‘Jackass’ Steve-O is sober now, but he used to do coke with Linnocent


I don’t even want to get into the ongoing controversies surrounding the death of Ryan Dunn, but this story was irresistible to me. I guess PopEater decided to check in with some of the other Jackass dudes who are still alive, and wouldn’t you know, Steve-O happens to be promoting his memoir, Professional Idiot: A Memoir, this week. I’ve never really cared for Steve-O when I watched Jackass episodes, so this is a new experience… I actually like him in this interview. He talks about Johnny Knoxville and a group of friends forcing him to get sober, and how he’s lucky to be alive because of their intervention. But the best part of this interview is when he talks about how he used snort mountains of cocaine with famous people. He’s got a hilarious Linnocent story!

Steve-O on being forced in sobriety: “Johnny Knoxville and a bunch of our ‘Jackass’ crew staged an intervention and they forcibly locked me up in a psychiatric ward,” Steve O told me. “When I got to the hospital I was so belligerent that they changed my status to 2 weeks. So the 3 days went to 2 weeks and with that kind of time on my hands in a psych ward I eventually came to the conclusion that I really needed to make a change.”

He’s been sober for more than three years: Steve-O had suffered with alcohol and drug additions through out his life until Johnny stepped in on March 10th of 2008, a date Steve will never forget … the date he finally got sober. Admitting that if it weren’t for Johnny he would be dead, Steve-O told me about how dark and lonely his days would be when he was high. “For me it stopped being a gathering,” he said. “I was sitting alone and watching people walk around my apartment who were never actually there. It all turns on you man. It got really dark and the reason why I needed to make a change is that I truthfully turned into this nasty sh*thead. Just a douche bag.”

The Linnocent story: “I’ve done a lot of drugs with Lindsay (Lohan), but everybody knows that. Lindsay was over at my house one time and she was in my bathroom probably selfishly not sharing drugs,” Steve O revealed. “But while she was in there, I pulled out my camera and I got this crazy footage. And some time passed and later I go in my bathroom and I find that she left her wallet, so I sent her this text and I said Lindsay, you left your wallet in my bathroom. This was when she was in rehab and she told me to bring it to her. So I meet her in the driveway of this Wonderland Rehab that she’s in and I make her sign a release form of the footage that I have.”

Doing coke with Mike Tyson: “[Me and] Mike Tyson locked ourselves in the bathroom in this big mansion … so here I am with Mike Tyson locked in this bathroom in this big mansion just doing piles of cocaine and I looked at him and said ‘you know Mike, I’m not a racist guy, but I would like to say I consider myself a [n-word]. And we had a big discussion over this pile of cocaine. My point was that if we could take the color out of this word then we would really diffuse it as a weapon. Mike Tyson said the definition of that word is the people who use it and I thought that was very insightful.”

[From PopEater]

I wonder how long ago that Mike Tyson incident happened? I didn’t know Mike was a raging cokehead too, but the best is part is still the Linnocent stuff. Will Mother Crackhead even deign to deny it? Will Linnocent? I looked it up – Linnocent’s Wonderland Rehab stay was back in January 2007. And Linnocent already admitted to experimenting with cocaine back in the day, so she’ll probably just say it’s all in the past and now she’s fine. OH WAIT. Is Steve-O talking about THIS? In 2007, stills from a video were released of Linnocent on a 20-hour cocaine binge just days after leaving rehab. Did Steve-O shoot that video? Probably. After all, Linnocent also stole his cocaine back in the day too.



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  1. sisi says:

    so was the coke in the wallet and he brought it to her in rehab? I don’t get it, I feel kind of stupid today. My brain ain’t functioning at it’s full potential.

  2. normades says:

    Why would she sign a release form for the video? I don’t get it.

  3. mln76 says:

    Funny stories glad he’s sober. I think Tyson has admitted his drug use didn’t he say he spent all his Hangover money on coke? I have a feeling he’s done drugs with a lot of people but he’ll only out those who are known to have a drug habit.

  4. Louise says:

    I think the Tyson story was the interesting part. Another Lindsay drug story is really boring now.

  5. the original bellaluna says:

    Of course he did. There are several stories floating around of Linnocent’s snorting the bad shit off of toilets in club bathrooms. (And unlike like Linnocent, Steve-O actually LOOKS clean. Actually “clean” like he bathes. And I see he’s wearing his new teefs.)

    Aaaaand this is why she’s been to rehab 6 or 7 times now: it just doesn’t take with the Blohan.

    (Interestingly enough, there’s an insightful article on Time.com about the failed “drug war” Nixon started 40 years ago – rehab techniques are mentioned.)

  6. LB says:

    I watched Steve O a few years ago on Dancing with the Stars. I found myself surprisingly rooting for him. He was newly sober and just really sincere in his effort to dance, even though he was never going to be really good. He would talk about his sobriety and dealing with severe back pain without medication. The Jackass boys were in the audience supporting him – Knoxville was there almost every week. It was all very endearing. I found him to be very intelligent and motivated to stay clean. I’m glad he has stuck with it. He even looks better.

  7. Emily says:

    @original bellaluna, I think one of the big things with Lindsay is she doesn’t have anyone trying to help her. Steve-O had his friends do an intervention and force him to look at himself. Lindsay has a mother handing her blow when she gets out of rehab.

  8. Sam says:

    If she wasn’t supposed to be out and about she could have gotten in more trouble not having the wallet as proof that she was in fact somewhere she shouldn’t have been…and I don’t imagine Steve-o was like, sign this and I’m releasing the footage haha. It was probably “Ah dude no worries! I do this all the time, but I don’t want you suing me later to get rid of it, so sign this and you can have your wallet back..”

    I like Steve-o, he was always my favorite of the JA bunch.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I never watched the show but Johnny Knoxville just went up in my opinion. A good friend fights to keep you alive and sober, cares enough to offend you when you’re doing drugs. This guy is sooo lucky to have friends like that.

    @ Emily – ITA. Lohan has no friends like this. Too bad.

  10. Ruby Red Lips says:

    So proof of what we all knew Linnocent is a hard core coke fiend, (and with other rumours of meth and heroin use (scary) ) and she’s a selfish arrogant thief…

    Interesting to see if team Linnocent respond to this…

    As much as I enjoy the cracknanigans and get my regular fix from this ‘subterranean creature’ (thx Bellaluna for term :) ) I do wish the girl who had potential hadn’t f*cked her life up quite so badly…

    Note of sympathy, must be PMT! Ahhh, hormones!

  11. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Oh and congrats to Steve-O for staying sober!

  12. vanessa says:

    wow he looks great and healthy! good for him! lilo is dumb.

  13. Laura says:

    Haha, this means Lilo and Steve-O boned.

  14. Arianna says:

    “selfishly not sharing drugs” hahahahaha
    this definitely makes me happy about the JA boys despite the whole deal with ryan dunn :(

  15. Lala11_7 says:

    I’ve always liked Johnny (though I don’t follow Jackass @ all, but he starred in one of my favorite “lil” movies “Daltry Calhoun”)…and I LOVE it when friends step in and open up a can of whup a– when another friend steps out of pocket…

    I AM my brother’s keeper!

  16. bluhare says:

    I never paid any attention to Jackass (watching someone staple their scrotum? OOOOOWWWWWW!!!! And I don’t even have one!) But I have to admit those guys are sorta sweet. Sitting in the DWTS audience for Steve, Bam’s mom on TV, their heartfelt tributes to Ryan Dunn . . . my gosh, they ARE guys you could take home to mom! Sort of.

  17. MeriJaan says:

    He looks great. I’d do him.

  18. Jules says:

    Good for Knoxville, I love Steve-O. Bam and Ryan were both well on their way to being drunks, if they weren’t already. Bam will probably be the next one to go if he doesn’t straighten out. About Lohan, why give her the time of day, she’s done.

  19. Luci says:

    jaja, this guy is funny, I love his sincerity (?)

  20. Praise St. Angie! says:

    he really does look worlds better now that he’s clean/sober. Good for him for getting and staying that way.

    and good for the Knoxville and the other JA boys for doing what they did.

    I like the JA guys well enough because most of their stunts, while puerile and sometimes disgusting, are all inflicted on THEMSELVES.

    the only one of those guys that I hate is Bam Margera. and HIS stunts were always at the expense of other people. the way he always was beating on his dad just disgusted me. plus, he’s the first to laugh at other people and what he does to them, but the minute the joke is on him he gets all pissed.

  21. Isabel says:

    He does look quite clean. I think it’s wonderful that he’s so determined to live a healthy, productive life. I am super impressed. Good vibes to him!!

    As for LiLo, meh. I’m sure she’s laying on a crack pillow right now. She is a disgrace to pretty much everything.

  22. gelliott says:

    Steve-o looks great now that he’s sober.

  23. During my undergraduate, I dated a loser who fancied himself a Jackass. (And he was a jackass, just with a lowercase “j”.) Anyway, I spent a considerable amount of time getting stoned and watching these idiots do terrible things to themselves and others. . . it was probably the highlight of my relationship.

    I have a soft spot in my dark little heart for all the guys – especially for Steve-o, Pontius and Dunn (Rest in Peace). I’m so glad to hear Steve-o is working hard to stay sober, and I’d love to support him in more of his Jackassery. Especially if it yields more dirt on more jackasses.

    Like Lindsay Lohan “selfishly” hoarding coke. I can totally see it, too. I know it’s silly to say, but there’s a code amongst deviants – an ethos, if you will: If you didn’t buy in, it’s not yours. If you’re invited to take a hit/bump, you wait your goddamn turn.

  24. notsoanonymous says:

    I agree on the Bam comments from @20 Praise St. Angie – Bam DOES easily get frustrated when the joke is on him, but is the first person to play a prank on another. He reminds me of a guy that runs in my circle of friends who is always crying and whining when others mock him – and he is one of the meanest of the bunch. If you can’t take the joke, don’t start them!

    Steve-O really has had to work hard at his sobriety and I look forward to reading his book (in paperback, of course!)

  25. hatsumomo says:

    Man, its awesome to see how much his friends love him and support him, Im sure he knows how very blessed he is to have the support system he’s got. Best of luck to him and his book.

  26. Amanda G says:

    Never really cared for this guy, but He has some fascinating stories. I’m glad he got his life together.

  27. Madisyn says:

    Like a few other posters, “selfishly not sharing” is what caught my attention. Not at Steve O’s house doing coke because we all knew that. The reason it grabbed my attention is because I can totally picture it and have absolutely no doubt thats how the Blohan rolls.

  28. luls says:

    umm… he still kinda has coke eyes no? Anybody c it too?

  29. normades says:

    Thanks @Sam I get the point now. It was so she couldn’t sue him.

  30. weed seed says:

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  31. celina says:

    hey steve~o ur cool and never give up on ur heart stay cool:D