Ashton Kutcher whines about George W. Bush: “He just was not very nice to me”


These are some newish photos of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore on their Valentine’s holiday in St. Barts this weekend, plus some photos of Ashton solo in London and Paris last week. In the St. Barts pics, they both look kind of homely, in my opinion, but they’re on vacation and they’re still celebrating their love, so God bless. I think Ashton has been promoting No Strings Attached internationally while Natalie Portman’s bitchface stays stateside, which explains why there are so many Ashton-only interviews floating around. Apparently, while Ashton was in London, he did a radio interview with the BBC, and he got questions about his attendance at the SuperBowl, where he sat in the luxury VIP suite right behind President Bush and Laura Bush. You can see video of it here (and I’ve screen capped it below) – Ashton was spotted in the same video with Cameron Diaz hand-feeding Alex Rodriguez. When Ashton got a question about his proximity to Bush, Ashton whined about how Bush was rude to him:


Punk’d? Ashton Kutcher was spotted sitting right behind former President George W. Bush in a luxury suite at last week’s Super Bowl, but it turns out the two weren’t exactly sharing a bowl of dip and a bucket of hot wings.

Talking to BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills on Thursday, Kutcher said he got a rude reaction from the former President.

“I don’t think he’s very happy with me,” he said. “He just was not very nice to me. He just kind of snubbed me a little bit.”

But why the cold shoulder?

“I think I said some mean things [about Bush] during the election. I feel like he probably doesn’t like me very much.”

In fact, Kutcher campaigned for the Democratic Kerry/Edwards ticket in 2004 in what he called an effort to make up for his vote for Bush in the 2000 election.

“I voted for him because I thought he was like me,” Kutcher told a late October crowd in Iowa. “I thought he was a good old boy like me… [he's] not going to fool me again. I’m here to take responsibility for my mistakes.”

Kutcher and wife Demi Moore endorsed then-candidate Barack Obama for President in 2008, and in 2009 Kutcher helped The White House spread the word about National HIV Testing Day over Twitter. Kutcher and Moore have also involved themselves with former President Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative, battling modern slavery.

[From HuffPo]

Wow, Ashton voted for Bush in 2000? That’s surprising. That’s the most interesting part of this story. As for whether or not Bush “snubbed” Ashton – while I’m not one to give Bush credit for anything, I think it’s more likely than not that Bush simply didn’t know who Ashton was. It’s not like Dubya is some noted That 70s Show fanatic. It’s not like Bush is at all interested in pop culture. Dubya probably just thought Ashton was some random dude. That being said, I love that Ashton thinks he’s so important that a former president would know all of these details about his political involvements.




Photos courtesy of Fame & WENN.

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  1. mln76 says:

    Ashton is dumber than Bush which is saying a lot. I hate to defend Bush but I just think he was just being a snob he’s not really as much of a down home Texan as he pretends.

  2. LunaT says:

    Nice, mln76. Gave me a morning giggle.

    Ashton is an idiot. He’s cute, but he’s a dumbass. And, whenever I see the pic of him in his printed sweater jacket (really, wtf is that?), I wonder why he went all frump pulling an old rich guy from Wyoming who’s vacationing in Pebble Beach look.

  3. t says:

    I agree…Bush probably had no idea who the guy sitting behind him was. In Ashton’s mind, did Bush snub him because he didn’t ask him for his autograph and gush “I named my dog Kelso because of your artistry on ‘That 70′s Show’”? Ashton Kutcher sounds pretty full of himself.

  4. mln76 says:

    @LunaT glad you laughed I actually changed it to make it more PC but I’ll put back my original comment for you.
    Bush is really a New England snob ;)

  5. Rita says:

    If fashion defines a “good ol’ boy”, he’s as good as it gets.

  6. Liana says:

    “I think I said some mean things [about Bush] during the election. I feel like he probably doesn’t like me very much.”


    No Ashton, he probably doesn’t give a flying fart about you. Not a fan of Bush politically, but I met him during a charity fundraiser last year and he was actually really nice and quite funny. Why does Ashton think he’s so important? He’s a mediocre actor who lucked out playing an even dumber version of himself on a sitcom and now thinks that he’s become someone who really matters. Worked on a set with him once and he was such a primadonna.

  7. Jen D says:

    It must be hard for some reporters to keep a straight face when they interview these airheads. I’d like to think that maybe there was more of a context if you hear the interview, but I think Ashton Kutcher is pretty dumb.

  8. SolitaryAngel says:

    Would you just LOOK at that “getup” he’s wearing? Demi must be pissed at him, making him leave the house like that, lol. My God, man! Sneak into her purse and get your balls back!!

  9. someone says:

    Bush probably doesn’t even know who Ashton is…

  10. renai(jrt) says:

    poor ashton, I guess everyone doesnt gush all over you and demi…… and you like to cry about it…..get over yourself and if you want someone to be your friend then try earning their respect first before dissing them in public

  11. CandyKay says:

    One of my favorite stories about W is about when his old Yale class came for a reunion at the White House and one classmate, who used to be Paul, came to the reunion as Paula. He’d had a sex change. Apparently W was completely cool about it, and said something like “Now you’ve come back as your real self.” Can’t remember the exact quote.

    Anyway, I’m also not a great fan of his politics, although he seems to have been a few years early on the whole democracy-in-the-Middle-East thing.

  12. Solveig says:

    Not that I want to defend Ashton but I think that Bush – as a former President – should act kindly towards those people whom he was – unfortunately – president of, no matter who they are.

  13. lisa says:

    If memory serves there were a lot of people in that box.. Michael/Catherine and a few other celebs. Since he was the least known well.

    Ashton seems a bit lost to me. He is producing and such, but it just seems like he and Demi have hit a wall. Do you all remember when Demi was the IT girl..the go to girl.. When she in affect ruled HW.. then she married Ashton (not saying this is the cause) then she just went down hill.

    I don’t know.. they just seem to be floundering.

  14. Liana says:

    …a nd there’s nothing worse than floundering attention whores who can’t stand not being in the spotlight.

  15. Samigirl says:

    Makes me like ol’ Dubya a little more. Ashton is self important and self entitled, and I would snub him as well.

  16. LunaT says:

    mln76—more morning giggles. Thank you :)

    Lisa, I agree. And I think they know it, too. The only relevance they’ve held recently is b/c Ashton was sleeping w/other women and one of the women went public w/it.

  17. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and just say:

    W. probably treats anyone outside of his socio-economic class or his demographic exactly the same way.

    In other words, no big deal, Asston.

  18. Angie says:

    George Bush is not nice to alot of people. Most of them are in Iraq and Afghanastan though, so they can’t really whine about it to the press.

  19. renai(jrt) says:

    ashton: Hey hollywoods, I can diss W. , now can I have a job???

  20. 30minutes with Mike Rowe says:

    How on earth does Ashton rate a VIP seat with the former President?? I can think of 1000 people more famous, intelligent, wealthy…you get the idea. How does Ashton get a VIP seat at the Superbowl???

  21. MarenGermany says:

    well, they should ask other people (like complete nations oversea) about how mean Bush was to them……

  22. Susette says:

    Since Twitter and camera commercials are the only thing keeping Ashton remotely relevant, I’m jumping on the “Bush had no idea who he was” train.

  23. Sam says:

    Finding out that Bush may have snubbed Ashton has finally given the former president a redeeming quality in my eyes.

  24. carrie says:

    my dad asks :”who is Ashton Kutcher?”
    me: “he acts in some movies?”
    my dad: “hein?!” (my dad goes to see one or two movies in theater by week)

  25. Nanea says:

    Dubya also wasn’t nice to the German Chancellor a few years ago when he was her guest before the G8 summit in Germany, and that was the much bigger goof-up. He really damaged his reputation when the photos came out.

    Who’s Ashton compared to Dr Merkel?

  26. mimi says:

    my thoughts exactly, mike rowe.

  27. Valerie says:

    Actually, Bush knows exactly who he is because Asston used to hang with W’s daughters. He was on, I think it was Jay Leno, one night and said that the Bush twins drank and smoked a little green. Oh gasp, teenagers going wild, heavens no! I thought that was completely classless to sell them out like that.
    So, although I don’t care for W, he was right to snub AK.

  28. brin says:

    If I saw greasy Ashton, I’d snub him, too.

  29. b626 says:

    Chris(ashton)Kutcher talked smack about GWs daughters partying at his house way backback. That’ll do it

  30. GeekChic says:

    It boggles my mind that Ashton is even stupider than I previously believed. He voted for Shrub because he thought he was a “good old boy” like him? Really? Neither of them are, or have ever been, “good old boys,” and the fact that Ashton admits that he bought that image that Shrub projected just shows that he has the mental capacity of slime mold (no offense to the slime mold).

  31. JC126 says:

    I don’t get voting for somebody because he seems like a good old boy, but whatever.
    Also, I don’t care for GWB, but I can’t fault anybody for being rude to Ashton Kutcher. At the same time, I’m sure GWB is dismissive towards anyone not in his inner circle. I remember reading an interview with an author who said, and it makes sense, that to the Bushes, you’re either in the family, or you’re the “help”.
    Again, everyone should be rude to Ashton Kutcher.
    BTW – when is that promised lawsuit coming? He said he was going to sue the Enquirer for reporting he cheated on Demi, but mysteriously, there is no lawsuit yet.

  32. angela says:

    Kutcher isnt as well-known as he thinks he is and George has better things to do than look to see who’s sitting in the seat behind him.

  33. lachica says:

    what exactly makes Ashton a VIP? he’s not in the same league as Cameron or A-Rod so what is he even doing there?

  34. angela says:

    Ms Moore looks old enough to be Kutcher’s mother in those two photos.

  35. original kate says:

    bush was not nice to many many people, including the thousands of iraqi people he bombed. suck it up, kutcher.

  36. Just Me says:

    Ugh, not a chance!
    Someone trash talks my kids on TV, whether true or not, then expects me to be sociably attentive to them in an exclusive, although public, setting is someone who is delusional at best and an idiot at worst.

    Demi looks like she is either po’d or smelling something rotten in those photos.
    Maybe both?

  37. Robocop says:

    Everyday these celebs just prove how incredibly dumb and self-absorbed they are. I’m no Bush fan, but why in hell’s name should he acknowledge this a**hole!!

  38. dit says:

    LMAO, why would Bush even know Kutcher? I mean if that’s Madonna behind him and he didn’t know, that’s bad, but it’s Ashton Who, who cares?

  39. Misty G says:

    Why would he care if GW snubbed him. To me, if I’m in close proximity to someone I don’t like, I’m happy if they don’t talk to me.

  40. ol cranky says:

    I think Liana hit the nail on the head. Kutcher didn’t give any examples of Bush’s rudeness so he probably thinks that Bush should have made a big deal about him and given him some sort of warm greeting, etc.

    Not really surprised that Kutcher voted Bush (or, sadly, even why) Wasn’t Demi uber-republican along with Bruce Willis and the other planet hollywood celebrities?

  41. thebl0nde says:

    Demi looks seasick and queasy to me in these pics of them in St. Barts

  42. devilgirl says:

    Why should anyone be nice to him?

    While not a Bush fan, I am on TEAM BUSH for this one!

  43. kas says:

    Bush had no idea who that young lad sitting behind him with his Mother even was.

  44. texasmom says:

    I dunno, I find it equally likely that Dubya didn’t know Ashton from a hole in the ground OR was pissed at him. Remember, this is the guy who considered an insult from Kanye West to be the worst moment of his administration. For me, it was watching my brother-in-law being crushed to death live on network television as the north tower fell, but to each his own…

  45. Listerino says:

    Funny, I didn’t even notice Ashton when I was watching the superbowl. I only noticed George and his wife.

  46. susie says:

    Ashton is a blowhard who ‘thinks’ he’s something special. (thanks Demi) He made such an ass out of himself at the Golden Globes, cracking a joke no one was listening to or bothered to laugh at. He seemed genuinely stunned. When will he understand that the only person who cares is his wife, and even then that may be waning. Time will tell..

  47. Jen says:

    @people asking why Ashton rated a VIP seat: they were luxury suites. Anyone with lots of $$ could buy those seats. So Ashton isn’t a VIP, just wealthy.

  48. Evelyn says:

    I can’t think of Ashton Kutcher as anyone other than Michael Kelso

  49. Kat says:

    I detest Bush and I’d snub you, too, Asston.

  50. Venus says:

    Someone “not being very nice” is not the same thing as someone being rude or mean. I’m no fan of GWB but this comment by Ashton seems to have more to do with his over-inflated sense of importance than it does with GWB’s manners (or lack thereof). IMO, what probably happened is that GWB didn’t fawn all over him, so Ashton took it as a snub.

  51. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    IF Bush knows of Ashton because he partied with the bush twins, then tried to shame them for it on national TV, I think the “snubbing” is warranted. If someone were trying to embarrass me by criticizing my child, they’d get a hell of a lot more then a snub. Personally, I think I’d be funnier if he didn’t know who Ashton was.

    @Liana, I love the little insider tidbits you throw us here and there :)

  52. Claire says:

    I just dislike this man more every time he opens his mouth. I saw an interview recently and it turned me off him forever. He definately thinks he is above his station.

  53. Shoe_Lover says:

    @ Liana- i would love to just sit and gossip with you. You must have some seriously good celebrity gossip from your work

  54. Jackson says:

    Oh Ashton, your self-importance makes me laugh. Thank you for that.

  55. icantbelievethis says:

    Was he expecting GWB to feed him popcorn like Cameron fed Alex??

    Although if I remember correctly AK did write a decent piece on Huffington Post about the inaugration and how rude it was that people (celebs) didn’t stand when GWB came out.

  56. KSwan says:

    Ashton is so full of himself!! He is a mediocre actor at best!! Really… like George Bush would even know who he is. Give me a break! Right now he is mostly famous for marrying Demi Moore!

  57. lucy2 says:

    I’m in the camp that W didn’t know/care who he was, and Ashton’s probably put off that someone wasn’t fawning all over him cause he’s famous. He needs to get over himself.

  58. mymy says:

    Maybe that I will serve little film he did with his brainless wife had something to do with it. I have never seen a more ridicules service announcement in my life. Thought up by his idiotic wife.
    I will be kind to little birdies
    I will use one sheet of toilet paper.
    These stars are off their ever loving rocker. Hey how about a follow up film?
    Think any of these twats followed through on their promises?

  59. Tess says:

    Better to keep your mouth closed, Ashton Baby, and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

  60. Amy says:

    I think W may not even know who Ashton is.The two guys doesn’t have much in common.

  61. REALIST says:

    What’s with Demi’s mouth? She looks like she has Bell’s Palsy or some other neurological thing going-hey, maybe she had one side of her mouth Botoxed!

  62. Chris says:

    Maybe Bush gave Ashton the bad vibe because they were suppporting different teams.

  63. Hautie says:

    I can sum up W’s reaction upon meeting Ashton at the Super Bowl.

    “Get a haircut hippie.”


    And never underestimate George W. and his memory. He has no problem carrying a life time grudge over any perceived slight. Even one from some hippie.

  64. garvels says:

    Ha Ha…Ashton,the narcissistic tool, trying to make himself relevant again? Bush probably had no clue who Ashton was or what he did.

  65. april says:

    Demi looks really old in those photos.

  66. Newbie says:

    @Shoe_Lover: took the words right out of my mouth!

  67. B says:

    So, Bush had/has the lowest IQ of all presidents and Ashton is a douche. New headlines, please?

  68. Jazmin says:

    Ashton Kutcher has huge child bearing hips; same width as his shoulders.
    He’s also a classless moron. He let out an “unstoppable” fart, hence Demi’s expression in those pics.

  69. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    First off, couldn’t vote in either bush elections because I was too young (but I didn’t like Kerry because he seemed really slimy…I can’t put my finger on it though. Just like how I pointed out that Clinton was going to win the first time when I was like 4 because he “had the best hair” ha).

    If I was a former POTUS and someone talked shit on my kids and was a general douche in the media, I would snub the shit out of them.

    Plus- could you think of the headlines if Bush DID saunter over and said “Howdy Partner” It would be a shit storm and everyone would be ragging on Bush for hanging out with Ashton ha. Bush.

  70. Circe says:

    Paul Newman once said that the highest honour he received was being on Nixon’s enemy list.

    Ashton, I kind of like you, but you are no Paul Newman.

  71. kristin says:

    If Bush DID really snub Asston, that makes me like him a teeny bit more. But the reality is he probably just didn’t really know who he was.

  72. Anna says:

    Get over yourself Ashton; you’re not as big as you think you are.

  73. kris says:

    why the hell should he be nice to some punk ass celeb? go GW

  74. Moreaces says:

    Dear Ashton

    Please get over yourself, not everyone knows who you are, or for that matter care, Im not even close to a celeb. but if GW ignored me, I would take it as a badge of honor, and a compliment.

  75. Moreaces says:

    Also Ashton, you have to remember, he was not nice to and snubbed the American People for 8 years, count yourself lucky

  76. maggiegrace says:

    I Ashton were my age, I’d probably be fairly enthusiastic about dating him (but maybe not), but I’m Demi Moore’s age, and I’d be in a constant state of embarrassment and humiliation if he were my SO. Even for his age, he’s such a douche.

  77. Jerry says:

    Ashton, it seems more likely to me that he has no idea who you are. I am sure if he knew that you were a self important dumb ass actor he would be falling all over you.

  78. TXCinderella says:

    Isn’t that sweet? He thinks he is still an A-Lister. Poor little guy.

  79. la_chica says:

    Demi has old lady mouth, and it stands out because of the rest of the work done on her face.

    Kaiser good call on Ashton’s self-centered thoughts, as if Bush was all “Damn it! There’s that kid Ashton Kutchner! He voted for Barack over me! F him!”

  80. Henriette says:

    Hahaha. Ashton was surprised that George kept to himself because the Clintons’ tongues are always inserted 4 inches up any celeb’s arsehole; he figured that every ex-President must be the same. Ashton told a story on Letterman or Leno a few years back about Bill Clinton hitting on Demi in front of him. He seemed proud of the fact.

  81. lisa says:


    hahaha.. so f%#king true

  82. Diane says:

    This guy’s ego is hilarious. He probably spent the whole game wondering why Bush wouldn’t be his buddy. The old man was probably thinking, ‘there’s that little pain in the ass.’ Ashton, dear, stick with the old lady and hope that people won’t become sick and tired of the obnoxious character you ‘portray’ in those insufferable tv camera ads. Your film career’s as dead as Demi’s. Saaaay….here’s an idea. You and Demi should remake The Thin Man as Nick and Nora. Maybe one of the girls could play Asta.

  83. K says:

    It still amazes me how ignorant so many people are! Snapping about how “nasty” Bush was to others around the world?! I’d say he did a few people a FAVOR by getting rid of a little mad-man known as Saddam Hussein! HELLO?!

    Ashton K needs a reality check if he seriously believe Bush gives a rat’s ass about him OR his politics.

  84. Muthamedia says:

    Bush had the balls to make the difficult decisions required of a real president which is more than I can say about the one we have and Asston.

  85. Kim says:

    Just when we thought Ashton’s ego couldnt get any bigger -

    Why would George Bush say anything or even acknowledge lowely Ashton Kutcher? This man was leader of the free world for years for goodness sakes! Ashton is nobody.

    Ashton is sooooo immature. How can Demi deal? He is like a 5 yr old.

    So this moron is saying he bases his politics on who ever is most like him (good ole boy)??

    He really is unintelligent!

  86. mia says:

    Full of yourself much ASSton?
    G.W. Bush didn’t much care what people said about him but he did get angry when people cracked on his daughters. Duhh!