Desperate Housewives actor in critical condition after motorcycle accident

Gale Harold, one of the new men on Wysteria Lane this season, was in a motorcycle accident Tuesday and is in critical condition at USC Medical Center. Harold plays Jackson, the new boyfriend of Teri Hatcher’s character, Susan, on Desperate Housewives.

A hospital spokeswoman says “Desperate Housewives” actor Gayle Harold is in critical condition following a motorcycle accident.
USC Medical Center spokeswoman Adelaida De La Cerda said Harold was awaiting further tests.

Publicist Nancy Seltzer said Wednesday that Harold fractured his shoulder, and “Housewives” creator and executive producer Marc Cherry said he apparently has swelling on the brain but was expected to recover.

Harold plays Jackson, the boyfriend of Terri Hatcher’s character, who plays a pivotal role in the fifth season’s eighth episode.


The Huffington Post reports that Harold had been filming all week and was due on the set on Tuesday when the accident occured. His storyline with Susan and Mike, played by James Denton, has been a major focal point this season and his role has been expected to grow. Marc Cherry, writer/creator of Desperate Housewives, says that Jackson plays a pivotal role in the May sweeps episode, which was filming this week, and at least one scene is going to have to be rewritten. They are not making any further changes in the story or character until the have a more thorough prognosis.

I’m an avid Desperate Housewives viewer. I like my soap with a healthy dose of laughter, I can’t help it. Having had let myself get invested in Mike and Susan last year, I was a little put off by Jackson at first, and I still think he’s not “mature” enough for someone like Susan, but he’s grown on me quickly. I love that the writers have made Jackson and Mike friends, and even happier it annoys Susan. The only other thing I know Harold from is Queer As Folk and he was kind of an ass on that show, so I like seeing him in a more likeable role.

I am certainly hoping he’s ok and wishing him a thorough and speedy recovery.

Gale Harold is shown below at the Tribeca Film Festival on 4/26/2006. Credit: Janet Mayer / PR Photos. He is shown in the header in a still from Desperate Housewives

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  1. Jen (the other one) says:

    Brian Kinney was not an ass, per se, on QAF. More like an extremely vulnerable guy, who suffered years of emotional abuse at the hands of his parents, and fiercely guarded his emotions.

    LOVE HIM. And wish him a speedy recovery…poor baby :-(

  2. JMC says:

    Poor Brian! My gay buddies will be so sad! We were all in love with him on QAF!

    (Yes, me too, with my penchant for falling in love with gay guys, lol.)

    Get well soon!
    (Justin is waiting for you, tee hee.)

  3. Karina in T.O says:

    OMG! I loved him on QAF, me and a couple of my girlfriends were totally addicted to it. I was really excited when I saw previews for DH and saw he’d be on it…..

    I wish him nothing but the best, pray he gets better.

  4. ri23 says:

    Hope he didn’t smoosh his pretty face.

  5. Jen in Dallas says:

    I love this bitch. I would give him a kidney if he needed it. I think he’s a great actor, and I loved him in QAF. He is so talented and so lovely. Get well, Gale!

  6. pamela says:

    Does anyone know if he is gay? I know that a few of the other actors on QAF were gay. Just being curious.

  7. Lane says:

    Aww poor Brian!!

    I hope he is okay.

  8. Hehehe says:

    I’d hit that till it broke.

    Mmmmmmmmmm ;-)

  9. pamela says:


    Thank you. He really is hot. The update on his injuries — does not seem to be life-threatening. I am sure he will be healthy again soon.

  10. JoGirl says:

    This may sound weird, but Gale Harold’s performance as Brian Kinney was such an inspiration to me and my husband that we chose to name our first son Brian, partly after that character.

    I love this guy and hope that he’s back on his feet in no time. Get well, Gale!

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