Mohamed al-Fayed warns Kate Middleton about Prince Philip, Camilla & Nazis


This week’s tabloids are chock full of Kate Middleton gossip, some of it completely ridiculous, and some of it just plain creepy. Since I don’t want to transcribe every single little detail, I’m just going to do the most interesting highlights from various stories, split up into two posts.

First, The National Enquirer got an “exclusive” interview with Mohamed al-Fayed, the father of Dodi al-Fayed, who was dating Princess Diana at the time of her death, and who died with Diana in the Paris tunnel. At this point, al-Fayed is pretty much famous for her grief and his ability to give crazy interviews claiming everything under the sun about Diana and Dodi, and how the royal family is full of murderers. As you can imagine, he’s a thorn in the royal family’s side, and now he’s trying to become a thorn in Kate Middleton’s side too. Here’s part of his long, crazy interview with The Enquirer:

“Kate, just like Diana, has no idea the price you have to pay when exchange vows with a Windsor,” Mohamed, 78, told the Enquirer. “Prince William lived with me when he was a young boy, and I have seen him grow up to become a wonderful man. England should be proud he will become the king. He has his mother’s charm, and I can completely understand why Kate has fallen in love with him. But the price to pay will be too great. There is an albatross hanging round William’s neck. It is having the last name Windsor. The Windsors will do their utmost to destroy his bride. I have no doubt William will always love her. He is much more of a man than his father Prince Charles could ever be. But the stress of dealing with her poisonous in-laws could prove too much for Kate.”

“Diana would be proud to see what a charming man William has become. But if she had been alive today, Diana would also be the first to caution Kate about marrying into this family. I have always had the utmost respect for Her Majesty the Queen, but I have no respect for her husband Prince Philip. Philip grew up with Nazis. He is the evil force behind the family. The public has already fallen in love with Kate. Philip must already be fearing her. His usual tactic is to get his henchmen, those crusty old courtiers who know every little secret, to begin a smear campaign.”

“[Also]… when Camilla Parker-Bowles realizes that the people love Kate more than her, she could also join the hate campaign.”

“I am sure if Dodi and Diana were alive today, they would be happily married… but I also think that Diana would be the first to warn Kate about what she is getting involved with.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition]

Okay… um. I think Mohamed is a crazy old dude, and it really bothers me how he’s “adopted” Diana in his mind, and he actually thinks he’s speaking on her behalf. I don’t think Diana and Dodi would be married today. I think Diana would have dumped Dodi at the end of that summer, the summer of 1997. Also: yes, Prince Philip’s family does have a history with Nazis – I believe three (?) of his sisters ended up married to Nazis, and most of his family supported the Axis powers during World War II. But Philip was a British naval officer during the war, and interestingly enough, his mother saved hundreds (maybe thousands) of Jews during the war – she became a nun and hid Greek and European Jews, and helped transport them to safety.

But I digress. Mohamed al-Fayed is bonkers. Poor Waity.



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  1. irishserra says:

    Huh, I must be bat$!*t insane too, because I think the old man has valid points. The Windsors are some foul people and Kate is in for a world of hurt.

  2. Rita says:


    Your “digression” was wonderfully interesting and absolutely neccesary to the perspective of the thread. Well done.

    He seems a man looking for someone to be accountable for his grief. Hope time heals his wounds.

  3. Cheyenne says:

    I don’t think Philip is a Nazi but I think he’s an insufferable snob, and as such, I can’t stand the guy.

    As for Horseface getting jealous of Kate, that could be in interesting development.

  4. Snazzy says:

    Kaiser, I’m getting itchy and twitchy over here…I need my fix of HOT DONG FRIDAY! :)

  5. brin says:

    It’s sad that a happy event is bringing up all the sadness (and craziness) of Diana’s death.

  6. Whatever says:

    Yeah, he’s nuts, but I think he does have a point about her not knowing what she is getting into with that family. I do think Diana would caution her to watch out for certain members of the family. She should. There is a dark underbelly there. Several of the royals give me the creeps.

  7. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Poor Man… he cannot move on.

  8. Eve says:

    Ok, this is completely unrelated but look, it’s Pat!

  9. guesty says:

    Wasn’t the crusty old queen the initial master mind of that conspiracy back then?

    I remember Brian Williams announcing Diana’s passing @ like 3 a.m. on MSNBC.

  10. Hautie says:

    I think William is more than aware who will try to trip Kate up.

    It is why they are not going to be living in any of the Royal households.

    Living off on their own with no “official” help in their home, is the best thing for them.

    I am sure they will have a great apartment at a couple different Royal residence.

    But William seems determined to keep the back biting royal employees from getting to close to her.

    Mohamed al-Fayed might come off a little batty. But he was close to Diana even during her marriage. He was a close personal friend of the Queen for decades. (before the deaths)

    So I tend to believe his personal opinion of Phillip. That Phillip is a nasty piece of work that has the ability to terrorize anyone he finds annoying.

  11. samihami says:

    I feel sorry for the old guy. He lost his son tragically and clearly has not reconciled himself to it and moved on.

    That being said, he may not be entirely wrong on some points.

    However, I think that William has been careful to ensure Kate is ready for this life. Unlike Diana who was still a teenager and very naive at the time of her marriage, Kate isn’t going to be blindsided. William has had years to prepare Kate for this life and I think she will be able to handle it. I also think that William actually loves Kate, while Charles never loved Diana. That will make a huge difference.

  12. TG says:

    Waity knows exactly what she is getting into. She has had 8 years or more of watching and waiting. There will be no surprises for her.

    I think this guy has valid points too, though I know nothing about the royal family. I have never even seen Prince Phillip. Isn’t he just the Queen’s bitch?

  13. Dana M says:

    Man is old and still hurting from his son’s tragic death, I don’t blame him. I get it. I feel sorry for him. I hope he finds peace and closure one day.

  14. Eve says:

    @ Brin:

    Uncanny, isn’t it? I remember Julia Sweeney saying that Pat was probably a woman but now — after seeing this — I think the mystery will live on! :)

  15. Minx2 says:

    he’s nuts but he has some valid point – Kate will surely have to fight for her own position, particularly since she doesn’t come from a noble background, which was often pointed out and ridiculed by certain snobbish members of the upper class. But William loves her -while his father never loved Diana- who can forget that answer to the question “are you in love?” at the time of their engagement.. Diana replied “of course!” and Charles stated only: “whatever love means..”. So Wills will defend Kate whenever the courtiers go after her. Phillip won’t live forever. I wish Diana lived to see the moment.. she would have had Kate’s back for sure.

  16. RobN says:

    Camilla has always struck me as somebody who would rather hang out at her country estate than spend her time trying to be a media darling; I think she’s perfectly happy to have the cameras following somebody else for a change.

  17. whitedaisy says:

    I’ve got to agree with him on the utter superior quality of character in William vs. Charles.
    It would be beyond fantastic if the crown skipped a generation this time.

  18. heb says:

    Someone’s gotta marry William–might as well be Kate!

    Phillip will kick the bucket soon, relax Dodi.

  19. curmudgeon says:

    Leave the old guy alone. His son is dead. And there is some truth to the things he’s saying, whether he should be saying them or not.

  20. jc126 says:

    I think the guy is delusional, and I don’t think Diana would’ve married Dodi. He might be right about Philip being a jerk; didn’t Philip get caught making some racist comments at one time or another? So did “Princess” Margaret many years ago, calling the Irish pigs.

  21. Eve says:

    @ Jc126:

    He might be right about Philip being a jerk; didn’t Philip get caught making some racist comments at one time or another?

    Well, apparently he’s famous for his gaffes:

    But I can’t say if all these quotes were actually said by him.

    And also this article (among many others):

  22. MNGIRL76 says:

    @ EVE
    Super funny! The music in that montage is great! I LOVE Michael K! He always finds crazy shit!
    U 2 Kaiser!
    Uhhhh….I meant your first post, not the quotes!

  23. Lexivontexi says:

    How ironic! They say many girls dream of being a princess or a queen, but they don’t realize the princess will never have the happiness that even the most common couple could have. No intimacy. No real connection. Just business per usual. I’m sure there are smacked out junkies couples squatting & living on the streets who have more love in their life than a princess might. Not to say there has never been a royal couple that loved eachother, just saying having a royal title will not secure happiness & love in your life. I think she knows what she’s getting into though. She wants it more than anything since always…

  24. Overit says:

    Prince Philip is not a nazi, Al-Fayed is out of his nut with grief and holds a grudge against the royal family for removing the royal seal of approval from Harrods and for Charles dumping Diana for ‘The Rottweiler’ (Diana’s name for Camilla). However, Philip is a surly bugger at the best of times and has had to be muzzled for making some terribly offensive comments – remember these quotes?

    To a blind women with a guide dog:

    “Do you know they have eating dogs for the anorexic now?”

    3. To an Aborigine in Australia:

    “Do you still throw spears at each other?”

  25. Iggles says:

    I don’t see how he comes off a crazy. I can’t say whether or not the royals had anything to do with the deaths, but it was awfully suspicious circumstances. I doubt we’ll ever know the truth.

    Anyway, I think he’s probably right about his son and Diana. They seemed on track to get engaged.

    I think given that he knew the Queen for decades and was close to Diana, he’s probably spot on about Philip being a jerk. I heard the prince was rather nasty to Elizabeth’s sister, Princess Margaret.

  26. Eve says:

    @ MNGIRL76:

    That song is from the movie Requiem For A Dream (directed by Darren Aronofsky) — the soundtrack was composed by Clint Mansell and performed by the Kronos Quartet.

  27. DGO says:

    Mohammed Al-Fayed’s family has a history of collaborating with the Nazis. Just sayin’.

  28. MNGIRL76 says:

    @ EVE
    Thanks! Love that movie, knew I recognized it!
    Again, thanks for the help!

  29. Eve says:

    @ MNGIRL76:

    You’re welcome! :) I love that movie too, it’s sad and depressing, but a hell of a movie.

  30. EdithP says:

    And remember when Harry wore the swastika armband to a Halloween party? I figured it was probably just lying around in an attic somewhere.

    Poor Dodi. He should reserve his anger for the French.

  31. JulieM says:

    Fayed has been wallowing in conspiracies since his son was killed. I feel bad for him, although I agree with other posters that Diana would never have married Dodi. She was too hung up on the Pakistani heart surgeon.

    He’s right about Philip being a p****, though. The man was born with his foot in his mouth. I’ve read elsewhere that he is the reason Fergie has been so ostracized from the family. He absolutely loathes her. Of course, she doesn’t endear herself to the family or anyone else either with her stupid money problems. Except the dreadful ex, Andrew and his shady friends.

  32. HotPockets says:

    I believe him. The royal family is evil and notorious for strange happenings. A lot of people speculate they had great influence on Diana’s and Dodi’s deaths. Also, Diana loved Dodi and gave quite a bit of interviews on how he was the great love of her life. That car crash I do not believe was any accident and there is various evidence to back that. The whole thing is bizarre, but I am going to have to say that I do not think he is any crazy old man and probably has a lot of insight into that period of Diana’s life.

  33. Bodhi says:

    @ heb & EdithP ~ Dodi died with Diana, his father, Mohamed al-Fayed, is the one who issued this statement

  34. cara says:

    Um, actually, you are wrong. The German connection to the Royal family is deep. Read the biographies of the royals.

    Second, Al-Fayed is right.

  35. Amandahugandkiss says:

    The Royal family were Nazi sympathisers before the war. Look it up- it is an established fact.

    If you want to see something funny, go on Youtube and watch the clip of Al-Fayed on Da Ali G Show from about 11 or 12 years ago. Hilarious!

  36. EdithP says:

    Thanks, Bodhi, I knew that, just wrote the wrong name!

  37. Black Beauty says:

    I believe him, and I also believe they had Diana killed because she was with Dodi. I wish her well with that family. The only way Charles could have married his mistress is if his ex-wife was dead.

  38. the great chrysanthemum says:

    I was living in London at the time of Diana’s death, all the conspiracy talk was around even then, my flat mate used to catch a cab (taxi) to work most days and often had the same driver they started talking about Diana’s death and he told her that he had driven a CID policeman (plain clothes police detectives in the UK) to Clarence House the day before (Diana’s body was being kept there until the funeral) and asked him what he thought had happened.

    The answer was…..’It would be worth my life to say’

    Mean there was more to the story than was being told.

    P.S. its normal for the CID to use taxis when on an operation, it attracts less attention than an official car and at the time taxis and buses were the only vehicles allowed easy access in central London.

    That completely creeped my friend out and set alarm bells ringing.

    I don’t think Diana would have ever married Dodi but I do believe that Diana was pregnant at the time. The final straw for the royal establishment?

  39. Fue McCormick says:

    I’d like to think that if Diana were still alive, she’d be spending her time between NYC and Malibu, CA.
    I read somewhere that she really wanted to live in Malibu.

  40. Kim says:

    Kate is old enough and intelligent enough to know what she is getting into. She is making the choice knowing darn well the dangers. If she keeps in line with Royal family there will be no problems. Diana had problems because she divorced Charles and was going to remarry and the Royal Family was NOT ok with the future King Of England having a foreign step father.

    She is signing up for all the glory and fame that come with being a princess also. She will have more opportunities than she ever would have not marrying William: Access to jewels, money, castles, designer clothes, cooks, personal trainers, chauffers, etc etc.

    Bottom line – there will be way more good vs. bad for Kate being married to future King of England.

  41. Shay says:

    I think he is right about Phillip. Because we live in a tech era, where information is updated every minute, people tend to lose track of history. Phillip’s background, namely his assassinated uncle Lord Mountbatten (akal Battenbourg) – was a schemer who wanted to see Phillip marry Elizabeth.

    Then again the Windsor line is German. They changed their name to Windsor to fit in better. This happened during WWI I think or just before.

  42. garvels says:

    I only somewhat agree with him on his comment regarding horseface. I truly believe that if Kate’s public persona continues to eclipse Camilla’s and Prince Charle’s persona after the wedding, then I would not put it past Camilla to discreetly sabotage Kate in true “mean girl” fashion. Al-Fayed seems to be a few cards short of a full deck. He really should keep his delusional thoughts private.

  43. Andie says:

    He is a dear old man – but losing his son the way he did has clearly pushed him over the edge. I don’t think Prince William coming on Summer holidays with him can count as William living with him. Kate is 29 and has had many years to get ready for life with the royals. She will be OK. I don’t think William will tolerate Kate being treated in the same manner as Diana was by the family.

  44. jt says:

    i believ him verymuch i think camilla it not good woman at all how can you leave you husband and kids to be with other there for she want to be queen but she it not honesty person the woman who distroy other family when they have 2kids together that it not human at all
    i hate her and prince charl also he not a real man i believe hell waitng for both of them distroy they own family and smile to this world like nothing happen they not good person both of them

  45. Kamasutra says:

    The english people should revolt against the monarchy. They are consuming space and money. Besides if you trace the bloodline you’ll know that the real royal family lives in australia and elizabeth is the offspring of the illegitimate bloodline who should have just been your regular commoners in germany.

  46. Yasmine says:

    Oh please, this man is known for being bat-shit crazy, even before Dodi passed away. He’s been pissing off the monarchy for decades, and is still being refused British citizenship (although he’s offered to pay a hefty sum to the state for it) because the Queen has him black listed.

    And I have no respect for men like him who are also massive perverts. My friend worked at Harrods for 6 months after graduation and said that he constantly harassed and grabbed employees’ asses. What a pig.

  47. bluhare says:

    Mountbatten was also angling for Charles to marry one of his nieces or granddaughters I think. He was Philip’s uncle (he was uncle not brother, right?.

    I believe the stuff about Philip. I think he’s a racist vindictive snob and that’s being kind.

  48. hmmmm says:

    How can so many of you say you agree that there’s a Nazi connection, but then still say “He’s a crazy old dude?”
    If what he’s saying has credibility, then pray tell what’s crazy about him? Do you all decide that a person is made crazy by how you FEEL about them, rather than what they say? What are you, a bunch of infants?
    Better sharpen up those critical-thinking skills, kids. Next thing you know, you’ll be conned into voting for a freedom-hating Socialist for POTUS! (Nah, you’d never fall for that!)

  49. Ann says:

    I agree with #12 and I read that Diana herself was conflicted about William’s relationship with Phillip. Charles and Philip didn’t have a good relationship but Philip and William got on very well and she was glad for many reasons but she was uncomfortable with Philip’s attitude about things and racism. I wish I remembered the source I would post it. But just look it up.

  50. Kanuck says:

    How ironic that this man expressed what I believe a lot of people believe. I wonder if Diana would have married Big Ears if she had had a clue as to what her life would have been by marrying that jerk. I detest Charles, he is a pig and a slut. I think Kate should be warned but hopefully William is made of stronger stuff than his old man. I wish William and Kate all the best because I think they are going to need a lot of luck.

  51. Kathy says:

    I have always believed the Royal family had Princess Diana killed. There are too many things that point to that, but when everyone is muzzled, how do you find out? Charles never should have married her, he ruined her life, only because he needed a broodmare for children. The whole Royal Family is very vindictive, cruel and not to be trusted. William and Harry have a long road ahead of them. I do not believe Dodi Fayed’s Father is crazy, he lives in a world that can find answers that the general public will nevr know. I wish Kate and William Luck as I really do believe they will need it. Camilla will not sit back and do nothing. She wanted to be Queen and never will. Especially now. She must hate the wonderful press Kate is recieving. I do believe that William will never cheat on her or have a mistress. He knows how that hurt his mother. He is far more of a man than his father ever was or will be. Good Luck to them both.

  52. Dark_aries says:

    No matter what anyone says, I honestly don’t think that Prince William will let anything like that happen to Kate.
    First difference between him and his dad…he loves his future bride, where as Prince Charles did not love Diana.
    Second: he saw what his mother went through, the bad mouthing, the back stabbing, the need to control her…etc…
    and with the man that he has become, he is all but too aware that he needs to protect his bride, and he will…he’s his mother’s son, and always will be!

  53. B. says:

    I give more credit to Kate than the rest of you do. She is not a little 18yr old star struck kid like Diana was but a mature level headed adult. I think she knows very well what she is getting into and I commend her for it. I also believe Camilla will be an understanding ally and friend to Kate. Don’t forget Camilla has not been treated very well by the press in the past and she has no reason to be treated any better so she will not be seeing herself as better than Kate but can understand Kate’s rough roads ahead.

  54. bambam says:

    I truly beileve this man is not crazy. There was a big cover up. funny the Fiat Uno was never found hmm. Al Fayed knows exactly what was going on in the Royal house. I believe the Royals had alot to lose with Diana flapping her mouth around. Dont get me wrong I loved Diana. The Royals have made it no secret that they did not want Egyptians in the family, Diana ignored this and continued on with the relationship with Dodi. My opinion is that they arranged this accident to happen but Diana was not to die in it. We all know what happened. She died later. No-one was found liable. Im sorry but anyone on Antibuse cannot drink period. they go into seizures and cant even walk. So for them to say this man was on anti-buse and drinking and driving, impossible period. Anyhow just my opinion, hes not crazy and I would back him up. Kate is not a stupid woman and William is very independent period. They will last, just being associated with Prince Phillip may in fact damage her but in the long run shes not marrying Phillip she is marrying William who is more like Diana..

  55. Lindsey says:

    I think that some of the Royal Family are going to cause trouble for Kate if she doesn’t follow all the rules of the Royal family,just like they did for Princess Diana.I have always wondered why there have been so may divorces in the Royal Family.I do wish Willam and Kate all the best on their upcoming wedding.It’s a shame Princess Diana’s life ended in such a tragic death,have always thought someone was behind her death.She was such a beautiful person outside and inside,she will always be remembered as the Queen of Hearts.

  56. tina says:

    first off, diana was no stranger to the al-fayed family. mohamed was good friends with her father, the earl spencer. the queen on the other hand, refused to give british citizenship to al-fayed, so the next best thing was to hook dodi up with diana. it worked for awhile, but then diana became a loose cannon, and the rest is history. listen up folks, mohamed knows what of he speaks. there is a “story” there and one day it will come out.

  57. Cola89 says:

    I totally agree with the “batty” old man… The royal family felt it when Diana passed away and the public all but completly shunned them… they shold have learned their lesson.I also think William will protect Kate as much as he possibly could, hope its enough tho… would be fantastic if they rise above and stay together through whatever the royals have in sore for them!

  58. rapIlluminati says:

    I believe the ‘batty old guy’ too.

  59. bossluxury says:

    Very naive opinion from the writer, to have such a blunt opinion on a clearly very clever and powerfull man, wrong or right, to publicly bad mouth the royal family….it would take a great fool to do that with a lot of something behind it, im sure probably knows a lot of things know one else does! your almost valuing your own opinion as fact!