Brad Pitt has a “nude scandal” with 23-year-old actress Bella Heathcote


The tabloids haven’t had a big Jolie-Pitt cheating scandal in a while, so let’s all take a moment and enjoy this week’s Star Magazine. The cover is certainly damning, isn’t it? The 23-year-old in question is named Bella Heathcote, which… I mean, that’s a stage name, right? She must have made that up after reading the Twilight series, right? Anyway, from the looks of the cover, you would expect the story to involve Brad slowly undressing this young 23-year-old Bella in the privacy of his NOLA trailer, only to have The Demon (Angelina) suddenly throw open the door, catching them in a “nude scandal”. Fortunately, Star Magazine’s gerbils of doom were really stretching the cover lies with this one.

According to Jezebel’s coverage of the story, Bella is an “Angelina look-alike” who got a part on Cogan’s Trade, the film Brad is currently working on in NOLA. Dearest Bella has crushed on Brad for a while, according to Star, and she especially liked his nearly naked scenes in Troy. Bella even dreams of one day filming nude scenes with Brad, allegedly. And that – seeing Troy, wanting to play his love interest – is the NUDE SCANDAL. According to a source, “Everyone can tell she’s so Brad’s type. Their chemistry is going to be off the charts.” Operative words: “going to be”. They haven’t met. That’s backed up by Us Weekly, who got a denial of Star’s story from an unnamed source:

Contrary to what Star magazine claims, Australian actress Bella Heathcote isn’t trying to wedge herself in between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Heathcote, 23, and Pitt, 47, both shot scenes for Cogan’s Trade in New Orleans recently, but a source close to the actress tells there’s no truth to the reports that Jolie, 35, is “desperate to keep Brad away from Bella.”

“Bella has never even met Brad,” the insider tells Us. “She is in the movie but doesn’t have any scenes with him.”

After all, when Pitt isn’t on set, he’s spent most of his downtime bonding with his kids. Case in point? The hands-on dad took Maddox, 9, Pax, 7, Zahara, 6, and Shiloh, 4, to a screening of James Marsden’s new animated film Hop on Sunday.

“Brad was really sweet and very hands-on with the kids, never leaving their sides for a minute,” a source told Us. “The kids grabbed juices and carrots and candy at the reception and also made a flip book of themselves!”

The event raised funds for EBMRF, a skin disease affecting children; Pitt is on the honorary advisory board for the EBMRF medical research foundation.

[From Us Weekly]

I’m not saying it’s totally beyond the realm of possibility that Brad could or would cheat on Angelina. It could totally happen, just like I think it’s totally possible that Angelina might one day cheat on Brad. I tend to think it’s more likely in Angelina’s case, but whatever. What I am saying is that if the tabloids want to give me a juicy “nude scandal” involving Brangelina, they really need to work harder than this.

In other Brangelina news, Life & Style reports that Brad Pitt is obsessed with making their French chateau completely up-to-date, security-wise, and he’s even building a panic room that would “have bullet-proof ballistic fiberglass and there’s an air filtration and ventilation system to protect agains chemical, biological and nuclear contaminants.” Oh, and my favorite Jolie-Pitt story of the week also comes from Star: they claim Empress Zahara cut up a $4000 Valentino gown because it was too long and she was “unwilling to wait until she grows up to wear haute couture.” She shouldn’t have to wait, people! The Empress has no couture!!!




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  1. Raven Sparrow says:

    A “panis room” ? :D I first read it a “penis room” then went back on it thinking “wait, that can’t be right!” :D

  2. brin says:

    Another credible “Star” scandal.

  3. mln76 says:

    More bullshit just goes to show how desperate and far off the tabs are when it comes to them…Face it if there were a way to prove either one had been cheating it would be worth so much f-ing money there is only two possibilities they are both too smart to get caught or they are just happy together and *gasp* faithful. I choose to believe the latter.

  4. Quest says:

    She looks nothing like Angelina

  5. Chris says:

    I think Brad and Leo are going to the same hairdresser.

  6. hey says:

    AJ and faithfull?

  7. beth says:

    i think angelina has repeatedly ‘cheated’ on brad, and been discreet about it – but he knows, cause that’s just how she is – he’s just closing a blind eye. as long as they stay together….
    some years back, when she officially proposed an open relationship, he deliberately made a big deal out of it because well, as a man of his stature, he was expected to… also, it pushes the dynamics way too far for his comfort. understandably so.
    i think they have had threesomes. with girls. with boys.
    i think they put up a boring married couple front so well the press has ended up with a major case of ants in the pants.
    seriously, this is so desperate its stupidlarious.
    me and me wild, wild hunches… i mean, theories.

  8. searching4grace says:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. Nothing there is similar. Wonder how much she’s loving having her name in headlines with Brad and Angelina, though?

  9. mln76 says:

    @beth if your right where is the proof? No one’s taken a picture in the 6 or 7 years of the orgies or trysts this couple lives under a microscope. After seeing how much money the Jesse James mistresses and the Beckham mistresses got from the tabs. Proof of a laison with either party would be worth triple the money. In that time someone would have come forward. I think it’s just all of our dirty minds that imagine them having orgies.

  10. beth says:

    ^min76, i dont know anything for a fact.
    i’m just extrapolating the odds out of what i’ve heard of angelina’s character over the years.
    no one who is so sexual, who is so open to sexual experimentation who believes, and she’s said this in her own words, ‘we’re not meant to be monogamous by nature’ – you need to google that – it’s somewhere online – would have restrained herself if men were throwing themselves at her left, right and centre – men the likes of Olivier Martinez. the incentives are stronger, way stronger than the deprivation. it doesnt mean she’s a bad person IF she did in fact do all that.

    like i said, me and my wild theories.

  11. Sakyiwaa says:

    Are you kidding me…?

    Well, this is definitely more interesting than the latest tidbit on Aniston…now, she wants to marry George, BP’s best bud, and have his Clooney babies! lol! Of course, it was just a ‘joke’…however, I think if she was really a smart lady like that Smartwater is supposed to make her, she would’ve realized that that joke was in really poor taste. i don’t hate her or anything…but really.
    Plus, George is not even single. He’s dating Elisabetta Canalis. Looks like Ye Girl Next Door wants to be a ‘homewrecker’ too? ;) Too bad, its only quips like these that keep her relevant these days. I’d bet George would ‘just NOT be into her anyways’… He wasn’t for years.

  12. beth says:

    “After seeing how much money the Jesse James mistresses and the Beckham mistresses got from the tabs. Proof of a laison with either party would be worth triple the money. In that time someone would have come forward.”

    sometimes, you just have to pick your laisons carefully… not everyone will stoop so low as to sell their story to a tabloid.

  13. Sakyiwaa says:

    lol! ‘Bella Heathcote’…pretty name and girl though. Who’s been telling her she looks like Angie?
    i’ll tell you, Bella, what’s gonna happen with you and Brad… he might do the nude scene with you cos you guys are in a movie together…(and Star is a synonymous with Truth…’rolls eyes’)
    But just like he did with Rose Byrne in that delish scene in Troy…,
    when it’s over, it’s over.
    Kaput.Gone. Bye bye.
    so enjoy it while it lasts. I’d spoon with Brad in the nude myself too if I could anyway. ;)

  14. DetRiotgirl says:

    LMAO! This is the most desperate attempt at a story ever! I only clicked on this link to find out what exactly constitutes a “nude scandal”. I was expecting a scandal to actually involve something, you know, scandalous. Next the headline will be “Brad Pitt’s eyes wander to other women… On screen in his movies! Is Brad eye humping the audience? Will Angelina force him to stop looking into the camera for good? Find out in this week’s Star!”.

    I think the tabloids should just accept that Brad and Angelina are a relatively boring couple, drama wise. They just don’t exude the kind trashiness that sells magazines. Their selling points are their adorable kids and their exotic world travels. But, as for dirt on their relationship? At this point in time, I don’t think there is any. But, thanks to Star for giving it a shot! That was a great morning belly laugh!

  15. mln76 says:

    @beth well at least we know why the tabs keep making up these stories someone is always willing to believe the worst of them proof or no proof.

  16. Embee says:

    I think Bella looks like Shiloh. She’s a very pretty girl.

  17. Eve says:

    When I saw this cover I was expecting they would have (AT LEAST) shaken hands!

    If Star wants to write a believable fan-fiction story, they should try the “Angelina caught with sexy costar!!!” headline because she’s the one with the upper hand in this relationship.

    About who could possibly have cheated on whom, if she hasn’t already…Angie, babes, I’m game ;)

  18. Kaiser says:

    Eve – Right? I still think that Liev Schreiber was totally up for it. He was half-in-love with her.

  19. Marjalane says:

    I want to have an opinion on this. I tried to have an opinion on this. Turns out I don’t.

  20. beth says:

    ha, i never believe the tabs, just what comes straight from the horse’s mouth.

  21. Folly says:

    @detrimtgirl;Amen to that,its been six years already,i think all this stupid magazines wil just give up already.@kaiser,i dont think jolie can cheat on brad,she never had that history with any of her exes,even when she had no kid,so i dont think she wil do it now that she is a mother.with everything they’ve been through together,i wish they stay faithful with each other

  22. hey says:

    You must fight for your happiness, I mean Brangelina’s.

  23. Eve says:

    @ Kaiser:

    That’s exactly what I think. If she hasn’t cheated on Pitt that’s because she hasn’t wanted to do it…yet. And something tells me he (Pitt) is very aware of that.

  24. Hollowdoll says:

    I can’t understand why anyone would spend their hard earned money on those magazines.

  25. tracking says:

    Bella looks like the unholy love child of Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.

  26. Amityvillelives says:

    Hey, yeah, a 6 year monogamous relationship somehow proves Angelina is ‘not’ faithful? BWHAHAHAHAHA how ridiculous (and desperate) are you haters? PMSL!

  27. hey says:

    I’ve forgotten you know they are monogamous because they invite you in their bedroom so you experience happiness through them.

  28. lucy2 says:

    What a ridiculous stretch of a story! If you’re going to make stuff up, at least make it about people who have met.

  29. Amityvillelives says:

    beth “but he knows, cause that’s just how she is” Actually, no, that is the total opposite of how she is. It seems to me that you want to believe what you want to believe. Angelina has always been very commited and monogamous once she is in a relationship. “some years back, when she officially proposed an open relationship” – Actually, that was a tabloid lie. Angelina NEVER proposed an ‘open relationship’, and the same as the monogamous quote. That was never said. You are repeating LIES from tabloids, as if they were the truth. If you base thing on what Angelina herself said in interviews, she is extremely traditional when it comes to relationships. Commitment and monogamynity is very important to her. She would be the last one to cheat.

  30. terissa says:

    I’ve never heard of Angelina cheating on any of her bf or husbands. Please clue me in who she cheated on. She’s been in many long term relationships. Just don’t see her or Brad as cheaters.

  31. Amityvillelives says:

    I’ve forgotten you know they are cheaters because they invite you in their bedroom so you experience happiness through their cheating.

  32. Rhiley says:

    She looks nothing like Angelina Jolie but she does look a lot like Shiloh. So the story will become how she is obsessed with Brad and wants him to see her as girlfriend material, but he treats her like one of his children and tells her all the time how much she reminds him of the love of his life, his little girl, Shi.

  33. how much did Bella Heathcote pay Star magazine to get this story in?

  34. hey says:

    Angelina hooked up with Billy Bob while he was with Laura Dern, the same thing happened with Ethen Hawk who ended up in divorce from Uma Thurman…
    The woman is always after men in relationships because she is bored and can’t stay with one person.
    I know you Brangelunatics live your fantasies through them but you don’t know what is going on behind the closed doors yet you speak in absolutes.

  35. MJ says:

    @Embee, you’re right! This girl looks like Shiloh in 15-20 years. Creepy.

  36. mln76 says:

    @Beth your quote about open relationships didn’t come from a horse it came from Das Nue a German tabloid the equivalent of Star Magazine. There was never any proof that Angelina said it so yeah you do believe tab lies.

  37. GeekChic says:

    The foundation on which Brad sits on the board of directors is one for the disease epidermolysis bullosum. It’s a horrific, massively painful and disfiguring disease that affects babies and young kids. Do a Google image search and see its effects if you want to be heartbroken. If you are able, please consider supporting the EBMRF. (No, I don’t know anyone with the disease, but I do have a medical background and have seen what the disease does to its victims.)

  38. beth says:

    “beth “but he knows, cause that’s just how she is” Actually, no, that is the total opposite of how she is.”

    how do you know for a fact that that is the total opposite of who she is? are you her?

    my own sisters don’t even know what my preferences are, who i secretly love/lust after, and how and if i follow through all of them. only i do.

    noone really knows another person; those in the public eye, especially, have a vested interest in keeping their image clean.

    It seems to me that you want to believe what you want to believe.

    I believe that we try our damnest to civilise our animal natures, sometimes we pass, sometimes we fail.

    Angelina has always been very commited and monogamous once she is in a relationship.

    it’s amazing how confident you are of this – you really can’t bet your life on this if i asked you to. you really can’t.

    some years back, when she officially proposed an open relationship” – Actually, that was a tabloid lie. Angelina NEVER proposed an ‘open relationship’, and the same as the monogamous quote. That was never said. You are repeating LIES from tabloids, as if they were the truth.

    didn’t she say that, and wasn’t that statement repeated in several tabs? yes, i know i said i dont believe what the tabs say, but where theres smoke, there’s usually fire… well, i was pretty sure she said that, and i remember brad throwing a fit, and the tabs didnt get into trouble for it. maybe it was all a lie, and i fell for it, then my bad.

    If you base thing on what Angelina herself said in interviews, she is extremely traditional when it comes to relationships. Commitment and monogamynity is very important to her. She would be the last one to cheat.

    you make very certain statements about the nature of human beings based on what they say; i would be inclined to believe a statement like, ‘i don’t believe in monogamy; we’re not meant to be monogamous’ because there is some truth in it, and the person who says it stands to lose something by way of reputation just for saying it.

    i’m less inclined to believe someone who speaks in absolutes, like, ‘I would never cheat. I will always be faithful’; we can be weakened by temptation anytime, and we’re very clever at deluding ourselves. i guess i’m just skeptical.

  39. Jenny says:

    To cheat, don’t you first have to have met the person in question. Star, and its infamous bait and switch story. Tacky headline follwed by no proof or story. I love how everyone “knows” how someone is even though you have never met them or know for a fact anything about them. How easy it is to believe all trash about this couple but when others actually do act out, it is doubted.

    As other couples have crashed and burned, how about how easy it is for “anyone” to cheat. Soderbergh fathered a child with some woman not his wife, but is that “how he is”. This couple seems to disappoint people because there has been no proven scandal, no proven cheating or anything thing remotely horrifying and they are not on the verge of that six year long break-up. So Star makes up an entire story based on something this poor actress said because they have nothing else. The tabloids desparation is so very transparent. Tabloids have these great “insider” sources, but half the time, can’t seem to tell us where they are at any time as they show up frequently without prior knowledge.

  40. sassenach says:

    #35 Angelina had nothing to do with Ethan and Uma’s split. He was cheating with his now wife and then babysitter. They never even hooked up because at that time she was seeing her ex husband JLM.

    BTW Let the Laurea Dern thing go. She broke up Billy Bob’s marriage to Petra and also Ben Harper’s marriage to his pregnant wife at the time.

  41. Jane says:

    It amazes me that any story about Angelina is believed. Yes, she did get with Billy Bob, but the only “proof” that she got with Hawke is the rather tacky book by Morton, where is the other “proof”. Also, let’s not make Ms. Dern some angel. She got with Thornton when he was married, she got pregnant by her second husband when he was married (facts not tabloid) as this man has two children the same age as his wife was also pregnant. So, where is the trashy stuff about her, which is true. How about Jennifer Garner who had an affair with her co-star while married, then had an affair with Affleck while with her co-star and he was with Lopez. The list is long, so give it a rest. So is that how she is. Also, everyone loves to use that open relationship quote from Jolie, though she never actually said it.

  42. texasmom says:

    Hmph. I like my nude scandals to include nudity.

  43. TheGrotto says:

    hey, the whole Laura Dern thing was a complete lie. LD’s publicist released a statement when Laura and BBT separated, and it was well before BBT married Angelina. BBT was never in fact, even engaged to LD, let alone still with her when he was seeing Angelina. That was total baloney. Same with Ethan Hawke. Yes, Ethan was cheating, but he was with another woman, that woman wasn’t Angelina. I love how you haters believe all the lies from the tabloids and base your hatred on someone on those lies.

  44. sami says:


  45. mln76 says:

    People look at Angelina and they see S&M, whips and chains etc she exudes sexuality in a way that frightens people so no matter what she actually does people will believe the worst. Meanwhile Courtney Cox on the other hand could have an orgy on the corner of Hollywood and Vine papped by all the agencies and people will find a way to blame her husband or say that it’s not what it looks like.

    EDIT: As for the Ethan Hawke story it started because she went to a baseball game with the entire cast and crew of her movie. One tab had a cover of her standing next to Hawke and another tab had a cover standing next to Oliver Martinez, because it’s Angelina the public believes she went on a date with both men and brought her son along.

  46. TheGrotto says:

    Beth, you yourself said cause thats just how she is. So how do you know that? Why is it ok for you to speak in such absolutes. As far as the tabloids, there was no smoke, apart from the tabloid lies. Tabloids are not in any way ‘smoke’ or else Angelina would have been pregnant 32 times by now, and broken up with Brad 57 times. And just because the tabloids didn’t get in trouble doesn’t mean anything. They didn’t get in trouble over the numbers breakups and pregnancies either so what does that prove? Nothing at all.

  47. TheGrotto says:

    Its sad that so many people hate someone based on slander in tabloids. I wonder how these people would feel if someone in their town spread lies about them and people hated them, and for no other reason than they heard or read lies? How would these people feel? The irony is they are attacking Angelina’s morals based on tabloid lies, yet ‘bearing false witness’ about someone and judging them on lies and what you ‘heard’ is evil and immoral too, so how are they any better than her?

  48. Rita says:

    Brad’s “… building a panic room that would “have bullet-proof ballistic fiberglass and there’s an air filtration and ventilation system to protect agains chemical, biological and nuclear contaminants.”

    I understand Ashton Kutcher is his interrior designer.

  49. beth says:

    thegrotto: yeah, i guess i do speak in absolutes too – i think it has to do more with my view of human nature than what i read in the tabs tho – and i admit i do build a collective impression of someone over the years, although i always try to give them the benefit of doubt, but i do have an impression of angelina as someone who is very strongwilled and sexually experimentive and used to getting her way – something brad said, or something the tabs said brad said, about her always going ahead and doing whatever the hell she wants to no matter what he says, made me think she could very well lean this way.

    now, i don’t scrutinise the tabs too much, so i’m not sure – but that’s my collective impression

    that’s why i said this is my wild, wild theory.

    but more relevant is my own view of human nature which i tend to apply to everyone, not just angelina: i don’t think we’re monogamous by nature; i think we will cheat when the opportunity presents itself, if for some reason we feel compelled to and are sure we can get away with it. i also think we can choose not to cheat, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to. also, i believe we can deeply love someone for life, and still have other relationships on the side that doesnt lessen our love for the primary lover in our life. i think we can, but that doesn’t mean i personally want to. so, human nature being what it is, and angelina having the type of personality she has, i just made a deduction of it. i spoke in absolutes, because this is what i really think is happening behind closed doors. i could be very wrong, i could be very right –

    i spoke in absolutes, but look at the way i arranged my statements. at the end of each post, i added teh disclaimer, that i have wild theories. i don’t claim them as facts; they are a hunch.

  50. beth says:

    ha, also i don’t hate her. she’s up there with sofia vergara and charlize theron, for me. im not slandering – or at least i don’t see myself as such – i think its because i don’t see having an open relationship or any form of sex between two or more consenting adults as amoral. surprisingly, i don’t need my heroes to be saints.

  51. serena says:

    She is nothing like Angelina. And I don’t believe that Brad would leave Angie, or cheat her, with this Bella-something. She’s a nobody, actually a famewhore I suppose, and she’s not the stunning type Brad seems to like.

  52. Rana says:

    @beth, maybe you need to stop reading and repeating what you have read in lying tabloids, they are bad for proper brain functioning.

    Angelina has never said one word about any open relationship with Brad AND she never gave an interview of any kind to that German tabloid that concocted this particular lie. Repeating this lie does not make it true.

    I however will repeat more of the facts that others have already said as it is important to say the truth.

    BBT was never engaged to LauraD who is an established liar. BBT and LauraD had indeed broken up before he married Angelina, and LauraD was very angry that he would not marry her but did marry Angelina. LauraD broke up BBT’s 4th marriage, and her now estranged hubbie’s marriage to his pregnant wife and gave birth to her oldest child who is just months apart in age from Ben Harper’s child with his ex wife.

    Ethan Hawke was unfaithful with his then nanny who he is now married to and has a child with, not Angelina who was indeed seeing JLM again at that time, you know her 1st husband.

    There have been so many lies told on Brad and Angelina now since 2005. Interesting that there is no proof, no interview sell out to any tabloid, no pics, no text messages, no phone messages, no videos, ZERO anything that either one has ever been unfaithful to the other, that both have not been monogamous.

    They appear to be 2 ADULTS who care deeply for each other, their 6 kids and their family. There is nothing to indicate they are anything other than entirely supportive of one another. They appear to be strongly determined to make their relationship work.

    Their somewhat boring everyday life reality seems to irritate tabloids and gossip and some people who want to deal in fantasy delusional lying tabloid land rather than accept what is.

  53. Rana says:

    Oh and I highly doubt BellaH or her PR planted this lie in Star. Star is desperate, sales are near the bottom. Some of Star’s poorly paid staff noticed this actress was one of the few women in Brad’s new film’s cast (probably by reading blogs)and decided to create this cover lie out of nothing. BellaH is an up and comer who also has a role in the soon to be filming JohnnyDepp Dark Shadows. She does not need this Star crappy nonsense for PR at this point.

  54. OMG says:

    This Beth poster is delusional and quite creepy. Who spends this much time making up theory’s (based on tabloid BS) Yes, Angelina was a wild child when she was younger….but she did grow and mature to responsible woman. Even when she was married to that idiot Billy-Bob you could see that she was monogamous. I just find is weird that certain posters (like Beth) fail to see that Jolie is a 35 year old Mother of 6 in a loving and monogamous relationship with Brad Pitt. And don’t give me that crap ” she is bored with family life.” Go back and read her old interviews from age 19-24…you can CLEARLY see she was NOT happy doing all of that crazy crap (some of you seem to crave.) Even she has said so 100x in the past 6 years. So carry on Beth with your delusions of cheating. Oh and BTW,I have read Cogan’s Trade. I can assure you,Brad has NO scenes (or love scenes) with this Bella Heathcote or any other actress in this movie. I agree with Rana…the haters and the tabloids are BOTH pissed that the Jolie-Pitt’s are living a quiet and what they deem boring life.

  55. Ashley Temple says:

    “Star Magazine’s gerbils of doom”….I love it.

  56. Wembley says:

    Well, by Star standards, I had a eight year affair Angelina in the late 90s/early 0s.

  57. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    WOW. This is the most boring story EVER. Sure glad I wasted 3 minutes of my lunch to read about some girl who HASNT EVEN MET HIM.


  58. beth says:

    actually, defending celebrities you’ve never even met so assiduously, and knowing more about their lives than they do about yours, will seem pretty creepy to them… and being so certain they can do no wrong will come across as delusional to them, too. as it will to a lot of people.

  59. sharylmj says:

    WOW.. they keep trying don’t they?? but, it has been awhile since a lie this big has been told…
    I love that Angelina can go and do her humanitarian work and Brad is OK with taking the kids to a charity event and just being DAD.. LONG LIVE THE JOLIE-PITT family!!

  60. TeeTee says:

    I take it as, she is going to try to make it happen..she looks like she is 14 in that pic..she may be allowed to give him a BJ at the most. LOL

    I don’t beleive that the kids grabbed juice and carrots…they LOVE junk food!

    I do beleive that Brad has had a few flings though…all for his aging ego.

  61. guesty says:

    Star Mag is such a tease!!!

  62. MrsOdie2 says:

    I find it fascinating that people refuse to believe that Brad and Angelina ever cheated on anyone. Or cheated with someone already in a commited relationship. People insist that Brad and Angelina did not do anything behind Jennifer’s back. That they waited until the marriage was over. People also insist that Angelina was not involved with Billy Bob Thorton before he broke up with Laura Dern. People are extremely harsh with “homewreckers,” and “cheaters” (once a cheater, always a cheater), but they cannot apply these terms to the Royal Couple, because then they couldn’t be considered saints. It is amazing the elaborate lengths people go to in order to convince themselves that what they want to believe is truth.

    I think the evidence speaks for itself.

  63. dahlia1947 says:

    Bella’s very pretty and she looks very familiar. Wow is Courtney desparate or what? Taking Jen’s sloppy seconds! I thought they were Best frieeeeeends? Not when it comes to peen I guess.

  64. OMG says:

    Dear Beth, considering the fact you are sitting on this thread posting fiction about open relationships,threesomes etc…you are one to talk. I’m still laughing at you “hearing from the horses mouth” that Angelina Jolie told Brad Pitt she wanted a open relationship. At least I’m NOT quoting a Interview from a German tabloid (Das Nue) that NEVER happened.LOL.You sound like a tabloid hag with too much time on their hands. Go read a tabloid and have a nice day. LOL

  65. sandy says:

    well if brad is looking for someone to cheat with, i will volunteer..I’m no Angelina but. it’s just an affair, so….. it’s funny how so many celebs cheat or change partners often, that some peeps just don’t recognize real love or committing couples!! just sayin. gosh, Jen’s team is going to be jealous with so much coverage of the brange i feel an emergent of fake stories coming on.

  66. Isa says:

    ” I understand Ashton Kutcher is his interrior designer”

    LOL @ Rita!

  67. OMG says:

    “I think the evidence speaks for itself.”

    What evidence? Courtney Cox said…Brad didn’t cheat

    Brad Pitt said…I didn’t cheat

    Jennifer Aniston said….Brad didn’t cheat

    Angelina Jolie said…Brad didn’t cheat

    Please show this so-called evidence? And don’t give me any tabloid crap.

    “It is amazing the elaborate lengths people go to in order to convince themselves that what they want to believe is truth.”

    You might want to tell yourself that the next time you are reading some BS tabloid story concerning Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston.

  68. Susie says:

    tabloids should really be held accountable for publishing complete false stories and I feel the same about Fox news or at least disclose that they are publishing “works of fiction”. Making up lies and potentially hurt a family like the Jolie-Pitts to sell magazines is despicable!

  69. womanfromthenorth says:

    Gee Beth… have you spent all day answering questions? Maybe your just wrong… your a “right fighter” Yes?

  70. Sakyiwaa says:

    @MrsOdie2: I think you speak for yourself.

  71. beth says:

    OMG, it’s only fiction if they’ve never cheated on each other, had an open relationship or threesome – your saying it’s fiction implies that you know with certainty they never did any of those things, at any time, with anyone. and we all know you can’t know that.

    if you read carefully my posts, you’d know that i had originally thought it was indeed from the horses mouth, but i stood corrected, and i admitted to that – so, why are you still LOL’ing, and what exactly are you LOL’ing at? also, i mentioned i dont read the tabs much, and that much of my deduction comes from my viewpoint on human nature, which i apply to all people, not just angelina. did you miss all that? maybe you have a tendency to just see what you want to see…

    hehe, woman from the north, yes, i seem to be spending all day rebutting, except it’s bedtime where i am, now – and yes, maybe i’m in a feisty ‘right fighter’ kind of mood today. and just because a majority finds my viewpoint unpopular, it doesnt make it wrong.

  72. Toe says:

    Wait wait…wasnt this story abou Brad & Bella Heathcote?? That girl looks like a fallen angel, innocent face.

  73. Cheyenne says:

    @MrsOdie2: Laura Dern? You’re talking about the Laura Dern who jumped into bed with, and got knocked up by, her current hubby — who was still married to his pregant wife? That Laura Dern?

    BTW, any plans that Laura Dern had for marrying Billy Bob Thornton were not shared by Billy Bob Thornton. He never had any intentions of marrying her to begin with but she just kept hanging on, hoping sooner or later she’d wear him down. Dumb b*tch refused to take no for an answer until he made it clear to her by marrying Angelina.

  74. OMG says:

    “OMG, it’s only fiction if they’ve never cheated on each other, had an open relationship or threesome – your saying it’s fiction implies that you know with certainty they never did any of those things, at any time, with anyone. and we all know you can’t know that.”

    What the hell are you smoking? You are the one who came to the thread posting delusional fantasies of Angelina/Brad cheating etc with NO PROOF whatsoever. You don’t read tabloids, but yet you are quoting them? OK,whatever.

    “maybe you have a tendency to just see what you want to see…”

    You might want to take a LONG look in the mirror…..and re-read your rather delusional/sick posts.

    I’m done with you….have a nice day. And you might want to stop writing fiction about the Jolie-Pitt’s sex life.

  75. mln76 says:

    @beth maybe you need to take a look at the definition of the word fiction. Unless there is proof of these threesomes, the open relationship etc… then they live in your imagination. Unless you can come up with a photograph, a text message, a money shot of either one of them in a compromising position even a definitive person who they are doing the dirty with on a specific date and place it’s just Pitt Porn that helps you get your rocks off. (Not that I am judging)

  76. Bee says:

    “Brad Pitt’s eyes wander to other women… On screen in his movies! Is Brad eye humping the audience? Will Angelina force him to stop looking into the camera for good? Find out in this week’s Star!”.

    @DetRiotGirl LOOOOOOL!!! Thanks for that. I really needed a good laugh today! The tabloids are beyond ridiculous with these fake stories.

  77. TheGrotto says:

    MrsOdie2, I think because its been proven that Angelina and Brad *didn’t* cheat. I’m wondering why you are SO DESPERATE to believe they did? Why are you truly this stubborn and desperate, that you even refuse to see the overwhelming evidence to the contrary? Is it really THAT important to you, that Angelina is a ‘bad’ person? That now, even though they’ve been proven innocent, you can’t back down and admit you got it wrong? Do you believe that just because other celebs cheat, then Brad and Angelina do, too? I’m all for castigating GENUINE cheaters, but when people attack a couple and its later proven they were innocent all along, people should admit they were wrong in THIS instance.
    “It is amazing the elaborate lengths people go to in order to convince themselves that what they want to believe is truth.” My thoughts entirely, reading your post.
    “I think the evidence speaks for itself.” Indeed, which is why the evidence, or rather LACK, thereof, but overwhelming evidence they did NOT, exonerates them. Attack those that actually DO cheat, not the ones that (the evidence proves) are innocent.

  78. beth says:

    fiction, again, OMG? like i said, how do you know for sure it’s that? oh wait, you missed it again.

    heh, min76… i’ve responded to a question like that already. it’s up there, somewhere…

  79. MaudeLebowski says:

    If my actual breadwinning job was to make up lies and spread them in a magazine, I would blow my brains out and leave instructions to donate all my organs and entrails.
    I hope those Star magazine writers choke on their own puke.

  80. truetalk says:

    wow! people sure get heated about other people’s lives!

  81. mln76 says:

    @beth I read all of your comments I still say innocent until proven guilty especially with these two who have lived under a microscope for the last 6 years. If there was any real dirt on these two the tabs would have it already.

  82. wunderkindt says:

    This ‘nude scandal’ involves neither nudity nor scandal.
    Plz give some nudity at least!

  83. Kim123 says:

    This is BS where is the story on Matthew and Gwyneth in hotel room?

  84. Victoire says:

    Stupid story ! They don’t even try to write something believeable

  85. kim says:

    weird.. first thing i thought..
    she does look like Shilo

  86. KattyKat says:

    I’m just thankful there are no reality “stars” on that cover.

  87. Hakura says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that girl is rather… odd looking? o.O Not that looks are everything, but she’s no Angelina.

  88. Rana says:

    @MrsOdie2, you say that
    “It is amazing the elaborate lengths people go to in order to convince themselves that what they want to believe is truth.”

    “I think the evidence speaks for itself.”

    Yes yes yes you are the best example of your own statements about delusional people.

    Even though all those people actually involved in events that occurred now 7-8 calendar years ago say that there was “NO CHEATING”, you a delusional stranger who knows NOTHING, refuse to believe what the people who REALLY ACTUALLY KNOW EVERYTHING SAY.

    You cite no “evidence” no “proof” just a bitter rant about some nonexistant royal couple that exists only in your distorted imagination.

    Wait a minute, it is possible that you are the Star staffer who wrote this bunch of lies and are now defending your BS, LOL. Now your baseless diatribe makes sense to me, because Star never has proof only lies lies and more lies.

    You Star staffers should be ashamed of yourself for the slander you are paid to conjure up each and every week.

  89. devilgirl says:

    Everyone cheats but the Jolie-Pitts. FACT.

  90. BB says:

    Per usual, the Brangeloonies speak with far too much authority about the goings-on of people they don’t know, and never will know. Maybe they cheated, maybe they didn’t. Who cares? Either way, the situation has nothing to do with any of you losers. Christ, you people are out of your minds.

  91. Sakyiwaa says:

    @92: “Christ, you people are out of your minds.”

    Takes one to know one.

  92. Rana says:

    @93, LOL. Tell it like it is.

  93. Newbie says:

    Holy Cow. Are we going to moderate some of these nuts, Kaiser? They’re off the charts.

    Listen, people. Bottom line. I don’t care if you love them or not. You don’t know that they’re faithful. As far as what we DO see, I’m going to go ahead and lean towards “no, they are not”. It’s one opinion. It’s just an opinion. Please don’t cyber-bully someone for thinking that it’s possible.

  94. Newbie says:

    P.S.–this story is ridiculous.

  95. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    OMG @OMG You rock!!! The absolute funniest thing about this story is Brad is cheating on Angie with an actress no one knows…not even him!!!! LMAO he never even met her, oh and Angie flew to a movie set to break up an affair Brad is having with someone he never even met.


  96. futureperfect says:

    they are certainly magical creatures, those jolie-pitts, but yikes, poor @beth. she kept on trying to clarify that she was speaking with no authority, only expressing her own admittedly unpopular opinion, and it’s like i got to the party just after the carrion fowl left.

  97. sandy says:

    @93, we are out of our minds until they print truths about their fake,fame seeking,man/bed jumping, air headed, no talent, coat riding, loonie,desperate to stay relevant, phony girl next door persona, idol, no names please, we all know who that is. no one is perfect, but i believe brad/angie got together to actually accomplish some things, and by the looks of their lives, they have succeeded and continued to do so, it appears, they left Hollywood life behind for more substantial living. it worked and many are benefiting from that, THANKS BRANGE.

  98. skibunny says:

    Not that looks are everything, but she’s no Angelina.

    You’re right, she’s not a stick!

  99. Reality says:

    I swear to god, my problem has never been with Brad or Angelina, but rather with their bat-shit crazy, psychotic stalker fans.

    Jesus. You’re really not doing you idols any favours. There’s no need to attack another poster for a different view, and it’s all just idle speculation on a GOSSIP site anyway! Please chill the fuck out. It’s a bullshit story anyway.

  100. gee_gee says:

    Note to Star magazine: If you are going to have a headline proclaiming a nude Brad Pitt scandal you’d better deliver the goods. No nude pics of Brad?

    I’m calling my lawyers.

  101. jinni says:

    Sometimes I wonder if some posters understand that they’re on a gossip site.

    Gossip writers take bits of information that are most likely hearsey and come up with theories about certain celebrities. Theories that are based on gossip (which may/may not be true), pap photos (which may have been orchestrated), and celeb interviews (which may come from pre-approved questions), that’s then combined with their own prejudices about the particular celeb they’re writing about, and their feeling on the nature of celebrity to come up with what they believe to be true about said celebrity.

    We all know that just because a celeb says certain things about themselves doesn’t mean it’s true. We also know that sometimes the tabs get it right. So, why are posters being ganged up on because their hypotheses about certain celebs show that they think a particular celeb is selling them bs.

    Why do posters have to show proof in order to believe what the tabs say about some stars, but not others? This isn’t a court of law, nor an English class were every post needs a work cited page. Even the writers of this site aren’t asked to show proof to back up what they say, so why be so hard on other posters for doing the same thing?

  102. DD says:

    1. If she looks like Angelina then I must look like Angelina

    2. How do you have a nude scandal by having a fan fantasizing about being your nude co-star in a movie you did in the past. If that’s the case, then Star can have a new headline issue for every day of the minute with the number of people around the world who fantasize about doing much more than being nude with these two.

    3. Where do I get a job with Star? I can come up with these stories in my sleep.

    4. Who buys these issues for these non stories? I hope there is actual content in the rest of those pages.

    I personally think Brad is a douche who at least knows how to hide his douchiness well, but at least Star should find real douche material to work with before putting this crap out.

  103. Beauty says:

    Angelina probably won’t cheat. She doesn’t have history of cheating. She has history of being homewrecker though. Brad constantly cheats. He cheated on Jennifer and gwyneth paltrow. Yet everyone always speculate Angie is the one cheating.

  104. Camille says:

    I’m glad others have pointed out that AJ doesn’t have a *known* history of cheating *when she is in a relationship*.

    And I can’t believe how much some people really believe the tabs lies, hilarious! lol

    If anyone is going to cheat in that couple- I’d give it to Brad.

    But yeah, what a dumb story this is.

  105. Louise says:

    @Reality and jinni: can you explain why you consider me a “bat-shit crazy, psychotic stalker fan” for believing that they are happy and probably faithful and Beth and others are just nice people expressing their opinion by saying that Brad and Angelina have an open marriage and constantly have orgies? People say where’s the proof because after 6 years if they were so miserable and so unfaithful why isn’t there anything to support it? There isn’t even questionable photos to insinuate affairs. It’s just baffling that people are so sure of affairs just because tabloids say so.

  106. Hakura says:

    @BB“Per usual, the Brangeloonies speak with far too much authority about the goings-on of people they don’t know, and never will know. Maybe they cheated, maybe they didn’t. Who cares? Either way, the situation has nothing to do with any of you losers. Christ, you people are out of your minds.”

    COSIGN. Everyone is so passionate about people they don’t personally know. They’re human beings, not gods, so shouldn’t be exhalted as such. Who cares if they’ve ever cheated on eachother. It’s none of our business, surely. (It should take way more than STAR magazine to start an argument like this.)

  107. jinni says:

    #109 Can you please point out to me where in my entire post did I ever call anyone “bat-shit crazy, psychotic stalker fan”, because I can’t seem to find it.

    You have every right to believe that everything is great in Brad and Angie’s house. Nothing in my post suggest that you should change your personal opinion about them. All I’m saying is that just like you have every right to think the way you think about them and express it on this board, so do people who think the opposite about them.

    As for the 6 years with no “proof” of things being wrong with their realtionship thing. Maybe it’s like how it was well known for years that Mel Gibson was an abusive asshole, but no one said anything because he was still a big money maker. Not until he lost some of his star power did the truth come out.

    Now I’m not saying Brangelina are abusive, I was just using Gibson as an example of how some gossip about a star doesn’t get confirmed until their star begins to fade. Nor am I saying that I necessarily believe what the tabs say about Brad and Angie, simply that just because there hasn’t been anything solid enough to be considered “proof” of the relationship being rocky in your opinion, doesn’t mean that others have to be of the same mind as you.

    As for the people that keep saying that such and such is none of our business, why are you on a gossip site. These kinds of place are all about being noisy and minding famous people’s business as a way of passing the time and taking our minds off of our own problems for a minute or two. Don’t try to act all high and might as if you aren’t participating in this voyeuristic activities. Just by being on this thread, whether it’s as a lurker or poster, you have just increased the chance of the very stories you hate (anti-Brange tales) of being posted. Every hit this thread gets shows the site owners that these stories get a lot of attention, meaning more traffic for their site which can lead to more money for them by attracting more advertisers. Basically, you are perpetuating the very thing you hate.

  108. Cheyenne says:

    @Beauty: Actually, hon, you have it backwards. Paltrow cheated on Pitt. That’s why he dumped her.

  109. Hakura says:

    @Jinni“Now I’m not saying Brangelina are abusive, I was just using Gibson as an example of how some gossip about a star doesn’t get confirmed until their star begins to fade.”

    A very good point. Anything is possible…. I still can’t believe so many people knew what a fucktard Mel Gibson was all this time, & it never got out… It didn’t sound like it was an especially ‘secret’ thing…

    As to the ‘none of our business’ thing. I just meant that *because* it’s their business, it’s not worth everyone getting so worked up over. People really get into arguments over this sort of thing, but it doesn’t benefit them… or Brad & Angelina.

  110. C78 says:

    I love how people always use the theory that Ethan Hawk and Uma Thurman’s relationship broke up because of Angelina. Uma was totally doing Quentin Tarantino – so I don’t think you can blame Angelina for that break up – even if she was shagging Ethan. Uma wasn’t exactly innocent

  111. MrsOdie2 says:

    “As for the people that keep saying that such and such is none of our business, why are you on a gossip site. These kinds of place are all about being noisy and minding famous people’s business as a way of passing the time and taking our minds off of our own problems for a minute or two. Don’t try to act all high and might as if you aren’t participating in this voyeuristic activities. Just by being on this thread, whether it’s as a lurker or poster, you have just increased the chance of the very stories you hate (anti-Brange tales) of being posted.”

    Yes, agree 100%.

    When you fall in love with one woman while married to another, that’s cheating. Even if you never put your penis anywhere near the “other woman.” And even if you feel really “proud of the way it was handled” because there was no “dastardly affair,” this wasn’t some sweet storybook romance. It was sordid and scandalous. That’s why people talk about it so much. Now, I’m not saying that makes them bad people. Maybe I stole my husband from some other woman. You don’t know. I’m just saying, why rewrite history? And Laura Dern said that she went off to make a movie and when she came back, her boyfriend had married someone else. Maybe she WAS a delusional whore, but she believed it to be true. Doesn’t mean Angelina “stole” anyone’s man, but I think BillyBob Thorton, who I DO think is a scumbag, probably told Jolie he was single when he actually wasn’t.

    My point was, Brad and Angelina are portrayed as saints. Perfect parents, perfect genetic specimens (though both have had work done, ever seen Brad’s skin in the 80s?), perfect humanitarians. Often, people speculate that they are also insatiably sexual with each other (remember those gleeful posts about how Brad and Angie must have been doing it in the bathroom at the Golden Globes? So weird. Who has sex all the time after 7 years and 6 kids? Fictional characters, that’s who)Oh, and did you hear? Brad’s an architect.

    I don’t know how these two rose like Phoenixes from the ashes of their former selves to become the saviors of humankind with no flaws and no blemishes in their pasts. THAT’S what baffles me.

  112. Cali says:

    lmao @ Psycho’s wanting to believe any sandal associated with the Jolie-Pitt clan and the trash magazines that will pull every inch into a mile to feed the trolls. This Bella chick is so grossly unattractive next to Angie that I think it would be in her pr teams interest to NOT plant stories like this…

  113. anon1000 says:

    after all these years after mr. pitt and ms. aniston’s failed marriage ended, mr. pitt’s “created” infidelity STILL has so many of ms. aniston’s fans “outraged”?????? especially since dozen’s of hollywood couples have split since then with proven facts of infidelity, yet, hardly any of the moral police care????? and WHY are the “outraged”???

  114. Storyteller says:

    @beth, your bias is obvious. Things you’ve “heard about her character?” Give me a freaking break. Because Angelina was a wild child, enjoys her sex, gets freaky in the bedroom and is vocal about it DOES NOT MEAN she’s a tart that sleeps around on her men. If being vocal and freaky about sex means she’s an unfaithful cow, then what does that make millions of us ‘regular’ women who have no qualms with being as vocal or as freaky? I can assure you infidelity has nothing to do with your preferences in the bedroom.

    It’s Hollywood lore that Brad is a serial monagamist. There have never been any credible stories about him cheating on any of his partners EVER. Aniston included. The man told her he had feelings for someone else and ended the marriage. She says that, her friends say that, he says that. So where does all the cheating crap coming from. As for Jolie, there are wild stories in the tabloids but considering she’s stayed close to almost all her exes, I’m thinking there was no infidelity involved in the end of her past relationships. But it doesn’t suit the agenda to think of her as someone with any values does it? It’s better to imagine she’s a manipulative, evil, immoral bitch who has Brad under her spell.


  115. TheGrotto says:

    Beauty, Brad didn’t cheat on Jen. And it was in FACT, Gwyneth that cheated on HIM, she even admitted in an interview that was the reason they ended their engagement.

  116. TheGrotto says:

    I’m seriously rolling my eyes so far back in my head at these posters who are going off at the fans and supporters of the JPs for MERELY DEFENDING THEM, and not seeing the irony and hypocrisy that its the loonifers/haters with their effed up theories and lies that are the true loonies. Attacking and lying about people is ok, but if anyone, gasp, DARES to defend the JPs, they are the crazy ones. Yeah. Ok. Right. [eyes] Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  117. TheGrotto says:

    Btw Beauty, as proven above, no, Angelina does NOT have ANY history of being a homewrecker.

  118. Lia says:

    She’s “Brad’s type”?? What type? He’s had Jennifer Aniston, a blonde bubblehead, Juliette Lewis, a cornrow-ed oddball, Gwynneth Paltrow, a clueless wanna-be princess, and Angelina, dark and mysterious. What is his type? Heathcote does look like she could be the progeny of those two, though.

  119. Newbie says:

    @TheGrotto: I don’t know you. I don’t know what type of person you are, and I ain’t judging. But please oh please pull your act together. There are already over 100 posts on this site, and I’ve tried to skim them all, but as far as I can tell, Beth is the only one to contradict the idea that Brangie won’t even ride a unicorn because they’re too busy and happily riding each other so sweetly-exclusively with a cherry on top. She was very lucid in explaining herself and making a good argument. She even apologized to everyone for stating a quote that came from a German tabloid. She stated at least 5 times that it was her OPINION only, and that she wasn’t trying to sell anything as fact. Even Kaiser herself admits that it’s possible that two people whom we’ve never met before may have cheated on each other. Yikes. There are many people on this site who adore the Jolie-Pitts. And a lot of them are polite and while they like to debate back and forth on the gossip (cuz hey, that’s the fun!) and occasionally let a really snarky comment loose (which, again, is fun!), they aren’t going nuts and accusing everyone around them of being a “loonifer” or whatever. Last I checked, Aniston had nothing to do with this post. And last I checked, you and a few other somewhat “crazy” defenders were the only people to come up with her name and use it as a conspiracy theory against anyone who isn’t kissing Brangie butt. Re-read the posts, and as you re-read them, try to keep a calm head. There really hasn’t been a poster yet to claim that they “knowforafactthatthey’retotallycheatin’oneachother!!!!!” Unfortunately, you WILL find several supporters saying that they can most definitely confirm the opposite. Go figure.

    @Jinni:THANK YOU. Said it so much better than I ever could. Anything’s possible in hollyweird.

  120. Newbie says:

    @Cheyenne & TheGrotto:
    I’ve only been paying attention to celeb gossip for the past couple of years. Do either of you have a link to the interview where Paltrow said she cheated on Pitt? Cuz THAT would be a read!!! Who was it with, bytheway?

  121. Newbie says:

    I’m just realizing this now, but…does anybody think that Heathcote girl looks just like Alexis Bledel or whateverhernameis? I think they look like they could be twins. She looks pretty friggin’ beautiful to me. Not that I put ANY kind of stamp of approval on this story. Sheesh.

  122. mln76 says:

    I have to say both sides have gotten out of hand. My only point in all of this wasn’t to attack a commenter but to say this family is treated more harshly by the tabs than anyone else and if you think that’s not true name me another famous mother routinely accused of child abuse for the flimsiest of reasons.

    As for the Mel Gibson analogy I don’t remember reading more than a couple articles about him before this whole mess and even when his life imploded he didn’t get one tab cover. In the case of Brangelina there is an industry of 4 or 5 publications (lets forget about the gossip sites and foreign tabs) that support themselves primarily on news about this couple. During the very real and documented scandals like Gibson, Sheen, and Halle Berry’s custody war while there was plenty of real juicy material for the tabs the covers were more likely to be a fabricated Brangelina related because they sell more. Do I think these two are angels not at all but do I think they have been vetted just as much as a presidential candidate for any and all scandal you bet your life.

  123. Shadowd says:

    Wow people relax a bit, as for facts, I have no idea if they cheat or do not cheat on each other, thought I am sure if they did cheat, the one they are cheating with would probably have snapped a photo, or at least come forward, simply because of the money that can be made with just a smidgen of proof.

    Angie had a wild side in her past, but recently she has been or at least appeared to be a devoted mother, it is true we do not know what happens behind close doors, but for someone to adopt that many kids does give an indication that she enjoys being a Mother. Brad also appears to be enjoying be a Father, as there are many snaps of him taking the kids out to various activities, and he seems to be enjoying himself as much as the kids, yes, it could all be staged, but I suspect the paps, would love to take a shot of Brad mad or disgusted with one of his kids, as that would sell better.

    Finally what we do know is that Brad and Angie do a lot of charity work, and Angie does travel to places that are very poor and listen to the stories of the heartaches of the people who live there. Yes it could all be a PR stunt, but since she has done it more than once, and have spent more than a day there, does give an indication that she cares about the plight of those less fortunate. Spending more than a day in those places is hard, yes they would probably offer the best they have, but that would not be very much, and listening and seeing how the people there live is very hard emotionally, knowing that children around 8 are selling themselves, or being raped, that desperation has turned people into doing things that are more villainous than virtue simple because they are hungry or just do not care anymore, that with an absent of law, there are people who will do horrible things to one another because they simply can.

    So in conclusion, yes they could be as bad as Mel, but here is a couple who appear to love their children, and in their spare time, instead of spending their money at some 5 star resort, they do things to help other less fortunate. Why make them villains or gossip about them cheating or whatever, here are two people we should wish others would be more like, instead of say Paris Hilton, or that girl from Jersey Shore or even worse that guy who does the Girls Gone Wild series.

    Let us be honest with each other, in Hollywood, you can throw a stone, and most likely hit a person who ONLY care about themselves, would it not be nice, if the opposite was true, and you would most likely hit someone who cares about helping other people?

  124. beth says:

    i’m almost afraid if i say one more word here, this entire blog will self-combust…
    i’m glad to see many level-headed folks on this site. really, i am.
    i’m actually fine with robust, rambunctious conversations but not when it descends to name-calling; oops, that was over 30 words…

  125. Cheyenne says:

    @Newbie: This is an excerpt from an interview by Diane Sawyer with Paltrow on “60 Minutes” in 2003:

    DIANE SAWYER: …Paltrow in her early 20s was still at the beginning of her career when she got engaged to Brad Pitt, legendary nice guy and Hollywood heart throb. The engagement was shattered, she says, because she wasn’t ready and behaved badly.

    GWYNETH PALTROW: We’re matching haircuts picture. Wow.

    DIANE SAWYER But she was a girl ready to get married, have children right away?


    DIANE SAWYER: She said.

    GWYNETH PALTROW: She said. She said. But she wasn’t at all. My kind of internal stuff really tripped up that whole relationship and I felt really responsible and also like I was the architect of my own misery and I just made a big mess out of it and…

    DIANE SAWYER Hurt him?


    You can read the whole thing here:

  126. TheGrotto says:

    Newbie, I think its more than obvious that as you said, you tried to ‘skim’ the messages because several people have called Angelina a homewrecker and accused her of cheating and homewrecking, and calling Angelina supporters ‘Brangeloonies’, and I’m not even referring to Beth. In future, it might be better if you actually READ the posts before ASSUMING anything and jumping in and making a fool of yourself.

  127. TheGrotto says:

    Vanessa, JJ is in RESPONSE to FemaleFirst. And if you’ve never seen Aniston’s fans on Aniston threads on JJ, let me tell you, Brangelina fans are nothing as obsessed as Jen fans on JJ.

  128. Cheyenne says:

    This whole did-they-cheat-or-didn’t-they has gotten beyond ridiculous.

    Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. When two adults fall in love anything can happen. I’m not about to judge one way or another. But for pete’s sake, people, it was SIX FREAKING YEARS AGO!! And it’s no concern of anybody’s except for the people involved. Aniston has put it behind her and seems satisfied with her life, Brad and Angie have built a family together and seem to be happy with each other and their children, and everybody else should just butt out and move on. End of story.

  129. TheGrotto says:

    I guess I get so irate and truly frustrated at the unfairness of it all. Its ok to call Angelina a homewrecker and a cheater (neither of which, might I add, there has ever been even a splice of remote proof), and to call her supporters that take a stand and defend her ‘Brangeloonies’, but the minute a supporter dares to stick their head up and support the underdog and fire back with facts, they are called ‘Brangeloonies’ and not allowed to call the (obvious) Jen fans and haters on here, loonifers. The total hypocrisy of Aniston fans/haters on here, and through-out the internet, frustrates me to tears. It is so unfair. A good woman can be slandered, libelled with absolutely not one millimetre of evidence. No one is allowed to defend her. Yet Ms Apple Pie all American Sweetheart Ms butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth and her fans are not allowed to be called out. Perhaps those of you deriding us for sticking up for the underdog, should just consider that we have as much right to defend her, as you do to hate her. But, apart from a few ‘safe havens’ on the internet, the internet is not a safe or happy place for those of us who support Angelina and fight for the underdog and for justice. When the whole internet is against you, maybe YOU would be quick to get your back up, too.

  130. Cheyenne says:

    @TheGrotto: Aren’t you over-dramatizing this a bit?

    I admire and respect both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and I have no problem with anyone calling me a Brangeloonie or anything else. If name-calling makes them feel better, that’s their problem, not mine. As to the internet not being a safe or a happy place for Jolie-Pitt supporters, I’ve never felt remotely threatened or unsafe expressing my support for either of them.

    As for Aniston, her core of support has shrunk drastically in the past five years to estimate by the number of pro- versus anti- comments in cyberspace. The pity party got dragged out too long. There is a very thin line between pity and contempt, and she crossed it a long time ago.

  131. TheGrotto says:

    I only got involved years ago, after seeing the vicious witch-hunt of Angelina all based on nothing but tabloid lies. I got so sick and tired of the ‘entitlement’ of the Aniston fans who felt they had a right to besmirch Angelina and her fans – but Angelina’s fans had no right of reply. I am proud to say that it was I who coined the term “loonifer” after seeing one too many Aniston fan call Angelina fans ‘Brangeloonies’, merely for even existing. I thought, whats good for the goose et al. For years Brad and Angelina supporters have noticed the unfairness of the internet world when it comes to Brad and Angelina and have dealt with the attacks on us for having the hide to defend her. I think over the past couple of years, Brad and Angelina fans have truly become fed up with this witch-hunt and vendetta, and have mobilized and taken a stand. I’ve spoken to many Angelina supporters privately who have been sickened by the attacks on the woman and her fans and have decided to come out and fight back. Aniston fans have pushed, bullied, lied and slandered and basically ruled the net for 6 years. Did they honestly think that people who were into justice, decency and fairness wouldn’t start to take a stand and fight back? Did they think they could rule unchallenged? There is only so far you can push people. And there will always be those to whom standing against smears, bullying and lies is a hobby and ‘going for the underdog’ is a virtue.

  132. Thea says:

    Angelina was married prior to Billy Bob to another actor, I cant think of his name, Johnnie something, they were all in a movie together and she cheated on her husband with the actress Jenny Schmizu or something like that. So yes Angelina cheats. And is bi sexual. I think there is more to her relationship with Brad than we care to know. And Brad maybe wasnt unfaithful to Jennifer (doubt that) but in his mind he had already left the marriage and was making plans to move on to Angelina. I love Angie but I think she is alot more sexually demanding than Brad. I think Brad although gorgeous would be sort of so so in bed. I think Angelina needs alot of experiences to keep her happy. This is just my opionion. But she doesnt seem to stay faithful long. The movie the children around constantly and other things make me think she needs excitement and variety in her life, which isnt a bad thing. But I think if I loved a man I would marry him. Especially if it were Brad Pitt.

  133. Kim123 says:

    Thea- the kids travel with their parents to keep the family together , Brad stated in an interview that was his idea. FYI Brad has made more films on location than Angie since they have been together so his work has caused them to relocate more than hers. Yes Angie cheated on Johnnie Lee Miller when she was 20 with Jenny .She admitted that and JLM forgave her and they remained friends. They both stated they were too young to get married.No other partner or spouse has even hinted she was unfaithful. AJ is a 35 yo mother of 6. I really wish people would stop bringing up stuff from over 15 years ago.She changed her priorities after she became an ambassador and a mother. She realized that she was selfish as many of us are in our teens and early twenties.I find it interesting that some people think she is so sexually wild when there also rumors that BBT called her a bore in bed.Noone Knows except her sexual partners. Regarding marriage both she and Brad have stated they tried marriage and it is not a priority unless their kids ask them to get married.As a fan I get protective of her because I’m tired of all the viscious, hateful lies written about her daily, ie she is a drug addict, she cheats on Brad she abuses her kids, she turns her daughter into a lesbian, she hates Brads parents., she hates her biological kids…I’m frustrated by the racist comments aimed at her adopted kids and the death wishes aimed at her and her bio kids.So I will continue to go out of my way to say she is not perfect nor is she a monster

  134. Sakyiwaa says:

    Just look at this thread. i love BP and AJ. i don’t mind being called a ‘loonie’ cos i’m crazy about them. of course, they are irate levels of craziness in existence over those two but who are any of us to judge, really?
    this story was about a faux ‘nude scandal’ involving Brad and a person he hasn’t even MET. Now… it has devolved into a blueprint for speculations on BP and AJ’s fidelity…
    Just as one feels free to accuse, another should be allowed to freely defend. Check out a court of law sometime. that is justice. audi alteram partem.
    Now imagine Brangeloonies, Jenhens, trolls, and whatever monikers they’re foisting on us these days…imagine if we could all just get along…
    Just imagine…

    @Cheyenne, real cool Gywneth link btw (wink!)

  135. Cheyenne says:

    MrsOdie2: Laura Dern said that she went off to make a movie and when she came back, her boyfriend had married someone else. Maybe she WAS a delusional whore, but she believed it to be true.

    So what if she did? She could believe she was the Queen of Sheba, but that wouldn’t make it any more valid. She called her affair with Billy Bob a big romance and he called it something else. She was a grown woman and should have known better. But that doesn’t make Angie a man-stealer.

    Mrs.Odie2: I think BillyBob Thorton, who I DO think is a scumbag, probably told Jolie he was single when he actually wasn’t.

    I hesitate to call a guy a scumbag just because he didn’t want to marry a woman who couldn’t take a hint and get out of his life, and if he wasn’t legally married to anyone else, then he most certainly was single. Laura Dern may have been emotionally tied to him, but it wasn’t mutual. He was a free agent, her delusions to the contrary.

  136. Newbie says:

    @Cheyenne: thanks for that link. I’ll bet she’s kicks herself when she thinks of how her marriage isn’t going so well (reportedly). As for the Laura Dern stuff, do we really know she was delusional? I guess a lot of chicks are delusional when it comes to liking a guy more than they like her. But do we actually know any of that? And if someone is “certainly single” if they’re not legally married, does that mean Brad and Angie are “single” too? Yeah, she’s done some dirt on the same level with the whole Ben Harper thing, but I fail to see how her peccadillos justify the doing of anyone else’s. Isn’t it all the same?

  137. Cheyenne says:

    @Newbie: Legally, Brad and Angie are both single. I don’t know if the State of California recognizes common-law marriage and as far as I know they haven’t legally declared a domestic partnership. However, they seem to be bound together by very strong emotional bonds, not to mention six children. Laura Dern wasn’t bound to Billy Bob Thornton by anything except her refusal to accept that he had no intention of marrying her, then or ever.

    Were Dern’s and Jolie’s cases the same? I’d say not, for this reason: Nobody knows whether or not Angie and Brad had an affair before his marriage to Aniston was formally dissolved, but by the time he met Angie, Brad’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston was on life support. This is backed up by Aniston herself who said in an interview that by 2004 the marriage was dead. Laura Dern, on the other hand, got knocked up by Ben Parker while he was married to, and living with, his pregnant wife. Whether or not Dern knew his wife was pregnant when she decided to jump into bed with Parker is open to question. I think she knew and simply didn’t give a damn.

  138. LuckyLilGem says:

    Angelina is still one of the most dazzling beauties in hollywood. Bella is pretty, but she doesn’t have the same mature sex appeal.

  139. Newbie says:

    @Cheyenne: I see your point. It’s all sketchy/gross to me, though. If a married guy came onto me, I’d turn him down flat. Period. I understand that things don’t work out, people break-up, divorce, etc, but I’m just the type of girl who thinks it’s better to let the ink dry on the divorce papers before even THINKING of getting together. Even for coffee. Am I strict? Hells yeah. Even if I’m not interested in a guy, I feel disgusting when he comes around to “lean on me for support” and “talk about his crumbling relationship”(unless, of course, it’s my brother or best friend or something). I’m the last person he should be doing that with. Go talk it through with your wife. Try damn harder than that. And if she doesn’t listen to you? Call a counselor. Call your father. Call your best guy friend. Don’t call upon a new and exciting woman in your life! Hello… And people wonder how these things get started? Well no shit, sherlock! 3rd party. That’s probably the first mistake ever made.
    Bytheway…none of this is really directed at you. Simply an opinion vented. Nothing more.

  140. Kim123 says:

    I find it intersting that people wanted Brad to wait until the divorce was finalized yet noone objects to Jen hooking up with Vince before the divorce was finalized. There were pics of her on a hotel balcony in Chicago astride Vince Vaughn in June or July 05.

  141. Cheyenne says:

    @Newbie: Brad and his ex-wife were in marriage counseling for two or three years before he finally left. Counseling doesn’t help much when the couple is totally incompatible to begin with.

  142. Jag says:

    She’s not an Angelina lookalike, he’s looking “hard” lately, and I love the idea of a panic room. But with their money, he should call me and I’ll tell him all about underground homes that are actually bunkers equipped to allow people to live comfortably after disasters. ;)

  143. harfang says:

    I don’t think Angie can ever really be straight or monogamous, no matter how hard she (apparently) keeps trying. In fact it’s very possible that she and Brad have a mutually beneficial arrangement that secures their relationship and their family more surely than any attempted “surrender” to monogamy or heterosexuality ever could. (I’m not saying Brad isn’t straight; in my opinion he may or may not be.) If they do not have such an arrangement, I hope they get one eventually, or they will be miserable after a certain point. (They won’t split. Neither of them would do that to the brood.)

  144. yuppie says:

    Not that this needs to be added, but:
    Brad left his wife amidst rumors of an affair, for the woman who was at the center of those rumors, which had been whispered about nearly the entire time they were working together.
    Jen hooked up with Vince Vaughn after it was very publicly known that she and Brad had quit the marriage. By then they’d both left their home, and the announcement had been made.
    To me there’s a pretty big difference there. Had the tables been turned, and the rumors were about Jen and Vince hooking up while Brad was unawares, then YES. I do believe the witch-hunt would have been for Jennifer rather than Brad.

  145. yuppie says:

    how do you know they were in counseling for 3 years? And furthermore, how do you know they were “incompatible?” At some point, they both felt it was perfectly compatible. If I’m not mistaken, they began dating in 1998 and were married in 2000. You’d think that 2 years was enough time to realize you’re not compatible with a person. Just like people say that you can’t “steal” a married man at gunpoint, well…you can’t force him down the aisle, either.
    As for the counseling, I think that most marriages, if not all of them, could benefit from it. It’s helpful to have a different perspective on things. If it weren’t so damned expensive.