Did Jessica Biel give up on Gerard Butler, and is now trying for Colin Farrell?


I don’t know how else to say this. I TOLD YOU SO. Bitches. So many of you were like “Oh, Jessica Biel is such a nice girl, maybe men are just falling all over her because she has such a great personality, you’re SO MEAN and such a terrible un-feminist for suggesting otherwise.” My claim that Jessica Biel was trying to ride Gerard Butler’s jock was confirmed when she managed to get herself a pap-friendly “ride” on his “motorcycle”. Then, in standard Butler form, right after he does a photo op with a pushy, clingy lady trying to work a fauxmance, he made sure he was spotted publicly flirting with other ladies. In this particular incidence, I totally called that one too – I noted that when Gerard appeared at the CFDAs, he was likely trolling for “the extra girl” that he when the tabloids try to put him with someone like Biel. The “extra girls” in this case were Lady Gaga and Ashley Greene.

If that wasn’t enough for you, I ALSO predicted this next story when I found out that Rosario Dawson hadn’t gotten the supporting part in the Total Recall remake, starring Colin Farrell in the Schwarzenegger role. The part went to Jessica Biel, and I wrote “…Something tells me that Jessica Biel might try to get in there first? Why oh why is Biel always put with the compulsive womanizers? Her first post-breakup costar was Gerard Butler, and now she’s going to work with Colin? Let’s see her try to push stories about how Colin is hard up for her and how they go on cupcake-buying trips.” Here’s the story in the Daily Mail:

Actress Jessica Biel is never short of male attention. Justin Timberlake’s ex has become close to her latest co-star, Irish bad boy Colin Farrell, while shooting the remake of action movie Total Recall in Toronto.

‘Jessica loves Colin’s accent and personality,’ says an on-set mole. ‘She’s completely over Justin, she’s having fun being single and thinks Colin is a blast. They’ve been hanging out between takes and Colin’s suggested they go out after work.’

Jessica, 29, split from Timberlake in March, then struck up a friendship with actor Gerard Butler during filming of Playing The Field.

[From The Mail]

And so it begins. But Biel isn’t going to find Colin as amenable and easy as Gerard. Don’t get me wrong: Colin is VERY easy. He’s bone anything and anyone. But he doesn’t have Gerard’s history of fauxmances and such. Colin literally has relationships with costars and gets them pregnant. But hopefully he’s stopped doing that at this point. And hopefully he won’t be interested in Biel – I think most men see through her. Fingers crossed.

But I look forward to hearing lots of stories about Colin and Jessica buying cupcakes for the crew and how Colin is so desperate to get into her pants, because she’s so beautiful and successful and independent, and how she is definitely, positively not stalking Colin. I’m waiting patiently.




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  1. brin says:

    Kudos to Kaiser! Gerry probably took the motorcycle picture just to get Biel off his back (and every place else).
    Poor Colin. She is really getting that clinger rep.

  2. Luci says:

    not entering in wether she is clingy/desperate or whatever, I have to say she is really a knockout

  3. Addie says:

    This woman’s face is odd.
    I think that her nose is Waaay too sculpted.Is it natural?

  4. Carrie B. says:

    Bwahahahaha! I can just imagine how you, Kaiser, must have been looking as you typed this story.
    I bet you had that wide, evil, Grinch grin as you smashed-typed ‘I told you so. Bitches.’, possibly cracking your keyboard.

  5. Quest says:

    We all know Gerry wasn’t into Jessica, -her biscuits, yes, but not her. It will be the same with Colin, but I have to admit I like her statement on how she liked his accent and personality (who wouldn’t?), however the end result will be the same.

  6. anyhoo says:

    The lady is trying to get herself a man. SO WHAT.

    I am not a fan (I can’t even think of a movie she has been in that I saw). But geez why embarrasses her because she wants to be with someone?

  7. Reality says:

    So I guess this won’t be a popular opinion, but whatever- Jessica Beil is a hot girl with an even hotter body, so it’s no surprise that now that she’s single she’s landing a few hot men. Maybe she’s the one playing them? Maybe she’s not looking for a serious relationship? Maybe she’s not looking to ‘trap’ anyone and is just dating?

    Jesus, it’s ridiculous and insulting how the unmarried/single celebrity women (Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Elisabetta Canalis, etc) are painted as desperate, tragic, dried-up old spinsters, clinging onto anyone who’ll talk to them, but the men are just innocent lovable rogues, forced into these ‘faux PR romances’ (Justin Theruux) against their will, and pressured into relationships they really don’t want (George Clooney).

    Because we all know that men are just weak, spineless cowards who’ll do anything we ask them if the sex is kinky enough, if we look the other way when they cheat, or if we simply model lingerie in front of them. Because men couldn’t possibly care about anything else, the poor, stupid bastards.


  8. macey says:

    Her top lip in the first pic is just freaky. She needs to lay off the lip filler in there. I always thought she was pretty but she kind of ruined her face with her distracting lips.

  9. anoneemouse says:

    She is a very homely woman. Do something with that hair already!

  10. anon33 says:

    The part about this story that gets me is that Biel got a part OVER Rosario Dawson…? HOW???

  11. shockedandappalled says:

    Biel needs to STEP OFF Colin Farrell. He is not for her. He is definitely a man whore, but more recently he has been a love her and knock her up and leave her type (or at least he talks about knocking her up). See “Your Voice In My Head by Emma Forrest for the inside dirt on what it’s liked to be loved and left by CF. Also, Biel on the surface seems to not be Farrell’s type for a love match. And I would be very disappointed if I am wrong about this as Colin is quite a clever man and Biel is just… not. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a fling with her.

  12. yes says:

    Colin was in Montreal on Sunday and Rihanna also … this is the new pair

  13. Ari says:

    I am pretty sure Biel is not his type personality wise (lukewarm like dish water) and I like the Rihanna coupling

  14. Blue says:

    How the he’ll is she still getting work? Like someone said I’m not comprehending how they cast her over Rosario Dawson. Smh

  15. Julie says:

    OMG I can not stand this woman. I think I’d pick Leann R. over this one….ok, not really. Dear God I hope she doesn’t keep getting these roles or she will NEVER go away. Desperate and clingy.

  16. A. Vromen says:

    You’ve got to be kidding! Gerard Butler wasn’t even with Jessica because he’s GAY! The only time he’s with women its brief “fauxmances” that have the dual purpose to publicize his movie and keep the rumors at bay. His handlers tried that nonsense with Angelina but it backfired. Odd. An actress that’s known to ALWAYS hook up with her co-stars and who was completely single at the time didn’t get with Gerry. Kinda’ makes you think. But then again, we’re supposed to believe that this same man would stand OUTSIDE a club and try to pick up a the likes of green lighter chick while the following month he’s “dating” Naomi Campbell?! Oh and his tastes range from jailbait young to mid forties, street peddlers (aka violin chick) to the rich and famous, smoldering and dark (aka Laurie Chowela, Eva Mendes or Priyanka Chopra) to California Blondes (Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz) to redheads (Catalina Guirado, Simone Jade Mackinnon) and last but not least, the aforementioned black women. None of the bullsh/t is the least bit true!

  17. Micki says:

    I’m happy for you Kaiser, and yes, rib it in, please! LOL
    I only hope you’ll be right about the rest but in my opinion Farrell is not to be nailed down so easily either, impregnate you-why yes…

  18. garvels says:

    @blue-I agree, I can not believe they selected Biel over Rosario Dawson and Paula Patton. The studio must have been pinching pennies and didn’t want to spend the money on a strong lead actress.

  19. ShirlyMay says:

    This is an example of a desperate starlet.
    She started on a WB show that gave her the break she needed.
    She then got a taste for the movies and decided that she no longer wanted to be apart of the show
    She decided to do a semi nude photo shoot to rid herselg of her good girl image and hopeful get herself fired from the show.(A show that was about a minister and his family)
    She evetually left to fall into a almost non existent movie career.
    Now the only way she can get attention is to do what every deperate starlet does:
    -Date somone out of her league (actor/musician) to get attention.

    -Tell the public the racy pictures she had taken when she was young is an example of exploitation.

    -Tip off the Paps wherever you go so your name will stay in the papers.

  20. shockedandappalled says:

    Colin and Rihanna? Of this, I approve. That would be HOT! I’d like to be a fly on the wall while they’re having sex. It would probably be dirty and awesome.

  21. Miss masseuse says:

    I’m with you @shockedandappalled, thinking about that has got my biscuits tingling ;)

  22. kazoo says:

    @addie, definitely not. she had a very bad nose job back in the 7th heaven days.

  23. manwhores says:

    Colin boyo be doing both women, no doubt Rihanna and Biel, I think his notch belt must be equal the earth’s diameter.

    You’d make that boy double bag it though clearly either he doesn’t bother with one since women are stupid enough to sleep with him anyway or he’s got a lot of breakage issues apparently.

  24. Heatherrr says:

    I dunno. Ever since I saw that pic with her and that other chick with her hand on her ass I can’t see her as straight. I think it’s just a cover. Plus she just has that masculine look about her. It makes sense.

  25. Juu says:

    Those womanizers know it very well when they meet a obsessive girl, and they would run away from her as if she’s the devil.

  26. Charlotte says:

    Well…apart from that top picture, she’s quite gorgeous. I don’t think it’s a stretch to imagine that some douche-tacular bachelors might want to hit it. I personally don’t think she’s over JT, just because she seemed too desperate to keep him through all those years, cheating notwithstanding. Here’s a question though: I read a lot of gossip, but this is the only site that claims to know for certain that certain relationships are “fauxmances”. Do you have any proof/tips beyond what you’re stringing together? As for the Butler, he seems to just like hooking up with his costars. And if they aren’t complaining, I’d say everybody wins. I don’t get how that automatically means “fauxmance”. Course, I could be wrong. If you’ve got some documentation that proves it, A-Ok.

  27. taxi says:

    In think she’s very pretty and has a smokin’ hot body, but an actress? Not! I also cannot forget her interview a few years ago where she said that it was almost impossible for her to get good dramatic roles because she is, in her very own words, “too beautiful!” Whatever her attributes are, modesty isn’t one of them!!

  28. dj says:

    Rosario would have kicked butt!

  29. luls says:

    Jessica is beautiful. I have no doubts that he would bone her. Publicly? Maybe yes, maybe no. But he totally would, in private.

  30. MJ says:

    I have to give her props for that gold and silver dress. Not many could pull that thing off, and it looks amazing on her.

  31. Banshee74 says:

    I think Jennifer Aniston is going to have to fight this chick for the “I make bad choices” title.

  32. ngtowl7581 says:

    Got i could care less about Collin i was doing back flips when i read jessica moved on from gerard to collin.

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