Hairspray’s Nikki Blonsky is working part time in a shoe store

I’m not a fan of Nikki Blonsky after she and her dad got in that ridiculous airport fight with an America’s Next Top Model contestant and her mother in 2008. It’s possible that Nikki’s dad is the one who instigated the fight, if the other party is to be believed, but Blonsky has denied that account and said that she was the one who got punched in the face first. Whatever happened, it didn’t give me a good impression of her. Blonsky is the 22 year-old who starred in the movie remake of Hairspray in 2007 with Zac Efron and John Travolta. She had a pilot show on ABC Family last year, Huge, about a weight loss camp for teens. That didn’t go anywhere and got canceled quickly, although I don’t blame Blonsky. I watched half of the first episode online and just found it completely uninteresting.

According to Radar Online, Blonsky isn’t sitting around idle waiting for her next acting gig. She’s working part time in a high end shoe store on Long Island:

Nikki Blonsky was plucked from obscurity to play alongside Hollywood heavyweight John Travolta in 2007 hit movie Hairspray.

But it seems the voluptuous actress has fallen on hard times in her career and is now working in a shoe store in New York. The 22-year-old Big Apple native can now be found fetching size 9s for customers at the Steven Dann high-end shoe boutique in her home town of Great Neck.

After a short stint on Ugly Betty and a few small movie roles, the one time Cold Stone Creamery waitress has seemingly had to resort to more menial tasks than rubbing shoulders with A-List stars as she did just a few years ago.

But Nikki, who only started working at the store last week, is said to be unabashed about her new job and is doing it because she is a “lover of fashion.”

The actress who is known for her curvy figure is said to be a delight to work with and customers have been pleasantly surprised to see her when they walk in.

Store owner, Steven Dann told RadarOnline that Nikki is working at the boutique, “two to three days a week dependent on her schedule” but also has something huge coming-up on the work front.

“Nikki has something enormous coming-up at the end of the summer that will be bigger than Hairspray,” Steven said.

[From Radar]

Good for her! It sounds like the shop owner is using her for publicity, but I guess I can’t blame him. Can you imagine if other out of work actresses would get part time jobs to keep busy between gigs? You know I’m thinking about Lindsay Lohan. Whenever Lohan would bother to show up for work she’d end up “misplacing” half their stock.



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  1. katnip says:

    This is what Hollywood does to heavy women. They celebrate them in a performance. Then they get a few roles and then nothing. It is hard to be an overweight actress. This is an example. She has so much talent and personality. YET other actresses will get the roles.

    I can’t name one actress that is overweight that is still really what one would call successful. Not someone with roles here and there, but an actress that is in the top.

    YEAH.. and let an actress gain a few pounds. She gets ripped for being FAT.. and if she is lean she is called anorexic.

    Women can’t win.. Makes me so mad.

  2. silken_floss says:

    Good for her. We’re living in a recession, a job’s a job.

  3. brin says:

    When I saw this story that was my reaction: good for her! At least she’s not some entitled diva who feels she’s above doing anything but acting.

  4. Jules says:

    Good for her. I really enjoyed her in Hairspray. She does have talent. Quite unlike some famewhores the blogs should start ignoring…….

  5. kazoo says:

    well she’s racist and barbaric, so that’s what she deserves.

  6. Keen says:

    this should not be surprising! Most actors have to find work in between jobs bc even the most stable acting gigs are hard to come by (long running tv shows and bway). People always bitch about how much money actors get paid, but for one, money is being made of of them, why shouldn’t they get a cut?! and two, unless you’re a big name a lister, you don’t know where or when your next job is going to be.

  7. lucy2 says:

    According to imdb she’s actually worked quite a bit since Hairspray, 2 tv series and a few other little things, which is pretty good for a newcomer, especially one who doesn’t fit the cookie cutter model.
    But good for her for keeping busy and not too stuck up to do a job like that.

  8. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “voluptuous”? “curvy”?

    no, she’s straight up F-A-T. nothing wrong with it (outside the health issues) if that’s how she wants to live, but don’t sugar-coat it by using words that she most DEF is NOT.

    C Hendricks is voluptuous and curvy…Kim K is voluptuous and curvy…Blonski is fat. period.

  9. Iggles says:

    @ kazoo:
    “well she’s racist and barbaric, so that’s what she deserves.”

    Thank you kazoo! I agree! This is KARMA.

    Before everyone starts talking about how lovely a gal she is google the fight/attack she was involved in on vacation in Turks and Caicos. She and her father were charged with causing “bodily harm”.

  10. the original bellaluna says:

    Well, talk about life imitating art: In the movie (the original, at least – I didn’t bother w/the remake) the dress shop owner used her for publicity too.

    At least she’s working and not whining about how she “just wants to get back to work” or sitting on arse waiting for her “next big thing.”

  11. beebeedoom says:

    Idk if this chick is racist or whatever but how is working at a shoe store ‘punishment’? Wtf kind of standards do you have? I’m looking at you kazoo.

  12. Iggles says:

    beebeedoom – Going from being star of a movie with John Travolta and teen idol Zac Efron as a love interest to working at a shoe store is a fall from grace.

    It’s back to “ordinary life” like the rest of us, which is why it’s karma! Actors and actresses get huge egos when they’re “hot” but when the opportunities dry up and fame wanes… well in her case it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person!

  13. Esmeralda says:

    While I agree on “good for her, a job’s a job,” I also feel badly for her because the media seems to be having a field day in reporting this like it’s the worst embarrassment a person could ever suffer. I don’t agree with her behavior at the airport last year but I see nothing wrong with working a real job when Hollywood gigs aren’t around. Maybe if the media would stop giving idiots like Lohan attention and stupid companies would stop paying her for doing nothing, she’d have to get a real job too and become a bit more reasonable of a person.

    At any rate, good luck to this young lady during difficult financial times.

  14. Katija says:

    The most money I ever made was working at a designer shoe boutique. You make like nothing hourly, but take 9-11% of the sale. So, on a pair of designer, $695 heels, I would have made around seventy bucks before tax. During the holidays, I once walked out with close to a thousand after a double shift. HOWEVER, it is stressful as all hell. People will ask for three different styles in three different sizes, and the stock room was always a mess.

  15. anyaberry says:

    “Nikki has something enormous coming-up at the end of the summer that will be bigger than Hairspray,” Steven said.

    Enormous is right.

  16. Louiset says:

    I wonder what happened to her money? She had to have made $1-2 million from acting. I know half probably went to taxes, agents, etc but I guess she started living above her means.

  17. Shy says:

    I actually watched 7 episodes of Huge. I liked it. There were interesting actors and characters. I was even sad when it was canceled. Although I don’t know how they wanted to shoot Season 2. In Season 1 they all were in summer camp for overweight teens. I didn’t watch the last episode but I suppose the summer should have ended and they all went home. How would they bring all the main characters to same camp next year?

    And we all know the reason why Nilki Blonsky can’t find a job. Because she is eating for 10 and overweight as hell. And here are no acting jobs for such characters. Who can she play? Love interest to some Ryan Gosling romantic comedy? Hot sexy villain in some X-Men or Captain America? Love interest in some Thor? No. She can only play overweight character who was written as overweight character like in Hairspray or Huge. The “fat one” character on Glee was taken. The Mike&Molly was taken. I suspect there are many overweight people-wannabe actress who audition for “overweight supporting buddy” roles. So of course many will be left out. I’m sure that if she would stop eating for ten and would begin eating healthy and lose weight to normal size then she would easy get some job on TV.

    I wonder what Gaboury Sidibe lives on. Since from her Oscar nomination she only got some small supporting 9 episodes on The Big C show. And that show has very low ratings. No one watches it and I don’t think they pay good money to their actors. And some Tower Heist movie where she has small role too. It probably has small budget. So no big money from it too. And you know how Gaboury likes to show up at every event. And you need to have money to hang out with those hollywood people. If we don’t see her every day just means that no one cares about her and sites don’t post her pictures.

    Nikki Blonsky was the first who went to look for a job. Whole year went by and not a single role. And you can bet that obese girl from Glee would go for ordinary job the moment the will fire her from Glee.

  18. kazoo says:

    @beebeedoom, what iggles said. absolutely nothing wrong with any (legal LOL) job that pays the bills, but you gotta admit going from starring in a movie to working at a shoe store is a bit of downgrade.

  19. Zoe says:

    This choice has nothing to do with her weight. Plenty of actors work in film and television and also have side jobs, usually waiting tables or customer service jobs, you see them all over Los Angeles. People forget actors have to fight for every job they have and don’t book most of the jobs they audition for and have to fund themselves in the meantime. These are the realities people rarely read about.

  20. Lila says:

    @Praise St. Angie – Exactly. People are stripping those words of meaning by constantly applying them to people who don’t fit the description!