Courteney Cox says David Arquette can’t hug her without getting a boner


When I heard this story I thought it was old news, because didn’t David Arquette just tell Howard Stern that he tried to make a pass at Courteney Cox while they were on a family trip to Disneyland but got shot down? He did say that, but it was on Tuesday and as E! reports he was sitting in on Howard’s show all week. Well Courteney paid him a visit yesterday on the show and she confirmed that story that David tried to get in her pants but she turned him down. She also claimed that she hasn’t had sex at all since their split. Now why is she palling around with all those fine men and going on vacation with them? What is the damn point? Whether she was telling the truth or not, David believes her. What’s more is that Courteney said that she and David broke up because he couldn’t just hang out with her without getting a boner and wanting sex. They must have gotten old after 10 freaking years.

In an interview with Howard Stern yesterday, the estranged couple discussed their sex life at length, leaving little to the imagination.

When probed by Stern regarding Arquette’s reported advances on Cox during a trip to Disney World with their daughter Coco, 6, the actress said frankly, “It was early in the morning. This is one of our problems in our relationship. Whenever I would need consoling from David, he could not literally put his arm around me for one second without completely getting a boner.”

Cox told Stern that, despite her husband’s admitted flings following their separation, “I have not had sex,” since the split, denying that she is romantically involved with her ‘Cougar Town’ co-star Josh Hopkins.

While Cox had said just weeks before of her ex, who recently celebrated his 100th day of sobriety, “He looks the best he’s ever looked. He’s doing great. He’s just awesome,” she admitted that she was hesitant to become intimate with him again. “I don’t want to confuse the issue,” she said. “We’re going through a hard time.”

“I’m always ready for [Courteney],” said Arquette. “I know I’m more in touch with what she needs now…She takes one sort of thing and she clumps it [and says] that’s what happens all the time in our relationship. It’s not really true.”

Cox told Stern that in the past, Arquette had supported her through difficult times, including her father’s death in 2001, but she seemed far from ready to get back together. After Arquette accused her of being “over it,” Cox admitted, “The truth of the matter is that we love each other so much. We have such affection for each other but we are very different.”

[From Popeater]

You can hear a clip of that at TMZ. David said that “I’m always ready for you,” but as Popeater noted above he claimed that she was overgeneralizing.

Can we believe Courteney, did she really not bone any of those hot guys from her show? David is buying it, but it’s obviously not helping their relationship much. I get the impression that she just doesn’t want to tell him it’s over for good and is hoping he’ll figure it out and come to terms with it on his own. She may think she’s doing him a favor but it looks to me like she’s just stringing the poor guy along.

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  1. Breanna says:

    The whole situation seems odd. Every detail is made to the public, don’t think it’s necessarily healthy for a possible reconciliation.

  2. Anne says:

    Why are they sharing intimste details like this with the world? In years to come their child will be able to Google this crap. Good grief!

  3. Iggles says:

    Wow… Why are they talking about this publicly!!!

  4. albeli says:

    I think this has to be one of the weirdest, creepiest breakups ever.

  5. Disbelieving says:

    Boundaries, people, boundaries. Think of the children.

    Oh, and eeeuwwww…….

  6. Az says:

    Did anyone catch David Arquette on Watch What Happens Live yesterday? A viewer asked whether he would he would ever hook up with Jennifer Aniston (and Andy Cohen read the question with visible relish) and he visibly recoiled and gave a very adamant NO. Then he tried to brush it off by saying it went against the bro code and that it wouldn´t be moral.

  7. KattyKat says:

    I never wanted to see the words “David Arquette” and “boner” in the same sentence.

    @Anne, I was thinking the same thing. Coco is going to see this someday.

    I may believe she hasn’t had sex yet. She’s tired! She may want to see what an emotionally intimate relationship is like before having sex with someone after um… ick. I really didn’t want to know. She also may not know what to do with a hot guy. First Adam Duritz then this one OK.. I may have talked myself out of lunch.

  8. Sigh. says:

    “Courteney Cox says David Arquette can’t hug her without getting a boner”

    That’s. Just. Lovely.
    And Court, Thanks for the visual.

    Some would kill to have a younger mate interested in them like that as they creep closer to 50, but I’m assuming there’s more to it than that. And the hands give her away, too [See the Demi post]. I’m surprised some cosmetic surgeon in H’Wood or Brazil hasn’t came up with a way to….”combat” that sign of aging through expensive, invasive, and obvious procedures.

    Is all of this going to die down once Scream 4 gets the crap promoted out of it, or what?

  9. Reality says:

    It is odd how public they’re both being about a very private issue, but I believe they are both being incredibly honest about their relationship.

    Maybe they should be speaking to a counselor instead of airing their dirty laundry on a radio show. Weird.

  10. KattyKat says:

    @Az I would never watch anything with David Arquette voluntarily but yeah not even he will touch the reek of desperation that is The Aniston. If this story is true that CougarTown guy (don’t know their names) would rather go on a platonic vacation with Courtney than bang The Aniston. I love this guy whomever he is (whether or not he and Courtney had sex, either way he picked Courtney not Aniston).

  11. OXA says:

    Sad thing is that so many men can not give affection without involving an erection.

  12. yahoo says:

    I think they are both high on drugs.

  13. Miss Marie says:

    As one who has been hurt by being strung along AND as one who unknowningly strung people along because it was too hard to speak the truth I say, “Courtney give the guy a break and tell the truth”! Hard to do, but you will be able to look back at this period with dignity not shame. Regrets, I’ve had a few…

  14. Laura says:

    They’ve always annoyed the shit out of me, together or not. I wish they’d get hit by a bus, or at least go the hell away.

  15. harfang says:

    Look, I’ve dealt with the other extreme, and I’d prefer this… extremity any day.

  16. curmudgeon says:

    Good god talk about TMI. I love celebrity whining about privacy and then they say sht like this to reporters.

  17. Isabel says:

    I think that Courteney has realized that David will be David no matter what she says or wants, and she’s taking a different approach to dealing with the split. She wants to be close, she wants to be a parenting team, and David wants to screw her constantly and can’t fully accept that. EXCEPT, when you have a CHILD, you sort of have to put aside exactly what YOU want for the sake of peace and sanity.
    That’s just my analysis. It looks like she’s trying to beat him at his own game, but I’m not sure she’ll succeed.

  18. Mick says:

    Doesn’t she know how lucky she is?

    I have not seen a boner in years.

  19. doom_n_gloom says:

    That’s hilarious. A bit of an overshare, but consider where it came from. It was the Howard Stern show, not 20/20.

  20. khaveman says:

    Did she just call it a boner? Cheesy. I think Courteney is stringing him along a bit and frankly, enOUGH with the oversharing. We don’t need to hear this. Which makes me think it’s all for the movie ‘buzz.’ David needs to take some cards off the table btw.

  21. Ingrid says:

    Never heard of a couple breaking up because there’s too much sex! So it’s obvious Cox (lol) is the one with the problem. Seems to simple. All those years of being seen in public with his crazy ass outfits, and NOW she thinks they’re different?? Way to play those games, Courtney, way to go…gags.

  22. TQB says:

    GET A ROOM. Preferably one with a counselor in it!!

  23. The Bobster says:

    A real woman would be thrilled that her man still gets excited by her after all that time.

    I suspect she has frigidity issues.

  24. whatyousay?! says:

    haha bobster!
    I was thinking the same thing!–kinda….although maybe not necessarily “real” women but a slightly insecure one like me when in a long– and what could become stale– relationship

  25. doom_n_gloom says:

    @ Bobster…Unless she’s no longer attracted to him, then it just becomes annoying.

    Anyone who cares, I went through the same thing with my ex. He was a very good looking guy but after years of him constantly screwing up, acting immature, and basically pissing me off, sad to say the physical attraction went away. Even though I really don’t give a crap about the Cox-Arquette situation, I can relate to it on some level.

  26. The Truth Fairy says:

    @The Bobster – Uh, yeah, a “real woman” really wants a guy humping on her leg right after she finds out her dad died. She is standing there sobbing and the only thing he can offer her is a boner. Who wouldn’t want that. Seriously?!?!

    Obviously the guy is an emotional cripple who can only express how he feels through his dick. It’s sad that you think that this is what real women want, but since you are obviously not a real woman it doesn’t really matter what you think.

  27. Mshuffleupagus says:

    I bet every time he got a boner she would go after his crotch with a spray bottle.

    “NO *spray* ERECTIONS *spray* IN *spray* THE HOUSE.”

  28. Melanie says:

    The bobster: umm, no. Real women get tired too and think sex a couple times a week is enough.

  29. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Really, OXA? “Sad thing is that so many men can not give affection without involving an erection.”

    Sheesh, there is nothing wrong with arousal when you are near the woman you love. An involuntary response is not always turned off like a faucet when your man hugs you, doesn’t matter if it’s a funeral or a wedding. Normal biology does NOT mean your guy is a pig.

    A lady friend of mine says it best, “I’m so glad you can’t see womens’ erections; otherwise we’d be walking around all day with our skirts sticking up!”

  30. Marjalane says:

    Wow. Up until I read this, I still had a shred of respect for Courtney Cox- mostly for finally getting out of what sounded like a strangely one sided immature relationship. Uh….it’s so beyond bizarre that she would take her story to Howard Stern. That’s just gross. I do realize they’re probably trying to drum up publicity for their ridiculous Scream movie, but this was WAY too much information and a huge steaming pile of Bullsh*t that she hasn’t been on a dong spree since she kicked him out. (and probably before that)

  31. Amanda G says:

    They will definitely get back together…if they aren’t already.

  32. anoneemouse says:

    Sometimes it’s best to break bad news in small doses. Maybe she thought he would flip out if she asked for a divorce so she decided to lessen the load by asking for a separation first. Judging by the way he’s acted since this all started, I think she has valid reasons for handling this the way she has.

  33. Zombie Nurse says:

    I am not sure the wisdom of using Howard Stern as a marriage counselor. . .

  34. lady of the lake says:

    Can’t even watch Cougar Town because of all the plastic surgery and botox! It’s really awful…

  35. jenn says:

    They seem so genuinely kind hearted toward ach other, I hope they can eventually get back together. There seems to be a sweetness to their relationship that you don’t see alot. Plus they look really good together.

  36. Delta Juliet says:

    Eh……if you can’t receive affection from your mate without them expecting it to lead to sex it can get very annoying. Trust. I feel for her if it’s true.

  37. Maritza says:

    Sorry but I don’t believe her. If she really loves him she would have no problem getting intimate with him. He needs to move on and just start living his own life without her. Once she realizes that his flaws are not that bad compared to other men she’ll probably want him back and by then it’ll be to late.

  38. W.O.M. says:

    I agree with #33.

    Also I have lost the small modicum of respect I had for Courteney Cox.

  39. sapphire says:

    @bobster and sometimes when you’re tired or stressed, the boner is no freaking compliment.

    Why oh why is this on national radio?

  40. Sigh. says:

    @ Mshuffleupagus:

    “I bet every time he got a boner she would go after his crotch with a spray bottle.
    ‘NO *spray* ERECTIONS *spray* IN *spray* THE HOUSE.’”

    Or she bats at it like a momma bear does a cub to let him know he’s being bad “NO! No. Noooo-drop it. Ah. Ah! Drop iiiiiit…”

  41. Brisbanegirl says:

    I love them as a couple and hope they get back together. I don’t think they will and I agree that she is probably stringing him along. I love that they went on Howard Stern. I want more of it.

  42. mln76 says:

    I could forgive the overshare when it just seemed to be David having a nervous breakdown but this reeks publicity stunt to promote their movie. Also I wonder if Courtney is someone who thinks if you do everything but it isn’t cheating?

  43. hellcat says:

    #40 – really? If she really loved him she would have no problem being intimate with him? So…people with depression, people whose medications damage their libidos, people with naturally low libidos, people who are just having a freaking OFF day – none of these people love their spouses? Come on.

  44. Michelle says:

    Wow I am impressed David !!!

  45. Patricia says:

    That is hilarious and not a surprise. All along I have thought she just outgrew his immaturity- which in the beginning she thought was cute. She’s obviously just not getting what she needs from him anymore. I can’t blame her for moving on. He seems like a royal pain in the ass.

    And yes I have been chased around the house by a raging erection before. Trust me it gets old. I was in my early 20s and loved sex but eventually I left his stupid ass too. Unfortunately immaturity like that plays out on many levels.

  46. DesertRose says:

    I complained to my mother about being in a situation like this (my man has the same ‘curse’ as David), she laughed and said “Hey, it could be worse, I know what night I got pregnant each time cause that’s how rarely your father and I had sex” lol Never complain if you’re not ready for the response =)

  47. Newbie says:

    This makes me sad. The idea that all of this is so very public is really tragic to me. Especially when he tells her to admit that she’s “over it”. I’d never want to hear/say these types of things on a radio show. They both seem…like they’re really mixed up and confused right now. Like, in a few months, they’ll wake up and wish they’d handled it differently. Sad.

  48. KattyKat says:

    @bobster When the “boner” feels automatic. It’s not a freaking compliment. The way she says it, it made me think of a dog.

    Obviously, they have very different sex drives. She may or may not have had sex since the break up but he has with more than one woman.

    Sex is a very important part of a relationship but by that I don’t necessarily mean having sex. What is the most important thing is having similar sex drives. I have friends who like to have sex more than once a day and complain about mates who don’t. I have friends who want to have sex once a week and complain about an oversexed mate. Yes, I have very intimate conversation with my friends (not with Howard Stern or in my case my coworkers).

    As for her feelings for him, she said she LOVES him not that she is IN LOVE with him so yes, it may be a case of her no longer being attracted to him.

    And to be perfectly honest like with some of my friends and their current mates – its not that I don’t want to know about Courtney, I relate to her in an overly botoxed older sister kind of way, it’s that I don’t want to know about Courtney and HIM, he’s creepy and immature and everything she says about him is what I expected – WHY did she marry him?

    I just hope CZJ doesn’t get the urge to go visit Stern. For some reason I can’t think of a couple where I like the man and the woman repulses me… anyone?

  49. MSat says:

    I would be totally psyched if my husband of 10 years still wanted my bod all the time. My second husband was Mr. Grab-Ass for the first 8 years of our marriage and when it stopped, it was because he was cheating. Seriously, what’s so horrible about being physically and emotionally turned on by your wife? She sounds like a cold bitch.

  50. wunderkindt says:

    Saw DA on Andy Cohen’s WWHL last night. He seemed stoned, was hilarious!

  51. jill says:

    i guess they have a movie to sell?

  52. MyCatLoves TV says:

    This thread has had some of the funniest comments in a long while. And some of the strangest. Did some guy say he got boners at funerals (if the right hot women were around)? Uh ok. To Bobster…”real” women get tired of the same ole, same ole just like dudes do. The difference is that we sometimes don’t want to hurt a man we still love even if we don’t love the boring sex anymore. Don’t get me wrong. It can be our own fault. We could ask the man to try new things or whatever. But the truth could be we will never find the dude we still have affection for sexually exciting anymore. The thrill is gone so to speak. And we may feel too guilty to say anything so we suffer in silence…making both parties suffer actually. Everybody should ‘fess up in these situations so that everybody can be with the proper boner for his or her own needs at the proper time of his or her life. Boners for everyone…as often as necessary and attached to the right guy!

  53. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @Melanie: I kinda feel sorry for you (and your husband)–only a couple times a WEEK?? Sorry, but I consider myself to be a “real woman” and my husband and I have sex at least once a DAY. And we have a toddler and a 4 month old, so I’m pretty damn tired.

    I find this couple’s entire recent relationship stuff to be weird. And have always kinda gotten the frigid vibe from Cox. But then again, I find it very flattering–and hot–that my hubs has a constant ‘boner’ (that word makes me giggle) for me. Oh, and we’ve known each other over 10 years, too.

  54. lettylynton says:

    I think David sounds like he really loves her.

  55. bitca says:

    The TMI aspect is sort of entrancing. Where the ‘boner’ issue is concerned tho: honey; he’s a man, & WAS at least, your partner. You couldn’t even work THAT out in an honest, private & intimate manner (say, via the much-publicized counseling sessions)? How long was this marriage? 10+ years? And heck, how hard is it to say,
    “listen, this is a bad time for me, but if you need to take care of that thing, knock yourself out. Love ya, but right now, just not up to it. Have fun, sweetie!” Unless he was seriously pushy any time he got stiff, I don’t get it. Guys (esp less mature types) are often quite happy to attend to their urges on their own.

    If she’s bit*hing over stuff like this, time to cut the poor slob loose & stop torturing him. Totally sounds like she’s stringing along—& boasting about—his love & attraction to boost her ego. Oooohhh; she still gets him hot, even now! Like, why would she mention this otherwise?

  56. lisa says:


    just a while ago some people were going on and on about how classy Courteney was and how great she was in handling this whole situation. Well the truth comes out.

    She also talked about it on David Letterman. It is obvious that she wants out. David even said so. I think he is seeing that he is really looking desperate. She said they were more roommates. People living separate lives. That they don’t like doing the same things. Courteney spends most of her time with her “friends” David said they were never alone as a family. Maybe that was a problem too. How do you make a marriage when you are not alone. But I find it so interesting how this is all playing out. So from what she has said they have been having problems for years. And it has come to a head. She/David don’t have a pre-nup. David was talking about giving Courteney everything. Howard was trying to talk him out of taking his name off the Producer role on that Cougar Town show. There is more behind this. If he is not what she wants or needs, then let him go. You can be parents together. Lots of people do it every single day.

    STFU and take care of your marriage. Save it or end it.

  57. flounder says:

    uncomfortable! I don’t know if this was for publicity or just to be honest..either way…probably not the best pr move.

  58. Jess says:

    First of all, I love David on Howard – he’s so funny on there. Second, I have to say that I’m impressed that Courtney actually showed up to defend herself and talk about their relationship. Maybe there are no boundaries but I think it’s pretty cool. And that’s the sort of thing that Howard gets out of interviews (I’m obviously a Stern fan). Third, I wish I had Courtney’s problem and my husband would get so excited touching me!

  59. beth says:

    @ Mshuffleupagus:

    “I bet every time he got a boner she would go after his crotch with a spray bottle.
    ‘NO *spray* ERECTIONS *spray* IN *spray* THE HOUSE.’”
    you know, i mentally had this conversation with my exbf of 9years – almost every night before we went to bed, and almost every morning when we woke up. it kind of got to, ‘enough already! i’m not up to being poked every day!’… i think for women, we want just as much communication as we want sex; for me, after a point, i just got board with all the mindless poking! BOARD, i say! a great part of the thrill of sex is the build-up anticipation, and if there’s no communication, that just goes away after a while. i wouldn’t be surprised if courtney didn’t get it on with those fine men on the boat… she probably got her fill and then some… me, i didnt’ feel up to sex for two years after our break-up, and it wasn’t from lack of opportunity :)

  60. ShaneGentry says:

    So basically he loves his wife and he wants to have sex with her. I know on several occasions I’ve hugged my girlfriend and gotten hard.

    Ya, that’s right. HARD!

    I’m a man, I want to have sex.

  61. tracking says:

    I think she’s still stuck mothering him to some extent, and doesn’t want to feel responsible for another nervous breakdown. Can’t blame her for that. She clearly loves him, but does seem over the marriage. Agree with all the TMI/publicity comments, but some points for real down-to-earth honesty.

  62. I am like her. if I were her I wouldn’t bone those hot guys. I just wouldn’t. I could live without those hot guys.

  63. Cokie says:

    Well Az, it does seem from past comments last year that he partly blames Aniston for their marriage breakup, so am not surprised that he would recoil at that suggestion. As for David, I think its actually quite sweet and endearing that he still ‘wants’ her after all this time and having a child. Not sure wtf her problem is. She should be flattered.

  64. DrM says:

    My first husband used to nag the life out of me for sex…and this was after having twins…as well as two older kids. It wasn’t flattering. It was selfish. If I said I was tired he’d chuck a tanty, yank the doona off the bed and go sleep elsewhere. Every single night. Did I want to have sex with him given his behaviour? No… I have a lot of sex with my second husband because he behaves like a human being, and treats me properly. He is also able to separate and combine affection and sex…

  65. dovesgate says:

    I read once that women need an emotional connection to have sex and men need sex to have an emotional connection. So, she goes looking to him for that connection, he responds with boner, she feels like he only wants her for sex, they both end up feeling rejected and resentment because neither of their needs are being met. It happens. But with all the counseling they said they were having, you’d think the counselor would help them learn to get over their communication differences.

  66. Kim123 says:

    Well if all this TMI was meant to promote the movie its not working.It was supposed to open with $25 M but its trending toward under $20M.Rio will probably make $40M. I found it interesting when Stern asked about sleeping w/ her costar. She said he didn’t want to sleep with her or he wasn’t interested in her.

  67. OhMyMy says:

    @Mshuffleupagus: That’s funny. Wonder if Febreze comes in a “No Sex for You” scent?

  68. toni says:

    I wonder if Couereney and David are/were swingers. For example they were once close to Brad and Jennifer. I just get a vibe from them. JMO

  69. JenJen says:

    They are parents and her making this crude remark explains to me why they have been together so long, very tacky.

  70. Shaina says:

    Why were they on vacation together if they were separated?
    Well, to the point- Why is she pissed about him getting an erection? I would feel complimented. It would be a lot better than if he wasn’t hot for her at all.
    She’s just saying that as a way to reaffirm her “hotness” since she is just an old fart now and fears she has lost her sex appeal.

  71. Mary Jane says:

    I think Courteney is ickily plastic-surguried and gross. I actually thought she was cute in “Family Ties” and that Springsteen video, but she’s jacked her face too much.
    I LOVED Charley Weaver on “Hollywood Squares” as a kid but all of the subsequent Arquettes are really creepy.