Suri Cruise needs some friends

Page Six is speculating that Suri Cruise needs some serious socialization. It seems that parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are practically keeping Suri isolated. It’s probably hard for them to find parents they feel they can trust, and kids that won’t say inappropriate things to Suri (“Is your dad really an alien king’s son?). Still, the paper points out that we see new pictures of Suri almost every single day – and it’s always with Katie. She doesn’t seem to even get to socialize casually with other kids like at the park or the playground, and she seems desperate for some interaction.

POOR Suri Cruise. The 2-year-old daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise doesn’t seem to get much playtime with other toddlers. A local spy who’s seen Suri around other children says, “Whenever she sees kids, she gets excited and runs up to them and hugs them as if she never gets to see kids her own age. There’s not a lot of socialization there.” Indeed, almost every day there are different shots of Suri with her mother – always shopping and always alone.

[From Page Six]

I could see how a celebrity parent would be extra wary about the people in their kids’ lives. But Tom seems unusually controlling, and it’s hard to believe it’s just normal, healthy parental caution that’s keeping Suri all alone. It’s great that she has so much time with her mom, but she needs to learn how to interact with kids her own age. I’d imagine that if Tom and Katie wait too long, Suri could end up feeling really shy and awkward around other kids as she grows up.

Hell they’ve got the money – I say hire a friend. It’s the best of both worlds: Suri will have someone to play pretend with, and Tom can control everything the friend says or does. Maybe a robotic one, so he can just reprogram when needed.

Here are Katie and Suri Holmes leaving their NYC apartment on Thursday. Images thanks to Fame and WENN.

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  1. aleach says:

    poor little kid…shes only 2…if she only knew what was to come with these two aliens…
    why is she always dressed up like a little doll? they dont have to dress her in sweatpants & tshirts everyday but cmon! she always looks like shes going to a little kiddie cocktail party

  2. Jen (the other one) says:

    Umm, if she’s not used to seeing little kids her size, she’d be unlikely to run up to them and give them hugs. The facthearsay that she does do that would indicate that little Sure is socialized just fine.

    Nonetheless, her father is still a friggin’ lunatic. And Katie needs to go back to Ohio and get back to her working-class, sensible roots.

  3. Syko says:

    I know, aleach! Just seeing those pictures that time of Tom taking her to a playground – other kids playing in comfortable clothes and Suri dressed like a small princess, just standing in the middle of the place, not playing or interacting. It’s sad.

  4. RAN says:

    This just breaks my heart… poor little lamb…

  5. cmoody says:


    Suri is only 2 years old?

  6. Susan says:

    seriously – give this family a break. Katie is a great mom. This child is only 2 years old. Really this is crazy.

  7. JMC says:

    I love pics of Suri, she is so cute, but everyday there is something about how horrible her parents are, ans it’s getting old.

    Give the negativity a rest. I’d rather see no pictures than ruin the poor tot’s life before it’s begun.

    C’mon, more positive stories about this family, please!

  8. Codzilla says:

    I can’t remember the last time I put either of my kids in a formal outfit. If it can’t be thrown in the washing machine, it’s not an option in our house. Can you imagine running to the cleaners every time your kids smeared something gross on their clothes? Hell no.

  9. aspen says:

    Okay…that’s just ridiculous. She’s two. Two year-olds are only really capable of parallel play, anyway, and Mommy makes a much better playmate at that age. Keeping her away from the paparazzi…yeah, I’m on board with that criticism. I’m not, however, in agreement with the idea that Suri is suffering because she’s not surrounded by a group of kids her age. She’s benefitting a great deal more by having so much social time with mommy at this age.

  10. Joyce says:

    The only people I can even begin to remember at 2 years old is my mother, my father and my sister…….

  11. tennischick says:

    children need to LEARN how to play with other children. parallel play is just a stage. that does not justify depriving her of normal childhood experiences. this is the downside of Katie kicking out Tom’s family. at least with his sisters around, Suri would have had access to their kids.

  12. cmoody says:


    She’s only 2? How tall is Katie Holms again? Because Tom is a munchkin and that is the tallest 2 year old I’ve ever seen.

    Are they feeding her super vegetables?

  13. jess says:

    people seem to think she would be (and probably is) isolated because her father doesnt trust anyone…but HELLOooo scientology! plenty of little alien kids around.

  14. Jinxy says:

    Katie looks like she’s a 45 year old from Ohio, where is the youthful good looks she should have. It’s bizarre that she wants to look so matronly, and old and haggy. I have no idea if the kid should be at a mommy and me play date kind of thing. I do think she’s lonely and just wants to play and interact with other children – that’s normal. You would think with all of his friends since he’s in his 40′s and co leader of a cult that they could find a kid or two for her to spend time with.

    These people use that child for publicity, she’s the only good press these two weirdos can generate. Sad. Sad little girl who is unnerved by all the photographers, who never leave her alone.

  15. Ling says:

    New moms with money to burn always go a bit nuts on their firstborns. I’ve seen worse.

  16. vdantev says:

    Some friends her age, some non-Scientology-robot parents, some therapy, some boundaries, some education, some weening off that f*cking bottle, I could go on !!

  17. Leandra says:

    I just see a kid who is traumatized by the paps yelling loudly, shouting her name and being obnoxious. No wonder she covers her ears and hides her eyes.

  18. caribassett says:

    Maybe no one wants to play with Suri. I would not let my toddler play with her, because Suri seems like a bad influence.

    I know I know she is only 2, but I do not agree with her parents that she is a mini adult and can do what she wants, and would not want that around my children or in my home.

  19. dovesgate says:

    A bad influence? Give me a break. Shes 2 years old! So what if her parents are scientologists – it isn’t contagious. I’m pretty sure that Mom and Pop Cruise aren’t allowing her to walk around bashing people upside the head or sticking screwdrivers into outlets no matter how adult they think their little darling is.

    The kid is 2 – she doesn’t need to have “serious socialization” if she’s got her family around her (Mom, Dad and step-siblings). My oldest was just fine with only a couple little friends her age that she saw once in a while (like Suri has in Posh’s kids) and my youngest was the same.

    As far as the clothes go – some kids really enjoy it. The girl is wearing a t-shirt style dress with some tights and dressy-ish shoes. Speaking from parental experience with a girly-girl type daughter, those are probably her favorite shoes and runs to get those when its time to get dressed.

    I’m starting to think that maybe there ought to be laws against paps photographing and publishing the children of celebrities, regardless of whether those parents want the photos published. These are still innocent children and do not deserve to be exploited for the amusement and mockery of the rest of us.

  20. lindseey says:

    just because we see them shopping doesn’t mean that’s what they are doing every single minute of every single day. They do things behind closed doors just like everybody else. Just because we don’t see Suri with other kids doesn’t mean she never gets to socialize. Maybe she has friends that come to her house? Maybe she goes to theirs? If you weren’t famous & you were friends with tom & katie, would you want to leave your child with Katie & Suri to go shopping with all the paparazzi around? I don’t think so! It would frighten the hell out of other kids, as it seems to do to Suri! I think we need to give this family a break, I think Katie seems like a really loving, caring mother. Don’t know about Tom, but I dont think he comes across as THAAAT controlling, I think most of it is a media-created image. once everybody found out he was a scientologist they hated him, and haven’t written a positive thing about him since. doesn’t mean there’s nothing positive about him, it just means that the media decided not to show it. You can’t believe everything you read.

    and, although my clothes weren’t designer/ worth the same amount as your car, I used to wear the same kind of outfits as suri. little dresses and what not. I think she looks cute!

  21. Jack says:

    Even at 2, kids really do need other kids to play with. They long for other kids to play with at 3 and older. I have seen numerous kids who didn’t get to play with other kids much, get very excited when they finally get an opportunity to play with other kids, and depressed when they don’t get to.

  22. MSat says:

    What about her siblings? When does she get to see them? That kind of bonding and socialization is more important than playing with some random kids at a playground. They’re a family, but how much time do these kids really get to spend together?

  23. geronimo says:

    For info, she is exactly almost to the day 2 1/2 yrs old.

    And for those saying leave her alone, we know nothing about her life etc etc, the only pics we EVER see of her is with her mother, and occasionally father, never her siblings, never with other children, always dressed up, always out late, always surrounded by paps. What exactly are we supposed to base our opinions on? I’d like to think she has a normal 2 1/2 yr old’s life with lots of little playmates and getting dirty and rolling in the mud and the occasional bag of cheetos etc but I doubt it very much.

  24. Bodhi says:

    Agreed Geronimo. I’m sure there is no “normal” 2 1/2 year old, but something does seem off about Suri & the way she is being raised

  25. Jenna says:

    No one loves her more than her parents. Cheetos are not for all. She has wealthy parents why would he eat junk? It is not like they have other gazillions kids whose college they will have to think about when their movie careers are over. Hello.

  26. rbsesq says:

    Codzillla: That’s funny. I doubt they run her dirty clothes to the dry cleaners. They throw them away and buy her more.
    Cmoody: Must be the barley water.

  27. geronimo says:

    @Jenna – yeah, because cheetos are the crucial factor here. :roll: But well done for picking up on the least important point in my comment.

  28. Codzilla says:

    geronimo: You summed up my response to Jenna almost word for word. :D

  29. Lisa says:

    I think Suri is an adorable little girl in a family who adores her. She has her siblings, the Beckham kids and whatever kids are at the park to play with. Remember, she is only 2! Any 2 year old that has a load of friends has a parent who only gives a crap about their social status, not their kid being happy. Suri is happy until the paps are in her face taking a pic.
    I really don’t get the alien comments just because of her parents beliefs. She’s a little kid, not a freak.

  30. Jeanne says:

    Mommy needs some friends too.