Pink has experimented, but isn’t a “permanent” lesbian

There have been questions about Pink’s sexuality since she burst on to the music scene in 2001.  Speculation that she was a lesbian seemed to lessen, but never go away, when she married Motorcross champ Carey Hart in 2006 but intensified again when they divorced earlier this year.  In a recent interview, Pink gives a little insight into the rumors.

The ‘So What’ singer – who split from her husband Carey Hart earlier this year – has had flings with women in the past, but would never completely give up men.

She said: “I’m not gay so I guess I would not try a relationship with a woman. I didn’t say I haven’t experimented but I love men too much to make it a permanent thing.”

[From 92.9 Entertainment]

Now, that that’s cleared up, we can move on to more important details of Pink’s life.  The rock star has never been on a date, with a man or woman, and she doesn’t want to start now.  She feels there’s too much pressure in the formal dating act and prefers to just relax.

She said: “I meet boys all over the place. It’s just that I don’t ever go on dates. I have never been on a date. I don’t believe in that, it has to be organic. A barbecue, a show or whatever. I have never met anybody in a bar.”

However, Pink also revealed she has a number of friends who are attempting to persuade her to start dating.

She added: “Lately I have been hearing from a lot of people, like married couples, who have met in a bar. I’m always amazed. So maybe that is where I am going wrong.”

[From 92.9 Entertainment]

In classic overshare that plagues celebrities and delights gossip mongers, when asked what she misses most about ex-husband Carey Hart, Pink answered, “I really loved my husband’s penis. It was really pretty.”

You’re pushing it, Pink.

Pink is shown performing on “Live at MuchMusic” at CTV in Toronto, Canada on 09/22/08. Credit: Robin Wong / PR Photos

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  1. Pont Neuf says:

    Besides the fact that she has admitted that she’s had ‘encounters’ with women in the past (quite frankly, who cares? We’re not in the mid-19th Century and it is her life, not somebody else’s; she can do whatever she wants), I have to wonder whether Pink said that she’s never been on a date to seem more interesting. I find it hard to believe that she’s never, ever been in that sort of situation… How does she get to start knowing people, then?

    As for the ‘penis’ comment, normally I would have said ‘oh, she’s such a classy lady! but, then again, Pink is as refined as a concrete and gravel sandwich, so I guess that this sort of rough, unconventional behaviour does suit her.

  2. RaeJillian says:

    i think it in interesting that she still calls him her husband. my sister would die before she’d call her ex that, she hardly speaks of him as her ex-husband. i think there are still a lot of feelings there!

  3. MomOfTwins says:

    Ok, so that was a classic overshare but hearing every detail, down to when they bathe, about Angelina Joile is awesome? This site confuses me.

  4. Pont Neuf says:

    MomOfTwins, that’s because Saint Mary Magdalene Reincarnate doesn’t overshare. She illuminates us with her shameless using of other people’s suffering to promote herself and dazzles us with the details of her unbelievably hard life as the first woman to become a mother in this planet, and a multi-millionaire (poor, poor Mary Magdalene Reincarnate!).

    Also, she tells us how the world should function in spite of the fact that she has demonstrated to be quite ignorant regarding political and economic matters. Bono and her should marry and have a bunch of ignorant, pedantic babies together.

    Also, mortals, of course, don’t understand the fine art of hiring a really good team of publicists and pleasing your obsessive fans, who hate that big-nosed woman from ‘Friends’ because, oh horror! She hasn’t adopted several orphaned children that she demurely exhibits whenever it is convenient for her to do so. Also, she is a loser because she couldn’t keep Brad Pitt!

    So much for feminism… :roll:

  5. MomOfTwins says:

    Pont Neuf ~ LMAO For a second there I thought you were serious & my cheerios almost came back up. Nice one :wink:

  6. heehee says:

    She meets people through work or other situations that would allow her regular contact with someone so she can get to know them in normal (“orgainc”) settings.
    I’m the same way; Im 25 and Ive only been on 2 dates and I HATED it. I prefer no pressure real life settings through people I can meet in my circle. SHes touring all the time and busy Im sure she can meet many more people then the typical person can, very easily.
    Its just this societies thing, to make people see so rigidily that only one thing is correct or normal that people begin to question whether anything else can even work or is “normal” or “healthy” or not.

  7. jennifer says:

    Woah, I thought that was a picture of Pink at the top of this post, not Angelina Jolie – I gotta get to the optometrist asap, BBL… 8O

  8. Rosanna says:

    Pont Neuf, she is a looser because she whines all days and leaks news of where she is going and what she is doing to paparazzi. Brad Pitt has ZERO to do with that. I’ve never EVER understood even her being hired for playing Rachel, let alone Brad Pitt marrying her. I thought he was a bimbo and I still think so, because it’s crystal clear to see how problematic Aniston is.

  9. sad says:

    Don’t worry Jennifer, ‘The Angelina,’ has put a spell on so many people, they even talk about her in OTHER people’s threads.

    Also Pont Neuf, I have to disagree, ‘The Angelina,’ does not “tell us how the world should function,” she shares with us, what she has learned on her life’s journey, and she invites us to take our own.

    Please. Take your own journey Ms. Neuf, you can even call it ‘Notes from a Message Board,’ sell a trillion copies like Jolie has, and give all the profits to ‘celebitchy.’ Do something, ANYTHING! – except piss, b*tch and moan about actresses promoting films. I’m fairly certain, at some point I’ve seen other actors come out with interviews, photo shoots, and do talk shows when their films are releasing. Yeah – I’m pretty sure Angelina didn’t invent the practice. She’s just more famous than others, so whatever she does is blasted and duplicates and replicated 1000 times over via web, tv, and magazines. Not really her fault. Though it might be yours Pont Neuf for bringing her name up in threads and places that have sh*t to do with her – it also speaks to your overall obsession.

    Also, when YOU become a UN Global Humanitarian Award Recipient, and a member of the ‘Council on Foreign Relations,’ we might want to hear about your journeys also – let us know.

    As for her ‘ignorance,’ “re political and economic matters” that you assert? Um, I beg to disagree. I’d wager she knows a lot more than the current VP candidate Sara Palin. Not that that’s no mean feat. For instance, Jolie sits on the board of the ‘Millenium Project,’ headed by Dr Jeffrey Sachs which to date has created fully functioning revenue generating economies in what were impoverished Third World regions.

    But let’s say she didn’t, why are you so concerned with what Jolie ‘knows’ economically? Do you also require Jen Aniston to speak of the intricasies of the National Debt from time to time? Don’t hold your breath on that one? A good tanning bed? Yes. OPEC and gas gouging. Um, no.

    But I understand, there’s a slightly different and double standard for Jolie – which amounts to, YOU hating ‘beautiful’ girls Pont Neuf. It’s okay.

    Oh, and Angelina has no PR agent or PR agency. Which makes her really really REALLY smart. That’s 15% of whatever gross net she bags, and which would have been going to some ‘imagemaker,’ that is instead going to save a few more dying Third World children, and building the homes in New Orleans that your tax dollars and government has refused to.

    Not that you care or anything…. :cry:

    …yeah, like you, I’m under her spell too. But I use MY obsession for good, and not evil. :D


  10. jess says:

    @momoftwins….. the difference is that “taking a bath together” is romantic and clean
    “his penis was pretty” is crude and vulgar. no one would say anything if she said something like “giving each other full body massages before bed once a week” its all about context and delivery.

    @the not being on dates things. i agree that dates SUCK and are awkward on many levels, but thats only with people that you are just getting to know. my bf and i go on dates all the time, so do my parents. its fun!

  11. sad says:

    Oh, and what I meant to say was, PINK ROCKS!!

  12. geronimo says:

    *shrug* Don’t really see this as an overshare. It IS Pink after all and describing his penis as pretty is hardly a crime. Although Carey might prefer if she’d added ‘big’ to the pretty. :wink:

    Agree, RaeJillian, definitely still some feelings there to speak so affectionately about her ex.

  13. Codzilla says:

    It’s “loser”, not “looser”. That shit drives me nuts. (Doesn’t take much, I’ll admit.) :evil:

  14. Tia says:

    Heard she loves the vjayjay ALOT !!! Go Pink.. :)

  15. vdantev says:

    Pink always gave off that lezzie vibe anyway, so I don’t know why this is suddenly a revelation. She’s very butch.

    And whomever keeps injecting AJ into every thread should be strangled.

  16. xiaoecho says:

    Uh oh, Pont Neuf you’ve done it now! You showed less than slavish adoration of the Holy Mother! If you thought there were a lot of Catholics, you haven’t seen how many worshipers at the pedicured feet of the Holy Mother there are at CeleBitchy. Better watch your back; every time you squeak – regardless of the subject – your views will be villified and your character assasinated —-while the rest of the backsliders watch on, thankful it isn’t them

    sad……you need to get de-programmed, girl

  17. ff says:

    Come on, I can avoid the AJ/JA threads but putting it in topics that aren’t even related to her? Please stop.

    I just makes you look as if you’re saying it here because no one will read it in the appropriate threads. Go figure.

  18. desktop says:

    This reminds me of a quote by Walt Kelly, “Women aren’t as mere as they used to be.”

    Unfortunately, he is correct.

  19. poopie says:

    cannot let SAD’s remark about how big lips jolie is helping to rebuild houses in n. orleans comment go…. because she LIVES there and strolls to the store to buy cheetos she is HELPING TO REBUILD??? and the govt does NOT owe you anything by the way… here in TX after IKE, you don’t hear all the whining about WHERE’S FEMA? WHERE IS THE GOVT TO GIVE ME BACK MY HOUSE… we stand on our own and after a storm MUCH worse than katrina, are rebuilding without demanding that the govt make it all better….

  20. kate says:

    i remember her giving an interview a few years back where she said she didn’t give her husband oral sex cause she thought it was gross and also she doesn’t get on top cause she is “too lazy”. i think i know more about pink’s sex life than my own…can she shut up now? please?

  21. Cletus says:

    Okay, TOTALLY OFF THE SUBJECT but I must weigh in. Poopie, right on about the weeping over Katrina crapping all over New Orleans– you know Ocean Springs in MS was wiped off the map practically but people in MS suck it up and went on. Where I live in the panhandle we’re STILL coming back from Ivan- we got seriously hosed. But I have to say that I disagree that the government doesn’t owe us anything… we NEEDED Fema, and we (like you) deserve help from our government. Our ruling body is tore up from the floor up, but it IS supposed to be an advocate for its citizens. I’m just saying.

  22. Mad:) says:

    she’s just a lovestruck celebrity that cant make up her mind, plus she has her own personal life, let her live it! you got guts pink keep rockin it!:)

  23. Well, to me, no matter she is lesbian or bisexual, she is not hot anyway.

  24. To be honest, I like her look like 5-6 years ago. Today’s pink is not pink anymore. Not at all!