Duchess Kate is underweight & being “pressured” into pregnancy


As you can see, Duchess Kate’s shrinking figure is now the focus of the American tabloid media. Is it the same in the UK? I only really read The Mail on a regular basis, and they’re not all over Kate’s weight, so that’s my reason for asking. While I think Kate could definitely stand to put the diet away and put on some weight, I do think the tabloids seem to bullying her about it.

Kate Middleton has “gone from fit and toned to gaunt and bony.” People are worried she is anorexic, and it’s a “horrifying” situation.

Dr. Fred Pescatore, who has never treated Kate, says: “Kate looks to weigh from 95 to 100 lbs. That makes her seriously underweight for her height.”

Kate wanted to lose weight in the beginning of June, and was eating meals of watercress soup and bowls of blueberries.”

Poor Kate Middleton! The gorgeous duchess is reportedly down to 95 lbs, causing friends to worry that she won’t be fit enough to carry a healthy baby with hubby Prince William – and she definitely wants to be a mother soon.

One friend tells Star that “when the conversation turns to babies, [William] gives her a knowing look while she smiles back.” But at 5’8, doctors say Kate, 29, is “dangerously underweight,” and in no shape to have a baby right now.

Friends of Kate say the Royal Family is also pressuring her into having a baby as soon as possible.

“On Prince Philip‘s 90th birthday, he said the best present Kate could give him would be a great-grandchild before the end of the year,” another friend of Kate’s reveals.

Some people in the royal circle are even afraid that Kate might be anorexic, following in Princess Diana’s tragic footsteps.

[From Jezebel & Hollywood Life]

This Dr. Pescatore person went to In Touch Weekly to lament Kate’s slender frame as well, telling the tabloid that in his opinion, Kate is only 95 pounds but she should be around 140. He also says, “If she wants to get pregnant, good luck with no body fat on her.”

Life & Style resorts to anecdotal evidence that Kate has some kind of eating disorder – when Kate arrived in California, “some people saw her and turned to each other and whispered, ‘she’s too skinny.’” Sources note that while she used to look healthy and eat healthy just a few years ago, she now only eats a little bit of her three course meals, and that “she’s the skinniest she’s ever been.” Well… Kate isn’t going to be doing anything for a while, so maybe she’ll find the time to eat. Regarding the whole “pressure to get pregnant” thing… that’s kind of meh. Kate is not in this to make some kind of feminist point about choosing a “career” over babies. She married a prince, and her first royal duty is to provide an heir. It’s in the handbook. She waited nine years for this. It’s basically the only thing expected of her in the first year.





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  1. grumpy says:

    I am 5’7″ and about 130, right now people tell me to gain weight that I am too thin, once a long time ago I got a stomach virus and lost 10lbs in a week, and I was 114lbs and I though I looked sickly with my ribcage showing.
    And this is coming from a person that at 15 was 85lbs due to living in third world country and no junk food and walking to school about 3 or 4 miles, my point is that Katie here is way too thin, and 10 to 15lbs wont hurt her at all.

  2. crumbcake says:

    I do agree that she’s really gotten on the thin side. . . but 95 lbs? I don’t think so. I know that everyone is different how and where the carry their weight. . . . etc, etc. . . I am just a bit taller (3/4 inch), and when I was 110 lbs people (way back in my late teens) were FREAKING out. I am guessing she is closer to 105-110 lbs. But she could stand to put on at least 10-15 lbs because she is looking frail.

  3. Cherry says:

    We don’t need no doctor to tell us Waity’s underweight (Underweighty? Huh. No. Sorry.), we can see that with our own eyes, thanks very much.

  4. Ferocity says:

    I would put her at 105-110. Still, too thin, but I think that it’s an overestimate of her weight loss.

  5. Suzie says:

    I really dont think members of the public should become anxious and worried and lose sleep about Kate’s weight, because clearly she isn’t.

    A person’s eyes and demeanour ususally- reflect health or not, and Kate is positively glowing. When Princess Diana was bulemic, she looked desperately unhappy.

    Kate has had a hectic schedule ever since the announcement of her engagement to Wills. She’s been on the go ever since. Who wouldn’t lose weight under these circumstances.

    I also dont think she is being pressured into pregnancy.

  6. JulieM says:

    The picture of her coming down the stairs in her jeans is absolutely scary. How can anyone look at her and not see she has a food problem?

    A few weeks ago, I said she would have a tough time getting pregnant with no body fat and no hips and got jumped on. Well, at least the tabloids agree!

  7. jesikabelcher says:

    She is WAY too thin… It is obvious she has a problem… So did Princess Diana… weird. @ Grumpy – Im 5’10” and after having 2 children (youngest just turned 4 last weekend) I have plateaued at 150 lbs… I think I could stand to lose about 25 lbs to be happy. I at one time was down to 119 lbs in the party days before the children and I look back now and I looked awful!!! I cant believe Dutchess doesnt see it!

  8. mimi says:

    This may explain why she looks older than her real biological age, as anorexia does age and the toll it takes on the body is well reflected in the skin and the general appearance.

    I do hope she does have people who care for her and will help her get the help she needs or encouragement to do it on her own.

  9. NancyMan says:

    I would hate to have my life be governed by the media and judged by people who don’t know squat about me. Right now, the world thinks she has an eating disorder. But, as soon as she puts on a few pounds, there will be an ‘expose’ on how fat she’s gotten.

    Gosh, it’s nice being a nobody.

  10. Susan says:


    These rags are just using the obvious “She’s too skinny, she must be anorexic!” schtick to try and sell more magazines. Also, isn’t it a SOP for some of these tabs to use the “PREGNANCY & ANOREXIA SHOCKER!” tag on a regular basis? The frequency is what, every third or fourth issue?

    Just because a person is thin and doesn’t eat huge portions of food does not automatically mean that they have an eating disorder. Conversely, I know a couple fat chicks who have admitted to me that they partake in binge/purge eating habits on a regular basis. You’d never know it looking at them though.

  11. Miss Marie says:

    I used to look that nice in jeans. I need to back off of the Coronas…

  12. Vickyb says:

    If you’re going to read British papers, why choose the Daily Fail?!?! It’s not indicative of all British journalism, and DEFINITELY not indicative of British public opinion *shudders*

  13. Jaded says:

    The wedding and travel have been stressful on her, as must the giant leap into the vast machinery of royal life. And she’s just probably the type whose stomach snaps shut under stress. I’m the same way, I get stressed out I lose my appetite. However, her hair and skin tone look great, so she’s clearly not anorexic, bulimic or suffering any kind of eating disorder. My bet is now that she’s back in the comfort of her home and can lead a less hectic life she will put on some weight and pop out a wee one.

  14. Sara says:

    If she is anorexic she’ll keep losing weight. I doubt it though, it seems like she’s probably on a super restricted diet and I agree, she does seem to look older than 29.

  15. Lol says:

    I bought New magaazine today (english edition but im in ireland) and the cover has kate with the headline “Broody Kate’s Anorexia Nightmare”. Bit harsh.

  16. Charlotte says:

    I think she’s thin, obviously, but I don’t think she’s nothing but skin and bones. It looks to me like she still has pretty well defined muscles in her arms and legs. I think the Duchess is absolutely beautiful and looks radiant and happy in most all of her photos.

  17. damn! if the camera adds 10 pounds, can you imagine what she looks like in real life????

  18. mel says:

    I hope she’s not following in Diana’s footsteps of being anorexic. The pressure of being a Royal is really tough especially if you are female.

  19. the original bellaluna says:

    Of course she’s being pressured into pregnancy! She married a Royal, after all. Her only job is producing an heir and a spare. (Always hated that term, BTW – who came up with it?)

  20. brin says:

    Sheesh…give her a chance, they haven’t been married 3 months yet…enough with the pregnancy pressure.

  21. mew says:

    She’s not anorexic just because she’s thin. She’s thin but not every thin person is anorexic. Thinner people than her (Rachel Zoe, Giselle Bundchen for example) have got pregnant and got healthy babies.

    A doctor who has never treated her goes telling “she weighs this and this and is that and that” ? That’s just so disgusting. Get a life.

  22. Laura says:

    Eh, I saw pictures of her back in 2006 and 2007 and she looked just as skinny. I do think she’s incredibly lean, but 95lbs? Yeah right! I bet she looks crazy thin in person though.

  23. madpoe says:

    Too thin. It looks like a gentle breeze could send her over the rainbow. Also what is it about Star that claims every other woman (over 5’7) that they put on their cover weighs in at always 95 lbs? They just had AJ on a month or so ago.

  24. danielle says:

    I do think she’s too thin and looks better with a little more weight, and if she’s doing it on purpose, I think its a concern. However, I do think it could be stress and nerves.

  25. garvels says:

    The Beckham stuck up twig was able to get pregnant so I am sure the Duchess will have no issues when the Duke and her decide to procreate. I would venture to guess that she is about 5ft 8in sans heels, and weighs about 105 lbs. I am 5ft 10 in and weighed 115 when I conceived my first child. As long as she eats healthy foods she will be fine.

  26. Deja says:

    There is no way she’s 95 pounds…no way. She’s definitely thin, and she definitely lost weight, but I dont think she looks bad or sickly. If she lost anymore, yes…but I think she looks great!!

  27. Nanea says:

    I’m 125 at 5’10 on the wrong side of forty, and I absolutely hate to eat when lots of people are watching me. Formal dinners are part of the job though and I’ve caught those unqualified too thin remarks ever so often.

  28. bored says:

    Nonsense. She slimmed down for her wedding, like every other woman tries to do. She looks good. I’m sure she’s well aware of the preggo requirements.

  29. Anonymous says:

    you know you’re a celebrity when they start making up stories about you!

  30. Tierra says:

    This is so typical of US rag mags, anything to make a headline. I’m sure the people reading this stuff are more obsessed with her weight than she is. Like someone else mentioned, I wouldnt be able to just relax and eat if everyone was watching and talking about my every move. I would be down to 85 lbs just from being so nervous. Im sure she’ll be fine once she’s home and relaxed and then the tabs will make an issue if she gains 10 lbs. Its no wonder why so many ppl here do have Eating Disorder issues, seems like thats all anyone talks about.

  31. joee says:

    eww, no matter how much weight she’s lost, still ugly body, plus the old unattractive face

  32. ladybert62 says:

    Once she relaxes into her new role, she will gain some weight and also get pregnant. She knows what is expected of her and she will fulfill it. I predict that she will be pregnant within one year of her marriage.

  33. Iggles says:

    She looks too skinny!

    This coming from a girl who’s 5″2 and always had people telling her she’s too skinny all her life!

    I know it’s annoying to hear that, but in Waity’s case, she really needs to eat!

  34. mags says:

    she has runner’s thighs, i’m sure she puts in the miles. there’s always some borderline obessiveness w/ serious distance runners (men and women alike, and i’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, just to be a person who runs THAT much you gotta be really into it) but yeah she’s in the spot light, like you wouldn’t be doing that same thing. i’m sure when the time comes to breed, breed she shall.

  35. sharylmj says:

    As soon as she is out of the everyday public eye and goes back to her routine and her home, she will gain a little weight. she’s been on a non-stop whirlwind schedule ever since her wedding. Give the girl a break. I think she’s thin, but not anorexic. Her skin and hair and eyes are all too healthy looking. Her beautiful shiney hair will go away if she starts that crap.

  36. inthekitchen says:

    @the original bellaluna -
    the Duchess of Marlborough is credited with being the one to coin an “heir and a spare.”

    I think she looks terrible this skinny. I don’t agree that she looked just as thin 5 years ago. I mean, look at her face and thighs in this picture – http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2011/07/12/article-2013700-0CF8975A00000578-180_196x440.jpg – IMO, those are healthy looking thighs. I think her skin looks healthier then as well. Now I think it’s just makeup that gives her a healthy glow, but I bet she’s not wearing full foundation and blush in that pic.

    I know she is several years older (but not that old) but now her face looks very old, lined, almost haggard, IMO. And her butt, OMG, don’t even get me started about that scrawny little disappearing bum in those skin tight jeans…not attractive. I am really hoping that her mother is shocked at the photos from the tour and takes her in hand a bit to get some weight back on her.

    I know lots of people (not just here) refer to her hair being thick and healthy to dispute that she is anorexic, but if has only developed an ED in the last 6 months, would her hair already be affected? Just curious as I don’t know much about the disease.

    @mags – I agree about the runners legs. I think she is addicted to exercise as well as possible ED…

  37. Kellie says:

    Thank you @Inthekitchen for keeping it real. To everyone else; they wont be relaxing too long, they have more engagements in August and September. Lets see if she manages to put some weight on while she is relaxing at home and not dealing with the stress of having to dress up, smile and wave.

  38. REALIST says:

    She is not anorexic! She is just being run ragged by all the trips, engagements, etc. etc, etc.
    Send those two back to Wales for a little “down time” (compared to their lives now), and I bet a relaxed Kate will be able to perform her royal duty. I’m sure reminiscing about their pre-marriage days would be nice, too, although their day or relative anonymity of before is over.
    @Kellie-more? Does anyone vaguely remember the House of Windsor saying pre-marriage that they were going to ease her into royal duties over time?
    William does have to do back to the Coast Guard sooner or later, right?

  39. ElleGin says:

    Psssh, this is such rubbish. She knows she has to produce an heir, and she will. Kate knows her game. She is not too skinny. The doctor was just judging. Note it said he never treated her. Angelina Jolie got pregnant, and look how skinny she is.
    Tabloids, just wait til she gains a few pounds and everyone will be screaming she is buckling under pressure and binging.
    Let women be women, skinny, curvy or average. Also, tut tut to the ladies that are so harsh. Of all people we should know how it feels to be judged on appearance. If Kate hadn’t lost weight for her wedding, people would be saying she looked fat with the lace and all. It’s so hard to please people, and it’s not even their body.

  40. Lady D says:

    “The pressure of being a Royal is really tough especially if you are female.”
    Unless your name is Camilla.

  41. Very Telling says:

    Star Magazine isn’t it amazing that Kate,Angelina, Tori, etc all weigh exactly 95 lbs.If I’m not mistaken I think they used the same headline for AJ about 2 yrs ago 95 lbs and having a baby. GMAB. Kate went on a diet for her wedding like millions of brides to be. When she starts regaining weight then every tab will be on the baby bump watch.

  42. Anastasia says:

    She has NO HIPS. My daughter is 5’4″, weighs 118 pounds, very fit, but has a SHAPE to her. How does this woman have the hips of a 10 year old boy???

  43. Tiffany says:

    She looks like she could be 100 lbs. to me. My best friend had a huge anorexia issue, multiple hospitalizations, etc. She was my height, 5’9″ and was 98 lbs. Looked just like Kate. She must also choose to eat air five times a day.

  44. kieslwoski says:

    I’m sorry but she looks unhealthy, just too skinny.

    I am astonished at some of the commenter’s weights, I am 5’10 and 140 and after reading some of the comments I feel really fat. Oy vey!

  45. blonde on the dock says:

    I have friends who met her when she was visiting Calgary. They said she is much thinner in person. Plus her handshake was like a limp fish. I don’t think she looks sickly skinny like Angelina or some of the other HW stars we see. She’s been in the spotlight a lot recently. That’s a lot of pressure for someone not used to being scrutinized endlessly. She’s a beautiful girl. Always smiling.

  46. taxi says:

    Kate has a seat, not hips. Never did. Hips are a bone-structure thing. Kate has always had narrow hips, like a boy. She also has clearly defined muscles in her arms & legs, hardly the look of anorexia.

    It’s wrong for people who’ve never met her to try to estimate her weight & conclude that she has an eating disorder. Let the girl get home & sleep in for a few days, with her kitchen at hand, & she’ll probably eat what she likes. Would you have been able to eat that stuff, caribou or something, that they served her in Yellowknife?

    That’s the trouble on a tour like this- imagine being guest of honor in some Middle Eastern countries where you have to eat the special delicacy of a sheep’s eyeball or seriously offend your hosts!

  47. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Rachel Zoe and her need to go together to an eating disorder treatment center. So sad when you have those kind of issues with food.

    I am quoting another poster who wrote about Guliana.

  48. Patricia says:

    She is thin, but the tabloids need a story so if she gained even one pound more than they think she should, they’d be calling her fat. She can’t win.

    If she can’t conceive bc of her weight her Dr will tell her that.

  49. really says:

    Well that is what she is there for to have an HEIR, I don’t blame ole great grandpa (Prince Philip)…….do your job!

    that is her job, to give them an heir!

    And really, like oooo boo hooooo “I am being pressured to have a baby” by a ROYAL weathy man, oh the pressure!

    If she is smart, she will be pregnant yesterday! And her weight is so 80s, so cocaine-head kate moss 90s……. this look is just not cute anymore, IN is HEALTHY WEIGHT.

    The Duchess Kate looks 35-38 years old.

  50. mimi says:

    i always thought she had an older look about her too. Yes, she’s too thin. Just like Diana, she’s lost alot of weight as soon as she joined the royal family. Not good. She hasn’t worn any dress that exposes her shoulder blades (plus she has all that hair). When Diana did, it was scary.

  51. Ann says:

    I don’t think she is anorexic but she is a little thin. Also, girls with EDs do experience euphoria with their initial weight loss, it’s part of the pathology (like an addiction).

    The DM had this bit:

    “Carole White, founder of Premier Model Management, which has managed the careers of countless supermodels, would put Kate’s vital statistics at 32-24-35.”

    “That’s almost the same size as Kate Moss at the height of her career — the differences being that, at 5ft 10in, the Duchess is three inches taller than the supermodel, while her waist is half an inch smaller.

    “‘With those measurements and her height, Kate definitely could be a model,’ says Carole. Lingerie expert Keeley Toomey of Figleaves.com estimates the Duchess is even smaller, just a 30A bra size and a dress size six.”

    However, people should stop speculating and giving her such a hard time. As others have said maybe things will get better (more rest and relaxation) with downtime.

    @#46…I get that sense too from watching her on TV…she was a weak handshake and wrist. It’s funny.

  52. Aurelia says:

    I’m shocked some people on this site actually dispute she is underweight??? And say she is naturally thin. Kate is not naturally thin. There are 1000 photographic pieces of evidence of what she used to look like to compare. People have short memories.

    Kate has the excuse of the engagement, wedding, tour etc but she will continue to be this thin or go thinner and have the next excuse to find.

  53. HotPockets says:

    Everyone else has already said it, but Kate is not 95 pounds. I know she is supposedly on the taller side, so if she is around 5 8′ or 5 9′ she looks about 110-115 pounds. I have about the same waistline and leg/ thigh thickness as she does and I’m a solid 115 pounds at 5 7′ and not one doctor has ever told me I was underweight for my frame.

    Weight isn’t the biggest issue, but health is. If being this “thin” is detrimental to her health, then of course she should put on a few pounds, but I think the media is blowing this out of proportion. They want a scandal, so here it is..

  54. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    She’s not “naturally” that skinny – just look at pictures of her before she felt pressure to become a fashion icon and hold on to her rich husband (who I suspect has a straying eye, given the father who raised him).

    I’m sure people thought Karen Carpenter (who was very petite, only 5’4″) looked “just right” too — right before she died from her eating disorder.

    I really do hate when people defend unhealthy body images – whether it’s defending the anorexics or the morbidly obese. It’s not healthy, period. The problem with people like Duchess Kate, is she is a role model to young, starry-eyed girls.

    I think she has a difficult life, and a lot of pressure on her. I also think she truly cannot control her eating disorder because that’s the nature of the problem — women with anorexia have a mental block and cannot see their body image in a realistic light. I am directing my disgust at the so-called “loved ones” in her life who deliberately don’t notice, or worse, don’t care.

  55. Jazmin says:

    She looks like a well preserved 45 year old.
    If she continues to severely diet, her now luscious hair will be gone.
    She will start using hair extensions & more makeup.
    Some women with the right body bone strucure look great underweight. She is not one of them.

  56. Lindsay says:

    I hate when they detail some celeb’s extremely unhealthy diet. I understand why they do it, admittedly I like to read it for curiosity’s sake. However a pretty large segment of their readers have a higher risk of eating disorders or having one. Some people can look at it think that is insane for others it reads as a how-to guide to be skinny like Kate and the “Starving to be Sexy” title on one of the mags only makes it worse. But it would be really uncomfortable knowing people are watching and judging every bite.

    I think British tabloids are more careful about what they say. It is so much easier to be sued for defamation than it is in the US; which is why it is much more common to hear someone suing European publications than American ones. Plus, it seems to me, based on a little anecdotal evidence, the royal family has a lot of influence over what can be published. For example, stopping the scandalous Pippa pictures and only allowing footage of the wedding to be used if the coverage was nice rather than for satirical purposes (hence the Daily Show reenactment).

    The pressure to get pregnant right now is probably a little higher than the average newlywed but obviously the overall pressure to get pregnant is intense. It is her main job, plus unlike other moms she doesn’t have the option of adoption.
    Susan – it seems like it seeing “Shocker! This celebrity has no food issues!” would be more surprising at this point.
    VickyN – What publication do you recomend?

  57. Gossip Owl says:

    Like everyone else is saying, she’s a little thin but not anorexic and she’s probably 115-120. She could stand to put on a few pounds. That being said, I tend to lose a lot of weight when I travel and think about it: for her there’s wedding, then lots of travel it’s been all go since she got married. She probably hasn’t had time to really eat and the adrenaline is going so she’s not hungry.
    Of course, I think she’s under a lot of pressure. I think that’s why William and Kate waited so long. They knew marriage and baby would have to follow in quick succession. In any case, I’m sure she’ll be fine and it will all work out.

  58. Poppy says:

    I wouldn’t hold out much hope for her putting on some weight and getting pregnant until 2013.

    Next year she will have a huge list of engagements to attend, it’s the Queens 60yrs on the throne Jubilee year and there will be at least one, probably two more overseas visits as well as dozens of official events to attend in the UK, the whole family is expected to be on the trail next year and Cath and Wills will be front and centre. Not to mention the London Summer Olympics where she will be on the front line for Britain.

    I don’t think pregnancy is likely to be on her 2011/12 schedule unless she really hates all this attention and wants to use it as an excuse to stay out of the mega spotlight that will be shone on the British Royals in 2012.

  59. fallen says:

    I don’t think she is that light with her being as tall as she is.

  60. fizXgirl314 says:

    It’s no coincidence that people in the spotlight have a high tendency of shrinking rather quickly. I guess one of the job descriptions for being in the media is to stay in shape and smile purdy for the cameras. I would suppose that being on the extra skinny side would be the equivalent of a “normal” person putting in extra time and effort at the office *shrug*

  61. Ashley says:

    Finally someone said it. The British papers won’t cover anything negative on her. When she got that ring the 180 they did was insane. They went from dogging her everyday to printing stories about her being the greatest, prettiest, most intelligent woman in the world. It was bizarre. At least the US papers have the freedom to print what they like (although they seemed to have their rose tinted glasses on for a long time too).

    If Hollywood is sniggering about how skinny you are then something is clearly wrong with your weight.

    As for her getting pregnant, if Rachel Zoe, Posh, and Angie Ho can do it she can too. She might have to take some hormones to trick her body but with the above examples, it’s clear that enough money can get a ED sufferer pregnant.

    @ Poppy, I actually think she will be pregnant next year as it will be a prime opportunity for the Royals to show her off. If she’s pregnant she’ll be like a prized show horse who they can parade around and show that the House of Windsor will prevail or whatever.

  62. elizabeth says:

    re: comment by Prince Phillip (aka the old fart)
    they already have a great grandchild. Peter Phillips (Princess Anne’s son) and his wife had a baby girl in the last 12 months named Sienna or Sierra and that baby is the Queen’s 1st great grandchild. But maybe PP was talking about wanting another one.

  63. AmyUSA says:

    she’s not not 95lbs .. I just did the conversion, I’m 5’10, and 105pounds – Kate is about as skinny as me I’d say.

    As I’m naturally slim, can’t put weight on to save my life, it tends to fall off when I’m stressed. I’d say Kate’s probably feeling the stress, imagine her lifestyle. I think once they’re back in the UK and settled down she’ll probably pick back up.

    And what a load of crap about not being able to get pregnant. Yes, body weight regulates your cycle, and underweight people might not ovulate, but I managed to concieve at under 100 pounds – doesn’t really matter how much body fat you have LOL

  64. Common Sense says:

    @ Really…thank you hunni your whole post bares repeating:

    Well that is what she is there for to have an HEIR, I don’t blame ole great grandpa (Prince Philip)…….do your job!

    that is her job, to give them an heir!

    And really, like oooo boo hooooo “I am being pressured to have a baby” by a ROYAL weathy man, oh the pressure!

    If she is smart, she will be pregnant yesterday! And her weight is so 80s, so cocaine-head kate moss 90s……. this look is just not cute anymore, IN is HEALTHY WEIGHT.

    The Duchess Kate looks 35-38 years old.

    Me: what the hell is wrong with these people with all this sympathy over pregnancy pressures? She’s nearly 30 years old and married to a wealthy man. What else is she doing??

  65. phaksi says:

    I don’t think she’s anorexic, but she would look so much better with a few more pounds on her. @Cherry, I like Underweighty :) . @Really, totally agree with you, her only “job” is to have babies

  66. JulieM says:

    Ashley: I totally agree about the 180 the British tabloids did after the engagement was announced. Katie went from worthless to wonder woman in about 5 seconds.

    Really and Common Sense: Thanks for the common sense.

  67. mk says:

    She sure has been busy lately, perhaps that is the reason for being underweight? Who knows.

  68. *bRaZiLiAn* says:


  69. Adriana says:

    Those who say Kate isn’t anorexic because you can see muscle definition aren’t taking into account her genetics and the fact that she is a regular at her gym. The Middleton women are naturally muscular and Kate still puts in many hours at the gym. When she was eating properly, she looked athletic and slim like her sister. Now she looks like someone who is overexercising and doesn’t eat enough for the calories she burns.

  70. pato says:

    yes, she has gotten extremely thin but doesn´t look ill..yet. but the spanish princess, letizia, is waaayy thinner and she had two daughters.

  71. Jaxx says:

    Of course she plans to get pregs this year. That’s why they waited till nearly thirty to marry. They knew they would be expected to produce the heir and spare immediately if not sooner. No way they’ll put off exposing her eggs to the royal fluids from the honeymoon until conception.

  72. eternalcanadian says:

    I keep saying this, Catherine is way too skinny to be considered healthy. Look at her ankles, look at her neck. All bony & gaunt. Then go back 4 or 5 years. Look how nice she looked. Slim and healthy. I think she looked her best when she was training with the rowing team and also on holidays (in that white bikini on the boat) with William & her family (about a year or two before he dumped her). She’s gotten worse since I think 2009 or so and even more extreme since the engagement.

    As for that Prince Phillip comment, I seriously doubt it because he already has a great-grandchild. Has this already been forgotten? Peter and Autumn Phillips begat Savannah, the first Canadian in line to the British throne! :D

  73. mariska says:

    @ pato – Princess Letizia has been thin all her life. Dozens of photos from more than 10 years ago have shown her to be very thin. Her mother and surviving sister are also thin. I think Letizia’s just naturally thin and thinness runs in her family, and it’s not induced by being in the public eye like Kate’s thinness seems to be.

    Kate isn’t naturally thin. The only reason why she doesn’t look as thin is because she has a bigger bone structure like many models so she’ll still look “big” even when she only weighs around 105-110 lbs. Kate used to weigh more but had lost probably a good 15-20 lbs since her engagement to William.

    I don’t think she’s anorexic, but being thin doesn’t suit her. Some people can carry off being thin, while others can’t carry off extra weight. Kate already looks way too old for her age, and the weight loss isn’t doing her any favors. She looks so haggard, and I don’t think it’s only because of the trips/events she’s done and the stress. She’s probably limiting her dietary intake, too, as well as exercising a lot.

    Kate will still be able to get pregnant, but I think she will look better with 5-10 lbs more on her.

  74. Janet Dowsky says:

    She’s not being pressured by others. It’s a frame of mind that has developed gradually within her own mind.

    I went through this. You lose some weight, people pay you compliments, and then you get really good at staying skinny. It’s almost a competitive thing. You like it that you are smaller than some other girl/woman who you have always admired.

    You are still eating enough food that you don’t have anorexia, but you literally are TOO skinny. This happened to me and it is probably happening to this other person (and a million others of both genders).

    Some of the people who express concern are small themselves, so you can hear what they are saying. But when some of the people who express concern about your weight seem chubby (in your own eyes), that negates their comment. You do not lose respect for them at all, but you think they are just mistaken about your weight.

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