Nadya Suleman brings her babies, insanity & contradictions to ‘Today’


Oh, are you bitches in for a special treat today. I rarely write any of the Nadya “OctoMom” Suleman stories, so for a very special Friday gift, I shall share my thoughts. Those thoughts? “Can we stop paying attention to this bitch already?” Recently, it was widely reported that Nadya had said in an interview that she “hated” her babies and that they “disgusted” her. Nadya later claimed that those quotes were made up, but her credibility is absolutely zero, so who knows? This morning, Nadya appeared on the Today show and… well, I don’t even know. I tend to ignore the “reality show” crazy of people like Nadya, Casey Anthony, etc, because my little brain can’t even comprehend how these monsters can exist and function out there in the world. Nadya contradicts her story so many times in just a few minutes:

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Nadya Suleman has gotten her wish for a large family — but it has come with an even larger price tag. It costs a reported $15,000 a month for Suleman — also known as “Octomom’’ — to support her 14 children, including the octuplets that brought her into national prominence and ignited a firestorm of criticism 2 ½ years ago. The single mother gave Amy Robach a look into her chaotic home life in a four-bedroom house in La Hambra, Calif., before bringing the octuplets and one of her older children for an exclusive visit with TODAY’s Ann Curry in Studio 1A on Friday.

TODAY got a taste of the mayhem: Ann had one of the octuplets in her lap as another crashed off the side of the set, and another ended up in Matt Lauer’s anchor chair while being watched by Natalie Morales. Suleman said that they are normally well-behaved but only had two hours of sleep while traveling to New York. After struggling to support the brood, Suleman secured professional management a month ago and said that she has since been able to generate revenue with appearances and celebrity boxing matches. She said she’s also been a fitness trainer.

Despite her financial difficulties, Suleman said she would never opt for public assistance.

“I’ve never in my life been on (public assistance), and I never would,” she told TODAY, though in 2009 her then-publicist said she was receiving food stamps. “I would feel like a failure as a mother and as a human being.”

The cost of trying to meet that monthly $15,000 bill has led Suleman down some humiliating paths, including a fetish video. In the video, Suleman is wearing a black bondage corset and cracking a whip on the backside of a tattooed adult man who is outfitted in a diaper and clutching a baby rattle. What’s worse: She claims she didn’t even make a dollar off the spectacle, which quickly became TMZ fodder.

“That’s one more thing on the laundry list of humiliation,’’ Suleman told Robach. “I was a little late on the mortgage. “He said, ‘You can make a couple hundred thousand dollars. You could pay off part of your house.’ I’m thinking, ‘I’ll do it.’ Well, anyway, he sold it. Total dollars earned? Zero dollars. Total lesson learned? Priceless.’’ Declaring the fetish video “one of many things I got no money for,’’ Suleman still reportedly made $28,000 in June, according to TMZ. She will also appear on HDNet’s upcoming “Celebridate,’’ a celebrity dating show in which three contestants try to win the heart of a celebrity or face elimination.

The dates on that upcoming show are the only ones on Suleman’s calendar, as she confided in Robach that she has no plans on pursuing a relationship after having avoided one for more than a decade. All of her children were conceived via in vitro fertilization, and she said that her personal life consists of taking care of them.

Suleman admitted that if she were married or had a boyfriend it may have deflected some of the anger directed at her for being an unemployed, unwed mother who continued to conceive children artificially.

“If I had a mate, that would have defused a lot of the animosity,’’ she said. “I’m the ultimate societal scapegoat, I believe.”

Still, Suleman claims she raises her children without the benefit of nannies or other help, and says that’s the way she wants it.

“I’m happier, and I feel more free than I thought I would,’’ she said. “I’m so happy I don’t have nannies. It’s harder, but I feel so much stronger. I forced myself to pull out strengths I never knew I possessed.’’

She also denied a report in a recent “In Touch’’ magazine article that she said “I hate babies. They disgust me. My older kids are animals. I can’t discipline them.’’ Suleman told TODAY she is contemplating suing “In Touch” for the piece.

“I think they should retract it because it’s all slander,” she said. “I love my children. I would do anything for my kids.”

[From Today]

And on and on. She talks a lot of self-help speak about how healthy she and the kids are and how she just wants to be left alone and how she’s just a quiet person, blah, blah. She also said that she’s working towards a license as a fitness trainer, because exercise is the way that she “self-medicates” for her “panic attacks”. I have a question, and it’s something I’m sure has been brought up before, with regards to Nadya’s mental health: is she bipolar? That’s my two-second, non-professional diagnosis of her. That, and she’s a pathological liar. I still don’t have a clear idea of exactly how she’s paying her bills.


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  1. Laurie M. says:

    Nadya admitted after the tups were born that she collected public assistance but she did not consider it welfare. NOW she claims she never was on assistance? And the lies keep a comin’!

  2. the original bellaluna says:

    And the crazy rears its ugly head.


    (Food stamps DO qualify as public assistance, you twit. So does Medi-Cal. IDIOT.)

  3. ladybert62 says:

    So she has not been on the public dole? Sorry, octomom, it seems to me you have been on the dole for so long that you have forgotten you are on the dole and just see it as an entitlement since you are such a special person!

    Feel sorry for those kids – monsters in the making is my opinion – cold as that sounds.

  4. Jenna says:

    Why has no one taken these kids? Why?

    crazy. Crazy on a grand scale. And unsafe to boot.

  5. lin234 says:

    Casey Anothony and Octomom are two prime candidates who should have their tubes tied in order to ensure the safety of any future offspring.

  6. gab says:

    Too many crazy people!! Poor kids don’t stand a chance at turning out normal……..

  7. Cheyenne says:

    Jenna: Why has no one taken these kids? Why?

    OMG we’ve been over and over this. You can’t take the kids away from her unless you can PROVE she’s abused or neglected them, and being a nutcase is no proof of either.

  8. RHONYC says:

    the kid that bit it & fell with his poor sneaks up in the air was hilarious.

    sad, but hilarious! :lol:

    she can’t give those kids individualized attention. i can see resentment from them & the older kids for being made babysitters. :-(

  9. blondie says:

    Well at least there’s one thing she’s really, really good
    at doing! LYING!!!!

  10. lucy2 says:

    I figured her “I hate my kids” was to get attention, and look at that, it worked, she’s on the Today show.

  11. Jana says:

    I saw the interview this morning, but she is nutty and is all over the place with her thought process. She talks so fast and spits out her psychobabble that I’m dizzy after that interview with the mayhem all around her.

  12. Madisyn says:

    I watched the interview with my jaw on the floor, even though we know what a loon this twit is.

    She babbled on so fast, I’d swear she snorted an eight ball right before the interview. You’d have to be on some kind of uppers to deal with that shit. She never really answered Curry’s questions, she just spouted psycho babble and just said what she wants out there.

    Actually it was sad watching the Today show staff and the eldest daughter running around after them and this bitch Suleman doesn’t think she needs help?

    I’m STILL dumbfounded that CPS has not taken those children. Mother Loon is clearly off her nut!

    @ Cheyenne, I’d say eight 2 1/2 year olds, two or three mentally challenged kids running around unsupervised is reason to remove those kids. If it wasn’t for the Today show staff those kids could have got hurt. 1 8 yr old to assist their mom would not qualify as ‘help’. Nadya didn’t even notice the child that fell or the ones that kept going behind the purple screen. She only cared about getting her message about hows “shes a good mom” out.

  13. Missfit says:

    Who is that older little girl, is that her daughter too? Cause she seems like she is the one watching the kids more than Octo herself. :/ And the lady from Today Show too…it’s Octo mom’s own responsibility to watch all her be’be’ kids, nobody else, whether she likes it or not. I need to borrow that older girl…if you don’t want her Octomom, give her to me, she looks like a great kid and great help. And after she said that bullshit about hating babies or whatever, she is clearly putting up a front here, she’s full of shit.

  14. the original bellaluna says:

    You know it’s bad when toddlers are trying to crash through windows onto the busy streets of NYC to escape the crazy.

    *waves @ Madisyn*

  15. Nymeria says:

    Pssst… hey, Octomom!… just a hint, so that you don’t sound quite so stupid in subsequent interviews: when something untrue is printed about you, it’s libel. Not slander. Slander is when something untrue is said about you.

    ETA: After watching the “Today” clip, I have to say that Ann Curry handled herself with grace and patience. She and the older girl were more attentive to those children than Octomom.

  16. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Madisyn – And did you read about how the older kids have tried to hurt/kill the younger ones? This was awhile back, when the younger ones were babies.

    CPS may not be able to remove the children, but they could INVESTIGATE, at the very least.

    Talk about people who should be sterilised for the sake and safety of society!

  17. jh says:

    Curry’s a moron and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I have more respect now for Nadya than her interviewer. Nadya is at least talking the talk and I truly hope she is walking the walk. Looking to the past IS a waste of energy.

  18. Miss Diagnosed says:

    @Kaiser- No, Nadya is not Bipolar. I believe she has Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD. People with this disorder are very manipulative, cunning, attention seeking, narcissistic and pathological liars. They have a distorted sense of view on the world and will try everything in their power to get others to believe their view.

    The only thing that helps is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy which is very rigid and tough, but these people resist because they don’t believe they have a problem, it’s everyone else. DBT used in conjunction with Cognitive Therapy (talk therapy) can work wonders though.

    I have Bipolar by the way. If I had 14 kids, I’d be in the psyche ward and I’d make them keep me there until they were all old enough to move out of the house! Nadya is a stupid selfish woman. I have no empathy or sympathy for her despite her mental illness. She brought this on herself.

  19. KsGirl says:

    Ugh. UGH. So she DID deny the In Touch statements, and has made vague noises about suing, but will she? Nope. Because she probably said that shit and she knows it.

    And way to trash people who ARE on public assistance (“a failure as a mom and a person” omfg) – you know, the real single parents, who don’t have the option of making $200,000 whipping some fat guy on video.

    Re: taking the kids away. Cheyenne is RIGHT, everyone. So far, the threshold has not been met – and it is a high one – for removing her children. However, I completely understand all those who wish it was still possible. That older girl, I feel so, so bad for her. Hopefully she deals with her crazy mommy/situation by growing up into one of those super-responsible, mature-before-their-time older siblings. That’s a better option than batshit insane like mom.

  20. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Missfit – Be’Be’s Kids! Yeah, that older girl (I think she’s all of 9) is taking better care of those kids than Octoloon. And I’m pretty willing to bet that girl will decide not to have children of her own because of it.

    My older kids have a friend who is the oldest of 6 and the only girl. Guess who takes care of the younger 5 (ALL of whom are developmentally disabled, some are also physically disabled as well) while their mom plays video games all night and sleeps all day? BINGO. And she’s told me repeatedly that she will never have kids of her own.

    No kidding. She’s exhausted. She’s spent almost her entire life mothering her 5 younger brothers.

  21. jh says:

    Ooh, and GOD those kids, including the older one, are CUTE!

  22. skilo says:

    I can’t stand this bitch at all she just makes me angry on sight. I feel so sorry for those poor kids. There is no hope for them to have any kind of normalcy in their lives. At least not until they are adults and can choose how they want to live. I hope by some miracle they all make it to adulthood in one piece and with more sanity than their mom ever had.

  23. Madisyn says:

    Waving back @ bellaluna. Of course the older kids are trying to hurt the younger ones, they’re jealous. Its completely natural. Whats not natural is a mother of 14 because you cannot watch all of them all of time, sometime, something bad is going to happen, if it already hasn’t and we just don’t know. Strange that she brought the eight octuplets and the older daughter, where were the other 5 children? 2 or 3 of them are mentally disabled and I can only imagine how unruly they are, as she did not bring them. Also did you see the damage to that house? She tried to explain it away as the kids running they’re trikes and whatnot into the walls, I don’t buy that for a minute. I’m scard to think how that damage was really done.

    I feel nothing but disguest for Octonut and nothing but sympathy for those 14 children.

    While Octoloon is off doing ‘appearances’ and celebrity boxing all over the country, who exactly is watching those kids with no nannies? Before anyone answers her mother, there is absolutely NO evidence of that at all. The mother made it CRYSTAL CLEAR a year or two ago that she wanted nothing to do with this madness. And I believed her. This woman is in her 70′s and is in no condition to watch 14 children under the age of 9 years old and she knows it. So again, I ask who is watching those kids? These are the types of questions CPS needs to be asking!

  24. Jenni says:

    People hate it but I applaud Suleman for sending her kids to private school, even though she has to do bikini shoots etc to get them sent there. Her kids do NEED a committed village to turn out ok. Hopefully they get alot of attention from the teachers and are in smaller classrooms than they would likely get at public schools. Her kids NEED extra support and attention, interest taken in them from supportive, kindly adults, especially being from a chaotic family. I’d be concerned if they were being homeschooled, thank God they are not. I am happy for the oldest girl she can go to school and get a break! Nadya seems into education at a high level for her kids, which is so great, they will be able to support themselves when they are older. People hate Nadya, she can do nothing right and i guess never will for people, because I’ve followed her since day 1 and people endlessly hate her. For me she reminds me of many of the moms I knew coming up in the Quiverfull movement…the mothers of very large broods (my mom had 11– Michelle Duggar is kind of an anomaly in that she has a very subdued personality for a mom with so many–at least in my experience)…they are VERY high energy, fast talking, smart (yes I said it, and believe it) ..they are a different breed of woman, heavy on the Demeter in their psyche. For me, it’s been interesting to watch Nadya realize things about herself …her baby addiction, etc. I am so happy she is not in “Quiverfull” as that beats women down eventually. Nadya is her OWN thing. People hate her for that…I don’t. I’m happy for her. I expected her to succeed and she is doing so…and her children seem normal, and QUITE adorable. God bless her! And Amira, and all of them.

  25. Isa says:

    I don’t think she’s bipolar. From what I understand that’s where you have severe ups and downs. One minute you’re okay or even happy and other times you’re sad or angry? That’s my basic understanding.

    I’m not good with textbook diagnosis so I just gotta say she’s f’n crazy. She lies to make herself look good. I don’t think she was ever expecting the backlash she got.

    And I think it’s unsafe to have that many toddlers.

    Also, I don’t care that she doesn’t have a mate. Actually it’s probably a good thing because their relationship would be completely disfunctional.

  26. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Madisyn – Yeah, that’s what I was wondering…if she can fly (on the fly) to NJ to participate in boxing matches (which she’s not being paid for, according to her); AND she doesn’t use nannies (again, according to her) WHO IS WATCHING THOSE CHILDREN?

    It’s not like she’s got a 16 or 18 or 20 year old (or two) who can take care of them while she’s doing her “unpaid” *coughbullshitcough* appearances.

    And I’m also sure it’s not her parents. They bought her a house to get her the hell out of theirs!

  27. the original bellaluna says:

    And how could she afford all those cross-country airline tickets? I can’t even afford to fly myself and the baby to SoCali to visit my parents! (And I’m only in NoCali!)

    But she’s not being “compensated” right? And I’m really supposed to believe that?! Spare me, Octo-toon.

  28. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Jenni – The kids also need a roof over their heads, and she’s unable to provide one. Their home is in foreclosure. Has been for awhile.

    I’m sure she’s getting assistance with the private schooling from SOMEWHERE other than shaking her goodies on camera. And she IS receiving public assistance, in the form of Medi-Cal and food stamps, at the very least.

  29. Praise St. Angie! says:

    does one of the kids EATING DRYWALL while Mommy’s doing an interview not count as the kids living in a harmful environment?

    I get that there has to be reason to take the kids away (neglect, etc) but FFS…the kid was eating DRYWALL. while supposedly being “supervised”.

    I fear it’s going to take one of those kids eating something far more harmful to make CPS take notice.

  30. Jenni says:

    @Madisyn and @ the original bellaluna I saw on Howard Stern that Nadya’s dad at least, and I think mom if I remember right, are both (back) in her and the childrens lives. She said her dad comes over every other day and cooks. I expected as much as she is their only child and those are their only grandkids…and they all lived together at one point and I’m sure are close. People don’t allow for circumstances to change in peoples’ lives. Families have fallouts and reconnect regularly. Maybe most people would run from Nadya Suleman, but those are her parents after all. Some type families and communities really do help each other with childcare. I know we always had peoples’ homes to go to and took peoples’ kids in for days weeks at a time even during sicknesses, relocations, whatever. I’m talkinga bout people taking in me and ALL my many siblings sometimes! Or coming over to stay. We don’t know details of who babysits for her but most parents have SOME supportive people in their lives who babysit. Her appearances seem to be generally one-two day random gigs and she needs them to support her family. As a teen and young woman I regularly babysat both friends’ toddlers and my brotehrs and their wives’ kids, for sometimes several days at a time, overnights, etc. — I did it because I was a sister/friend. Free! At any rate …maybe she has paid babysitters too. Who knows.

  31. May says:

    I’m so sick of seeing this ugly liar’s face, I plan on boycotting any tv show that she appears on. I just deleted “The Today Show” from my DVR and I won’t be watching Hoda and Kathie Lee either. It really illustrated to me what a joke “The Today Show” is. They have now lost a steady viewer.

  32. Rhiley says:

    For some reason, whenever I see this chick Ozzy Osborne’s Crazy Train plays in my head. AAAALLLLLLL AAABBBOOAARRDDD!!!!! That looks like the world’s most hellish babysitting job.

  33. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Madisyn & Jenni – The last 2 of my comments are stuck in mod jail (for whatever reason). Please check back later to continue this conversation.

  34. Maritza says:

    The kids are beautiful and they are mostly well behaved considering they are so many. She is lucky to have older kids that can help her. What I can’t stand about her is all her babbling and lies.

  35. Madisyn says:

    @ Jenni, this is going to be long, plus you never want to get into a debate with @ bellaluna, YOU WILL LOSE!

    Lets start by stating the obvious. First Octonut is not in the Quiverful movement. She is ostracized from her neighbors. They have stated in the past they don’t have anything to do with her. They are furious she lets them outdoors at all hours with them screaming and yelling and they have ZERO peach and quiet. Octonut also has brought the property value down to every single home in the neighborhood.

    OK the father “comes over and cooks”. So he makes hotdogs and mac and cheese and leaves. Those kids are a 24/7 job, BFD.

    As far as Quiverful and the Duggars, they are a community. The Duggars are not on public assistance, are not going to ‘celebrity boxing’ matches, and are not whipping diapered babies while scantily clad to make a buck. The Duggars children, half of them are teenagers, thats a big difference to the oldest child in the house being 9 years old. Not to mention the 2 or 3 mentally challenged children. Your delusional!

    You cannot even compare your situation or the Duggars to Sulemans. AT ALL!

  36. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Madisyn – :D

  37. Marianne says:

    I love how she says she always watching her kids, yet one falls,one runs to lights. Her daughter notices the kids more then she does.

    I love seeing all her kids though. Some of them look so ethnic though, and some of them are very fair. I wonder how common that is.

  38. Jenni says:

    @ Madisyn- The fact is she is back in touch with her parents, which is no surprise. She’s an only child, and those are her parents’ only grandchildren. I don’t care about getting into, or “losing” an argument/”debate”, with you or anyone. I present my own experience and thoughts only to add persective to whatever is being discussed, as we all do. I don’t consider a gossip site to be a place to really “debate”. The verdict is already in on Suleman – people by and large hate her, end of story. So what. I’ll still give my thoughts. Immigrant families (as is Nadya’s) share many characteristics of religious families when it comes to childraising. Oh, and plenty of Quiverfull families are ostracized from their neighbors. That’s why many live in rural areas. My family definitely dealt with several disapproving neighbors when we lived in the suburbs, to include social services being called and us kids at times being questioned by neighbors about our mother, meal habits, etc. Differences provoke people to be suspicious, just in general. Status quo-approved families *frequently* cannot fathom people who make such drastically different decisions than they make. Also neighbors don’t like the noise of large families, and just plain don’t seem to like the sight of so many children. I bet they interviewed a couple neighbors and now it’s “ALL the neighbors hate her” …I doubt that’s true, sweeping generalizations rarely are).

  39. the original bellaluna says:

    Jenni – I grew up on a military base. When one of our family friends (the mom of four daughters) went a little over the edge and was hospitalised while dad was overseas, everyone helped. We ALL did. It’s the environment. That’s what military families do for one another.

    That being said, this woman (and I use the term loosely) has managed to ostracize EVERYONE around her, including her parents.

    Yes, they are her parents. But as my mom told me when I was a pregnant teen “I am not your built-in babysitter. And if you don’t take good care of him, I’ll take him from you.”

    I’m all for taking care of the grandkids (so are my parents, for that matter) but certainly not 14 (or even eight) at a time. Hell, I never really wanted to ask my parents to watch my 2 year old, because he is hell on wheels and would exhaust them both! And they are both younger than this chick’s parents!

    I would NEVER place that kind of burden on my parents. (Unless I was in the hospital or something.)

  40. Judy says:

    She talked so fast I got dizzy…she wouldn’t even let Ann finish her questions before she (Suleman) started her nonsensical and unrelated babbling. Suleman tries so hard to sound smart w/ her psychological terms and ends up just sounding more and more like a hyped-up moron. Even David Gregory had to step in to try to control those kids–they were wild and tearing up the set–did you see all the holes in the walls of their home!

  41. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Jenni – I don’t hate her. I think she should have been planted in a mental hospital on a 5150 instead of being implanted with a litter of babies she had no way of supporting.

    She’s made some truly stupid, truly selfish decisions with no regard to the outcome of those decisions and the children she chose to create.

    Someone like that shouldn’t become a parent. PERIOD.

  42. Esmeralda says:

    Not a Nadya fan but the kids seem pretty well behaved, all things considered. Go to any daycare and you’ll see far more hyper kids there. The older daughter seems to be the one doing a lot of parenting, however, and it’s sad that she’s so unkempt.

  43. Ruby7 says:

    Look, she is making it….as much as I HATE to admit it, they seem to clean, happy, normal children. Its least she didn’t kill any of them.

  44. Jenni says:

    @Madisyn, -above I responded, but then I guess you edited your original comment. It’s true, I can’t relate to 8 toddlers simultaneously. But aspects of the Suleman’s I do relate to. We were unlike the Duggars in that we were not the nice, all white, prosperous, organized, well scripted large brood like the Duggars, with wealth to shield us from many problems. Eventually, my mom became a single parent and so then we also had no father to shield us either, like the Sulemans. We were interracial, chaotic, and for various reasons inspired unwarranted hatred. That hatred of a parent leaks down to the children, and I have found that unless you’re rich like Heidi Klum, people seem to often be ugly toward white mothers with a ton of half black kids. At least, in the 80s they were, and in the all white neighborhood I was in. I can say, I would much rather be a daughter in the Suleman family, and get to go to school and get an education, than one of the Duggars, raised entirely at home, homeschooled (as I was) to be godly wives and mothers for to raise the babies of godly men. Caring, on-call, working, all the time. I was like a Duggar girl. That was my upbringing. NO time to yourself because no school. I see that the Duggars have alot of support, and the single mom Suleman is hated…I know how THAT feels. I probbaly do have an instinct to feel for her as I know what it is like to be reviled for mistakes. Yet we all make mistakes. I do believe that those without sin are the only ones to cast the first stone, and there is a difference betweeen judging and condemining..with Suleman it is almost all condemning.

  45. JustBe says:

    @Miss Diagnosed @19, I think you hit the nail on the head with your suggestion of Borderline Personality Disorder!

    I am not a student of psychology/psychiatry, but unfortunately, I have had too much experience with people with mental health issues. In particular, both my mother-in-law and my sister seem to suffer from this disorder.

    I didn’t know that such a disorder existed until I accidentally came across the book, Understanding the Borderline Mother. It so clearly describes the roller coaster of emotional turmoil, unbelievable lies and manipulation that these people wreak (most profoundly on the lives of their children).

    I can’t even describe to you the utter absurdity of the lies that I’ve witnessed them tell in order to garner attention for themselves and in order to maximize their control over the lives of others.

    The saddest part is that most of their worst behavior is rarely witnessed by people other than their children. To the public, they attempt to appear to be the most loving, affectionate, moral, upstanding parents. Inside the home, they verbally and mentally torment their children and often neglect their (emotional) needs. However, because, usually, the physical needs of the children are met, there is no basis for child services to even consider removing a child from the home. As long as the parent provides shelter, basic (very basic) nutritional needs, sends their kids to school and minimally clothes them, child services can’t touch them.

    I blame this fact on the utter lack of understanding of mental health disorders in our country. People with mental health issues can cause untold and long-lasting damage to their kids, but since there are no marks to reflect it, no one will ever know or even believe a child if they had the courage to tell.

  46. Laurie M. says:

    Nadya claims she “worked for years and years and years”. But, she only worked for THREE years as a psychiatric technician and hasn’t had a 9-5 job (or a real job at all) in over 12 years. The money is coming from somewhere – public assistance, hidden assets, etc. Who knows and I would not trust one word out of that over-inflated fish mouth of hers.

  47. Madisyn says:

    @ Jenni, OK I give up. Her parents may be in her life, but they DO NOT LIVE WITH HER. They may visit, the may occasionally babysit, but they are NOT live-in nannies. Since you know everything about this twit, why were the nannies dismissed? These TV interviewers never ask the questions I would ask.

    I do agree with you on one thing. The verdict is in on Octonut. Nothing you say is going to change the mind of every poster on here except you. If you cannot see that there is definetly something amiss with this twit, I have nothing further.

    I’m going back to the mindless fun live feeds of Big Brother. Good times.

    @ bellaluna, where are the cracknanigans of Blohan when we need them?

    Nuff said!

  48. Jenni says:

    @ Madisyn – I didn’t say her parents live with her? r that she has live ins? And who said I know everything about her? You misunderstand or misread what I wrote. Re nannies being dismissed, I dont know, but I mean, she made a 100 grand on bikini shots, she probably squirrels some away for babysitting, I would guess. @ the original bellaluna- I dont think she was right to force her parents as she did, by living there with them w/so many …they are old. She was being selfish, jsut pursuing her dream. And yet I have known co workers whose parents were paying their rent, car insurance, etc…one friend, her mom bought her her house! And all of these people I knew/know, are very critical of their parents, ungrateful. I’m saying -Many people take advantage of their parents.I know nothing of that way of being with my parents as OUr resources were stretched to breaking. I feel personaly Nadyas a spoiled only child (not ALL only children are spoiled, I know this). BUt to me, that doesn’t make her a bad person, it’s just a fact and her own personal learning curve. I have my own learning curves. I am not like Nadya Suleman. I am her age, no kids, I was and continue to be the the one who helps OTHER people with their kids. I have never borrowed from my mom, she has borrows from me. But i still relate to the whole Suleman family just in that, it is no fun to be hated. Bad choices mom also made many of those. .but when I see suleman with her kids, I do see a loving parent. No one is perfect> I ahve gone thru times of great anger at my mom for her selfishness in having 11…she made many mistakes, but,she does love us and has lost about 20 years of sleep having had us… I do see that in Suleman a flawed but not “BAD MOTHER”. I try to be subversive by NOT being overly damning of mothers, I feel they are perpetually damned if they do/don’t, picked apart, criticized – and too often offered no forgiveness.

  49. I have an unhealthy amount of hate for this woman.

    Seriously. My hands are shaking so hard that even if I could focus on just one thing to comment on, I’d have to stop.

    Sirens. Huge fucking alarm bells going off in my head. This woman is sick and will poison every single one of those children with her sickness. Stupid fucking bitch.

  50. Rio says:

    This woman sends up so many conflicted emotions for me…
    1) I completely understand if she’s on public assistance and doesn’t want to admit it. I’m considering trying to get on myself, and I’m in my mid-20s, college-educated with no kids. I just can’t find steady work and am humiliated asking my nearly-70 year old father for financial help.
    BUT- bitch, you’re not some poor chica down on her luck. Not ONE of those kids was an “accident”, or the result of a relationship gone bad.
    2) Honestly having 14 kids is excessive, but only for the last 70 or so years in the Western world. You had a lot of kids and the older ones took care of the younger ones. Snapshots of my family from the early 20th century look like a high school graduation.
    BUT- again, having this many kids was a choice. And having 8 children the same age just DIDN’t HAPPEN back then.
    3) And this will catch me Hell, but I’l bite the bullet…I think she’s pretty. I coet her hair. Those are some damn nice locks.
    BUT- I think Angelina Jolie, her “mentor” is ugly as an old boot. Go figure.

  51. Debra says:

    How much longer do we have to watch these fluff interviews? When will a respected professional step up to the plate and do their jobs. This woman has done nothing but lie from the very first day the world heard about her. This was a planned scam to become rich and famous, FAIL. Now Suleman claims her mother, Angela, is a Holocaust Survivor . What an INSULT to those who really did live through that dark and horrible time. The same woman Suleman put in the trunk of her car and slammed on the breaks to hear the “thud”.
    Lie after lie after lie.
    Suleman needs to be sat down, bad back and all,( mentioned she has learned to do flips on the trampoline, today) and faced with every lie she has told. There have been so many, the tups will be 5 years by the time all lies are exposed.

  52. Kelly says:

    @Miss Diagnosed, thank you so much for providing a very clear description of BPD and bipolar (and you’re totally right about Dialectical Behavioral Therapy). There IS a shocking ignorance of mental health disorders in this country, esp. considering how many people – and their loved ones, by extension – suffer from them.

    That said, I’ve NO idea what’s wrong with Nadya – only that something clearly is wrong with her. All that chatter about not looking back, growing, blah blah. She sounds brainwashed – almost like someone who’s been to Landmark Forum or EST or something.

    The absolute best moment of the interview was when David Gregory scooped up the kid. That was so random. He must have been watching from offstage with horror and disbelief as the kids wrought havoc.

  53. Spiffy says:

    Jenni, a few FYI’s:
    Nadya isn’t an immigrant.
    She had over 10 rounds of IVF (WHILE ON WELFARE!) and 6 pregnancies. With each and every single pregnancy, she had an excessive amount (by her request according to the Kamrava charges/records available to the public) of FRESH EMBRYOS implanted. Nadya had been trying for an HOM for YEARS! The tups were the result of TWELVE embryos implanted. So, an unemployed woman on WELFARE with 6 children she couldn’t afford to house, feed, clothe, ETC. HALF OF WHICH ARE DISABLED AND GETTING ASSISTANCE, she decided to go one last shot with 12 embryos, KNOWING FULL WELL that half her kids are disabled.

    If you can’t see what’s wrong with that, God help the human race!

  54. Gigohead says:

    What I don’t understand is WHY? Why was it necessary to bring all these children to NYC to do this interview. They aren’t big enough to speak so why subject these kids out of the comfort of their home to fly across the country. Cram them in a hotel room and fly them back??????? Couldn’t they interview her remotely? TODAY show must be desperate!!

  55. Sassy says:

    I can’t stand this lying, narcissistic bitch. Watching that interview almost drove ME batshit crazy!

  56. Miss Diagnosed says:

    @Kelly- You’re welcome. I’m not a doctor, I just play one on the internet, but BPD seems to fit Nadya. There is no way she could function with that many kids, with no help, if she was Bipolar. I can barely function most days and I only take care of myself, still I’m considered stable thanks to a cocktail of medications. If you look up the criteria for BPD, she seems to fit.

    @JustBe- Unfortunately, BPD is still controversial with many doctors not wanting to diagnose patients with the disorder because it borders on other illnesses. Also patients are manipulative, they can be whatever the doctor wants them to be if it gets them attention. I feel terrible for the children of mentally ill patients. I can’t even imagine what that must be like to go through. How do you explain an illness to a child that they can’t see? (The illness, not the child, I mean. Ha ha!)

  57. original kate says:

    so exactly how is she supporting these kids? i’m sick of this lying bitch and i feel sorry for her children. as for “it takes a village” crap, sorry, but i chose not to live in a kiddie village. i’m happy for my taxes to go for better schools, free lunches, even government sponsored daycare for low-income families, but i do NOT want to help raise other people’s kids, especially when that person spends money on mani-pedis, starbucks, collagen lips, etc. she needs to get a damn job. if you can’t afford to take care of kids then don’t have them. children are not a right afforded to every ninny with a uterus.

  58. Truthful says:

    sooooo now she does not have any nannies??? I saw nannies helping her push that huge stroller last month.

    she twists things around to fit her lies. I think she calls them “helpers”.

    I did not watch her and will not be watching anything Casey Anthony is a part of.

  59. Kelly says:

    @Miss Diagnosed: I’m bipolar II, so I know all about it, LOL.

    @original kate, damn! I forgot about the manicures and all that crap. I saw one paparazzi shot of her at the MAC counter… when I had a newborn (and only ONE, mind you), buying new lipgloss was the last thing I had time (and money) for.

  60. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    @Miss Diagnosed
    I have to agree with you..I’m trying to write in “Bat Shit Crazy Famewhore” in to the DSM-V to make a new diagnosis..but we’ll see if that ever works out.

  61. Miss Diagnosed says:

    @GradStudentEatingHotPockets- Or, you could always just send them a picture of Octopussy from the fetish video she did for TMZ. Hello DSM-V newest edition!

  62. Madisyn says:

    @ Miss Diagnosed, where were you when I needed you? LOL

  63. Miss Diagnosed says:

    @Madisyn- Ha ha! You seemed to be doing pretty good by yourself, with backup from @bellaluna! I don’t follow Octopussy stories, but when I saw Kaiser ask whether or not she was Bipolar, I had to jump in. I get offended should anyone think this nutjob is anything like me. I like to think I’m “quirky”. Hee hee!

  64. preachersdaughter says:

    @MissDiagnosed…I disagree with you about Nadya having BPD. While some borderlines are extremely manipulative, most are not pathological liars. Their disorder is shame based and they are hypersensitive. I don’t believe a borderline would subject themself to the kind of disgust and loathing the public has shown her. Most likely she has Narcissistic Personality Disorder which would explain her delusional behavior and her constant lies about not having plastic surgery.
    Since NPD is a personality disorder it is also possible to have a mood disorder such as Bipolar as well. This would explain why she appears to be in a manic state (talking fast, working out in the middle of the night,easily distracted).
    Does anyone else think it is possible she might be using crystal meth to maintain her energy level?

  65. Belle Epoch says:

    What about the little one with the cleft palate? It has not been corrected, right? Doesn’t that quality as neglect? It’s not like she would have to pay for the surgery!

  66. Miss Diagnosed says:

    @preachersdaughter- Well as I said before, I’m not a doctor. Only a professional can diagnose her. I’m just going by what I know and what I’ve lived with for 40 years.

    I do agree that she certainly exhibits signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, but because most Borderlines are narcissistic, I tend to just lump it in with BPD, but good call. She could have a variety of disorders. I myself have 3, so it isn’t uncommon for people to have multiples.

    As for the drug use, could be, who knows with this woman. She always seems a bit loopy. I would hope not though. Those kids don’t need a meth head for a mom, she’s already whacked out enough.

  67. Madisyn says:

    @ Miss Diagnosed, you’re an angel. Our tailgatin’ girl!

    Anyone who messes with @ Miss Diagnosed, messes with me! LOL

    Rut Roh, I’m back to MOD jail!

  68. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Madisyn & Miss Diagnosed – I think we should dub her “Octotwat.” That sums up both her mentality and personality in one convenient word.

    I know that people are inherently selfish. But selfishness goes out the window when one becomes a mother. At least, it SHOULD.

    When one chooses to use money (from a worker’s comp settlement) to obtain fertility treatments, rather than to support the SIX children one already has, one is lower than doggie-doo, IMO.

    I have always wanted lots of kids. At least 4, to be exact. I had one as a teen (and love him to death to this day); and one as a married woman (love her to death too). Finances dictated that we did not have more.

    I put my selfish “want” for 4 kids aside and focused on providing my 2 the best I could give. After my divorce, I focused on those 2 kids and (AGAIN) provided for them the best I could. They did not want for anything.

    When new hubs and I got married (over 10 years ago) we wanted an “ours” baby, but it didn’t happen. I dealt, as we good mamas do.


    (BTW, I ended up with my 4 kids: 2 from me, 1 from hubs, and 1 “ours” – perfect!)

  69. Sara says:

    She seems like a walking, talking get-rich-quick scam. I think she wants to be famous for having all those kids. I mean, she has a Masters but I guess she can’t work as a therapist because she’s crazy and that wouldn’t be enough money to pay her bills.

  70. teehee says:

    Again people are trying to fit somebody into a box that they read on the pages of a book; as if it were the truth or people had to conform to it so that they could make sense of some people’s problems. It isnt like that in reality- people are the standard by which the books are written, NOT the other way around.
    To me it really doesnt matter what name they might try to give her behaviors, it doesnt change anythign although it does try to justify what people are not able to understand or make sense of without that label. But its definitely not about the label or about who’s diagnosis or label is more complete and accurate!
    Bottom line is we see “somethign in the milk aint clean” and we are worried for her children. Giving her a disease or a disorder will not write her behavior off as acceptable nor will it be grounds for sympathy for wrong behavior [Im not saying anyone is trying to do that] although it will be an attempt to understand “why” some people act the way they do.
    She’s got a few points in her somehow despised ‘psychobabble’ meaning shes either thought some things thru or composed convincing reflection in an attempt to seem in control of her situation and competent with that many kids. I dont know why so many people have such an utter disgust for ‘psychobabble’, though, because it is utterly critical to understand yourself and understand your behavior— maybe just because in this situation, we doubt she really knows herself at all and there is a huge discrepancy between what she says and what she shows.
    Anyway another basic point is that for any woman, regardless of who or how fit or unfit, 14 kids is too much for any one person to keep care of at once and she needs help watching the kids. This shouldnt fall on the shoulders of otehr children, though; yes thats how its been done before (eg duggars) but there needs to be mroe order and control than what we see in this situation– because just chaos is landing on the backs of the children more than any real ‘responsibility’ is. This isnt a healthy thing for young children to endure at all.
    Anyway … the dmsv dmsv bpd II, I, III hairsplitting arguments get on my nerves massively.

  71. teehee says:

    …Ah and in case anyone is wondering why– this just reminds me of doctors who are so convinced in their textbooks, that they ignore their patients. They tell you you are fine becasue your lab values are acceptable, but you KNOW something is wrong… this whole nitpicking abotu diagnoses just reminds me of that same professionals-textbook-mentality that I absolutely despise. It isnt about the text its about the person. So in case anyone is wondering where this rant of mine comes from, lol, that is most likely it. :)

  72. Madisyn says:

    @ Sara, she does NOT have her masters. She said she was going to attain in the fall in her very first interview with Ann Curry in January 2009 the month her octotots were born. I remember thinking to myself at the time, with 14 children it was NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!
    And time has proven me correct. You are correct that she WANTED TO BE a walking, talking get-rich-quick-scam. Again, DIDN’T HAPPEN!

    @ bellaluna, Mornin, I’m 43 today, so I’m pulling a Blohan. You know what that means. I like Octotwat, but I’m sticking with Octonut. I also think it sums up the mentality and personality.

  73. Laurie says:

    @Sara – Madisyn is correct. She does NOT have her Masters. It has been another area of lies & stretching the truth. When the tups were first born she claimed she was about to START a Masters program for Child Development. After about a year, that morphed into her claiming she only had a few classes and she would complete her Masters. that has now morphed into she was pre-med and wanted to go to med school.
    Who knows what the story of lies will be in another year!!!

  74. Lady D says:

    gigohead…It’s because the babies are the only thing anybody wants to see. It sure as hell aint that wingnut mother.

  75. Madisyn says:

    @ Lady D

    Love WINGNUT! I haven’t heard that word in YEARS.

  76. Lady D says:

    Madisyn, glad I could give you a grin. I actually haven’t heard the word for years either, it just popped into my head while I was typing that comment.

  77. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Madisyn – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, girlfriend! Enjoy! Go all kinds of Blohan (just keep it legal)! *winks*

    Yeah, she is most definitely a wingnut of the the highest order! I also like “wackadoodle.” (I picture a naked wack-job going “cock-a-doodle-doo” whenever I hear/say that word.)

    (re: an earlier comment – would it surprise you to know I’m a Taurus?) ;)

  78. Miss Diagnosed says:

    @Madisyn- Good Morning! Have an awesome day today, and I will pull a Blohan to celebrate in spirit.

    @bellaluna- Have the Kentucky Crack Races started? St. Linnocent already got a parking ticket on her birthday.

    @teehee- I get how you don’t like the “psychobabble”, or not wanting to put Octopussy into a box. However, there is something clearly wrong with her and I think we’re all just concerned for her children. I certainly am not upset with being labeled Bipolar. I am not my diagnoses. I am me. I am not ashamed to be mentally ill, and I was thrilled when I was diagnosed. I finally realized that I wasn’t crazy, that there was something wrong, that could be treated, and I felt relieved. But it took a long time to get properly diagnosed, because doctors do want to get rid of you and not deal with your “craziness”. You have to fight for your sanity. Some people don’t know how to do that. I do hope Nadya gets help, especially for her children. They’re the real victims here. But I get what you’re saying.

  79. Miss Diagnosed says:

    @bellaluna- You are so right about “selfishness” being tossed out the window when you become a mother. Octopussy/Octotwat is the epitome of a selfish mother/human being. She never should have become a mother, and I’m not saying that because she may have a mental illness, I’m saying that because she could not PROVIDE for any of these children. Yet she went ahead and had all of them for fame, money, notoriety, and greed.

    I can’t even imagine someone doing something like that, yet here she is. It is mind boggling. That is NOT normal thinking. I have done some really stupid things while manic, but I’ve never gotten myself impregnated over and over, to the point where I wound up with 14 children I couldn’t take care of! So selfish and stupid.

    I’m so glad you have your great kids and hubby.

  80. teehee says:

    @ Miss Diagnosed- no I said I dont get peoples hatred toward her “psychobabble”, in saying that I was referring to all the people who said thats what she was spewing as though it were a bad thing.
    I’ve had my fair share of problems in a horribly dysfuncitonal family and have worked hard to get myself together after the fact, so yes I too know the feeling of relief to get some sense of a grip on things, … I basically said what you echoed, which is that the kids should the focus rather than the label, and that she needs help.
    My point was that people waste so much time arguing about a “diagnosis” and refer to their psych books like it was a bible. Its not, in my opinion; a label is just that- its just the tip of the iceberg. And like you said, there is a lot of work and fighting, yet most OTHER people want to JUST label you and forget about you or give up hope in you/use it as an excuse to discount you as a human being… and I cant stand that. I hate the “label and go” or “textbook definition slap-on” attitude of people who cant look past to the real persons whole story (especially doctors!!!). ;)

    …Hmmm definitely a multi-sided thing and its hard to find a reliable ground for the subject…it depends on the individual and situation, I guess.

  81. Cheyenne says:

    the original bellaluna: CPS may not be able to remove the children, but they could INVESTIGATE, at the very least.

    CPS had probably received a bajillion complaints from concerned people who read tabloid stories like the one from In Touch. But as I said on an earlier thread, CPS will not investigate third-hand rumor. They want to know what you are basing your complaint on before they will investigate. If you have personally observed, with your own eyes, any instances of neglect or abuse, they will investigate. But they are not going to investigate a complaint based on a story you read in a celebrity tabloid which has a lousy reputation for journalistic accuracy.

  82. The Bobster says:

    I watched the show and it looked like the oldest child was trying to herd cats.

  83. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Miss Diagnosed – Boy, I sure to miss the light-hearted-ness of those Kentucky Crack Races, what with all the Octotwat/Casey Anthony heaviness going on lately! (Let us pray St. Linnocent the Red-Nosed Crack-Ho commences with some cracknanigans tout suite!)

    Exactly! Don’t have ‘em if you cannot (or are unwilling) to provide for them. It’s shameful. (That’s why I “held” at 2. Until the others came along and we could afford them.)

    (me & my last 2 comments are stuck in mod jail. apparently, I’ve been naughty!) ;)

  84. Jenni says:

    @Spiffy, I did not say Suleman’s an immigrant, I know she was born in Calif. But she ‘s raised from immigrant family -mom Lithuania, and dad – not sure but he’s from somewhere in the middle east. I do see and agree to the wrong of what she has done, it was selfish. I can believe she made many selfsh choices for which there are steep consequences for her and her children and others, yet simultaneously refuse to condemn her as a human being and as a mother. I think many mothers will find at some point their kid will break their heart by telling them exactly what a horrible person they think they are – how utterly selfish they think mom was. And they will probably be both right and wrong. Because when they are taking about their mothers they are talking about *human beings*. Sorry but I have known many many many selfish mothers who also loved and sacrificed for their children. That’s how human beings work, be they mothers or not. Some people would never condemn people who get cancers or communicable diseases that are largely behavior based. Many will have compassion on people who get these diseases, –others will not, they condemn them as deserving whatever they have because of irresponsibility. Some of these people then leave this world because of those diseases. They leave innocent children who will be denied their physical love and financial support. All of this costs tax payers and family left behind. Then there’s people who cost their families every thing , 401ks, homes, etc., to put them thru various rehabs for various addictions…some condemn these people who suffer addctions, and others don’t. Some believe addictions are biological, others don’t. Their addictions take their price in others’ lives as well, in many ways, emotinal, financial, physical, etc. Many drugs for many largely behavior based diseases, rehabs for people who suffer addictions, etc., can often cost hundreds of thousands per year per individual. I don’t feel it’s my or anyone’s place to condemn- to say, “this person is unredeemable- they are to be demonized today and for the rest of their lives, no matter what they ever try to do to make it right.” Thats’s alot of what goes on with Suleman. But look around at the horrible choices people make daily large and small and how that costs their families and society. She made a spectacularly UNIQUE selfish choice, but beyond the uniqueness of it it was no more self-absorbed than many other people who may continue in bad choices for years, decades til they HAVE to stop. And since I know ongoing hatred of her affects her children too, I don’t like it. We all have blindspot areas, areas wherein we may have made/make selfish and destructive choices others will have to contend with for years, be it emotionally, physically, financially – it all takes its toll and will demand its price.

  85. Cherry Rose says:

    @Miss Diagnosed – Ah, another person on here who’s also Bipolar. *waves*

    For clarification, Bipolar Disorder doesn’t mean you’re happy one minute, sad the next. The mood cycles last a lot longer than that. Nor does mania or depression have the stereotype symptoms. When you’re manic, instead of being jublilant and grandiose, you are irritable and agitation. When you’re depressed, you may also be irritable. While not always sad, there’s feeling of emptiness And while manic, there’s little to no sleep, but on the flipside, a person within a depressive episode might also have trouble sleeping. And then there’s mixed episodes as well.

    It’s not really a clear cut illness. I was misdiagnosed twice before I was finally diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder I.

    Truthfully, I believe that Nadya also shows traits of Histrionic Personality Disorder, which also has close symptoms of Narcissistic and Borderline Personality Disorders.

    @Jenni – Your defense for Nadya amazes me.

  86. Jenni says:

    Women who say “I stopped at one/two because I was being responsible” – ok. True, that is being responsible. But making responsible choices to limit family size doesn’t mean you will always avoid selfishness in other significant ways, ways you could conceivably be condemned for, depending on who knows, and who has the need/desire to condemn you.

    I know a mom of two who struggled with alcoholism, lost her kids, got jail time for alcohol related stuff- she is now sober, has her kids, a job, home, good relationship with her children, is responsible, VERY kind and fun. She’s been sober about 5 years. She had only two, which was responsible, but she still made choices that have caused some people to consider her the absolute worst mom, despite her efforts to grow and make it. This one time when I was a kid this lady asked my mom how many kids she had, my mom said “7″. The lady says with disgust, “That’s just terrible.” In that lady’s mind, my mom was selfish for having all us. I wonder if she’d judge my friend who had been an alcoholic too…? Or not, because my friend hid it and just had a respectable two kids. What’s worse, the overcrowding planet, or being an alcoholic mom? And can any of these failures be redeemed? (By the way I do not agree with overcrowding the planet, I want like 2 kids, if I ever get to have any.)
    To say people can’t change and should be eternally demonized for making selfish choices just doesn’t make sense to me. And if you want to, you can make a case for just about anyone’s horribleness as a human being.

  87. Miss Diagnosed says:

    @teehee- I’m sorry I misunderstood. Yes, I do get people discounting you when they find out you’re mentally ill. Especially doctors who look to the DSM-V because they have no other answers and just want to get rid of you. I’ve been there, hope you’re doing well.

    @bellaluna- God yes! We need to get on another thread. This one’s way to tense. Come on St. Linnocent, we know you can do it!

    @Cherry Rose- *waves back* Yes, the symptoms of Bipolar vary from person to person, as well as in severity. I too was misdiagnosed for years. I was diagnosed with BPD and Histrionic Personality Disorder as I wasn’t having manic highs and lows, I was just having depressive episodes. Then I started having huge manic waves and I was finally diagnosed properly, but it took a long time, and I dealt with a lot of crap from the doctors who didn’t want to deal with a “needy” patient who had “nothing wrong with them.” I’ve read my files, I know what they said about me. Not nice.

  88. asssitantrachel says:

    OMG when will this bitch just GO AWAY!

  89. Meanchick says:

    So public assistance is a sign of a failure as a mother and a human-being (yeah, right) but you’ll do things like be in a fetish video, celebrity boxing events with the likes of ‘Screech’ and God knows what else? She is insane. We already know she received public assistance! We already know she wants attention! We already know she gets more help and more money than she wants to sdmit and we already know she said that crap because she wanted to be back in the news! How is it that she can affaord to send her kids to a private school if she is so broke? Such a fargin liar she is!

  90. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Cheyenne – I know. I had a neighbour (way back when my oldest was a toddler) who I witnessed THROW HER TODDLER INTO A WALL (her drapes were open). She was tweaking; her electricity was shut off; there was no food in the house. Us neighbours (we were a tight-knit group of mothers, we were) fed and took care of her kids.

    When CPS came out to investigate, she’d convinced her mother to pay the electricity bill and BORROWED FOOD from a fellow tweaker to fill her cabinets and fridge. CPS did nothing.

    Eventually, she gave her kids to her mother and disappeared.

    I don’t know how it works in other states, but there seems to be a real lackadaisical attitude in CA. I’m sure the system is over-burdened, but sometimes they need to step it up a notch.

  91. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Jenni – Limiting family size is not the ONLY thing that makes a parent responsible. There are endless other factors and decisions to be made, for the duration of a lifetime (and your kids’ lifetime, too). And I never said someone couldn’t change, particularly if they WANT to.

    But someone as steeped in delusion as Octotwat, who is busy on national TV telling anyone who will listen what a fantastic mother she is while her 9 year old daughter (and most of the Today staff) is trying to corral her 8 toddlers doesn’t give the appearance of someone who wants to change.

    But maybe it’s just me…

  92. Madisyn says:

    @ bellaluna, *waving* with a hangover. I’m also in MOD jail, I must have been ‘naughty’ too! Its rather strange, cuz sometimes I’m in Mod jail, sometimes I’m not.

    No angel, its NOT YOU!

    This Jenni is either not well or its Octotwit herself. The constant examples of alcoholic neighbor mothers and whatnot are not what this post is about. Its about Octoc*nt, who with 6 kids she could NOT support, WAS on public assistance, living with mommy, uses MY/YOUR tax dollars to fund another round of IVF for EIGHT more kids she can’t afford!

    I’m going to have a little ‘hair of the dog’ this morning, as I’m not feeling well because like @ Innocent, you just can’t be rational with people like this.

  93. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Madisyn – *waving back, not hungover but so sleep-deprived I feel drunk* Did you have a good birthday? I hope so! 8)

    (I know, right? Sometimes I’m mod and sometimes not…weird.)

  94. Madisyn says:

    @ bellaluna, thanks! I THINK I had a good b-day. I have a nice black ‘n’ blue mark on my leg and a good gash on my forearm.

    I need those sunglasses girl! I definetely pulled a Blohan. Good lord, where is that twit when we need her?

  95. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Madisyn – Sounds like you had fun! But are there photos of you stumbling around, or on your knees laughing your ass off outside a club? ;)

  96. Madisyn says:

    @ bellaluna,

    “Sounds like you had fun! But are there photos of you stumbling around, or on your knees laughing your ass off outside a club”?

    You forgot while NOT DRINKING! Unlike some, I actually admit to being schnockered.

    As far as I know I did NOT fall. I was wearing tennis shoes, not some 7 inch f*cking heals when I know I’m going out drinking. Of course that doesn’t mean a thing for me, I’ve faceplanted many a time in flats. I may have had a chuckle, but definetly not on my hands and knees, again unlike some, I was quite chaste. Lets put it this way, my mother would have been proud. Again, says nothing because we all know Dina doesn’t get that check if “you know who’ was chaste! SSSCCCRRREEEEEEEEEE!

    I hate to admit this, but I miss that idiot!

    EDIT: You know if @ brin or @ Rita catches us again for ‘tailgating’ outside the Treehouse, were toast! Were not called the Tin Can Crew for nothin!

  97. Lauren says:

    Very sad for all those children. I cannot believe that some Doctor actually assisted this unstable woman to breed over & over. Mad science should be abolished.

  98. Anti-icon says:

    Can’t stand this narcissist. Can’t stand arm-chair mental diagnosis either, but since all these blessed innocent children are in the home — ALONE — with this…..mother. She is probably much more dangerous than merely bipolar. Any psychiatric diagnosis she has, is most likely worsened by stress. And precious little toddlers and pre-teens are stressful creatures. She needs to TAKE assistance, get qualified child care professional help….and god be my witness…BIRTH CONTROL.

  99. REALIST says:

    Please commit this woman and allow competent, sane, loving people to raise her children. (I know, easier said than done).

  100. cynthia taylor says:

    leave the woman alone already the kids are here and there is nothing no one can do about it! do you wish you had the 8 babies at once is that the issue? let the woman live her life and take care of her kids the best she can and stop hating on her!

  101. Anonymous says:

    So let me ask, what is the difference between Nadya Suleman and Kate Gosslin, The Duggars? Are they considered more middle class, better, I see the difference being, that they were able to pitch their shows better or they had a support. For the Duggars its where they come from it is the norm to have many children. So they are not demonized as much. Kate Gosselin, is no better than Nadya, she treated her husband like shit, and eventually lost him. But now she has money to replace the father of her children. All this anger towards Nadya Suleman, for what, the fact is that there are 14 children that need love, affection, and someone to provide for them. I don’t think she asked to be put in the papers, and when it first started it was like “cool, there is a lady that is having 8 babies. Then two seconds later they made her into the devil. The media and us the public have contributed to all the negativity about her. We should as a society step up, because it truly does take a village to raise a child, most cultures believe and do live this, Except US.
    Now everyone is saying she hates babies and I believe once again it has been taken completely out of context. Remember just a few months ago on Oprah, Suzie Orman is telling her to admit how hard it is to be Nadya the parent, that she has made bad choices, Nadya admitted that if she had it do over she wouldn’t have had all 8 babies. If she would have reduced someone would have considered her evil for that. Suzie Orman also told to get a manager/agent, do whatever she had to to make money for her kids, to provide, and guess what she is. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the media and society treat her like crap and pay her pennies while Kate Gosselin has made millions for being a B@#%!. She just had better business sense and more luck. Everyone should give Nadya Suleman a break, of course she hates hearing babies cry, she hears it all day long, who wouldn’t, and of course she doesn’t want to be around them, I think she has had enough of babies for a life time. The problem is that the comment came from her mouth, from experience and not from someone we would expect it to, someone without kids, and no desire to have children. Example the Carey Bradshaws of the world. ( I know she is a character in a movie.)
    One thing that does bother me is that she is constantly dissing public assistance, she should consider that a privilge, so many people need help and can never qualify, but she does and she should be thankful, her child have medicade or whatever insurance they have and food stamps to put food on the table. I wouldn’t be embarrassed, I would consider it providing for my family by whatever means available. Screw everyone and what they think, they don’t have 14 kids to feed and keep healthy.
    Anyway I think someone should give this chick a break, find her a gig that will pay her enough to provide for her tribe, give her a job helping her community, so that everyone doesn’t think she can’t give back, because she can. There are many humanitarian things she could do to help others out, someone just has to help her first.

    Thanks for letting me vent

  102. Tvfrk says:

    I think everyone should give the chick a break, someone should give her a gig that will pay enough to take care of her kids, so she can provide in a decent way. The Gosselin’s and the Duggars are no better they just had better management.