Angelina Jolie says “Obama would be great for my family”

The Huffington Post has details of Angelina Jolie’s interview in German Vanity Fair and it does contain the quotes that have been repeated in the British press that she likes to take a bath with Brad at night and the kids try to sneak in when they hear the water running. She also talks about the isolation of fame and of not being able to go out unnoticed and says she relies on her family for a sense of normalcy.

As for who she’s voting for she hasn’t officially endorsed anyone yet but she does have words of praise for Obama and says he would be great for her family. Angelina has refused to endorse a candidate in the past and while many thought she would back Obama she said she was reserving judgment. There was some mild speculation that she might favor McCain due to the fact that she has guns in the house and might look for a candidate who supports gun ownership. (Here is Obama’s position on gun ownership for those of you who are concerned about that issue.)

Angelina said in mid August “I am waiting to see the commitments [the candidates] will make on issues like international justice, refugees and how to address the needs of children in crisis around the world.”

It looks like Angelina was impressed with Obama’s positions on the causes that are important to her, as she told Vanity Fair that she appreciated his stance on the issues of international justice and genocide. She stopped short of saying who she was voting for though:

“Obama is fighting for international justice, he wants to intervene militarily in genocides abroad, and he wants to close down Guantanamo Bay. They are things which could move me to vote for him, not his roots. Of course, an American president like Barack Obama would be great for my family.”

But that isn’t “reason enough to vote for him.”

On being American:
“I am very proud of being American, and all my children have got American passports.

“For me, our family is just what America is – a melting pot, a mixture of many different races and nations,” she says. “My children should be proud of their Asian and African roots, but that in no way means [is] a lack of respect for the fact that they and their parents are Americans.”

[From Vanity Fair via The Huffington Post]

I filled out my first absentee ballot today and will be sending it in the mail Monday. If you haven’t registered to vote yet there still may be time in your state. You can visit RockTheVote and see if it’s still possible.

The Huffington Post has more of Angelina’s interview and it sounds like some her words were lost in translation.

On having twins:
“It’s a damned arduous business, and we are often simply whacked out because it is twice as hard with two babies as with one.

“But it also makes for double the fun. After we flew back from Europe, we were all suffering a bit from jetlag. We were all in bed early, but at half past four, they were awake and making a real racket.

“Brad took care of them. He said to me, ‘Go back to sleep, you’re back to work in the morning,’ and moved into the kids’ room with them. He is an astounding father, full of devotion.

“Every three hours they get hungry, then I have to satisfy them. But that’s OK, the two of them are totally sweet.

“When you see them, you think they were made for each other. They laugh together, they sniff each other, touch each other. It is beautiful.”

On her relationship:
“Sometimes, at the end of the day, we try to retire to the bathroom to be undisturbed. But then [the kids] hear the water running and want to come in and, yet again, we are all together. But that doesn’t disturb us because they are great kids.”

On fame:
“I would like to have more freedom, especially to have the chance to be more spontaneous with my kids.

“Would I like to be able to walk through the streets with my kids? Of course. Would I like to be able to wander around Manhattan and buy them an ice cream like other mothers? Of course. But it is not possible.

“On the other hand, every morning I wake up with the people who are the most dear to me in the whole world. That’s why I don’t feel isolated from that, which is important to me. It helps, of course, that Brad knows all about it, but he’s experienced it even more than me. We often talk about it and try to make the best of things. But I am very grateful for our life and everything that we have.”

[From Huffington Post]

That’s really sweet about the twins being so interested and in tune with each other. It sounds like Angelina is doing a lot of interviews but it also seems like the few that she does do get excerpted and repeated so much it’s hard to tell that a lot of her quotes are coming from the same source. There are also instances where she only says one or two minor things and it gets blown into a whole story like the Life and Style “How We Make it Work!” cover story. She does have a movie to promote.

I guess Roseanne Barr has to eat her words now.

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  1. daisy424 says:

    Headline a wee bit misleading?
    But that isn’t “reason enough to vote for him.” :roll:

  2. Susan says:

    “They laugh together, they sniff each other, touch each other.” Like seriously – how old are the tiwns now – 12 weeks. They laugh together? They sniff each other? Honestly if any other celebirty said this statement people would be laughing and the press would be making them look stupid. Sometimes I think she may be telling the truth about her family and then she says stuff like this. 12 week olds do not laugh together nor do they sniff each other.

  3. Baholicious says:

    CB I have to say this was a very well restrained article in many respects. It’s nobody’s business how anyone votes, but to put oneself out there in terms of political philosophy, which Brangelina does, and then withdraw opinion is not a good thing. You can’t throw out one way of being and believing and the pull it in at election time. Where do these people, or anybody, stand?

  4. Syko says:

    My kids all laughed at 12 weeks. As for sniffing, they didn’t have a buddy to sniff since they were all single births, so I can’t attest to that. But they do laugh and smile and make cooing noises.

  5. RaeJillian says:

    guess she learned with shiloh that people don’t like them being called blobs!

  6. Shane says:

    My sister had twins. Twins spend almost all of their time together as babies, except when they’re sleeping. The sniffing part is true.

  7. mindy says:

    she is full of crap – Angelina didn’t even know what the word genocide meant when asked by the high commission but said she’d check into it – then reported back that there was NO incidence of genocide. Now, it comes out that there WAS and IS! She’s an idiot! Also, notice that whenever she and Brad are having problems, she opens her mouth to anyone that will listen to tell them how much Brad loves her and how wonderful he is to her.
    She’s full of crap!

  8. mindy says:

    Cindy McCain has spent over a decade giving of herself – yes, MUCH MORE TIME AND MONEY than Angelina herself. Of course, MANY people donate more than Angelina, they just don’t brag about it.

  9. MomOfTwins says:

    “It’s a damned arduous business, and we are often simply whacked out because it is twice as hard with two babies as with one.”

    When this lady gets up at 4:30 in the morning, carpools to a office job, which she also brings her twins to, works 9+ hours while taking care of her babies, gets home after an hour of traffic, cooks dinner, makes lunches and gets the babies to bed all while exclusively breastfeeding then I’ll listen to her “oh it’s hard” tale. At 12 weeks, my girls would laugh, touch and snuggle with each other ~ I’ll give her that.

  10. doodahs says:

    It’s interesting how the media can help create antagonists and protagonists out of celebrities…. I’m noticing that celebrity magazines seem to wait with baited breath on Angelina’s opinions on everything these days. I get that she is a very interesting and strong woman but Mother Teresa still can’t get her sainthood, even in death…. just sayin’

  11. Kaiser says:

    @Mindy – Uhhh… did you confuse Angelina Jolie with some Sudanese official? Please check and re-check for real information and statements on Jolie’s activites as goodwill ambassador.

    And regarding Cindy McCain – I do think Cindy “brags” about her work with non-profits, and “brags” about her adoption of a Bangdeshi orphan – see The Republican Convention.

    Angelina never endorsed Obama before, and I don’t expect her to do so now. As an advocate, she has to work with whoever gets elected, regardless of party.

  12. Cheyenne says:

    @Mindy: The only time Brad and Angie had “problems” was when the tabloids invented them. The tabloids make up whatever bullshit trolls like you want to hear, so you will buy their magazines. What they’re doing is taking advantage of you, selling you lies and taking your money, but you’re too dumb to see it. One thing I’ve noticed about trolls in general is that, on the average, they tend not to be very bright.

  13. Orangejulius says:

    I just want her shoes…

  14. sandy says:

    Kaiser- How do you explain that you adopted without sounding like you are bragging? It’s a wonderful gift to a child from Bangladesh.
    I would NEVER accuse someone of “bragging” for doing non-profit work, being a special-ed teacher for children with disabilities, founding voluntary medical teams for war-torn third world countries and adopting. 8O
    You should be proud of her contributions to this world not trying to diminish them.

  15. MB Travis says:

    This couple is lovely and enlightened enough that they do not need you to defend them. Remember that they’re real people and, as such, may occasionally make less-than-perfect statements. The overwhelming defensiveness on these threads does a disservice to a bright, young family that will struggle as all families do. To assume they are perfect and should never be criticized is an insult to the sincerity of their goals. Let them be human. You don’t have to jump up with shining swords every time someone has a negative reaction.

  16. someone says:

    Nothing Angelina says would influence my vote…most of what I hear come out of her mouth is nonsense anyway..why does she tell the world about her and Brad bathing together???isn’t that a private time..but then again she pimps out her kids for the green, so why not her and Brad?

  17. dumdee says:

    sometimes, the things she says can be very “blonde”. well, what more to expect from an air head like her?

  18. Jacqueline says:

    criticism criticism criticism – think I would find that part of celebrity the most difficult to bear.
    Angelina is very spontaneous and ‘open’ – I dont think she feels it’s too intimate to speak about the bathing together, after all many couples do this and it is normal – then again, she would naturally attempt to defend their committment together against all the trying-to-sell-magazines-by-inventing-discord-gossip-headlines.
    Probably written into film contracts that you have to do interviews etc. to promote the films – and this is their bread-and-butter income; it isn’t cheap to HAVE TO employ security staff.

  19. drm says:

    @Susan I have twins and at 12 weeks they were laughing together and smelling each other and really tuned in to each other’s existence. THey are 14 now and inseperable, they are amazing and the bond they have is both hard to define and equally impossible to deny.

    Unless you have had twins yourself or are one you have NO idea.

  20. Mairead says:

    Thanks for a very measured post MB Travis – you make excellent points very well.

    But, I’m not quite ready to sheath my sword on two things ;)

    Mindy – you made a confused and confusing sweeping statement there – please provide a link to a reputable news item where she states that no incidents of genocide (ever?) occurred.

    Re Mother Theresa – there is a formal process for Canonisation in the Catholic Church – which normally starts with a local recommendation for veneration then after a minimum of 5 years with Beatification after their death and/or attribution of known and accepted miracles to that person or their relics. This is unless the person was a martyr, e.g. Fr. Maximillian Kolbe in WW2.

    Eventually after further processes, the person may become Canonised. Mother Theresa was a remarkable woman, but she was not a martyr and as she took a vow of obedience, she would have accepted the process as set out – which kinda means you should too.

    BUT Mother Theresa did not – she was Beatified merely 6 years after her death!

    Pope John Paul II did come under some severe flack for changing the rules in 1983 and fast-tracking some beatifications and attributions of sainthood. Most notably the Beatification of Rev. Josémaria Escriva de Balaguer, founder of the ultra-conservative (and worrying) sect Opus Dei who was Beatified 17 years after his death.

  21. Kaiser says:

    @Sandy – My emphasis on “brag” was to Mindy (who used it, or did you not read that?), because Mindy thinks that by diminishing Angelina’s work and family, and blatantly lying about Angelina’s record as an advocate for refugees, women and children, she makes Cindy McCain sound better.

    I do admire Cindy’s work and family. And I admire Angelina’s work and family. It’s not either/or. To be patronizing right back to you, YOU should be proud of BOTH of their accomplishments as women and Americans and not try to diminish either.

  22. PJ says:

    Please! These interviews are not spontaneous. Angelina has to prepare for her media interviews just like she has to learn her lines for a film role.

    Knowing the media will ask about the kids, her PR people probably prep her by asking: “Tell us some anecdotes about your twins.” They listen and then discuss which anecdotes are the cutest and most quotable, and edit out any that don’t fit into the image of the perfect family she wants to portray.

    By the way–isn’t Maddox getting a little old to be joining them in the bathtub?

  23. sandy says:

    I am very proud of AJ and Cindy McCain -and anyone else that works so hard for their causes. To clarify, I didn’t say anything about AJ (whom I love). I thought you were busting on Cindy and I was defending her (CM).

  24. pamela says:

    I see the “hate brigade” is out in force today. :roll:

    Give it a rest people. As the old adage goes, “if you dont have anything good to say, don’t say anything”. You berating them everyday is not affecting their lives. TRUST.

  25. pamela says:


    You have given me the best laugh of the day. You cannot believe what you just wrote. Angelina Jolie being prepped for an interview? So was she prepped also when you all give her all that grief for the “blob” comment? (which she didn’t say by the way, the reporter did). Since when can a mother not talk about her children?

    You can’t have it both ways. Either she is prepped, and gives flawless interviews, or she gives off-the-cuff interviews, which then can be picked apart, and discussed ad nauseam.

  26. MomOfTwins says:

    Pamela ~
    I’m only pointing out the obvious but your fierce support and love for them is not affecting their lives either. TRUST.

  27. RAN says:

    MomOfTwins, you’ve made me laugh :lol: , and you’re absolutely correct.

    In addition, just for the record, the blob comment WAS made by the lady herself… not the reporter. Facts first people…

  28. pamela says:

    MomOfTwins, eh, I don’t think I addressed you at any time, either today or ever. :?:

  29. Cheyenne says:

    @dumdee #17: “Airheads” don’t get nominated to join the Council on Foreign Relations.

  30. daisy424 says:

    Momoftwins, because Angelina doesn’t have the struggle you described doesn’t mean she isn’t credible and sincere.
    You sound jealous of her lifestyle :roll:

  31. Kaiser says:

    Pamela, sounds like you just outed “MomofTwins” and “PJ” as the same person.

    CB, can we get a banning in here?

    TRUST. :x

  32. Kaiser says:

    @RAN – No, the “blob” comment was made by the Elle reporter first, then Angie repeated it. Fact.

  33. Celebitchy says:

    Mom of Twins and PJ are not the same person. I checked and there’s no way they’re the same person. They also both always use the same nick that they’re using now.

  34. Kaiser says:

    Then why in the world are they answering like the same person? :roll:

    No sense whatsoever.

  35. pamela says:

    Kaiser, I thought so. For a minute I thought I was losing my mind, and had to go back to read my comment.

    They never fail to provide comic relief. :lol:

  36. Kaiser says:

    Laughter through the tears. :cry: :lol: :cry:

  37. MomOfTwins says:

    Hardly Daisy. I’d just like see her walk a mile in a average moms shoes, then I wouldn’t roll my eyes when she says twins are hard. A mom that doesn’t have nannies, chefs and millions in the bank, knows what hard work is.

    BTW, it’s not a struggle. It’s my life & I love it. It’s a challenge I was blessed with & I’m kicking it’s arse everyday.

  38. MomOfTwins says:

    whoa… I click submit & there’s this whole “we just outed her” thing going on.
    Sorry Pamela, I didn’t know we had to wait to be addressed. Next time I will raise my hand and wait to be called upon. :roll:
    Didn’t realize this was such a clicky group that abhors outside opinions. There’s more to life than celebitchy ladies. TRUST

  39. pamela says:

    Angie has always said that she knows she has it easier than other mothers, and never fail to give them kudos. All she is stating is that twins are exhausting, and I imagine they are, no matter who you are.

  40. pamela says:

    Oh for crying out loud, stop being so damn sensitive. It seemed very suspicious, and if I had done the same, you would have called me out on it.

    And do you think saying TRUST after every post is mocking me. You just come across as immature. :roll:

  41. pamela says:

    Kaiser, I am beginning to see a pattern here. There are certain posters here that are trying to give me a hard time, but they are wasting their time. I am from NYC, it takes more than a few digruntled people to rile me. I can give as good as I get.

    So petty.

  42. Cheyenne says:

    @PJ #22:
    Angie’s “publicist” doesn’t prep her for any interviews, for the simple reason that Angie doesn’t have a publicist, and never did.

  43. geronimo says:

    Ditto Pamela @ 6:40. Some of the arguments against AJ here are beyond pathetic.

    She’s NOT an average mother, she can only comment on motherhood from her own ‘non-average’ perspective. What’s she supposed to do to please you lot? Give away all her money and live in some dingy council tower block? But you wouldn’t like that either, would you, since she’d only be doing it for attention. :roll:

  44. boobz says:

    Yeah, Angelina is not like Brad Pitt. She has NEVER had a publicist telling her what to say or what to do like Brad Pitt does. She does her own PR and she’s damn good at it. lmao :lol:

  45. pamela says:

    geronimo, If they took the time to read her interviews, They wouldn’t have these knee-jerk reponses.

    But who the hell am I kidding, they still would, for the mere fact it’s Angie. I swear there is a “cottage industry” just to hate on her. What the hell has this woman ever done to these people. Actors and actresses do interviews all the time when promoting their upcoming movies, and they are not over-analysed like this woman. Somebody should do a thesis on this. This is messed up.

  46. pamela says:

    geronimo, to get a little personal, are you posting from England? I lived there for a year, and I remember the cute little idioms. Also, coming from the West Indies, I recognise a similarity in spelling.

    Hope you dont think I am being intrusive.

  47. MomOfTwins says:

    For pete’s sake. I am not following you around giving you a hard time, grow up. I made one comment stating the obvious and you turned it into an issue. Sorry if it hurt your feelings to realize your love and support for her doesn’t mean squat. Must every comment about her be how wonderful she is or rushing to her defense? Can we not have different opinions? Carry on with your lovefest, you “fans” are to much for me.

  48. Kaiser says:

    Geronimo, Pamela: Do.Not.Feed.The.Trolls.

    (Who am I kidding? I’m a constant troll-feeder. I can’t help it, sometimes their lies piss me off.)

  49. Cheyenne says:

    @Ran You want facts first? Here you go:

    Angelina: “I think I feel so much more for Madd and Zee because they’re survivors, they came through so much. Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born. I have less inclination to feel for her…I met my other kids when they were 6 months old, they came with a personality. A newborn really is this…”

    Elle reporter: “A blob?”

    Angelina: “Yes, a blob! But now she’s starting to have a personality…I’m conscious that I have to make sure I don’t ignore her needs, just because I think the others are more vulnerable.”

    It was the reporter who first threw out the blob term; Angie simply agreed with her. Don’t believe everything you read in Lies & Shit Magazine.

  50. geronimo says:

    Pamela – yes, London! Was it the ‘dingy little council tower block’ that gave me away?! And yeah, logic plays no part at all in whatever it is that’s going on here.

  51. pamela says:

    Kaiser, I suppose their lives get meaning by tearing someone else down. I would hate to live like that. :(

  52. pamela says:

    Oh geronimo, GOOD OLD LONDON TOWNE!! I totally enjoyed my time there — was living with good old Dad. When I left I think I was a pro at finding all the best shopping.

    I am promising myself a trip back before too long, as I have lots of relatives living there.

  53. Cheyenne says:

    @Pamela #46: What has Angelina done to these people? She has the insufferable gall to be not only beautiful and sexy, but smart, savvy, well-read and confident, and to add insult to injury, she snagged the hottest hunk in Hollywood right after he walked out on his insufferably insecure, controlling and demanding airhead of a wife. She’s the nemesis of every scorned, lonely, bitter, spiteful, jealous hag on the planet. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them out there.

  54. pamela says:

    Cheyenne, couldn’t have said it better.

    Today is such a downer from yesterday, when a good time was had by all. :(
    But there is always tomorrow, right guys?

    I have to run out for a bit, (stupid errands) :lol: but will check in later to see who is on.

    Bye for now, and Kaiser, geronimo et al, please have my back, :lol: you know how sneaky they are.

  55. daisy424 says:

    Momoftwins; Good for you for kicking “it’s” ass.

    Having millions in the bank doesn’t mean AJ’s clueless and doesn’t know struggle. Your assumption.
    That would be like me saying you don’t know what hard work was because I have more kids or worked longer hours. Which I do :D

    btw, you opened this can…

  56. Boobz says:

    The women must be blind if they think he’s the hottest hunk in hollywood. is it his leather skin, botoxed plastic appearance, or the hairplugs that turn you on? :roll:

    He is the most overrated man and unlike Angelina I am afraid he believes his own Hype

  57. Mairead says:

    Ahhh Daisy – you kinda read my mind there. Some people would say that Momoftwins was lucky to have a job to go to and a home to get up at 4.30am in the morning in. Some others would do anything to have the opportunity to have children to stress over, full stop.

    Does that mean that her opinion of hard work in dealing with twins are now nullified because she’s better off than jobless or homeless parents? Of course not.

    It would be like if MomOfTriplets or MomOfQuads turned up and said “Pfffrt – try dealing with 3/4/5 babies at once and then I’d find your tales of being an average multiple mom more seriously”

    But lads, could we ease up on the ould “They’re the same person” business. We’re galloping headlong into the realms of witch-hunting. It isn’t helping our case for putting forward logical explainations, if we’re insisting on being illogical at every turn. Can we let CB do her job of monitoring IPs? :wink:

    Ran, I know we’re always going to be on the opposite sides of the fence on this issue – but the BADettes are right on this one, I’m afraid. :wink:

    And geronimo – whatcha on about scutty council estates for? Sure aren’t English Heritage Listing some of them now? :lol: :P

  58. RAN says:

    Hey Mairead… I wouldn’t have commented on that “fact” if I hadn’t seen the interview myself… I didn’t read it and I didn’t hear it second hand – it came straight from AJ’s lips on some Dateline or 60 Minute special. I was apalled at the time, but I didn’t think much of it until the ensuing brouhahaha over the comment – primarily because I could understand what she meant – newborn babies don’t really offer much in the way of entertainment, they just grow on you and their personalities develop. Having said that, I wouldn’t have used the word choices she used to describe mine or any other kids. However to say Angelina NEVER said it and then try to quote a news article about it to further prove the fact, is ridiculous and naive…

    As usual, you are one of the most level set individuals on here… I have greatly missed your perspectives! We haven’t crossed paths in a while. In any event, I’m not saying the defenders are right – because I think some of them are more than a little loopy, but then again, the absolute dislike for this celebrity is ridiculous too. MOT made me laugh because I’m sick of the insults levied against these people who disagree and the fact that she shows spunk made me laugh. Just like reading your spunky comments usually make me laugh :wink:

    Thank you CB for chiming in about the stupid comments insinuating that people are signing in multiple times as one person. That’s really a tired argument and one not worthy of noticing any longer.

  59. Gracie says:

    When speaking of international justice, she should ask Kenya’s people what they thought about Obama helping out Odinga.

  60. Cheyenne says:

    @boobz #58 When Brad was with the ex, he looked like a plastic doll playing Ken to her Barbie. Is that what turned you on? He’s no boytoy any more, he’s a grown man pushing 45 with six children to look after, and for a guy his age, he looks damn good.

  61. Cheyenne says:

    @daisy424 #57: Whatever Angelina is, she’s far from clueless and she’s seen struggle firsthand. Unlike a lot of people who throw money at their favorite charity and don’t want to get their hands dirty, she’s been out in the field and seen it up close and personal. I think what she’s seen has made her more appreciative of what she has. She gives a third of it away every year.

  62. Moderator says:

    MomOfTwins and PJ are not the same commenter. There is no doubt of that.

    However, upon further investigation, MomOfTwins was discovered to have used several different names, interchanging them often.

    It is stated clearly in the comment agreement that using more than one alias is a bannable offense, and action has been taken in this case.

  63. Mairead says:

    Ahhh – that does put a complexion on things because I remember it as being a quote derived from a print interview in a European magazine.

    I might see if I can find that interview on YouTube (I don’t have satellite telly, so I don’t get to see much of the American news channels at the moment – I don’t think I’ve ever watched Dateline). But my 3G modem is being really slow and constantly dropping the connection so… :roll:

    And thanks for the nice words RAN – I was out of the country for most of the past few weeks, I just lurked when I could :twisted:

  64. daisy424 says:

    Welcome back from holiday Mairead, hope you had fun :-) Great points btw
    Thanks CB Moderator I appreciate your effort :wink:
    Cheyenne; You’re preaching to the choir, I’m a BADette.

  65. RAN says:

    Well, the only thing I can say Mairead is WELCOME BACK! :D You’ve been missed a great deal :)

    I’ll see if I can find anything on Youtube for you. As you know though… I’m not a fan, so the date escapes me but it had to be around the time Shiloh was about 6 months old or less. How old is she now?

    And DANG IT CB Moderator! I’m fooled again! :wink: I never seem to pick these people out, but then again I guess I don’t care enough about multiple opinions to care if people post multiple times. I’m sure you will find a hotbed of those types on these links – this woman and Jennifer Aniston seem to bring out a ton of opinions. Certainly wouldn’t hurt to check out a few here today. Some people just can’t be satisfied with their own opinion, they feel the need to change others and “gang up”

  66. Boobz says:

    cheyenne, I have NEVER been turned on by Brad pitt the faker. he is too phony for me and not good looking. I am still flabbergasted as to why Angelina Is with him.

    At this point I can only chalk it up to her being STUCK.

    Can you imagine the crapola she would receive if she dumped him? from my point of view she has to either wait for him to dump her or cheat on her .

  67. Cheyenne says:

    @ Boobz #68. You’re assuming Angelina wants out of the relationship. Why would she? He’s supportive, encouraging, he loves her and he’s a wonderful father to their children. He may not look like a Ken doll any more, but I don’t think that’s important to her. She doesn’t want a boy toy, she wants a man. She found a man in Brad.

    Brad to Larry King on CNN last year: “The greatest gift I could give my children is Angelina for their mother.”

  68. caribassett says:

    I do not understand why they are still dating? Are they anti marriage?

  69. vdantev says:

    As always, suck it haters. Suck it long and suck it hard.

  70. PJ says:

    I am not Mom of Twins! I’m not even a mom. Maybe that’s why I have difficulty relating to perfect Angie and her family…

    Anyway, one of the reasons I like Celebitchy is because it is irreverent yet still respectful. CB doesn’t fawn over celebs but doesn’t dis them either, unlike other blogs.

  71. Anony says:

    The plot thickens:)

    Speaking of banned peeps, what the hey happened to that one ‘regular’ on here named snow …something? Snow…help me i forget now what the full name was. Sounded American Indian sort of..
    she had a marilyn monroe avie I think. She was on dlisted saying she was banned from here! Yowza i missed the action. Anyway thanks moderator. not sure why anyone needs to post under different names here. Makes no sense. Eh. :?

  72. PJ says:

    By the way, no need to change your name if you want to post more than once, right? I have posted twice in a row occasionally. It’s happened when I finished one post and then thought of something else I wanted to say. Just like this! :-)

  73. pamela says:

    Mairead, I can guarantee, that there is nothing on Youtube with Angelina calling Shiloh a “blob”, you will not find it anywhere. The only time that quote is attributed to her is from that magazine article. Angie has not done Dateline or 60 minutes since she has had Shiloh. I have seen all of her interviews since Shi, and she has NEVER said that on any of them. Again, in the article the interviewer made the comment first, and she agreed.

    The celebrity who I read also referred to her baby as a “blob” was Gwen Steffani. I did not hear her, nor did I read her saying that. But I read on a blog she did, so take it for what its worth.

    Not to belabor a point, I just wanted to set the record straight. :lol:

  74. Boobz says:

    I wouldn’t know if he’s supportive , encouraging, or a good father because I don’t live with them. Do you? All I see are the staged Photo-ops he calls the paparazzi for and that to me is not enough evidence of a good father. Giving W magazine pix of Angelina and the children weeks after Angelina gave birth? Yeah, he’s really great. NOT!

  75. RAN says:

    When setting the record straight Pamela, be sure you have the facts. Just because your idol worship does not allow you to see the facts of life, does not mean they do not exist. If you’re calling me a liar, you’d better take note, I’ve got far better things to do than make up crap just to “make a point”. But then…that’s your MO isn’t it?

    **Edit – Yes, PJ — you’re more than welcome to post more than once, I don’t think there’s a limit… just take note of this thread alone :)

  76. RAN says:

    Mairead, ok… I’ve spent far too much time looking for that video this evening! I am bored with it now, but will continue looking when I have a little more time. However, here’s a RELIABLE link that quotes the actress herself – not the interviewer supplying the ‘text’/comment. Now that I think about it, I may spend a few more minutes because I found this source on Fox News so the video may be there.,2933,242537,00.html

    And here’s another interesting video I ran across in my meanderings – not relevant, but interesting anyway :wink:

  77. Cheyenne says:

    @caribassett, #70: “Dating”? They are living together and have six children together, three by birth and three by adoption. I don’t understand why people are so anxious for them to get married. Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have been in a relationship for years and have at least one child together, and never married. Kurt Russell has been with Goldie Hawn for decades now and they have never married. Nobody rags on them for not getting married, so what’s with the double standard?

    Marriage is not a proof of love nor is it a proof of a lasting relationship, as Jennifer Aniston knows all too well.

  78. Cheyenne says:

    @ boobz, #75: The heavens haven’t fallen yet and hell hasn’t broken loose, so I am assuming Brad gave those pictures to W magazine with Angelina’s full knowledge and consent.

  79. pamela says:

    ^^^ Cheyenne, You think? :lol:

    And they want them to get married, so they can then start the chant that they are getting divorced. :roll: Go figure right?

  80. caribassett says:

    @ cheyanne

    I asked a question. I did not rag on anyone, at all. There is a large movement that is anti-marriage, and I was curious if they were also anti-marriage.

    In future i will ask your permission before posting a question, okay majesty?

  81. Anony says:

    WEIRD. I asked what happened to a certain regular poster (hint who had marilyn monroe as an avie) and it goes into the moderated vortex. Nice comment black hole. So weird it’s like an Eastern Block country in here can’t.say.the.wrong.thing. Ugh. :evil:

  82. Moderator says:

    Comments can go to moderation by any word that trips the filter. There is nothing to be done about that.

    The Moderator clears moderated comments as soon as they are aware of them, however they are not in front of the computer 24/7.

    Your patience and understanding would be appreciated.

  83. Kaiser says:


    Thanks for your investigation, CB Moderator. Your efforts are appreciated by at least one commenter (ME!!!). :lol: I’m dying to know what other names “MomofTwins” was using!

    @Mairead – When is it not a good time for ZOMG MCCARTHYISM? :P Also loved the “MomofQuads” joke.

    @Pamela – I love all of my BADette sisters, but girl, you’ve been IN THE PRESENCE OF SAINT JOLIE. You, out of all of us, should follow the cardinal rule: Do.Not.Feed.The.Trolls. :D

  84. popo says:

    Some like her, Some don’t. Would the ones who like her please deal with her facts a tiny bit better.She is a pathological liar. Now deal. Most narcissists are.

  85. vdantev says:

    She is a pathological liar. Now deal.

    A bold statement with no basis in fact. Or based on what, may I ask? Your assumptions? She didn’t name your candidate of choice ?

  86. Cheyenne says:

    @popo #86: Specifically, what did she lie about? Now please don’t trot out that tired old canard that she lied about never wanting to have children. Before she met Brad she didn’t want to have any. After she met him, she did. Funny how love can alter your perceptions, isn’t it?

    Now bring on whatever you’ve got. Exactly what did she lie about? Put up or shut up.

  87. aleach says:

    you all are scary sometimes… 8O

  88. vdantev says:

    Defending rather than always tearing down is very unpopular these days, Aleach.

  89. pamela says:

    :lol: Kaiser, I promise I will “try” Not.To.Feed.The.Trolls. especially after being in the presense of La Jolie.

    But seriously, this tired accusation that her fans get up in arms when she is criticized is so ridiculous. I dont expect everyone to like her, and i dont think any of her other fans expect that either. What annoys me is the continuous picking-apart of everything she says and does. She is promoting a movie, and is doing interviews for said movie. She will be asked questions about her family life, like every other celebrity, and like every other celebrity, she answers and give little snippets of her life with her man and their children. What is so wrong about that?

    By the way, I dont “idolize” anyone. Never have, never will. I have tremendous admiration and respect for her, and think she is a beautiful person inside and out. No one else has to feel the same, your choice. But the on-going slanderous accusations are becoming tiring. It seems that everyone who have ever met her, have nothing but wonderful things to say about her. That says a lot.

  90. Codzilla says:

    Anony: My response to your comment about a bygone poster was in moderation for a while, and has now completely disappeared. Oh, the controversy!