Joel Kinnaman is my new boyfriend, plus theories on ‘The Killing’ finale


Since it’s so slow today, I thought I would take this opportunity to highlight one of my new boyfriends, and one of my new favorite shows. The guy in these photos is a Swedish actor named Joel Kinnaman, and he’s currently starring in The Killing. This Sunday will be the big finale for The Killing. At first, I was like “I’m not going to watch this stuff, meh.” And then AMC had a little marathon of four episodes, and I was hooked. It’s not “the greatest show on television” but it is at times very, very good, with some streaks of “infuriating” and “WTF?”. They also just got renewed for a second season – which upset me at first, but now I’m hoping that this season will be the end of the “Who killed Rosie Larson?“ story line and they’ll have a new crime to work next season.

Joel is 31 years old, and it took me most of the season to realize that he is not, in fact, American. He does an absolutely perfect trashy dirt-bag drawl and he’s utterly believable as an ex-addict cop. But listen to him speak Swedish:

HOT. But you can’t even hear a trace of that when he’s doing his American cop. Coincidentally, he’s tight with one of your boyfriends, Alex Skarsgard. You can keep Alex – I’ll take Joel. Anyway, Joel has been getting lots of recognition in Hollywood because of The Killing, and he’s lining up English-language films as we speak. I’m looking forward to seeing him in more stuff. Meanwhile, here’s a new interview Joel did with TV Guide about The Killing:

TV Guide Magazine: Holder was so mysterious throughout the whole season, with different layers being slowly revealed. How much did you know about him when you started this role, and how did that affect how you portrayed him?
Kinnaman: Preparing for this part was very much about describing Holder’s back-story that we found out in episode 8, and I had that with me during the whole period. When we shot the pilot, it hadn’t really been decided how long he had been clean so I was preparing both physically and emotionally. I think originally he had been clean for two weeks and then they made the decision that he’d been clean for six months, which I think was a good choice. I also thought that that reveal was going to come a little bit earlier. And I think for the audience that kept the suspense and the feeling that they don’t really know if this guy is a good guy or a bad guy. But for me, playing it was a bit frustrating because that also meant that I couldn’t use all colors while playing it. They wanted to keep it minimal, more one directional having that suspicion grow about him so the reveal has a bigger effect. So after that, it was very relaxing for me because I could sort of be Holder 100 percent and it let me play with different kinds of colors. I did a lot of ride-alongs with the county sheriffs, with the narcotics units. They’re really tough. They don’t always act that nicely to people. They deal with so many people that are lying every day, so they don’t really give people the benefit of the doubt. I had a lot of that coming into this, and that came from the undercover narcotics where there’s not really any room for niceties.

TV Guide Magazine: How much did you know about the other characters when you started?
Kinnaman: I didn’t know that much. I had watched the Danish originals so I had my perception of them from there, but otherwise I didn’t really need to know anything about the other characters because it played out in the script.

TV Guide Magazine: How happy were you to get out of the rain after wrapping the season?
Kinnaman: I was very happy! I was about to drop kick one of those rain tower operators at several occasions. I was like, ‘Really, I’m trying to be emotional here and you’re spraying a hose in my face? I have no respect for that and here you are putting yourself in harms way, my friend.’ [Laughs] But the city of Vancouver provides a lot of real rain — they do that really well. A lot of the times when the rain towers were up, it was actually raining. But when we’re shooting, a drizzle doesn’t always show up on film so they added the towers to really get that.

TV Guide Magazine: Going back through the season as a whole, do you have a favorite moment or scene that you’re really proud of?
Kinnaman: I have a couple. Definitely playing the NA scene where Holder reveals him being an addict, that was one of the high points for me, personally, shooting the show. But then also shooting episode 11 with Mireille [Enos]. It was one of my better weeks of my career. It was very, very satisfying. And then in the end of the scene in between Linden and Holder when we’re sitting at the hamburger joint and she reveals kind of where she comes from. Right at the end of that scene, we had a moment where it felt like I saw deep inside of her and that really scared her and she ran off. And that was one of my more satisfying moments as an actor.

TV Guide Magazine: With the announcement of a second season, what are you most excited to explore about Holder next year?
Kinnaman: I want to be made lieutenant. [Laughs] I have no idea where it’s going to go, but if I could just fantasize: He’s now six months sober and that’s a very delicate time. He’s under a lot of pressure. I wouldn’t be surprised if sobriety is going to be difficult. So we might see a little falling off the wagon.

TV Guide Magazine: So just spill it, who killed Rosie Larsen? Did you guys have any betting or pools on set?
Kinnaman: We did, there is a pool. I’m not going to tell you who I’ve got my money on, but I’ve got my money on somebody.

[From TV Guide]

Sigh… shall we talk about what might happen on the finale? Let me do this:


I don’t think the mayoral candidate guy, Darren Richmond, did it. It just cannot be that easy. My choice since the very beginning Richmond’s blonde, uninspired, right-hand woman, Gwen, but honestly, it just has to be someone associated with the campaign, right? My mom thinks it’s the skuzzy billionaire guy, but I feel like that’s too “on the nose” too. My point all along has been this: who would Rosie Larson, a teenage girl with a modicum of street smarts, get into a car with? Rosie would get into the car with A) someone she knew, or B) a woman. That’s why I think it’s Gwen. Gwen knows her boyfriend/candidate is boning this young girl, and she offers Rosie a ride home to talk about love and life, and Gwen drives her to an isolated spot and kills her. That’s my theory.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. fabchick says:

    I think its Gwen too, however she did seem kind of shocked by the photos Sunday.

  2. Sandra says:

    YES!! He’s so f*cking hot!!!! So agree on the show btw.

  3. bluhare says:

    Great!!! So Clive’s now ALL MINE!!!

  4. Gwen says:

    He’s pretty cute. Good actor too.

    I wonder if it’s going to be the same murderer as in the Danish version. And how they’re going to do the second season. The Danish second season had me sitting on the egde of my couch every week but I can’t see the story transfered to an American setting.

  5. Kaiser says:

    Eve – Nope, I announced that on Twitter a few days ago! Sorry. We’re going lighter HGF for the summer months, so we don’t go crazy.

  6. Obvious says:

    Gwen or what’s hismaface, the other guy on the team. The one who left and came back. I’ve been leaning towards him for awhile. my roommate and i are super excited for the finale, but highly bummed because we won’t have a good excuse for sunday night ice cream parties anymore!!!!

  7. Eve says:

    @ Kaiser:


    I was looking for last week’s post but couldn’t find it so I’m now assuming there wasn’t any.

    Oh, well…gotta go clean my cats’s litter box.

    P.S.: Please consider Jesse Eisenberg for a future HGF post (and Tahar Rahim, I’m missing him more than ever because The Eagle wasn’t released here, not even on DVD — he plays the villain in it).

  8. Rita says:

    I’m a 12th generation Swedish American whose lost my accent…but never did have a taste for Fiskgratang (Fish au gratin). Go Sweden!!! (Sorry about that but we don’t get much press….except for our promiscuousness…not mine personally you understand.)

  9. jayem says:

    Uh, Kaiser, I love you like a fat kid loves cake, but you better back the $hit off! This one is all mine, sweetheart. I claimed him Episode One and I do NOT wanna share! LOL. Just kidding. I’ll share with you. But if we split the week, I get the extra day first. :-P

    I wasn’t gonna watch anymore after the first episode either, cause I thought it was moving way too slowly, but I did anyway, mainly for Holder because he’s tall and the perfect amount of scruffy-creepy-hot. It has gotten a little better, but at this point, I just wanna know who killed the girl. I think we’re kinda spoiled by all the procedurals where they figure everything out in an hour. I’ll tune in for Season Two, as they’re supposed to get a new case, but still be dealing with the fallout from this one.

    My money’s on Gwen or her Dad. One or both of them is definitely up to something. They have already specifically said it won’t be the same person as it was in the Danish version.

  10. Jez says:

    He’s pretty much a ghettoish manho in real life – just your type, Kaiser.

    The Killing blows. Watch the Danish one, it’s a million times better with the same basic story but without all the stupid red herrings and terrible pacing.

  11. Sarah says:

    I love Holder, he’s def. my favorite character on the show. I’ve also thought since Day 1 that Gwen was the killer! Still think so.

  12. Madisyn says:

    @ Obvious, I have thought from the first episode it was the young, blonde campaign manager, Jamie. He really wants Richmond as Mayor and he is ambitious.

    I also don’t believe its Councilman Richmond, they’re going to shock us in the last 20 minutes or so.

    After hearing Kaisers rationale, now I’m beginning to doubt myself. Your making awfully good points there Kaiser.

  13. Hautie says:

    Is that a Adidas track suit he has on? (video clip) I only thought Sue Sylvester wore those. :)

    The thing that has bugged me about this show, is the lack of story telling in a consistent manner. Or the ability to spend an hour on nothing. When so much could have been fleshed out.

    But I am still watching.

    My spoiler thought…..

    The only way I can be shocked by the ending…

    is if the Mother did it.

    (So I am taking the Mother as the killer!)

  14. suki says:

    I’m going with Gwen’s dad – Senator Eaton.

    Great review of the show btw. This perfectly describes it: “very, very good, with some streaks of “infuriating” and “WTF?”

    Is anyone watching Luther? I think it is what the killing is striving to become: moody, mysterious with tragically flawed characters. I hope the writers of The Killing watch it before they start writing next year’s scripts.

    sidenote Kaiser: Matt Rousch @ TV Guide has confirmed that they are solving the Rosie mystery this season.

    @jez: is the danish one available somewhere? Is it called the Killing too? I would love to see it.

  15. mooncake says:

    crushing on him right now!

    also, i’m looking forward to the season finale of The Killing. it’s my favorite new show on tv.

    i think the killer is aunt Terry.

  16. michkabibbles says:

    i know a lot of people think it’s jaime or gwen, which make some narrative sense (as much as anything can with how horrible the pacing has been), but i just can’t see either one of them using the campaign car for that. they were really invested in the campaign, and they knew how much trouble that would lead to.
    also, i just dont think it was a woman-wasn’t rosie brutally beaten before she was drowned? not that some women don’t have that in them, but it’s not that common.

  17. Kaiser says:

    LMAO @ jayem. We can share him! That’s cool, I need time to visit with Gerard Butler and Michael Fassbender.

  18. Canuck says:

    That offer where you get this guy and I get ASkars? I’ll take it! haha

  19. veronica says:

    how can you say that about my Alex?

  20. Madisyn says:

    IMPORTANT QUESTION: Does anyone remember if Rosie was sexually assaulted?

    If so, I’m sticking with my first episode suspect, Campaign Manager Jamie Wright.

    If Kaisers rationale is true, that could apply to Jamie as well. “Rosie would get into the car with A) someone she knew, or B) a woman”. If Rosie was sleeping with Richmond, she would know the campaign manger and see him with Richmond all the time.

    The only thing is Gwen would have access to his emails more than Jamie cause she’d be over at his place more. But Jamie probably worked over there on more than one occasion or he could have hacked or had someone hack into Richmonds computer. Kaiser any thoughts on my theory?

    Kaiser can we have an open post Monday to discuss the finale on Sunday?

  21. Danziger says:

    He kind of looks like Timothy Olyphant.

  22. Madisyn says:

    @ Suki, I don’t believe it could be Gwen’s dad, the senator. In the very first few scenes, Rosie is being chased in the woods and she’s moving quite quickly. No way the elder senator could have kept up with a teenage girl.

    If your correct, I’m going to be pissed.

  23. jayem says:

    @Jez – Ghetto-ish manwhore?! *swoon* Now, I’m really in love!!

  24. carrie says:

    he looks alike one of my ex-boyfriend :the serial cheater/liar

  25. fannomore says:

    I’m suspicious of aunt terry too but love him and the show, but the rain, oh the freakin’ rain and all that coffeeeeee

  26. Devon says:

    I’m so WTF on the ending. I’ve thought it was a woman from the get go. The aunt is in the second season (in what capacity I don’t know) so she might be it. I’m 3 episodes behind, which I’m catching up on today.

    Joel is coming back next season and they film it here in Vancouver. If he’s tight with ASkars, maybe he’ll come to visit him while filming! I know that’s wishful thinking but GAH that’d be awesome!

  27. RedRightAnkle says:

    Actually I saw an interview (which of course I didn’t save so I can’t link to it) in which he said he has dual citizenship, that one of his parents is Swedish and the other is American, and that he was raised to be bilingual which is why his accent is so flawless.

    But yeah I’m pretty smitten as well, you should check out Snabba Cash, it’s a Swedish crime movie he starred in and while I’m all about the kinda skeevy/diry/hot thing Holder’s got goin, you need to check this out because GOD DAMN does that boy clean up good.

  28. Gwen says:

    ASkars and Joel doing a commercial for the Swedish football team they both support :D

  29. Meg says:

    Wow he looks good here…don’t think he’s that hot in the show though..
    I agree w/ previous posters as Darren being too obvious, same with the billionare basketball player. I know a lot of people on the message boards are saying it’s Jamie. I dont know…i’m leaning towards billionare, although i’ll be disappointed if it is him, b/c that’s obvious.
    I like the Mom theory!!!

  30. Madisyn says:

    Kaiser, why am I for the last two days in every single article and comment I post going to moderation?

    Its been over an hour and my comments are still in mod.

  31. bodil says:

    Well I think I’ll just go down the street and grab him, seeing how this clip was shot right in Hornstull where I live in Södermalm, Stockholm :)

    He is cute, I strongly prefer Alex S though, much more raw and sexy.

  32. Brittney says:

    This post (and the hotness therein) reminds me…
    I nominate Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad)
    and Justin Chatwin (Shameless, Big Love)
    for the next HGF.

    I know you don’t do it weekly anymore. However, as someone who’s been obsessed with the same ten celebrities for fifteen years (Jolie and Depp top that list… if only I could find work predicting trends), I’m so excited to have new crushes, and I really want other people to discover them too.

  33. Beck says:

    I didn’t like his character in the beginning of the show. Only in the last few episodes have I seen him in a more sympathetic light. He looks like such a meth head on the show plus I hate how he talks. I can’t believe it is the same guy.

    Kaiser, you dirty lil bitch, you definitely have a type. I have always liked men a bit (or mid) dirty and skeevy looking but he is too nasty looking (on the show.) Now, if I hadn’t seen the show and only had these pics to go on, I may be willing to give it a go. Depends on his real American accent, I guess.

  34. Jen34 says:

    I’m beginning to think that Swedish dong rivals Scottish dong. I need a dong off.

  35. Rita says:

    @madysin (tin can crew lol)

    I’m so sorry to hear about your moderation problems. I posted a comment last Monday and it’s still in moderation. I’m afraid that because you have acknowledged some of my posts, you’ve been flagged. Apparently, I’m top of the new “black list”.

    Perhaps if you disavow any tailgating in my presence you’ll be released from moderation pergatory.

  36. Madisyn says:

    @ Rita

    “Tin Can Crew”, you like? I thought it apprapo.

    Why would you be in constant mod jail? You don’t cuss, you don’t threaten, you don’t call people names, you don’t DO/WRITE/BLOG anything inappropriate. WHY?

    I’m will NOT stop responding/saying hello to you because of mod jail, I suppose I can wait.

    On a different note, who do you think is the killer?

  37. Sarah says:

    @RedRightAnkle I don’t know about citizenship but his dad is definitely American and he could always do an American accent fine. Also, A.Skars dated his half-sister for a few years.

    Sweden is small.

  38. nan says:

    I love this show and LOVE the lead actors. I didn’t know there was going to be a second season. GREAT news. Also look forward to seeing him in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

  39. launicaangelina says:

    He really is the best thing about the show. Period.

  40. OhMyMy says:

    Love the show. I had no idea he was Swedish he does the character really well. He could be any one of the guys from the neighborhood in my hometown.

    Holder’s K-fed vibe is starting to get on my last nerve yo!

  41. Brando says:

    We all know it is the mayor’s skeezy campaign guy! did you see him look at the girls in the pool? Weird! also, the woman said he was ‘nice’ not good looking which would be associated with the mayor.
    My two cents! LOL!
    I got hooked on this show a few weeks ago maybe because of Joel’s trashtastic take of an ex addict. He is really awesome in this role. I hope they get a new murder case, are they going for a new cast too?

  42. Lucy says:

    I’m so bummed…watched the first episode after hearing some good things, but thought it was so slow, never watched again….maybe I can catch up before the next season…anyone know if they will replay the season? By the way, dude is smokin!!!

  43. suki says:

    @Madisyn: Excellent point about the Senator running in the forest. Might have to rethink my suspect.

    @Brittney: LOVE Aaron Paul. Can’t wait for Breaking Bad to be back.

  44. Wendy says:

    I was an extra in the NA meeting. Right up front. He was very believable. Great actor!
    Loving the show and I really can’t make any guesses. Can’t wait to see the finale!

  45. lily says:

    Suicide! She offed herself to get away from her awful whiney mother!

    Kidding of course, but that character is awful!

    Anyways, I hope Gwen didn’t do it because it feels like a slightly different play on the whole wife killing mistress cliche. And I agree the billionaire would be to easy.

    Maybe Jasper’s dad (he’s been shown to have violent tendencies and given his behaviour at her funeral he appears to be a client of Rosie’s aunt), or the Mayor. However, I can’t see any reason for them to kill Rosie, unless they did it for no reason other than to make Richmond look bad. Also, they’ve both basically been evil since episode 1, and for a show that prides itself on character development, it would seem pretty pathetic and have 0 shock value, if the evil guys were the killers.

    Has anyone mentioned the idea that maybe whoever drove the car into the lake didn’t know Rosie was in it. She could have been hiding from someone in it and unable to get out, or someone could have trapped her in there, then convinced someone else to drive it into the lake. For example Jasper, Sterling, and Chris could have done it as a prank, without knowing their friend was in the trunk. That could explain why Chris relaxed at the police station once he realized they ‘only’ had the cell phone video.

  46. Bridget says:

    Definitely agree with you about Skarsgard. Don’t see what the fuss is about him. But this Kinnaman guy…WOOF! Read several articles about him– his dad was an American deserter during Vietnam who ended up in Sweden, his mother is Swedish. He has 5 half-sisters–multiple mothers. Guess his Dad really got around. He has duel American/Swedish citizenship and has been bilingual most of his life.

  47. Maritza says:

    Without the facial hair he is quite handsome. In the show he looks like a drug addict. I’ve been watching “The Killing”, it’s pretty good but I don’t see how they can keep it interesting by just focusing in the crime of a specific teenage girl. Now if the title of the show were “The Killings” then they would have more material to work on.

  48. Madisyn says:


    They’re rerunning the show from beginning to end on the Sundance channel starting at 1 pm PST starting today and resuming the remaining episodes tomorrow Sunday at 1 pm PST.

  49. jocular says:

    Aargh can’t read half the article or comments as don’t want hints to the ending. Joel Kinnaman, great actor! same with Eros, hope we get to see more of them.

  50. Artsy says:

    I agree with this post, I dropped Skarsgard a while ago. Now we can share Kinnaman, he’s more interesting and a talented actor.
    The bad boy image… hmmm
    Also, I’m hooked with The Killing, because doesn’t use sex or violence to gain attention and the characters are so real, you don’t see that very often in tv. (Michelle Forbes is amazing… all the cast is amazing)

  51. Anonymei says:

    Best theory I have read. Holder was put on the case because he is a screw up. From vice, took the pictures. no homicide experience and a drug problem. It means the killer is probably from the mayors camp. My guess is that the Rixhmond’s wife drowned after the car accident. talking about it with hookers was sadness no malevolence

    Thanks to the people who watch with a microscope

  52. Trollet says:

    He is very handsome and talented, just why does he say “liksom” ( a discourse particle , like “kind of” ) in every sentence?

    That´s so annoying!

  53. Lisa says:

    Joels dad is american thats why he speaks excellent english. He is also an american citizen.

  54. YvetteW says:

    Oh doesn’t he clean up nicely. Not my usual type, but he’s got a little something going on. Can’t wait for the finale tonight.

  55. Cuchulain says:


  56. Madisyn says:

    I’m beyond disappointed. This is beyond bullshit. Everyone said they’d reveal Rosie Larsons killer.

    I know Darren Richmond is not the killer.

    F*ck this, next season, which is what, 6 months from now, were suppose to remember the case, and give a shit about who killed Rosie? F*ck that!

  57. Madisyn says:

    I’m beyond disappointed. This is beyond bullshit. Everyone said they’d reveal Rosie Larsons killer.

    I know Darren Richmond is not the killer.

    F*ck this, next season, which is what, 6 months from now, were suppose to remember the case, and give a shit about who killed Rosie? F*ck that!

  58. milesahead says:

    He’s a contender. He’s got Fassbender’s cheekbones and jawline and can rock a mustache and probably period clothing too. I love these European boys.

  59. wifeyskarsgard says:

    Ok this is the first time I’m seeing him and I’m claiming him as my new BF as well =)

  60. Emma says:

    He’s my Kinnaman!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. The best thing about The Killing. I love Holder.