Cameron Diaz & Colin Firth in London: is it weird they’re working together?


I guess it sort of makes sense that at some point, Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz would make a movie together. Colin, fresh off of his Best Actor Oscar win, is now generally established to be one of Great English Actors. Meanwhile, what Camy lacks in awards and sweeping critical support, she makes up in box office receipts. I’m being unfair to both of them, honestly. Camy is a better actress then people generally give her credit for, and I think Colin is bigger ham and much more of an old-fashioned movie star than the critics will admit. So… when you really think about it, why wouldn’t Colin and Camy make a movie together?

And so they are. With the Coen Brothers! It’s a remake of an old con-artist film called Gambit, and these are some photos from yesterday’s shoot in London. Colin plays the con artist trying to steal a painting or sell a fake painting (something like that – I saw the original film years ago, but I don‘t remember much of it). Camy plays an American hustler type who gets involved, etc. What you need to know: Colin wears those rimmed glasses that make him look extra hot. And Camy wears a lot of denim, and her face still kind of looks like it’s melting. Also: ALAN RICKMAN is in this movie!! Camy is a lucky bitch, isn’t she?

People are saying that Camy and Colin are getting along really well, and there’s absolutely no on-set drama. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Colin having on-set drama, but you never know. I think the Coens tend to run a tight ship.






Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Rose says:

    God, Cam’s face has been RUINED by sun, it really has.

  2. celine says:

    i can’t help but think that cameron is the most unattractive actress in hollywood. i don’t get people raving bout her she isn’t all that…i also don’t get that weird jlo hipe either that just being said!

  3. Cherry says:

    I think it’s unfair that Colin Firth is referred to as ‘extra hot’ and Cameron Diaz as ‘her face still kind of looks like it’s melting’. On these pics, they both look like handsome but, dare I say it, middle-aged people to me. Granted, Colin is a lot older than Cammie, but it seems that women who look their age are slammed all over the place whereas men can have thinning hair and chubby cheeks (Colin on bottom pic) and still be ‘hot’.
    That said, I don’t think I’m any better, cause I do feel you: Colin is dreamy and Cammie, well… you know.

  4. IceIce says:

    Sorry but she is aging in ugly way. She should enjoy the moment because I can see the end of her career on the horizon. She is not Meryl S.

  5. Leigh says:

    No, Cameron is NOT aging well at all.. It’s the first time I’ve read that it appears that her ‘face is melting’ – however, that the most accurate way to describe what’s happening there.. YIKES.
    Dont you love what Hollywood and photoshop can do to these people to make them look flawless?.. It amazes me sometimes!

  6. gee says:

    She’s actually a very talented actress. Has anyone seen Being John Malcovich? And Colin Firth has always had one hand in RomComs and one in the good stuff.

    We all get pissed about women being too perfect, and then we see an againing woman and we get pissed. I’ll never understand.

  7. Esmom says:

    Oh Cam, that is one unflattering makeup job and the hair is utterly lackluster. You’d think professionals could work a little magic, for the film if not in real life. Did they cut their hair and makeup budget? Yikes.

  8. P.J. says:

    They’re such an odd couple; either it will be brilliant or a total flop!

  9. Eugene says:

    It has nothing to do with being cruel to women who are truly “ageing naturally”! Seriously WTF did she do to her once very pretty face?

  10. inthekitchen says:

    I think she’s always had really bad (acne marked) skin but it’s more apparent now because a) she’s older and b) HD movies and TV.

    I would say that I still love her (as I did up until a few months ago) but cannot say that anymore due to her A-Rod sickness. Sorry, Cammy, your dead to me now.

    Colin, OTOH…swoon. LOVE.

  11. madpoe says:

    Cam’s never looked as good as she did in “The Mask”. She’ll look like Madame Puppett in no time. I’ll watch it for Firth.

  12. Ann says:

    Not the first time that I notice how sexist some of the posts on this website are. Colin Firth, who clearly has seen better days is “hot”, while Cameron who looks fine is being dissed.

    Lots of mean girl action on here.

  13. spinner says:

    I usually love Cam’s movies but it looks to me that she had plastic surgery early on. Note: sagging cheek implants. She has always had a bad time with acne as well. Add too much sun & well…this is what you get.

  14. jesikabelcher says:

    She looks so much better with the “Something About Mary” haircut!

  15. Maritza says:

    I like them both, can’t wait to see this movie.

  16. Erin says:

    Cameron and Fergie could be twins. So fug!

  17. Ally says:

    Center parts are for great beauties with perfectly symmetrical faces. Otherwise you only draw attention to your flaws with it.

    Otherwise she’s aging pretty well, especially considering all the sun exposure.

    I thought pairing her with Jude Law in that sappy romance movie was weird, too. She’s so quintessentially American that it’s weird to see her with any proto-English fellow.

  18. Nymeria says:

    Cameron Diaz has never been a very good actress, IMO. Conversely, Colin Firth is a nuanced and truly talented actor. I don’t think Diaz is worthy of being his co-star based on her lack of acting ability, but I’ll have to wait and see – the Coen brothers have a way of teasing extraordinary performances out of people.

  19. vicky says:

    She is getting older and she is not a coward; she doesn’t use Botox, which makes her deserving of praising instead of criticism!

  20. april says:

    Unfortunately, her face is falling. Usually that doesn’t happen until menopause. It’s probably due to sun damage which can accelerate loss of collagen. But she has an effervescent personality and talent that will always make her attractive.

  21. mary simon says:

    I don’t know what’s going on with her face – if it’s natural ageing or surgery, but she cleans up nice with the right makeup and she still has a great body. She also seems to smile and laugh alot, which is appealing.

  22. Alexa says:

    Vicky and Simon – Bravo! I think Cameron looks as beautiful and “hot” as she always has. The changes people are commenting on (and insulting her about) are the natural subtle changes in appearance Cameron (and all human beings) experience as time goes by. Duh!

    I have MEGA admiration for Cameron Diaz as an actress in Hollywood who chooses to live her life instead of obsess over maintaining an appearance of youth at any cost. I rarely watch mainstream movies because I find their predictable formulas insulting. Especially how there has to be an overtly sexy character involved in an explicitly sexy situation included in just about ALL MOVIES MADE. (Like – we need to show some “hot, young” T&A to draw in more ticket buyers regardless of whether it’s needed to tell the story or not. I believe “the industry’s” decisions to do this has brought about a national moral decline. (And NO – I’m not a religious Christian right-winger in any way, shape or form.)

    So when it comes to seeing what’s playing at the cinemas this week: I’ll pass. Even if that leaves me out of the loop or alone on a Saturday night, I usually eventually see the movie (with the porn edited out) when they come to t.v. For example – as raunchy as it was – I found The 40-year-old Virgin to be very amusing when I saw it on fx this weekend (with all the porn editted out).