Are Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry ending their custody battle of attrition?


Weird news…? After this morning’s report from Radar about Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry calling a “truce” in their custody battle for Nahla, TMZ is now reporting that Halle Berry is in an LA courthouse, talking to the judge on her custody case. Meanwhile, Radar is reporting that Gabriel’s lawyers have filed a motion to have the custody case dismissed. This is all so weird. But I have some theories I’d like to share after you read this:

Gabriel Aubry filed a motion yesterday to end his custody case and to dismiss his request for spousal support from his ex-girlfriend Halle Berry.

Halle and her legal team are currently at the courthouse in a closed hearing. As exclusively reported, Gabriel and Halle have reached a truce in their bitter fight over custody of their two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Nahla, and are even on talking terms once again.

Gabriel originally filed for joint custody on December 30, sparking a war of the words and a nuclear level fall-out between the couple.

Accusations flew and several negative items appeared in the press, but now, it seems the two have been able to put the past behind them and start anew for the sake of their daughter.

“I think both sides realized how out of hand things had gotten recently,” a source close to the situation tells “They both love their daughter and want to make sure her well fare comes first.

“Gabriel and Halle have spoken to each other and have committed to try and make things work, without the courts – Gabe’s decision to drop his case is his way of showing Halle he’s prepared to take a leap of faith and trust her once again.”

“I feel she’s black,” Berry told Ebony magazine. “I’m black and I’m her mother, and I believe in the one-drop theory,” referring to a dated expression indicating the notion that a person with one drop of black blood in their family is to be considered black.

[From Radar]

My theories, in no particular order:

1. Halle is back on her meds, and she realizes how crazy she was acting.
2. Gabriel is totally a flaming racist, and Halle is fine with it.
3. Gabriel really did have hard evidence of Halle’s crazy, and he was using that evidence brilliantly as leverage.
4. Halle and Gabe both decided to act like mature adults, rather than two bratty little girls fighting over a doll.
5. Gabriel is totally a flaming racist, and he just realized *ping* that he doesn’t want anything to do with Halle and his “one percent” black daughter, thus, he doesn’t care about custody.
6. Halle figured out that it was cheaper to play along for now, and hire a hitman later.
7. Halle waved something shiny in front of Gabe’s face.
8. Halle was tired of being compared to Mel Gibson.
9. I got nothing.

In the end, it was probably a combination of some of my theories. But I would LOVE to hear those tapes Gabriel has of Halle’s crazy ass.



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  1. brin says:

    @Kaiser…I go with #7 with a side of #3.

  2. bite me says:

    i think halle just wanted some press, poor thing

  3. David says:

    3. Gabriel really did have hard evidence of Halle’s crazy, and he was using that evidence brilliantly as leverage

  4. the original bellaluna says:

    It’s called “hardball” people, and it’s played in courtrooms and boardrooms every where, every day.

    Unfortunately, this particular game involves children, money, and humiliating sex/audio tapes as pawns. Shameful.

  5. e says:

    They need to just work something out. I think she is crazy as hell. That said, they both deserve time with their child and input on how she is raised. I think they can figure out something that is fair to both parents.

  6. mia girl says:

    10. Suddenly, Halle’s phone stopped ringing. Directors/studios/industry types were not returning calls. Her agent/manager told her to get her house in order and stop the madness.

  7. Quest says:

    I said it before and I say it again, Halle is a crazy-ass-bitch- I would go for a combination of #3, #6 and #7 adding another theory that Halle is loosing francising leverage and PR reps have forced her to play nice for the press(lol)

    The something shiny is probably the reflective sunlight bouncing off her enhanced headlights (tits)

  8. CandyKay says:

    10. She realized that she was messing up her audience appeal, which is not particularly strong in the first place – what was her last hit movie? – and risking her endorsement deals.

  9. Marjalane says:

    I’m on the #10 train with a side order of #3, too! I’m glad they decided to SIMMER DOWN, but I still dislike Halle and wouldn’t trust her. I’m thinking Gabriel Aubry needs to be on top for HGF this week! (hmmmmmm, Gabriel Aubry on top…….sigh….)

  10. lio says:

    10.Gabriel wanted to have access to his daughter, but was not prepared for the hard work implied by a joint custody +3+1

  11. Soupdish says:

    I think I’m happy for all three. I also love the charity work Halle does for domestically abused women. She’s such a great actress and stunning. I loves her . Where is that commenter that said anyone can make a claim about a celebrity, they just have to prove they know the celebrity in some way. Where are you commenter?!?!
    Give us more juice about how the tabloids work.
    There were things coming out when they broke up and she said after a couple of weeks supposed “sources” shut up. That was in an interview she did where she looked like Cleopatra
    on the cover of the magazine. Anyway I think Halle and everyone around her have more important things to worry about then what the public thinks. Seriously doubt she cares what the public thinks of her she is living her life. Also her commercials have been running like crazy, so the people using her as a model don’t care either. I wish them the best

  12. Soupdish says:

    @ Quest

    Everyone is a crazy ass bitch when they are backed into a corner. EVERYONE! Let’s get off the high horses.

  13. Nanea says:

    Of all the options, I don’t believe # 5, solely based on the pics I’ve seen of Gabe and Nahla, of course.

    But Gabriel did accompany Nahla and Halle to South Africa(?) or wherever she filmed that movie where she met Olivier Martinez, so I’m inclined to think he cares a lot for his daughter.

    Still Team Nahla all the way, with a side order of Team Gabe.

  14. Rose says:

    As long as they do what’s right and what is best for their daughter then I don’t care what happened because Nahla is what matters and both parents deserve equal time with her.

  15. Dee says:

    I’d go for #3 and #7. As for the last picture of Halle posing, is Gabe giving her the side eye?! Hmm
    Too bad it had to come to come to this, esp for Nahla. Bless her.

  16. Matt says:

    Yep, I think he had evidence of her crazy, Halle had a wake-up call about how badly this was affecting her image, paid Gabriel off and gave in to some of his custody demands.

    He’s a famewhre and she’s a shady betch.

  17. Rita says:

    Halle realized she was going to lose and there would be a legally binding and enforcable joint custody agreement; something Halle absolutely doesn’t want. So, she runs to Gabe telling him that she will agree to everything he wants and there is no need for a protracted fight. He’s a fool to believe her but agrees. She’ll slowly break their verbal agreement and this will all be back in court within a month.

  18. jc126 says:

    Halle realized her “racist” claim was ridiculous and wasn’t playing well with the public. Usually racists don’t date people of the race they allegedly hate, let alone have kids with them.

  19. Kitten says:

    or maybe:
    #10 – he just asked to dismiss the “spousal support” so she’d STFU and let him have his kid already without the bullshit. Proving it was all about the money for her.

  20. Roma says:

    Re. #8: For some reason I think Mel would be on Halle’s side in the “one drop” argument.

  21. Blergh says:

    If we go with the “one-drop” theory, wouldn’t we all be black?

  22. KJ says:

    The whole racist thing irked me, too, and not because I haven’t seen a racist date outside his race before. I have, and some of them get off on it. A control/dominance thing, I suppose. But here’s what was fishy. He called her the n-word, allegedly. Now, as far as I know, Gabriel Aubry is French Canadian. Quebecois aren’t historically known for hating black people (at least not the way Americans do, and Asians. Old Asians hate us). And the n-word, as ubiquitous as it is, is an English epithet. I would wager if a francophone wanted to insult a black person, he wouldn’t say the n-word. Each language has it own slurs, and all groups of people have their own storied histories of prejudice against certain other groups or prejudice from certain other groups. It just doesn’t seem likely that someone who grew up in French speaking Canada would be so prejudiced toward blacks as to use a slur, the n-word in particular.

    As far as them calling a true – good, keep it out of the public sphere, at least for the sake of your daughter, you twits. All that beauty and not a rational brain cell between the two.

  23. Soupdish says:


    Actually looking at America’s history, your statement is incorrect.

  24. Camille says:

    I’m going with theory #3 and possibly a bit of #1 thrown in as well.

  25. RHONYC says:

    is it me or in the 1st pic…doesn’t it look like halle’s trying to conceal ‘mark anthony type’ raccoon eyes?



  26. sunseeker says:

    Gabriel has withdrawn his custody petition which is public but he is filing a paternity action which is not public. The court appearance today was about her taking her daughter to NYC, which she said Gabriel was trying to stop . Did he not make a statement saying he had nothing to do with her not filming in NYC.
    I think he wants this out of the limelight and out of the press.

  27. OXA says:

    I do not trust Hallucinator Berry, GA withdrew his custody petition to try and make peace. Once he has the paternity wrapped up and his name on the birth certificate I believe he can lock up all the custody in the fine print of the courts.

  28. renai(jrt) says:

    how often do you think Halle dyes her hair? she keeps it short probably to make the process easier…

  29. Quest says:

    @ Soupdish
    Yeah we get it, you are sooo team Halle – she can do no wrong. Hello, the lady have some screws loose (literally). We all agree she is quite beautiful but that is only skin deep. People working around her, with her and many who know her says she is quite a trip and a half. As they say charity must begin at home otherwise it is just for face value (just like her image)

    Everyone is a bitch some of the times (I agree) but not a crazed one all of the time

  30. jemshoes says:

    If this is true, it’s too little, too late. But, better late than never!

  31. Lisa says:

    I want to hear the taped messages…I bet a lot of us would, lol…

  32. Hautie says:

    I like #6 and #8….

    6. Halle figured out that it was cheaper to play along for now, and hire a hitman later.

    8. Halle was tired of being compared to Mel Gibson.

    And the one above about her PR team figuring out her “Brand” was taking a hit…

    and the cash had slowed down coming in.

  33. whitedaisy says:

    Soupdish, if you can’t take honesty then you need to go troll somewhere else.

  34. Soupdish says:

    Team Halle? I’m in my thirties, I don’t discuss teams. I just stated some facts. Since I assume no one hangs out with Halle, they don’t know how she acts. Interesting on huffingtonpost they are discussing how on tmz and radaronline it states Aubry also dropped his action to get spousal support and child support. Trying to get that money. Didn’t he say he had nothing to do with stopping Halle from going to NYC, when the judge just gave Halle permission to take their baby to NYC? Its all on TMZ Huffingtonpost and radaronline. She’s a lucky girl to have her parents love her so much. Listening to Debbie Reynolds story was kinda said….on Oprah. Her parents…wow. She is in great spirits. I’m a new fan hers. If I’m on anyone’s Team it’s the baby’s.
    Glad things are being worked out!

  35. jc126 says:

    Okay, why would a racist date those of the race he or she hates?

  36. dame says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is so against Halle, Obviously Gabe must have some shady personality traits seeing as he knows how much press KK gets and he STILL allowed themselves to be snapped together when they only “dated” for a week.
    She definitely knows how to “date” her men on the low, so why be so public with Gabe? Something fishy there!!!

    Also, if he really did have any leverage or dirt against Halle, he would NEVER suddenly just drop all his support charges. And Halle could not have given him “things” as most people are saying because if she did, she would not be in court today over these issues.
    Gabe is definitely no angel here.

  37. Lyla says:

    @Quest: LOL

    @Soapdish: Of course she and her people care what the public thinks. If not for the public, where do you think her money would come from? If people don’t like her then no one will go to see her movies (which I really can’t remember the last good Halle Berry movie after Monster’s Ball) and no one will want to buy the crap she endorses. Yes, she’s pretty but then so is most of Hollywood. It’s really funny and naive that you think that TMZ and Radar are just making this stuff up–especially since 99% of the time both of those sites are pretty accurate.
    And yes, while there have been instances in history (Strom Thurman I think and also President Jefferson) that have had kids with black woman but were also racist publicly, Gabriel obviously has no issue being seen with Halle. If he was racist, then why would he date her?

  38. Soupdish says:


    Who talks like that? How old are you? I don’t understand how people talk sometimes on these sites. Why are people so serious and act like this stuff alters their lives. Troll? What does that even mean. Honesty? The honesty is what’s going on in court with them. It’s on the sites I mentioned. Entertainment news should be light and fun, I don’t understand the whole troll stuff. I just came to wish Halle Berry well. I remember when she first came out, happy they are getting their stuff together. It seems people are stressing themselves out with the troll stuff. It will be okay whitedaisy.

  39. DavisMikey says:

    People are putting links to this site on TMZ. Guess that’s good for you guys, but bad for the people that are regulars on this site. That means people will have different opinions. That being said, this guy did end his request for palimony and child support. I don’t know what guy asks for that, when they make 8 million a yr. Well, like some others said, looks like things are getting better with them. They didn’t get married, but fighting parents is tough on kids.

  40. Soapdish says:

    I wish Halle the best, you people need to lighten up.

  41. Kalani says:

    I love that so many people here are willingly to admit to Halle’s CRAZY! She has always seemed soo to me!! Hope it works out in the best interest of their daughter & am super curious as to what Gabe has on her?!

  42. d says:

    I read it as Halle still trying to control the situation and Gabriel having a lot of dope on her. I’m surprised he dropped his suit, but maybe he’s got something else up his sleeve.

    As for the Quebecois thing, I grew up in Quebec and encountered some pretty nasty attitudes about black people from those “pure laine” types. Quebec didn’t have institutionalized segregation as bad as the US (arguable), but there’s a certain segment of society there still that would love nothing better than to have their society all white, etc. Same old crap. Oddly enough though, I stll miss living there, dang it…Montreal in particular. *Sigh*

  43. icantbelievethis says:

    @Lisa ‘I want to hear the taped messages…I bet a lot of us would, lol…’

    I hate to admit it but yes, that would definitely be interesting.

  44. lio says:

    @Rita: unfortunately, you may be right

  45. foozy says:

    public opinion is the one that’s hopefully putting a stop to her madness

  46. sunseeker says:


    Somebody on another site said that they saw Nahla’s birth certifcate on line and Gabriels name is on it.
    I must be honest but I am a bit confused with all this. Something obviously is going on behand the scene.

  47. Hakura says:

    @Rita (18) – “Halle realized she was going to lose and there would be a legally binding and enforcable joint custody agreement; something Halle absolutely doesn’t want.”

    I agree with you entirely. None of this crap was an issue until Gabriel filed for a legally enforcible custody arrangement. Thus she said whatever she could think of that would either intimidate him to back down, or would cast in a negative light for the court case. When those attempts didn’t work, she simply had to change strategy.

    I also have NO doubt her endorsement deals were threatened. I couldn’t stand seeing her makeup or perfume commercials during this whole thing, & I’m sure I wasn’t alone in my aversion to her (or any product advertisements she appeared in).

    At this point, aside from her charity work, there’s nothing she could do that would change my opinion of her.

  48. sunseeker says:

    Halle is at it already making statements on TMZ,so far no statement from Gabriel, hope he keeps his mouth shut, but it must be hard with her throwing accusations everywhere.

  49. marcy says:

    can you imagine the shit storm that would have happened if gabriel aubry had said “I believe my daughter is white” He would have been villified all over the press and yet halle can say she believes her daughter is black and nobody bats an eye…nahla is bi=racial and should be proud of both races.

  50. Quest says:

    Soupdish, why are you only on blogs that features articles on Halle, hmmmm (curious)?

    This is Celebitchy, we all voice our thoughts about blogs nothing more, nothing less. If you read all the blogs without being selective you would see everyone is backing Nahla.

    What Halle is doing is what you would call “Greenwashing” in environmental terms. Halle has always been vindictive behind close doors but to the public she presents a flowery personna

  51. brin says:

    @sunseeker….just saw that on TMZ…they are definitely pro Halle and making Gabriel look bad.

  52. sunseeker says:

    Gabriel Aubry will be following Halle Berry to New York after a Los Angeles judge ordered that the Canadian-born model be granted visitation rights to see his daughter Nahla, has exclusively learned.
    I think there was a lot more to this and we know.

  53. Moreaces says:

    Thanks, that list made my morning,, I say all of the above