Jennifer Aniston’s “natural beauty” secret: Radiesse fillers, not Botox?


For a little while now, some people were wondering what Jennifer Aniston has been doing to her face. I noticed it off and on – when she was promoting some stuff last year, her face looked so tight that when she spoke, she looked like she was wincing in pain. But I’ve thought Aniston has been experimenting with fillers for a while – you can see it in Marley & Me, where all of sudden her cheeks looked super big and tight. Over the past year, though, lots of people have been asking, “Botox? Fillers? A subtle facelift?” Now OK! Magazine might have an answer. It sounds like their “insider” source is someone at Aniston’s filler-injection doctor’s office, though:

Jennifer Aniston is often described as one of Hollywood’s most natural beauties and at 42, she’s staying gorgeous without any surgical face or eyelifts – and sans Botox!

“I didn’t like the hard aftereffects,” Jen admitted after trying the treatment once.

“Aging naturally is beautiful,” says Jen, who exercise and eats well to keep herself healthy and looking good. But of course, that doesn’t mean she’s just letting nature run wild. A source close to Aniston tells OK!, “She’s had Radiesse.”

According to the insider, Jen has the fuller injected into key areas of her face. “She has it done long the marionette lines [the vertical lines that extend from the bottom of the nose to the chin],” says the source. “It is also injected ever so slightly into her lips to give fullness – but not a fake bee-stung look. It is done strategically to look natural and subtle and lasts up to eight months or so.”

And Radiesse has an added benefit that Botox doesn’t: it actually helps speed up the productioon of natural collagen, a building-block of healthy skin, by up to 20 percent – even the first time you use it.

[From OK! Magazine, print edition]

OK also claims that Aniston gets laser treatments and chemical peels, and that she drinks 12 glasses of water a day. Sure. “Water.” As for this advertisement for Radiesse, I tend to think it’s probably true. I think Aniston has Filler-Face, not Botox-Face. And while I think it’s kind of funny that she still gets to be called a “natural beauty” who is “aging naturally,” I applaud her for going in for more subtle work. It could be much, much worse. But this way, her supporters get to scream about how she’s NATURAL and we’re all haters while the rest of us are examining the photo evidence.

In other Aniston news, her (alleged) stalking of Bradley Cooper has taken the cover of this week’s InTouch Weekly. Now, Bradley Cooper’s people already denied any romance with Aniston in last week’s Us Weekly. But don’t let that stop Team Aniston’s press machine! According to In Touch (via Jezebel), Aniston has been “throwing herself” into the relationship with B-Coop, and she‘s been texting Bradley all the time, which is apparently her pattern, according to an insider: “she has a pattern of texting and emailing with guys for months, and by the time they see each other again, they’re serious.” According to the same source, though, Bradley is trouble because he is a “known fame-seeker who uses his charm and good looks to get close to A-List actresses, only to cut and run.” Um, really? Because he maintained a steady relationship with Renee Zellweger for nearly two years, he’s some kind of famewhore who will only date certain people for attention? Oh, wait. The source was talking about Aniston, right?




Photos courtesy of Fame, WENN & CoverAwards.

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  1. Oi says:

    She looks bad in that first picture. Yikes.

  2. mln76 says:

    She is not now nor has she ever been a natural beauty she is well put together and attractive and probably using fillers but a beauty she ain’t

  3. Kloops says:

    I think her use of fillers is subtle and it works – for the most part

  4. mary jones says:

    Never considered her a “beauty” man face.

  5. OtherChris says:

    I’ve never thought she was pretty, but anything she’s had done has been really subtle.

  6. EUGENE says:

    Hollywood’s most natural beauties? I would say really attractive, but not a “natural beauty” at all.

  7. Happymom says:

    She’s had her nose done a few times-I’d hardly describe that as “natural”.

  8. Ally says:

    Spend less time crisping in the sun (especially at creepzoid Joe Francis’ house) and you won’t need fillers.

  9. 3Kids says:

    Kaiser – Why would Team Aniston be releasing stuff that sounds so desperate. They have got to know that after BC’s reps. denied it they look stupid to keep pushing it, right?

  10. guesty says:

    The puffy look from fillers is not cute.

  11. Amanda says:

    I think she is doing something different with her eyebrows too. Like- they are bigger and fuller and darker? It looks weird. First I thought it was her eyemakeup but now I think it’s the eyebrows. Jennifer Lopez currently has weird, full, dark brows too and I puzzle over them every night Idol is on.

  12. crab says:

    It’s always a “close source” who does the talking! Who cares, she always looks great!!

  13. N.D. says:

    She looks bloated lately so IMHO she’d overdone it a bit with latest injection.

    I think this time around BC story has no legs and is pure tabloids invention, no publicist from either camp was involved. I mean at least that first time they’d gone to dinner once, this time there were zero evidence that they’ve got in touch at all.

  14. ZenB says:

    URGH! Finally someone in Hollywood listens to me and it’s The Aniston. Oh I’m hurt!

    Seriously, my friends and I are getting close to Aniston in age and some want to do Botox and I keep screaming “NO! Fillers! Botox gives you a shiny forehead!” Yeah I had oily skin as a child *ahem*30something*ahem* And of course I have a lovely forehead so what do I know.

    I have slight marionette lines and undereye bags so botox is useless to me.

    While I don’t think the Aniston is a natural “beauty” I do think she is aging the best of her peers. Go Radiesse!

  15. ZenB says:

    Does anyone know who her derm is? I’m in LA.

  16. ZenB says:

    So – sexist question: what is B-Coop using? Fillers? Lasers? Creme de la Mer?

  17. Rachael says:

    Whatever. Who cares. She looks great. Most people would get radiesse if it meant they could look like that at her age. People need to get over injectables. It’s not a big deal.

  18. Henriette says:

    She’s no beauty… natural or otherwise. She’s a very polished, very disciplined homely woman.

  19. Runs with Scissors says:

    Man, she looks like an orange donkey in that first pic. Terrible angle.

    She still looks better than Courtney Cox, but I’d never call her natural. Fake nose, fake hair, fake tan, bleached teeth, there’s very little natural about this woman.

  20. Bored says:

    Madonna must use the same thing

  21. kazoo says:

    why doesn’t she do something about her laugh lines? blake lively too. they age them both.

  22. skibunny says:

    I doubt there’s anyone in Hollywood who is all “Natural”. She’s likely more natural than most.

  23. Maritza says:

    Well her profession requires to be in ship shape form so if she is getting help by getting fillers than good for her. Being the center of the tabloid gossip has to be brutal to anyone’s self esteem, she should move to NY for once and for all maybe then she’ll have some privacy.

  24. Ell says:

    Yet again the worst picture ever taken of here resurfaces on here. Is this site celebitchy or is it celebias?

    Didn’t Jen’s people put out a statement when these rumours first started calling them BS???

  25. canuck says:

    @ Zen: Creme de la Mer does not live up to it’s hype, you’ll actually see more of a difference with Oil of Olay Regenerist. If I had to guess, most of them without a suntan are using retinoids (Retin-A or the gel version) which would exclude Aniston. That said, she is definitely using fillers and I don’t believe she’s not using botox either, only she’s obviously found a doctor with a very light touch and a great deal of skill using it.

  26. Cheyenne says:

    3Kids: Why would Team Aniston be releasing stuff that sounds so desperate.

    Because this is the only kind of publicity she can generate, and in Hollywood any publicity is better than no publicity at all.

  27. Melanie says:

    If I were her I would instruct my team to say that I like to hide in BC’s bushes and watch him from afar.

  28. CoffeeTalk says:

    Ell: You aren’t crazy-Aniston’s people did deny the rumors last week. Why no one wants to admit to that is a mystery to me.

    Kazoo: people have stopped getting their laugh lines filled because you start getting that pulled-tight look and when you smile, you look like a plastic surgery victim. People have laugh lines-older people especially look freakish without them.

    Its pretty clear that she uses fillers but whoever she gets them from does an excellent job and doesn’t go overboard with it. For someone who tans as much as she does, I’m frankly surprised that she manages to look as good as she does.

  29. Janna says:

    Anyone could see her face was looking haggard, and then in Marley and me she had fatter cheeks. It looks like she hasn’t been going as heavy on filler as Marley and Me lately but she’s still noticeably fresher looking and using fillers.

  30. Marjalane says:

    I can’t believe no one commented on the cover- it cracked me up!

    “Jenn’s friends fear she’s moving too fast….Again!”

    That “again” part killed me.

  31. ZenB says:

    @canuck Sadly, I know. I tried it when the hype started and I was in my 20s. I was just making the point that while JA looks great (not a fan but she looks great) no one questions what the guys do to stay young looking. Why is that?

    I need to get lasered. I’m really not wrinkled but I have melasma – BCPs and the Southern Cali tan. Maybe that is why they are all so orange. I’m too LAZY to go in and get sprayed weekly.

  32. ZenB says:

    @bored Madonna looks horrible. I think it’s because she is too thin and sinewy.

  33. Tazina says:

    She’s average looking with a mannish jaw and enough money to snip, tuck, suck, remove, stretch, fry and inject every part of her aging flesh. Why all the fuss?

  34. benny says:

    Very few women in Hollywood are “natural” beauties. Most have artificial tans, artificial teeth whitening, artificially colored hair, artificially straightened (or permed) hair, nose jobs, lip injections, Botox, and even plastic surgery. The only one I think Aniston hasn’t had is the full-on face lift. She’s had all the rest. And I’m not singling her out – there is nothing “natural” about actresses (or most actors either). The public shouldn’t be so quick in bestowing such titles (“natural beauty”) on such artifical people. I never understood the way we worship people just because they’re famous.

  35. TeeTee says:

    ahh, I think she looks pretty.

    we all know she’s having something don though.

  36. Melanie says:

    Memo to Team Aniston:
    Next week I want to see that JA is mailing BC baby dolls with this note attached:

    ( Because you know, any press is good press!)
    Love, Faniston Mel

  37. mln76 says:

    She does plant rumors about herself. I believe it was Us Weekly that did a whole story about her publicist Stephen Huvane planting engagement stories back when she was w/ VV. It was pretty unprecedented because they called him out as a liar in a detailed way. Planting false relationship stories she later denies is her MO. As is adressing almost every tabloid story which gives her two story cycles.

  38. canuck says:

    @Zen: I haven’t succumbed to the temptation yet, and may never do so, but I can say that there has been many an evening out where I’m the only woman in the room over 35 who’s forehead moves and who doesn’t have those little laugh wrinkles on the nose between the eyes. I’ve got friends who do botox regularly, but I’m not so sure on the long term effects. To me, it’s like having a cast on your arm or leg for months or years…what happens to the muscles over time? In addition, some of my friends whose charm lies in the animation of their faces and the vitality of their character therein turned into facial Stepford wives. Not to mention the duck-lipped horrors that I find standing next to me in the supermarket from time to time. ***shudder***

  39. You don't say says:

    You can never be sure with Anniston’s rumors as it looks good to have a boyfriend, even one you don’t really have. Her PR guy plants and denies all the time.

  40. AmityvilleHouse says:

    Ell, the ‘worst’ pictures? In who’s opinion? I think they are all beautiful pictures of her, probably the better ones of her, she looks gorgeous and I am definitely NOT a fan. Btw, if this site is biased against her, it would be a nice, refreshing change. 99.8% of sites on the net are so biased towards Aniston it is absolutely sickening. Nice to know that not every site drinks the Aniston koolaid and buys her fake persona and her lies and manipulations.

  41. ladybert62 says:

    Well she looks good – am I jealous? You bet! But then she has a tad more money and time than I do to make herself look good! ha ha aa

  42. kira says:

    She’s had surgery, but it’s mostly good work. I don’t think the face fillers are flattering, tho?

    LMAO at her saying, “aging naturally is beautiful.” Ummm, yeah right. These pics shows she is far from natural:

  43. wenderwoman says:

    Woof! She looks really bad in the first picture. She should get a brand new style makeover

  44. JenJen says:

    @Ally, that’s right. Look what the sun did to Suzanne Somers, hard to fix your neck looking like leather.

  45. santacruz says:

    This woman is soooo overexposed in the media…enough already!

  46. Camille says:

    These quotes by mln76 and Henriette say it all and say it well:

    “She is not now nor has she ever been a natural beauty she is well put together and attractive and probably using fillers but a beauty she ain’t”

    “She’s no beauty… natural or otherwise. She’s a very polished, very disciplined homely woman.”

    Completely agree with both of you ladies :D .

  47. Mary says:

    She is pretty…but I think now she has that Orange County Housewives look…Just makes her face looks very full for a women who is 42 yrs old in part making her look older. Not fresh looking. Just trying to remove natural facial lines. I wish she stops. Or she’ll head that same road as most Starlets fighting the age process and over doing the face that turns into a deformed mask.

  48. Kim says:

    So full of crap! I hate celebs who claim i tried it but didnt like it when their faces are SOOOOOOOO jacked up with fillers & botox its insane. Aniston is on filler overload! Not to mention the 10 other plastic surgeries she has had done to her chin, nose, etc. When a blah girl pretends she hasnt had surgery when we all know she has had many its just patehtic!

    • Gabby says:

      I agree – Jen Aniston has a history of being less than honest about her looks. For a long time she claimed she never did any exercise except a little yoga. Now she is finally admitting to a bit more. She has A LOT of help to look that good! Celebs don’t realize how hard it is to feel good about aging without money for outside help (surgery, hair, etc) and with them pretending that you can look young without any help (like them).

  49. JoJo says:

    I don’t think she looks natural at all. Fillers often have the effect of making someone look bloated and puffy, and their face doesn’t have normal contours that every face should have! Jen’s face looks like this. I don’t get this whole new thing about how ‘fillers and botox’ are somehow ‘natural’ just because someone didn’t have surgery. Whether it’s surgery, botox or fillers – none of ‘em are natural! I’ve actually seen people with well-done facelifts that look a lot more natural, rested and more ‘like themselves’ than people who have overdone fillers and botox. Fillers and botox seem to create these fat baby faces that look so incredibly unnatural on these 30- and 40-something celebrities. Yuck!

  50. Dea says:

    I really do not see the beauty when the face of a human being is swollen so much from botox or other procedures that it looks like a balloon. I really like to see normal human being wrinkles. Normal wrinkles around eyes or forehead, as much as people hate to see them, show maturity and give a total different beautiful look. I have friends who use botox and friends who don’t. I really like the ones who don’t as they look so natural and lovely. I really do not get the addiction to wanting to look like 20 when you are 40. It does not make sense. Aging is beautiful and ti gives more confidence to anyone. Why ruin it?

  51. anonymous says:

    Fat baby faces, that is exactly how Aniston looks. Many, starlettes today have that look from using something only they know. Aniston has used that stuff so much that she resembles a potato head, her cheeks are puffy which makes her fore head look smaller. Her earlier pictures was of a beautiful woman now I don’t know. Honestly, if i was a man I would run away from somebody looking scary like that, she’s 42+ not 12.

  52. HotLatino says:

    Who cares if she had surgery? A lot of non-celebs also have surgery, nowadays, it’s like gettin a haircut! I had a nose job and I love my new nose!

  53. april says:

    Most of the celebrities now get fillers such as Radiesse. Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi, Raquel Welch, etc., all use them. That’s why their looks are improved or they are maintaining their beauty. I do not think there are/were a lot of true Hollywood natural beauties except for a handful, such as Farrah, Raquel and a few others. Christie Brinkley definitely had a face lift. If you see photos of her 1-2 years previous to her face lift, which was about a year ago, she looked 56. Dana Delaney looks awesome at 55 and probably uses minimal fillers. Kirstie Alley looks awesome. If she uses fillers it’s probably a slight amount. I think the natural beauties include Dana and Kirstie.

  54. munchies says:

    she turned out to be Barbara Striesand look alike recently.

    Shes not pretty to me anyway eversince

  55. Carlotta Love says:

    Botox temporarily paralyzes muscle movement, and can be done to varying degrees. You can get a lot and your face won’t move; you can get a little and still have movement. It’s not all or nothing. Yes, I have done it, and yes I know from experience. People on here don’t seem to get that it can vary and that you decide how much movement you have. I prefer my face to move, so I limit the amount I get.

    Radiesse and Juviderm are fillers and work differently than Botox. They “fill in” lines, whereas Botox stops the muscles from moving that form that line. You use these things to meet different needs. There’s some overlap, but they perform different functions. If I hadn’t fried myself in the sun all those years, I probably wouldn’t need or want it.

    Anyway, please figure out what you’re talking about, people. Some of these comments are clearly made by people who have no idea how these things work. It’s not hard. Spend five minutes online and know what you’re saying, FFS.

  56. Isa says:

    I suspected this, it’s giving her a bloated look. That’s why everyone suspected she had a drinking problem.

  57. tracking says:

    I agree she should cool it with the fillers, but she still looks good (especially for a tanner and a smoker). Though she is a good 10 lbs heavier than her last years on friends, so maybe a combo?

    Still, why is this more interesting/compelling than the swanky NYC apartment she just bought?

  58. Newbie says:

    She’s definitely had fillers. And she’s definitely had a nose job. No surprise here. Just like most everyone else in hollywood. I don’t think she’s had surgery on her eyes, chin or ears, though. As for the boobs, that picture in the link is suspect! In my humble opinion, getting a chemical peel isn’t plastic surgery. Neither is dying your hair or bleaching your teeth. If those things are plastic, then I’m a plastic nightmare! Rooooaaaar!
    Honestly, the ONLY faces that I might believe are all natural are Jen Garner and Rachel McAdams. Highschool photos show that their facial dimensions haven’t changed a bit. Why change what already looks awesome?

  59. anti says:

    huge cheeks usually covered on the sides by her hair, but it still looks bad. Maybe she could just cut back a little.

  60. animac says:

    omg in the last photo she is so a m a z i n g

  61. Becky says:

    I agree that she looked like she overdid the fillers in “Marley and Me”- it was very noticeable. Whatever she’s doing now looks good, though-much more subtle.

    I would love it if all of these celebs were honest about what they have or haven’t done. Almost all of them past a certain age have had some kind of work done even if it’s just botox or microdermabrasion. Why do they feel the need to pretend to be “all natural” when the vast majority of them aren’t? I think it’s funny that there’s still so much secrecy about it.

  62. Lucile Bulin says:

    Jude Law is so damn handsome, every man wishes to be like him.:,;

  63. Floristaaly says:

    Wow so many negative comments about Jennifer. What’s the problem? She doesn’t look like a man and she has an eviable body that everyone seems to strive for because she’s in terrific shape, she’s extremely wealthy, and she’s very popular in everything she’s been doing from movies and so forth since Friends. I think she looks great and yes, she’s admitted on T.V. that she’s had chemical peels and it was stated that she uses Radiesse. She uses it sparingly, unlike Courteney Cox who has completely ruined her looks with so much botox it’s sickening. She can’t even move her face and I can’t stand seeing her new show because it just makes me sick to see that she messed her looks up so badly. That’s some major overkill. Jennifer looks great. That picture wasn’t good. She was a heavy smoker at one time and yes baked herself in the sun for quite some time until almost this past year from her last interview I read in In Style magazine. She admitted to the way she feels, that she gained some weight because she gave up smoking, and that she now avoids the sun completely because I’m sure she realizes that both smoking and the sun are the worst things for your skin. So she had had fillers and I’m sure various other things done, no question. Especially her nose because she admitted to having that done about 3 different times. You can see pictures of her from years ago and see the changes. Name one person who hasn’t had any work done and that would be no one in Hollywood. Every single actress and actor has had something done because no one wants to see wrinkles and people aging on the screen. This is the unfortunate society we live in. I’m glad I don’t live in Hollywood and have to live up to those ridiculous standards. I do feel if someone really feels they need or want work done because it makes them feel better, that’s fine. If they’re doing it because of society and what they’re stating in these ridiculous air brushed magazines making everyone look perfect when they are far from it. Otherwise she looks better than so many of her counterparts because they have overdone themselves highly and it looks awful.. you almost can’t go back once you do that. Forget about that. It looks gross.. a little is better. As they said, less is more..

  64. Floristaaly says:

    One more thing. I saw her in Wanderlust recently and her face looks so completely different. She looks like her face is so round and somewhat kind of puffy. It’s not horrible, but she’s definitely had work done. One thing that I like about her though is that she doesn’t deny it like so many other people do. That part is a joke. How can people lie when it’s so apparent and what’s the big deal … if you did, you did.