Lady Gaga’s biggest fear: “I’ll die before I get all my ideas out”


Lady Gaga had a new interview with E! News this weekend. I don’t even know what to say about Gaga at this point… I used to like her, but over the past year, the bitch has changed. Maybe it’s because she’s back with Luc, who is likely a bad influence on her. Maybe it’s the idea that I have of her: that she’s a terrible cokehead. Maybe it’s that Gaga started believing her own hype, and she honestly thinks she’s some incredibly original pop artist/messiah. I don’t know. It’s probably a combination of all of that, and then some. All I know is that I’m over her, and her first two singles off of Born This Way suck. Here’s video of the interview, plus some E! transcribed highlights:

Gaga on “Judas”: Gaga says it’s “essentially about me going back to an ex-boyfriend and still being in love with someone that betrayed me, someone that was bad for me. I try to write from a really honest place when I write pop music, and then carry the message of the song into a more deep and more symbolic visual. That’s really what the video is, the video is a metaphor for forgiveness, and for betrayal and darkness being one of the challenges in life as opposed to being a mistake. The name Judas is something that bears such an intense connotation. I often feel misunderstood, and I think my fans do. I think [the video] liberates the word in a lot of ways…takes it out of the negative and into the positive.”

On the music video for “Judas”: It marks Gaga’s directorial debut with “sister” Laurieann Gibson, the pop star said it “came out even more incredible than I ever thought it would…it’s so beautiful, it’s like a fresco come to life.” And as for the final imagery in her video, well, she figured she may as well beat her critics to the punch: “I figured if I’m gonna get stoned for making this video, I’ll stone myself first.”

Gaga on her career: “In a lot of ways I’m really delusional about my success, and sometimes I feel like an underdog in so many ways,” she said. “My biggest fear is that I’ll die before I get all my ideas out. I have nightmares about it. I have recurring nightmares where I’m late, I’m late to turn something in.”

Gaga on where she’ll be in 10 years: “Maybe with a f–king rock on my finger and a baby. I don’t know. With a few more albums under my belt…I don’t so much think about 10 years from now as I do about 10 minutes from now. I could never explain to you the amazing life-changing experience that has been the last three years of my life. I was in New York City singing in bars, busting my ass and nobody believed in me. And all of a sudden I have to catch a plane to sing for 60,000 people in Guadalajara. I can’t even conceive of it.”

On her family: “My parents are pretty immune at this point to my performance art statements. My grandmother did call my father—because she’s blind…’Was [Gaga] wearing meat at the MTV Awards?’ I said, ‘Explain to grandma that it was a statement about equality.’ She said that that was enough to her. It’s sacrilege to an Italian grandmother to wear prime rib…she doesn’t understand jerky. I’m like, it was cured!”

Gaga on her icon status: “I believe it takes a lot of time. The definition of iconography is repetition of imagery, I haven’t been around long enough yet. Give me at least 10 more years.”

[From E! News]

Hahaha, my favorite part was, “Explain to grandma that it was a statement about equality.” BITCH PLEASE. You wore a meat dress because you wanted to! Grandma is all “Dumbass.”

As for “Judas” and how it’s SO CONTROVERSIAL that THE POPE is going to condemn it and how IT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING FOREVER… when the video premiered last week, it elicited a collective “meh.” The Catholic League (Bill Donahue, who will literally protest the drop of a hat) even made this statement: “In her “Judas” video, Lady Gaga plays fast and loose with Catholic iconography, and generates several untoward statements, but she typically dances on the line without going over it. Perhaps that is because the video is a mess. Incoherent, it leaves the viewer more perplexed than moved. The faux-baptismal scene is a curious inclusion, as is her apparent fondness for the Jesus character. But if anyone thinks the Catholic League is going to go ballistic over Lady Gaga’s latest contribution, they haven’t a clue about what really constitutes anti-Catholicism.” Hahaha. Fake controversy.



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  1. Jacq says:

    Well, I for one, have heard more than enough of her ideas, so she can rest easy. What a hack.

  2. Dizzybenny says:

    Lady Gaga’s biggest fear: “I’ll die before I get all my ideas out”

    Actually it’s more her career will die before her ideas comes out.:)

  3. Quest says:

    @ Kaiser:

    …and I will f*cking die if she gets all her ideas out

  4. TXCinderella says:

    I wish she would stop with the weird outfits. That is fine for stage, but just really strange out in public. I love her music and video’s though.

  5. merski says:

    And I still don’t get it…. o_0

  6. CarinC4 says:

    I know this has NOTHING to do with the topic but…….how much is her natural hair showing there?

    I mean, how much hair must she have LEFT after doing so many hair dyes, cuts, wigs, weaves, extensions and up-do’s??
    Yeah, you could dye ur hair without damaging it, but aren’t u suppose to wait between touch-ups? Her poor scalp……

  7. kiko says:

    bitch please!!you wanted to be controversial?Muslims are waiting ;)

    @quest fuck yeah!

    p.s.could someone explain to me why does she always look like a half dead freak?

  8. Emily says:

    I used to really like her (around when Telephone and Bad Romance came out). But she’s just too, too much right now. I watched her Monster Ball HBO special and the bitch is so far up her own butt at this point, it’s not funny. I miss the old Gaga, when she had the Bowie makeup and the cute wigs with bows in them.

  9. Raven Sparrow says:

    “Gaga on “Judas”: The name Judas is something that bears such an intense connotation…I think [the video] liberates the word in a lot of ways…takes it out of the negative and into the positive.”
    OMG! Does she really think her videos and lyrics are gospel? That they are so amazing and full of wisdom? That they are going to change people’s views and lives? Really???

  10. Faye says:

    I like the two new singles, and I like Gaga, but I think she’s back to coke. (Didn’t she say in an interview that she used to do lots of it?) She’s super skinny and giving weird interviews. I hope she’s not, I hope she’s off it.

  11. Kezia says:

    I’m sorry did she just say with her new song she’s turned the idea of Judas from a negative connotation to a positive one?! She may be popular among some people but changed 2000 years of religious history for the billions of Christians around the world with a sub-par song? – I don’t think so.

  12. FatherMonster says:

    She is starting to sink and it’s like hugs from baby Jesus and baby Judas for me. There is no more unconditional love and great press. These are the moments that makes life worth living.

  13. tapioca says:

    Surely she’s got all her ideas out already, which is why she’s stealing everybody else’s! I do love Born This Way for running along to on the treadmill, but Judas – the song and the video – are just the dictionary definition of “meh”. TBH I preferred the fun Gaga dry-humping an inflatable whale in a paddling pool.

  14. ThirdChris says:

    I can see being worried about death if say, you’re a cancer researcher or something. You might have some real tricks up your sleeve. But her? What ideas will actually make a difference to anyone? Meh. I think she’s a bit ridiculous.

  15. mia girl says:

    MEH. At least she’s smart enought to not think of herself as an “icon”.

  16. RHONYC says:

    i have pretty much jumped ship on the gaga camp since she has left her glamorous roots for a more macabre image.

    i did see some of her concert on HBO last night & it was SOMETHING ELSE indeed!

    i especially LOVED her shout out to Liza Minelli & Marisa Tomei who were both in audience and the shout out to her fans & how humbling she was to them.

    she is a talent to be reckoned with.

    i just wished that she stayed more glam though. *tears* :-(

  17. anyhoo says:

    Like everyone else that came before her, she is not getting a lot of backlash after having great success. People love to build them up and tear them down.

    I still like her and I still like her music too. Love the first 2 singles off her new CD.

  18. jover says:

    Pop stars are not philosophers or theologians; very few pop stars have the background, intellectual training or education that would provide them with actual ideas worthy of note. She is just an a**hole and E! is not exactly the Academy. If there is a God, she will be done in a few years.

  19. Maritza says:

    She is very talented but I really think she should take a long vacation. It looks to me like she had a nose job, a very good one. Now if only she would go back to her original dark hair…

  20. Jana says:

    I watched HBO concert, and parts of it were great, but parts were boring, her preaching over and over and talking in the middle of a song. It was like shut up already. The ending was great.

    She’s too full of herself now.

  21. Krissy says:

    I think it’s funny that she keeps going after the catholic Madonna in Like a Prayer- esque thing. Why doesn’t she go after something that isn’t so socially acceptable like the Muslim religion or women’s liberation in Arab countries? She just wants to generate controversy without really getting anyone angry..

    I find the whole thing tedious and annoying, just make your catchy pop music and STFU

  22. Jana says:

    @anyhoo, she builds herself up and tears herself down. I’m one of the greatest songwriters, singers. People can’t believe how I go off and come back with lots of songs I’m putting out the most brilliant album of the decade, blah, blah. Then I’m a loser, people are trying to destroy me.


  23. Becca B says:

    I’m so over Gaga. And so is the whole universe. She used to be interesting and actually made good music, but now she’s turned into a freak and her music’s gotten boring, I can’t even consider her a legit singer anymore.

    Also, what makes her think we want to hear all of her crazy ideas? I think we’ve heard enough and we’re ready to move on.
    One more thing, I don’t know what her deal with Christianity is, but she’s making a lot of references to religion, and I find it quite odd.

  24. lilred says:

    Couldn’t even get through 20 seconds of that song/video without wanting to poke my eyes out and shove them in my ears.

  25. original kate says:

    “In a lot of ways I’m really delusional about my success”

    truest words she’s ever uttered.

  26. Mandy says:

    My only problem with Gaga is that her singles are so generic-sounding. That’s why everyone thinks she’s a hack. If you listen to the other songs on her albums, and especially her stripped-down “pre-Gaga” stuff…Britney and Christina and Katy only wish they were so talented. I think that’s why she gets so defensive when people call her unoriginal, because she knows she’s better than that. I really think she’s going to regret letting her persona take over. Her fans may like it, but no one else will take her seriously.

  27. mary jones says:

    Does anyone else she is a total Madonna rip off? From her crazy outfits, to her “controversial” videos, even her speaking voice. I guess most of you are too young to remember Madonna did the same things Gagas doing 20 years ago.

  28. Violelia says:

    Judas is Daryl from the Walking Dead LOL

  29. Eve says:

    @ Quest:

    You totally took the (exact) words out of my mouth.

  30. Annie says:

    First three comments said it all.

  31. DesertRose says:

    Here’s an idea: stop playing around with the techno bs and sit down at your piano and sing, no more craptastic interviews.

  32. Ja says:

    Bollocks! The only thing she’s affraid of is that people lose their interest in her shit and move on to some other freak. And who would blame her?

  33. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    Why am I agreeing with the Catholic League? Seriously Gaga….

  34. Samigirl says:

    She has an amaaaaazzsing hind end. I watched the HBO special this weekend and was like…..DAMN. It’s really incredible. My thing with Gaga is this: You aren’t the first person who got bullied/made fun of in school, you aren’t the first person who has taken a stand for equality for GLBT community, and you aren’t as controversial as you think you are/as you’re trying to be. I liked The Fame and The Fame Monster a whole lot, but in Born This Way, it’s like she’s going out of her way to be “controversial.” and it’s backfiring. It’s great that she loves her fans, and yes, she puts on a hell of a show (she does preach a little too much), but she needs to get over herself.

  35. wonderwoman21 says:

    So potentially she could die before we’re exposed to all her dumb ideas? Tragic

  36. tmbg says:

    Great! She’s ruining the part of herself that’s actually talented by smoking. Do they ever learn? Listen to the older singers today who used to smoke. They all croak like bullfrogs.

    I enjoyed her music up until now. She’s just gone too far and is on some kind of permanent acid trip. And sorry, but as a former Catholic, the name Judas will never have a positive connotation for me.

  37. truetalk says:

    God forgive me but can she just die now? we’re so tired of the ideas

  38. Stubbylove says:

    I’m enjoying reading many of the comments – tend to agree with the lot. I watched the HBO Monster Ball concert this wknd as well – I realize everyone on and off the stage worked their asses off while I sat on my ass on my sofa watching it BUT I was pretty underwhelmed! The songs are generic – the singing along with her dancers could be done by Britney, I’m so over the outfits and that “fame monster” at the end was really friggin’ tacky.

    She does have a great voice and you could bounce a quarter off that ass which is impressive, but I’M OVER HER & WANT HER TO GO AWAY FOR AWHILE.

  39. prettylights says:

    That song and video were worse that I thought they’d be, how stupid. She obviously puts no effort into making this crap and expects people to love it. Sorry sweetie, but the general population is a bit smarter than you seem to think we are.

  40. LindaR says:

    “My biggest fear is that I’ll die before I get all my ideas out.”

    One can only hope.

  41. TeeTee says:

    uh, I went through all of this with MaDonna, and I am not with it again..


  42. Lia says:

    All I can say is, shame on her parents. What does one do to unleash something like this onto society? There is nobody more desperate out there than Gaga. Homely, stupid and desperate. That’s no way to go through life….

  43. gabie says:

    Darkness in the life :) ) and haloween outfit for gaga everydaay!!

  44. Amanda G says:

    I’m trying really hard to avoid interviews with Gaga because she is so unlikable in them. I love her voice and enjoy most of her music though. I just wish she’d cut some of the theatrics and ego. She will end up killing her own career if she doesn’t get her ego in check.

  45. BellaLuna says:

    She reminds me of those New York “club kids” from way back. Dressing the way she does for the shock value and attention.

  46. StrawberryGirl says:


    Totally agree. It was pretty boring. I like when she sings Alejandro and Bad Romance.

  47. katiemarie says:

    Wow, quite a Gaga backlash here! I understand that Gaga may sound like she’s taking herself and her art a bit too seriously, however I think it comes from a good place. She seems to have a sense of gratitude for her success, and for having the opportunity to have the platform that she does. I’ve seen her in concert, and throughout the show she stopped to speak to her fans and really tries to be an inspiration. When you consider all of the absolutely meaningless, generic music that plays on the radio, I don’t think it’s such a bad thing that she’s trying to put meaning behind her work. Whether or not there is meaning behind it, that’s something that is subjective to each person, and you may or may not agree – but I don’t think she deserves such derision for trying to have her music mean something.

    I’m not saying that I like the Judas video, or her overall look lately, but Gaga still has a fan in me…

  48. SolitaryAngel says:

    —-”Lady Gaga’s biggest fear: “I’ll die before I get all my ideas out””—-

    I can only pray.

  49. truthzbetta says:

    “Her” ideas?? Bwaa haaaa. Seriously?

    Bitch please quite ripping Madonna off and calling it a new idea. Even Madonna’s homages to Marilyn and Garbo were more original than these tedious and stupid thefts.

    She did this stuff for a whole decade and it was not long enough ago to justify your boring and oddly sanctimonious rehash.

  50. Chris says:

    Better to die and leave them wanting more rather than out staying your welcome, just like: Kurt, Jimi, Jim and Janis. And at 25 she can still join them in the 27 Club.

  51. Blue says:

    I’m so over this chick, she had some catchy songs, but now it’s like she’s just trying to ohard
    . People say she’s so talented but I don’t watch or listen to her to know, can she even really sing? Meh hopefully her and Justin Beiber will fade away in a couple yrs.

  52. Jana says:

    I watched the Monster Ball on HBO. I got bored in places. Does she ever shut up talking and changing clothes five million times. Then she’s singing a ballad and playing the piano (she sounded amazing) and she starts yacking in the middle of the song. She goes on and on, Little Monsters, believe, believe, and how she was treated, blah, blah. It finally picked up and ended on a good note.

  53. sammib says:

    Yeah yeah. Boring, pretentious twaddle. Madonna did it better and it was more fun. And before her, Grace Jones did it the best. They all owe her.

  54. junipergreen says:

    She’s a fricking pop star. She makes electronica. And yet, she acts as though she is making PROFOUND art, with HUGE ideas (like boyfriends and going back to boyfriends, etc.). I think it would be funny if everyone just started calling her Stefanie Germanotta and not Lady Gaga. If it stuck, it would strip her persona away. She’d get a reality check. Her ego is way out of control.

    Her speech affectation is really annoying, also.

    I tried to like her–figured I was missing something since everyone else I knew loved her (although most are now pretty much over it). She does have some catchy songs. I even downloaded them to listen to on my ipod at the gym, but they were not that great and I deleted them from my computer entirely. It’s canned pop music. Catchy (I’ll bop along to them if I happen to hear them on the radio, maybe), but canned. And the Madonna imitating is old already.

  55. Angel says:

    Hey guys! Please check out this short video I’ve made on Lady Gaga. It briefly analyses her and her music! Comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!