Britney Spears launches new website and video blogs, is tried for misdemeanor

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Britney Spears has launched the new website. The top of the site features a personal announcement from Britney telling us that she’ll take us “where no paparazzi lens ever could,” presumably into the positive side of her life. The accompanying blog features guest entries from bloggers like Celebuzz, Socialite Life, and Mark Steines of Entertainment Tonight, who includes a brief video of him looking over the site with Britney.

There are also video and photo sections on the well-designed blue and pink site. For now the videos only include other people dancing to her new hit “Womanizer,” but there are also a few quick videos of Britney scattered on the blog, like one in which she waves to a bus of tourists outside her house. The photos are promotional and magazine photos, many of which you may have seen before.

Now that Britney has revamped her public image and career it only makes sense that she should expand her new image onto the web. Remember two years ago when she replaced her website with a big image of a tiger and a strange statement about how she was “mesmirized” by them? She doesn’t want you to remember that, or all the crotch flashing she was doing in late 2006, or that head shaving incident in February, 2007. All that is in the past and it’s been replaced by new, better designed, saner Britney 2.0. Perfectly packaged for your consumption.

Britney is on trial for a misdemeanor, for driving without a license in California
There’s one aspect of her troubled past that Britney might not be able to escape so easily. It seems minor compared to everything else that was going on for her at the time, but she is currently being tried for a misdemeanor, for driving without a license in California. The jury trial is underway in Van Nuys, but Britney is not required to be there given the charges.

She does have a valid Louisiana driver’s license, just not one for California, where it seems like she’s lived for the past few years. Her father was called to testify and it’s thought that he will claim that she’s a resident of Louisiana despite all the evidence to the contrary. Britney’s lawyer said in his opening statement that “She regards Louisiana as her [permanent residence]. She’s building a new house there, where she hopes to return as soon as her custody situation is straightened out.” Britney also pays income taxes in Louisiana.

If she plans to move back to Louisiana, how is she going to do it and see her boys? It doesn’t seem like she’s going to get full custody again, and she’ll have to travel back to California just to visit with them. About half of the jury probably sees through that excuse – all you have to do is read a celebrity glossy once in a while to know that she’s not going to move to Louisiana if she wants to see her children.

Do you think Britney will mention this trial on her new blog? It’s doubtful.

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  1. Uma Sultani007 says:

    What the heck is wrong with her eyes? It looks like her eyeballs are not centered! OMG!

  2. Codzilla says:

    Uma: They seem to droop down a little on the sides, too. Gallery of the Absurd illustrates this trait perfectly.

  3. dr.grrl says:

    she’s channeling her inner Shauna Sand…

    ewwwww… so sick of the brit. wouldn’t it be great if she went back down south and slipped off the grid for a while?

    perhaps take care of her sister who is obviously not the favorite. maybe then the parents can care for both of their children, not just the “money maker”!

  4. Jeanne says:

    Sorry, she’s still a mess.