Charlene Wittstock & Prince Albert are married: did he take her passport?


Well, it happened! Charlene Wittstock managed to marry Prince Albert of Monaco in a quiet civil ceremony today in Monte Carlo. Tomorrow is the big church wedding where Charlene will wear her big white dress (I believe it’s going to be Armani, right?), but today Charlene just wore a simple, pale blue suit. So, did she ever really try to do a runner? Sources continue to say that she did, and this morning, I spied this headline: “Prince Albert’s lawyer denies Charlene Wittstock had passport confiscated at Nice airport during last-minute attempt to leave principality.” Did you hear that? HE TOOK HER PASSPORT. Seriously, this poor girl. This is like an international catastrophe. If I was Charlene, you can bet I would have been calling my embassy and throwing a massive fit.

A former Olympic swimmer from South Africa was officially declared Princess Charlene of Monaco today following her marriage to Prince Albert. Dressed in a sky-blue jacket and skirt, 33-year-old Charlene Wittstock smiled radiantly as she said ‘I do’ in a civil ceremony in the Royal Palace throne room of the ancient Mediterranean principality.

Her new husband, 53-year-old Albert, looked on proudly in a dark suit and grey tie as he put sensational rumours about his personal life behind him. The French press even compared the nuptials to Britain’s Royal Wedding – while lamenting the fact that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had sadly had to decline their invitation to Monte Carlo because they were on an official trip to Canada.

Less respectful Gallic commentators were, meanwhile, suggesting that history’s first Princess Charlene might not have the same ring to it as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Miss Wittstock had, in the words of Le Monde, ‘tried to escape’ last week – back home to South Africa after learning that Albert may have fathered a third love child. As the mystery deepened, Albert’s two love children and their mothers stayed away from today’s 40 minute ceremony at the Royal Palace. They are also expected to be absent from the Catholic Church ceremony tomorrow.

Instead French President Nicolas Sarkozy is set to join celebrity guests including James Bond star Roger Moore, former supermodel Naomi Campbell, and veteran fashion designers Karl Lagerfeld and Giorgio Armani. Organisers of the £55million celebrations surrounding the wedding – which included a concert by The Eagles last night – hope that it will rival the 1956 wedding of Albert’s mother, Hollywood star Grace Kelly, and his father, Prince Rainier.

Philippe Narmino, president of Monaco’s Council of State, officiated today, and confirmed that the former Miss Wittstock was now officially a Princess. Before the 5pm ceremony, Mr Narmino said: ‘It’s the event of my life. Me, who as a magistrate, has dealt with hundreds of divorce dossiers during 27 years, will be marrying a couple for the first time.’

Referring to the Paris news magazine which broke the story about Charlene’s attempted flight, and which still stands by it, Albert’s lawyer Thierry Lacoste said: ‘I heard everything about the child – white, black, who has been born, not yet born – it has to stop, it’s I don’t know what. There is no child, it’s a totally false rumour and absolutely without foundation. It’s easy to do your job as a journalist – to check that Charlene did not go to the airport. It’s clearly false, she and the prince were around all last week.’

In fact a senior detective from Monaco, who was involved in the later stages of the ‘incident’ at Nice airport, has confirmed that ‘Charlene had her passport confiscated so that the Prince’s entourage could persuade her to stay’.

Albert already has two children – six-year-old Alexandre, the son of Nicole Coste, a former Air France air hostess from Togo, and Jazmin, 19, whose mother is Tamara Rotola, an American estate agent. Miss Coste was spotted in Monaco earlier this week, but was said to have been advised to stay away from the wedding to avoid ‘media exposure’.

Mr Lacoste infamously issued fierce denials before DNA tests proved Albert was the father of Alexandre and Tamara. Despite his strong denial this time around, Mr Lacoste confirmed that he was taking no action against L’Express. And Christophe Barbier, editor of L’Express and a close friend of French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, said the magazine had no intention of removing the story from its website, saying: ‘We stand by our information which was supplied by three different sources.’

Mr Barbier said it was important to give Charlene’s attempted return home publicity because of the ‘number of crowned heads and representatives of various states that are expected at the marriage’.

Despite such enthusiastic predictions, the guest list for the wedding – which had been shrouded in secrecy until today – revealed that many senior royals who had been expected to attend were not in fact coming.

[From The Mail]

I’m starting to believe that Charlene did in fact try to do a runner, but she was somehow talked back into marrying Albert. Maybe she was promised money, or a completely separate life away from him, or God knows what. I’m also wondering if Charlene is being medicated, or if she’s self-medicating… wouldn’t you need to take a pill (or a half a dozen) to deal with marrying Albert, this dude who you clearly don’t want to be married to?

UPDATE: More photos from today’s balcony kiss. I swear, Charlene looks like she’s wincing.







Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Katy says:

    I’m in Monaco at the moment and thousands of people watched the civil ceremony live on a big screen.

    The general consensus is that Al looked solemn during the event but that she was well-composed. Albert is very well liked here and seems to be a genuinely nice man (but has a bit of a wandering eye). I’m guessing she read him the riot act, and he appears to genuinely feel bad about having hurt her. I hope everything works out well for them.

  2. Jacq says:

    Every extremely wealthy man that I have known have all been obvious, philandering pieces of sh-t. There are wives that either pack up their dignity and leave or un/happily shut their mouths for the duration in exchange for a comfortable lifestyle or a separate life altogether. I, for one, would pack up and go, but not before I cut off his wiener.
    And passport or no, they couldn’t FORCE her to marry him. Could they??

  3. Sophie says:

    this whole thing seems really weird. don’t really know what to make of it

    • Petra Campbell says:

      No big deal that he has love children: he’s 53 and not married till 2011. I can tell you he is a gorgeous man and genuine . Nothing to wonder about. She gets title and gorgeous man. She wins. And doesn’t have to be step Mum like other women who partner up with pre existing fathers.

  4. lem says:

    she looks absolutely miserable in all of the pictures… no amount of money makes up for that.

  5. the original bellaluna says:

    There is something inherently wrong (and absolutely creepy) about this story/marriage. Something’s afoul in Monaco, me thinks.

    That said, I L.O.V.E that they refered to her as “FORMER supermodel Naomi Campbell!”
    *prepares to duck cell phones and other flying objects; covers vital parts*

  6. Turtle Dove says:

    Sad flashbacks to Diana from reading this story.

    Why did they get a civil marriage first? Is that common in Royal tradition? Or was it to lock this down asap?

  7. Lacey says:

    That kissing picture looks rather uncomfortable… Not getting a “happy couple” vibe from this pair at all.

  8. brin says:

    Yeah…I believe she tried to make a run for it. I’m wondering about this civil ceremony, too, was that supposed to take place today?

  9. Lushus L. says:

    This is sad. Maybe she still has a chance. Swim Charlene!

  10. Lisa Turtle says:

    I think she’s gorgeous. She looks a lot like Charlize Theron.

    However, he is hideous. These creepy rumors don’t do his reputation any favors.

  11. Violet says:

    He’s such a gross old letch, yuck. I don’t know how she can stand to have him touch her, knowing that he has unsafe sex with other women.

  12. bluhare says:

    I hope she got a huge payoff for this. This story’s got enough legs, and enough subterfuge in that it’s not being widely reported that I think it’s probably true.

  13. Amy says:

    While I question whether these two really love each other, Charlene had a whole year to reconsider this. Why did she decide at the last minute to make a run for it? She’s also been with Albert for six years now and living in Monaco. I was surprised she stayed by him when it came out he had fathered 2 children already. It’s not like this wedding was sprung on her… but still, hopefully she wasn’t forced into it.

  14. aquarius64 says:

    I believe in French law, which Monaco follows in this area, the civil ceremony is to make the marriage legal. The religious ceremony is a bonus, so to say. Here in the US, a religious ceremony alone makes the marriage legal.

  15. Laura says:

    She looks high as a kite in the first two pictures at the bottom of the post. And the kissing picture is all sorts of wrong!

  16. truetalk says:

    why are his eyes open during d kiss?
    totally hearing “grenade” in my

  17. Mauibound says:

    In Monaco and in France religious marriage ceremonies are not legally recognized so everyone had to do the old legal ceremony first. I don’t know why they don’t recognize them. Maybe its the old separation of church and state

  18. KateNonymous says:

    I have no idea what’s going on between them, but she doesn’t look happy in any of the photos shown here.

  19. duchessofhazard says:

    Wow, she went through with it. Good for her, I guess?

  20. nnn says:

    Free Charlene ! Free Charlene !

  21. Anaya says:

    I’ve seen a short video of the civil ceremony online and I must say that Charlene looks surprisingly happy although I feel she’s faking being that happy. Albert looks sort of over it. The kissing photo is very awkward too. Not very genuine at all.

  22. DorothyZbornak says:

    It’s unfortunate he seems to have missed out on getting any of his mother’s good looks.

    That poor woman. She’ll be divorced in a few years, for sure.

  23. shirls says:

    terrible body language.
    i feel sorry for her.

  24. mimi says:

    this is one wedding that doesn’t make me mourn the fact that i am still single.

  25. Mr. Greek says:

    Saw pics of Caroline and Stephanie at the civil ceremony – they did NOT look happy at all – they looked very tense, actually.

    BTW, that very reliable French newspaper that broke the story about Charlene’s airport attempted escape released this short blurb about the Albert’s latest illegitimate child:

    “We are informed by a normally-reliable source inside Monaco that Prince Albert II has fathered a new illegitimate child. The boy is said to be three months old. His mother is reported to be Moroccan. Mother and son are said to reside in Nice. The mother reportedly works as a “waitress” at Le Palais Jamai, a Moroccan restaurant of dubious reputation located at 3 Quai des Deux Emmanuels, Port, Nice 06300.”

    You know, and I don’t mean this in a joking manner, but the more I read about Albert, the more I am seriously convinced he is a certified sociopath. Seriously. There is a website called Eringer which has very disturbing stories about Albert’s henchmen luring young women onto his yacht – the women being subsequently drugged and raped. Pretty disturbing stuff – I can’t verify if it’s true, of course, but my gut tells me it is.

  26. Mr. Greek says:

    Hey Kaiser, the site The Gossip Wire seems to have used your words/writing for this story word for word:

  27. Anaya says:

    @Mr. Greek

    That’s just awful. I also just read a little bit more on what kind of man Albert really is and all I can say is OMG. Poor, poor Charlene. Too bad she couldn’t get out of this relationship. What a sham.

    ** I forgot to say these are so far rumors but IF they’re ever proved true I feel awful for Charlene. :(

  28. Truthful says:

    uhhhh, why does she looks like she has been given a sedation pill or some kind of drug.

    I guess once they pick you and the invitations have been sent out there is NO turning back.

    I saw a old movie, where the gorgeous young thing was told minutes before her wedding to her wealthy older Prince
    THEREALDEAL…and she tried to flee but was forced to marry him…she ended up killing herself to end her misery and to be rid of her loveless marriage…

    uh, hope it gets better, he makes my flesh crawl, his hands look moist.

    Well, its her pocketbook not mine.

  29. Minx2 says:

    In France (and Monaco .. and the Netherlands, among other countries where a separation of church and state is taken seriously) civil ceremony makes the marriage legal. Religious ceremony marries the couple in the eyes of their church only, not in the eyes of the state. I got married in two ceremonies on separate days too.
    I agree that they look very uncomfortable together and I do not see a lasting and happy marriage here, given his history.

  30. pitd says:

    You know, I just came in here after seeing Kate Moss’s wedding pictures and oh my! The difference in body language!! Kate looked ecstatic compared to Charlene!

  31. taxi says:

    Neither lookis very happy & the kiss is so off.

  32. Lia says:

    Yes…France, Monaco, the Netherlands and similar countries that recognize civil ceremonies have true seperation of church and state.

  33. Listerino says:

    She may be smiling in those pictures but the smile doesn’t reach her eyes. She looks very unhappy.

  34. dj says:

    I have a very bad feeling about this. She looks unhappy (at minimum). This poor woman stopped from leaving the country. Wow! That’s a movie plot line. He has always made my gaydar go way off though.

  35. Arvedia says:

    So what does it matter if Albert has a roving eye? I mean she’s princess of Monaco now, one of the richest and most beautiful places in the world (going green with envy). That’s not about trust or faithfulness.

  36. Alix says:

    If I were her, I would’ve threatened to pitch a fit at the ceremony itself, to the sound of the principality imploding, had he not let me outta Monaco. Nothing like a nationally televised run for it to let everyone know what’s REALLY going on.

  37. Alix says:

    In that top photo she appears to be positively cringing. He seems to be scoping the crowd for saucy waitresses to knock up.

  38. Kim says:

    The kiss looks fake but she truly looks happy in the other photos from the ceremony.

    Prince Edward has a TERRIBLE reputation worldwide as a womanizer so i believe her trying to flee because you know he is sleeping with other women still and probably has MANY women with his illegitmate babies on the payroll. You know there is at minimum 1.

    Im sure they paid her millions to stay with him and she will get tons of money for bearing first son etc.

  39. Maritza says:

    They definitely do not look like a loving couple, so different from Kate and William who do look in love.

  40. OriginalGracie says:

    Maritza: EXACTLY!! Wills and Kate look like a very happy young couple totally in love. Charlene looks miserable and Albert looks like some big old creepy stalker.

    I have read terrible stories too about Princess Caroline being very unhappy with her abusive husband and I know Stephanie had a very turbulent time in life.

    Plus I was reading some comments recently that Princess Grace also felt trapped and unhappy in her marriage.
    That is just horrible as all of these women: Grace, Caroline, Stephanie and now Charlene are beautiful, capable women who deserve to have a man who truly loves them and to be happy.

    So sad……..and so gross. Ugh, Albert’s pictures are creeping me out.

  41. antisara says:

    Well, I don’t find it so unbelievable that she’s 50% wanting to run away and 50% wanting to marry. I’ve been reluctantly married for 7 years, I still don’t know why I did it…and no, if i divorce i don’t get a nice few millions in the bank, nor do I get to live a completely separate life. It still puzzles me why I did it. Tried to divorce once but he was literally raking me off the coles…so i figured it was peace of mind to stay, plus there were kids involved already by then…Charlene: I feel you girl…hope you do get to have a few millions in the bank when you leave baldy! I’m eagerly awaiting for that til “death do us part”…not soon enough though…

  42. OriginalGracie says:

    Money can’t buy you happiness. I would rather be dirt poor with a man who truly loved and adored me then trapped in a fake marriage with all the money in the world.

    What is deal with divorce? Is it allowed with a royal wedding there? Does she get money if she leaves him?

  43. eternalcanadian says:

    Wow, those pictures are so awkward! I mean compare them to William and Catherine’s wedding pictures. And this latest flap with Albert being the father of this 3-month old baby shows he is unable to be monogamous to Charlene. I wouldn’t be surprised if the other child born in 2006 was also during the time Albert was dating Charlene.

    Just really awkward-looking, those pictures. And Albert is just, eww. Even if William lost all his hair, he’d still look nice.

  44. kiko says:

    3 illegitimate kids??and she stayed?wow!

  45. Ruby7 says:

    God, he is fugly. Good thing he’s rich.

  46. bluhare says:

    I’ve been thinking as it seems that this is more of a business arrangement so that he can get a legitimate, and maybe white, heir. So she agrees, and I wonder if the bolting was because of negotiating pre or post nup and they thought they had her over a barrel. Probably thinking too close to the wedding, and she said hell with that and left to show she wasn’t some stupid idiot who’d do anything to be a princess. One of the French sites said something about how she may not have to totally immerse herself in princess hood per negotiations when she got back. I wonder if they’ll get divorced once she produces a son.

    Sorry for the run on sentence!

  47. Blue says:

    What is he going to do next, lock her in the ivory tower? I definitely can’t feel the love in those pics, they both look awkward.

  48. skinanny says:

    someone take the car keys away from her, she might have the same accident her mother-in-law had. She looks like she is petrified of her future!!!

  49. LucyOriginal says:

    I am surprised nobody commented on the age difference since it seems that many readers here complain about A-list stars dating young people…

  50. devere says:

    why can i only see a flashing GOLDIGGER sign going off above her when I see these photos?

  51. Carolyn says:

    Does Albert need to marry to keep the kingdom so it doesn’t go to Caroline or his illegitimate children? Oh surely this was arranged…he doesn’t strike me as a pleasant man.

  52. REALIST says:

    Ugh-that kiss looks awkward!

  53. pato says:

    she looks sad, but she knew what she was getting into if not from the start from some months ago

  54. Bingbing says:

    It’s so obvious from the video of the civil ceremony that Charlene was sedated. If you watch it, you see how sloppily she moves her arms up, like the same as anyone would do who is high and doesnt have complete control of their body.

    She obviously doesnt want to be there.

    This is a Hollywood movie in the making!

  55. Jo says:

    Bodylanguage! …and she doesn’t look real happy at all. Everything looks fake! Wills and Kate’s came from heart, this one defnitely NOT!

  56. Tara says:

    Poor Lene. She looks likes she’s buzzin’ Maybe she had to have a handful of Xanax to get through the ceremony. She knows he is a philanderer. Gross.

  57. really says:

    Sooooooooooooooo shadey! He looks controlling, and she looks like the perfect chick/fit to control.

  58. lachica says:

    he loves Black women. too bad he didn’t have the guts to marry one.

  59. i pity her there are so many young dudes shame on her.once a playboy always a playboy

  60. Minx2 says:

    She just needs to relax and produce an heir and a spare.. so the throne doesn’t go to Caroline’s kids and then she can get an apartament in Paris and an a couple of no limit credit cards. Albert just needs a legitimate child, it’s obvious that he’s not into her. I hope she doesn’t go the same route Diana did and make herself miserable trying to make the marriage work.

  61. badrockandroll says:

    Isn’t there some weird hereditary rule in the prinicpality (it is not a kingdom) that the throne only goes to legitimate male heirs of legitimate male heirs? So if Albert doesn’t have a son, the country goes back to France or something? I think that this is why Albert is marrying – is Rainier still alive? What a trainwreck of a dynasty anyhow – makes the Windsors look comparatively functional.

  62. 88Modesty88 says:

    @badrockandroll: apparently that law was changed in Monaco in 2004 or thereabouts because Prince Rainier was so worried that Albert wouldn’t produce a (legitimate) heir. So the title will pass to Caroline’s oldest if Charlene becomes the first woman to sleep with Albert and NOT get pregnant…

  63. HannahG says:

    Poor girl looks like she might chunder in the first pic :-(

  64. Sloane Wyatt says:

    This is the Erenger website post about nefarious doings of Prince Albert in a can. My God, if it’s true, even prostitution is flourishing under the Princely Pimp.

    I do smell a rat here. I hope Charlene’s family hasn’t been threatened or that she hasn’t been blackmailed into marrying this slime.

  65. trillian says:

    I don’t get why anyone would feel sorry for her? She’s a grown woman who has made her choice. It’s not like she was dragged to the wedding in chains. She must have feared losing her lifestyle, and if that is worth all that much to her, then so be it. She should either take what she can get and live with the rest of deal, or leave.
    How this guy can be a womanizer is beyond me. If he didn’t have money no woman would give him a second look. I think he is creepy (and always has been). His sisters are so beautiful, but he is just ewww.

  66. lrm says:

    ‘Civil’ contract is just that- a contract.
    I am not religious, but the idea that somehow it’s more legit b/c it’s ‘true separation of church and state’ is erroneous at best….
    Who says either state or church has dibs on recognition?
    As a legal document, then state wins; tax writeoffs, joint property and assets, child custody, that sort of thing…would be easier under a state contract b/c it’s more universally accepted and known.

    But religions also have positions on all of these issues.

    That said, I think it’s equally oppressive that in many european countries, you ‘cannot’ be considered legally married if you go thru your church. That’s very strange to me….versus having a choice, i’d take the option every time-b/c it means power over others is spread out to different institutions, and not only one [ie, state].

    I love though, how automatically, europe is more evolved b/c it has ‘true separation of church and state’.
    There are two sides to that coin.
    Again, I am not religious, and was married on a beach in hawaii…but I think people who marry in a church or temple, etc should be recognized as married w/o having to go to have a separate person do it. As it stands, in the USA you do file that courhouse license application, so you do technically need a second step for ‘state’ authorization.

    anyway, like i said, it’s a marriage contract, whichever way you look at it.

    These two do NOT look happy; and even if they were, could they be more popular than kate and wills? I can’t imagine that. The church of england is more prominent/influential at least in the media, these days, right?

    Creepy like others said.
    Oh,and LOL, I also loved that they called Naomi a ‘former’ supermodel….

  67. lrm says:

    also, m aybe her family in south africa has some kind of ‘dynastic arrangment’ with the royals of monaco?
    It seems like one of those arranged marriages, for sure….
    or heck, maybe her life was threatened-that does not seem impossible after reading about the prince and i love that ‘trainwreck of a dynasty’….so true and so funny…..

  68. mimi says:

    I feel so sad for her.

    Hope she will get to leave and rebuild her life.

  69. Carolyn says:

    The Monaco royal family has been known to have dodgy dealings and scandals for years, going right back to the Princess Grace days. Stephanie & Caroline have had quite sad lives. The one husband Caroline truly loved died in a boat “accident” and Stephanie and Albert’s lives have been trainwrecks. There’s absolutely no love in this relationship. It’s business. It took this long for someone to agree to marry him (they’ve been trying to marry him off for years however his reputation is very well known). Building on what #68 said (sorry couldn’t read your name) he got up to particularly shady stuff during the supermodel heyday in the 90s – Karen Mulder claimed seedy goings-on with him and his entourage in an interview a few years back and it never went to air because it was so scandalous and damaging to the royal family.

  70. mitch buchanan rocks says:

    This is a far more interesting spectacle than the British Royals.

  71. Sapphire711 says:

    Ruby 7, you are sooooo funny!

    Did you see that Princess Caroline and her children wore blue to the civil ceremony? And if I’m not wrong, and I’m sure you’ll tell me if I am: Caroline wore white to the religious ceremony! What is up with that? Where I come from that could be taken as spite or jealousy!

    By the way, the few photos of Charlene in the black dress do make her look happy! But in her marital photos, well, they don’t look quite so happy. I don’t know what is up with this, but she would not be the first bride to get cold feet. Albert is lucky she didn’t run off! Maybe he had to pay her to stay?

    In any event, what can I say? I’m a straight female and I still think David Geffen is just awesome and I’d marry him in a flash!

  72. syber says:

    i also feel sorry for her

  73. phaksi says:

    Im South African so Im hoping that they really are happy and in love. If they arent I dont blame her for marrying Albert, Id put up with a lot to be a princess. Albert isnt ugly, he’s just a middle aged man. And he had to marry someone younger, he has to produce an heir. Of course this wedding will now be compared with Waity and Wills, Princess Charlene’s dress for the Catholic ceremony wins by a mile. She looked beautiful :)

  74. Lushus L. says:

    Speaking of dresses, Charlene’s gown was beautiful but really similar to Princess Victoria of Sweden’s wedding gown. She was there too! Who wore it better? LOL!

  75. Shay says:

    Very negative body language; body language contrary to the supposed happiness of the day.
    I give them less than five years.

  76. eternalcanadian says:

    Saw some videos of the wedding ceremoney. Charlene’s dress was lovely. Actually was the kind of dress I thought Catherine would wear. But that wasn’t what I was interested in. Even if he’s a cheating cad, Prince Albert got a wedding ring put on his wedding ring finger by Charlene. That seems to refute Prince William’s (and The Firm) rationale royal males don’t wear them. I also noticed one of the wedding guests, Prince Daniel from Sweden (husband of Princess Victoria–eventual Queen of Sweden so Daniel will be King of Sweden) also wears a wedding ring. So William does not have any excuses for not wearing a ring. I just think William is being an arse that way whether he’s monogamous to Catherine or not.

  77. Lushus L. says:

    @ eternalcanadian, I really have no idea but my guess would be that the British monarchy hold themselves above other monarchies. Maybe they play by their own rules. Good observation!

  78. eternalcanadian says:

    @Lushus L., I’ve read it in the media the British monarchy is way behind in current times than other European monarchies. I guess the wedding ring thing is one such incident. Another is the succession where the first child is the heir to the throne regardless of gender although I think only Sweden and Norway follow this as Monaco doesn’t otherwise Caroline would have taken over.

  79. trillian says:

    @eternalcanadian: Now that is a strange point of view. So Albert ist a cheat, but at least he wears a wedding ring? What does a ring have to do with the vow you made? It’s nothing but a convention, a couple is no less married if one of them or both choose not to wear a ring. And even if he just doesn’t like to wear rings, I don’t see the problem. It’s not like he could go anywhere pretending he’s unmarried.
    Plus I believe that the husband of a queen, if he is not a king in his own right, is called a price consort. Just like the husband of Queen Elizabeth is Prince Phillip and not King Phillip.

  80. eternalcanadian says:

    @trillian while Albert indeed could be a cheat, at least he “manned up” and is wearing a wedding ring as a visible display of his attempt to honour Charlene and the vows he made at the wedding. It is just my personal opinion that if someone does not wear their wedding ring or does not want to wear one they do not take marriage seriously and do not respect/love the person they married enough to have a visible and public display of that vow of committment. And by visible and public display I do not mean hugging or holding hands or kissing. ;)

    If Catherine will become Queen Catherine when William becomes King William, then why can’t Daniel become King Daniel when Victoria becomes Queen Victoria? Now that’s strange considering Sweden is so advanced in equality between men and women. :)

  81. Eleonor says:

    Like other readers here I’ve seen the photos, Charlene is the one who wears the veil.

  82. JohnnieR says:

    Hey Kaiser and CB, y’all need to post some pics of the “Serene” Grimaldi gals in their civil and religious wedding fashion selections so we can dissect them all, one by one!

    Did anyone see the God awful dress that Stephanie wore to the religious ceremony? Good God! It looked like roof shingles stitched together! And DAMN she’s looking more hard as hell…guess sun, smoke, and coke will do that to a gal.

    And what the hell was up with Caroline’s civil ceremony getup…that blue ankle length babushka dress, topped off with a Mexican sombrero?

    The Grimaldi’s of Monaco just scream out for someone like Kitty Kelly to pen a tell-all expose!

  83. JulieM says:

    eternalcanadian: OK, one more time. The sovereign king or queen is Head of State in a constitutional monarchy. No one is allowed to hold a title or status above the sovereign king or queen as head of state. A King has higher status than a Queen (consort, not regnant). Is it sexist, youbetcha!

    Therefore, a sovereign King’s wife is a Queen Consort; and a sovereign Queen’s husband is a Prince Consort. Even in egalitarian Sweden. The government there did away with the notion of primogeniture (eldest male inheriting), thus laying the way for Victoria to be the Sovereign Queen of Sweden, and not her younger brother. But her husband, Daniel, will still only be a Prince Consort, like Prince Philip, because he cannot have status above his wife.

    Hope this makes it a little clearer.

  84. gg says:

    meh, she looks like Vicky Spice.

  85. Lucy says:

    what makes me laugh is if this guy wasn’t a prince…he would’nt have ever gone on a date, let alone get in anyones pants…

  86. The Other Katherine says:

    Even my husband, who is generally oblivious about this kind of stuff, remarked that these two didn’t seem very enthusiastic about getting married, and that it looked completely artificial.

    Also, the idea that wearing a wedding ring says anything about the depth of your public commitment to your spouse is absurd. My father (married to my mother for 40+ years) and my grandfathers never wore rings, and no one was ever in any doubt about their marital status or commitment to their families. It became fashionable for married men to wear wedding rings only around the time of WWII anyway. My husband wears a ring, but only because he likes having it as a kind of sentimental talisman – if he stopped wearing it tomorrow, I wouldn’t see it as his trying to somehow “hide” our marriage. Sheesh.

  87. Chris says:

    Sure she’s a princess now but look at what she has to sleep with. She would’ve been better off getting with someone who is as hot as she is.

  88. eternalcanadian says:

    @JulieM thank you for the information why Prince Daniel won’t become King Daniel but Catherine will become Queen Catherine (like William’s great-grandmother Elizabeth). I should know better being Canadian, but then again while I like the “celebrity” status of William and Catherine, I would like Canada to become a “republic” where the head of state is the elected prime minister, not the Queen/King.

  89. Mary says:

    Daily Mail is reporting that Charlene tried to run away three times. Yes, she went to the South African embassy in Paris.

    Princess Charlene of Monaco ‘tried to run away three … – Daily Mail…/Princess-Charlene-Monaco-tried-run-away-times-...
    3 Jul 2011 – The former Charlene Wittstock, 33, reportedly made escape attempts when she … Prince Albert’s bride ‘tried to run away THREE times’ …

  90. Suzie says:

    This high profile wedding was on a much higher expense scale than the average celebrity wedding. 100s of 1000s of $ was already spent in advance on the preparations. A prospective bride obviously has to take some responsibility for that 10 days before d-day, even if it is true that another illigitimate child popped out the woodwork at that point, concieved while Charlene thought she and Albert were very much an item.

    Maybe the mother of the alleged illigit was jealous, and spitefully timed the leak for biggest effect, if it is true.

    I maintain Charlene should have started learning French 5 years ago, and should start a crash course now. That way she can overhear anything said about her inside or outside the palace.

  91. B. says:

    I believe very strongly that there’s something else going on here, more twisted & devious than any of us could ever know. Charlene’s willingness to go ahead with this marriage seems to me the price paid for something else….and that “something else” is not a wealthy lifestyle, getting to do all manner of princess-ly things, etc. I’m really beginning to think they (palace officials, his lawyers) have some hold over her or her family, & have threatened to expose something, or cause harm to someone important to Charlene. People have said on numerous blogs & sites that her disappointment & subsequent attempts to run were caused by the knowlege of Albert’s illegitimate children. Well, she’s known for some time, eh? Look at pictures of this couple from before their engagement: they really don’t EVER look happy. It’s as if they were chosen for each other completely against both their wills, for the larger good….of what? It is, in my opinion, Nicole Coste that Albert’s in love with, though I’m certain he can’t be faithful to one woman no matter what. Very sad, indeed.

  92. B. says:

    I believe very strongly that there’s something else going on here, more twisted & devious than any of us could ever know. Charlene’s willingness to go ahead with this marriage seems to me the price paid for something else….and that “something else” is not a wealthy lifestyle, getting to do all manner of princess-ly things, etc. I’m really beginning to think they (palace officials, Albert’s lawyers) have some hold over her or her family, & have threatened to expose something, or cause harm to someone important to Charlene. People have said on numerous blogs & sites that her disappointment & subsequent attempts to run were caused by the knowlege of Albert’s illegitimate children. Well, she’s known of two for some time, eh? And new revelations, while surely hurtful, wouldn’t likely be the sole cause of her trying to back out. Anyway, it’s alleged that she attempted escape two other times before information was leaked about the possibility of another child. Look at pictures of this couple from before their engagement: they really don’t EVER look happy. They’re not into each other. It’s as if they were chosen for each other completely against both their wills, for the larger good….of what? It is, in my opinion, Nicole Coste that Albert’s in love with, though I’m certain he can’t be faithful to one woman no matter what. Very sad, indeed.

  93. kaligula says:

    oh to have been a fly on the wall in the wedding suite on the first night post-nuptuals. i love reading about this stuff, normally it just passes the time but in this case i feel a bit of obsessive curiosity. did she really try to flee? how disgusting is he? is she going to have a breakdown? what did they ultimately say/do to convince her to go through with it??! she is so gorgeous i’m sure he would drug her or even brainwash and mind control her if that’s what it took to make her stay!!!!!

    i guess it’s the stuff of novels, at the end of the day, have to accept that i’ll never really know.

    thanks to this site for giving us a taste, at least.

  94. Anonymous says:

    HI, I could not sleep. She is such a special girl, but we have to consider that SA girls are tough – nothing will make them stay if they do want it. She could have been unhappy due to all the rumors. Lets give them the benefit of the doubt. On the other hand, I think he could have handled it better. Why not demonstrate to the world that he loves her. Hopefully those rumors are not true.

  95. Cate says:

    I have never in my life seen two more miserable cold people. The dress wasn’t a winner, goodness know what it cost. Princess Grace she isn’t. I agree the name Charlotte would be better, but nothing is going to make these pair happy. It sent a chill up my spine.
    A bubbly personality is what Albert needed as he is a bit of a cold fish.
    Rating. Glad I didn’t watch it, as for some reason they canned it. No loss

  96. Cate says:

    Why is she such a special girl? I don’t even think it was nerves. It was pure contempt or bitterness on both sides.

  97. Jenni Seward says:

    Well I worked for Princess Diana for seven years. This is another sham but the diference is Diana truly loved Charles right until the end! Charlene on the other hand is fully aware of what she is getting into! She is marrying him for money and fame. I don’t feel one bit sorry for her