“Shakira is a pole-dancer in her new music video” links

Shakira is a pole-dancer. Also: I like her wig. [Yeeeah]
Blake Lively & Leo DiCaprio in fair Verona. Sigh… [LaineyGossip]
LMAO @ Michelle Dugger‘s hair. Classic. [Dlisted]
Anthony Wiener‘s blurry dong shot is finally amongst us! [Gawker]
Idris Elba continues to get good work. He might work with Tarantino too! [Pajiba]
Damn, Marcia Cross looked like hell at the CFDAs too. [Go Fug Yourself]
Gwen Stefani needs to just STOP. [Pop Sugar]
Chris Evans is balding. Meh. [The Blemish]
Raccoon McPantless rides again. This time she‘s got a new outfit. [Evil Beet]
Snooki is single. For real, y‘all. [IDLITW]
Poor Selma Blair is still pregnant. It‘s been, like, a year. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Mischa Barton‘s black-and-white dress is… fug. [I’m Not Obsessed]
The real Thelma & Louise step up! [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
Kim Kardashian threatens to sue In Touch Weekly. [Celebslam]
First photo of Pink & baby Willow. [PopEater]
Zach Galifianakis on the cover of Rolling Stone. [Celebuzz]
Michael Fassbender. Porn. Movie. That‘s what I got from this story. [Agent Bedhead]


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  1. carrie says:

    i was able to believe Dicaprio was really with Lively but since 3 weeks,i see some paps photos with them whereas usually i see a paparazzi picture with Dicaprio once per month so Dicaprio so who did invite the paps in their holiday?

  2. Amanda G says:

    Gwen needs to stop what? Doing charity work for Japan? She looked amazing and she’s doing a great thing.

  3. pixiegirl says:

    Shakira = Alyssa Milano and Brittany Murphy

  4. Blue says:

    That song made me wanna dance.

  5. toto says:

    too much for a song .. its pure porn

    she needs to stop it

  6. machiii says:

    I completly hate this b*tch!!! she´s trying too hard to stay young…ugh she annoys me!

  7. Praise St. Angie! says:

    yeah, I’m going with Leo for the herpes blind item.

    based on that post on Lainey…he’s got something to hide and these shenanigans with Lively are SO NOT like his usual relationship MO…yeah, it’s him.

  8. Rhiley says:

    Leo DiCaprio looks damn in those snaps. Also, I love the story of Michelle Duggar’s hair. Great links today.

  9. Ramona Q says:

    Gwen rocks, what’s the problem? Seriously, name one problem with her … Spread the love where it’s due!

    I’ve noticed too that Shakira has been going the porn star route, which is so disappointing. She used to be sexy in her own unique way … now she’s just getting smutty.

  10. Marytere says:

    Shakira… she used to be great, and then, she sold her soul. Pff!!

  11. Solveig says:

    I agree with Laney, those pics of Blake and Leonardo are cute, and he seems less of a douche when they are together.
    The sadness! :°(

  12. lucy2 says:

    “Raccoon McPantless Rides Again” sounds like the title of a kids’ book…one that would scar kids for life.

    If Gwen were just out walking around like that for no reason I’d agree with the Stop! but it was a costume for a fundraiser. I think it’s great she’s continuing to help.

    Michelle Duggar’s hair…WTF.

  13. InVain says:

    Little too Britney for me…the video that is. But gosh, I love her body…she looks incredible.

    @ Amanda G. – I second that. In my book, Gwen can do no wrong…leave her be.

  14. StephanieMarie says:

    Isn’t Alyssa Milano a little old to be in a club dancin’ on a pole?

  15. Anoni Mus says:

    I have lost all respect for Shakira. She used to be so original way back when she came out. Now she’s just another trollop selling out her body instead of relying on her talent.

  16. mia girl says:

    I’m confused by the bath as ball pit? Is that a metaphor for something?

    Shakira looks amazing with that wig and damn she has a body for days.

    The song, meh… it sounds like the girl response to Enrique Iglesia’s last few songs. Same beat, same basic track – different words. I guess Pitbull must be producing both.

  17. KatScorp says:

    I’m a little nauseated – and mildly disappointed – in Shakira. If memory serves, Rabiosa isn’t even one of her songs; it’s one of the El Cata tracks she ripped for her Sale El Sol album.

    Before Rabiosa, there was a previous single – a fan favourite – the title track Sale El Sol. If you’ve never heard of it, I’m not surprised. Shakira didn’t promote it, despite her fans’ collective enthusiasm for it.

    Since Shakira’s relationship with that immature twat soccor player Pique went public, Shak’s being alienating her fans. She’s cut three songs out of the concert, sliced at least two others in half, and at the recent Barcelona concert she had Pique and his team come on stage to dance with her. Many of her fans are fustrated with the way she acts around Pique; she was never this embarrassing to watch when she was with the previous guy, Antonio.

    As for this video? Ugh, hell. She’s so far gone beyond the line of feminine and sensual… now it’s in-your-face sex. Which isn’t immoral, I suppose; she’s a 34year old adult and can do whatever the heck she wants. But as a once devoted fan – and a straight female – I DON’T WANT TO BE LOOKING AT THE CRACK OF HER BUM being waved in my face in a g-string/thong. She’s lost me as a fan.

  18. nelly says:


    I totally agreed with what you said except that I’m still a fan and hoping that Shakira will get back to the great songmaking and less ass shaking.. Once in a while okay but now its all she does.

  19. KatScorp says:

    @Nelly: Well, I guess that we could hope Pique breaks her heart and leaves it shattered in a thousand pieces… to inspire her of course – I love “Bother”, “Objection” and “La Tortura”! If Shaki ever brings her amazing songmaking back to the table, I’m sure I’ll come back too :-)

  20. MizzCryz says:

    Zach Galifianakis’ blunt honesty makes him seem like an awkward, mean jerk sometimes.

    I agree with him, though, about parents who let their kids watch hangover…they deserve the insult!

  21. MizzCryz says:

    Oh, and Kaiser, you wrote: “Kim Kardashian threatens to SURE In Touch Weekly.”

    :o )

  22. malachais says:

    Katscorp, you SAID IT! I totally agree. This woman is trying too hard. To think she was a young woman with exceptional songwriting skills, and evolved into a bleachy stringy-haired howler that shakes her a$$ in every video.

  23. John Wayne Lives says:

    Well that video was kinda dumb. That’s it? really? hmm well, okay.

  24. werty says:

    i cant wait til theres some good pics of willow (pinks kid) but im kinda hoping she skips the people cover…

  25. Lizzy says:

    I just went through all the stories…What caught my eye? The Kim Kardashian one. It turns out the guy she supposedly had an affair with is the guy that licked my face on a date a few years back, needless to say that was the last date I ever went on with him. But, from what I remember about him he doesn’t lie about who his conquests have been, he wears them as a badge of honor.

  26. RHONYC says:

    who in the hell knows what tricks she’s up to now but…that vid with her cutting the onions, & the dude grabbing her from behind…hot, hot, HOT! :lol:

  27. Eve says:

    Can’t stand Shakira. Never could, never will.

    I honestly believe she would be able to kill me by just using that utterly annoying voice modulation she does while singing.

    Also, she tries a way too hard this sexy thing. And she can’t belly dance to save her life — the very few moviments she does, she does in the wrong way — however, many of her delusional fans invade threads on Youtube to trash real, professional belly dancers and say that Shakira could *GASP* outclass them. Bitch F*cking Please!

    P.S.: I wonder what Zlatan Ibrahimovic thinks about this relationship (Piqué/Shakira).


  28. KatScorp says:

    High five, malachais :-)

    Rhony, that was La Tortura with Alejandro Sanz.

  29. HotLatino says:

    She’s hot, if you got it flaunt it, the prudes who don’t like this video should go out and have fun and hook up with a stranger, live a little!!! LOVE SHAKIRA and I never liked the old Shakira from Donde Estan Los Ladrones. Now she’s hot and sexy!!

  30. Brenda says:

    I used to think she was one of the most complete artist out there since she can sing, write, play, but now her lyrics are meaningless, stupid, and this whole i’m sexy shit is getting boring. I hope she will goes back to her roots.

  31. XIOnce says:

    So so so soooo disappointed. Some people may argue that she’s not doing anything different fron Rihanna, Britney or who ever else is hot these days… but the truth is, she sold out and lowered her standards and turned them into this garbage. She lost me a while back but now this is just embarrassing.

  32. viper says:

    Wow what utterly generic rap. I thought your lyrics were supposed to get BETTER the older you get. She makes Lady Gaga’s Judas look like poetry.

  33. mew says:

    Very Britney Spears of her.

    She hasn’t made “good music” for a long while. And neither has Spears.

  34. tapioca says:


    Ha! I used to be a huge fan of Gerard Pique, from when he was a cute, humble kid warming the bench at Man. United to becoming a rock-solid defender for Barça. It only since he did the Waka-Waka crap-fest video and hooked up with Shakira, he’s truly embraced his inner “immature twat soccor player” you describe perfectly!

    And I used to be a fan of hers too, but my God, she looks so desperate now – both in the video, and when she pawing all over him in public. I miss brunette Shakira, singing songs with melody and meaning; not when she’s sold out and acting like stripper!

  35. All songs Idris Elba Album I really like. I like her wig. Blake Lively & Leo DiCaprio in fair Verona.

  36. B says:


    And what’s with fake wood paneling (present in the screen shot). It looks like they took a page from Madonna’s “Hung Up”. Or maybe they’re just recycling sets. I can also do without the tongue rolled “Ra-ta-ta”. Shakira seems a little bit fiesty and cray-cray to me. She’s probably a lot of fun, but probably a little scary, too.

    If you want to see some impressive pole dancing set to Shakira, check out Leigh Ann’s dance to “La Tortura” on youtube. She puts Shakira’s moves in this crapfest of a video to shame.

  37. jover says:

    Agree with Ramona Katscop and others – early shakira first two or three cds and vids were interesting visually and musically – this is a bad as that lobo vid/song. I don’t understand how can someone with shakira’s talent lose confidence and go this route; shows that these pr/manager/marketers don’t know squat about music. BTW, el sol is a great song and beats anything on the pop charts today.

  38. Tiny dancer says:

    WTH Shakira. Can she have a video where she doesn’t shake her a$$? And no I am not jealous, I just miss old Shakira, a talented songwriter that didn’t need to shake it to sell her music.