New dad Owen Wilson is hanging out at bars and chatting up women

This week’s US Weekly has a little blurb about Owen Wilson’s recent carousing that makes you wonder if everything is ok at home with his girlfriend and new baby. Owen welcomed son Robert Ford Wilson on January 10, along with his girlfriend, former air marshall Jade Duell, 28. There were stories in the tabloids about Owen’s baby potentially not being his, but most people assume that Wilson confirmed paternity once the baby was born.

In an appearance on the Tonight Show less than a month ago, Owen said he wasn’t getting much sleep due to his newborn son at home and that he was so tired he scoped out potential spots to take a nap wherever he went. He talked at length about his baby boy and seemed so proud to be a new dad. If this latest report is to be believed, things have changed quite a bit at the Wilson household. US Weekly reports that he was spotted out two nights in a row chatting with hot women at a bar until after midnight.

Just seven weeks after welcoming son Ford with gal pal Jade Duell, 28, Owen Wilson spent the night of March 4 carousing with women at the One Hundred Nights longue in Vancouver’s Opus Hotel. The actor, who was drinking, chatted up attractive blondes – and the good times didn’t end there.

At midnight, Wilson, 42, and a bunch of ladies piled into a limo. The next night, he did it all over again. “Only this time,” a source tells Hot Stuff [US Weekly], “they left at 1 A.M. instead of 12!”

[From US Weekly, print edition, March 28, 2011]

This sounds like Owen was alone, and that he was there just to talk to and pick up women. It’s not like it was a friend’s birthday or bachelor party or something that would explain why he was there, and he did it two nights in a row. Owen may love being a dad but he definitely seems to miss being single without responsibilities.

I should give him somewhat of a break, though, as he probably needed to be in Vancouver for business and was necessarily away from his wife and kid. Did he need to go out to a bar at night and flirt with a bunch of women too?

Photos are from the Australian premiere of Hall Pass on 2/27/11. Credit:


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  1. brin says:

    Oh Owen, are you being a Daddy Douche already?

  2. Sumodo1 says:

    The Butterscotch Stallion is acting like an over-age douchebag. Can’t tame The Stallion, right?

  3. The Truth Fairy says:

    Maybe he found out for sure the baby isn’t his. Her husband went to the press saying either guy could be the father because she was still living in the marital home when she got pregnant. So maybe Owen took a DNA test and it set him free ……..

  4. Rita says:

    I just shake my head when these people have to take DNA tests to determine whose swimmers crossed the finish line first. (Photo-finish as it were)

  5. Hautie says:

    I thought it was pretty much known that this was a jumpoff, that got pregnant.

    So I seriously doubt that they are together as a couple. And I would be shocked if they were in the same house.

  6. Nanz says:

    Or maybe not all men settle down just because they become dads overnight. Also, if this report is true, let’s not forget that drinking, for Owen Wilson, leads to drugs, depression, and eventually attempted suicide. This could spell disaster for him if he’s using again. Too bad. I really like him and find his goofiness endearing.

  7. the original bellaluna says:

    I was under the impression she was his “gal-pal” for a night or two. Or thirty, whatever. So it’s hardly like they’re married. The pregnancy news didn’t even come out until the baby did.

    Why can’t he go out and enjoy himself and still enjoy being a new dad? It doesn’t seem to me he’s in a relationship, so what’s the diff? (DO NOT BASH ME! SAME RULES APPLY TO NEW MOM’S – WHO AREN’T NURSING – IN THE SAME SITUATION.)

  8. Happymom says:

    I had assumed this was some girl he got pregnant-no one he was actually in a relationship with. I just wonder more about his mental health with all the partying.

  9. silken_floss says:

    At midnight, Wilson, 42, and a bunch of ladies piled into a limo. The next night, he did it all over again. “Only this time,” a source tells Hot Stuff [US Weekly], “they left at 1 A.M. instead of 12!”

    ZOMG!! NOT 1 AM!! THE HORROR!! lol

  10. Bodhi says:

    Wife & kid? When did he & Jade get married?

  11. Lisa Turtle says:

    CB, factual error & typo. You called Jade, Owen’s “wife” in the last lines of this piece.

    I’m with all the posters that have heard the gossip… This Jade character was living with another man, she and Owen met on a flight, he flew her to Hawaii a few times, it was a casual relationship and she became pregnant.

    Hardly, his “wife”

    I don’t think these two have a serious relationship, I don’t think they ever did.

  12. Wiggles says:

    I can’t get past the nose – sorry, but he should pull a RyanG and chop that honker back.

  13. REALIST says:

    If the paternity wasn’t established until the baby was born, this doesn’t exactly sound like a committed relationship from either side.
    That doesn’t mean he can’t be a good dad…

  14. mln76 says:

    ITA with Happymom the issue for me isn’t that he was stepping out on the GF because I doubt they are that committed but his own history of substance abuse and his suicide attempt. He’s got to stay healthy for his son.

  15. Anti-icon says:

    I’ve always adored OW–he is so darn cute and charming. And then the drama…which he didn’t seek media attention for — and then this weird women is having his baby. Why does Owen keep getting himself into strange situations. Who is this woman who bore his child anyway? (yes, I’m jealous….I’m sure I could give OW the stability and attention he deserves. LOL )

  16. Betsy says:

    He went skiing in Whistler after he was in Vancouver this last time so it is probably more a pleasure trip. He was in Vancouver for a week in mid-February, too, so he seems to like it in British Columbia.

    His relationship with the baby momma cannot be exclusive. He is away too much. He has been in Vancouver twice and in Dallas for a while for the Super Bowl and then in Australia…

    He seems like a nice guy and hopefully he will be able to keep it together. He certainly has a good reason to now.

  17. Jeri says:

    “away from his wife and kid”

    I hadn’t heard that Owen married or even that he was in a committed relationship with his baby mama.

    Are they doing more than “co-parenting?” When did they wed?

    Sometimes things are not how they appear, one way or another.

  18. anonymous says:

    I’m glad the press is starting to report on his bad behavior. He’s never ever been faithful to anyone he has ever been in a relationship with–and he has admitted as much in interviews. Women want to give him a pass because he is just so gosh darn cute and it’s everyone else’s fault but his. Wrong. The guy is a lying douchebag, a cheater, and really needs some serious help. Poor Jade!

  19. Betsy says:

    @anonymous – Poor Jade? Why poor Jade? She was dating a guy for two months and because neither of them were responsibly using birth control she got pregnant. Owen refers to her in interviews as ‘the mom’ and has never commented about the status of their relationship.

    They were not together that much when she was pregnant, either, so I am would be surprised if she expected a ring and a white dress in the end. They both need to be responsible adults and co-parent effectively but it does not appear that they have EVER been in a committed relationship and I bet Jade has no allusions about any kind of monogamous relationship with long time bachelor and party boy Owen Wilson.

    She may not have wanted it anyway.

  20. Diane says:

    Can’t stand him or his nose. And his ‘acting’ ain’t no great shakes, either.

  21. raincoaster says:

    Well, if he’s in Vancouver, he can hardly go home at night, can he? And I doubt he brought the baby north with him for shooting.

    There aren’t that many attractive blondes at 100 Nights. Yaletown is crawling with brunettes lately. That’s also the same place Harrison Ford was flirting up a storm a couple of years ago, though it had a different name then.

  22. Monique says:

    Betsy’s completely right about this one. Jade and her family were very public about being interested in Owen’s money and getting a financial settlement out of this the whole time, as far back as Jade’s posting about him on facebook last April and May. The photos of Jade pregnant in January were arranged by members of her own family who spoke to the press to try and force Owen to marry her, even though we now know that at the time, Jade didn’t know if he or her live-in boyfriend Jason was the father. That’s some tacky behavior on Jade’s part, and whatever you think of Owen, I doubt he was lying to her the way she lied to him.

  23. Betsy says:

    Monique – Now what is the next move going to be? It is so much fun to watch the PR machinations in Hollywood.

    Remember when all the is-he-or-isn’t-he-the-dad news hit so Owen had to counter with a story in People about having a happy Valentine’s Day with Jade (and Woody) at a restaurant. Jade was photographed with the baby at the same time in an effort to dispel any bad impressions left by the paternity controversy.

    Well, I am betting that Owen and his PR person just bought a ticket for Jade and Ford to fly to CA or HI and they will be photographed together with Owen looking every inch the doting dad.

    Hall Pass is still in theaters, after all. :)

    Wait for it…

  24. Traxie says:

    Wonder what the baby’s nose looks like.

  25. fwozbo says:

    Doesn’t anybody understand that if a child grows up knowing his father didn’t give a poop about him that this could have terrible consequences. You made a baby, stand up to the responsibilities.