Kate Middleton is allegedly fighting with Camilla, the Queen & William’s hairline


I promised you more Waity stories, and I’m delivering! Earlier this morning, we heard Mohamed al-Fayed’s crazy rant about how the Nazis are plotting against Kate Middleton. Now we have the additional random gossip stories. First, I’d like to thank the American tabloids for being so interested in the royal wedding. I think many Americans enjoy stories about Waity and Will, and we deserve American versions of the British gossip.

Okay, now on to the stories: The Enquirer’s Mike Walker has two hilarious stories about Kate and Will this week. The first one is all about Camilla Parker-Bowles “plotting” against Kate in the most random way – apparently, Camilla was the one to approve a rather disastrous-looking Royal Mint coin (below) in which Kate Middleton looked kind of drag queen-y. Kate complained to a friend: “They even etched wrinkles on the side of my mouth! Why must they always make me look bad?” Walker’s source says: “Kate was so upset. She said, ‘They go out of their way to picture William in the best possible light – not a wrinkly in sight and LOTS of hair on his head. But me? They give me hideous wrinkles!’” BUT – Williams told Kate, “The Queen doesn’t like complainers, and she’s the one who approved the coin.”


Speaking of William’s hair problem, Mike Walker also claims that William has taken to wearing a “bizarre headgear ringed with LED lights” that he “mail ordered after a friend hyped the contraption – a laser-hair rejuvenation helmet that zaps scalp follicles with LED light therapy.” William wants hair on his wedding day, you see. Poor guy. Just shave it, Will!

Now, Star Magazine also has a kind of boring report about the Palace being a “a hotbed of old-school fuddy-duddies who are convinced William should be marrying an aristocrat. The knives are out for Kate even though the greatest day of her life is just weeks away!” Also – there’s a chance Prince Andrew might not come to the wedding, because of his recent scandal involving taking money from a convicted pedophile: “Andrew has been told his presence would just ruin the chance to relaunch the monarchy as a real force for good in the world’s eyes.”

Oh! And Camilla and Kate’s mom Carole both wanted to wear canary yellow to the wedding! Camilla heard about Carole’s yellow dress, though, and changed her dress to a pink one. And Camilla, Kate and Carole are all fighting over Kate’s alleged McQueen gown too – Camilla hates it, apparently, but some say she just doesn’t want “to be seen agreeing with Kate.” AND! The Palace really, really does not want William and Kate to have a trashy, common, peasanty kiss at the altar. Says one official type, “A gentle peck on the cheek is sufficient.” Tut-tut, Lady Crumpets.

Last story – yesterday, one of Kate’s most famous ensembles sold at auction for $125,871. The ensemble (seen below) was the lingerie Kate wore in 2002 at a charity runway show attended by Prince William. According to Us Weekly, “William reportedly paid about $317 for his seat at the show. It’s widely believed that it was the first time that the heir to the British throne noticed his pretty classmate in a romantic light. They began dating soon thereafter.” Such is the lore.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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56 Responses to “Kate Middleton is allegedly fighting with Camilla, the Queen & William’s hairline”

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  1. brin says:

    I hope he plants a long wet sloppy one on Kate (at the altar) and the Queen faints….lol!

  2. Toe says:

    The guy in the background in the last pic looks like a young Clint Eastwood

  3. Lisa Turtle says:

    Kate has a point about that coin. Horrible!

  4. crazydaisy says:

    why not rogaine for wills? it worked for matthew mcConahey

  5. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Homegirl has been waiting for this for so long, I doubt she’s complaining about anything until the deed is done.

  6. guesty says:

    The coin! Bwhaaa. It doesn’t look like either one of them.

    Really creepy imo that her old clothes are being auctioned.

  7. operagirl says:

    That coin is so awful, but Wills doesn’t look anything like himself either.

    I think they should just nod along to all requests and then just do whatever they want in the end. If they want to kiss at the altar, who is going to stop them in that moment? Sometimes it’s easier to beg for forgiveness afterward than to obtain permission beforehand.

    Oh, and … I don’t think she even notices his thinning hair. My baby has been balding forever, and I don’t see it. I just see his beautiful eyes and the warmth in them when he looks at me.

  8. beany says:

    So not interested in this couple.

  9. Roma says:

    Doesn’t mother of the bride always get first choice in dress colour?

  10. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Sweet!! Some good ol ass grabbin at the Royal Wedding.. now that would be hilarious!!!

  11. Diane says:

    LOL @ JDGirl. That coin is hideous.

  12. teehee says:

    And so begins the constant onslaught of gossip that will tear at her the same way it tore at Diana. It began also promptly with the announced engagement…. good luck to her and hope she is a tough cookie.

  13. EdithP says:

    That coin is awful. It’s like they made Katie generic enough so that in case it all falls through they can use it for the next engagement.

  14. liz says:

    eh, camilla can stick it. although I do have to say that lingerie piece is positively awful!

  15. devilgirl says:

    I am so looking forward to this wedding being over.

    The one thing I did enjoy reading about was a story about mugs that were made by a Chinese company, with the Royal Couple, William and Kate, except they had Prince Harry’s picture on them instead of William’s. I would have bought one of those.

  16. Hautie says:

    You think that coin is awful, go look at the tea cups. Lordy they are truly unfortunate.

    Kate is obviously photogenic. I rarely see a bad picture of her.

    But that tea cup picture looks completely manipulated by photo-shop to make her look old, tired and ugly.

    I would be having a bigger fit over that tea cup.

    And lets be honest. If Kate can hold her anger till after the marriage. William is always going to take her side. And then she will rule! haha!

    I am so waiting for the stories to come out after the marriage, how she runs William.

    Cause you they are coming.

  17. Isabel says:

    What the shit does Camilla matter in ANY of this? She’s nobody’s mother! She didn’t even step in and raise the boys. Shut up, Camilla.

  18. Sherea says:

    She looked like a total cheap date in that dress. William obviously wasn’t looking at her generic, plain lumpy, face when he asked her back to his Uni diggs. He knew what Kate was advertising.
    She got what she wanted in the end, but I think William was just hoping for a steady roll in the hay with her, but she clung like glue.
    The British press keeps saying she’s stunning, but she’s not. She’s plain and her face has pockmarks, no great features that is why the Coin is so FUGLY.

    Kate is just a young version of Camilla. A woman who clung to a Prince for years and kept his occupied in the boudior.

  19. JulieM says:

    Oh goody! Pass the popcorn and let the beheadings commence.

    The coin: they may have put more hair on William’s head than he owns (smaller nose, too), but they also gave Katie full lips, which she does not have, to accompany her wrinkles.

    Camilla should shut the f*** up, if she is, indeed, saying and doing those things. But, she is correct to change her dress color; bride’s mother gets first choice. I wonder what color the Queen will be wearing? She is the one who really gets first choice.

    I think Katie may come to find out she got alot more than she bargained for. She has been pretty sophisticated up until now. She really should wait until she’s married to start complaining. I also would not count on William always taking her side either. If she gets too bossy, we may witness a turnaround. And whatever you do, don’t piss off the Queen. I can, also, totally believe the grey suited palace bureaucrats would rather William married a blue blood. Be careful what you wish for, Katie. You’re about to get it.

  20. bagladey says:

    Too bad William’s birthright won’t allow him to get the transplant that he would so greatly benefit from, because baldness is really robbing him of his natural handsomeness. It’s a shame to think that while William can afford any treatment or procedure, he would know that he absolutely could never do anything so vulgar (and scandalous) as to seek treatment for his baldness.

  21. Enny says:

    So classy, this family. They’re worried about the newlyweds tonguing on the altar, but no one seems concerned about the photos of Waity in her unmentionables for all posterity?

  22. h. s. says:

    Kate has never been sophisticated(she’s ranges from trashy looking to dull-plain looking) she and her family seem more like trailer traaaaaash with internet party favors money, which never quite adds up. She has crotch shots coming out of nightclubs over the past 8yrs, to rival Lindsay Lohan’s.
    William wanted a bit of a h99ch,imo and he got one. He knew what he picked off that runway,modeling underwear and it wasn’t a proper lady. He knew what had gone on with the guy before him, telling the friend he’d like to have a go with Waity Katey and I guess it was a good go, because it stuck!

  23. OriginalGracie says:

    @Operagirl: “Oh, and … I don’t think she even notices his thinning hair. My baby has been balding forever, and I don’t see it. I just see his beautiful eyes and the warmth in them when he looks at me.”

    That is just incredibly sweet. He is a lucky man. :)

  24. OriginalGracie says:

    @h.s. : The level of venom and cattiness regarding Kate from you is sickening. They are the Royal Family, yes, but far from perfect and to slander her by implicating that she is somehow a low tart not worthy of being his wife is uncalled for.

    I mean, grow up. Oh and I suppose that Wills and Harry have been doing bible study in a monastary all this time? Please.

  25. Fue McCormick says:

    @Sherea and @h.s.: I agree with both of you; you’re both spot on with this.

    Kate is such a drear but I have to say: those pics they are showing of her when she was a little tyke are pretty cute.

  26. Louise says:

    I don’t follow the Royals but I don’t believe all of these wedding stories. I don’t recall any stories of the family hating Kate. So for all of these rumors to start coming out now seems really suspicious.

  27. Brittney says:

    His birthright won’t “allow” him treatment for his baldness? Is this an actual royal stipulation?

  28. garvels says:

    Kate is an attractive woman and I can understand her indifferent attitude towards the coin-Her coin portrait was hideous,it didn’t even resemble her likeness. Even though I am not a big Katie fan, I do feel some compassion towards her with regards to Camilla’s tactics-(if true-big if). Just think,William and Kate will be the most watched couple in the world and every little tiff with the step mother in-law will be amplified to the nth degree by the tabloids.

  29. Lyla says:

    I realize that the British don’t put as much stock into their teeth whitening as Americans do, but Wills needs to worry less about his hair and more about those horrible yellow teeth. Maybe it’s just the lighting, but his teeth in that top picture are soooo yellow it makes me want to vomit.
    Also, if I were friends with Kate, I would tell her that both the queen and Camille are getting old and will probably die soon so if she can just stick it out till then, she’ll be fine.

  30. hatekyle says:

    lol @toe. the girl in the opposite end of young “clint eastwood” looks like ‘janelle” of teen mom 2. here, her baby is older. lmao

  31. Andie says:

    I would say the stuff about Camilla being horrible to Kate is rubbish. Camilla is no oil painting but I’d say she is a ‘good sort’ as we say in my country. As for that coin…it is a horrible likeness, and Kate is far more attractive than represented on that coin. I’d let it go if I were her..she bagged the Prince, and must have plenty more to worry about right now.

  32. anne_000 says:

    so did both camilla and the queen approve the ugly images on the coin or just camilla? and why would anybody give that kind of authority to camilla? if camilla was smart, she would stay out of these kind of things altogether. because you never know, the queen might skip over charles and have william become king – with kate becoming queen instead of camilla. then wont kater, er karma be a b*tch…

  33. trollydolly says:

    @Sherea and @h.s.: What terrible venom you both share towards a young woman who has behaved with grace and decorum since she’s entered the public eye.

    The Royal Family are lucky to have such a normal and decent young woman marry into their dysfunctional, inbred clan.

  34. CB Rawks says:

    They’re the same person, I think.

  35. wunderkindt says:

    That is one fugly piece of sh-t coin!

  36. JulieM says:

    h.s.: When I said sophisticated, I did not mean sophisticated in appearance. I meant in her demeanor. She kept her mouth shut. When they broke up, she wore short skirts and let the papparazzi do the rest to entice William back. She was always on call for holidays and falling out of nightclubs with him. She adopted all his friends. She did not work (regardless of what anyone says) so, again, she was always available for him. I think her subjugating her entire adult life to William is pathetic and maybe you do as well. But it is remarkable how many people are falling for the fairy tale bs being pushed by the palace and the Middleton PR machines. This is a very ordinary girl marrying an ordinary guy who has lost his looks, but has a lovely bank account and will own some very nice real estate some day.

  37. Crash2GO2 says:

    @operagirl: What a lovely thing you wrote! And that is how it should be.

    Rogaine only works for a certain percentage of bald people who have a certain type of baldness. Who knows, maybe William doesn’t respond to it. But certainly, shaving his head is not an option for him either (unfortunately). It just wouldn’t be ‘princely’ in that upstanding British way.

  38. trollydolly says:

    Message for Sherea and H.S:

    The disgusting insinuation that the Middleton’s wealth is dubious: “family seem more like trailer traaaaaash with internet party favors money, which never quite adds up.” is unadulterated nonsense!

    April Vanity Fair: “Kate’s father Michael comes form a privileged background, his family have a considerable trust fund. His Grandmother was an Edwardian society beauty with impeccable family connections. When she died, Olive Lupton and her sister inherited the equivalent of £9.8 million today, some of which was handed down to Michael’s father, Peter.”

    Slag someone off all you like; this is a gossip forum, but attempting to discredit a young woman because her Mother grew up in a council estate is just wrong.

  39. DiMi says:

    She’s right about the coin; they made her look like she’s 60 years old. The Queen must have wanted it like that.

    Gee, they are doing the same thing to her that they did to Diana.

  40. Mary says:

    I wonder what Diana would think….

  41. Deev says:

    Propecia, Wills! I had a bf who used this and it was like a miracle for his hair.

  42. Eliza says:

    Kaiser you will really like this article, it’s about Prince William and Harry’s inner circle and style, specifically after his break up with Kate (so it’s kind of old) but you get a lot of insight about their friends class,etc… which is enlightening.

  43. tina says:

    wills is a very nice young man who has inherited his mother diana’s grace and style. as for kate, if she can bag a prince wearing that hidious see through skirt, well then anything is possible. that is the picture they should have used on that coin, her see through skirt outfit. because you know she is never going to live it down. in the words of the al-fayed family, “you asked for it and you are going to get it.” nuff said.

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  54. Kate says:

    Don’t get confused, my name is also called Kate! I am Canadian. I am Princess Di’s fans so Camille step aside, you can’t never compare to the great family when Di was married to Charles and gave birth to two wonderful children! She is forever the center of attraction, you won’t have this kind of fame in a million years! Nobody would like a woman who would had an affair with a married on their first Wedding Day!!! You are the shame of the world of female!!!

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