Bristol Palin puts her AZ home up for rent, does this mean she’s not going to college?

Bristol Palin, 20, bought a five bedroom, two and a half bath home in Maricopa, Arizona, for $172k in cash late last year. She reportedly bought it in preparation to go to college at Arizona State to study media. Bristol knows a thing or two about working the media after earning the big bucks on Dancing With The Stars and for representing abstinence despite her proven failure at it. Plus she just put out that biography in which she blames Levi Johnston for getting her pregnant and takes no personal responsibility for her actions. Oh and there’s also her upcoming reality show with the Massey brothers.

There’s no evidence that Bristol even applied to ASU and it looks like she’s abandoned plans to do so since she’s now renting out her house for $1,400 a month. Radar has this news, along with some photos of the interior of the home, which was also shown on E! in an interview they did with Bristol and her 1.0 face in February. It was a nice house, although it was a little bare looking. Now it’s even barer since Bristol is heading to Hollywood.

Bristol Palin is Hollywood bound after putting her Arizona home up for rent and has all the details.

The single mom splashed out on the Maricopa property just six months ago, but the bright lights of Tinsletown are now beckoning and she has left the home to film a new reality show.

Bristol’s five bedroom, 2.5 bathroom house is up for grabs for $1,400 a month and boasts a newly updated kitchen and landscaped garden and is just one hour from her mom, Sarah Palin’s Scottsdale digs.

But Bristol won’t be moving back home any time soon as her BIO Channel reality show will follow her moving to Los Angeles with her son Tripp.

She will live with Disney Channel stars, Kyle Massey – also a former Dancing With The Stars contestant – and his brother Christopher Massey.

The show is set to air in Fall 2011.

[From Radar]

It’s smart of Bristol to rent out her house if she’s not going to be there, and I don’t blame her for jumping on opportunities to make money when she has the chance. I probably wouldn’t have gone to college if I was making as much money as Bristol. She bugs me, though, and I wonder how successful this reality show is going to be for her. She’ll probably get more viewers than Paris, but that’s not saying much. Fingers crossed that Bristol’s reality show and new career are royally pissing off her mother at least, but that’s a no brainer. Everything pisses off that woman.




Sarah Palin is shown on 5/31/11. Bristol is shown on 4/30 at the White House Correspondents dinner and on 5/3 at a Candies event. Why would she wear those fug shoes twice? Credit: Fame and WENN

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  1. mews says:

    I think Bristol has a very short window of time to capitalize on all of this. Its smart of her to rent the house and ride out the wave as long as she can.

    Then when Hollywood has moved on- she’ll have made her money- and then can go back to school and start a somewhat normal life. If that’s possible for her anymore. I guess her mom will always be in the media- and she will too to some extent.

    Not sure about the comment of blaming Levi. Take two to tango.

  2. superjoy says:

    she blew a lot of her money on a new, generic face and needs to make more. Something tells me college was never a priority for this brat.

  3. Leticia says:

    She was prettier before the facial surgery.

  4. Miss Marie says:

    I shiver everytime I think about the early days of Sarah Palin’s campaign with McCain. I actually liked her! WHAT ever was I thinking. I have grown up. Though I consider myself a conversative, this family makes me ill – they are as phony as Tiger Woods. They portray themselves as beloved icons. UGH!

  5. heb says:

    Megan McCain tweeted a “response to Bristol Palin” yesterday but by the time I was able to get home and click on the linK (which went to yahoo) she had replaced it with some old thing from the ’08 election race…anyone have any idea what her original response was?

  6. katnip says:

    This girl is a piece of work. Never ever believed that ACT. She was talking smack along with her sisters. Then when they got heat she and her sister apologized. Why apologized when you meant what you said. Next she tells the world that the father of her child basically got her drunk and forced himself on her. Wow what an image for your son to read one day. I don’t understand why she needed to do that. Whatever Levi is she chose him, got engaged, broke up, went back.. she chose him.

    I find her and her family disgusting. And it has nothing to do with politics. Just the true character of these people.


  7. lucy2 says:

    At least she held onto it so she’ll have a place to go when her 15 minutes are up. And let’s hope they’re up soon, as she has no talent worthy of stardom, and the best thing for her son would be as normal a life as possible.
    Why is that family invading Arizona all of a sudden?

  8. KimnotKardashian says:

    Wow, $1,400/month for a 5-bedroom house? Maybe I’ve just lived in Toronto too long, but that’s a freaking steal.

  9. little girl lost says:

    her face changed from one picture to the next, but not her shoes. HA!

  10. Faye says:

    If she’s telling the truth about why she had the surgery, then my mom had the same procedure done around her age. The dentist said my mom’s jaw was wonky and if she didn’t get it fixed she’d start to lose teeth. When they corrected the jaw problem they had to give her a chin implant otherwise her face would look all…chinless. So if Bristol is telling the truth about why she had the surgery, it wasn’t purely cosmetic.

  11. Lady D says:

    KimnotKardashian, I live in the B.C in a 2-bedroom house with a smaller yard. I pay $500 in rent. The average 4 bedroom with large yard is $1000. Come to B.C. You’ll love it.

  12. gee says:

    In NYC where I am, 2000 will get you a studio in manhattan. No such thing as a 1400 apartment. 1400 will get you a bronx 1 bedroom. I wouldn’t want to live in AZ tho. Or be a palin.

  13. Maritza says:

    say it’s a good move, she has to take advantage of the opportunities that are coming her way. As long as she doesn’t blow the money on more plastic surgeries she’ll be fine. I thought she looked cute before, now she just looks older.

  14. journey says:

    poor girl, she moves all the way from alaska to far off arizona to escape her mother, and then her mother up and moves in a few miles down the road. she’s probably in hollywood hoping to make enough money to buy a place somewhere else far far far away from mommy dearest.

  15. jover says:

    Has this girl ever read a book or newspaper in her life? Disgusting famewhores all of them; even though I’m on the other side politically, its not their politics thats so repugnant as that they are completely insipid talentless uninteresting people. If we didn’t live in a media saturated world they would still be in alaska chasing caribou and in breeding.

  16. original kate says:

    “Why is that family invading Arizona all of a sudden?”

    i’ve wondered that too, and i think sarah is going to make run for AZ senate/congress. god knows the alaskans are sick to death of her.

    as for bristol that smartest thing she can do is invest in her education, not some lame reality show that will no doubt be cancelled in matter of weeks. ugh. she is verging into snookie territory; all she needs is the bump-it.

  17. Deb says:

    Why get an education (even though you’ll need one in the long run) when there’s famewhoring to be done? The sad thing is now she’ll be involving her kid in the show.

  18. Baylor says:

    I believe Bristol about Meagan. Even in her own book, where she complains about no other “daughters of” want to be friends with her, she admits to staring at and whispering about Bristol on the bus when everyone found out about the pregnancy. She never reached out or expressed sympathy or tried to comfort her,etc. But somehow she expects Bristol and other “daughters of” to want her around?! Meagan also complained about how she wasn’t allowed to cuss around Piper, how the Palins got their hair and make-up done before her, and admitted to screaming/crying/acting like a brat the whole time on the campaign bus. She has also made many a diss about the Palins after the campaign so….

    BTW, Meagan complained about having to stay at a hotel once where she had to carry her own bags into her room! The horror!

    No wonder Bristol thought she was a snobby bitch!

  19. Kristin says:

    “Wow, $1,400/month for a 5-bedroom house? Maybe I’ve just lived in Toronto too long, but that’s a freaking steal.”

    I live in AZ, and Maricopa is waaaayyyy out there. It takes nearly an hour and a half to get there from Tempe (where ASU is). It’s still being developed, but think of it as an oasis in the desert — there’s nothing for miles before you get there!

  20. april says:

    Bristol looks a lot happier with her new face. I think she’s feeling more confident. I don’t think the shoes are that bad. I am not a fan at all of any of the Palins, however, I do think Bristol looks a lot better.

  21. Kimberly says:

    Please . . . no one thought this dumb bitch was going to go to college. She’s fucking lazy.

  22. matt says:

    she’s beginning to sound like a more tolerable version of her lazy charlatan of a mother. Sarah without the extreme narcissism and pathological lying if you will.

  23. Abby says:

    Isn’t Maricopa the place where that sheriff is that keeps the inmates in tents and they (inmates) wear pink uniforms or something like that?