Brad Pitt bikes through New Orleans

Hot dad Brad Pitt, 44, is back in New Orleans. He was seen riding his plain black Schwinn bike through the French Quarter to attend a meeting at Antoine’s restaurant today. We haven’t seen any photos of Brad and/or his family flying out of NY so it’s possible he flew there alone or the family eluded photographers. They have been staying in Berlin for the past two weeks in a massive estate while Pitt films Inglorious Bastards in nearby Potsdam. The family was holed up at the Waldorf Astoria in NY this weekend while Jolie promoted her film The Changeling at the NY film festival.

While we don’t know what Pitt’s meeting was about it’s possible he’s about to lend his support to Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama. Just Jared points out that other photos of Pitt holding that folder on his bike show a distinctive Obama illustration on the cover.

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  1. Anni says:

    well, were are all those people spreading hatred back then, claiming pitt and jolie had abandoned New Orleans, calling them oath breakers and such just because they stayed in France for a while? Suck it! 8)

  2. Anna says:

    My god, the man even looks hot just riding a bike. There’s something unfair about that!

  3. KERRI says:

    Where is everybody? Except for that one woman squatting in the street pointing at Brad, no one gave him a second look.

    BTW, I saw the inside of B&A’s New Orleans mansion when they purchased it. Very nice slide-show of the whole house. Quite beautiful. Huge kitchen, georgeous entry-way, three-stories with elevator, a 2-story guest house with balconies, lots of balconies in the main house, fireplaces and an adorable french garden.

    Just sharing with those who are interested.

  4. bros says:

    where did you see that kerri?

  5. KERRI says:

    bros: I saw it on a real-estate website right after Brad & Angie purchased the property. I kept it on my “favorites” for about a year. I deleted it a few months ago and I can’t find it again. One of the photos of Brad on the bike is the front of his house.

    Sorry I couldn’t supply the website. :(

  6. Enonymous says:

    Jesus, you can never keep track of them, one minute there are in one place and the next minute they other in the other side of the world. It is getting quite annoying, especially when the media has to bombard us with news of every step they make plus imagining their ever increasing carbon footprint. :? :x

  7. debra77 says:

    I agree he does look so good. I have noticed how he has kept in great shape over all these years. He never got fat, did not get a DUI, no drug scandals. I just love this man. I also love how the people in NOLA give them space to be a regular family. NO one is attacking and screaming in the streets. He was able to just ride his bike and enjoy the the day. It must be so hard for them to have to miss out so much with the kids. People complain about them not being out with all of them but I remember him saying that Zahara gets scared when she see the Paps. I wonder if it is overwhelming for Shiloh as well. But he does look yummy.

  8. Cheyenne says:

    He probably wants to check out the progress of makeitright. The first houses have been completed and he’d want to see how they came out.

  9. daisy424 says:

    Cheyenne, thanks for the link, great photos :D

    Anyone a working set of peepers can see that Shiloh has Angie’s full lips. That’s called G e n e t i c s.

    Get over it haters.

  10. RAN says:

    “Get over it haters”…?? Who complained about Shiloh? That’s a little grouchy isn’t it? :?

  11. Cheyenne says:

    Does anybody remember that children’s book “Make Way for Ducklings”? Every time I see Angie walking down the street with her brood trailing along behind, it reminds me of that book. :lol: :lol:

  12. KERRI says:

    Thanks for the links Cheyenne: watched them three times.:-) :P

  13. daisy424 says:

    Neat video, thanks Cheyenne. Thought the same thing with the ducks. Brad looked a bit startled. Thought he was going to fall off the bike.

    Hey RAN :D My comment was to the other posters who claimed that Angie had her lips surgically enhanced.
    My impatience with inane comments on another thread led me to be grouchy. :wink:

  14. RAN says:

    Oh, thanks Daisy.. .I didn’t get it at the time, that’s why I was confused.

    On a separate note… has anyone seen or heard from Mairead or Diva lately? It seems like ages since I’ve seen one of their well thought out posts.

  15. MEMB says:

    God blessed Angie with beauty to make up for having SUCH A CREEPY FATHER!

    I should have known her dad was a Republican touting all those “values” since he is a belidgering idiot of a father and a worthless human being.

    Angie, keep that man out of your life! I’ll vote for you when you run for office one day.

    Keep up the good charity work! Your life is on purpose! Yeah, Brad, speak up for Obama! Piss Mr. JOLIE OFF!!

    Excommunicate the dear Grandpa for life! You will all be better for it!

  16. aleach says:

    he looks good, kinda like a sexy morman…haha but hes def hot with the shades.
    and i must say, i loooove the pic on the notebook, i always knew he was one of the “good guys”! :-)
    whoops i mean jehovahs witness, are they the ones that ride bikes door to door? lol getting them all mixed up!

  17. trivia says:

    No wonder the JPs love New Orleans. They are given lots of space there to hang. I read before that they could stay in their balcony and people would just wave, say hi and move on.

  18. czarina says:

    Am I the only one who thought Angie looked like Morticia Adams in that video??
    Don’t get me wrong, I like the whole Brangie Bunch (and wow, does Shioh ever look like Brad!!), but honestly…

  19. Kaiser says:

    Aw, nice pics. Brad looks lovely. Good to see they’re taking care of all of their American bidness in one trip, and will return to Germany unencumbered, for CB. So she can stalk them. :lol:

  20. Rich says:

    i love those shades
    any one knows what brand is
    damn i love it :D

  21. Ghost Tours says:

    I saw Brad Last Night Going Into The Gov Nichols Street House so Yeah They Are back In The French Quarter.
    I think he sold the home then turned right around and Leased It

  22. do you think Brad would ever ride a fixed gear?