Sister Wives husband Kody admits his gets his wives’ names mixed up

When I heard that Sister Wives was returning this Sunday I practically squealed. I know the concept of the show bugs a lot of people, but it’s fascinating to watch. The Brown family features patriarch Kody, 41, his four wives, his 13 biological children and 3 stepchildren from his newest marriage to his youngest wife, Robyn, 31. The last we heard of this family they were relocating from Lehi, Utah to Nevada, perhaps due to the fact that they’re under investigation in Utah for felony bigamy as the result of going public.

Kody and his wives make an appearance on Ellen today, and Ellen asks Kody if he ever gets his wives names mixed up. He admits that now that he’s added Robyn to the mix, he does. He was with his first three wives for 16 years before “marrying” Robyn, and she’s caused quite a bit of jealousy and hurt feelings among the other women despite her desire to fit in. It’s got to be worse if he’s calling the other women “Robyn.”

The Brown family also tells Ellen about making ends meet with 16 kids. Two out of three of the original wives worked out of the home, although first wife Meri lost her job in the mental health field after the reality show exposed her as a polygamist. Kody is in advertising sales. It’s unknown what they’re doing for work now that they’ve moved to Nevada, although they probably have more than enough to get by on now that they’re on television. I forsee a Kate Gosselin-style diva emerging among the wives (my vote is on Robyn) with the other wives struggling to keep up, getting makeovers, new clothes and nail tips.

On making ends meet
Ellen: Now, you’re in four houses with 16 kids. That is a lot. That’s costly.
Christine: It is. We cut corners. We use coupons. We don’t own a boat.
Robyn: Hand-me-downs.
Ellen: You don’t own a boat?
Kody: Our neighbors own boats.
Janelle: We do second hand stores. It’s hand-me-downs. Our cars are old.

On getting his wives names mixed up
Ellen: So you have different nights? Is that right?
Kody: Yes, it’s a schedule and we rotate through the schedule.
Ellen: So you have to drive to different houses all the time. Do you ever wake up in the night and bump in the wall because you’re going to the bathroom in the wrong house?
Kody: Wake up, “Where am I?” Laughs
Ellen: Because that must be confusing, right?
Kody: It’s actually not. Packing to come here took me four hours. Because it’s like, “Oh, my favorite socks are at Meri’s house.” And I was packing at Janelle’s.
Ellen: So, Janelle had you last? Laughs Well, you know what I mean because you’re in somebody’s house. Do you ever say the wrong name?
Kody: You know, it’s funny, I never did until Robyn came into the family and lately I’ve been slipping up a lot.
Robyn: It’s true. He can only remember three things at once.

Why Christine wanted to be Kody’s third wife
Ellen: And you’re the third wife?
Christine: Oh my gosh yes.
Ellen: What does that mean, “I want to be the third wife?”
Christine: I don’t want a guy around all the time. I didn’t want to marry a guy by himself. It sounded like too much work.

Meri’s response to criticism
Ellen: What do you say to that [criticism of their lifestyle)?
Meri: I just feel like we're all adults. Anybody, any of us, I feel like are free to do whatever we want if it's not hurting any one else. I think we should all be free to love who we want.

[From the Ellen DeGeneres show, received via e-mail]

That’s not true that all their cars are old. Kody drives a new two seater convertible Lexus. Maybe he thinks he’s got to keep up appearances for his job, but it’s ridiculous that a dad with 16 kids would drive a car that only fits two people. He could have opted for a sporty sedan. Then again if he was the selfless type he never would have taken on four wives and constantly pressured all of them to have his children. That was probably a motivation for marrying Robyn – he wants even more kids and the other wives are just about tapped out.

Sister Wives airs on TLC this Sunday March 13 at 9/8 central.

Here are photos of Kody with his wives and children in order from newest to oldest. The first one below, Robyn, has her children from her first marriage but the rest are all Kody’s.





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  1. brin says:

    Just call them all Mrs. Brown, DUH.

  2. Schnauzers!!!! says:

    Meri is the first wife who lost her job.

  3. Celebitchy says:

    Thanks Schnauzers I fixed that! It looks like I get them mixed up too! ;)

  4. Sue says:

    This guy makes my skin crawl…….

  5. Hautie says:

    I am still wondering what kind of game this man must have… it would have to be top notch.

    For the life of me, I will never understand how he talked that first wife into letting him have one jumpoff move into their home. Muchless 3.

    It is what it is… and throwing around some title of “plural marriage” does not change the fact. He has a wife and three jumpoff’s in his house. All of them producing children.

    But then again. I think alot of myself.

    And would cracked Mr. Hautie over the head with a big ass stick, if he ever came to me talking about how he needed a jumpoff in our house.

    Cause God said it was okay.

  6. Schnauzers!!!! says:

    LOL CB, I’m kind of ashamed that I knew it! :)

  7. Happymom says:

    This is just disgusting. And I think having them on Ellen just legitimizes the whole thing.

  8. Praise St. Angie! says:


    no, make that YUCK!!!

  9. Ann says:

    As long as women will be submissive to men, this kind of nonsense will keep happening.

  10. OtherChris says:

    On what planet should this man be having sex at all, much less with 3 or more women?

  11. Salina says:

    Its an alternative lifestyle that’s not hurting anyone so as long as they are not hurting anyone let them be. They seem content enough.

  12. Nanea says:

    If my husband would ever consider anything like that, he’d be out on the street faster then he could say “just kidding”.

    No, they are not hurting anyone – but themselves and the kids, mentally, emotionally. It’s an abusive relationship.

  13. Andrea says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the women he keeps marrying are getting younger and thinner? What a pig.

  14. Delta Juliet says:

    How is he getting laid at all with that birds nest on his head?

  15. I love this show. I wanted to hate him but I thought he came off better on the show than he did in clips I’d seen. But any family on a show like this is subject to the “Gosselin effect” and I think it’s coming.

  16. GeekChic says:

    Did anyone see Tuesday’s episode of Raising Hope with the brother husbands? It was too funny.

  17. Heatheradair says:

    here’s the thing: people can say, “oh, they’re consenting adults, as long as they’re not harming anyone, they can do whatever they want, who am I to judge,” but my problem with the entire glamorization of their lifestyle is the message it sends their kids.

    These kids are being taught that it’s OK not to expect your dad to be around more than a night or so a week. That it’s OK for mom not to expect dad’s complete partnership. That it’s OK to be shortchanged on clothes and recreation and fun family activities because daddy can’t keep it in his pants and feels like “legitimizing” his wandering with faux-marriage.

    And this is different than kids of divorced parents who might only see their parents on the weekend – these families are purporting to be MARRIED, but they’re robbing their kids of the example of what marriage really can be – and these kids AREN’T consenting adults who have a choice about the alternative lifestyle – they’re stuck getting short-changed.

    Shoot, one of the older daughters (Meri’s only kid) went on record with the camera as saying “No way I want to live like this. If I was married and my husband wanted another wife, I’d beat him up” (or something similar) meaning the kids aren’t as 100% supportive as Orange Dad thinks they are…..

  18. Bodhi says:

    I also use coupons & am lacking a boat (its a damn shame, too, becuase we live on the coast!) & my husband & I barely scrape by. My 27 year old husband would have to work himself to death to afford another wife. Which might work out, because I’d kill him if he ever thought of doing such a thing

  19. TeeTee says:

    unfortunately, I’ll be tuned in with cocktails and cussing LOL!!

    sooo diff houses for all was cheaper?
    I don’t think they get along like they say..

    Hope none of the wives are creeping to the BUNNY ranch on weekends, its bound to get out, LOL.

    sorry but he’s a douche

  20. aenflex says:

    What a fucking crap shoot.

  21. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I am not interested anymore about this family. Now I think whatever happens will be mostly for the show and not the true nature of their lives.

    Its a shame the kids are all over the TV

  22. Kiska says:

    I don’t know how they support all those kids.
    Kody seems like an overgrown child himself. I don’t see the appeal of him and why any woman would want to marry him, let alone 4.

  23. Cha Cha Loca says:

    I’m with Sue.

    I’d rather hang myself than have to bang this guy. Creepy McCreeperton!

  24. Mshuffleupagus says:

    Maybe when Robyn’s daughters grow up and Kody decides to make them his next wives, these women will realize their mistake. Probably not though.

    And no guy with beach hobo hair should EVER be getting laid, let alone this much.

  25. bluhare says:

    I kan’t stand that Kody guy. He konstantly gives me the kreeps, and he’s just another 40ish guy with a really weird midlife krisis.

  26. Judy says:

    Kody makes my skin crawl. He thinks he is so cool with his stupid, thin, long hair. He looked like an imbecilic dolt attempting to be cool and dance on Ellen. The guy always looks dirty and slimy. I’d rather have worms crawling all over me than to have him touch me. Just ICK and EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. And, TLC, since you are buying all these houses for the concubines (I mean wives), you can afford to spend a few more bucks on whitening his gross yellow teeth.

  27. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    I remember one episode where the first wife asked Cody how he would feel if she took another husband. I just remember him regurgitating some religious rhetoric and expressing his disgust over being asked such a “ridiculous” question. The fact that these women would play 2nd, 3rd and 4th fiddle just tells you how low their self-esteem is. If their lifestyle were truly egalitarian, they could all have multiple husbands as well. However, with his spray tan, sports car and penchant for finding the younger, prettier “trophy wife” (as THEY refer to the 4th), there’s no doubt in my mind this smarmy asshole thinks only of himself!

  28. MiMi says:

    How does he support all those kids? Um, how about welfare? I have zero respect for their “lifestyle” since it relies on me, as a taxpayer, to support their asses.

  29. eternalcanadian says:

    Oh Ellen, shame on you for supporting and bringing attention to this tacky and awful lifestyle. I think both the guy and his four wives are gross, and so not good role models for all those children.

  30. Murrie says:

    Perhaps this comment has already been made, but being with a guy that has 4 wives would make me shudder. I honestly don’t want someone’s sloppy 4ths or 5ths.

  31. Hakura says:

    Wow… So instead of making the more obvious ‘mistake’ of calling Robyn by the name of one of the wives he’s been with forever… He’s calling said previous wives by the name of his ‘younger, newer model’… What a fucking idiot.

    @Mshuffleupagus“Maybe when Robyn’s daughters grow up and Kody decides to make them his next wives, these women will realize their mistake. Probably not though.

    Uuuuugh grossssss. Worse because I could actually see it happening… *shudder*

    @Heatheradair (18)- You make some very good points. My only thing… is that I don’t think it’s *right* for the state to pursue a prosecution for ‘polygamy’ when Kody is only legally married to 1 of the women (& only ‘married’ to the other 3 through religious ceremony.) If he’s not ‘legally’ married the other women, then as far as the law should be concerned, they’re ‘live-in mistresses’. But polygamy shouldn’t be illegal to begin with.

    Polygamy, like gay marriage, is an example of the law applying ‘traditional religious moral standards’ to people’s lifestyle choices. But they have no place casting judgment when all parties are consenting adults. That said, I would never put myself in that situation, or expose children to it. I’m torn as to how this effects children, as it can’t be easy for these kids to see their mothers in pain, hurt because their husband could care less about their feelings… & is only interested in finding another young, easily manipulated partner with low self esteem to keep his next bed warm.

    @MorticiansDoItDeader“I remember one episode where the first wife asked Cody how he would feel if she took another husband. I just remember him regurgitating some religious rhetoric and expressing his disgust over being asked such a “ridiculous” question.”

    Male dominated religious double standards are just grand, aren’t they? He’s the sort of fucktard who thinks women are created to bare his army of children & keep his 4 houses, without emotional & physical needs of their own to be respected. He’s so incredibly selfish.

  32. aka pakka says:

    so what he’s not forcing me to be his wife so i don’t care. he’s acknowledging all his kids and women and they are fine with the it. if this is what the believe religiously let them be. Muslims can have three wives. they practice polyandry in parts of India and Africa in other places it is acceptable. I am i confess fascinated by it. the only thing that is different between this family and a man having children by 4 women and running out on them is he’s trying to make a life with all of them together. trust me.. my sperm donor of a father has multiple children he could give kody a rn for his money .. but i have never laid eyes on the man.. because he took of on my mom when i was an infant and moved provinces and shacked up with another woman while still married to my mother had more kids and moved on .. leaving broken hearted children all over canada.. if i had a choice with a poly fam and this i would choose the poly.. i would have a father and more love than i cold handle instead of an absent father and a bitter mother.

  33. Hakura says:

    @aka pakka – I do see your point, & I agree that if that’s the decisions they make as consenting adults, they shouldn’t be prevented from living that lifestyle. (Like I said in an earlier comment, he’s only *legally* married to one right now, so the law has *no* place trying to prosecute him for his living situation, as he’s done nothing illegal… Though I don’t think it, or gay marriage, should be illegal *at all* to begin with.)

    I think being a father & supporting his children is the ONE thing I can give him credit for. Children need a father in their lives, so it comes down to deciding what’s more damaging… exposure to this polygamist lifestyle, or growing up without their father. I’m inclined to agree with you that it’s the latter.

  34. Lisa says:

    Leave this family alone!!! They are wonderful parents and they seem to love each other very much. It makes me sad to know society is that narrow minded. Let the Browns live their life the way they choose, it’s not hurting anyone. Go after the parents that abuse their children, or the parents that live off of welfare and choose to milk the system. I have a lot of respect for the Brown family!!! May all of you live your lives in harmony. God bless.

  35. Lea says:

    I have never wrote on a Blog before.Watching Sister Wives I always watch the pain in all of the”wife’s” eyes. I don’t understand how low they feel about themselfs that they feel that the only way they can be loved is to share this guy!!

  36. Don says:

    The vast majority of polygamists are receiving government support. In a recent book by a well known author the statement was made that polygamists believe the welfare system was created for them so they could bring more souls into an already overpopulated world. I wonder where this family would be without the tv show?

  37. donna says:

    hi there, i am all for this family. i say the same if they aren’t bothering anyone, why bother them? they are living the way they want…all thier kids are happy and healthy….so leave them alone!!

  38. Mandi says:

    I’m reading a lot of these negative ignorant comments but I’m hoping the family is NOT! Who are WE to judge their lifestyle? They are consenting adults in a consenting relationship and its none of our business. I wonder how many people commenting on this would like someone to start judging them on things that go on in the privacy of their home? None of us have the perfect life or do everything perfectly right and therefore have no room to judge. “This is an abusive relationship” one person states! what??? It is not. Noone is being hurt. In fact your words are more hurtful than their actions are. This is an amazing family with lots of love who are only appearing on tv to try to educate people….unfortunately some people can not ever be open minded or educated about anything beyond the bubble they live in. I’m sure people thought the first women to ask for voting rights or the first black people to insist on being able to sit in the front of the bus with the whites were “disgusting” as well but thankfully our world continues to grow and evolve and accept.

  39. Sharon Simmons says:

    Your marriages have only one legal marriage. You have ever right to live with as many people as you want, without police interference. In other words you are married to Meri and live with the rest., so they should leave you alone;

  40. Debra says:

    I can’t believe anyone who would consider these people to be “amazing”, etc. ALL of them have filed for bankruptcy and wife #3 was also collecting food stamps even though Kody was getting money from TLC. In addition to this he bribed his eldest daughter with the same wife ($100 which he refused to pay) to get her to become pregnant again (she had a frightening experience with a previous miscarriage) with the baby she just had and obviously couldn’t afford. He couldn’t pay the bills he had or afford this lifestyle, yet on the show he is seen riding an expensive motorcyle and driving a luxury sports car. The only thing I see “amazing” about all of this is the gall of these people to expect taxpayers to finance all of this crap.DO IT ON YOUR OWN DIME, you bunch of phonies!!!

  41. My opinion says:

    Only thing I can say is if you did not want to answer to the mighty critic that is the american public dont put yourself out there as the poster family for poligamy! Its still against the law and for a good reason unlike outlawing a plant like hemp that is acctually useful! I am so amazed at how people can claim religious intollerance and be able to get away with anything they want! Indians can legally buy and use peote these poligamist can have multiple wives what about the rest of us what can we get away with under the almighty institution of religious tolerance! Total mind numbimg joke if you ask me!

  42. As a strip club Player and VIP at a number of strip clubs I date strippers getting to enjoy them in VIP or for outside the club action. There really is not much difference between guys like me who date hookers and strippers than some mormon religionist like Kody who uses their religionist propoganda to rotate different women. While I think the guy is full of himself, he is stuck with ownership where I am more of a lessor. If you study the history of the Oneida Community and the roots of Mormomonism, you will find both their founders invented a religious cult to achieve their dream of multiple, young female sex partners. In addition, both had a contrived religionist foundation for the purpose of stealing other mens wives or seducing their daughters to be in a harem. Joseph Smith was killed by an angry mob of such men while mudering law enforcement during a failed jail escape. This is a historial, verifiable fact and for that reason I see Kody as essentially someone perpetuating a farce. As a Strip Clubber, I have had 28 diffeent women the last few years (mostly strippers) and not had to marry any of them.

    I will agree to seeing Kody’s religionist farce lifestyle legal when Prostitution is legalized.

    Jim Galveston

  43. Nita says:

    I am not Mormon but the lifestyle the sister wives are choosing is their own decision. They are not underage. The children are not being neglected. There is a lot of love in that family, much more than in most homes of two parent families. This is a religious freedom so how can we make it illegal if underage children are not being forced into marriage. These people seem to be working out their lifestyle
    in as far as I can see, a very loving way. Who are you guys and gals that are having a problem with it doing in your own marriages? Don’t we have enough problems with terrorists than to worry about breaking up a loving home. Before this show, I would have been judgemental as well but in watching the pulling together of the wives and husband and kids, what is to complain about! There is a muslim family in our community with multiple wives and no one is trying to break them up. A double standard. I think so. I am a Baptist and I am sure our church is not a believer in polygamist marriages but that is no reason to persecute others for their different beliefs. Law is profitable when it makes sense. This makes no sense.

  44. Kelsey says:

    @Nita– I agree.

    There is no reason for this family to be prosecuted. They have obviously created a loving home for the little ones– and I would also add that there is no pressure for the children to one day adopt the lifestyle of their parents. The free thinking angle is one of the best arguments in the Browns’ favor.

    There are plenty of parents who are not capable of caring for their children– I say, leave the Browns alone.

  45. Ed Benjamin says:

    Check into SS disability, sometimes these people use that system, or maybe Robin’s ex pays for the tribe. Welfare, food stamps ect. If these women went to welfare and said Kody doesn’t live with them, they get help. They will survive even if it’s on the tax payers coat tails. If you watch the show, they blow alot of money. I worked and my husband worked our whole life, we couldn’t afford to blow money, with only three kids. I feel sorry for the kids. Ladies enjoy your every forth day sex, wow I bet it’s good after he dipped into the other ladies, gross. That’s like licking off the same spoon.

  46. luvnit says:

    this is just is it legal to be gay and illegal to have more than one wife?our government is so messed up they dont know what to do or who to go after next.why is polygamy illegal anyway?as far all you who say its just gross, being gay is way more gross.being married to more than one woman is ok in the bible but being gay is not!!!! God is the person we need to worry whether we are doing the right thing or not. not our as long as they are teaching their children about God and to make their own decisions in life we should leave them alone. To the Brown’s keep the Faith and live life like God wants you to.

  47. Sharon Chicago says:

    I don’t understand… Robyn states in tears for her upcoming show “This is not the America I learned about in school”…

    They all live a lie all the wives who live with Kody … He needs to go to jail for breaking the law. He is very rebellious and then he mixes religion in the mix. Jesus does not want him to have multiple wives and either does the government. How stupid can they be as they sit in denial. They are counterfiets!

  48. Sharon Chicago says:

    I and others no longer watch this show. I don’t want to feed the frenzie and fill their pockets with money. I say book’m Dano. They are not above the law!

  49. crazy says:

    I guess it works with the sister wives even though they have their ups and downs. The only thing I despise is what Kody said in episode 5, saying ‘the vulgarity etc’ of one of his wives with another husband. He admitted it sounded hypocritical and that he chooses to NOT address that emotion. In my opinion, it seems like he’s not being real with himself and he consistently chooses to ignore that idea, since it makes him feel ‘guilty’! How could you do something such as having multiple wives, when you don’t approve of the reversal role? Fine, it’s the same argument, that there’s love and respect for each wife, but you STILL don’t approve if it was the reverse? When there’s love and respect for all husbands? It would be funny to see his views on polyandry, I bet he would have the same feeling as those who don’t approve of polygamy. I’m definitely not a fan of this guy, he’s very hypocritical and he’s careful of how he words his answers. Ever notice that the sister wives speak for him a lot, when questions are addressed to him? I like how the other wives keep their own, just not a fan of this guy. He knows the right things to say to his wives when they get frustrated (as was quoted by one of them) which questions how fake he is. Sure he seems sensitive but again, something about him seems pretty fake.

  50. cole says:

    I am so sick of hearing everyone chastise this family. Noone is forcing you to watch the show, so if you don’t like it for whatever reason don’t watch.
    I for one really enjoy watching the show. The whole point of this was to educate people about their beliefs, now everyone is “after” them. However, I don’t really understand how, technically he is one married to ONE woman, and that is Meri, the other three are only religious ceremonies. This is their religion, what they believe, and these woman where not “coaxed” into this, in fact a few of them grew up in this lifestyle. Just because YOU may not agree with, or even understand their lifesyle you can’t condeem them for what they believe. What about seperation of church and state??
    People are so affraid of what they don’t understand!! However, if you actually watch the show you may just learn something. I will admit, I was skeptical at first, but after watching it I grew to accept it. No, it is not the lifestyle that I live, but I support them for standing for what they believe.
    As far as the children go. They have said several times on the show, if they grow up and want to be in a “single” marriage vs. A “plural” one they will support that.
    I think that their house is a very nice set up. He has his entire family under one roof, and they seem to work good together. Now, that they are moving however everything has changed.
    I think it is terrible what is happening to them, that they are being harrassed to the point they felt their only option was to move. You think their lifestyle is messing up those kids, but how do you think they feel now knowing the state was comming after their family for what they believe, and that the only way to stay together was to loose everything else, leave it behind and go??
    I hope that they do find they are in a place where people are more open minded and accepting to what they believe. I wish them the best of luck!!

  51. Carlo says:

    This is the most arrogant thing I have ever been exposed too. The women must have very low self esteem to share themselves between one man and get paid to be whores.

  52. cheryl says:

    I tell ya I think its no ones business, my goodness this is 2011, would it be better if Kody said Meri, live as husband and wife and the other ladies just be the mistress’s,I hope family lives turns around for them in vegas, I must admit when I started watching the show I thought this is just crazy, but you know after I watched it a few times I became hooked and I started to get it, I fell compassion for the family, and enjoy watching them and there family bond, more then most families have. Good Luck

  53. Allison says:

    They are treating their kids better than many of yall. They provide structure and love. Kody has said in one episode that his car is over 10 years old. They are not on SS. I think people need to realize that people should be allowed to love people whoom they love, and that the government should get out of peoples’ bedrooms. There are plenty of men who have 5 girlfriends, impregnate them and then leave them. This guy is taking responsibility. For those who say that this is against the bible, read the Old Testament. The bible says you can have 999 wives. Have none of yall read about a man named Solomon. The Bible never said you CANT have multiple wives.

  54. Suzanne says:

    “Have none of yall read about a man named Solomon.”

    Yeah, and did you know that Solomon’s many wives and concubines were his undoing? Look it up.

  55. lily says:

    Actually, God never intended for us to have more than one spouse and that is in the bible in 1Corinthians 7. People lived in a poligamist family in the Old testament only because the people had not yet been filled with the Holy Spirit and God’s law had not yet been established. Also, God never intended for people to become religious or build their own faith as the Mormon culture has done. We were not meant to be religious but we were created to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. What we need to remember from the bible that there is a Heaven and a Hell and when we die we will be going to one of those places. Do you know where you will be sent. Heaven was created for God’s children to reign thru JESUS CHRIST and if you aren’t born again you won’t see Heaven. Get right for God before it is too late please.

  56. Sue says:

    The first three wives all have weight problems and the first wife has just put on a ton of weight recently. Then Robin makes the stupid comment of how she has lost 15 pounds because she is so upset over the move to Nevada. Did you see the look on the other wives when she said that. Now that she is pregnant, let’s see if she keeps that skinny little body.

  57. cherbear says:

    Ok, I realize that it may not be right that he has 4 wives. But he also has teenage children who might be reading these comments. How would you like people saying horrible things about your dads or husbands or moms??? I mean really, think about it. I also realize that a man should only have one wife, but none of us are without sin. So there was a reason why Jesus told the Pharisees that the one with no faults should cast the first stone. Im just sayin…..

  58. Louis says:

    All this negative comments , shows you what Americans think about free choice .It is only free if you are like the rest of us.No wonder the rest of the world looks at you and shudders.People can have lots of girlfriends, sleep around but boy if they want to legally take more that one wife and take care of them you say it is wrong , do not understand that.Some will call that Hippocratic!

  59. Helen says:

    So they are Mormon’s Right?

    I think they are all MORON’S……LOL

    • Ash says:

      Um actually they aren’t mormons! Do your homework. Mormons (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) don’t practice poligamy. They are a sect that broke off from the Mormon church when they recieved revelation to stop practicing poligamy.

  60. Helen says:

    OH and who is supporting all these kids they have? of course its welfare…..Taxes payer’s money!!! Gee sure wish we all could get free food, and a house and raise our kids without working!

  61. stephie says:

    I LOVE Janelle, she is smart, beautiful and outspoken, and deserves better in my humble opinion. She really is looking out for her her children, and lets them be who they want to be. She has the best style sense for sure, although Christine is drop dead gorgeous too! I dont see the Robyn thing…..she looks/acts witchy. And she seems kinda stupid…..

  62. whitecat says:

    Can the question about who is supporting these kids possibly be serious??? They are living off the royalties from the show and all the interviews they are doing! That’s WHY they are doing the show. Do you really think they could afford to rent four different homes with none of them working? The ‘sister wives’ stating that their resources are ‘finite, for sure’ is a bunch of BS!! Just look at other reality shows. This IS how they make their living.

    The first three wives are all grossly overweight and they think so poorly of themselves that this is the life that they feel safe in. Better to have someone than to not have anyone at all!

    Robin may by ‘skinny’ but she’s no more normal or cute than the others.

    Regardless, they all cater to this mans HUGE ego and are admittedly only ‘ok’ with the lifestyle as long as they don’t allow themselves to think about or acknowledge the true nature of the relationship he has with the other women.

    All this show, and the attention that they and the show are getting, is laying the groundwork for legalizing this form of marriage. They AREN’T married. they are all breaking the law. They are all living in an open, commune like environment. It’s very interesting to me to see the attitude shift among the first 3 women now that they have their own large and separate homes.

    Every person alive deserves to have the love, honor and fidelity of the person they’ve chosen to commit their lives to. No woman or man should expect or allow anything less for themselves.

  63. whitecat says:

    OH, and HELEN, They are NOT Mormon. They belong to their own ‘made up’ version of religion. I’ve lived in Utah, have and have had many Mormon friends, and have yet to EVER meet one plural wife. No Mormon alive, that I know of, thinks that this way of life is normal. Do your research and get your facts straight!

  64. SaritaLaCubanita says:

    One of these days while he’s asleep with one of those multiple sex partners, she’ll slice off his penis and flush it down the toilet, and that will be the end of his multiple partner sex party.

    • Jayna says:

      I bet he only has sex twice a week. I doubt he and his first two wives are having much sex at all. The third wife and he are in a bad place in their marriage. I bet they are rarely having sex these days. Robyn is the only one that he is probably having weekly regular sex with him.

  65. BikerBen says:

    Have the rest of you picked up on Kody’s tag line??? “Love should be mulitplied not divided.” What does Kody do??? He constantly divides his time with four different houses. The women all openly admit that they have to spend energy not being jealous of the other wives or think of him with the other ones when he is not with them. Robyn wants to have the honeymoon experience for years and years. They moved from Utah to Nevada to escape the law. How is that teaching their children about right and wrong? Even the Bible tells us that we need to respect civil law. Kody talks about Moses and David having multiple wives… There are alot of references with those stories about how multiple wives led to multiple problems. In the marriage vows it is said, “forsaking all others.”

  66. VicSecret says:

    It’s funny I absolutely agree with everyone’s comments; I’m all over the board with side show! I am against what they are doing, yet I feel sorry for them. I actually would love to sit down with a couple of the woman and interview them! Remember most of these women were young impressionable girls with bigamist role models when he married them.

    I worry so much about the TEEN children in these families, and them escaping this crazy exposure and in Vegas of all places. Yikes! I’ve actually had the entertainment business ruin my own household (teen actor). The money and exposure was glorified at first, and then ripped right out from under him when something better came along! Not to mention with money comes drugs and opportunists!

    HOWEVER, I’ve yet to see one reference into the responsibility of Meri and her not wanting this self absorbed hyper wandering eye from cheating on her. He may have persuaded her, but it’s like the woman who allows a deranged man to steal a child or another woman for a sex slave, she goes along and even helps so that bottom line………. she won’t…….lose him! The rest I see as more “victims” and it’s only amount of time before they step back and see it for what it is and want out! This train wreck, as with so many “reality shows” is about to derail any minute! My heart goes out to the children!

    • Jayna says:

      Those women are strong women. Two had careers outside the home. I wouldn’t worry about them. Though i think the third wife might leave him. She argues with him a lot and feels their relationship has changed.I would worry more about three of them that are so overweight and their health. I wonder about a lot of unhealthy marriages I see and why women or men stay in them. I don’t get the sharing a husband but they seem to desire it and married him as adults.

      They appeared on a panel at Brown University and all of the students afterwards gave them respect, realizing they weren’t the stereotype they thought they were. Three of the teens were on the panel. All plan to go away to college and the parents want all their kids to go to college. Two said they don’t want a pleural marriage. One said she thought she did. Most of the kids when quizzed don’t want a pleural marriage.

  67. Joyousjasmin says:

    The Lexus is a four seater it’s a 2004 with 200000 miles. Get your facts straight.

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  70. littleblue says:

    I want three Husbands.

  71. Monica Nikolai says:

    I do not believe in this lifestyle,however,I do like the family.I feel bad for these wives.They are all jealous of one another which is a human emotion.They will never be okay with it and should really ask themselves if its worth it in the longterm.What worries me is that when asked if he wanted more wives, he said ask me in 10 years.Little scary!

  72. Mandy says:

    In what alternate universe is Robyn considered a ‘trophy wife’? These women need to RUN! Don’t even pack any of your long-sleeved second-hand shirts, just RUN! (BTW – Kody’s graphic-print long sleeve shirts 20-something-appropriate shirts appear to NOT be second-hand). Just sayin.

  73. Jayna says:

    I don’t think his Lexus is new. I think he’s had it for quite a while he once said. My neighbor has one like that and i thought it was two years old but she keeps it in tip-top shape and it’s ten years old.

  74. countryrube says:

    I hope that all of his wives become lesbians. It would so serve him right for them to “love” each other.

  75. MBAuer says:

    Lovely children…they really do a great job with them. Is it me or do the adults seem pretty self-absorbed? I don’t know anything about their faith, but from watching the show, I take away that it is basically a worship of family and a what about me, me, me religion.

    Cody creeps me out. The wives evoke my pity. The kids seem really great.

  76. Linda S says:

    I have enjoyed watching this show immensly. What I see is love between the sister, love between husband and wife, compromise, unselfishness, common goals and a whole lot of pulling in the same direction to make it all work. Of course, there is their belief in God which motivates their every mood and keeps them moving forward. I admire this group of people and what appears to be independent, obedient children. Lotsa love helps.