LeAnn Rimes sang at school for Eddie Cibrian’s son, after his mom asked her not to


On Friday, after singing at the school of her fiance Eddie Cibrian’s seven year-old son, Mason, LeAnn Rimes unprotected her Twitter account so she could gloat about it. Mason’s mom Brandi Glanville told LeAnn on twitter last Tuesday that it was “highly inappropriate” for her to sing at school on family week and that “it isn’t ur place… You are not his parent.” LeAnn of course didn’t heed Brandi’s warning and went on to do it anyway, after which she tweeted about it, noting all the cute questions the kids asked her about her celebrity status. One of the first things she tweeted about after opening her account was a thank you letter she received from Barbra Streisand presumably. LeAnn performed at the tribute concert to Barbra a little over a week ago.

Note that is is an extremely small sample, like less than 10%, of the tweets that LeAnn has made in the past few days. I had to look through pages and pages of inane chatter to find these.

Think I’m going to unblock my tweets. I can’t keep up with my sweet fans who want to follow and would love to (cont) http://tl.gd/8tvb0c
5:45 PM Feb 18th via TwitLonger Beta

Received a thank you note from Barbara today. It’s so incredible to get a letter from your idol. Just to know (cont) http://tl.gd/8u0321
Fri Feb 18 2011 20:36:47 (Eastern Standard Time) via TwitLonger Beta

@diaryofadivamom Happy to hear that! Stepmom’s are mother’s too and beautiful caretakers that deserve thanks and praise
3:26 PM Feb 19th via web in reply to diaryofadivamom

@amejean On Friday, a little girl blurted out “when you get married how many kids are you gonna have!” plant for US Weekly maybe?! Lol

@Rosebud it was like all these kids read the rags weekly lol…moms, if you’re gonna read them throw them away after!!! Still so innocent
11:22 PM Feb 19th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to Rosebud

@irishfern0302 it was just funny when one child asked who I was and the other was like DUH don’t you know!!!! Lol total attitude! Funny
11:24 PM Feb 19th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to irishfern0302

@amejean Come to my house and I’ll throw you one! I sang at @darrellbrown’s wedding!

@amejean I sang Some People IN TEARS for D and R
about 6 hours ago via web in reply to amejean

For that last tweet, I thought that LeAnn was saying that people were crying at her performance at Eddie’s son’s school, but she was actually referring to a wedding she sang at for music producer Darrell Brown, during which her performance supposedly brought people to tears. I wanted to cry just having to read through the insane amount of tweets she made to all the fans singing her praises.

As Kaiser said back when LeAnn joined the PTA at Mason’s school, I get why she wants to get involved with the boys and on some level it’s nice that she cares for them and wants to be there for them. She’s not their mother, though, and she has no respect for Brandi to the point where she’ll tweet about taking one of the boys to the emergency room before she’ll bother to call Brandi. All you have to do is read through LeAnn’s tweets (if you can stomach it) to see how much farther she takes it with those children and with her fans. There is something incredibly desperate about LeAnn, and the sheer amount of tweets she makes show how much she seeks validation for everything she does. She unlocked her twitter account because she wasn’t getting enough adoring tweets from fans, and that outweighed the inevitable criticism she gets for her narcissism. She needs constant praise like she needs to shove her relationship and personal business in our faces.



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  1. brin says:

    If Barbra Streisand is her idol, why does she spell her name wrong?
    Let’s face it, Leann is a self-centered hypocrite.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Read the first few tweets in this article but then I stopped because I couldn’t stomach anymore. She is so full of herself and lacks any respect (just like the author wrote) that she’s sickening.

    Glad that someone on twitter is actually posting documentation of the ways that Leann copies Brandi. Too bad that there aren’t screen shots of Leann’s tweets from a while back because that’s when I first noticed it. Leann is a sicko with a capital S.

  3. manda says:

    It seems that everything LeAnn does is for the “tweetability” factor.

    It wouldn’t be “highly inappropriate” if she were actually their stepmom–at that point she would be a parent. I think it’s in poor taste to assert herself like this at this point in time.

    I guess the fact that they’re not married yet is a technicality but in this case, it just seems off to me.

  4. eja102 says:

    I didn’t notice she spelled Barbra incorrectly.
    I think that says it all.

    She’s worse that Lindsay to me.

  5. brin says:

    @manda…ITA. If she’s this bad now, wait til after the wedding. I can’t imagine being around someone who tweets non-stop about themself.

  6. charityisme says:

    She was calling her BABS which is a name Ms Streisand doesn’t like because she wanted people to think think they were best buds. Cannot believe that a 38 year old man would live off a woman like EC does and get an allowance has he forgotten what the words JOB and WORK are. he could get a job doing other things besides acting WHICH HE IS PRETTY ENOUGH TO DO BUT LACKS ACTING CHOPS support your own kids Ed and quit sponging off a woman who has a love obsession she is nothing without a man to gush over her get out while you can and save your kids from therapy later

  7. Rita says:

    I want to watch LeAnn walk the red carpet with Lilo and Kardashian (Lelohashian as it were). You could put all three in a bag and you wouldn’t know which one you grabbed, unless you got a hold of Kim’s bolt-ons.

    This craving for attention goes way back into LeAnn’s childhood. I think it was the main reason she left Deane because her last album got little notice. It’s the reason for all the tweets, stalking of Brandi, and photo-ops. Her only goal now is to keep people talking about her, even if most of us would rather crawl under a rock with what’s being said.

  8. katyalia says:

    I just hope Barbra’s letter read ‘Thanks for the tribute, Liam.’

  9. Vanessa says:

    There really is something very wrong with her on so many levels….

  10. Hautie says:

    Daily, I see how many children are left to fend for themselves.

    Practically nightly on cable news there is something horrific going on to some small child. That has made national media.

    Either they were left to die in a hot car.

    Or a random boyfriend, that the Mother barely knows, beats her child to death while she left this random dude to babysit.

    Or the Mother is just flat out a lousy human being. And the child ends up dead by her own hands.

    So I am still giving LeAnn a pass.

    She could have been a living nightmare and refused to have his children around. And he probably would have let it happen.

    But she didn’t.

    She has been involved with them from the start.

    And I realize that women will never behave and continue to play the “one up game”. And Brandie and LeAnn have had a vicious game going from the start.

    So what if LeAnn went and sang for a small class of children. What exactly did it hurt? Brandie’s feelings cause she can’t sing?

    What exactly does Brandie do? That small children would have found interesting?

    Ugh… these grown women need to find a better way to spend their time. Get a hobby. Maybe do a little volunteer work at a local animal shelter.

  11. lisa says:

    LeAnn is doing what Eddie lets and wants her to do. She could not just walk in a school and do as she pleases unless Eddie has made it clear that she is in his children’s lives. These are his children. And the school would not turn down LeAnne Rimes to sing. She is a star.. Like her or not.

    Brandi will have to start making Lemonade and rise above the childish stuff. She is the mother. And the only way she will loose that is if she lets LeAnne win. LeAnne wins when you start tweeting and giving her actions so much attention.

    Brandi needs to be the adult. Because right now they are all acting like 3 children.

  12. skilo says:

    “it was just funny when one child asked who I was and the other was like DUH don’t you know!!!! Lol total attitude”

    I think it’s hilarious that LR wants us to believe that any of those kids other than Brandi’s son knew who she was. Poor thing wants to be relevant so badly she’ll just make believe she is. It would have been awesome if the kid had finished with that’s the ho who took Mason’s dad!

  13. Frankly says:

    So many photos of her look like creepy illustrations from
    Roald Dahl books.

  14. Kimmy says:

    I know were all suppose to be on the LeAnn hate train but there is nothing wrong with her singing at Eddie son school she is going to be their step mom and it seems like Brandi over reacted. Brandi is suppose to be the mature one out of the group she sure does not act like it why is she twitting to LeAnn instead of calling her or talking to her in person it seem like Brandi what’d attention and people to be on her side.

    I don’t like LeAnn Rimes never did and I think she all types of twitter crazy and needs to shut- up and go away but Brandi is turning into a attention whore and at times acts just as childish as LeAnn.

  15. Karin says:

    There is nothing inappropriate about her going to sing at the kids school. Just because Brandi is their mom does not mean she gets to automatically override what their father feels is appropriate. Obviously the father thought it was ok for her to go sing in the classroom. Brandi REQUESTED that it not happen but that doesn’t mean she will get it!

  16. guesty says:

    this bitch. gah. not a compliment either.

  17. brin says:

    @Karin…Eddie also thought it was appropriate to cheat on the boys’ mother.

  18. GeekChic says:

    I have to wonder if Eddie encourages Leann to goad Brandi. You know very well that Leann will do anything Eddie tells her to do, and I would bet that includes doing things to irritate Brandi. I can see why Brandi didn’t want her there at family day (or whatever it was), but when she tweeted for her to stay away, it was practically guaranteed that Leann would come just so they could annoy Brandi.

    With Leann and those kids… Well, I had a stepmom who was an absolute nightmare. She belittled me, degraded me, and physically abused me. It was extremely damaging, as anyone can imagine. So I’m thinking at least she is nice to them and seems to love them. She isn’t a nightmare to them, she isn’t preventing them from seeing their dad, and so on.

    But even saying all of that, there is something extremely sad about her. She has zero self esteem and is fully under Eddie’s thumb. Combine that with the fact that she’s somewhat on the crazy side, and it makes for a very sad picture.

  19. skilo says:

    “I sang Some People IN TEARS”

    I guess she means her singing brought people to tears, when i first read that I thought wow bet that’s a fun song!lol I can believe people cry because of her singing, I would cry if forced to watch and listen to her.

  20. Marjalane says:

    So is this Eddie character’s main job now to follow behind Leann holding her purse and pushing the “hordes” of papaarazzi away from her? Is he getting minimum wage or what?

  21. irena NL says:

    Get over it people! Eddie’s boys love LeAnn and Brandi is whooping it up with lots of hot men according to her tweets. Why all the meddling and quarterbacking in something you’ll never have any influence on?

  22. Laura says:

    Eww, her new boobs look gross in that dress. You can see the stretch marks. At least she got modest sized implants.

  23. hiiiii says:

    SMDH! leann rimes just would not shut up! if she was pretty you would not even mind. she had no reason being there at mason school, how would u feel if someone stole your husband and now want to mother your kids? what a selfish bitch

  24. kristin says:

    She’s not a stepmom yet. Even if they did get married, I would think someone with class and common sense would tread into that territory very carefully and slowly, and be sensitive to the situation. A stepmother could show her stepchildren that she cares about them without 1) publicizing it for the world and the children’s mother to see and 2) immediately trying to fill roles that are traditionally left to the children’s mother. I don’t think it is appropriate to wage war with the child’s mother by usurping jobs/roles that really should be left to her. Again, no matter what LeAnn believes, these are not her children. She can love them and spend time with them, but they only have one mother, and LeAnn should have some respect for that relationship. She clearly has none and that bothers me even more than the whole sordid affair and double divorces in this situation.

    I mean, f&*$ing with a marriage is one thing – and Eddie clearly was a cheater already anyway – but waging psychological warfare over the children is just disgusting. I can’t at this point see myself ever getting divorced, but if I ever did and some woman tried this sh*% with the sweet little baby I am currently carrying, I would rip her eyes out. This baby is MINE.

    Not sure if all women have that instinct?

  25. Rita says:


    God I wish you people who want to comment on a thread would know the history. Brandi can’t call LeAnn or Eddie because she doesn’t have their phone number. Eddie and LeAnn completely cut off Brandi from her children when it is Eddie’s (not LeAnn’s) custody day. Just this week-end, LeAnn is tweeting about one of the children being sick and Brandi can not call her child to comfort him.

    Brandi communicates with Eddie by sending his assistant an e-mail who then evaluates it for importance. His assistant then forwards it to Eddie, who when he is not dumping the children on his parents so he can go on vacation, might read it.

    Last thing: It was “family” day at the school. Instead of LeAnn (first mistress) Eddie could have brought a bag full of trash to class to demonstrates the finer points of what he “does” for a living.

    Well didn’t that just bite me in the ass, since that’s exactly what he did.

  26. hiiiii says:

    i can bet u rita and jezi when mother’s day come around she gine be saying how eddie give her flowers are some crap and told her happy mther’s day. she needs a good wake up to reality. what u dont want for yourself dont give to others. Respect the mother of the kids!!

  27. ghostwriter says:

    her obvious need for validation is sad and pathetic. that said, brandi clearly needs divorce counseling. she’s not helping herself or her children. i feel for the children caught in the middle of these two (three)freaks – some positive role models are needed here. as a divorce lawyer, i view this as child abuse, because, in my experiences, the kids know. the parents, step-parents, whatever, need to get over themselves and start thinking about the welfare of the children they tear apart emotionally. wonder if the kids get to see the tweets or if their friends just fill them in. disgusting.

  28. curmudgeon says:

    Has this silly woman even cut a record in ten years?

  29. mymy says:

    No girlfriend should be allowed to do this. BOUNDARIES.But LeAnn will have to handle these situations herself. When her narcissistic boyfriend moves on.Paybacks a bitch

  30. whitedaisy says:

    Ask anyone in psychology; it is extremely difficult to communicate/live/reason with a person who has narcissistic personality disorder. (Which Leann clearly has.)
    Narcissists can only think of themselves and how situations make THEM feel.
    The kids’ feelings, Eddie’s feelings, Brandi’s feelings will always come after Leann’s own feelings. She is and always will, come first in her mind.

  31. Rita says:

    Imagaine how nice it would be for the oldest child if Eddie and Brandi went before the class and explained what they did for a living, Eddie with some pictures of his acting and Brandi with modeling photos or explaining that she’s becoming a realtor. I wouldn’t mind LeAnn being there if she STFU and stayed in the back of the class. However, that is not possible with all the taunting and bullying E&L have done for two years. If not for Brandi’s tweets, only LeAnn’s “snow-globe” world would be privy to the public.

    The children are being terrible harmed by Eddie’s lack of “manhood” and LeAnn’s complete craziness. It was Brandi who demanded and got group counseling for the three of them only to watch things go right back into the toilet the next day.

  32. brin says:

    @Rita….Eddie has an assistant? I thought Eddie was Leann’s assistant.

  33. Jezi says:

    Like Rita said, she went to sing on “family day”, made it so uncomfortable for Brandi that she didn’t want to go. She is the mother, Eddie is the father. Brandi never said Leann should not go, she said it’s not her place to sing. It was just another way for Leann to make it all about her. Why not sit on the sidelines and watch? Why stick yourself in the center and then gloat about how wondeful you were? No one’s saying she doesn’t love the boys and they don’t love her, it’s how she uses the boys to promote how wonderful she is. Frankly, being a mother, you don’t expect praises and thanks, it’s a selfless job. She’s really going to town with her obnoxious tweets now that she’s unprotected. Yesterday, she tweeted how reality tv stars are famewhores. Wonder who she’s referring to with that one…hmmm!!! Aren’t some of her friends off of reality tv shows? Benji & Lacey Schwimmmer. Doesn’t she go to “church” with Kris Kardashian? Wonder how they would feel about these comments? Her calling them famewhores is the pot calling the kettle black. She’s only still relevant because of her disgusting behavior. It’s sad because she does have a beautiful voice but it’s overshadowed by her horrific behavior.

  34. whitedaisy says:

    @brin. Seriously. He is really coming off poorly in this ongoing saga. Where are the dude’s balls?

  35. Darla says:

    These two skanky ass ho bags need to realize that their selfish actions were what caused all the destruction in a lot of people’s lives. They were the ones who lied, cheated, lied some more, snuck arund, and then lied a lot more. All because what they wanted was way more important than any damage they caused to people they CLAIMED to love. At this point, they should relize that heir only job is shut up, eat crow, and reaize that they should spend at least a year or so trying to make up for the damage that they caused to TWO families. Leanne could start by cuntting her thumbs off since she just cannot stand to tweet obsessively about kids that have no relationship to her another than they are the children of the man she committed adultery ON and WITH until he bucks up and marries her. Even then, she should realize that her wants and needs as a stepmother will always be secondary to the wants and needs of those children. Their MOTHER said not to go. She wanted to go, and since the whole world exists to please Leanna Rimes, she went, and to hell with whatever bad feelings it caused.

    Stupid white trash ho bag.

  36. seVen says:

    I dont give a damn about any of these people, but as a person whos step-mom was evil in so many ways, I at least hope LeAnn treats them right.

  37. Baylor says:

    LeAnn tweeted to a “fan” that her and Eddie are constantly changing their minds about the guest list at their wedding. She said they have thought about it being just the two of them. I bet that if they do that, that they will pull a Tori&Dean, complete with a camera crew.

    She is also tweeting about telling children the truth no matter what their age is. This makes me shudder to think of the “truths” that she is telling the boys. “Your mom has a drinking problem,” “your mom drove drunk,” “Your mom doesn’t like LeAnn and didn’t want her to sing today,” ” Your mom is telling people very mean things about LeAnn and tells LeAnn mean things.” I wouldn’t put it past them.

  38. Rita says:


    How do you not know about Eddie’s assistant? Yes, LeAnn is paying for it as she is Eddie’s “image consultant” and everything else. Eddie is currently get assitance with interviewing assistants for his assistant to relieve the work load on his assistant, so his assistant can assist with the vacation planning. LeAnn has another assistant for wedding plans.

  39. lachica says:

    Brandi started this battle with a public tweet asking LeAnn not to sing at the school. That gave LeAnn an opening to pour out her venom in typical passive-aggressive style. these adults all need to lay off twitter. and Brandi needs to accept that everything LeAnn she does with Eddie’s gloating consent. LeAnn still fails to realize that she is only a tool in this parental war.

  40. Lindsay says:

    “I sang Some People IN TEARS”

    One if her singles from awhile ago was called “Some People” and it was a love song. I think she meant she was crying as she sang it for them.

  41. mae says:

    She doesn’t have a clue. She really doesn’t see that in this situation she has to take a back seat. She needs all the attention and I’m sure she is taking plenty from the boys. I bet he can barely be with them alone. She only cares about herself and her image. She isn’t their mom on any level. She broke their family apart and now wants to be seen as this earth mother. Won’t happen people are too smart. Very sad. Her ego will never be satisfied.

  42. GeekChic says:


    That’s really terrible that she can only contact him through email. Could the boys have a phone of their own so they can contact their mom and vice versa?

    Still, I wonder what would happen if Brandi stopped making public statements (tweets, interviews, etc.) about those two. Maybe they would stop being such a-holes to her if they didn’t think it bothered her so much. I could be wrong, but I see it as them doing it to goad her into responding. Maybe if she stopped responding and just ignored them and only focused on the kids, Leann and Eddie would stop trying to hurt her. As I said, maybe I’m wrong. But irrespective of any of that, it is inexcusable that Brandi can’t contact her kids when they are with their dad.

    (P.S., I hope you know I’m not arguing with you because you’re one of my favorite people on CB.)

  43. crtb says:

    There is nothing wrong with her singing at the boy’s school. The mother doesn’t get to tell tne father and his new wife what they can and cannot do.

  44. Jezi says:

    Leann isn’t the new wife, they aren’t married yet. It’s about respect and boundaries, not about what she can and can’t do. Leann talks about making peace and wanting peace, well that takes work and she refuses to help with that.

    @Greekchic Eddie and Leann taunt Brandi in private. They push and pull her in ways that are unimaginable. They want to appear as the “perfect” people in the public eye, yet behind the scenes they are the total opposite of that. The recourse Brandi talks about is letting people see what she deals with privately and squashes those two’s “perfect” image by stating the truth.

  45. Rita says:


    You’re always a babe and I don’t care how people comment as long as it reflects their true position and is not just to taunt the thread.

    You make very good objective points but again I say that Brandi has to publically tweet to embarass Eddie into paying at least some of his child support but her public requests to LeAnn to stop exploiting her children have no affect on LeAnn.

    Eddie hates Brandi and blames her for his problems so he uses LeAnn to taunt Brandi by stalking her, dressing like her, getting boobs, and spending money on him. LeAnn is full on board with it all but while this plays out, the children are in a very bad place.

    If Brandi suffered in silence would it be better for the children? I really don’t know. There are pro’s and con’s to that arguement.

  46. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    It is disturbing and just plain gross the way LeAnn has turned out.

  47. DGO says:

    She makes the kids sleep in the dogs’ old room. She frequently dumps them with a babysitter or the grandparents so she and Deadbeat Dad can go on vacation. Doesn’t exactly sound like Stepmother-of-the-Year to me.

    This school gig was probably the biggest “concert” she’s had booked in ages. Must suck to be a has-been before the age of 30.

  48. someone says:

    Im not a big LeAnn fan, but I don’t see anything wrong with her loving his children and wanting to be in thier lives..the only thing wrong is if the relationship ends, then those kids will be hurt..just like Jesse J and Sandra Bullock!!!

  49. AngelMay says:

    Leann and Brandi are both crazy. Twitter is Leann’s only friend. Brandi has Cedric.

    Brandi needs to suck it up and make the best of Leann, at least she’s rich and seems to like the kids.

  50. REALIST says:

    Bitch…she is going to completely confuse and screw up those kids.

  51. Eileen says:

    Since this whole crazy train started the only way Leann and Eddie would follow through with their commitments and agreements with Brandi was if she called them out publicly because thats the only way they give a crap about following through with their promises to Brandi-if it affects their image. The tiny amount of things Eddie and Leann have done were because Brandi made them public and it pressured them to do them. And every single one of those things were for the kids.

    This Family Day fiasco is such a slap in the face to Brandi -its things like this that should answer everyone’s question on will they work things out and be healthy co-parents for the kids…HOW can they be when Leann won’t allow Eddie to contact Brandi for anything and upstages the real mom of the boy on Family Day? She is sick.

  52. Riley says:

    I am sure most of the kids were asking, “Teacher, who is this crazy lady singing during school?”

  53. brin says:

    Don’t ya just want to shove a twinkie down her throat in the first pic?

  54. OXA says:

    LeAnn is too stupid to realize that once she marries Eddie the Calif courts will use her income to determine the child support. Then Brandi can laugh all the way to the bank as LeAnn loses her audience.

  55. McMe says:

    Can someone please tell me what she did to her face? It looks so different, but I can’t figure out what changed….?

  56. kristin says:

    February 21st, 2011 at 12:13
    Can someone please tell me what she did to her face? It looks so different, but I can’t figure out what changed….?

    She stopped eating.

  57. Javagirl1 says:

    Ugh…why would she even want to sing at the school? Doesn’t she know public opinion of her is not so great right now?

  58. Michelle says:

    Now Leann seems full of herself but the whole thing with her not being a step mom is crap. I am a step mom and I cared for my husbands daughter before we were married and if she was in school I would want to help out. Even after being married for 9 years anything I do her mom seems to not like. It’s not just up to the mom, dad’s have a say too and just because a mom says “i don’t think you should” doesn’t mean she has final say.

  59. Marie says:

    Brandi must be the only woman in the world that will tolerate this slut, because I am telling you as sure as I am sittiing here Miss LeAnn and myself would have already been out behind the woodshed and that pussy Eddie would have been next.

  60. Feebee says:

    I’m thinking less of Eddie in all this (not that I thought much of him before) because if he was a decent guy he’d tell Leeann in no uncertain terms to knock it off. But he doesn’t and so she doesn’t and so while it might be fun for them in the short term, in the long term I hope it bites them on the ass.

  61. Isabel says:

    She is just obscene, as a human. What in hell is going on here? I am so Team Brandi, I can’t even see where Team LeAnn would start. Who does this? If you care about those kids, you don’t make such a spectacle out of your distaste for their mother…and total disregard for her. I want to knock LeAnn the f*ck out.

  62. Michelle says:


    you actually don’t take the other parents money into account for child support. it is based soley on the biological parents income only.

  63. Eileen says:

    @Marie I’m sure Brandi is holding herself back by the skin of her teeth because how good would that feel to whomp on her? lol But at the end of the day all her concerns are about the kids -she is glad to be rid of Ed the douchebag. She kicked his ass out and didn’t take him back when he came begging so now he will make her life a living hell by torturing her with Leann.

  64. TeeTee says:

    She is and always will be inappropriate and horrid looking.

  65. Baylor says:

    “It’s not just up to the mom, dad’s have a say too and just because a mom says “i don’t think you should” doesn’t mean she has final say. ”

    It has to be 50/50 though. They all have to talk about it. Maybe the mom gets her way sometimes and the dad gets his way sometimes. So far though in this case, only LeAnn gets her way and Brandi’s wishes are NEVER respected.

  66. DiannSteph says:


    “Eddie hates Brandi and blames her for his problems so he uses LeAnn”

    This is what I’ve believed for a long time now. Eddie is pissed his ex-wife kicked him out of their marital home and due to the fact the divorce cost him, he HAD to move into Leann’s “bigger” house, it’s no grand love like Leann wants to portray. Eddie is chained to that woman in more ways than one. To me, I think he’s getting is karma DAILY. He may get luxury vacations out of it, and being supported but still – you just know she smothers him.

    Brandi has went on record last year saying she didn’t want to be seen as the woman who stayed with a known cheater, to be seen as weak and lacking self-respect. I think she WANTED her family to stay in tact no matter what.

    But she bit the bullet and kicked Eddie to the curb. He didn’t leave Brandi because he was so in love with Leann Rimes. The “grand love” happened when he HAD to move in with her.

    Now imagine what Brandi’s been going through with a narcisstic mistress such as Leann Rimes in her and her kids lives. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Because as bad as her tweets are, can you IMAGINE what she & Eddie are like with Leann’s $$$ & arrogance in real life?

    I bet Brandi gets all kinds of crap from them. Leann even sicced her lawyers on Brandi with a Cease & Desist, remember that? The headlines were like (“what in the world, the mistress is suing the wife?) and Leann & her lawyers backed down.

    I think Leann Rimes is so in love & obsessed with Eddie Cibrian she will do ANYTHING to keep him, including, but not limited to, acting all fatal attraction about her soon-to-be stepkids. She thinks it’s “creating memories” for her & Eddie’s many years together. She’s in for such a rude awakening. I hope ole Eddie gets her to forego a PRENUP.

    I have to say Leann Rimes actions is the best public soap opera I’ve witnessed in a long time. She’s better than any show on TV. I’ve said that all along!
    I love how Leann fans think Brandi should suck everything up & just take their shit. Please, give ‘em hell, Brandi. They make your life a living nightmare.

  67. Jezi says:

    @Michelle I hear you, I am also in the same position, but in reality, we are not the biological parents of those children and we don’t have a say in what happens with those children. It is not our place as the stepparent. We have no legal rights to those children. We as stepmom’s need to respect the parent, no matter what. I deal with my fiance’s ex-wife who is beyond difficult and no matter what she does not like me, and for whatever reasons she has. I have never done anything to her, just care for her daughter, but still I respect my place.

  68. icantbelievethis says:

    @GeekChic & @Hautie I totally agree with you regarding bad girlfriends/boyfriends/bad step parents.

    LR is far from perfect, but this rests on EC. If he had set boundaries from the beginning none of this would happen. He should’ve called when his child was in the ER, he should be making the best effort possible to keep open/amicable communication with the mother of his kids.

  69. daisy says:

    Im in this kind of situation.My x’s new girlfriend,now wife steps all over the lines.She goes to parent teacher meetings,and class parties.I have argued and fought with them about it,and they simply dont listen.They think she haS EVERY RIGHT to do these things.Its rude and snotty,and thats why Leann does it.And this bitch in my life too.Its BS.I understand that its better then alot of other situations,but step off someones kids if they ask you to.

  70. Rita says:

    @Michelle #63

    In determining child support does not the court consider the biological parent’s non-cash benefits such as free room and board, clothing, transportation, et al in determining his cash payments? The IRS would convert such benefits (sex aside) into taxable income, wouldn’t they?

    If they don’t, Eddie will just sit back, do nothing, and claim poverty for the rest of his life while he lives in LeAnn’s luxury and to hell with any child support. Heck, he might apply for government assistance. (He’ll probably have his assistant do that…oh yeah, isn’t his assistant taxable income?)

  71. DiannSteph says:

    Wow, sorry for my long-ass post! I find those annoying myself, so I’m apologizing now. ;)

    I’m sure Eddie’s all lawyered up courtesy of Leann’s bank account. I’m sure those lawyers found loophole’s to screw Brandi. Well, we know of one loophole with the “doesn’t work for 6 mos, you have to pay back 1/2 alimony/support”.

  72. Cirque28 says:

    Leann just doesn’t have the frame of a naturally waif-like woman. Her head and hands look too big for her body now. Yikes.

    And if Dean hates Brandi (despite HIM being the cheater and the leaver, despite HIM jerking her around financially), then I hope Leann realizes that chances are very high he’ll treat her the same way– eventually. So whenever Dean “falls in love” again, Leann can count on being cut off from him, the kids, and everything about her cozy little situation. Douche will probably say something like, “She’s evil! She broke up my family!”

  73. Jezi says:

    @Cirque28 I think you meant to say Eddie. Dean is Leann’s ex husband ;)

  74. Baylor says:

    The funny and ironic part of all this is that way back when, LeAnn’s dad cheated on LeAnn’s mom. LeAnn was all kinds of outraged about it. LeAnn’s dad when on to divorce Belinda and marry his girlfriend. LeAnn hated her and the new wife in turn was no fan of LeAnn. That was LeAnn’s first experience with a step-mom. I wonder if LeAnn thinks she deserves some “thanks and praise.”

    Wilbur then divorced her some years later and remarried again. LeAnn reported this smugly in one of her interviews. She went on to say that she LOVED her new step-mom. Granted LeAnn was already married herself so it’s not like this new step-mom helped raise her.
    Even the 1st step-mom didn’t help raise her b/c LeAnn had just turned 18 herself and was touring at that time.

    Someone needs to ask LeAnn if she considered either of those women her “mother” and if she has apologized to her dad for all her drama when he made the same mistakes she has.

  75. bluhare says:

    I live in Washington state, and I was told when I married my husband that my income could be used to determine child support if his ex wife took him to court to increase his payments.

  76. Jezi says:

    @Baylor I love when people make sense :)

  77. McMe says:

    @ Kristen
    I figured it out (I think). Its her eyes…She had the eyelid surgery. Her eyes have lost the squinty look.

  78. icantbelievethis says:

    @bluhare A halfway decent lawyer can get you out of that. I lived in WA and I saw a friend’s ex try that and fail. Although WA does penalize if the custodial parent doesn’t work. My gf’s ex was able to get child support reduced based on the fact that she didn’t work and according to the judge wasn’t ‘contributing’ to the kids.

    I would be pissed if child support was calculated using my DH’s income. That isn’t a defense of LR, but in my situation if my DH can’t have the same legal rights as myself and my ex then he shouldn’t be legally required to contribute. He has always taken care of his step son though, especially in the years I was a SAHM and ex didn’t bother to pay child support. He provided all the financial support, insurance, etc (with no legal rights).

  79. why? says:

    This is what I find quite interesting about her tweets about her experience on family day:

    1) The kid who didn’t even know who Leann was. Could you imagine the look on Leann’s face when that kid said that?

    That must have been a very hard thing for LR to swallow, the fact that she isn’t as popular as DB and her “fans” would have her believe.

    2) She notes that these kids are asking her question as if they are reading the tabliods. Hello Leann, these kids know about YOUR PRIVATE LIFE because YOU won’t shut up. Case in point, LR interview on the red carpet and in several radio interviews where she talked about her wedding and those kids.

    Secondly, if the kids are aware of what is going on in EC and LR life, then that means that the parents and possibly the kid’s teachers are talking. Now where would they get the impression that LR won’t have any kids at her wedding? Probably from LR radio interview where she says that she is going to invite people who are going to be in her life for a long time? Isn’t that a great indication that EC and LR public life is having a negative impact on the kid’s school because the parents are talking and the kids are repeating what the parents say? So wouldn’t that be an indication to LR that she needs to close the twitter account, stop leaking info to People mag, find something else other than those kids and her wedding to talk about during her interviews, and don’t tip off the paps.

    BTW, what would those mothers think of Leann accusing them of reading tabloids when it’s LR and EC who have their public life on display EVERYDAY?

    3) The obvious attempt to convince us that Leann has talent. So now we are supposed to believe that Leann has talent because Barbara S told her so and because she sung at a wedding and made people cry?

  80. Jayna says:

    @Michelle and @Karin, Bingo. Spot on.
    The kid wanted her to. The dad has half custody and she is marrying him. Brandi, instead of acting like a jerk on twitter and embarrassing her son, should have acquiesed if this is what her son wanted. Her tweeting made her no better in my eyes.

    Before I get jumped on, I think Leann needs to shut up on twitter most of the time and have some class. But on this note, Brandi was out of line to publically broadcast this on twitter. Makes her no better than LeAnn.

    I’m on the boy’s side. It’s what he wanted. Divorce is hard and sometimes as the other parent you have to bite your tongue for the best interest of your child’s happiness. This was one of those times.

  81. why? says:


    Leann is a STAR? According to what?Is this yet another twist of the “LR has talent” post? The school wanted LR to sing? Is that what LR said?

    So now it’s all BG fault because she just won’t stop publicly calling LR and EC out on her mess?

    Well I think that this sitution is a good insight of what BG has to go through with these two. LR acts as if she doesn’t even have to respect BG.

    You are right, that this happens because EC allows it. EC inability to tell LR no, doesn’t give LR a free pass though. LR passes herself off as a humanatarian, so why would she go against the mother’s wishes? And to top it all off, open her twitter account just so that she could send BG the message that BG has no say so when her kids are with her and EC?

    Leann isn’t winning when BG calls LR and EC out publicly, we know this because the moment LR and EC get backlash, someone tries to deflect by depicting BG as the villian.

  82. Rita says:


    Thanks for the link. It sounds like LeAnn’s income is protected but if Eddie refuses to get any kind of job then the imputed income can come into play.

  83. Baylor says:

    How do we know the kid wanted her to?

    I’m willing to bet money that LeAnn and Eddie put that idea in the kid’s head.

    I doubt he randomly asked her to.

  84. Eileen says:

    Baylor-ITA agree. Sorry but at the end of the day she is just dad’s girlfriend who sings country music. Not seeing him asking her to sing in his class…unless he started dating Gwen Stefani or Katy Perry.

  85. why? says:


    So if the kid wants to eat ice cream for breakfast/lunch/dinner and not take a bath for a week, LR should allow it because that is what the kid wants, right?

    It doesn’t matter what the kid wants because his mother told Leann, “no”. If Leann was interested in peace or concerned about those kids, she would have respected BG wishes.

    BG is acting like a jerk? She isn’t the one tweeting about another woman’s kids, nor is she using a woman’s kids as weapons against her.

    Oh wait, the “BG needs to be quiet” or “BG is so mean for calling LR and EC out on twitter” posts are rolling in, so that can only mean one thing, either LR and EC are going to stage a photo-op or Leann has yet another radio interview coming up. DAMAGE CONTROL to the rescue, LR and EC need a quick fix to clean up their images.

    Wow, and where did all of these “BG needs to be quiet” posters come from?

  86. Rita says:

    WAIT!!!! I just figured it out. The pictures of LeAnn as of late have been with her gaping pie hole. She has learned that her eyes stay open if she drops her jaw. I’ll sleep better tonight.

  87. AnnieB says:

    I agree 100% on your theory that the “PLEASE come sing for my class for PARENT’S Day, mommy wewe!!” is COMPLETE BS. Leann has attempted this crap before, like when she tweeted about the young one asking her “How come you are SOOOO pretty?” Riggggggghhhht. This trick wouldn’t be able to tell the truth if she was strapped to an electric shock machine.

    I am betting she said “Why don’t I come sing at your school? Wouldn’t that be AMAZING? I’m famous, I sing at steak houses and the Ho Chunk Casino!” You think the child will say no? Poor thing, such a cow to put him in such a situation.

    Leann has reminded me of the creature Vera De Milo Jim Carrey did on In Living Color for a long time now. She looks more and more like it the more skeletal she gets. Neiiiigggghhhhh. It’s the straight body with linebacker shoulders especially. http://i.ytimg.com/vi/2gmNRVmNO0s/0.jpg

  88. lucky7 says:

    Leann is definitely being inappropriate but also incredibly desperate.

    What I find so funny about all of this is that its leann herself thats revealing the opposite of what she wants people to believe. I have never witnessed someone shoot herself on the same big toe over and over and over and over again. All this is proving to me is that leann is being used and she’s being set up to take the fall when this all goes to hell. Karma’s already happening to her and she’s not even married yet.

  89. Brittany says:

    When they divorce, it’s gonna be EPIC!!

  90. brin says:

    @lucky7…I agree and when all this blows up in Leann’s smug face, I’m going to open a bottle of champagne and drink to Karma!

  91. Crash2GO2 says:

    @lucky7: “What I find so funny about all of this is that its leann herself thats revealing the opposite of what she wants people to believe. I have never witnessed someone shoot herself on the same big toe over and over and over and over again.

    Now isn’t that the truth? It’s really pretty unbelievable.

  92. Cherry Rose says:

    I feel bad for the kids mainly because they have to see Leann without her make up. 0_0;

    Actually, just being around Leann period.

    It’s every parents nightmare….

  93. Camille says:

    What a sad and pathetic b*tch. It almost makes me feel sorry for her that she’s such an insane cow. Almost, but not quite ;) .

  94. DiannSteph says:

    LOL, now Leann is BEGGING Kelly Clarkson to go on tour together! Kelly has 500,000 plus Twitter followers and um, didn’t Kelly get her start on a reality show? You know, those shows Leann was just making fun of the other day.

    Oh Leann, so entertaining and pathetic.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, can’t stand Eddie Cibrian due to his cheating, skeevy ways, BUT, if he manages to marry Leann without a Prenup and walks away afterwards with some of her cash, he may be my reluctant hero. ;)

  95. DiannSteph says:

    I wish there was an edit feature. I just thought of something. If KedFed2 walks away with ANY of Leann’s money (you just know her people will insist on some type of prenup) – he will still be my very reluctant hero.

    The walking away in years to come shouldn’t even be in doubt. Come on!

    *Duh, there is an edit feature – it’s plain to see in b&w. Don’t mind ME. ;)

  96. JenJen says:

    I think it was inconsiderate and mean to make his mother feel awkward about attending an event at HER child’s school. If the mother is upset, the children see it and father and his ho ARE hurting them. They won’t even give her any time to heal from the hurt they have caused.
    It was all about Leann’s low-life, hurtful tactics and ego and getting some support because she is just doing it “for the kids”.

  97. judyjudy says:

    Wow. She looks awful in those last two shots.

  98. belle says:

    either the teachers asked mason to ask leann or Ec or Leann suggested it to mason little 7 year olds don’t think of stuff like that without prompting. don’t believe LR will ask for a prenup at all she is too madly in love and delusional to think she needs one and i agree, hope when EC walks and he will walk he takes her for a huge chunk of change

  99. Just Me says:

    When our daughter married a divorced man with a 6 year old daughter she was mature enough to live by these words of wisdom.
    When someone asked if she was now ‘Mom’.
    She said, “No, she already has a mother! A mother that she loves and that loves her. I would never want to burden any young child by placing them in a position of choosing sides.
    She has both a mother and a father and together they are her parents.
    I’m more like an extended family bonus and I am proud of my status as her stepmom. I love her and that is who I am!”

    She said, “I feel that for her mental and emotional well- being that on Parents Day and especially on Mothers Day she honor the women who is her Mother. Let them have their day, it is
    theirs and theirs alone. On Father’s Day she will honor her father along with her brother and sister. That is who he is.
    Our daughter was secure enough, both in herself and with her husband, that she did not have to contrive to take over anyone’s place.
    She instead has forged a wonderful relationship and it is a bond that they both value.
    Our granddaughter is now a college freshman and loves both her parents and her bonus stepmother.
    She now has a brother and sister who have their mother and even as young as they are, they know that their sister has a mom of her own who she loves just as much as they love their mom.

    Both Eddie and Leann need to take responsibility in creating a family dynamic that does not destroy.
    If Eddie was a responsible father, parenting his sons, then he should be
    respecting Brandi as their mother. Teaching them to respect her.
    Then respecting his sons by telling Leann not to step on Brandi in order to make herself look good.
    Of course, we’re talking about wisdom and caring for others more than yourself.
    One can only hope but, in this instance, I fear that’s doubtful!

  100. dorothy says:

    She needs to have her own child and not try to insert herself so heavily into her boyfriends children’s life. She also needs to respect the childs mother….like it or not those children HAVE A MOTHER and don’t need another one. She just is so inappropriate.

  101. skilo says:

    Yesterday, she tweeted how reality tv stars are famewhores.

    She is saying that because of all the people who wanted to see Brandi on RHOBH.
    She really needs to watch her big mouth a lot of those “fame whores” she’s talking about could buy and sell her ten times over. I hate it but the Kartrashians made 65 million last year bet Leann hasn’t made 65 million in her whole career. Paris, Camille, and the entire cast of RHOBH (except nasty Taylor A.) are all richer and more well liked than LR.

  102. Rita says:


    What a wonderful post. I’m always more optomistic for this world when I read such wisdom, strength, and good character from people such as you.

    If you don’t mind me saying, I also like your gravitar. I’ll be looking for it.

  103. DiannSteph says:

    Great post JustMe. I know of others who have done the same as your very mature & responsible daughter. They’re usually women who are secure in their relationships and don’t feel threatened by the ex.

    THIS is the maturity level Brandi is dealing with:

    Eddie’s latest tweet submitted by Leann. Who then retweets it on her page. She’s so clever, that one. I cringed hearing Eddie’s laugh. He’s so girly sounding! Leann tweeted she was going to be SO busy this week. Another hectic week she tweeted. She’s so funny.

    “Adele would be proud”

  104. Eileen says:

    Here’s some entertainment from the lady of the evening terrifying her poor dog with her scream singing and blinding socks: http://yfrog.us/n5slhz

  105. Isa says:

    Yes, it’s nice she treats the kids well but I wonder what happens when they grow up and realize they were just pawns.

  106. Messenger Of Truth says:


    Wasn’t sure where you were heading when you suggested Leann could start by “cuntting” her thumbs off, until I realised you probably meant “cutting”.
    As for that split second visual, I’d like to return it to you if I may!

  107. lucky7 says:

    How leann treats the kids is the exact opposite of good. In fact thats one of the issues I have with her b/c I think she wants it to appear as if her involvement in the children’s lives is a good thing despite how she got involved but she has proven to be way too self absorbed and too much of a liar for me to ever believe a word that comes out of her mouth. Those kids are being used plain and simple, she borders on exploiting them just to make herself look like she’s a mother to them when I’d bet the farm that half the things she claims to do she’s either heard brandy did first or she just blatantly makes it up. Every single thing leann has done and has said, shows me that those boys are last on the priority list and they are only on the list b/c they serve a purpose. When and if that purpose is no longer valuable is when they will be pushed aside. Love isn’t even on leann’s radar with those boys — and what disturbs me is that Leann tells me that everytime she opens her mouth or tweets, this is a game to her and those boys are the chess pieces. What I do enjoy about her doing this is that she’s an idiot who has no idea that instead of playing the game along with everyone else she’s simply being played period.

  108. why? says:

    Did you hear LR’s latest attempt to convince people that she is a good person? So now Leann is “upset” because public schools are not getting any funding for their music programs(this is an interview she gave to a radio station before she performed for Barbara S last week; well that explains why LR was so smug and over the top on the red carpet last week, LR did a “good deed” which in her mind made it okay for her to walk the red carpet with EC and talk about his kids)? Why is this radio interview just now coming out when it was done last week?

    If LR is so concerned about the lack of funds going to public school music programs, then why is Leann walking around with an $85,000 engagement ring on her hand that People mag keeps saying that EC bought despite the fact that EC doesn’t have a job and he had to reduce his child support payments? If LR didn’t care that EC had to reduce his child support to “pay” for her ring, then why exactly are we supposed to believe that she is concerned about the budgets for public school music programs? BG and her kids needed a home and instead of encouraging EC to pay his child support LR took EC to Cabo and Aspen.

    So is that LR excuse for going against BG wishes, Leann just had to sing on family day because she was desperately trying to show her support for the public school music programs which don’t get a lot of funding?

    NOTE TO Leann’s pr team or publicist: Charity should begin with Brandi, EC kids, and DS. By going to that kid’s school on family day and then tweeting about it, we know that Leann is not sincere when she gets involved in charity work. So now it looks like LR is using any child she can get her hands on to once again whitewash her image.

  109. Missy McDonald says:

    If anyone doubts the psycho behavior of Leann Rimes…just look at these style stalking/taunting pictures. It isnt an accident that Leann does this when she knows paparazzi will be around


  110. Eileen says:

    I found it interesting how she passive aggressively slammed all the classroom parents on Twitter for leaving tabloid mags around for kids to see?? WTF does that even mean???

  111. why? says:

    Didn’t Leann say that the public/media would be the last to know when her wedding will be, but with all nonstop tweeting that she is doing about her wedding, one can get a pretty good idea of when it’s going to happen, unless of course LR is going to be tweeting as she is walking down the aisle.

    It’s like LR desperately tweets about her wedding nonstop just so that these media outlets pick up something from her tweets and write an article about it.

    The question is what will LR do to make sure that her wedding to EC upstages the wedding of Prince W and Kate M?

  112. Messenger Of Truth says:

    From Stadiums to Venues to Casinos to High School Auditoriums to Elementary Class Rooms… to a Dog.

  113. why? says:

    I also forgot to mention that Leann and her pr people are working very hard to convince people that her single Crazy Women isn’t about BG and is therefore okay to download and play on their stations. I have seen two articles in the last week or so where they try to explain how this song came about. Now why would any of this be necessary if things were going well for Leann like she keeps claiming? This is such a trainwreck and I can’t believe that any pr team or publicist would be so incompetent.

    I just can’t understand why LR pr team is doing such a bad job at managing LR image. At some point they are going to have to be honest with LR. They can’t keep feeding her the lie that all of this backlash is either BG fault or caused only by a handful of people who are just jealous of her REAL LOVE.

  114. CeeCee says:

    I’ve never seen any pap shots of LR or EC out with the kids

  115. Mouse says:

    I’m no psychologist, but I think this person has serious issues she needs to be on pills for and this Eddie guy is taking full advantage of it. He’s the most despicable one in this situation.

  116. marisa says:

    Eddie will jump ship before this crazy bitch marries him :)

  117. CB Rawks says:

    “it was like all these kids read the rags weekly lol moms, if you’re gonna read them throw them away after!!!”

    The kids stood there calling her a whore and a homewrecker? That would have been awesome!

  118. Crash2GO2 says:

    “I just can’t understand why LR pr team is doing such a bad job at managing LR image.”

    There is only such much they can do. They can make suggestions, but she is the one who makes the final call.

    Yes, I am spending far too much time here, but I have the flu and nothing better to do.

  119. betty says:

    Leann is nothing but an upgraded mistress and Eddie is nothing but a pimp so what could you expect from these two clowns. Its a shame these kids have such sorry specimens in their lives. They need prayer. Leann is suffering from the empty womb syndrome,a barren woman that has no kids so she tries to takeover another womans.Eddie is a douche that feigns love for his children but will allow them to be used as pawns as long as sugar mama pays all the bills and he does not have to work. Since Leann is not a parent and sang what did scumbag Eddie contribute and he is a parent. Their wedding will create as much excitement as their engagement,NONE. All ado about nothing. Marriage is about commitment,loyalty and trust something these two know nothing about.We already know how this farce will turn out.

  120. Lyla says:

    Wow, there seems to be lots more comments than there usually are.
    But anyway, everytime I read articles about LR interjecting herself into the kid’s life, I’m so happy I don’t have kids. It’s like Brandi gets no say so whatsoever and I could never be in that position. I get that Brandi has issues too, but LR offers her no respect whatsoever. I mean, she was the one that effed someone else’s husband, where does she come off being a bitch?

  121. Lia says:

    Beauty and The Beast. C’mon… you’ve gotta admit, he IS beautiful.

  122. Jennifer Leigh says:

    I agree with a previous poster–LR is the best public soap opera out there today! The entertainment value is just unmatched, although it is sad. What if one of those boys wrote a tell-all book, how insane do you think LR would look? Because you know she isn’t rainbows and dandelions and sprinkles on top all the time.

    Her constant tweeting is soooooo annoying, and is there really a need for 5 exclamation points at the end of every sentence?? Good lord. She reminds me so much of my sister in law, it makes me sick! I can’t stand it when people use twitter or facebook and post things like that. “Look at my update!!! My life is amazing!!!!! No problems to see here, folks!!!!! My life is perfect!!!!!!”

    When it couldn’t be further from the truth…sad.

    And the fact that she couldn’t stand to have her twitter protected for longer than two weeks? WTH? My facebook has been private for a good 3 years, I’ve never had the itch to make my life public. So it just puzzles me that she can’t seem to keep her private life private–at all.

    And I agree with another poster, BG should go to divorce counselling if she’s not seeing a therapist already. Not a jab to BG at all, but it couldn’t hurt to have a professional to help guide her through LR’s bulls*** and maybe teach her some tools to use against LR’s psychological warfare.

    Don’t get it twisted, it IS psychological warfare. If this is how LR is in public, I can’t wrap my head around how this situation plays out in private. There should be cameras rolling.

  123. Nikki says:

    LeAnn reeks of insecurity and desperation, it’s just plain gross and borderline creepy. Her sudden plastic surgery, her obsessive working out and skinniness, her ridiculous tweets. She’s just trying way too hard, it’s like a joke. All if it just comes across as desperate and pathetic and I’d almost feel sorry for her if she didn’t disgust me so much. She has no class or tact. If she was truly happy and secure with her relationship with Eddie, she wouldn’t feel the need to CONSTANTLY brag about it and herself, and also defend herself. I can’t wait until their relationship disintegrates and reveals itself as the sham that it is, she’s going to be one sorry mess.

  124. brin says:

    Page Six is reporting that Leann is planning to marry on a private ranch in Montana in May or June. That makes sense, horseface bride marrying on a ranch. Everyone can throw hay at her.

  125. danielle says:

    Didn’t the public relations person who she hired to help rehab her image tell her to stop tweeting? She should have listened!

  126. why? says:


    So true.

    I think that LR needs to be reassured (ie-prove that she is a better woman, mother, singer, and etc… than BG) outweighs every other thing in her life. And instead of taking responsibility for her actions, LR deflects from her bad behavior by either blaming others or paying people to write fluff.

  127. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I love her post on “step moms are parents too”. Yeah and if she was a real mother and gave a shit about her step kids she’d want to do what was right for them not for herself. Did you notice how non of her tweets were about how the kids did, or what they liked, it was all about how the children viewed HER, or HER singing, or who knew HER, or who recognized HER. It reeks of desperation and self-centerdness and a person like that will never be a good parent which is the most selfless job in the world …

  128. mae says:

    I wish she could see what a destructive force she is to those kids, and shame on Eddie, kids first always they are counting on you.

  129. CB Rawks says:

    @AnnieB and Baylor
    I agree 100% on your theory that the “PLEASE come sing for my class for PARENT’S Day, mommy wewe!!” is COMPLETE BS. Leann has attempted this crap before, like when she tweeted about the young one asking her “How come you are SOOOO pretty?” Riggggggghhhht. This trick wouldn’t be able to tell the truth if she was strapped to an electric shock machine.”

    Exactly my thoughts! Oh for chrissake, this trick. EYYYYEroll.

  130. MyKosmo says:

    All along, Leann should have been more respectful of Brandi, considering the situation and how it must feel for Brandi. She should have played it down this entire time and allowed Brandi to have the parental upper hand. Those are her children, not Leann’s. Showing a little consideration and respect would have been nice.

  131. Wii Ware says:

    I’ve never heard of this before is it real?

  132. Hakura says:

    I’m starting to really think there’s something wrong with this woman.

    Perhaps she thinks if she ‘becomes‘ Brandi, then Eddie (who may not have ever even wanted a divorce, but was pressured by Leann via her stalking him)…Just has to love her, right?

    She’s obviously *WAY* insecure, both about herself & this relationship (Totally needing people to praise her for every little thing she does). Changing herself *only* in hopes it will keep Eddie with her. She’s moving in on the children, & disrespecting Brandi’s wishes at every turn. Her comment came across like:

    “Yeah, you did say no about singing & PTA, but I’M their parent now, too! I’m so amazing, loving & selfless… You should all be kissing my ass! They’re lucky to have me in their lives!”

    Eddie is a spineless weasel, of course, so there’s no way he’s going to jump inbetween.

  133. _Salem_ says:

    I agree that Mason didn’t ask LeAnn to sing, LeAnn *hinted* or suggested to him that she could sing. Then Mason probably said to his mum that LeAnn is going to sing at his school. I doubt for a split second it was truly Mason’s idea. The boys from all appearances, have a really close relationship with their mother. So why would they choose LeAnn to be there for parents’ day, when boys that age want to show off their mummys? It doesn’t make any sense at all. And thats because Mason didn’t ASK; LeAnn SUGGESTED. It wasn’t Mason’s idea, and there is no way he’d choose LeAnn over his mummy.

  134. TXCinderella says:

    I’ll bet that LeAnne purposely told Eddie not to work so that he can say he can’t pay the child support and that would hurt Brandi, when ultimately that hurts the children. I can see LeAnne being that hateful. I mean she sued her own father and cheated on her husband with a married man. The woman has no conscience. She should have respected Brandi’s request and backed off.

  135. Hakura says:

    Not to doubt that Leann’s actions are ‘hateful’ in nature, but to me, it looks like a power-play, a big game to Leann. She gets off on getting her way, & I’m sure it’s more fun for her when there’s an opponent not getting their way as a result.

    It seems like this is the way she views everything in her life. Which is very sad, honestly.

  136. betty says:

    @Hakura Leann plays her games with Brandi because Brandi allows it. At the Family event at school I would have been there if I was the mother. Its obvious it nothing but a power play and Brandi needs to learn how to play.Brandis mere presence would have made a difference. Brandi could have watched her sing applaud and smile and tell,Leann how happy she was that Leann was able to participate in her sons family event. Brandi can’t control what happens at Leanns house but when it comes to her kids school activities Brandi should be in the mix.

  137. KatScorp says:

    @Hakura: Aww, whenever I see Woob I wanna rub his chin! I love the “squee, squee” noises those ginneas make :-) LeAnn has always been competitive by nature, but her passive-aggressiveness (and blatant aggressiveness) towards Brandi has revealed that LeAnn Rimes is maliciously and viciously competitive.

    “She gets off on getting her way, & I’m sure it’s more fun for her when there’s an opponent not getting their way as a result.”

    Absolutely. But I find it less “sad” and more aggravating that she keeps getting away with shoving the boys’ mother aside to fullfill her egotistical crap. I really, really, really want to see that karma exists in this world.