Brandi Glanville close to joining RHOBH, Kim Richards is leaving

E!’s Ted Casablanca reports that Kim Richards is not signing on to do another season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This was widely expected after Kim decided not to do any press for the show once the finale aired. I think it’s the best decision for her. Kim was very classy and loving with her sister Kyle on the finale while Kyle did nothing but deny and try to blame Kim for the fact that she attacked her. Kim may have a drinking problem, but she refused to discuss it on the finale and she handled herself much better than her sister. People will remember how gracious she was while Kyle will continue to show that she’s a petty bitch next season.

With Kim leaving that leaves a big hole in the cast. Brandi Glanville’s name has been floating around as a potential castmember, particularly since she was seen out to lunch with Cedric, Lisa’s former freeloading houseguest. It turns out that Brandi is indeed in talks with RHOBH, according to E!. What’s more is that everyone else, including Camille Grammer, is expected to stay. In this excerpt, notice how everything is blamed on Kim and it’s hinted that she has an addiction problem. She very well may have, but this sounds straight from Kyle:

Just got word that one housewife is most likely opting out of season two due to some serious personal issues… Kim Richards.

You thought we were going to say Camille Grammer, didn’t you?

“Camille is coming back; she just wants the public to feel sorry for her a little longer because of the whole Kelsey [Grammer] thing, so she’s not announcing it yet,” dishes our Bravo insider.

But apparently Kim isn’t so eager.

“It’s 99 percent certain that she won’t do season two,” explains our source.

RHOBH fans know full well that the season finale had some serious tension between Kim and her sister Kyle Richards.

“There is so much more going on than what was shown on TV,” blabs our RHOBH insider. “There was a lot of tension building up over the years, they have a complicated relationship.”

Even though Kim refused to discuss her possible alcohol problems on the reunion show a few weeks ago, concerned friends aren’t so quiet.

“It’s a problem. She just won’t show up to events or functions she is supposed to be at, and no one can get a hold of her,” spills our insider. “It’s really affecting her relationships to those closest to her.”

Wonder if that’s why she was MIA from her Ellen appearance?

Remember, Kim has never admitted that she has a drinking problem, but it was portrayed during this season that it might be an issue.

As for how her relationship is with Kyle, we’re told they are working on it.

“Kim, Kathy [Hilton] and Kyle all love each other, but their dynamic is complicated,” insists our source.

Another sign that Kim may not be returning?

We hear LeAnn Rimes’ nemesis Brandi Glanville is close to inking her deal for season two.

Remember, Brandi was married to Eddie Cibrian before LeAnn and Eddie hooked up (and, well, during), and she’s also besties with Cedric Martinez.

[From E! Online]

Maybe Kim isn’t going to family events because she wants to avoid Kyle. US Weekly has another interview with Kyle in which she repeats the same old mantra she’s used to defend herself since her fight with her sister aired. There’s more to it, we don’t know the longstanding issues, etc. She also talks about how her niece, Paris Hilton, gave her advice on how to handle fame. She’s such a name dropper. Kyle will get hers next season I’m sure. Maybe Brandi will upstage her.




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  1. devilgirl says:

    Too bad Kim is leaving. I was hoping Taylor would go. If Kim and Camille aren’t on, I doubt I will watch. I am not a fan of Taylor or Kyle, and I have zero interest in Brandi. So along with Atlanta, which I won’t be watching any longer, Bev Hills might be on that list too.

  2. brin says:

    Yes!!!! I hope this is true because Brandi needs a break. Plus, it will make it much easier for Leann to copy what Brandi is wearing when she sees Brandi on tv.

  3. Isabel says:

    Sweet Jesus, adding Brandi would be awesome beyond words.

    God bless Kim, I hope she works things out and doesn’t get trampled by that nasty Kyle.

    Taylor is gross…she needs to go.

  4. homeslice says:

    I think I’ll be checking this show out if Brandi is on.
    I can just imagine the jealousy and rage this will cause LR.Hate to admit it but I cant wait for those headlines.

  5. cici says:

    Brandi will fit right in with her plasticized face and oversized lips. It appears that Kim ws the only one with a real face (showed her age – GASP) .

  6. Marjalane says:

    One- Does Kyle really think that dropping Paris Hilton’s name is a good thing? I hope KIm has stepped away from her shrew, harpy sister- she’s a nasty bitch. And two- I think it’d be awesome to have Mrs. X to Eddie, on the show! It will make Leann’s wonky eyes twitch in a way that will entertain all of us. Don’t you think the producers of RHOBH have a good idea of the dirt that surrounds this happy threesome?. Eddie’s such a fame whore, he’d be angling for camera time every week.

  7. cici says:

    devil girl – unfortunately hideous taylor cannot go because her husband needs the money that show brings in… i think he hates RHW but loves the $$. that’s why he appears sour all the time.

  8. Rita says:

    I would so love to see Brandi get on the show. If anyone needs a break, it’s Brandi.


    Have you seen the latest? Brandi bought a pair of shoes the other day and put them on her face book page. The next day LeAnn is papped wearing the identical shoes. Hope you twitter girls will post the pics.

    There’s also a pic of Brandi lying on the couch with her two boys. Brandi is 38 and has two children and she has the legs of a 19 year old. If they get any longer, Eddie will be carrying LeAnn around on a step ladder.

  9. Leek says:

    I love watching these shows because it’s so easy to laugh at wealthy people, however, it’s a bit disgusting to watch the way Bravo exploits these women. They want Brandi Glanville on the show. I’m sure this has everything to do with her being BFFs with Cedric now and the tension it would cause with Lisa. Andy Cohen makes so much money off of these women and then pretty much mocks them on the reunions and the editing room.

    Like I said, it’s okay because they’re wealthy and have few, if no, redeeming qualities but it still isn’t much better than what TLC does to children on their programming.

    Can’t wait for next season!! I am a hypocrite. I know this.

  10. brin says:

    @Rita…lol! I did see the shoes and could not believe it, but then again look at the scarf Brandi has on in the picture and Leann copied that too (she was wearing same scarf at the Grammy gifting place).

  11. Jezi says:

    @Rita oh ok, here’s the pics…lol

    This is from our girl mysterious on twitter.

    When I was told that Leann was wearing the exact shoes Brandi had bought I was once again floored. She can’t be this bad but yet she is. Brandi posted the shoes a day before she made her FB private. I would love to see B on RHOBH, she needs to stand independent and not have to rely on the deadbeat for support. Go Brandi!!!!

  12. charityisme says:

    If you ever see pictures of Brandis boys in particular the oldest ,you will see full gorgeaous lips and he gets those from Brandi she has had nothing done to her lips they are naturalHope this news is true she can sure use a break since Eddie lowered his child support because he is not working doesn’t have time to work too busy TAGGING along behind LR to all her events what a life just imagine 2 exotic vacations in one month did notice the camera people at the grammys asked him to step out of the way so they could get a pic without him in it

  13. candy says:

    Cedric will be her side-kick and finally make himself a paycheck! Brilliant….sounds like Lisa wasn’t compensating him for his time. What a cheap, snotty bitch trying to use him as her boy toy slave. Her bit will not be interesting without him. Lisa is the most pretentious and obnoxious of them all. Her and her pussified husband. I would love to watch them squirm. Maybe they will leave the show, too.

  14. Rita says:


    At first I thought Eddie looked ridiculous wearing sunglasses “inside” the Grammy Awards because we all knew who he was and what he was with.

    I re-ran the video of E! interviewing Rihanna and discovered something incredible. If you look over Rihanna’s shoulder to the outside arrival area, a guy drives up in a Prius. The driver gets out with a paper sack over his head. Someone had a directional microphone pointed in that direction and if you listen really carefully you can hear the valet ask with a confused wonk eye,

    “Can I take your bag as well, sir.”

    To which the driver replies, “No, she has the invitiations.”

  15. pebbles says:

    I loved watching Kim.
    With her backyard barbecues and her quirky side of picking up guys in the chicken aisle……..I love her!
    I think she is the only BH housewife who I’ve seen in sneakers while not doing an athletic activity.
    She was just chillin’ in her sneaks.
    Goodbye Kim. :-(

  16. k says:

    That third photo says everything about the uneven Richards family dynamic.

    I wish the best for Kim. She’s better than all of that trash. She was the reason I watched, since I remember her from her childhood acting career.

  17. brin says:

    @Rita…lmao!!! Did you see the expression on the bag’s face when Miranda Lambert was on stage? Priceless! (it was on Lainey’s site).

  18. Riley says:

    Yeah that does sound like Kyle. While I should be working, it is still kind of early and I am trying to get my gears moving, I am contemplating how the hell can Brandi Glanville afford to live in Beverley Hills. I will be honest, I think Beverely Hills seems like the takiest place on Earth. It seems like Myrtle Beach meets Miami. But I it is expensive and what in the world does Brandi Glanville do besides have Twitter wars with LeAnn Rimes… Oh golly, I hope that becomes a RHOBH storyline. Ok, my funk has lifted, somewhat.

  19. homeslice says:

    LOL to those pics. Ive never seen any of those since I dont twitter or FB. Thats scary.
    and yes, those are Brandi’s natural lips.
    I’ll bet LR will soon start injecting hers to look like them.

  20. nicole says:

    Good! Kim was too boring for me anyway. And that show last night totally suked! I didn’t see anything new that wasn’t already shown from that disaster dinner party.

  21. Addie says:

    #17 K,

    Yes! The body language is SO telling, Kyle snuggling up to the big name/money sister, with back turned on Kim, it speaks volumes. I think Kim is wise to not come back. Imagine how enraged Kyle must be now that everyone is posting how they love Kim and are appalled at the manner in which Kyle treats her? Kim would bear the brunt of that rage and would not be safe on or off camera.

    The phrase Taylor Armstrong is a big fat liar turns up some very interesting search results. How she can show her face at this point is beyond me, literally and figuratively.

  22. Salina says:

    A new brandi leann Twitter war is brewing. Apparently LR is going to the boys school for one of those “my parents job” presentation days in school with Eddie and singing to the class

  23. Rita says:


    Friday is family day at the children’s school and Eddie is suppose to go before the class to explain what he does for a living. Eddie asked the teacher if it would be appropreate to carry a suitcase while LeAnn led him around the class on a leash. Apparently, the teacher said no so LeAnn volenteered to sing.

    Since this is supposed to be parents day and not “When will I marry my mistress day”, Brandi tweeted to LeAnn about “Boundaries” which sounds like exactly what the mediator told LeAnn. Now Brandi is raising three children, two boys and a girl.

  24. Addie says:

    In asking Paris for advice, Kyle went to the right person, but used the wrong word. That would be “advice on how to handle infamy”.

    The fact that Kyle just loves to drop Paris’ name is further testimony that to these women notoriety and $$$ is more important than class and dignity. Kyle clearly can’t get enough camera time; she was in many E! interviews about Paris, saying Paris is so sweet, and Paris would never do a sex tape, and so on, ad nauseum.

  25. malachais says:

    I’ll be willing to bet, now that Brandi is going to be on a show, Leann will find a way to be a guest on a TV show or get a reality show of her own.

  26. brin says:

    It’s very obvious that Leann does not respect boundaries.

  27. Rita says:

    Brandi, you must be getting a good laugh at LeAnn’s cra-cra in copying you so I have a suggestion.

    Post on face book that you’re giving a party and take pictures of the several wild orange wigs, big red noses, and floppy shoes you bought then sit back and wait for LeAnn’s pap-pic of her, Eddie, her assistant, and Eddie’s image consultant getting into the Prius the next day on their way to the circus.

  28. lucy2 says:

    I don’t watch these RH shows, but for the sheer torment it would bring Leann, it would be great to see Brandi get one. Plus she’d earn some $ of her own. Though I’d hope she’d leave her kids out of it and off the show, they’ve already been through enough publicly.

    What Eddie does for a living? LOL!

  29. Jezi says:

    Rita you wanna hear a funnier story, Brandi returned those shoes because they were uncomfortable….lol. Take that Leann.

  30. Lila says:

    so Kim is a mess but her coke snorting porn star niece is no cause for concern? Those Hilton/Richards have a strange value system.

  31. guesty says:

    Can’t hate on Kim for not wanting to be dog piled by those bitches esp since her own sister is the leader of the pack…but she held her own during the reunion & seemed to have an ali in Camille. Season 2 may have made her stronger.

    But anyhoo…that’s exciting about Brandi! And that’s gonna drive Leann nuts. Bet Leann will use the footage to try & declare her unfit tho in the mommy department. Wouldn’t put it past her.

    OC is coming up soon…March 6th I think.

  32. Rita says:


    LOL- Let’s hope the spring is a rebirth for Brandi. I’ve always supported her but for me this has been more about the disgusting behavior of two scum bags. However, the more I get to know Brandi from a distance, the more I like her and would like to see more of her.

  33. guesty says:

    @Rita & Jezi…the shoe thing…completely creepy. Can’t wait for EC to dump her ass.


  34. LondonLady says:

    If I was Lisa I would be thinking what in gods name did I sign up to this show for. This is the type of stress that ages you more than you know.

    As for Brandi- who is she (apart from being the ex of someone on tv)? Does she really qualify as a BHf? Looks like she would fit in better with the OC crew.

  35. CB Rawks says:

    Does that mean they’ll give her a house to live in, in Beverly Hills?
    They should all be forced to share a house, like on Big Brother. :D

  36. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @malachais, Re: “I’ll be willing to bet, now that Brandi is going to be on a show, Leann will find a way to be a guest on a TV show or get a reality show of her own.”

    I SO hope Leanne and Eddie get their own reality show, then maybe the “reality show curse” will strike them and they’ll end it just like Simpson/Lachey, Britney/K-Fed etc.

  37. garvels says:

    Good for Kim. I hope she is successful in her future endeavors. They should bring in Denise Richards-Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife. Denise appears to be strong and wouldn’t put up with Kyle and Taylor’s garbage.

  38. brin says:

    Guess everyone knows that Leann copies Brandi cause Joan Rivers made a joke about it on Fashion Police.(She said Leann didn’t like her Grammy dress til she saw a married woman wearing it…lol).

  39. beenthere says:

    I’m sorry did I miss the day this Brandi person was declared a martyr? They ALL sound immature. Twittering about boundaries with your kids for all the world to see? How about a private phone call? Wait, that won’t get you any publicity.

  40. Iggles says:

    I really liked Kim.

    I’m not watching the next BH season. Just like I’m not watch RHONY now that Bethenny is gone.

    I’ll still watch Altanta though.

  41. Jezi says:

    @beenthere Brandi has been there and done that. Leann & Eddie are the ones who don’t respect. The way Brandi gets anything handled is when she has to call them out publically. It’s unfortunate but that’s the way those two work. Do we really have to rehash this on every thread? Go back through previous posts to see.

  42. deb says:

    @ jezi I totally agree with BB. I think we share the same brain LOL LOL

    @ Rita Love the Clown Car. Stellar comedy
    thank you for the laugh out loud :0)

    I think Brandi on the show would be awesome for so many reasons. It also looks
    like it makes some nervous. I wonder why

  43. Rita says:


    You really are new to this thread, unless of course LeAnn sent you. Private phone call? Eddie won’t give the mother of his children his number and she even finds out here children are at the ER when LeAnn tweets the public.

  44. Henry says:

    Kim may drink some, but I think Kyle is the alcoholic. At the Dinner party Kim was drinking coke, Kyle and Taylor both had cocktails, and the more they drink the nastier they get. Classic alkies, mean drunks. Kim got yelled at and pushed around and sent home in a limo by herself, and Kyle and the other ladies went out for more drinks. The night of the limo fight Kim tried to get out the truth, ‘you stole my house’ and Kyle tried to give her a beat down. If not for Adrienne and Martin, Kim might have had to get medical help. Kim tried to get out ‘ you drink every day’ referring to Kyle but you could barely hear it for Kyles ranting raving and threatening. But I heard it and I’m not the only one. Yet Kim shows true grace. She will not ‘out’ her abusive bullying lying alcoholic sister.

  45. Messenger Of Truth says:

    Brandi’s “douchebag” husband Eddie cheated on her with “horse face” “squinty eyed” Leann Rimes resulting in their divorce. Both Eddie & Leann’s careers have tanked & NO ONE on the planet Earth likes them anymore. I got it.

    Now, without mentioning Eddie, Leann, or the divorce, will someone please give me the goods on Brandi? Very rarely do I ever see her followers mention anything positive about her other than in conjunction with something Leann or Eddie did (or didn’t do). Does Brandi possess any stand-alone entertainment value? What would she bring to RHOBH other than a televised version of the existing gossip site/rag mag/twitter wars?

    I’ve never seen RHOBH, but I’m sure the firey longevity of the situation is exactly why she’s being considered. If she joins, I’d check it out. It may not be the right move for her though. If she comes on TOO strong as the victim (which i know she is), and it’s edited as such, it could result in overkill.

  46. why? says:

    Why Leann REALLY wants to sing at the kid’s school:

    Because she LOST that Grammy and she is using those kid’s, parents, and teachers to reassure herself that she is the best female country vocal performer. I won’t be shocked if she tweets about how they gave her an award or medal.

    Has anyone checked Leann’s schedule? I wouldn’t be surprised if she has another radio interview coming up and she is once again using those kids to promote her career. So now the public is supposed to think that she has talent because the parent’s, kids, and teacher’s at EC son’s school told her that she could sing.

    LR career is OVER, using a kid’s family day because she lost the Grammy.

  47. Kiska says:

    I’m sad that Kim is leaving because I like her a lot. However, for her health and peace of mind it is the right move.
    Would love to see someone put Kyle in her place.
    It would be awesome to see Brandi on the show and maybe a show-down between Cedric and Lisa.

  48. why? says:

    Messenger of Truth

    Hey Irena,

    Let me remind you that you are posting in a Brandi Thread about her being on RHOBH and that the article doesn’t even include Leann or Eddie’s names, so you just answered YOUR own question.

    Brandi is being considered because people actually like her.

    Why won’t this be the right move for her? Because Leann wants to be on the RHOBH and she can’t do that if Brandi is there?

    How can BG come off TOO STRONG as the victim since everything that EC and LR have done to her is documented?

    What would BG bring to the RHOBH? This is just like those “Where is BG model photos” posts that you make when you post as irena.

    In other words, Leann is highly upset that people would perfer to see BG over her.

  49. Rita says:


    You are so very right in wondering why Brandi, a normal housewife and mother of two should be considered for RHOBH. She is somewhat of a Celeb who wasn’t looking to be one. Who are the RHOBH? They simply had the status of living rich and people became interested in them. Brandi’s story is much more interesting to those of us who followed it and we’ve discovered her to be a nice and strong woman whose been put through a public hell by no fault of her own. Today, “reality” TV is about a person’s looks and personality…little more.

    I do hope Brandi will become part of the storyline for RHOBH for whatever length of time. From there, her recognition could lead to DWTS and other reality spots. I want her to succeed because Americans cheer for under-dogs. She’s never played the victim.

  50. tomas says:

    I really wish that nasty witch, Kyle, was the one leaving the show.

  51. DGO says:

    @ why? – Yep, she’s singing at the school because it’s the only way she can get an audience these days. Those poor kids. Where’s CPS when you need them?

  52. Jezi says:

    @Messenger of truth No one really knows any of the housewives until they’ve become the housewives. Brandi is a sweet, honest, beautiful, stylish and wonderful person. She has a ton of friends and that’s because she is so likeable. She knows how to have fun, she’s fiesty, she doesn’t take shit from anyone. She’s very loyal to people she loves and to those who love her. I could go on all day long.

  53. alexandra says:

    It was so sad to watch when Kyle took off with her possy after the dinner from hell. And left poor Kim to go home by herself. Once again it was Taylor’s fault.

  54. Marcy says:

    Ms.Glandville is a struggling,divorced with 2children. She is beholding to her unemployed ex- husband for money.not to be unkind but she does not seem suited for the show. Is there no one else more suited for a BHHW than Brandi WHO??

  55. charityisme says:

    really happy that brandi will get to be the one in the spotlight for awhile bet Leann will have seizures over this she is already mentally unstable Leann will try to figure out some way to take the spotlight away from Brandi good luck with that Brandi is beautiful, gracious, and stylish while leann looks like a skinny mare that someone needs to tie a feedbag around her neck Keep on losing that weight leann and there will be nothing left of you except some big horse teeth left on the stable floor

  56. lin234 says:

    I don’t think I’ll watch anymore. Believe it or not this was my first reality show and I got into it because I was curious about the mega-wealthy (Adrienne and Lisa).

    Isn’t Brandi completely broke? How is she going to compete with the other housewives? She’ll be on the lowest on the totem pole and people (Taylor and Kyle) are going to attack her. I guess its ready-made drama but I really hate girl drama. I was naive but I really watched the show to see how the ridiculously wealthy live.

    Cedric is a skeevy character. I think they must have given him some type of allowance. Or some type of pay for working part-time at the restaurant. Either way, it would cost thousands to even live in a guest house in BH. I’m guessing the guest house is at least 2-3 maybe even 4 thousand square feet. He used their cars which were really high quality. I mean even a hummer costs quite a bit. Not to mention if he took Ken’s suitcases when he moved out, he could have easily stolen 20 grand from them. When Ken was packing for Vegas, he was using an LV suitcase that can cost around 5-6 grand. Brandi’s friendship with him makes her sketchy by association.

  57. Henry says:

    @Iggles You DO realize that Kyle and Bethanny are friends from WAY back, in fact Kyle got Bethanny a job carpooling Paris and Nikki around when they were little. Kyle and Bethanny used to date the same guy that is how they met.

    Good youtube video of Taylor lying and lying and lying.

  58. irena NL says:

    Brandi’s latest tweet seems to be quashing this rumor of her landing a spot on Housewives.

  59. csol says:

    Let’s hope leann rimes doesn’t have her attorneys try n do something to stop this from happening!! I think in her delusional mind she thinks she is still her self titled “Americas sweetheart” and doesn’t realize most of America now sees her for the garbage she is!!! Gooooo Brandi!

  60. Renee says:

    Hrmmm, I think the insider sounds more like Taylor than Kyle. But I am semi-convinced Taylor is the devil, so I’m biased.

  61. why? says:

    So are the “Brandi is not suited for RHOBH because she isn’t rich” posters Leann’s camp trying to do DAMAGE CONTROL?

  62. why? says:

    This is what was posted on the kase101 site today: “An EXCLUSIVE performance from Leann Rimes will be taking place inside the Samuels Diamonds Live Music Lounge shortly. All it ever takes to win passes for these very cool intimate performances is to simply listen to win or register online. We will have pictures from the event coming soon.”

    Just like we said, she only wants to sing at that kid’s school because she is trying to promote her career and boost her ego. What are the odds that Leann will refer to her concert at the kid’s school(to give the impression that she is still in demand because she has booked a “private” concert for family day, which she will tweet photos of to her “fans”, on Friday ) in her interview with that radio station because she has nothing else to fall back on or to show for all her “hard work”? When it comes to those kids, is Leann ever sincere in her actions? Family day to Leann is just another way for Leann to exploit those kids. What child wants to grow up to find out that they, their school, their teachers, the parents of their friends, and their friends were used as props because their father’s and stepmother’s careers were just that bad? What is wrong with our court systems when they allow people like EC and LR to exploit kids to revive their careers? The bad thing is that EC and LR are not even discreet about it either.

  63. Jennifer Leigh says:

    Would love to see BG’s drama unfold on reality TV.

    Would also LOVE to watch LR’s subsequent emotional breakdown, as I’m sure that LR and EC have probably pitched reality shows to networks, with no takers.

    You KNOW that LR would watch the show obsessively!! Oh god that would be some good TV. I’d probably start watching Real Housewives!

  64. CB Rawks says:

    “She is beholding to her unemployed ex- husband for money.”

    Beholding means she owes him, so you have that backward. The douche owes her.

  65. LittleOat says:

    I would just hope that if she does do the show she comes across well. I would hate for LR to have any fuel against her in this damn “war of the internets.”

  66. brin says:

    Wow….going from singing at Family Day at school to the Ho-Chunk Casino in Bariboo, WI. Leann is keeping busy on her “No Ambition Tour”.

  67. crab says:

    Kim’s eyebrows really bother me! It always looks like she’s about ready to cry or something!

  68. Messenger Of Truth says:

    @Rita, @Jezi

    Thanks for your insight. Being new to these threads, I appreciate your replies.


    I requested info on Brandi WITHOUT the mention of LR/EC in hopes of learning more about her other than her connection to the two of them. You didn’t follow the rules. (And STOP CALLING ME IRENA!)

  69. Crystal says:

    I think all you people need to get a life & let these people deal with it themselves.Brandi is so wrong for posting for the world to see what she has to say to Leann time to grow up woman..Oh & if she joins the cast the ratings are going to go down…She is so FAKE..

  70. why? says:

    messenger of truth

    Hey IRENA.

    I did follow the rules, you just seem to have some major comprehesion problems.

    The proof is the fact that you came to post in this thread despite the fact that neither Eddie’s nor Leann’s name is mentioned in the article or the title of the article. Since EC and LR name is not mentioned in the article or the title and you continue to post in this thread, you therefore proved that BG has value that is not connected to LR and EC names.

    I will stop calling you irena, when you stop using so many different names. You are not new to these threads, your name maybe. It must be nice that you have a friend who is a computer programmer!!!!!

  71. why? says:


    Sure, so that is why you took the time and energy out of your life to write a post to tell others to get a life, beause you have one?

    So this is yet another “get a life” and “BG is so mean because she would dare call LR out on her nonsense on twitter” post. DAMAGE CONTROL, right?

    The ratings will go down if BG joins RHOBH? Sounds like someone is trying to do DAMAGE CONTROL.Just because EC and LR are notorious for causing ratings to take a nosedive, it doesn’t mean that the same will happen to BG. As we have already said, people want to see BG.

    Perhaps Leann should grow up instead of always trying to make people believe that all is well in her relationship with EC. Singing at that kid’s school won’t make people buy that they are a “happy family”.

  72. Messenger Of Truth says:


    I chose to request info about BRANDI/RHOBH on a thread following a BRANDI/RHOBH article. I was specific in my request (2nd paragraph) because I hoped to receive replies of SUBSTANCE limited to views/potential of Brandi & RHOBH. If you’re curious as to the type of reply I was looking for then read the 2 responses I received from others. I’m not seeing how this translates to ME having “major comprehension problems”.

    After my 3 posts you’ve replied 7 times addressing me as IRENA. You obviously have some beef with her, but could you please keep it between you two? I am ONLY the Messenger Of Truth my Padawan.

  73. why? says:

    messenger of truth,

    I addressed you as Irena because irena pulls the very same thing that you are doing.

    Is it a coincidence that your “what will BG bring to RHOBH” along the same lines as those “BG isn’t a model, where are BG modeling photos” posts, that we have seen irena make over and over? Don’t get mad if people point out how odd that a “different” poster shows up pulling the very same thing we have seen irena do over and over.

    There is no beef, I am just wondering why you are so concerned about BG entertainment value. What is your point in making this argument? What are you trying to accomplish? Other than trying to deflect simply because we said that LR doesn’t have any talent.

  74. why? says:

    messenger of truth,

    Precisely my point. If you really thought that BG didn’t have any stand alone entertainment or that she wouldn’t bring anything to the RHOBH, then you wouldn’t keep choosing to come back to this thread just to request info about BRANDI/RHOBH on a thread following a BRANDI/RHOBH article.

    It’s just that simple and if you can’t get that by coming back to this thread you are answering your own question, then you do have some serious comprehension issues.

    Since you are still missing the point let’s break it down.

    In your response you wrote: “Does Brandi possess any stand-alone entertainment value? What would she bring to RHOBH other than a televised version of the existing gossip site/rag mag/twitter wars?”

    So the next time you come back to this thread, take the moment to ask yourself WHY are you requesting this info on BG? Why wouldn’t you go to Google first, if you were interested in knowing the goods on BG?

    I think that you are just trying to deflect (in other words you were upset about the LR doesn’t have any talent comment and now you think that you can redeem LR by using the same argument against BG), the same way you do when you show up as irena asking for BG modeling photos.

  75. Messenger Of Truth says:


    This is too “cuckoo for Coco Puffs” for me! I will NEVER understand how your wheels spin. You can’t differenciate between me & other people, & you ask me to explain things that someone else said as if I were the one who said it when I’M NOT the one who said it. It’s tedious to read your replies when 3/4 of each reply has nothing to do with what I’VE said!

    Nobody wants to sift through our crap. With that said, GAME OVER.

  76. why? says:

    messenger of truth,

    Wow, name calling. Can someone please explain to me why these “LR supporters” resort to name calling when they can’t come up with a valid point?

    Did you just come back to this thread, you know the very same thread that has Brandi G name in the title? You did, didn’t you. So I guess once again you proved my point.

    Of course you will never get it, it’s why you keep coming back despite the fact that you tried to argue that BG had no entertainment value outside of LR and EC. Which as I pointed out was just an attempt to redeem LR because I said she didn’t have any talent.

    So now you are upset because I point out how you sound just like irena or those “different” “I hate BG” posters?What you and irena are saying is not different. I suppose you are playing the “misunderstood” game because you think that it will somehow redeem you.

    Well that can’t possibly be true now can it because if it was so tedious to read my posts, then you wouldn’t keep taking the time and energy to respond to me.

    And now your next arguement is that my posts have nothing to do with what you wrote? So now you are having trouble understanding your own posts?

    So if no one wants to sift through the crap, then why do you keep coming back to respond?

    So does GAME OVER mean that you are going to show up with a different name?

  77. why? says:

    messenger of truth, I thought you said GAME OVER, so why are you STILL going on and on and on and on about my “LR doesn’t have talent” post?

  78. CB Rawks says:

    I watched some this weekend, and I actually got quite upset! Heh.
    It was just very painful watching Kim suffer slam after slam from her c*nt sister. Couldn’t take anymore myself, so I’m really glad for Kim that she is leaving.

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