Anderson Cooper’s mom wants him to marry his boyfriend & have a baby


By now, I think we all know that Anderson Cooper is gay. He has a hot boyfriend named Benjamin Maisani who owns and operates a club. They have a big gay love shack that is a converted firehouse (complete with a fireman’s pole, apparently). They’ve even been photographed together (Benjamin is the hot, muscular dude with Anderson in these photos). Anyway, the Enquirer often runs stories about the state of Andy and Ben’s relationship. They sometimes go over the top with their claims, probably thinking that if Anderson ever tries to refute them, he’ll have to come out of his glass closet. Last year the Enquirer even reported that Ben and Anderson were thinking of adopting a Haitian orphan, which was probably never going to happen in reality. This week, the Enquirer claims that Andy and Ben were having relationship problems, but Anderson’s mom, Gloria Vanderbilt, stepped in and mediated a solution. She’s not so selfless though – she wants Anderson and Ben to give her grandbaby, NOW.

Anderson Cooper’s famous mom is pushing him to marry his boyfriend – so she can get another grandchild! Fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt helped the CNN anchor mend his crumbling relationship with club owner Benjamin Maisini, 38, amid quarrels over their taxing work schedules.

“Anderson and Ben are in love, but they were on the verge of breaking up,” an insider told The Enquirer. “Between Anderson’s dangerous work assignments and Ben’s crazy hours at the club, the guys reached an impasse.”

That’s when Anderson’s 87-year-old mom worked some magic.

“At her age, Gloria is desperate to see her son settle down and make a family. So she got right in the middle of things, and reminded each of them how lucky they are to have found love and to stop being so demanding,” the source divulged.

Anderson, 44, said he could cut back on road trips, said the source.

“Then Ben said his real worry is that Anderson’s job keeps him in danger. Pretty soon they got a dialogue going and the breakup was averted,” the source added.

Now Gloria – who has three grandchildren – is pushing hard for the two to marry and pick up their plans to adopt a child.

As the Enquirer reported, the two considered adopting a Haitian orphan after the country’s January 2010 earthquake, which Anderson covered extensively. They scrapped that plan due to his busy career, but now “Anderson is ready to settle down, and Ben is content,” said the source. “And they both have Gloria to thank!”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition]

I’m not really sure who is the bigger “get” in Ben and Anderson’s relationship. Ben seems like a decent guy, he’s hot, he spends a lot of time at the gym, and he’s a successful businessman. Anderson is hot too, and he’s probably lusted after by scores of ladies and dudes. BUT, if you date Anderson, you can rarely go out in public with him. You can’t be his date to any official functions, you can’t even hold his hand when you go to Crate & Barrel. So who has the better deal in this relationship? I hope Ben likes being Anderson’s not-so-secret lover for a few more years, because I don’t think this whole marriage-and-babies thing is in the cards for now.





Photos courtesy of WENN & Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Dominique says:

    That last picture… *dives off roof*

  2. Miss Marie says:

    Dominique, did you mean that comment “dives off roof” in relation to Anderson’s brother Carter jumping off the roof to his death in 1988?

  3. Dominique says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Coincidence. And I’m pretty sure his brother jumped out of a window.

  4. Marianne says:

    I love how you started off with “By now we all know Anderson Cooper is Gay”… I didn’t.

  5. Sloane Wyatt says:

    I can see poor Anderson going all “it’s girl cooties, ewww” from Kathy’s threatened pucker. He’s pro’l thinking “get me outta here.”

  6. matt says:

    I kind of feel bad for him that he feels the stay semi-closeted. I respect his choice but…. Come on. It’s 2011 and everyone knows and
    nobody cares.

  7. HotLatino says:

    awwww cute, if they have babies, they should use Anderson’s genes for one baby and his BF’s genes for another baby. LOL projectin much? cuz that’s what I plan to do in the future when I have kids hahaha

  8. Jackson says:

    You never know, the boyfriend might not be into PDAs and the whole ‘walking the red carpet’ thing either.

  9. L says:

    It would be super cute, but I think the woman already has grandbabies. Doesn’t she have 2 other grown sons?

  10. Tia says:

    I agree Matt.. it is 2011.. who cares? AND it would most likely make him even more famous. He is fabulous and they would make WODNERFUL parents.. I love them together… they are awesome.

  11. munchies says:

    WHAt??! he’s GAY?????

  12. Esmom says:

    Love him, always have since he was a fledgling reporter and I had no idea what his background was. And yes his brother jumped off the roof/terrace of their house…heartbreaking for Gloria and Anderson. It will always haunt them both.

    After reading his book Dispatches from the Edge I love him even more. He could have lived an easy life but chose a much more difficult path.

  13. Derpy says:

    Whys Mama Vanderbilt gotta go and try to break MKs heart like that?

  14. Daphne says:

    I do hope they come out and hold their hands in public, wether married or not, with babies or not.

    I like Anderson Cooper and watch his programs regularly. Everyone deserves happiness.

  15. Lady LaLa says:

    My Gaydar has been way WAY off lately…

  16. louise says:

    @matt: If nobody cares why do people think he needs to come out? Personally I don’t think he’s so much in the closet as just living his life. He may not have made an announcment but it doesn’t look like he’s hiding anything either.

  17. Hollowdoll says:

    I so wish they would just shout their love from the highest mountain! They are so adorable and in love.

  18. Whatever says:

    As much as it will break Michael K’s heart, Anderson should just follow the light and step out of the closet. Nobody cares, except the right wing gay haters and they watch Fox News anyway!

    His mom has other grandkids, but she is probably more concerned about his happiness than getting another grandkid. She’s awesome to encourage him to come out and I loved her jeans back in the day.

  19. Raised brow says:

    Marianne, I’d like to invite you to lunch. It must get pretty lonely under that rock you’re living.

  20. matt says:

    @ Louise it is his personal choice as it is for every gay man and woman. I personally could not imagine not ever referring to my partner in conversation at work or with friends etc, it would be strange and furtive. But then again I’m not in the public eye so what do I know. As Tia said i tend to think it would enhance his career if he was more open about his personal life, JMO.

  21. fabgrrl says:

    Gloria Vanderbilt is still alive?

  22. Praise St. Angie!s says:

    they are one good looking couple!

  23. Shannon says:

    Anderson Cooper is definitely not in the closet. He’s out to his friends and family, as is any gay person who is out. He absolutely does not need to make any sort of public statement about his personal life any more than straight celebrities need to announce their heterosexuality. His sexual orientation has nothing to do with his career. I’m frankly sick of people demanding that Anderson and other gay celebs shout their orientation to the world, as if we are owed it. It’s sad that some people are so uncomfortable with ambiguity. Just accept it and move on already. Not everything needs to fit in need little boxes that are explained to you in detail.

  24. Hautie says:

    Doesn’t Anderson have a new morning talk show starting this Fall?

    And I agree with this… completely…

    “He absolutely does not need to make any sort of public statement about his personal life any more than straight celebrities need to announce their heterosexuality.

    His sexual orientation has nothing to do with his career.

    I’m frankly sick of people demanding that Anderson and other gay celebs shout their orientation to the world, as if we are owed it. ”

    Why does the media and all the nosy Nellie’s of the world, think it is ANY of their business??

  25. Amea says:

    Shannon: “It’s sad that some people are so uncomfortable with ambiguity.”

    Took the words right out of my mouth!!

  26. Dee says:

    I have followed Anderson’s work for some time…I always like his mostly unbiased view. But, I agree with his partner….what the hell is he still doing in the hot beds around the world??
    I don’t want him to get bored and get sad about it. But sometimes it is just the right time to decide….commitment or no?

    Besides – I think Anderson is HOT, always has been…lucky Benjamin…and a side of Anderson we have never seen would come out when a child comes into his life …. : )

  27. Cheyenne says:

    Mom needs to butt out. A baby never fixed anybody’s relationship problems.

  28. bluhare says:

    I think they should have two, with each one being a dad of a one. And I volunteer to nanny!

    ANDERSON!!!! Wear a frickin’ helmet when you ride your bike!! Thank you, Your Future Nanny.

  29. Katie M says:

    I love Anderson. That said, just because it’s 2011, there are still a lot of ignorant people out there who would indeed “care” if Anderson announced he was gay. No doubt his “coming out” would draw a backlash from some people. Conservative family radio stations would call for his firing. I think there would also be a heightened interest in his relationship which would result in paps stalking them, and interviewing the barista at their local coffee place, etc. My point is, “coming out,” particularly if you are a high profile figure, is a huge and very personal decision.

  30. 4Real says:

    I actually had no idea until I found DLISTED a couple years ago! THANKS MICHAEL K! LOL!!

  31. Ashley says:

    His mom need to get a life or another plastic surgery to keep herself arcupied. Brining a child into this world is a decision that only 2 ppl can make not their mom making it for them…it has a lot of responsibilies coming with it, sorry it’s a big commitment to make

  32. ! says:

    LOL I love how across the board, whether you’re gay or straight, moms have the same MO: GIVE ME GRANDBABY. If this story is true then I’m glad she isn’t a bigot and would also welcome an adopted child.

  33. KJ says:

    I agree with the few people above re: AC not coming out. From what I’ve heard here and there, he’s out to the people who matter, but he doesn’t think people need to know about his personal life – in ANY capacity – in order to have a successful career. And I kind of agree with him. He’s working under the idea that straight men don’t come out as straight, why should he come out as gay? It has nothing to do with him as a journalist. And I’m totally behind that.

    That said, it’s a shame he’s gay because GOD DAMN I’d ride that Silver Fox like nobody’s business. He really is a good looking guy. Great body. Ben’s a lucky dude.

  34. kiki says:

    I kind of feel bad for him that he feels the stay semi-closeted. I respect his choice but…. Come on. It’s 2011 and everyone knows and
    nobody cares.


    Why does someone who is gay actually NEED to come out to the general populus? Why do we expect someone who is gay to announce “I like boys” (In Anderson case)….And why do we not demand that a heterosexual blatantly state that they like people of the opposite sex.

    Im sure, to those that matter to him (family, friends etc) his sexual orientation is known …why should he need to announce it to strangers.

    I’ve never understood this double standard.

  35. The Bobster says:

    Anderson Cooper’s mom wants him to marry his boyfriend & have a baby???

    Errrr, they never taught me that in biology class.

  36. TeeTee says:

    Gloria is looking pretty good for 87..

    ahhh, to each his own!! enjoy life because its much too short!

  37. hatsumomo says:

    Ist that what ALL mothers wat for their children? To get married ad have babies right away? Regardless if their child is gay, straight, male, female, what have you. Gloria V. sounds so typical!

  38. shlp says:

    This looks like a big pile of nonsense. Ben Maisani rarely works at the bars he co-owns, so there is no problem with “crazy hours at the club”. Since Anderson works evenings and bars are evening places their work is actually a good fit too. The “scrapped plan” for the Haitian adoption was never a plan, it was an elaborate tasteless fiction the Enquirer dreamed up about how the couple were about to receive an orphan boy in a month or two and were naming it after Anderson’s dead brother. Anderson DID refute that claim quickly by twitter saying he had no intention to adopt. One of Ben’s business partners laughed over the story and dismissed it as false in an interview.

    Anderson does go out in public with his boyfriend all the time and brings him as his date to some big official events like the Vanity Fair party.

  39. Amanda G says:

    I don’t understand why people think it’s a big deal that he hasn’t “come out” yet. Not everyone needs to make a big announcement.

  40. Kim says:

    I find it truly sad when gays remain in closet. Its the 21st century and saying they would be bullied or banned or whatever- plleeaasse! Get over it. Majority of races and creeds (black, Asians, women – the list is long) have had to go thru rights movements to be heard and change the way for future generations. Staying in closet with excuse of backlash etc is a cop out!

  41. Madisyn says:

    You know, SOME people don’t want children. SOME people are perfectly content in their relationships. SOME people have careers that are fulltime jobs where children just don’t fit in. I doubt GV is urging her son to do anything other than follow his heart.

  42. *** says:

    @Kim – Anderson is out already in the way gays are normally out. He’s out to the people he knows, the people he works with and people around the city where he lives. He dates in public. As parade grand marshall at mardi gras he and his partner rode on top of a float together and pics of it were posted on the CNN website.

    It’s his right to be out in the way he wishes and fits him without a bunch of pushy strangers trying to dictate his life. Just like individuals of minority races and creeds should be allowed to express their identity and deal with it however is right for them as long as they aren’t attacking other groups.

    Not everyone is an activist. Not everyone is interested in going on a publicity tour about their sexuality and dating life. It’s fine for people who want that and suit it, but not everyone does. Lots of straight celebrities prefer to keep some privacy around their dating life too, and Anderson is the only gay or lesbian television news person who is given a hard time about this all the time even though there are lots of others who have not announced their sexuality or who they are dating.

  43. chasingadalia says:

    1. I had no idea that GV is his mum. Rock on, dude.

    2. Cosign everything about how he doesn’t need to tell the world.

  44. Slim says:

    The only thing I believe in this Enquirer story is that Anderson and Ben are in love. A break-up? Not a chance. Not with those two. I expect they’re one of those couples who’ll be together for decades.

  45. bubbles says:

    i don’t think anyone is asking him to go on some cover with big letters saying I”M gay. We’re all just saying he doesn’t have to hide it, we know, and we still love you. Take ben to an offical event, hold his hand when you go shopping! :D

  46. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ Shannon: THANK YOU! I could not have said any of that better, myself!

  47. crtb says:

    I sure wish AC and his mom wanted him to marry me and have his babies. I would happily agree to do it! (Yes, I’m female and don’t care that he’s gay. I love him anyway)

  48. Sara says:

    They were not going to adopt a baby, it was all made up by tabloids like you. Why don’t you guys check facts before you post anything?

  49. Candace Kane says:

    I liked anderson cooper but not anymore. They choose to live these abnormal lifestyles because they like it. I would say they are NOT good people no matter how nice they appear on TV.