‘The Killing’ finale: Seriously, who killed Rosie Larsen? (spoilers)


**This post contains spoilers for The Killing’s finale, and the entire season.

Part of me is still processing what happened on the finale for The Killing. I was told that at the end of the season, I would know exactly what happened to Rosie Larsen. I didn’t find out, and now I’m kind of over it. Let’s recap the finale: the episode picked up on last week’s cliffhanger, with Det. Linden in Darren Richmond’s home, staring at his computer, realizing that he was the “John” that hired an underaged escort (Rosie). I’m sure it was supposed to be suspenseful and we were supposed to be worried that Richmond was going to hurt or harm Linden in some way, but I was convinced he wouldn’t do anything. Maybe Billy Campbell is a really wonderful actor, or maybe he’s sleep walking through the part, either way, I’ve never bought him as the killer, or a man capable of any kind of violence. He just doesn’t seem threatening in the least. That didn’t stop Linden and Holder from deciding that he was the dude, and they ended up arresting him AT HIS RALLY, which is a political catastrophe that could have easily avoided.

Throughout the finale, there seemed to be several moments that could have led to some bigger revelation. Closeups of Gwen excited me, because I had always pegged her for the killer. My theory was that she followed her lover/candidate and saw that he was meeting the same under-age escort time and time again, and Gwen decided to take Rosie out. But then the finale had Gwen doing weird stuff – confessing to Linden that Campbell’s alibi was crap, acting all weepy and emotional. I still think something weird is going on with her, but I guess I should admit that my theory was wrong…?

I put that question mark because we still don’t know who did what to Rosie. The finale ended without a definitive answer, and all we really know is that Darren Richmond is likely being framed, although we don’t really know by whom. It looks like my guy, my boyfriend, Det. Holder is a dirty cop who knowingly accepted manufactured evidence to frame Richmond. It also looks like that weird guy, Belko, is going to kill Richmond, Lee Harvey Oswald-style. And that’s pretty much how the finale ended – Belko hadn’t pulled the trigger, Linden realizing that their case against Richmond wasn’t really that air-tight, Holder meeting with his shadow-conspirator. Oh, and Mitch left her husband. I hope to God Mitch isn’t in the second season. I want to punch her in the face.

Here are some random thoughts, just because I don’t know how else to organize it:

*After TWO WEEKS of investigating (within the world of the show), Holder and Linden finally got around to tracing the likely path Rosie took to get into the forest where she met her death. So we finally have the timeline, sort of. Is it just me, or should they have nailed down the timeline WAY before the finale?

*Linden was pissing me off, the way that she got so emotional about the way Rosie was “hunted” and how she confronted Richmond. I found that very unprofessional, and I normally love her. She got way too emotionally involved in the case.

*I love Rosie’s dad (and I love the actor playing him), but I felt like they were just glossing over how he almost beat to dear that poor Muslim teacher. Oh, he helped Mohammed’s wife! That makes it all better! NO IT DOESN’T.

*I get the feeling that we’re supposed to think that the frame-up job on Richmond was done by his political opponent. If that’s really what happened, I will be sorely disappointed. It’s a mayoral race, not the presidency! I just don’t buy that a political opponent would arrange a murder and a frame-up, just to get at his opponent in a MAYOR’S race. Perspective, please.

So, meh. Will I be watching next season? Probably, especially if they’re doing it over the summer, when there isn’t much else on. But it still pisses me off. I appreciate that they’re trying to do a different kind of storyline, and a different WAY of telling the story, but realistically, Americans aren’t going to care enough to remember all of the details of the show FOR A YEAR while we wait for the second season. I’m really disappointed.






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  1. Laura says:

    I am astounded at how terrible this show turned out to be. These are possibly the two worst detectives to have ever existed – not just on television, but in the world.

  2. Samigirl says:

    I was sooooo pissed that we didn’t find out the killer. That being said, I totally agree with you about them just now doing the investigation about the woods and stuff. Why did they just then try to find pictures from the tollbooth? Idk, seems like they should have covered every single angle possible, even if they didn’t know the exact route the killer took that night. I’m with you, Kaiser, I think Gwen did the killing, most likely bc she knew Rosie was underage and that if anyone found out, Richmond’s career would be ruined. I was really surprised to see Holder in on framing him, so I’m glad they shocked me a little bit :) Anyways, I really, REALLY want to know who killed Rosie, so season 2 needs to hurry!

  3. mire says:

    Well… I saw the original « The Killing », the danish version, and it was a great show! During the last episode Nanna Birk Larsen’s killer was catch so there was some sort of closure for everybody involve. The Danish version is not old so I really don’t see the need for a remake. I don’t see either why would you “cut” a one season story into a two season story (I haven’t watch the american version since I don’t live in the US and I already know the story)
    At the end of the season everything concerning the investigation was said and done and……. MINOR SPOILER…… one important character was dead.
    Now I’m just waiting for the second season, it aired a year ago in Denmark I think, to be broadcast where I live.

  4. Sarah says:

    I still think Gwen has something more to do with this. I was sooo pissed at how it ended last night but AMC did hook me into a second season. I’m too invested in what the f*ck is going on to give up now.

  5. fannomore says:

    They got me I feel so used and I’m done with the show now thanks for nothing

  6. Launicaangelina says:

    I’m am so freakin disappointed. I was really hoping that we’d find out who the killer was. I love holder and would really hate for him to be the bad guy. Also, they were so ass-backwards in this investigation. All the stuff they did in the last couple of episodes should have been done early on.

  7. Kim says:

    From the very beginning I nicknamed this show The Killing…Time Until Breaking Bad is Back. I’m now satisfied my theory proved correct, but I’ll still never get those 13 hours of my life back. Holder was the only justification for me.

  8. Meg says:

    SO MAD!! I thought we were supossed to know the killer!! And i’m with you Kaiser, this is a mayoral race of a little town in Seattle!! Do we REALLY need to go to all this work for a mayoral race? I’ll watch next season because I need to know who killed her…but i’m still disappointed. I looked forward to find

  9. lucy2 says:

    Totally agree we don’t know who killed her. We know WHAT happened to her, but not WHO did it.
    The show started off very good but definitely lost its train of thought along the way, though the finale was still interesting. About halfway through though I thought “hey, maybe someone will shoot Richmond and that will be next season’s murder!” so I was kind of disappointed that may actually be the case!

    Agree about way too much importance and maneuvering on a mayoral race – its almost as bad as The Good Wife treating the state’s attorney campaign like he was running for president.

  10. crumbcake says:

    I love(d) this show, but I just am really unhappy with the finale. The main detective (Sara) looks like a total buffoon, and they’re made my favorite character (Holder) a dirty cop? And Mr. Larsen is so great and likable, but oh yeah, he beat the teacher into a coma, so now it’s hard to feel sorry for him (although I love the actor). Oh, it is almost too much for me to bear. . . not sure if I’m going to watch next season. Unless they show scenes of Holder taking a shower or something!!!
    The one other thing that cracks me up about this show is that I live near Seattle. . . they not correct on geography, and yes, it does rain a lot here, but it hardly ever is such the downpour that they show (sheets of rain pouring off windshields of cars). I guess if it keeps a bunch of people from moving here, then I can live with that.

  11. the original bellaluna says:

    Ummm…Twin Peaks and Lost have been done, thankyouverymuch. And do these cops know nothing about the “first 48?” You know, after the first 48 hours, leads drop considerably and your case goes cold? Thank God this is only a tv show! (I don’t watch this show, but from the sound of it, that’s a good thing.)

  12. Cheyenne says:

    The show got too hung up in sidestories and backstories and forgot to stick to the original story, and now we have to wait for next season to find out whodunit? I bet the show loses at least half its audience, if not more. Color me disgusted.

  13. fabchick says:

    The finale was terrible, but they have hooked me for another season unfortunately. I still think its Gwen and her father is helping her cover it up. I think her father was in the car Holder got into. I don’t think Holder is intentionally dirty. I think they found some dirt on him from when he was a narcotics detective and is using it to force him to help. Who knows with this show.

  14. tooey says:

    There were a lot of holes in the “finale” as well. Can’t believe that the wife of the beaten Muslim teacher didn’t know she was talking to/being assisted by the man who put her husband in a coma? WTF? He’s the father of a murdered child who was arrested for beating the suspected perpetrator nearly to death! That didn’t make the papers or does she just not read them? That’s minor, but added to some of the other stuff mentioned in the post – I was a little put off. Ditto the thoughts on Mitch. She pretty much put her husband up to the beating then blames him when it goes wrong and leaves her whole family. Have loved the show up to this point though. I’ll tune in next season, but they’d best deliver.

  15. Katie says:

    Did anyone else not buy that the teacher’s wife had no idea she was talking to Rosie’s father, who had put him in the hospital? It’s a huge case and since her husband was a suspect you’d think she would have followed it somewhat, and there’s no way Rosie’s parents pictures were at some point in the paper or on the news.

    Also, can’t believe they didn’t reveal the killer. VERY irritated.

  16. the original bellaluna says:

    psst…AMC…psst…bring back Rubicon!

  17. Chloe says:

    I’m probably not the first person to say it, and it’s also not a criticism of The Killing, but doesn’t the series follow EXACTLY in Twin Peaks’s footsteps? (sans the bizarre)

  18. Ally says:

    On another blog, a commenter called Mike has these two theories. Read and enjoy, and spare yourself the bother of watching any of season 2 of this mess.

    1) Gwen followed Richmond that night, saw him with Rosie, and perhaps this was her discovery that he was seeing escorts. Richmond left, Gwen confronted Rosie, and it got physical. Then she made up the stuff about Richmond coming home the next morning all wet.

    2) (SPOILER: this theory borrows heavily from the Danish version) Belko followed Rosie after overhearing her phone call at the Larsen house, a call that revealed her job as an escort. Richmond got staggering drunk, left his meeting with Rosie, and attempted suicide by trying to drown himself (hence why he was all wet the next morning), but he couldn’t go through with it. Meanwhile, Belko — obsessive over the Larsen family and probably deeply screwed up about sex because of his mother — confronts Rosie about being a prostitute and it ends badly. Belko gets access to the campaign car because Richmond left it behind.

    There are more entertaining angry rants about this Hindenberg of a show here:

    The second one also links to an interview with the show runner, revealing astounding delusional thinking. She compares the Linder’s-lost-son epiode to the Peggy-and-Don’s-allnighter-at-the-office episode of Mad Men! She thinks The Killing is a character study! Woman is incompetent as well as nuts.

  19. Bella Bella says:

    I kind of liked it because I think we will go into season 2 with the revelation that Holder’s toll booth photo is dirty and Richmond will walk. I hope we get a new case though. I don’t want another entire season of Rosie Larsen.

    Thanks for the article on Holder. He’s such an amazing actor! I had no idea he wasn’t american born. He’s accent is spot on!

  20. Hautie says:

    Well I have a bias thought or two on this finale. :)

    I was stunned that the show never really answered any questions.

    (It had three good episodes. 1,2 and 12.)

    That is not enough to get me to sit through another season again.

    And after reading that interview on HitFlix with Alan Sepinwall, where the show runner comes off as a delusional idiot. I realize there is no way that season 2 would be any different than what just ran.

    I never seen any show runner, that had her head so far up her butt. She kept on rambling as if she is some type of genius. The girl needs to be fired. Or at least get a clue.

    What I had hoped would have been a really smart, well plodded murder investigation. Done over 13 episodes. Turned into some weak, made no sense, clusterf*ck of a show.

    And I still want to know why Stan never told that over dramatic wife of his… that he purchased a home for their family. When she flipped out about their savings being gone.

    Geeeezzzz… that wife.(Mitch)

    As much as I wanted to understand Mitch’s grief, she never once came off anything but narcissistic.

    No one matter. Her other kids did not matter. Her husband did not matter. She was awful to everyone around her. Ugh.

    I just had no sympathy for her. Which should not be the case.

    So the writing and the acting was just awful in general. When you can’t find any sympathy for a grieving Mother.

  21. Aqua says:

    This by far is not the best show AMC has put together.Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead are so much better.I really tried to get into this show but for some reason it fell more than a little flat to me.I really don’t care about what happens to any of them (except maybe the teacher) and has failed terribly in the suspense department.The only reason I watched the whole series is because I was waiting for the show to get better and I was only passing the time till Breaking Bad came back.

  22. Cuchulain says:


  23. nan says:

    Well, I guess I just have to wait for Season 2 to find out who killed Rosie; if Mitch left Stan for good; if Stan goes to prison for attempted murder; if Belko murders Darren…..My jaw was hanging open last night. What happened???

  24. suki says:

    @Kaiser that link to the interview with the show runner made me hate the show even more. It seems like the actual story took a backseat to the goals of the writers who just wanted to “be different”. I hope next year, they decide to focus on just being good.

    This article did a good job of summing up all of the plot points that were either totally ridiculous or completely abandoned:

    When you are watching a show like this, you really hope that all of those details are going to find their way back into the conclusion. I have no confidence that the final story will be satisfying at all.

    @kim. i am with you. Counting down the days to Breaking Bad!

  25. Christie says:

    I’m going to watch season 2 until they reveal who killed Rosie and then I’m out. I don’t want to get wrapped up in another investigation that won’t be resolved by the end of the season.

    Others that are not on this board are mentioning that the first season finale of Twin Peaks didn’t reveal the murderer, but that show did such an amazing job at getting the audience to care about the other characters that you didn’t mind coming back for season 2, despite not having the murder wrapped up.

  26. kibbles says:

    I’ve only seen the first episode of this show several weeks after it first premiered on AMC. By then I had already read comments that the Danish version was much better. I stopped watching and I’m glad I did. If there had been good reviews then I’d be looking for links to the show right now. But I guess I’d be better off watching the Danish version. Maybe someday I will watch just to see what all of the fuss and anger is about but at this point there are too many other shows I want to watch and catch up on. It’s unfortunate that this show fell flat after such high hopes in the beginning and the huge success of the Danish version. The show runner also seems to be clueless as to what the viewers want.

  27. moptop says:

    I think we should all send a message to the people in charge of The Killing: don’t watch next season. There are enough re-caps of each episode the day after to get the drift of what’s going on without having to actually watch. Let their numbers drop to nothing and they will know that we won’t be yanker around. They’re making tons of money off us and we’re getting nothing out of it. Don’t let yourselves be manipulated!

  28. Madisyn says:

    I am beyond pissed off. The only reason I can gather that they dragged this out is the people behind the show wanted to make sure they all have work next year. They could have wrapped up
    this season and started a new murder next season.

    Couple of STUPID revelations I’m having a hard time with:

    -Why would the mayor give those photos of Richmond with Rosie and not use them to get back in the mayoral race? He absolutely would have used them. Stupid.

    -Of course Amber would have known who Stan was. Stupid.

    The problem with the ending for me is when this series actually resumes in a year, I won’t remember the nuances and simply put, won’t care.

  29. Bee says:

    I am so angry!!! I stayed with this sometimes mess of a show just to find out who killed Rosie Larson. And they have the nerve to end the season without answering that question. The showrunner said at the beginning of the season she and the writers had no idea who the killer would be, and apparently they still didn’t know at the end of the season. At least the far superior Swedish version had the guts to end the season with the reveal of the killer. I am done with this show and will not be watching next year. I’m starting to lose my love for AMC. Only the return of my beloved Mad Men can wipe away the stain of the Killing and Rubicon.

  30. Cleo says:

    Wow, the spoilers that really didn’t just like the show – ineffectual. So Rosie is this era’s Laura Palmer? I get that a beautiful young girl was violated and that is a tragedy but what an incredibly bad show.

  31. Shy says:

    I was cheated by AMC. I will never forgive them. I spent 3 months waiting to find out who killed Rosie and at the end they showed us all middle finger.

    That show was too long. It’s like they would take one case in Law&Order: SVU and will gave 13 episodes to solve it. They could solve that murder in 6-7 episodes. But they were solving it and solving and then they sad big “eff you” to their viewers. I think I will skip second season as a protest.

    I was sure they would tell us who killed her and in the next season all that grieving boring family and boring politician will disappear and our detectives will get few new cases. But they tell us they want to torture us with boringness for the whole second season. No thanks.

    And I can’t believe they would do this to Holder. Such a lovable character. Actually I don’t really think they will turn him bad. They will find another excuse fo his actions like they did before when Linden was suspecting him.

    This will go to television history as one of the worst finals ever. In 10-15 years they will make lists of worst and most disappointed finales ever and Killing will be at number one.

  32. Madisyn says:

    Kaiser wrote:

    “I get the feeling that we’re supposed to think that the frame-up job on Richmond was done by his political opponent. If that’s really what happened, I will be sorely disappointed. It’s a mayoral race, not the presidency! I just don’t buy that a political opponent would arrange a murder and a frame-up, just to get at his opponent in a MAYOR’S race. Perspective, please”.

    I was thinking about this too. What if the Mayor saw an opportunity AFTER it was discovered early on that the vehicle Rosie was found in was a Richmond candidate car. I’m thinking the murder and the frame-up may be two separate incidents. The only other possible person who could influence Holder is the Senator, Gwens father. Maybe he knew of Richmonds penchent for underage brunettes and wanted him out of her life. Just my thoughts.

  33. Amanda says:

    This show is amazing. Anyone complaining about it needs to take a chill pill and appreciate it for making you feel that much emotion. My theory is below. Most is my own opinion that I sat up all night formulating. Some are pieces I didn’t initially catch but read about from some commenters today. Please do enjoy and feedback is greatly appreciated. Okay I think that holder was in the car with his fbi friend that we saw him with earlier this season. The fbi would have all resources available to doctor a photo like that. Second I think that richmond was approached by holder and the fbi and they told him that they were onto the mayor and that he would need to go through the charade of being arrested so that the mayor would temporarily get his way and think richmond was going down for the murder thus allowing the fbi time to get evidence on the mayor and those involved with the mayor (more on that later). Think about it…linden is the only one who has always gone to richmond and questioned him alone and obviously linden is in the dark about holders involvement with the fbi so richmond would have no reason to try and vehemently deny anything to her since he knows the fbi has him backed. Now things I picked up off the internet. Ames is jaspers dad (also the man that the sister acted weird at the wake with) I didn’t know that he is friends with the mayor. He also owns a lot of property on the waterfront which the mayor has said repeatedly is what this election is all about. Remember the very first episode when linden saw the dead seal or otter or whatever? Well i missed something parallel to that. Rosies teacher showed linden and holder the movie that rosie made and in that movie she was focusing on the beauty of nature and then the video showed how all the beauty is dying with corporate businesses polluting everything and in the video it showed a dead seal or otter or whatever. What I’m getting at is that the mayor is somehow polluting the waterfront with something dangerous and rosie found out about it, whether from being at the casino and hearing things from the big wigs from the escort service she was in or from jaspers dad since she was dating jasper. Also she may have heard something from terry, mitch’s sister because terry was probably one of the women that jaspers father called upon as an escort. So rosie knew about the mayor and was probably passing the info on to richmond and that’s why he was photographed with her. And the mayor is the one who had those pictures of rosie and richmond. Think about it, why wouldn’t he have used those photos against richmond long ago to ruin his campaign chances. I also think the mayor had that brunette lover of richmond’s go tell gwen she was still having an affair so it would destroy gwen enough to turn him in. The mayor knew that once he had rosie killed that he could pin it on richmond. I think richmonds right hand campaign guy and possibly the millionaire drexler are the two that physically killed her. That part is my own opinion. One other thing that they mentioned online is how interesting it was that at the beginning when Rosies dad first went to search for her…after he left jaspers house he spoke with mitch and she told him they found Rosies sweater at the park but it was his gut feeling to go to thatlake almost like he knew…he stopped the van and automatically knew it was her…people online are speculating that he may have been doing side jobs still for the mob or the mayor…nothing big just things like maybe dumping a car? That maybe he dumped that car without knowing that his daughter was in the trunk. maybe that is why he couldnt kill the teacher because he shared the guilt as well. Thoughts??

  34. Gupta says:

    @Amanda: You stayed up ALL night for that? You need to find something better to do with your time.

  35. CowboyGirl says:

    @Laura: so true, they thought of searching the car after 2 weeks!!!! Plus, what happened with the skull?

  36. Reignn says:

    I think the AMC version suffers from the same problems as the danish version, it is way too long and dragged out. The original danish version was about 20 eps if I remember correctly, so amc should be gunning for 24 eps in 2 seasons.

    There are good points and bad points of both versions. I liked the development of Linden and Holder (they’re actually the only reason why I watch the amc version), but they throw in too much soap with the other characters and it gets cheesy fast (please go away richmond, you’re really annoying). In the danish version, they just kind of portrayed Lund as a really determined and obsessive if somewhat incompetent character.

    But in both versions, there are just simply too many diversions and improbabilities that it gets tiring to watch (moreso with the amc one). I think 14 eps would have been perfect (2 seasons of 7 eps each) for the storyline, just to weed out all the necessary fluff.

  37. Susan says:

    I think you meant Belko shooting Richmond a la Jack Ruby, not Lee Harvey Oswald. Lee Harvey Oswald used a rifle to kill President Kennedy, then Jack Ruby used a handgun to kill Lee Harvey Oswald.

  38. jayem says:

    Ugh. I don’t know what to think about this one. I’ll probably keep watching because I DO like the character study of it and I think those episodes ARE important. Yes, we want to find out who killed Rosie, but the reactions of everyone involved matters too.

    I am a little pissed that they’ve put a wedge between Linden and Holder again. Holder is a fan favorite and most of the reason I put up with the agonizingly slow pace is because of their little moments together. He’s the only one that was there for her when Jack was missing, seems to understand how intense she is but still calls her out on her bullshit and made her smile! I just don’t understand how they thought no one would ever figure out that the photo was doctored if the cameras had been out for that long.

    I do think they should at least have told us who really did it, but maybe allowed him to not get caught or not arrested on a technicality. And I don’t think it’s Richmond. They have gone out of their way to portray him as dead-wife-grieving Mr. Morals. He’d have to be a Ted Bundy level sociopath for this character to make sense. But who gains from setting him up? I agree that murdering someone is a little far to go for a mayoral campaign. In Seattle.

    I also want to punch Mitch, and kind of hate her even though I’m supposed to be sympathetic to her grief, but she’s mopey and annoying and mean. I like the dad and the sister way better. At least they’re trying to support each other and keep the family together.

    Also, can I say, for someone who is so distraught over Rosie’s death, Linden sure glossed over that dead boy she thought was Jack!

  39. jayem says:

    Also, I found this comment on another site and I can’t stop laughing:

    My girlfriend’s already getting tired of me dropping Holder lines all the time lately. Anytime she asks me anything I’ll say, “Yo, I’m busy right now. I’ll check you later.” Sometimes just out of the blue I’ll go, “He’s been lyin’ since day one!” And she’ll be like, “What are you talking about?” And I’ll shrug and go on about my business.

    Holder is the new Sawyer. Getrdone…

  40. Jesse says:

    This is just BS. The name of the show is the killing, why couldnt they at least give us audience a closure who killed rosie, because after all that is not the shows title ‘who killed Rosie’. I would have been extremely happy to have sit through 13 episodes AT LEAST to find out who did it. They could have made the second season about another homicide. I think they would have continued with a high audience rate about a second homocide, yet they continue for only 1 killing. There is no future for any more peaks and lows since we have gone through the best of it from this one killing. I really don’t want to wait for the ridiculous twists of each characters spiral stories after more than 12 days of the killing. Pointless! They have totally ripped each characters original character and turned it upside down, not bad though.

  41. ha ha ha says:

    Belko did it in the danish version. At this point, they have to swing some evidence to point at someone else which will end up badly. The motive for doing it is awful btw. I wasn’t cheated nor do I feel cheated because the formula this show used is old, the characters are a little weak, and I thought the investigation side would be more indepth than just swinging at a new suspect in every episode before Killing off the theory at the beginning of each new episode.

  42. AngelRose says:

    Uhm the Photo was fake as you see the detective edited the photo so The Mayor didn’t kill Rosie!

  43. Mary says:

    I would never watch it again. It was and apparently will continue… to be way too long, dark, grey and ugly. It dragged on and on, full of creepy and/or sad depressed grey people who continue to get involved with more creepy grey people. It was not real life because there was no joy or hope or balance in this endless grey snake pit of a storyline week after week. It was a show all about the dark side of people and life. Maybe ok for a TV movie for two hours start to finish. I watched once or twice thinking it would end sometime and I wanted to see who did it. The marketing was good and got people intrigued and watching. That’s all that was good to me because I lost interest having to wait for an ending that just never came. I realize I did get sucked into watching because of the marketing. I’d rather read the book and know the ending. Obviously many people really do hate “to be continued” shows on TV. And this show had too many ugly, depressing, boring, weekly plots leading nowhere… plots, plots, plots, plots, plots, plots, and more plots til we threw up our hands in plotted out frustration and stopped watching. Finally, I don’t care anymore who killed Rosie or why. I want to get away from the negativity and darkness and sickening stuff in this show. I wish they were making the world a better place and giving hope for young people and making a difference in how to solve family problems but not so in this ugly take on life. Nasty, deep and dark. Who needs it? Why don’t you spend your money telling a story that inspires and gives hope? Use the same marketing people.

  44. Mi says:

    Do not watch the american version it’s a huge disappointment! You need to watch the original version in Danish ;-)

  45. Lu says:

    Well, I actually liked the story.
    Aren’t you sick and tired of those dumb tv shows where you can find out at the second minute who is the killer or who did the oh-so-horrible-thing?
    For once it’s nice the intrigue, they’re making us think and loosing the classic way to think about cops/doctors/investigators. In a common tv show they are perfect or there is all about how burn they are, like … Doctor House, it is a great show but honestly… drugs, alcohol, girl problems, anything else? give him cancer and there is… you have a soup opera. And He is always right and 99% of the times he solves the case.
    This is more like real thing, Sarah is never with the great make-up, just like she is in the crime scene from the beauty salon (as you may notice in so much other tv series)… Holder actually looks like a drug addict.

    About the family… the horror of a mother who lost a child… the brothers who can not undertand and become having this problems, like wetting the bed.
    Looks better, is more real, not so fictional.
    I’m looking foward to the see the next season.

  46. alan says:

    It was Rosies Mum in the car with Holder at the end…. why has no1 realised that?

  47. Sedge says:

    Don’t publicise a show by saying ‘Who killed Rosie Larson’ if you don’t tell us!… Let down!

  48. clueless says:

    @ alan:what? rosies mum was in the car with holder???? how do you know ?

  49. Angry viewer says:

    The producer should be sued for false advertising after stating they would reveal the killer in the finale. I will never watch this again. I am disgusted. What a financial ploy. If the ass bags wanted to make more money out of this show, why not be creative and start a whole new murder case? Never again.

  50. Angry viewer says:

    The producer should be sued for false advertising after stating they would reveal the killer in the finale. I will never watch this again. I am disgusted. What a financial ploy. If they wanted to make more money out of this show, why not be creative and start a whole new murder case? Never again.