Angelina Jolie breastfeeding on the cover of W Magazine

Brad Pitt’s personal photos of Angelina Jolie are on the cover (and all over the inside) of the upcoming issue of W magazine. And it’s not just any random issue of the magazine – Brad’s photos made the cover of W’s annual art issue. In the shot Angelina is shown breastfeeding one of the twins, though the angle and lighting is so subtle that you don’t initially realize that’s what’s she’s doing.

Angelina has an expression on her face that is natural: both serene and a little bit tired. She’s clearly very comfortable and relaxed, and doesn’t appear to be made up. Of course she’s Angelina Jolie so she looks utterly amazing with or without makeup. But she seems more approachable and relatable in this photo than in all of the paparazzi and professional shots we see of her.

Angelina Jolie graces the cover of the November issue of W Magazine, which hits stands on Oct. 21. The cover shot is of the actress breastfeeding one of her twins. The pictures, taken for the magazine in in mid-August in the backyard of their French Chateau, are by none other than proud daddy Brad Pitt. The spread is 21 pages, and Brad also shows off a series of tasteful, near-nude portraits as well as playful ones of Jolie playing with their children and pulling faces for the camera.

[From Celebrity Baby Scoop]

W doesn’t have any of the other photos up on their website yet, but I imagine there will be a ton of them, given that it’s 21 full pages. Brad has long been noted for his love of art, especially architecture. It’s really no surprise that he’s good with a camera – he’s been in front of one often enough to know how to make people feel comfortable. It’s clear from the photo that there is a special intimacy between the two of them, and it really captures something you could never get had W just sent a photographer to their home. It’ll be really exciting to see what the other photos reveal.

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  1. Kaiser says:

    Pretty girl.

    I’m totally going to shell out the $5 or whatever for the issue.

    CB- does it have an interview too?

  2. geronimo says:

    Very beautiful photograph. Very moody and intimate. I love it. See the tiny little fingers! Can’t wait to see the rest of them. Pitt’s gone right up in my estimation.

  3. Codzilla says:

    Cute that you can see a few tiny fingers toward the bottom of the shot.

  4. Kait says:

    It’s amazing how different photos turn out when taken by someone the subject is completely comfortable with. It’s a gorgeous photo.

  5. Anni says:

    I just love that photo. It captures pure emotion, it exhales a certain atmosphere…wonderful. and i love the tiny baby fingers, looks like either viv or knox gives us the peace-sign :-)

  6. anony says:

    good point Kait.. she looks rreally comfortable and happy here. Breastfeeding can be tough (and u, , really hurt) but she’s doing it for twins. what a trooper:)

    For some reason I just really love her candid photos (like this) so much more.
    This cover will become iconic like those old school LIFE covers with JFK :-)

  7. Lola says:

    Iconic? Bah…

    So many questions. How much money did they get to sell their privacy like this? Are they giving it to charity? Can they complain about privacy or lack of after this? How desperate are they for publicity to so something like this? I know am not their no 1 fan but this, this is so cheap even by their standards. Typically, it has not been well recieved by the public. I am not suprised.

  8. Kaiser says:

    Have you girls seen this?,,20231989,00.html

    Angie talking about the kids and Brad. Apparently little Viv is already a hellraiser. Who would of thought? :wink:

  9. Syko says:

    Viv is, of course, in training for her job as assistant to the Empress of the World.

    Hey, Kaiser – check out Crazy Days and Nights (link on this site) – great, great picture of your imaginary boyfriend.

  10. doodahs says:

    It is a lovely photo but my eyes went right to her top lip and how much it sticks out.. looks kind of weird. Maybe it’s the b&w medium and the shadow play.

  11. anony says:

    Danke @ the link Kaiser. I love it.

  12. mel says:

    I luv Angie but she does she really need to be on the cover breastfeeding her baby? I realize the media is so amazed by her beauty, but please enough is enough. I believe she loves the attn just a much as the media loves to give to her.

  13. daisy424 says:

    Thanks for the link Kaiser :wink:

    Beautiful photo, she looks relaxed & happy. Candid shots are the best. Mel, you can’t see her breast, just little baby fingers giving the peace sign.
    She is starting to remind me of a younger Carly Simon on the No Secrets album cover.

  14. Mairead says:

    I have to admit, that is a good photo – lovely composition (well, would we expect any less from an architecture fan? :wink: ) – I love the grainy texture, it really works here.

    As for Viv – was there ever any doubt that she would be a little Mini Me ;) ; God love ‘em in 14 years time 8O

  15. SolitaryAngel says:

    What a wonderful picture! Angelina NEVER looks like this; all her defenses are down, and Kait—-you’re so right; what a difference the photographer makes! Such a look of love; I’m so happy to see that she has someone who loves her as much as she clearly loves him. Got a bit of a lump in my throat.

    *No no, I’m ok; just got something in my eye*

  16. Susan says:

    I personally have no problem with the breastfeeding picture but am so tired of these two selling their family in a attempt to promote their movies. I really feel that their should be a law against using children on magazine covers. Whether it be the parents selling their children or the paps selling the children. THese children have a right to privacy. These two are desperate in their attempt to “shock” and have people talking about them they go so low as to share “private moments” with a national magazine. I often wonder what other big stars like Halle, Nicole, Johnny think of their attempts to promote themselves. Can you imagine JOhnny or Matt Damon selling private pictures of their family at home? They are not so desperate obvkiously, but I wonder when the Pitts will relize that this does not help there movies sell. Seriously they want privacy? I don’t think so.

  17. jennifer says:

    beautiful picture.she looks amazing
    susan:did you know that vanessa paradis did a magazine photoshoot breastfeeding her and johnny deep s son;showing all her boobs!
    and nicole posed with her sister baby for the cover of vanity fair?
    i am just saying :mrgreen:

  18. Bros says:

    i’m personally pretty impressed that she is willing to share an intimate moment like this in print. Demi moore did a great job making pregnancy sexy and the pregant female body something to be proud of and that cover did a ton for american women. now the breastfeeding thing: there are many puritan freaks out there who have huge problems with women breastfeeding their children and some places even have laws against it due to indecent exposure or something insanely stupid like that, even though it is the most natural thing on the planet and the same idiots who legislate against it or fine women for it wouldnt be alive if not for mother’s milk (or formula, but you get the point). there is the sentiment that women should be ashamed to breast feed and that it is something that should be hidden and great lengths should be taken not to offend anyone. i think more pictures should be shown of women breastfeeding (tastefully, like this is done-its not overt, but you know what she is doing in the picture) just like demi’s shot was. I think both these magazine covers help to advance women’s causes and normalize pregancy and childbirth, which is so often used to hold women back or discriminate against them (in the workplace) and other places.

    sorry for the rant, but thats what i feel.

  19. ff says:

    She looks younger than any picture I’ve seen her in in the last five years or more. That in itself is an achievement.

    Just shows you how a celeb loooking ‘relaxed’ for the cameras, and actually being relaxed in the intimacy/privacy of their own home are two different things.

    I think it’s a beautiful portrait that seems to capture a genuine moment.

  20. elisha says:

    I feel like I’m supposed to think she looks really beautiful and it’s an amazing picture, but it’s just kinda blah to me. It looks like a high school photgraphy project. From the 70s.

    For the record, I neither HATE Brangelina nor LOVE them. I’m indifferent.

  21. WTF?!?! says:

    I have to agree with elisha’s assessment of the photo. Spot on. And Angie’s upper lip looks like it’s on the verge of explosion. Quack, quack.

  22. Susan says:

    Jennifer please link the Johnny/Vanessa article.

  23. Mairead says:

    Loike, GAWD elisha!!!! It’s loike, high-school retro – get with the programme! Loike!!! :roll:

    Only messing :wink:

  24. Lio says:

    If such a photo of Vanessa Paradis indeed exists, it can only be a stolen one. She has always fiercely defended her privacy. I remenbered once Elle was doing a special edition on her and asked her about private pictures. The more she could come up with was photos of the foot of Lilly-Rose. In black and white. From behind :lol:

  25. someone says:

    I don’t actually see a child breastfeeding,I see a baby hand..and I have never been impressed with Angelina, now she isn’t just talking about intimate moments, now shes selling them..what a media ho.

  26. Susan says:

    Guys you are arguing with nobody. No one is saying that taking a picture of a breast feeding women is a bad thing. Breastfeeding is a natural thing and nobody really cares about what she is doing in the picture. However many are saying that Brad/Angie are using their children and their private life to promote their movies. They are complaining about their privacy and then they sell pictures of their families “private” moments. Private moments are just that and should not be used on the cover of a national magazine. If you sell the pictures they are not really private are they. I think that it is wrong the way they sell their children all the time. These children have a right to privacy. There really is nothing private about their life anymore. she is betting that selling her family will make people want to see her movie more. I guess time will tell if that works. However I admire stars who keep their private life private like Gwen. Imagine if Gwen hadn’t left Brad think that she would be on the cover of a magazine breastfeeding and selling her children for millions of dollars. I think not. Gwen knows when to be private and she would not sell out her chidlren for anything. OH and I wouldn’t be to impressed about her giving up pictures of her private moments. Since Angelina became famous she consistensly gives out information and pictures of her private life. expect much more in the years to come. Who knows she might become so desperate that in her next pregnancy we will see shots in the delivery room. Think that will help women’s causes too?

  27. jennifer says:

    I find it funny (like, haha funny, not snarky funny) that after the birth of Shiloh, Angelina’s lips were MASSIVE (you know, more than usual) and they are here, too. I know people can gain weight in unusual places/ways during pregnancy, but this is a new one to me! :lol:

    Beautiful pics, love ‘em.

  28. Kim1206 says:

    everyday i am just more and more impressed with this woman.

  29. Nicole says:

    No, I’ve seen the photo of Vanessa Paradis – it’s right here.

    It wasn’t stolen. Don’t kid yourselves; Johnny Depp doesn’t have people scaling trees to get pictures of them on a balcony or in helicopters over their house. Neither goes Gwen.

    Tabloids putting Shiloh on the cover every week is not Brad and Angelina’s fault. I don’t blame for wanting a magazine cover to be positive and approved by them.

    And these pics weren’t actually sold – Brad did them WITH the magazine. And the only time they have talked about privacy is when people hide out in forests on their property and when they said they wish paparazzi would use long lenses because it upsets the kids. If you’re going to whine, know what you’re whining about first.

  30. vdantev says:

    I love the relative honesty of black and white pictures. Great cover pic !

  31. JaneSays says:

    She looks so blissfully at peace! LOVE it! :D I’d be hardpressed to find anything “shocking” about breastfeeding or Angelina exposing her true self!

  32. Ann says:

    They are attention junkies. They have no shame and bring out the worst in each other. Come on… exploite yourself but they love to do it to their children too. As a mom I’m so protective of my children and just don’t relate to this need to get attention at the cost of their children. Bad Bad.

  33. Ryo says:

    It always cracks me up when I hear moms trashing Angelina. Saying crap about her doesn’t make it true, and you know deep down you’re not a better mother than she is. THAT’S what gets people; they read about how happy she is, and how great of a guy she’s got, and it just BURNS that this woman who you think you’re better than is so happy. :lol:

  34. doodahs says:

    I read a comment by Jennifer Aniston (after Brad and Angelina had a photo spread in W magazine with Mad and Zee a few years ago – which was pretty insensitive in my opinion considering he’d just very publicly left his wife)….anyway, I digress… People were asking Jen how she felt seeing him playing happy families so soon after their split and she said something along the lines of – “Brad is an artist. He looks for the beauty in things and so I don’t think he even thought about insensitivity. That’s just the way he is, he gets caught up in moments”. (Whoa, good memory!)

    My point being, Brad is trying to express himself in print. As parents, they are probably caught up in the glow of their new arrivals and Brad wants to show the world how beautiful his wife is. I’ve seen a million family photos like this where someone’s mom was young, beautiful and in the flush of motherhood (particularly in the 60′s and 70′s which I think he was trying to capture here) and admired them for their simplistic beauty. I am neither a fan or a hater of these two but I am an artist and I can appreciate someone’s right to express themselves. Quite frankly, people are fascinated by them and will buy pretty much anything they are associated with, so they have an audience and a market. What artist could ask for more?

    (But I still maintain her lips look unflattering in this photo)

  35. czarina says:

    Who is the keeper of their privacy? All these people disapproving of them for “selling” their private moments…they are the ones who have the right to decide what is private and what is not. It is only between them what they feel comfortable showing to the public. If they want to give Brad’s pictures a public forum, fine. That’s their business.
    If they are comfortable having those pictures published (whether to promote a movie, Brad’s photography, breastfeeding or black and white pictures!) then, fine.
    Why not judge the pictures on their own merits. I think it’s a lovely shot and quite well composed, but I couldn’t judge him as a photographer until I see the entire shoot.

  36. Best of British says:

    czarina – you are so right. They are the masters of their own privacy and should dictate as and when they feel like sharing, just like the rest of us do.. Just because they decide to make movies for a career does not mean we, the public, own their private lives!! They are entitled to their privacy but if they feel like sharing then fantastic. I for one love to see inside an open door but its far better to be invited in. You get a much better view than just peeking..

    The shot of Vanessa Paradis is awesome! Its so European of her – bet you wouldnt get an English or American lady being that risque!! And its amazing how much her boobs have grown – she’s normally completely flat! I cant wait to get preggers :D

  37. debra77 says:

    This is a beautiful picture… period.. Her upper lip looks different because it is in shadow. this is a black/white photo.. You will see different shading because of the shadows. That is why it is a little darker on the top, making it appear larger…

    She does look so young in this picture. It has a very sweet quality to it. I love it, can’t wait to see more.

  38. snappyfish says:

    she is achingly beautiful. plain and simple.

  39. Ann says:

    Ryo, it always cracks me up when non mothers chime in like they know a lick about being a mom when they are not one yet. And you speak like you know them personally, I don’t I’m just giving my opinions based on what is reported.Peace

  40. caribassett says:

    I really dislike Angelina, but I am pleased she chose to share this. Maybe young ladies who look up to her, or admire her will consider breastfeeding, if they previously had not considered it. It was kind of her to share these private photographs.

  41. JaundiceMachine says:

    It’s an unfortunate trend, but a lot of people tend to be threatened by others who have found happiness and stability.

    The photograph reflects a lot of love and contentment on both sides of the camera – regardless of the inherent beauty or public notoriety of the couple. They say a picture is worth a thousand words . . .

  42. dumdee says:

    ahh… she looks like her old vile wearing, over PDA, knive carrying demented self.

  43. vdantev says:

    You haters are so full of palpable envy.

  44. Oh duhh says:

    maybe now that Johnny Depp’s wife had a pic of her taken naked and breast feeding her kid , HATER will STFU about Angie’s W mag cover.

  45. breederina says:

    There is so much raw emotion and love in that photo.
    That’s what makes it so beautiful and compelling. It brought back for me the times in my own life when I was nursing a newborn and how those days felt.
    Pretty good for an old B&W snap. I’d say Brad has some talent there.

  46. dragon lady says:

    What p*sses people off is that Brad and Angie are happy. They have it all, well at least on paper, and are still going strong 4 years and 6 kids later. *shrugs* I think the picture is beautiful and it’s clear that she loves the man behind the camera. Good for them. We should all be so happy.

  47. Ryo says:

    Ann, I actually wasn’t talking about you directly, I had been reading comments over at CBB, so, yeah, the world revolves around you. :roll:

    I agree, dragon lady.

  48. geronimo says:

    Love that pic of Vanessa Paradis breastfeeding, remember seeing it at the time and thinking how raw and beautiful it was.

    Can’t wait to see the rest of these pics. And to those that don’t, easy solution: don’t look at them.

  49. blip says:

    a very lovely pict and i’m sure any one can feel the “love” just by looking at it :)

  50. Lola says:

    Vanessa Paradis was not promoting a movie. Neither is she accused of being an attention whore.

    I am still asking, were they paid for this? What then becomes of their cry for privacy when they use it as a commodity? No one has a problem with a breast feeding mother. But she is not doing this to promote breasting feeding but to promote her movie. Cause controversy and get as much attention as possible. She has always been trash. I guess trash is as trash does.

    First pimp your kids then when that gets old, pimp yourself. Is anyone still arguing that she is not in this for attention and fame?

    Say whatever you want but this woman embarked on this affair and all the charity for the attention and fame it would get her. She failed to get it with her knives and vials of blood and got it with adultery. Now she is milking it for all its worth.

  51. Ann says:

    Ryo,My bad,I don’t really spend all my time doing this…reading about celeb’s, this just caught my eye when I was preparing a power point about current events. I didn’t realize people did this for a full time job. I just thought everyone knew they are actors and actors have certain traits, being able to make people believe things that aren’t true and loving attention. I don’t follow this couple…so my opinion is just that. I’m nothing special you are right about that. Peace

  52. WTF?!?! says:

    It’s not the shadow that’s making her upper lip look huge, it’s her huge upper lip that’s causing the shadow.

    I’m delighted they’re happy (actually, I couldn’t care less, she stole another woman’s husband), it just seems crystal clear that media attention is what makes them happy.

  53. Mary says:

    Beautiful woman, beautiful picture happy and in love couple. If folks want to hate on her because of that, then so be it. If you want to hate on people for promoting films, then hate on every celebrity out there.

    As for “stealing” a husband, then share the hate with America’s Sweetheart, Julia Roberts, Lauren Bacall, Rita Wilson and Joanne Woodward, among many I am sure. All of these women married men they met on a set who were married with children at the time. Not saying it is good, but Angelina Jolie is not the first and won’t be the last, so give it a rest. There is probabaly more cheating in the suburbs, it just dones not get written up in tabloids or beaten to death on blogs.

  54. pamela says:

    Mary, I always say the ones who come on here screaming their hatred the loudest, are probably the ones who have the most to hide. Probably their way of relieving their conscience.:roll:

  55. pamela says:

    ^^^Still not adept with the icons. LOL. I wanted to “roll eyes”.

  56. geronimo says:

    P – leave a space between the full stop and the smiley.

  57. Kaiser says:

    I don’t think they were paid for the W photos, Lola. I think Brad’s just a photographer shooting his favorite subject (Angie & the kids) and he wanted to share it with the world.

    Er…I mean, ZOMG HIPPOCRAT, blah, blah, hate, jealous, blah.

  58. pamela says:

    geronimo, Thank you. Like this? :roll:

    Kaiser, how are you fellow Badette? As usual, you crack me up. :lol:

  59. Kaiser says:

    Hey Pamela! :P

    I love seeing Angie through her lover’s eyes.

  60. daisy424 says:

    Lola;”Vanessa Paradis was not promoting a movie. Neither is she accused of being an attention whore.” True, but she still did it. Who cares a crap about Vanessa anyway, I never heard of her until her hook-up with Depp. Angelina is famous in her own right. CB has 338 threads for AJ, 10 for VP. The numbers speak for themselves.
    We all get it, you don’t like the Jolie/Pitts, your right, but there are other threads to post comments on.

  61. pamela says:

    Shhh Kaiser, they will soon start calling us “Peeping Badettes/Brangeloonies”. :lol:

    I just love watching them losing their s**t just because Angie is photographed by her “lover” nursing one of the bambinos. These past few days have been Grrreat.

  62. emmma says:

    I love this picture.
    Angelina looks so happy and peaceful && some how i just don’t belive this would be her promoting a movie.. But who knows?
    I just simply have to buy this mag when it hits the stores.

  63. Mairead says:

    Hmm – I remember being in France in the mid-1990s and the French girls I was staying with told me in no uncertain terms that many others didn’t think much of Vanessa Paradis back then (I think she was still with Lenny Kravitz then and was still singing).

    And just because I’m in that sort of mood I’d like to point out that she was in a film in 1999. :twisted:

    *ducks the words bouncing back off Lola’s logic-barrier*

    Ann, could I point out that anyone can say anything about themselves (that they do/don’t have children) or what field they work in and no-body can prove if it’s true or not.

    As it happens I and, I’m sure others, also have equally important jobs Most of us who defend Angelina aren’t huge fans, but it’s the attitude that some commentators take of being almost personally insulted by her gets our goat.

    And although I’ve no kids my observation on other families is that some people barely speak about their kids, I know practically everything about others’ – some express their pride in their family in different ways. Personally, so long as kids are happy, healthy and have some semblance of manners, I don’t give a damn what the parents do.

  64. kate says:

    i guess they are not brad’s “private photos” anymore.

  65. Ellen Smith says:

    The only reason this photo was placed on the cover was to create a buzz and controversy. While I am a breastfeeding advocate, I see no reason why this picture in particular needed to be the one chosen for the cover. Again, for people who propose to desperately crave privacy, they obviously are lying as they are willing to share their most intimate family portraits for all to see. There is no shame in breastfeeding; there is, however, shame in exploiting it to sell magazines.

  66. Grl28 says:

    She is beautiful, but Im not crazy about the picture, Her lips look really excessive. Whats the hype about her breastfeeding anyway, first it was Demi and her posing naked with her pregnant belly on Vanity Fair and now this… who gives a crap? I personally had to check it out after hearing about it for the millionth time. A lot of stars are private about their lives and I think what we like about Angie (If I can call her that)is that she is very real, very raw about herself and her feelings. I dont think they are selling their children for publicity or anything like that. They enjoy their status and share freely their love for one another and their children and that includes apparently, private pictures of their lives. Does this make them any more real to their fans? Probably. Do we need to see every moment of their lives. Probably not. To each his own, but you cant take away that these two are good humanitarians. So with all the good they do, I dont think Id ever say a bad thing about them. By the way, women dont steal men, men stray when they are unhappy. End of story.

  67. Moreaces says:

    Love it, Cant wait to buy a copy

  68. Darlene says:

    This is one of the best pictures I have ever seen of Angelina. She is so naturally beautiful, she does not need hair and make-up people they don’t do her justice…especially after seeing this photo. She truly is a natural beauty!

  69. kseniya says:

    Brad and Angelina are only doing this, so they can give money to charity. That’s what they did with Shiloh’s baby pics proceeds.

    They are beautiful people inside and outside, so sad, jealous people just love hating on them.

  70. stellapurdy says:

    Mommy Dearest

    Don’t use the wire hangers Shiloh

  71. Lori Griffin says:

    She looks like Liv Tyler!

  72. omi says:

    Angelina absolutly glows it is a blessing to be a mom her children are very lucky to have her as a mother

  73. Oh duhh says:

    Everytime Will Smith had a movie premier his kids are with him in the RC and one of his kid even starred in his movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” He is pimping his kids but i don’t see anybody complaining about it and accussing WILL SMITH of being an attention whore or a trash or using his kids to promote his movie, explain it to me hater???

  74. James says:

    Oh come on!

    They need to invent this myth about “true Love” and “family” to revamp their images as partners in adultery! I can’t believe people are buying this PR stunt.

    She is hot for sure. I have no problems with that. But people need to stop believing this “true love” craps.

    Women, really, please!

  75. Diva says:

    It doesn’t matter that this is a picture of Angelina Jolie. It’s a beautiful picture of a mother.


  76. Mae says:

    What a joke these two are. They need attention at any cost….the kids will be the hardest hit. I hope at least one of them wakes up soon. Mental illness is hard to fix if you don’t believe you have it.

  77. sad says:

    Um, what’s the big deal with Angelina doing a few photo shoots and interviews for her movies. It’s what actors do. She’s not inventing the wheel. Some of you must not know how the business works. 1) Before a film releases actors do interviews and magazine shoots..and (gasp!) they almost always discuss their personal lives and themselves. Why’s that you ask? Uh, DUH. They know we wouldn’t buy the magazines or the movie tickets otherwise. It’s almost required to discuss some aspect of yourself and your life outside of the film. End of story.

    Meg Ryan was just promoting ‘The Women,’ and she dug up that whole Russell Crowe/Dennis Quaid affair for In Style, as well as discussed her adoption of her daughter. Crowe himself is out promoting his movie ‘Body of Lies,’ and waxing lyrical about how he wants more babies, and what his wife has said to that, and he’s discussing Nicole Kidman’s child and ‘arranging,’ a marriage with his son! The only difference between he and Angelina, is that he can’t breast feed. Or maybe he can, have you seen him lately??

    As for ‘family’ shoots?? I’ve seen Madonna and her baby in Vogue, pics of Johnny Depp’s partner Vanessa breast feeding, I’ve seen Paltrow’s home and children in HG, I’ve seen Cate Blanchett posing WITH her new son AT a movie press conference (LOL), I’ve seen Liz Taylor and pics of her kids in old magazines, I’ve seen the Woodward-Newman clan in a LIFE Magazine retrospective, complete with a LOT of domestic shots of his family in the yard and kitchen, and some with Paul holding his baby daughters (and I guarantee you the coverage at the time, probably coincided with a film Newman was releasing).

    I can go on ad infinitum – this is not some new practice.

    Yeah sure, despite not even being in the public eye in the last 6 months, Angelina Jolie has STILL had weekly tabloid coverage, but that has NOTHING TO DO WITH HER (‘Angelina’s Post Partum Depression!! – LIES) and it doesn’t equate to her professional responsibility to do promotion for the film and the studio in order to make it a success and viable at the box office.
    As all actors are REQUIRED to do. It’s in the contract they sign.

    The one time Jolie tried to curb the press from asking about her personal life (‘A Mighty Heart’ press junket) they wildly accused her of wanting to censor the press, remember that?

    If you’re ‘sick of,’ anything, get sick of the tabloids that beat all of these people to death and lie about them constantly.

    Take away all the bullsh*t that Jolie has nothing to do with (tabloids and silly blogs), and the fact remains, she hasn’t been seen in 6 months. I know if I were her, I’d be chomping at the bit to at least have other authentic and accurate stuff in the press about me, and not the vile lies in the rags.

    As part of her promotion for Changeling, she’s got two magazine interviews coming out, and she’ll be on the Today show with Matt Lauer discussing her film. That’s it as far as I’ve heard. The thing with Angelina is, she’s so famous, she could do an interview overseas and make a comment about how her newborn only sleeps, eats and poops — and she’ll get excoriated for that one line or word for the next year, in over a million hits on the web, and hundreds of tabloids.

    Again, that’s not Angelina’s fault, it’s YOURS for clicking on a nasty link about her or buying some lying rag.

    Unlike some stars who employ PR agents/agencies to work their image in the tabloid media and other press (see the Heidi Montags, and Anistons of the world), Jolie doesn’t have employ PR however – she comes out HERSELF and speaks to the press when she has a film out, otherwise, you don’t even hear from Angelina Jolie.

    Because she was pregnant, she did Cannes for Kung Fu Panda in May, and that was it – so she barely promoted that, though what she did do, was amazing (pregnant, emerald green dress on the red carpet) she told the studios ahead of time she wouldn’t be doing promo for ‘Wanted,’ at all – what she did do, were a few interviews for that at Cannes.

    The overkill, is your tabloid culture.

    Not Angelina Jolie.

  78. RAN says:

    Wow…brevity isn’t a sin.

    I think this is a very nice picture and one of the few pictures I’ve seen absolute sincerity in her eyes. She loves the person who took the picture and seems quite content. That said, I have to agree with whomever said that some of this stuff is just overkill. You get the “please respect our privacy” rhetoric unless a movie is coming out, then it’s OTT exposure – they can’t talk enough or share enough pictures when they’re in promotion mode.

    Just mo, but that’s the way it seems.

  79. Joy says:

    Beautiful Picture!

    Can someone please explain to me how a twentysomething year old is supposed to act? I’m 56 so I forget. I do remember raising a whole lot of h*ll back then. Thank God most people accept me for what I have become and do not dwell on what I was.

    Additionally, how many of us have indiscriminately showed our children’s pictures to any and everyone who cared to look? I wish I had the opportunity to have had my children’s pictures in a magazine when they were young. I was so proud and thought they were the cutest things in the world.

    As for selling something using a child’s image… well let’s see there’s Gerbers and Huggies (for shame) :roll: Let’s not forget those money grubbing opportunist that slap a child’s picture on millions of inserts to get me to buy a picture frame! (How dare they!)

    If you don’t like them, you don’t like them. It’s that simple. Some of these comments about them whoring their children are just ridiculous. Given a chance most parents would proudly display their children’s pictures to the world. 8)

  80. sad says:

    How’s this for brevity: They never said, ‘Please respect our privacy,’so stop making sh*t up. Not that they wouldn’t deserve privacy if a Paparazzi is breaking into their son’s school (which happened) or breaking onto their property (which happened twice) – just because they are movie stars who do pictorials, and have included their family doesn’t mean freaks get to accost them in their homes, or peek thru windows. If they want to share, that’s fine – they can control the pic, and distribute it. It’s not anything new for a movie star to be photographed at home with their kids (see the LIFE retrospective of Paul Newman and his family)you might like to squawk as if Brad & Angelina invented the practice but they didn’t (COUGH! Johnny Depp’s Vanessa Paradis breastfeeding COUGH!) – that doesn’t mean you get to scare their kids in the street by shoving a camera in their carrier or break into their house either. So settle down, and stop attacking people you’re just jealous of.

  81. RAN says:

    Look looney tune… I didn’t see anyone attack anyone – other than you. Methinks your screen name matches your life.

    Again, brevity – never hurt a soul

  82. sad says:

    How’s this? You’re a jealous LOSER, put down the haterade…’re right, that didn’t hurt at all – it felt quite good actually.

  83. RAN says:

    :lol: Whatever… your post says it all :roll:

  84. Spazz says:

    I feel that is a private pic.How much more money do they really need. There’s just some things just you can’t buy, but to them everything is up for sale. Now I’m only cutting up the fact of them selling pics of their lifes not how good of actors they are…Real sad!!!

  85. sasha_flower says:

    I totally agree with the post above in regards to private pics. One minute the Brangelina crew are thriving on the attention from the picture taking then the next minute they are wanting their privacy. Let’s see,it’s either one or the other and quite frankly I would rather see someone else other than them on the front of People magazine. I mean really,enough is enough. The only thing I could really say in regards to Angie breastfeeding and that is, I hope she is actually eating enough food to sustain breastfeeding twins. From what I have read in regards to breastfeeding( and I did it myself),you have to consume more calories in order to breastfeed. When I seen her on TV the other night promoting her new movie,she really looked one step shy of aneroxic to me. Also,I did read the latest article about her having a mommy tuck? What is with that,I mean really Jennifer Lopez had twins this year and looks great because she actually worked out and lost the weight on her own. Perhaps Brad should have hired a trainer for her….. :P

  86. Kaiser says:

    Well-written, logical posts are sometimes lost on those who see logic as an “attack” on their opinions, Sad. Buck up, and stick around! :P

  87. Mina says:

    I think its a beautiful portrait…nothin wrong with it.

  88. desktop says:

    People are people. They’ve been the same since the Garden. The only reason it seems worse these days is because every aspect of our lives is viewed under a media lens, like gnat sh*t magnified a thousand times.

  89. AMIT says:

    8O nothing new,you can see it anywhere in india,where mother feeding is ‘ amrat to child’and is promoted not like americans womens who dare to do so for the reason well knpwn to them [ maintaining figure] OR THIS CELEBRITY DOING OR SELLING PHOTOS FOR MONEY. :oops: CAN AMERICANS STOP SELLING THEIR PRIVATE MOMENTS WITH THEIR CLOSE ONES.
    Anjilina Jolie you have recently visited india when you where pregnant,should have taken some tips of women respect :idea:

  90. Codzilla says:

    Can we please banish the word “haterade” forever? It sounds like something a valley girl would say in 1987.

  91. Tasha says:

    I see nothing wrong with the subject of the cover though I do imagine that this type of discussion is exactly what the magazine was going for when they decided to make this the cover shot. She looks comfortable and content and the black and white gives the picture a rather classy feel. She’s not trying to be sexy or beautiful but the nature of the picture is beautiful in itself because it’s a beautiful and natural act of nature. Whether we agree with it being on the cover of a magazine or not is an entirely different issue from discussing how the cover turned out with this picture on it.

    Parents have a right to raise their children how they like so long as they’re not hurting their child so I’m not gonna judge them for selling pictures of their children to the public. However, I will criticize them for willingly selling pictures of their children and family and yet complaining about their lack of privacy. Brad even threatened legal action against razzi pics of his family. He’s condoning and taking part in the act of selling his childrens privacy for money and just because it goes to charity doesn’t excuse it. Where the money is going is irrelevant. The irresponsibility and hypocrisy lies in the fact that these two have personally made the decision on many occasions to willingly share their family with the public and have also taken it upon themselves to selfishly complain about the very thing which they have endorsed time and time again. Someone made reference to Will Smith. Will Smith has allowed his children to take on parts in movies and the eldest even co-starred in one of his music videos, but I have yet to see Will complain about the lack of privacy that his family gets. Given, Will isn’t as hounded as Brad and Angie but the razzi come with the territory of Hollywood and fame. I don’t agree with it but that’s how it is. If you feed sharks, they’ll keep coming back hungry. Brad and Angelina are only enabling all of the demands out there for candids and glimpses into their private lives and therefore, I think they have lost their right to complain about it. If you make the effort to keep your life private, then I can understand the complaints but in general, the most admirable type of celebrity is one who can keep their mouth shut yet still hold a high level of decorum in the midst of intrusion.

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