Prince Albert & Charlene are on their second honeymoon (or she bolted again)


It seems like this weekend’s report from a South African news agency really got the ball rolling on a whole new slew of “Damn, Poor Charlene” reports regarding the newly-wed Prince Albert and Princess Charlene. Over the weekend, we heard the report that Albert and Charlene had been staying in separate hotel suites for their honeymoon – not just separate suites, though. Separate HOTELS. Can you imagine having that kind of train-wreck situation in your marriage right from the start?!? Anyway, after that, we heard how Albert cut their “honeymoon” short so that he and Charlene could go back to Monaco and he could finally take the DNA test to establish paternity for what will probably be his third (known) child. Now media outlets have gotten confirmation from the Palace that Charlene and Albert stayed in separate hotels… for one night. Because of business. Rii-ight.

ABC News got the confirmation from the Palace that Albert and Charlene were in separate hotels for one night, but they have sources who claim that the separate hotel situation was for the duration of the “honeymoon” – that as soon as they arrived, Albert checked into the Hilton.

The Mail is also reporting that Charlene was the one to instigate the premature end to their honeymoon, because she is “desperate” to know whether this kid is Albert’s third child, and whether Albert was screwing around on her while they were dating. Albert didn’t want to arrange the DNA test while they were in South Africa, out of fear that Charlene would bolt once again, this time for good.

Meanwhile, Charlene’s father, Mike, has been defending his daughter’s marriage to anyone who will listen. I suspect he’s on Albert’s payroll, and I also suspect that if Charlene is truly in such a desperate state, she’s not getting much moral support from her dad. Mike told media outlets, “I don’t know where the rumors are coming from. I am disappointed in the media. South Africans should be supporting Charlene rather than spreading nasty rumors.”

The latest news? Prince Albert has taken Charlene on a “second honeymoon” now that he’s tended to all of his “bidness” in Monaco and South Africa. The Palace says that Albert and Charlene are currently enjoying some private time together “away from the inquisitive eyes of the world’s media and skeptics.” A source tells the Mail, “It was suggested that they had returned home to Monaco last Friday, but in fact they are still traveling in South Africa.” Oh GOD. I have a few theories. One, Charlene bolted again, and was somewhat successful, and Albert and his henchmen are now searching South Africa for her. My second theory: Albert and Charlene left South Africa, went back to Monaco, and then traveled to an undisclosed location where Charlene is going to be drugged and brainwashed, Clockwork Orange-style, or perhaps audited into submission, Church of Scientology-style. Those are the only two scenarios I’ve got that make any sense.




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  1. brin says:

    This will be a Lifetime movie: “Princess on the Run”.

  2. the original bellaluna says:

    I think they’re trying to medicate her into submission.

    And someone, anyone, PLEASE confirm or deny what I read prior to the wedding: the DNA test had already been done, but they were waiting to “reveal” the results until AFTER the wedding/honeymoon*. (Presumably, so Charlene would go through with the wedding.)

    *New twist: he’s going to take her on “honeymoons” for as long as he can, to avoid the DNA results being revealed. Maybe he thinks by then she’ll be pregnant and have even less choice in sticking around.

  3. dorothy says:

    She’s not a 20 year old girl. She’s educated, and worldly. While the situation looks horrendous for her, she did opt in this marriage. She dated him for quite a while…if she didn’t know his past by then she’s an idiot. Geeze, all she had to do was pick up a magazine and read about it.

  4. Jen says:

    @the original bellaluna: I’m not sure how’s she going to get pregnant with them staying at separate hotel rooms. :-)

  5. Quest says:

    Prince Albert only wanted to marry her to produce an heir, nothing more than that – what a life to live!

  6. Addie says:

    I don’t know WTF Charlene’s dad is on about.
    There has been no outlet in South Africa spreading anything. They are just going by info that has surfaced from OTHER countries.
    Infact people here in SA were quite happy for her before they heard that she was unhappy.

    @Kaiser. If I see Chalene on the run here in Johanesburg, I’ll give you a shout ;)

  7. Kaiser says:

    Addie – Thanks! Seriously, though, I’d be very interested in knowing if South African media outlets have any knowledge that Charlene and Albert are still in-country.

  8. really says:

    Seperate beds = no marriage!

    Anyhoo, Im not looking for love from these two…….. I just want her to give him an heir and carry on!

  9. Addie says:

    Kaiser. There has been no word about them in the media here since the honeymoon ended .
    It was assumend they went back to Monaco.

    I was surprised when you said they might still be in SA since most (the media too probably) thought they left already.

    …The plot thickens

  10. Hon says:

    Anyway, she looks fabulous in the first and last pics dress. Very classy.

  11. eternalcanadian says:

    Whoa, Albert looks awful in that first picture. This is like a horrible accident that we should be rushing to help any surivors but instead we are standing around gobsmacked. :P

  12. CooCooCatchoo says:

    This marriage is doomed. She looks so miserable in every picture. There is no reason that she should have to stay with this creep – she’s obviously willing to, though. Why? I think she sold her soul to him in exchange for a luxurious lifestyle. I think she’s regretting that decision and I don’t see her staying in the marriage for long. You can’t ignore what your heart truly wants. One day she’ll wake up and leave. Just watch. I was in an unhappy marriage for 7 years – it was bad from the honeymoon on. I kept ignoring the “is this all there is?” feelings for my entire marriage. Then I met someone who swept me off my feet. There were no children involved, and after years of a loveless, sexless marriage, it was easy to leave. Best decision I ever made – if she gets out, she should get out before she has children with him. She’s young enough to make it a go with someone she actually loves and have kids. But she’ll have to walk away from all that money. Can she do it? Is a shot at real love worth it to her?

  13. Sheigh says:

    Separate hotels! Mmmh, interesting! A good way for Albert to run after another blonde!

  14. e.non says:

    someone also speculated that part of her problem is the way she was brought up. she’s an olympic athlete — trained and regimented from an early age to take instruction… i just feel sorry for her because of the tremendous pressures from the families to carry thru with this marriage. she’s so obviously miserable.

  15. Gossip Owl says:

    Ugh! I hope she gets out. CooCoo I know how you feel, I was in a bad relationship too. It took me meeting someone else to finally have the courage to leave. I just hope she does not have any children.
    I don’t get why Albert is so obsessed with having legitimate children all of the sudden. Rainier made sure that the line of succession was in place before he died, he should have nothing to worry about as far as that is concerned.
    I just hope that Charlene is okay.

  16. RobN says:

    This is 2011, not 1811. If she wanted to leave, then she’d leave. Maybe the marriage is all screwed up, but if she’s in it, she’s in it by choice and not because of mysterious henchmen.

  17. ladybert62 says:

    Sometimes I feel sorry for her (seeing her crying during wedding ceremony video) and sometimes I dont (she knew what she was getting).

    The one thing I do know is that he is Prince of the Scumbags of the world.

  18. Tiffany says:

    Robn, the story is that he TOOK her passport. So for her, it isn’t 2011 when you marry a crooked prince who sends his goons to fetch you and take your passport!

  19. REALIST says:

    Jeez, Albert looks like Grandpa in that first picture.
    RE: Pressure-did anyone notice how the Mother of the Bride looked like the cat who swallowed the canary at the wedding? Seems like her family was leaning into her as hard as the Grimaldis.
    Question for all: Why did Albert turn tail on the previous arrangement with Caroline and her son in succession?-hmmmm…I guess he wanted all the marbles for himself.
    I’m still pulling for a runner-wish she had ask for sanctuary with Archbishop Tutu-he would have cleaned house!

  20. Truthful says:

    This is sad but funny at the same time–the whole theory of her escaping, henchmen etc…

    well, we called it, they DID stay in separate hotels on their honeymoon–if they admit ONE night then it was for the duration.

    She’ll probably stay, looks like her father wants it more than her. poor girl.

  21. Mr. Greek says:

    For those who want to peruse some very damaging information about Prince Potato Head, then check out Eringer’s website at

    Scroll down for a multitude of archived documentation on the corruption, crime, and ineptness of His Horny Highness.

    I have a feeling this entire sham of a marriage is going to blow up right in Al’s face, and perhaps, just perhaps, will be the catalyst to awaken the Monegasques to the reality of their ruling head. Mind you, it would appear that Al is ruled by his other head.

    Charlene’s father is a completely disgusting excuse for a man; one who has clearly sold his daughter out for money and “prestige”.

  22. spinner says:

    Charlene looks a lot like Charlize Theron. I guess that’s the way they grow em in South Africa.

  23. jayem says:

    I see she’s also in the “I’m becoming royalty so I must lose 98% of my body weight” category. Your arm should not be skinnier than your elbow!

    I agree with those who say this is the 21st century and she’s a grown woman. She does not have to get married if she doesn’t want to. Considering all the Basketball Wives and WAG’s and everyone who’s ever dated someone famous, I’m thinking she knows what she was getting into and didn’t have much if a problem with it before. If she does now, she should shout it from the rooftops. I do feel bad for her, but it’s not like countries are going to go to war over it.

  24. Mr. Greek says:

    Hey, Charlene, word of advice…take the pill, sweetheart, because once you bear the man with no hair an heir, then you’ll be forerver “there”.

    Ladies, Fedex your extra “pills” to the Prince’s Palace.

    I’m STILL waiting for Alexis Carrington to show up in Monaco! This is a Mediterranean episode of “Dynasty”! LOL!

  25. mln76 says:

    For all the ‘it’s the 21st century people and it should be easy to leave’ people. Maybe you should talk to women who’ve been in these sort of circumstances. There are more out there than you think or want to know. It’s not that uncommon for a woman whose spouse is a politician, a cop, etc to be unable to have any resources to leave a marriage. Unable to call emergency services because the person they are married to has the power to make the cops etc go away. In this case it would even be more true this dirtbag prince is a Head of State.

  26. Mr. Greek says:

    I just allowed my girlfriend to take my car to go grocery shopping in order for her to make me a nice dinner tonight, with the strict provision that she be back home in time to give me a foot massage.

    See? Not all us guys are control freaks!

  27. Lushus L. says:

    I say we send Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers to Monaco to investigate and rescue Charlene. Hart to Hart style!

  28. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Prince Pimp, with his history of violence against women, is more than capable of blackmailing and holding Charlene against her will.

    I hope she gets away and someone picks Charlene up when she tries to hitchhike outta there.

  29. Mr. Greek says:

    LOL @ Lushus L! Stephanie Powers could assume the identity of an allusive American fashion designer, “Taffeta Rose”… you know, to gain access, while Robert Wagner could be one “Shay D. Deel”, a business tycoon with money and friends in low places…Albert’s kind of guy.

  30. Stacia says:

    ANNULEMENT…before it too late.

  31. Poppy says:

    Charlene has made a pact with the devil and I’m afraid it’s far too late to back out now, the only way she will escape is to fulfil her end of the deal.

    The problem here is once she is back in Monaco it will be very hard for her to run. Unlike the other Royals in Europe fatAl is more than just a figurehead, he is the head of state in Monaco and actually rules the country rather like the Arab Kings and the whole place is rife with corruption and the Russian mafia.

    The population is around 30 to 40 thousand but their banks accommodate between 300,000 and 500,000, often anonymous accounts , something is very fishy in this little tin pot state.

    Also Charlene is now a French citizen, with a French passport, but the French have shown they are not interested in helping her escape , she has already tried to run twice in their jurisdiction (Paris and Nice ) and was returned to Monaco. Probably because the French are quite happy having this sweet little tax haven (half the size of NY’s central park) at the foot of their country, with virtually no border controls and none of those bothersome European Community laws to worry about when their rich and dodgy natives need to do a little sleight of hand.

    Allegedly many illegal arms deals take place in Monaco which involve the French Government as well as other European nations, not to mention money laundering and smuggling.

    If she didn’t at least get some sense of this during the four or five years she has been living there then she must be seriously deficient in the intelligence department.

  32. Addie says:

    @spinner. Actually the Charlene and Charlize types are VERY common hear. I think it has something to do with their English, Dutch and French Hugenot genes mixed.It works well for em.

  33. phaksi says:

    I still think the “prisoner” stories are bull, but I can believe that she didnt want to share a bed with him until the paternity tests are done

  34. your mama says:

    No offense, but I’ll bet that Charlene knew exactly what she was getting into. If anyone with half a brain googled him (even when they 1st met), they’d see what type of guy he is. Two illegitimate children BEFORE they were even a couple. How dumb can a person be….? I hope she is not held against her will, but I have a feeling that she is in this solely for the FORTUNE & FAME.