, no-body gives a shit about the state this twits virginity.

    Edit: Oh, & I think Brand is hilarious. And so is Geronimo!

  7. Baholicious says:

    I think this purity ring is nonsense and the wearers are simply flaunting their morals and want other people to know it. It’s really holier-than-thou, IMHO.

    I mean really, is someone going to say ‘wait a minute’ during a hot moment and look down and ponder the symbolism of a ring?? It doesn’t happen with married people who cheat for goodness sake, nevermind hormonal teenagers.

    I’d be interested to know what the wearers define as ‘premarital sex’…”I did not have sex with that woman” LOL!

  8. Kaiser says:

    *putting my ‘Old Fart’ hat on*

    In my day, people wore those same rings and called them “Friendship Rings” – they didn’t have anything to do with virginity, just that you were going out with someone or that you had a best friend.

    *taking my ‘Old Fart’ hat off*

    WTF is up with these kids? Virginity pledges be damned, after a certain age, you SHOULDN’T BE A VIRGIN. Sex and the idea that sex could happen if you just have one more drink at that $hitty dive bar makes life more interesting. 8O

  9. mE says:

    Umm, what does Bristol Palin have to do with this? Was she among the celebrities who are advertising whether they are virgins or not? I’m pretty sure not. I don’t even think her mother advocates not informing her children about contraceptives. Teenage pregnancies happen to abstinance-only and comprehensive sex-ed taught adolescents alike.

  10. Annicka says:

    So just because I’m not married and not a virgin, I’m a slut?

    Thank you for trying to tell me who I am, Jordin. I know who I am. I am not a slut. You, however, are a moron.

    And I refuse to believe the Jonas who went out with Miley Cyrus is a virgin. She probably clubbed him over the head and dragged him to her room to screw him. Even if she’s wearing a promise ring, remember that promises can be broken, and show business is just that: a show.

  11. Baholicious says:

    Kaiser – I loved the hat thing :D

  12. LondonParis says:

    I bet if Jordin Sparks got stuffed a few good times, she’d slip that ring right off- she might even use astroglide!
    Alright, I get it- I like having sex. She doesn’t.
    (Everyone together: How do you know you don’t like it if you don’t even TRY it? ) That is PERFECTLY fine. Really, it is. More action for me.
    But she’s taken it upon herself to speak for everyone with a promise ring on, and she’s made them all sound like even BIGGER prudes.
    That’s the issue- not that they don’t want to have sex before marriage, do what’s right for you by ALL means. But by constantly keeping a ring on your finger reminding you to maintain your “purity”, sex is still a fixation for you- just like when you’re on a diet, food is still in control because you answer to it instead of vice-versa.
    And as someone with an active sex life, I can’t help but roll my eyes when I hear people touting their holier than thou nonsense when it comes to stuff like this, because I think, “You probably think about sex more than I am. Only- they aren’t happy thoughts.”
    If she had just said something like, “It’s okay to put yourself first,” she wouldn’t have made an even bigger joke out of them. She sounded like a petty high school freshman.

  13. breederina says:

    Absogodanglutly Kaiser. After a certain age you’d think a healthy person would want to get out there and live it to the limit. 100 years ago when I was a big ol’ serial slut that’s what I did and I have no regrets whatsoever but I do have a lot of great memories. Those oats got sown! What’s the matter with you kids? Do you really think that having cobwebs on your fannies is some how a great virtue that it makes you a better person ? Are you like Mary Kate’s character on Weeds who’ll do everything but ? Don’t believe it. When you’re ready, you’re ready, but remember, be safe use a condom and practice really does makes perfect!

  14. Kaiser says:

    @LondonParis – Yep. It’s like a “virginity fetish”…blech.

    @Breederina – Yeah, I mean, I get when it’s like a 15-year old kid who’s all sanctimonious about “waiting” – but when it’s someone in their twenties (like Jordan Sparks and at least one of the Jonas Bros, right?) – F*ck them. Seriously, someone f*ck the sanctimony out of them.

  15. dovesgate says:

    I think its fantastic that someone had the balls to say something back, even when what she had to say goes against popular thinking.

  16. Chamalla says:

    You’d think in the 21st frakking century, it wouldn’t still be a matter of either/or…. You’re either pure OR you’re a slut. And while it was kind of Jordin to be all equal opportunity, I don’t think I’ve heard of a straight man referred to as a slut, no matter how many women he’s slept with.

    My vag is my business! There is no room in there for judgemental pop stars!

  17. lola says:

    Lets bookmark this story for the days when it comes out these three are in rehab for sex addition or meth.

  18. LondonParis says:

    dovesgate- you missed the point.
    Russell Brand was joking about information that was VOLUNTEERED by the Jonas Brothers, and Jordin Sparks took offense and proceeded to make everyone look a little more childish.
    I know plenty of people who don’t have sex, and that is their personal choice, and I fully respect it. It’s not about popular thinking for me. I just think that if that is the road you choose to take, then you should be able to walk it without broadcasting to everyone that you’re doing it. I feel the same way about promiscuous people who broadcast that part of themselves like it’s something to be proud of. Opportunities come up to have sex- if you don’t want to, it shouldn’t be hard to say no.
    But if you’re abstaining for some sense of purity and it’s a struggle everytime you have to say no, then you’re as much of a whore as anyone- you’re a whore and a prisoner to religion (and it could be ANY organized religion, so don’t anyone in particular get offended- everyone can be miffed if they like) and that won’t even buy you dinner before you get bent over.

  19. Mara says:

    Just because Jordan said what she said doesn’t mean she’s acting holier than thou. It’s just what’s right for her.

    And who said anything about all or nothing. Who said a single time is a slut. There are former prostitutes, etc., who choose to start living differently and 40 something year old already married and divorced couples that also choose to delay some sexual acitivity until marriage.

    And I would bet that temptation is not the same whore level as giving into it.

    I think that the majority of people who slam acts like this are very baggaged, bitter, and highly oversensitive, or otherwise personality disorder messed up. No one is telling you how to live your life. But the fact that you are so offended by it should say something.

    The reactions are psychotically ridiculous!

  20. RhymesWithSilver says:

    What is with this throwback Breakfast Club sex=slut crapola? It’s preachy bitches like Jordin who make people afraid to be honest when it comes to their sexual lives. You can’t count on information or honesty from parents, sex ed, or friends. And clearly some of the people who are products of this “abstinence only” system are all too eager to heap judgement upon everyone else in the worst way.

    Countdown to the Jordin Sparks/Jonas Brothers triple-team sex tape…

  21. adam says:

    Of course, the liberal writer decided to throw in a comment about Sarah Palin’s daughter. What a joke.

  22. Mara says:

    And to Kaiser’s reaction:

    The Kinsey research has stated that a normal sexual lifestyle does not have to include another person. Please get educated.

  23. morgs says:

    How old is this girl? If she was 15 or 16 giving me that speech, I’d smile and nod, then I’d try to remember back to those sweet and innocent times when you thought your first time was going to be the beginning of a new era in your life. And then I’d laugh hard.

    If she’s over 18, I’d tell her to shut her sanctimonius mouth until she has been *loved* the right way.

  24. breederina says:

    Mara “a normal sexual lifestyle does not have to include another person” but oh, oh, oh, it’s oh so much fun when it does esp. when you can educate one another !

  25. Dee says:

    She is very young and we as a society and as individuals have lowered our standards. With all the gratuitous sex and young pregancies and std rates and babies being abandoned and not mature enough to own up to the responsibilities that come with sex, yes volunteering and touting a purity ring is something to be proud of just as dressing conservatively and not letting it all hang out as announcements and attention. Sex is good, in its rightful realm, though I have fornicated many times; attention is nice in the correct form and not just because one flounts flesh. There is no sense of humor to such low degrading statement as a man having sex with all three of the JBrothers by night’s end. We have become too lax and freedom of speech and freedom of expression has gone so far out the window we forget there is, in every religion, the admonishment against fornication. Again, sex is natural and beautiful, BUT……..we should try our hardest to abstain and wait for marriage. Laugh now……there is a reason for abstinence, even if you are a mature grown-up. Don’t get me started on Hugh H. It is a sin to be so old and still having gratuitous fornication all over the place. When we lose our inner moral compass and become complacent to give in to our flesh and desires, everything else will fall. It is restraint and discipline that elevates humans. We have come to debase ourselves lower than animals. Laugh, hate on me……we betta get it together people. There is a such thing as right and wrong, and I am no angel. I fight the flesh.

  26. Mara says:


    Ha, Ha. You’re too funny.

    I was just trying to provide some insight. I think it’s better when academic information is thrown in.

  27. vdantev says:

    Some of the biggest sluts I know were into the whole ‘purity ring’ horsesh*t. Is it even remotely possible people could make a decision and abide by it without buying some overpriced trinket? Are people so bereft of thought and soul they have to have some meaningless symbol to remember what important life-altering decisions they’ve made?

  28. vdantev says:

    ‘I fight the flesh’

    In other words- TOTALLY BORING.

  29. Mara says:

    …vs. just everybody getting pissed because they think someone is looking down upon them.

    and yes, Dee, you have a fantastic point. Thank you for your thoughtful and intelligent comment in a sea of craziness!

  30. Diva says:

    I was a virgin until I was 22.

    There was nothing WRONG with me for waiting that long. I am not a FREAK because I chose not to have sex until I was well past 18.

    I think the lot of you who are insulting Jordin Sparks who stood up for HER beliefs are alot more holier-than-Thou than she was.

    I thought Russell Brand was funny, but he just kept going on and on and on about the decision some kids have made to do their best to stay virgins as long as they feel the desire to, so it was kind of nice to see one of those people he was making fun of stand up for themselves. And while I’m sure she doesn’t think every person who doesn’t stay a virgin is a slut, she was just hitting back at Brand as hard as he was hitting at them.

  31. Syko says:

    Of course she wants to be a slut. We all want to be sluts. We just restrain ourselves for whatever reason. Or not.

    I do want to take issue, though, with “Don’t get me started on Hugh H. It is a sin to be so old and still having gratuitous fornication all over the place.” Gratuitous fornication? He’s Hugh Hefner. He’s Playboy’s father. He likes sex. Not a freaking thing wrong with that. And he is supposed to stop liking it when he reaches the age of – what, Dee? Is 60 too old to like sex? 65? 70? It never stops being enjoyable. Why should he give it up?

    Nobody should ever have to apologize for their sexuality.

  32. daisy424 says:

    Amen Syko,it keeps getting better 8)

  33. Kaiser says:

    @Mara – I have been educated. By my vibrator. But we’re not talking about masturbation, are we? We’re talking about “purity pledges” and hypocrisies.

    Look, I’m not saying everyone should go have sex with everyone, all the time.

    It is one thing to wait for the right guy at the right time… and quite another to self-righteously preach that you’re waiting and branding all of us that did not wait “sluts.” Because *that* is fetishizing virginity.

  34. breederina says:

    Dee you sound ten kinds of crazy, well meaning but out there. What exactly is gratuitous sex ? Sex for pleasure? Sex out of wedlock? Gay sex? Sex with yourself? Any sex not intended for making babies? Does the ring thing cover kissing? Running the bases? Impure thoughts?
    What’s most aggravating here is the implication that ones sexuality is somehow dirty and wrong unless it’s carried out in a controlled enviroment and that’s just nonsense.

  35. Chamalla says:

    If Jordin wants to wait, more power to her. My only issue is with her calling everyone who does not choose her set of beliefs a slut. I’m a married woman, I’ve been monogamous for longer than some of you have been alive.

    Mara, I respect your right to believe whatever you want or feel is right in your heart. If I don’t believe in the same things you do, however, it does not make me “very baggaged, bitter, and highly oversensitive, or otherwise personality disorder messed up.”

    Is a baggag like a ballgag?

  36. Bodhi says:

    :lol: Chamella!

    I’m certainly not baggaged, bitter, and highly oversensitive, or otherwise personality disorder messed up. either.

    I think its awesome & she stands up for her beliefs, but it is decidedly not awesome that she chose to insult a large part of modern society

  37. geronimo says:

    “…having gratuitous fornication all over the place…”

    :lol: !! I’ve done that but with just one person. At a time. That’s ok, isn’t it?

    Also :lol: @ chamalla!

  38. Orangeitjulius says:

    They’re sneaking in and out of each other’s rooms in nursing homes to have sex – and pulling down their diapers to do it…It’s never too late…

  39. Mara says:


    “Baggaged” as in having a lot of “baggage”-history and personality traits that make you want to get rid of person so fast.

    And I did not say everyone who disagrees with Jordan has those traits-but the ones who are making the most aggressive comments-the people who automatically personally feel they are being called a slut by her…

    I think that Diva said it best in her post…

    To act that offended and cynical-says a lot more about the person who’s attacking Jordan than her attacking them.

  40. Diva says:

    Is it possible she was referring to the music/entertainment business people (early Britney, Christina, Pussy Cat Dolls, etc) ???

    You know what else is really annoying the fuck out of me… You all practically burn Miley Cyrus, etc, at the stake because they’re so “skanky” and someone comes out against all the things you “hate” about her and others like her and you eviscerate them, too.

  41. Bodhi says:

    Diva~ I bet she’ll issue a statement saying that thats what she meant.

    Again, I think its awesome that she is standing up for her beliefs, but she might want to moderate the way she does it. I’m not personally insulted by what she said because I’m not a slut. But I do think it was pretty darn rude

  42. bros says:

    yah, whats up with the sanctimonious virgin types needing to display their choice by wearing a ring to tell everyone about a private intimate personal sexual decision? it is supposed to be a badge of honor while the non-virgins have silent shame? just STFU and be a virgin and dont worry about shoving your choice in everyone’s face. god these little turds are annoying. how lame to have to wear a ring to proclaim your sexual choices. i think they should make rings for the opposite choices so the silent majority can wear them too, otherwise, what would tell us apart?

  43. ri23 says:

    Nice dress. I wore it to my 11th grade prom 10 years ago.

  44. Courtney says:

    I don’t think that wearing a purity ring is prudish or whatever…

    but Jordin could have DEFINITELY reworded that better, she might not have meant to, but she basically said everyone who didn’t have a purity ring or that had had sex before marriage is a slut. Now there’s some preteen girl out there who already feels guilty cause she was raised where sex and sexuality is negative is now thinking this popstar who i love says i’m a slut. GREAT role model.

    and in the name of Stephanie from Full House….”how ruuuude”

  45. vdantev says:

    “…having gratuitous fornication all over the place…”

    Does anyone actually talk like that ? What is this, 1847?

  46. chartreuseoak says:

    Those kids wearing purity rings are probably having ear sex.

  47. Lauri says:

    ” mean really, is someone going to say ‘wait a minute’ during a hot moment and look down and ponder the symbolism of a ring??”

    As a matter of fact, they may very well do so, since the ring is supposed to be a tangible reminder of the promise they have made to themselves.

    And personally, although she may not have been as eloquent as we all would have liked, I don’t blame her for speaking up. Considering that most “entertainers” can’t wait to blab about their…yes…slutty behavior, it’s nice to hear about one who actually values herself higher than that and is choosing to wait to have sex.

    What a crazy world we live in when virtuous behavior is criticized. I have to suspect that a lot of people are secretly ashamed of their own bad behavior, and get upset when someone else points out that there is a better way to live.

    I’m no saint, and I don’t claim to have been a virgin when I married. But after all these years with the right man, the others I was with before him are meaningless and I honestly wish I hadn’t wasted my time-and my body-on them. They didn’t deserve it. :lol:

  48. Lauri says:

    “Of course she wants to be a slut. We all want to be sluts”

    Speak for yourself. You don’t have a clue what “we all” want.

  49. Diva says:

    As one of “those kids” when I was a teenager, chartreus, I can assure you that those of us who took it seriously were not having ear sex, oral sex, or any other kind of sex.

    I’m quite offended by the assumption that a purity ring, or a purity pledge is just for “show” and that the kids who choose that path are liars and fakes.

    I didn’t stay a virgin until I was married, but I stayed a virgin until I thought I was prepared to handle any possible outcomes.

    Something so damn many of you jump all over Jamie Lynn Spears, Bristol Palin, etc, for not doing. And now, you’re jumping all over the Jordin Sparks, Jonas Brothers, and whomever else has made THIS DECISION FOR THEMSELVES.

    It makes no sense at all, unless you just like to rag on people for doing things differently from yourselves.

  50. hello says:

    Nothing wrong with wanting to keep your virginity, but do you have to tell EVERYONE and recruit people? It’s peer pressure, and no different from the peer pressure that is said that teens feel…

    I don’t have a problem with her wanting to keep the v, but PLEASE do not imply that those of us who have had sex are sluts. Some of us have been in long term relationships. Marriage isn’t for a lot of people either. You’d think that the more logical/inclusive message would be to be monogamous and do it for yourself. But I don’t really want t hear that preaching either.

    And who on earth says fornicate??? Are we begatting children again too?

  51. daisy424 says:

    Diva, bravo to you for standing by your beliefs no matter what others think :-)

  52. I get her. says:

    Since the Disney kids of the 90′s started touting their “virginity”, the point that people have been making–about how it is actually sexualizing them through constant chatter/speculation about their abstaining from sex–is valid.

    However, I feel that part of the reason some of these people wish to be so vocal is because they feel that this point of view is not respected or given enough attention in the media.

    It is not a question of these people being “holier than thou” or “sanctimonious”. What they are trying to do is create a vocal and visible movement so that people who choose to abstain from sex–for whatever reason–do not feel marginalized. And the choice to not have sex is definitely a marginalized position.

    People who abstain from sex are not “anti-sex”. It isn’t that they think they “don’t like it” and need to “try it before judging it”, as someone suggested. These people realize that sex is a pleasurable and natural human activity. However, people often abstain for reasons of religion. This extends beyond Christianity, Judaism, and Islam; Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and many other religions also require followers to abstain from pre-marital sex. It is a question of following the tenets of one’s religion, and exercising self-restraint. This should not be enforced by laws or punishments. But if one chooses to follow one’s religious tenets with regards to one’s body, this choice should be respected by others.

    If you choose to have sex, that is your choice. It is a choice everyone should have. The problem for people who choose to abstain is that the media has made that choice out to be impossible, strange, abnormal, “uncool”, etc. Advertising, entertainment–it’s all sex. Children are becoming sexualized earlier and earlier because of the constant exposure to sex in all aspects of the media. Look at daytime television or “teen” shows like The O.C. People feel under pressure to be “normal”, and a sex-saturated media makes abstinence “abnormal”.

    If you value choice, then you won’t mock people’s decision to abstain from sex. If you are a shrewd media viewer, you will realize that this isn’t the puritanical 50′s. You’ll realize that the pendulum has swung so far in the other direction, it has created a situation where the “i choose not to have sex” choice is not accepted. Instead of truly making people’s personal choices “OK” (be it the choice to have sex or the choice to not have sex), it makes it seem strange or unacceptable to not have sex. This is NOT a liberation of the body. If you truly believe that our bodies belong to us and what we should have the right to choose what we do with our body, then you can’t attack people who choose not to share it (sexually) with others.

    I realize I’ve rambled on a bit, but I just wanted to point out that these stars who belong to (or are geared towards) the kiddie/tween/teen age group are providing a much needed perspective. Their choices make kids who may wish to choose abstinence feel OK and confident about their choice, whereas shows like The O.C., or any of the videos on MTV, might make them feel pressure to conform.

  53. vdantev says:

    But Diva,

    Can they NOT make such a private personal decision and just STFU about it ? Like I said, if you need a ring to remind you of a pledge, you never really meant it to begin with.

  54. Jenna says:

    God. I wish she would cram the ring down her throat.
    It was a joke and I get she was standing up for herself and the twits. But really. Yeah, yeah it is their choice to be virgins and all that jazz. Does anyone go on record to put Dane Cook or any other person making fun of something in their place?

    Maybe Jordin was trying to revive her failing music career? You were on American Idol sweetheart, time to say goodbye!

  55. kaila says:

    :? :wink: then why is she dressed like a lil slut in her short lil dress and boobies thrust out for the world to see

  56. Diva says:

    I was PROUD of my accomplishment… yes, I said ACCOMPLISHMENT of not succumbing to peer pressure and temptation on many occasions.

    Had purity rings been available 20 years ago when I was in high school, I would proudly have worn it. Not to be sanctimonious or holier-than-Thou, but to show that I am PROUD of my accomplishment, just like the jocks in high school wore their varsity letters on their jackets with pride of THEIR accomplishement.

    Just because your path doesn’t take you the same way mine or theirs does doesn’t mean we feel we’re any better than you and it doesn’t make you any better than us.

  57. Codzilla says:

    The real irony here? The name Jordin Sparks sounds like a porn alter-ego. Or at the very least, the name of some low rent singer entertaining drunken rednecks in Reno, NV, better known as Vegas’ grimy, half-assed stepchild.

  58. Diva says:

    Wtf does that have to do with anything?

    It’s her name.

    She’s tough enough to stick up for herself after an hour and a half of jokes at the expense of the choice she and others have made, and this is what happens.

    How bout if any number of the promiscuous teenagers had stood up there and said how there was nothing wrong with plastering nude pictures of their teenage self all over the net, or having babies, etc? Then how would you react?

    I supposed I can go back a few dozen pages and see exactly what was being said about those girls then.

    No one can win with people here.

  59. starr says:

    i think this hoe needs to sit down!!

    john legend looked like he wanted to say “girl..u better shut the hell up”

    …like who is she really? blah blah u were on american idol..who really gives a shit :roll:

  60. Codzilla says:

    Diva, take a deep breath and put away the daggers. It was a damn joke, and considering her purity stance, I thought it’d be a funny one. Obviously I failed, but there’s no need for you get all riled up about it.

  61. Syko says:

    Lauri, lay off. I’m getting sick of you being antagonistic to me, no matter what I say.

    I wasn’t criticizing Jordin. If she chooses to remain a virgin, that’s her choice. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 20 myself, and then was faithful to the same man for the next 17 years. He, unfortunately, was not faithful back.

    My only objection is that the option seems to be either saint or sinner here, no happy medium. And that she feels the need to brag about it. And that half the kids wearing those rings have an active sex life. Not crazy over hypocrisy.

  62. Diva says:

    Well, we’re not all hypocrits, Syko, just because so many people want to believe it’s not “possible” to hold off on sex. And call it bragging if you want, but I was PROUD to let people know that I was a virgin and planned to stay that way for a very long time!

    I think it’s rather presumptuous of all of us to assume one way or the other how these kids live their lives.

    The bottom line, I would rather have my 15 year old looking up to Jordin Sparks and her pride in being a virgin than in Christina in her dirrrty days or Britney in her Catholic school girl lolita days.

  63. jessiee says:

    @ I get her: Nicely put. well done.

  64. daisy424 says:

    ‘The bottom line, I would rather have my 15 year old looking up to Jordin Sparks and her pride in being a virgin than in Christina in her dirrrty days or Britney in her Catholic school girl lolita days.’
    I agree :wink:

  65. RAN says:

    Diva, I agree with every single post/comment you’ve made. I happen to have that 15 year old daughter everyone is talking about, the one who wears the promise ring and she does it because she WANTS to be true to herself – no other reason. She’s not trying to be sanctimonious or holier than thou, nor does she call people names who don’t believe as she does. However, there is a high rate of young teen sex all around her and she wants to be different.

    Good for you for sticking to this comment thread. These kids need something to hold onto and if it’s a promise ring, then so be it.

  66. vdantev says:

    Again, all I’m saying if your going to make a decision of such alleged gravity and need trinkets to abide by it, you never meant it to begin with. A soldier is a soldier in or out of uniform.

  67. Diva says:

    So, by your train of thought, vdantev, my engagement and wedding ring, that I wear to show that I abide by my decision of “alleged” gravity, is nothing more than a trinket and I must not have really meant it when I married my husband?

    My wedding ring is my public decalaration of my committment to my husband, a promise or purity ring is the same thing of a committment to oneself.

  68. Shay says:

    I guess she didn’t get the lesson that two wrongs don’t make a right. If brand was wrong for his joke who are you to insult those who have sex before marriage?

  69. Bodhi says:

    Aw, I was a Catholic school girl (k-12) & I was a right good one. Up until the end, that is

  70. jayyy says:

    Bravo! I agree with everything you said.

    I think some people here are looking into her words way too much. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t calling everyone who has sex a slut, but rather just sticking up to someone who was constantly poking fun at those who weren’t like them and sleeping with everyone, like Brand put it. (The whole “they can sleep with anyone” joke). I do agree that she could have worded it better, but you can tell it was a heat-of-the-moment kind of thing. She was just being a voice for those who are constantly being put down because they are not doing the “cool” thing (well, what’s viewed as cool in our pop culture).

    People should just calm down.

  71. dovesgate says:

    dante, no one is saying they have to have the ring. It really is just a symbol of a specific choice, much like the rainbow is for gay people or a wedding ring for married people or hell, even that bdsm symbol, the triskelion. It isnt necessary to have the trinket or symbol but it is something that helps one member of the group making that choice recognize another and its a reminder of a very important decision in that individuals life.

    Its really interesting to me to see all of the people on here accusing her of being holier-than-thou over her personal choice. Did any of you stop to think that she was making a jab at Brand himself for being a slut and not the millions of other people who dont wear a promise ring? I saw him on Jimmy Kimmel before he hosted the VMA’s, joking about how he is a “floozy”, a prostitute, and a sex addict.

    I think some of you are seriously overreacting and I think its possible that some of you are personalizing a comment she made towards and to someone else. Unless, you know, some of you happen to be Russell Brand in disguise. In which case, why the hell isn’t your ranting funnier?

  72. Christina X says:

    I think she overreacted, and used an irrational choice of words.

    You don’t have to be married to someone in order to feel a connection with someone to be intimate with them. I personally wouldn’t have sex with someone I didn’t have any strong feelings for, but I don’t condemn sex and I don’t condemn other choices.

    I *do* think that Russel Brand sounded like an ignorant asshat, and someone needed to tell him to shut the f- up. I think it’s BS that virginity is reserved to the socially impaired and lepers. I’m a virgin because I haven’t fallen in love with someone, so excuse me for being a socially inept troll.

    But consider the source. I wouldn’t have expected more coming from MTV, where being a jackass is embraced.

    In either case, both need to learn to be more tolerant and less ignorant or shut the hell up.

  73. Angela says:

    I think these purity rings are silly, its just a piece of metal and a kids promise.

    If they dont want to have sex then good on them, but there’s no need to shout it out.

  74. Syko says:

    Diva, I’m not fighting with you. I was an “old virgin” myself, and was proud to wait for the man I married. That’s how it was in those days, nice girls did that. The hypocrisy I’m talking about is the ones who proclaim virginity when they are not, like Heidi Montag and Britney Spears. I don’t think being a virgin is something to make fun of. But I also don’t think an active sex life makes you a slut.

  75. Cletus says:

    I think I would have liked it if the virgin-rings would have been so prevalent when I was a teenager. It probably cuts down on a lot of guesswork, you know? Because I when I was a teenager, I would not have bothered messing with the lil virgin boys. I didn’t want to waste my time on anyone who wasn’t gonna break me off a piece. I’m just saying. (For the record… I still don’t. I’m in my 30s now- if a guy hasn’t had sex YET, there is no way I’m gonna go there.)

  76. Lauri says:

    “Lauri, lay off. I’m getting sick of you being antagonistic to me, no matter what I say.”

    Then don’t make sweeping statements and claim to speak for “everyone.” You speak only for yourself.

  77. Baholicious says:

    I lost my virginity but I still have the box it came in :mrgreen:

  78. Lizzy says:

    Oh man Lauri, it was a joke. Obviously not everyone wants to be a slut. And obviously Brand was joking too, as he is a comedian (even if you don’t find him to be particularly funny), and hosting was his job.

    “What a crazy world we live in when virtuous behavior is criticized. I have to suspect that a lot of people are secretly ashamed of their own bad behavior, and get upset when someone else points out that there is a better way to live.”

    I don’t think that anyone is really criticizing Jordin’s behavior. Rather, she just can’t take a joke, and while responding to that joke, she managed to insult everyone who doesn’t agree with HER stance on premarital sex. As was mentioned above, it’s not all saints vs. sinners, virgins vs. sluts… there is a huge area in between that Jordin has neglected. And if she is allowed to be offended by what Brand said, then I suppose we (non-virgins, non-sluts) are allowed to be offended by what she said.

  79. geronimo says:

    Gawd. A funny comment by Brand and a pissy little comment by whatshername turned into this? 8O

  80. Allie says:

    WOW the comments turned into a heated discussion for something that effects none of us. If Jordin Sparks wants to save it for someone, then she’ll save it. If you want to have sex before marriage, have sex before marriage. And even if she DOES think everyone who doesn’t wear a purity ring is a slut…who cares. She’s the only one who will suffer from that negative view. Everyone else will continue living their lives.

  81. Please Read says:

    Jordin never said ppl who didn’t wear rings were sluts nor did she say that b/c you have had sex you are a slut. That is no where in her statement. What she said was not everyone wants to be a slut which is what society (Russell Brand being a perfect example of it) encourages you men and women to do. Brand basically just called the Jonas brothers punks b/c they can screw any chick they want but chose not to. Why make fun of somebody for that? Not only was it immature and it is part of the reason our society is so screwed up. They don’t want to have sex make fun of them. If they were having sex make fun of them. Why? What’s the purpose? All these teens having sex, getting pregnant, and contracting diseases is not good. Don’t encourage someone to have sex. Encourage someone to do what’s right for them.

  82. Hollz says:

    While I find what Jordin said kinda offensive, being a non married, non virgin (and quite happy in that state, thank you very much) I don’t think her virginity, (or lack thereof if that’s the case) should be waved around on TV.

    Also, I personally, would NEVER marry someone I haven’t taken for a test drive :twisted: There are so many issues in marriage that result from a poor sex life. You need to know that your sexually compatible before your stuck in a unsatisfying marriage

  83. Diva says:

    Russell Brand was repeatedly chiding the Jonas Brothers for being ABLE to sleep with whomever they wanted as often as they wanted (read: slut) and not doing it. Jordin Sparks did not call any of YOU sluts, she said that as celebrities often propositioned by many people, she and they were not interested in leading that kind of lifestyle.

    When I was 21 my mother’s husband called me a “fat, ugly virgin freak”… I thought that was just the ramblings of a piece of shit drunk, I had no idea most of the world thought the same thing.

  84. juli says:

    I feel like jordin was being rude. I understand that she was trying to say that it ein nothing wrong with chasity rings but when she said that not everyone wants to be SLUTS, that basically indicated to me, that who dont believe in that are sluts or who has pre-marital sex are sluts. No it doesn’t. Besides no one was talkin to her. Russell was taking about the jonas brothers. Was she just trying to get some attention? I understand that she was stating her point but do that another time. The jonas brothers didn’t make a big deal about it, and it was about them so why should you!

  85. Bodhi says:

    Diva~ I seriously doubt that most posters on CB would agree with your mom’s (ex?) husband.

  86. BinFL says:

    Brand’s ‘brand’ of comedy was not funny, but offensive. I say, “Atta girl, Jordin.” Whether she is a virgin or not is not the issue. Brand needed setting straight. Just insulting someone else is not entertainment.

  87. abby says:

    some of the biggest sluts preach virginity … we learn about it after they’ve married at least once .. britney, jessica,miley, jonas sis …. oops my mistake, screw’em if they can’t take a joke

  88. Purity Rings says:

    I thought Brand’s comments were hilarious but at the same time I think anyone who believes in purity and wants to wear purity rings is entitled to.

    I do agree with Abby’s comment though – not everyone who preaches purity actually practices it.

  89. Purity Rings says:

    I think anyone that stands up for morality is great!